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  1. rats

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    aha pretty sure that these are the exact pair i have lol
  2. Loq


    I think this is the set I have? Not necessarily completely wireless, but the body sits around your neck so the cables are less likely to get caught on anything.
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  3. Mossflower

    Mossflower Active Member

    Thanks a bunch! honestly both types are good for this situation. I’ll poke them over more once I get paid next week.
  4. The Meek

    The Meek Very Quiet

    So I've just discovered that I'm probably going to be receiving my dole-out of $1,200 from the TrumpBucks headed my way at the end of May. However, I'm very worried because I don't know how this IRS payment interacts with SSI, which I'm currently receiving payments for because of bipolar disorder.

    For those unfamiliar, SSI says you can't have more than $2,000 in your account at the end of a month. It also wants you to report non-SSI payments to the Social Security office within a fairly tight window. If you exceed the $2,000 amount at month's end, you won't get your check for the next month, and ??? happens (I honestly don't know what else but it probably involves things that will take Effort and Calls to resolve).

    When I get my SSI payment, it's going to push me over $2,000 in my bank account between my income/savings unless I can manage to rapidly spend hundreds of dollars by the end of the month, probably within a 3-4 day window. What I don't know is the following:

    A) Do I need to report the $1,200 payment being received to my local Social Security office, or will they already know since it's a federal payment coming from the IRS?
    B) Will this count against my maximum allotment? Do I need to rush and spend several hundred dollars to make sure I avoid complications with my check? How long do I have to spend it?
    C) Do I need to report this to my food stamp office? I didn't get a physical check; it was a direct deposit, so I'm afraid they're going to ask for physical proof and I'll need to wait for a bank it'd mean I have to go out in the middle of this pandemic, and that's frightening on its own.
    D) Can I only use this money like I would normal SSI payments, i.e. spending it exclusively on things related to better myself and my immediate surroundings, or am I free to spend it as I wish?

    Thanks for any help. I only got on SSI last year, so I'm completely in the dark about several of these things and trying very, very hard not to mess up.
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  5. KingdomByTheSea

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    I am not a lawyer and I don't have direct experience with SSI, but what I'm finding is that since it's structured as a tax refund, it doesn't need to be reported as income. You have 12 months to spend it before it will count towards your assets for SSI or food stamps. You don't need to report it to the food stamp office. And as far as I can tell, you can spend it on anything.


    *some of these are state-specific, but it looks to me like it's true in every state. If you want me to, I'm happy to do some searching for your specific state of residence!
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  6. The Meek

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    If I could rate your post everything (short of Witnessed) I would, I'm so grateful. Thank you so much, that helps and relieves my stress immensely. For what it's worth, my state of residence is Indiana, though from reading through these it looks like you're probably right. I was just scared the government was going to do things the dumbest and most stressful way possible, which in my experience is usually the case.
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  7. KingdomByTheSea

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    No problem! I've been following along on commentary about how the stimulus is being rolled out and how it interacts with SSI and other government benefits, so it was no trouble to look up
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