Take Me Out To The Blall Game- A Blaseball Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Jemmy, Sep 15, 2020.

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    Oh, neat. I knew about some of the stuff but not all - thanks for the recap!
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    A nearly uppy downy victory, in the most uppy downy season yet
  4. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Semifinals game 2: Yellowstone Magic Has Simply Decided To Score Today
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    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    I can't begin to give a thorough recap of recent blaseball developments, but a couple major things:

    The various redacted-turned-Attractor players have mostly joined new teams, but Magic's been rebuilding and we've gained a few new players (including from our shadows) lately. The previous mentioned blessing of Strange Attractor got Tiana Wheeler to return home, and this last election's Strange Attractor brought Wyatt Glover back. Glover is nearly at the point of being Vaulted, far too high on the idol board to save through conventional means.

    We're still not sure what happens to the players in the Vault, though some lore implies they're encased in amber and frozen in time. We do know that, following a Vaulting, the gift shop in Earliesta (the 1 hour siesta 1/3 of the way through the regular season, midday Tuesday) offers replica versions of those players who stick around until the election - a way for teams to get temporary players if they need a boost, or want to lose faster. We're currently trying to turn Glover's eDensity negative, so that they'll become a "glove balloon" that teams can use to help float.

    ...Oh, yeah, eDensity is a thing now. Very rough understanding of fluid dynamics is useful for understanding the WHY of some of the things the league is doing with idol shenanigans these days.

    So, when the Crabs returned to ILB Blaseball with the 3 expansion teams in tow, this broke something in the Immaterial Plane, causing flooding of Immateria. The Coin started offering things like ballpark renovations for teams to customize the parks, changing the stats in ways to make each stadium a different playing experience, and letting the fans of teams slowly optimize the players and parks to play better at home. Fun stuff.

    Except it turns out that things like renovations, and hitting foul balls and getting runs, and winning games (or, specifically, gaining the objects called Wins that are usually given for winning a game, but that's getting complicated lately too)... all these things accumulate into eDensity that causes teams to sink (up?) beyond the c-level where a new danger lurks: Consumers, often depicted as sharks.

    Like eating peanuts would cause allergic players to lose stars, Consumers attacking players also loses stars - the consumers eat at their stars, and sometimes their soul. (Fun thing: players whose souls are reduced to 0 become redacted).

    The Coin then offered protection from these problems in the form of items that various players could obtain, as the chomps would first damage the item before chomping the players. The items, of course, degraded through normal wear and tear as well, meaning there's no guarantee of safety through it.

    We more recently were given an in-site ability to see how the density of the teams is comparing to the c-level, with a fluid dynamics depth chart with y- and x- axis things going on! the y axis is density, negative density bringing teams up(?) towards a cactus-filled landscape, positive density bringing teams down(?) towards the Gate to Blaseball2.com

    A little while ago, Lootcrates, ILB historian, began sharing selected portions of the history and pre-history of Blaseball. The recap of events we saw were close to accurate, with little bits added or not mentioned, but not 100% accurate to our own memories and reblase records.

    Also a little while ago, the ILB put two detectives into play to investigate the redactions, the hard-boiled Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend from the siesta Coffee Cup... but, uh, as players, they could only investigate the locations they were at for games. Which meant it was RNG whether they even visited the places of the original plotty disappearances. And then, to finish their investigation, they had to work together... which meant being on the same team. With the options for intentionally moving players limited lately to players in different leagues who are also within a couple stars of each other... It was real slow-going. They didn't get united until they were recalled to the Vault.

    Between various hints, the Worms and the Georgias (expansion teams) made the decisions to risk making their teams extremely dense - potentially dense enough to go down to the Gate.
    Fortunately for the Georgia, they have a power that inverts the density of their items - with their Chorby Soul, they actually became so negatively dense that they floated up to the cactus area, which it turns out is Blaseball0.com. They found the 8-star blagonball there! The blagonballs are still in play! Nothing else emerged from there yet.
    The Worms got replicas of both of the detectives AND Chorby Soul, and have a team power that multiplies the density of things, so they were able to drop down pretty quickly. The united detectives turned out to have a power that lets them fight off consumers, so the Worms didn't get chomped too badly. As a result of bringing the detectives down to the Gate to investigate, they unlocked... fish??

    (This season's title is Red Herring. They used a battering ram to get into the gate, there's lots of suspicious things going around that might be distracting us from what the Real Danger is, and there were red fish behind the gate.)

    If you use peanuts to react to certain events, between Liquid Friend, Uncle Plasma, and Wyatt Mason IV (and maybe a couple other places?), you obtain a few of a very limited resource of herrings. These can be used to react to entries in the library and player feeds that are hidden.


    We've started doing that. And if all the above stuff was a lot? There's more.

    It looks like the hidden history Lootcrates has is the history of the original test simulations of Blaseball, with (some) different teams, different league and division names, different players. Some of the pieces look like the blaseball we know, with different names put in. Some of it... well.

    A modifier that protects teams from incineration, and entire teams that were incinerated. A player hexed with a chance to travel to a different team every 9-day week, incinerating the teams that they left. The idol system that leads to Vaulting popular enough players... and that player sent to the Vault, incinerating the entire previous blaseball league. And that player's name is one we know, not as a blaseball player, but as the interim commissioner. Parker IIIII has been having a meltdown on Twitter with the realization that he's a copy of someone who killed an as-yet unknown number of players. Implications that the Debt the league is under, is to whoever allowed the league to be revived out of the Hall of Flame to start this version of blaseball. A building pressure that might cause the new sun to become a black hole.


    Oh, and there's double playoffs now! The overbracket, which is the one we've always known, and the underbracket, which is for the teams that lost the most, to go on to lose the most again.

    Uppy downy!

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    Thanks for the recap! Between school and other stuff I have not even remotely understand what was going on in Blaseball since the Discipline Era.
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    You're welcome! I realized it'd been a month since I poked in, and the Era of Peace and Prosperity has been going very fast at times, with the additions of so many things teams can do

    wills, going off during election which every team is guaranteed to get at least 2 of.
    ball park renovations, happening midseason, that change various things about the home field.
    gift shop, also happening midseason, for making a wishlist items, or effects that last through part of the season, or replicas of vaulted players, and so forth - that other teams give money to fund

    in addition to the coin and lootcrates, there's more notable npc activity lately
    the hall monitor's been given increasing responsibilities (like running the concessions stand, which offers a wider variety of income sources these days, and running the gift shop apparently)
    and the reader of the tarot spread has been vying with the coin, to the point of offering blessings and wills and even a decree that explicitly go against what the coin seems to want - the new underbracket thing and "polarity weather" are some of the things the reader brought.
    very uppy downy, but uh. stuff like underhanded pitchers (from whom home runs count as unruns, reducing the run count) has made a lot of confusion for people who are actively following the game, let alone those who had to step away for a while or those who are new to it.

    there's reasons why they're generally settling into a schedule of 3 weeks of blaseball, 2 weeks of siesta. everybody involved needs breaks here lol
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    ...Teams can die now? Just when I thought I was finally starting to sort of understand Blaseball again. (It probably does not help that the vast majority of my income is from breakfast.)
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    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    According to the recently unredacted history, yeah. We haven't seen it yet, not live, but teams can die in one (known) very specific instance: if a player with the mod Firewalker leaves the team.

    There's only one known player with that mod! And they're in the Vault. But the Coin is very specifically holding an exhibition match with all the Legendary vault players vs all the players who've gotten Ego, SOOOO...

    It seems real real likely that the firewalker is emerging next season.

    And that will be the last season before the big siesta, so whatever happens next is going to shake some part of the foundations of the sport. Possibly seeing teams incinerated.
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    Oh shit. Also, thank you for explaining it! That sounds pretty momentus, dang.
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    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Good news first:

    Yellowstone Magic made it to Finals for the first time!
    Underbracket finals, but still finals.
    And... we won! Underchampions!!! very uppy downy of us.

    (we also got to be the first to experience what Night weather does.
    The one activation caused Bevan Wise to be grabbed by the "deep dark," shunted to our shadows, while Kirkland Sobremesa emerged from them - clocking in for the night shift.
    Kirkland's swap is what won us the championship - they helpfully failed to score at several key points.)

    Bad and complicated news:

    It Happened.

    Exhibition match replay available here, and there's a Spies recap here, but my summary would be...

    The game was rigged, obviously.
    The Vault Legends were comprised of the players who've been made Legendary through known history and prehistory alike.
    The Rising Stars were compiled of all the players with Ego but not Legendary, and everyone who was on the idol board at the time of the team's formation.

    The Vault was the ballpark for the exhibition match.
    It had a modification that caused the weather to change every inning, echoing the plot-relevant weather types of the various seasons, with graphics over the field depicting them.
    (Lootcrates hovered above the game in the weather, offering summaries and retrospection and dry snark, about each of the seasons - and some of the players.)

    Its Fortification stat was at minimum, which theoretically meant weather events would happen more often (only one happened, more on that soon.)
    Its Mysticism was at max, which meant that player events would go off often - things like traders & traitors looking for items to take, or the Legends' version of Heist Experts leading them to steal players from the Stars.
    Its Hype was maxed out, meaning the RNG would skew in favor of the Legends performing very well - legendary 0 star Chorby Soul managed a home run against one of the Stars most powerful pitchers.

    But as much as the Legends were outperforming the Stars, to the point of getting more than 25 points and activating the newly ratified Stables (a league-wide mod that turns 25 runs into "stablizing" both teams, removing the Unstable modification from any who have it)....
    the point wasn't getting points.
    The point seems to have been Parker, with the Force Field, playing again with Megan Ito (and others with the trader or traitor modification).

    In the first inning of the game, Megan traded with Dunlap for the 5th Base, a legendary item that gives whoever holds it Super Roaming.
    Fans had coordinated this last season to get Dunlap some Ego so that the 5th base would be available for Megan to steal.
    The hope was that she would be content with that legendary item.
    That didn't work out.
    Instead, several innings later, Megan traded the 5th base to Parker for the Force Field.
    Now Megan's trapped inside the Vault, unable to leave it...
    And Parker has Super Roaming twice over.
    Theoretically this means that, every time Super Roaming goes off? Parker will move twice.
    (Unsurprisingly, some fans are bitter with those behind this plan, snarking that they should have seen that coming. Other fans are glad that they made the attempt, feeling it's better to try and fail against a rigged game than sit and accept fate.)

    But wait, there's more.

    Parker may not be the only vector for potential team incinerations.

    We learned a couple seasons ago that the (replacement) sun has a pressure gauge that the Gods are aware of and handling.
    We've learned, retroactively, that all incinerations increase its pressure, possibly by depleting its fuel.
    Each season the pressure has visibly built up, and dropped somewhat with the start of the next... but not all the way back down.
    And here's the other side of the setup:
    Each time that the Legends successfully heisted a player from the Stars, the Reforging of adding them to the Legends increased the sun pressure gauge.
    In inning 29, Nicholas Mora was the last player stolen by the Legends' heisting.
    The sun's pressure maxed out.
    The sun went supernova.
    Three different images appeared as the weather effect's background:

    (Which I believe to be Sun(Sun) and the other smaller suns in orbit around it?)



    (Black hole)​

    And with that, the Coin showed up to hover before the weather, offering the following:
    Coin: Snackholders
    Coin: Wow! Look at those colors!
    Coin: Yes, Sun(Sun) appears to have exploded.
    Coin: There is no reason to panic.
    Coin: In Light of Recent Events
    Coin: The Semi-Centennial is henceforth Cancelled.
    Coin: The Result is a Draw.
    Coin: See You at the Election!
    Coin: Don't forget to #Vote!​

    With that, she canceled the game, dissolving the teams.
    Everyone on the Legends at that point got sent to the Vault. Everyone else got distributed through the League.
    Many players went back where they'd been, but the players necromanced were randomly distributed.
    Agan, the Fire Protector of prehistory, went to the Mills.
    Sutton Picklestein went to the Flowers, where Owen Picklestein is. Nice to see the siblings reunited before the potential end of things.

    Given the way the supernova images were in the same place the weather effects had been, the going theory is that Supernova is going to be a weather-type.
    In the discord, the mods have added two different supernova emotes - one of them partially eclipsed.
    The theory is that Supernova, or at least Supernova Eclipse, will be a weather in which entire teams can become unstable and potentially incinerated.

    Decrees have been swapped to Party Favors this season.
    Each team votes on their own of 4 choices, the one with the most votes winning for that team.
    Each of them has something to do with all this:

    Players cannot Roam to your Team.​
    (this would prevent Parker joining the team)

    Your Team will become Squiddish.​
    (the Squiddish player mod means that, if the player is incinerated, their replacement comes from the Hall of Flame. this would theoretically allow a team to be replaced by one of the incinerated team, whether from prehistory or any of those that we know)

    Your Team will not swing with 9+ Runs.​
    (Sun2 and Blackhole weather activate with 10+ runs, so presumably the supernova weather(s) will too. If the theory is right about them making teams unstable is accurate, this would allow teams to avoid that - at the cost of missing out on faxing, voicemailing, and possibly winning at all)

    Your Team will gain Containment.​
    (the Containment player mod means that, if the player is incinerated, they don't spread instability to other players. this would pointedly not protect a team from Parker's roaming or whatever supernova does, but it would limit the destruction to just them. Magic, with the park ranger and friendship vibes, is going for Containment for the flavor of controlled burns and not risking taking our friends down with us.)

    The election will surely hold a lot of fun.

    Fun facts: using Inspect Element on it all? The weather box at this point is labeled <div class="League-Supernova-Eclipse">

    The Coin, hovering in front of the supernova's images, is eclipsing them.

    The Solar Eclipse weather has continued even since the moon was swallowed by our first black hole.

    The Coin is the boss of the Monitor of the Hall of Flame, the place where the incinerated are gathered.

    Kinda getting the sense that the Coin causes eclipse weather, the better to spur umpires and unstable players into profit-generating incinerations.

    Nothing like the boss showing up and looking in on things to get the npcs working hard, right?

    Also also.

    In some since deleted tweets, blaseball commissioner Parker Macmillian tweeted about his mom helping him get his job, and that she works in Equity

    the image for the Coin here is <div class="BigDeal-Equity">

    Lootcrates shared three comments about Parker during this game:
    A Failed Son
    A Good Son
    A Failed Sun

    Seems like Coin is Parker's mom, and she viewed him as a failure once he wasn't making her a profit anymore... so she's pushed things into motion so he'll be profitable again.

    After all. He has the modifier that generates 10x the snack payoffs, and recently unredacted history shows that she had him idolized in the days when teams hexed him with Firewalker and Roaming.
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    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    It's begun: The Breath Mints. are the first team incinerated, replaced by the Oxford Paws

    The people running the discord reassure us that some of the things happening here are not permanent permanent, so it's yet to be seen which parts will stick and which will get shifted around in coming days. After all, if players can be necromanced, so can teams, right? And if salmon can swim upstream and start innings over, nothing's saying a longer span of time can't be restarted.
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  13. CRCR

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    Just writing in to say that the Hawai'i Fridays are the second team incinerated, replaced by the Carolina Queens. RIV. The instability is now chained to the crabs.

    Here's hoping. But given the amazing feats that Blaseball fans have been able to coordinate, there's reason to hope.
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    Drew some Parkers from pre- and post-vault… he’s my little meow meow (derogatory). Idk what Park3-5r look like in this scheme though
    4F6B9D8E-143D-4425-9673-3020F6CABDFE.jpeg 8D22D354-4403-4954-B24B-F2463366C30C.jpeg
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  15. blue

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    Steering towards the End Zones!!! I'm hype about the coordination involved in this. And Pvrker taking a stand :heart_eyes:
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    Okay in addition to teams getting incinerated, moving towards the end zones, and regular player incinerations, the black hole has also been... cleaning up mechanics! That is mechanics, uncapitalized. Unreleated to the team.

    Honestly the list is too long to write here, but some notable inclusions are:
    • The Turntables
    • Based Evolution
    • The Underbracket
  17. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    And now:
    • All You Can Eat
    RIV the economy.
    If your income's been based on having a single slot multiplied, you are now Not Making Much Money. A single full stack without multiplier is less effective than having multiple items, especially if you want to vote.

    So if you're finding that you're low on slots, there is one method of trying to get more.

    The basic idea is, remember when Uncle Plasma(s) and Liquid Friend(s) were getting those investigation events? The ones where you can upshell it to receive a free herring?

    Hopefully you saved a few of those.

    To farm for slots with the herrings, you need to:
    1. Buy peanuts, selling an item to free a slot if need be.
    2. Make sure you have no empty slots
    3. Use a peanut on 1 (one) of those red-ringed investigation events
    4. Receive 1 free herring in 1 new slot!
    5. Use that herring on one of the library events
    6. Buy something to fill that slot
    7. Repeat from 3
    Of course, if you're like me, you've already gone through nearly all those investigation prompts from when that first started happening. Uncle Plasma II is still in action, thanks to having been hidden away, and they recently investigated some deep dark. Odds are you can use this as a way to get 1 extra slot, with which to buy votes as needed and buy some simple snack item when you head to bed / work / whatever.

    If you really don't want to sell your item stack, despite the change in meta and the likelihood that the economy of the future will be different, you don't have to. You can feel free to save money for Aiding the other teams in our various journeys. I offer this advice for those who want to be more involved, since the amount you make now will be limited, and when we hit siesta a breakfast slot will do more good than anything else.
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    Thanks for the guide! As someone who is starting to understand Blaseball again but missed a lot, this happened to me and my friendly six snack slots! (I probably should've extrapolated the black hole and seen where this was coming, whoooooops.)

    Edit: Though admittedly I'm trying to figure out how to use the herring on a library event and failing? All I see are peanuts.
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  19. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Some events are redacted, replaced with blocks of gray. Check the Pre-History sections, I think there's still some redacted.
  20. CRCR

    CRCR Human Expresso

    Thank you!

    Edit: I may have used this to get myself up to 14 snack slots.
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