Terrible original/published fiction?

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by ChelG, Dec 20, 2016.

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    No, it really seems to be taking aim at the prochoice people, going by this chapter, in which a woman casually drops off an unwanted baby with no discussion of how she got to that point beyond ending the chapter with "How wonderful that she can dismiss her responsibilities so easily."
  2. KingStarscream

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    I'm not sure how you can read this line and think "yes, the pro-life side was Right and Good." Have you read the book yourself or are you operating wholly based on the sporking of a stranger that isn't giving you any context beyond what they can take in bad faith and snark at? (Pssst. The point is that the bodily autonomy of both pregnant women and legal minors is being violated in the name of 'pro-life' ideology.)
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  3. Have not read the books, am honestly really relieved to hear they're better than they sound from the summaries! I've seen enough bad arguments from anti-legal-abortion orgs and people that, due to Poe's Law, the book summaries pinged me as either "anti-legal-abortion propaganda pretending to be Both Sides Are Bad" or "someone wanted to write dystopian YA with Teenagers In Peril and used Abortion Debates as a backdrop without actually understanding the pro-choice stance." And GoodReads reviews haven't really helped clarify.

    I'm curious: is it in-universe canon that the anti-legal-abortion side won the civil war, but are teaching revisionist history claiming the current system is a "compromise"?
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  4. KingStarscream

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    I'd have to reread the book but my recollection (several years out) was that the anti-abortion side won and the pro-abortion holdouts were the ones trying to help and hide the teens given up to be unwound; I can't remember if the compromise was a compromise in name only or an actual attempt to meet on the middle and don't want to assume it's the former, but the anti-abortion side both started the war and remains solidly in power as the dystopian rulers in the first book.

    (And I feel like I should say it doesn't always handle its themes well, because the dude writing it is a Dude Writing It, but I also feel pretty strongly that it is the polar opposite of a pro-life/anti-abortion book. In a similar way, the Purge movies don't always handle their themes well because they're caught up in the enthusiastic gore parts of the premise, but they are fundamentally movies about how the wealthy and bigoted in power are evil and not about how killing poor minorities is great, actually.)
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    Yeah it's been a few years since I read it but in general it's more about eugenics/people who are ostensibly "pro-life" valuing life very cheaply when it's people they don't care about.
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    I cannot stop fucking laughing at Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate. Featuring such wonders as a character who shrugged off a nuclear explosion later being knocked out by a blow to the head from a rock somehow held by a limbless dragon, phrases like "Attempting to maintain their masculinity, they shirked, hiding their cowardice behind euphemistic visages", and rapidly increasing science failure starting out with confusing force with acceleration and ending up with a character hitting someone with a "sizeable piece of solid gravity".
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  7. BaseDeltaZero

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    Conjugal Felicity hasn't worked for me for a while... maybe it's a region thing?
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