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  1. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees


    Alter ego, if applicable:



    Class: (Born, Magic, Accident, Experiment, Alien [or non super special class Skill, possibly Tech] Class combos are totally allowed)

    Alignment: (Give us an idea of where your character stands in society, whether it's “leave me the hell alone, I just want to be normal” or “celebrated Superhero”, “antihero” “Supervillian” “How do sort out the implications of Lawful Evil”)


    Anything else:
  2. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    Name: Aisling

    Alter ego, if applicable: She's mostly abandoned it, but her civilian name is/was Nat.

    Age: 18

    Powers: Constant invisibility

    Class: Trauma-induced powers

    Alignment: Mostly wants to be left the hell alone, but she knows she'll never be 'normal' so she might as well fuck shit up?

    Backstory: Gained powers when a very close friend was shot and killed right next to her. She thought she was dead herself for a while, then was on her own for a while until she found [whatever the hell Wes's character is called in this universe] (who gained powers at the same time).

    Anything else: Really really bad agoraphobia. Is mind-linked to several other people who gained powers with her and [Wes's character]

    @wes scripserat if i fucked up or left out anything let me know
  3. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    Name: Siren

    Alter ego, if applicable: Named Riven by parents. Uses that name absolutely never except w/ girlfriends.

    Age: 18/19, or in his twenties, depending on what @Bel Capricorn makes his character's age.

    Powers: truth manipulation, perception manipulation, through speech mostly, some singing as well (you can manipulate tone better with song) (hence the name Siren)

    Class: (Born, Magic, Accident, Experiment, Alien [or non super special class Skill, possibly Tech] Class combos are totally allowed) Triggered after a traumatic event along w/ friends.

    Fuck You, basically (more complicated) If You Try To Hurt My Girlfriends I Will Tear Your Face Off, Drown You In The Sink, And Then Go Cry.

    triggered, ran away, lived on the streets, got found.

    More info: Does Not Talk. Works as a mercenary. Talks through Bel's character.
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  4. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Name: Jasmine Blomgren

    Alter ego, if applicable: Formerly Cleric Girl, but is trying hard to hide from that

    Age: 23

    Powers: Can cast "spells"- actually just intense concentration using her staff as a focus mechanism- to either give her allies temporary power ups or enemies temporary power downs- changes in strength, speed, endurance, and effectivity of power (if applicable). Time of buff/debuff decreases based on number of people she is giving it too, and using for too long or too often can lead to physiological damage (still need more data on exact parameters). Sometimes interacts in unexpected ways with more unusual powers.

    Class: Magic, came into powers on important date (her 16th Birthday)

    Alignment: Former Superhero, currently "leave me alone"- but still has a mean heroic streak she can't quite shake, no matter how much she wants to

    Backstory: Jasmine's always been a bit desperate for attention and a total people-pleaser, so when she discovered she had the power to give herself or others temporary increases and decreases in strength she immediately joined a group of heroes, believing that the only moral thing to do with powers is to put them to use for the greater good. However, she didn't expect this to put her in the public eye, and she didn't deal well with the stress, choosing to bottle herself up as she had always done and instead tried to present a happy, silly face to her teammates and the rest of the world. Because of her attitude, she quickly got "cast" as the comic relief of the team, and her attempt to live up to this role and not disappoint anyone got her even more stressed. Things got worse when she got a serious crush on the teams front woman and main heavy hitter, and eventually the whole thing blew up on her twenty first birthday, leading her to leave the team in a very messy and public manner. Since then she's been trying to hide as best she can and has worked a stringer of retail jobs, but has had trouble keeping them.

    Anything else: Hasn't been in contact with her family since she was about 17
  5. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    (Secondary Character, unrelated to Siren's home verse)
    Name(s): Joshua, Mary, Peter, John, Mark, Jude

    Alter ego: The Six

    Age: physically about 26 (it's Joshua's body originally). Mary (23) Peter (24) John (25) Mark (23) Jude (25)

    Powers: Originally six people who were telepathically linked, they are now six people in one body because the five other bodies are either dead or permanently comatose. They shared the same powerset, which is strong receiving and projecting telepathy, energy projection, illusion and flight. Would be a lot more powerful if not for constant internal squabbling, and the powers are in fact slowly degrading their bodies over time. They now work as a mercenary, and they're looking for a body to coopt when this one, Joshua's, eventually degrades to the point of the other ones.

    Class: classic puberty driven powers, with the added twist that they fused into a hivemind.

    Alignment: Trur neutral, though a few of them border on chaotic. Depends on the fronter.

    Backstory: They were a group of friends in high school. Joshua was the first to trigger, the others followed him soon after.

    Anything else: they're very good at imitating each other, so mannerisms are not a perfect way of telling who is speaking.
    ooc notes: sort of inspired by plural systems over on tumblr.
  6. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Name: Danny Valentine

    Alter ego, if applicable: Bartender Dan

    Age: 32

    Powers: Serving Excellent Drinks. He's also a fixed point in that he's always tending bar at Dive, which is open 24/7. There have been sightings of him elsewhere though. How does that work? No one knows.

    Class: Unknown

    Alignment: Generally helpful to the super community.

    Backstory: No one really knows much about Bartender Dan, but he's made it his mission to make Dive a safe haven for Supers, Hero and Villain alike. It's a tough job, but somehow, he manages.

    Anything else:
  7. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Name: Evelyn “Evey” Dupree

    Alter ego, if applicable: I can't think of a superhero name for her so let's just assume the papers either haven't written about her or haven't agreed on a name for her yet

    Age: 19

    Powers: Night vision

    Class: Born, Skill

    Alignment: Minor League Super(hero?)

    Backstory: Though she's been gifted with powers her whole life, Evey has only been busting heads for a while. After experiencing sexual assault, she's decided she's going to do what she couldn't in that moment, and protect others like herself.

    Anything else: Into fitness, parkour, but is fairly new at the actual being a "hero” business. Is also a sophomore at University.
  8. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    Name: Cass Douglas

    Alter ego, if applicable:

    Age: 24

    Powers: manipulates shadows

    Class: Born

    Alignment: Back when she was 15, she decided she would be a super awesome superhero. When she was twenty she quit the business, and looks back on it as "stupid things I did when I was a kid". (but the domestic violence rates around her apartment are weirdly low. :mystery: ) So...altruistic leave-me-alone type

    Backstory: Before she changed her name and dropped off the superhero grid, Cass' name was Shiloh Ness, and was known in superhero circles as Shadow. Her entire look was kind of based on this. Her tagline was "I'll show you fear in a handful of shadow", which was the kind of literary circle-jerk thing she winces at these days. She was pretty effective in her old haunts, but the stress of real-life got to her when she went to college and brought along the superhero ideals.

    Life on a college campus was tough enough without also fighting the forces of corruption, and she had a mental breakdown three days before finals her sophomore year (is that the right year? who knows. :mystery: ) because of stress relating to school and her dad's death in an automobile accident.

    Eventually she transferred schools, changed her name, and also switched majors (Criminal Justice to English & Journalism). She works for a temp agency (in a temp agency? they give her jobs. whatever) and comes to the Dive as her only connection with the superhero world.

    Anything else: Her only current goal is to get a decent job (she's been thinking of putting in an application at the Dive) and go back to school for Criminal Justice, since she freely admits that her switch in majors was probably a little sudden and she shouldn't have been making decisions that freely.

    People who ask her if she's a superhero or what get treated to a blank stare. She's been toying with the idea of finding a program somewhere that helps rehabilitate retired supers into normal life and trying to work with them. She doesn't have a lot of people skills (her high school years were taken up entirely by class and crime fighting. her college years were much of the same, except for the bit that was class and grief, then class and alcoholism, then graduation and "shit I need a job").

    Her fighting skills have atrophied a lot from when she was Shadow, but she still practices enough that her reflexes are still up to par - although most of her job consisted of fear tactics and manipulation back then anyway.

    ((I definitely did not write this instead of working on a paper what are you talking about))
    ((Also Cass lies to herself a whole bunch. A+ on self deception Cass))
  9. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Name: Aiden Archer

    Alter ego, if applicable: formerly The Bowman

    Age: 34

    Powers: can summon a Bow and Arrows of psychic force. Arrows can do various things.

    Class: Born/Magic

    Alignment: Former Superhero

    Backstory: Aiden gave up his civilian life to become The Bowman, but became severely disabled after a bad battle. Now he can't be the hero he once was, but he doesn't really have a civilian life to come back to. He used to be a pretty big name, among superheroes, but now spends most of his time in anonymity. He spends a lot of time at Dive because he really has nowhere else to go.

    Anything else: Following injuries sustained in battle, Aiden's right arm is paralyzed. He has difficulty speaking clearly and communicating because of damage inflicted on his brain.
  10. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Name: Cassandra, aka Cassie or Cass. Last name unknown. Uses fake ID

    Alter ego, if applicable: N/A

    Age: 16, is supposed to be in the foster system but slipped through the cracks. Currently listed as an emanipated minor.

    Powers: 1) Communicates with cats, essentially "speaks" cat. This power is not very useful for flashy superhero stuff, but invaluable for fostering rescue cats. 2) ability to create abstract shapes with various properties that can interact with the real world. Example: Can create a springy block to use as a trampoline or a shield/wall to ward off an attack. This ability come from devices implanted in her body that power themselves out of her metabolism. The things she creates need a constant stream of power to keep up, so she cannot make them beyond a certain size, and they cannot exist for more than a few hours.

    Class: Born, Experiment/Tech

    Alignment: Undecided. Inclined to do good but not really inclined towards showy heroics. Currently closest to "leave me alone"

    Backstory: She was born with cat affinity, but it didn´t show up as out of the ordinary much.
    During a hospital visit for a broken leg she was fitted with her devices by a Doctor/Supervillain who destroyed the record of her and countless other illegal experiments when they were apprehended. Those powers did not show themselves until her cat fell from a windowledge and she created a soft block to catch it unharmed. She was enrolled in a programm for superpowered children but otherwise left alone due to her age. (8)

    When she was 14 her parents died in a car accident. She was briefly part of the foster system, as well as being monitored closely due to her powers. She ran away after six months and aquired a new indentiy with the help of a group dedicated to helping supers stay off the grid. They got her a place to live and her job at the Cafe Purr, which was then just a cafe. Over the next two years she aquired so many foster cats that she decided to make it a cat cafe. The cats are all rescues and available for adoption.

    Anything else:
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  11. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Thing we kinda forgot. What do these guys look like?
    Cassie: short, dark hair, light brown skin, amber cat eyes. Likes fitted hoodies like this one and striped stockings when it´s cold, with wide skirts that end a bit under mid thigh. Tends to not wear shoes, or wear ballerina style slippers that don´t get between her feet and the ground much.
  12. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    Siren is about 5'9", white hair, red eyes. Usually wears old too-big t-shirts and ratty jeans, as well as a red baseball cap without any specific team/other organization logo on it. Arms himself with a baseball bat a good chunk of the time.
  13. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Okay so Aiden is kind of disheveled and scruffy looking. Shaving and putting clothes on that fit well are hard things to do with only one arm, even when he's not all shaky. He's got dark blonde hair and violet eyes, but he usually wears sunglasses.

    Dan has short brown hair, blueish green eyes, and a slightly stocky build. He's got a really nice, friendly disposition, especially his smile.

    Evey has black hair, styled in a pixie cut, olive coloured skin, and amber coloured eyes. She wears a lot of hooded jackets and combat boots, with ripped jeans.
  14. strictly quadrilateral

    strictly quadrilateral alive, alive, alive!

    Aisling is fucking invisible can I get away with just that
  15. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    ^Uh, well invisible people can´t be described wrong, so that solves the problem for me? It´s Souls Rp though.
  16. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    Cass is like mid-height (is that like 5'6? 5'8? Whatever, I don't understand how height works, almost everyone is tiny to me), but she's good enough at being kind of hard to notice that most people think she's shorter than she actually is. Her hair is dark dark brown, and back when she cared about that sort of thing, she'd dye it black. It is, however, currently dark dark brown. It is also pretty short, and would be wavy if she let it grow past her ears.

    She doesn't tan super well, but has almost perpetual sunburn on her forearms and nose. She is otherwise very pale, the sort of pale where you want to ask the person if they've been drinking enough water today and/or do you want to go grocery shopping????

    Brown eyes, but she wears sunglasses a lot soooo

    Her hands are a little scratched up perpetually, because her apartment is the type of low-rent, fix-it-yourself apartment that we all see in graphic novels and noir stories. She wears a lot of v-neck t-shirts that say mean things on them when she's not at work.

    (yeah that's everything ok cool)
  17. Lissa Lysik'an

    Lissa Lysik'an Dragon-loving Faerie

    Name: Mel, no last name that she remembers

    Alter ego, if applicable:

    Age: 25

    Powers: weak telekinesis - can sense and move small objects with her mind, up to a pound or two, metal is easiest

    Class: Born

    Alignment: chaotic neutral - just wants to get by

    Backstory: a street bum, gets by trying to con people and pickpocket with her power. Rarely successful because she gets distracted too easily. Lives in a state of confusion mostly due to poor memory and disinterest in paying attention to things around her.

    Anything else: short, looks like she's 14 or 15, grins widely whenever trying to con someone or pick their pocket, otherwise keeps a slightly sad, lost look. Short brown hair, brown eyes, dressed in ragged shorts and jacket, always barefoot.
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