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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by itsAlana, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    so I
    may or may not have bought myself..... a third Starscream figurine
    he was from the dollar store so he wasn't too expensive but clearly I have A Starscream Problem
    (current fig count: 3 screams, 2 soundies, 1 laserbeak, 1 windblade edit: AND 1 megatron who I forgot bc he's sitting on my desktop to scowl at me for nano)

    he's pretty clearly meant to be displayed in root mode

    but also his nosecone is on the back of his head and I think that's beautiful

    as usual, alt looks fine from above....

    ....and completely fucking hilarious from any other angle
    tiny face

    also I accidentally made the imgur album I loaded them to public and within two minutes got a nsfw starscream gif in a comment so like...... thanks internet
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  2. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

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  3. Petra

    Petra space case

    Haha yeah that's the problem with the excellent Rewind figure I have, too. The head is disproportionately small because it has to be tucked in to the chest.

    ...ngl kinda tempted to find some tiny little charm or trinket to put in his hidden chest compartment instead.
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  4. LunarCress

    LunarCress Member

    Well, that was certainly An Ending. Such a pity too, it was pretty okay by crossover standerds.

    Also viewcomic is currently down, but readcomicbooksonline.net has it up.
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  5. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    since when does metroplex say something as clear as 'do you hear it, wind-voice'???
  6. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    Behold. My masterpiece. My Ramen Noodle man tribute to end all tributes

    Thanks @spockandawe

    unicron.png IDW Unicron, featuring several texture overlays taken from Ramen man's own personal Art, several IRL explosions, paint splatter, and a background image that includes several completely out of scale random humans because no true Ramen artist draws their own backgrounds when they can blatantly copy and paste old pictures from Google Image search
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  7. Petra

    Petra space case

    I still need to read the end of first strike...
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  8. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    I still haven't read anything except the TFWiki summary of it, but I know in my heart of hearts that this is what Ramondelli would truly want... For me to make shitty edits with only a vague idea of what the script entails...

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  9. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

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  10. spockandawe


    SoooooOOOOO I had reading momentum for once in my life, and I read this little series of fics, and it's nominally like, right up my alley. But....... then everything was Incorrect (mostly prowl. prowl was Incorrect).

    And Prowl is my horrible child who I love, this story is really niche and I'm SAD it was done the way it was, and I haven't written any big post essays in like, two whole days?? SO.

    It's the creatrix'verse set of stories, by as set of multiple authors, where by creatrix'verse, they mean 'we're making up cybertronian terminology for an ABO system. And the first one? jazzprowlmirage? GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT, all the sketchy consent issues and the intensity of the reproductive drive that are my favorite two ABO things to read about, with some bonus role fuckery and subversions and such (i actually really like it a lot, u should mind the tags but check it out) (it has a happy ending, despite the tags)

    But the stories I care about are a totally different universe from that first one. In the first one, jazz and prowl are a couple, both alphas, both two of the toughest alphas around, and the story is about an omega (mirage) going into heat and not wanting to make a baby, alphas in the vicinity fighting over him, including jazz and prowl, Character Things happen, etc.

    Starting with fic two, we've got a jazzprowl set of stories where jazz is an alpha and prowl is an omega. Okay, I'm still interested, maybe this will be like Delicacy where it's all about the contrast between personality and the expectations that go with the omega role. Prowl is married to Jazz's brother, until the brother (and a beta who was part of the relationship too) die in a crash, leaving Prowl widowed with two small children. Omegas are kinda... commodities, not independent people, not allowed to hold jobs, etc., so the family still owns Prowl, and they hand him off to Jazz to get married again. Jazz never expected to get married, etc. etc. etc.

    Also turns out that Jazz's brother and that other dude were hella abusive in all sorts of ways. Prowl's reaction is.... helpless, passive fear, and no independent drive whatsoever, and almost no urge in life but to be a doting parent for his kids. Context kinda suggests he was a delicate flower from the start. After getting married, Jazz is like 'oh yeah, family coming over tomorrow,' and Prowl frantically runs off to the kitchen to start polishing the good silver, promising that he'll have it ready in time, he'll make it work, don't be mad. He's basically a housewife. He doesn't get out much except to like, take his kids on outings. But it's not even like, fetishized like in that one TFA sex/farm/religion/??? fic, where you could tell the author was having fun with it. It's just kinda... there.

    After the marriage, there's some chill time where Prowl doesn't have to do housework or bang the man of the house (until the wedding henna on his hands wears off). During that period, Prowl accidentally lets it slip to Jazz's mom that oh yes, it hurts every time I have sex. There is... no reason for the slip, except to move the story along. Mom is horrified at what her kid did, and..... presumably tells Jazz offscreen somewhere, because by the time Jazz is like 'sextimes now' (spousal consent? what spousal consent??), he's all sensitive and understanding about ooooh i know you've been hurt, let me teach you to feel pleasure in ~other ways~ even though without a heat, we're not making babies, and there is literally no reason to do this except to get my rocks off.


    What I wanted was almost this exact same fic. Just with Prowl as.... PROWL.

    Leave the backstory intact. He's been viciously abused since the marriage happened. He's got two kids. His husband dies and he gets handed off to Jazz.

    Prowl doesn't react to the abuse by cringing and being afraid all the time always, he reacts by being cold and distant, staying carefully within the bounds of what's proper, and refusing to engage on a deeper level. He loves his kids, but doesn't just flutter over them and take them out to play, he's fiercely proud of their talents, puts his intelligence to work on educating them to make the most of their natural gifts, and even if an omega doesn't have any ability to influence society on their own, he's going to fight tooth and nail to get his kids in positions of HIGH authority. And he loves them and he's proud of them, but they're also trained to defer to him and listen to what he tells them.

    Prowl isn't afraid and worried and fretful when husband #1 dies. He's glad, he couldn't have asked for anything better, except maybe to be the one to plan it. Sure, he's getting handed off to a new husband, and maybe this one will be as bad as the first. But screw it, he already outlasted one asshole, he can outlast this one too. Prowl isn't glad to stay in his home because it would upset his children to move. He's glad to stay there because it's his territory, his home, and Jazz is the one who has to meet him on new ground, where Prowl's already familiar and established and has had to fight for every scrap of authority he can manage. This isn't a secure place, but it's as close as he has and he's ready to fite.

    Jazz in the original notices that someone didn't like Prowl because all the family pictures are of Jazz's brother and the beta. Okay, fine. Jazz still asks Prowl, 'which of them didn't like you?', Prowl still diplomatically says that the beta didn't appreciate the disruption in their lives, etc. And Prowl leaves it there. No sign of sadness, no sign of fear, he's not showing any hint of weakness that could be exploited. Let Jazz struggle to find his feet, the longer he takes, the sooner Prowl can secure his position.

    And that wedding henna. Okay, until the henna wears off, Prowl doesn't have to do chores, Prowl doesn't have to bang his husband. Prowl in the original still goes right to take care of his kids when he gets out of the ceremony, he picks them up without worrying about protecting the henna, super selfless, kids above all, etc. Here, Prowl still goes to take care of the kids. He's not neglecting them and breaking up their cohesive family unit for the sake of an outsider, even if the outside is going to have control over one of them. And... he's made a show of not caring about his henna. More quietly, he goes to great pains to preserve the henna in the most easily protected spots, making it last as long as he can.

    Chores are one thing, but the big issue is Prowl sleeping with Jazz. Sexual violence has been the rule for a long time, and Prowl was a virgin before the marriage. Sure, let's keep that. In the original, again, for no reason he accidentally tells Jazz's mom that husband #1 hurt him on the regular, Jazz is told off-screen, Jazz... never gets consent but is also a very caring, sensitive lover??? I don't even know, this should have been the whole focus but there was no lingering at all

    OKAY. Jazz knows the sex thing is kind of expected, but it's not mandatory except during a heat. He'd... like to sleep with Prowl, he guesses? He likes sex, he likes the bits of Prowl he sees as Prowl opens up, nothing wrong with the idea. Prowl isn't making any moves towards it, but hey, his husband just died, he's got two little kids, no biggie. And Prowl puts it off as long as he can, making excuses and such, but also knowing that it'll have to happen eventually, and it will suck less if Jazz isn't angry at him.

    So Prowl makes the first seductive move. And by seduction, I mean barely even slowing down enough to call it seduction. Jazz is trying to take his time and enjoy the experience, and Prowl is trying to rush through as fast as possible to get it over. And Jazz is doing his best, and Prowl is always pretty restrained, but it doesn't.... seem like he's enjoying himself? At all? Jazz is NOT comfortable with this, something's weird, and he doesn't need to frag Prowl until Prowl goes into heat, so he calls the whole thing off.

    Prowl is like haHA, yes he declined the sex, this is the best possible outcome.

    And so Prowl does a similar thing on the regular. initiate, moves fast and acts cold, Jazz says nope. And Prowl doesn't have to sleep with him, but nobody can criticize/punish him for not doing his wifely duties :))))

    Jazz might have some hints through Prowl and through his mom that Prowl is not so much for this whole 'sex' business. But he puts the strangeness down to inexperience and losing that first relationship. Even if he isn't aware of the abuse yet, he's aware his brother was at least severely neglectful, and he knows Prowl was a virgin before marrying his brother. So things are off, but not enough to be alarming.

    And over this all, there's slow burn growing trust and some pg physical intimacy, because Jazz is a tactile person, he's a social person, and he likes contact and affection and closeness. Prowl is wary at first, but Jazz doesn't do anything to hurt him and dotes on the kids. He gives Prowl all the space he wants and more agency than an omega could expect, he respect's Prowl's intelligence, and this... is kind of nice. Cuddling is kind of nice. Holding hands is nice. Kisses are nice. He doesn't mind kissing Jazz at all. None of it is necessary, but given his first relationship, it's all very interesting and new. And all this while Jazz is being very attentive and considerate, actively trying to make things as good as possible for Prowl and the kids, checking in to be sure things are okay, getting them nice stuff just cause, all that business.

    Anyways, eventually, during one of those "seduction" scenes, Jazz is finally like okay OKAY hold on. Do you... want to have sex? And Prowl is like 'fuck, I've been cornered into saying yes. so... yes.' And Jazz is relieved and pleased and things are still weird, but he wants to make this work. So he asks Prowl to lie back and let him take care of Prowl for a change. Don't touch me, just let me take care of you.

    But when Prowl doesn't have anything to be doing, and he's just stuck there experiencing and reacting, the Off moments are harder to hide, he isn't able to completely stop the little half-flinch when Jazz touches his valve, etc. Jazz is smart and observant, and it's enough for him to put the last few pieces together.

    And Jazz feels super sick, because oh god, he's not a RAPIST. But that's... exactly what he's been doing, what the fuck, what was WRONG with his brother???

    So Jazz is like, 'you don't want to have sex'
    'you don't want me'
    'you don't want to be with me'
    '......[404 confirmation not found]'

    Jazz is still all about emotion and affection and touch, so once he establishes that Prowl is still fine with cuddles (and kind of maybe wants cuddles), he legit seeks comfort, because this is one hell of a nasty revelation. He needs that contact, and Prowl is willing to offer that much.

    Jazz does try to poke at how bad things were, but Prowl mostly deflects (and Jazz has a sinking feeling it must have been even worse than he thought). And Jazz is trying his absolute, absolute best to be good and not do anything that will upset Prowl. But they're in extended physical contact, in a berth, right after Prowl was all braced to have sex with him. Jazz is going to accidentally hit some kind of seemingly innocuous physical trigger, like maybe touching his doorwings wrong, or kissing his chevron.

    Prowl doesn't manage to 100% suppress the reaction, and Jazz is super freaked out again.

    So Jazz is rattled enough to get kind of forceful with telling prowl to tell me what you don't want. And Prowl... disclosing these things informs Jazz of all kinds of weaknesses that could be exploited and used against him. He'd be telling Jazz all the best ways to hurt him. But... this is a valuable opportunity. He compromises by saying something very vague, but intense enough that Jazz is even more DDDDD: than before, something like 'don't tear my valve,' or 'don't damage my spark chamber.'

    Jazz is mostly like ohhhh my god I'm never going to touch you again what the fuck have I been doing

    And here, Prowl pauses, and is like .....nnno. I kind of. Like the physical intimacy. (he was also extremely isolated and neglected the whole time he was with jazz's brother)

    Jazz is helpless because yes, yes, I like kissing you and being close to you and holding you and all that, but if were doing this in a berth and I'm hot for you in the first place, then I'm going to get spun up, and I'm not going to FORCE you of course, but oh my god I do not want to put you in that position

    So Prowl is very... Prowl about it, and starts mentally drafting up a set of best compromise terms that will let him keep the things he wants with a minimum of unpleasant agreed-on activities. An acceptable compromise is that you can x and y as long as you don't z.

    Meanwhile, Jazz is just dragging his nails down his face, because compromise terms what are you even talking about you jUST TOLD ME YOU HATE THIS

    Given what Prowl has been through and those reactions Jazz has been seeing it, Jazz is very much not enthusiastic about this compromise zone

    BUT. At some point. Jazz realizes that Prowl has mentioned things his brother did to Prowl's valve, his mouth, his spark chamber, etc. He hasn't said a word about his spike. Jazz makes some bitter aside about how wow, that must have been really bad if you're still not comfortable talking about it. But Prowl is like nnnno, I still have my seals.

    Prowl stays very firm and insistent on the idea of offering Jazz acceptable terms for keeping his hot and heavy makeout times while laying out some limited allowable berth activity. Jazz is disoriented and at the end of his rope and still reeling, so finally he asks if okay, OKAY, fine. What if I... try to show you a good time with your spike, and I don't do anything else until you explicitly ask me for it.

    Cut to a first scene where we've got some sweet, slow, gentle handjob stuff, some oral, and Jazz eventually riding Prowl to a finish, but not until Prowl asks him to do it. And all the other delicious h/c tropes, all the stuff about 'so this is what pleasure feels like,' and 'I want to make you feel as good as you're making me feel'. Prowl not knowing how to touch another person in the berth, not knowing how to touch Jazz's spike while he rides him, etc.)

    Among other emotions, Prowl is amazed and kind of fascinated that he has the power to HURT Jazz in some way, and that Jazz would freely admit that to him, without any sign of fear or mistrust, or an assertion of dominance

    But yeah, this is still a Prowl who's smart and commanding and being in full control, especially if he's ever out of his element. Despite the robot!sexist universe he was raised in. When Jazz gives him the go-ahead to tell Jazz what to do sex-wise, he takes full advantage of that. And Jazz loves it every time Prowl gets bossy and demanding in bed.

    There are so many exciting firsts for them to try, and slowly, slowly getting Prowl more comfortable with a variety of sexy, sexy situations. BUT. The most interesting part. Would be the next heat cycle hitting before Prowl is fully comfortable having someone use his valve. And this is a situation where he... doesn't have a choice. Neither of them have a choice, really. But Prowl has been through this before and Jazz hasn't. The involuntary loss of control is strange and frightening for Jazz, but Prowl can lie back and take the lead and show him what to do, and Jazz is more grateful for him than ever.

    And no matter what else happens, all of this heat cycle is still so much better than the first time. Physically, it's similar. But now it's with a partner who adores him, a supportive extended family via Jazz, two grown children who want to protect him and be there for support. He's at the center of everything. Nominally it's his alpha calling the shots, but... his alpha is taking orders from Prowl right now, so. :)

    But okay, biggest gripe. Omegas are restricted to stereotypical fifties housewife duty. Jazz is like, a SUPER incredibly nice alpha because he gives Prowl permission to cook them exotic foods. And he's going to get Prowl lots of craft supplies!

    No. Jazz is a rebellious rulebreaker who doesn't afraid of anything, and is fiercely loyal and caring. Jazz is going to eventually be the head of the family? Um, try that he'll eventually be the lead public face of the family while Prowl runs everything from behind the scenes. Jazz is great at working with people, and going out into the world and getting things done. Prowl is a natural chessmaster and can keep track of all the different moving pieces and keep the family businesses and politicking running smoothly. Prowl always knew that he'd be wasted on housework, and that he could do so much more than that, and he adores Jazz for recognizing that too.

    Prowl is going to go from being forcibly isolated and abused to being at the center of a massive, sprawling family, where he gave birth to like half of them, and a huge part of the family has been raised specifically to listen to Prowl and respect his skills and intelligence, omega or no. He;s going to rule the family with a loving iron fist (with the iron very much tempered by Jazz). As a collaborative force and a tight-knit family unit, they'll CRUSH the competition. Prowl was born to manage an empire, and Jazz is giving him all of that despite the societal forces in the way

    All Prowl needs is that resiliency and pride and fierce intelligence and hidden, deep emotion that makes him so fascinating in the comics! He can be mentored by Jazz's mom, who was one of the first people to reach out to him directly. She might have taken some steps in a similar direction, but she'd never been dissatisfied with just being a wife/mother, so she didn't take things as far as she might have. But she sees all the potential and drive in Prowl and helps mentor him right along to the top of the family.

    We've got Prowl as a mom, but give me her as Prowl's surrogate mom, encouraging those non-omega-like traits and giving him something to model himself on for the future. Give me Jazz adoring how commanding and skilled they both are, and give me the family coalescing around the future patriarch/matriarch, all with parental approval and people warming to Prowl and countering those decades of lonely, abused isolation! If Prowl is acting like Prowl, this whole scenario is incredibly fascinating, and could go in so many amazing directions. I just... I wish I could have read this fic. I would have loved it to pieces.
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  11. Verily

    Verily a very ineffective hitman

    This beautiful little exchange:


    There's some more jabs in which he refuses to address her directly and finally,


    He was in a trine for millions of years with Starscream and Skywarp. What do you wanna bet he can literally do this for centuries? You had no chance, Commander Faireborn.
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  12. rigel

    rigel youve got teeth for a reason, dont you?

    i bought an RID2015 combiner force soundwave today!!! im love him, even if he likes to try and transform when i touch his chest at all

    DNpm0ZlX4AAGEy3.jpg DNpm1X5W0AIQShO.jpg
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  13. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    I have that Soundy too!! He is Such A Good, even if mine prefers to fall over rather than transform when I poke him :P
    The Combiner Force figs are so great for dynamic posing too, they balance really well in root
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  14. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    He looks a bit like the TFA Soundy design, which I personally am quite fond of.
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  15. applechime

    applechime "well, you know, a very — a very crunchy person."

    GOD you have reminded me yet again that i do not own the masterpiece soundwave + cassettes models..... i want them so fucking bad..... but they are 159.99 USD (so like 205.00 CAD) and that is just. so much money....... i need that money for concerta..... i have a cat to feed...... i need to buy clothes that follow the new dress code at work...... i need to pay rent.......

    BUT GOD....... LOOK AT THEM.....
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  16. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    I'm about ready to ptfo so no pictures tonight but I!!!!!!! Have!!!!! Hard copies of MTMTE now!!!!!!!!!! We noticed a comic shop on our way back from my older bro's birthday party and took a detour, so now I have!!!! The sons!!!!!!
    I did not have enough money to buy all the volumes they had (most of season 1, the first of season 2, no LL), so I got Hedonia through the Tyrest arc bc apparently I like crying :')
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2017
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  17. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it

    You know what would be good? A giant goddamn dictionary sized book containing every single issue of MTMTE, so I can keep it all on a shelf and use it to deck anyone who questions my life choices
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  18. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    pl e a s e
    mtmte omnibus
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  19. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

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  20. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    look I'm 100% ready to smack down unconscionable amounts of money for the Aligned Covenant of Primus, IDW can have all my money if they provide me with mtmte compilations
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