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  1. mizushimo

    mizushimo the greatest hits

    We're looking into changing the day and time of the weekly Transformers Stream again before we start Beast Machines. If you are interested and want to weigh in, check out this thread-

    What is it: the Ye Olde Transformers Stream- a bunch of Kintsugians get together on once a week and watch 4 or five episodes of a series, we've worked our way through most of the shows from the last decade, now we are moving back into the nineties with Beast Wars/Beast Machines.

    Beast Machines: Do you like cyber punk? Have you ever watched The Matrix and thought that what the movie really needed was a badass robot gorilla? If so, then this is the show for you.
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  2. Petra

    Petra It doesn't have to be all goof-goof-dildo.

    Did they seriously release this before explaining how Bumblebee returned? Fuck.
  3. Rehsepay

    Rehsepay Teacup Dog

    I know, right? “Yeah he’s here now I guess, IDK, whatever”
  4. spockandawe


    GUYS, i have discovered an extremely important scorponok thing. so okay, take a look at his alt mode.

    scorponok head 2.png

    more specifically, take a look at his little mandible things

    scorponok head 1.png

    and what do those look like?

    scorponok head 3.png

    guys. his alt mode. he just has his face smooshed against his plating, or there's a face hole in the painting and his head just shunks into place and i can't decide which version of this is most hilarious, but i'm dying
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  5. Exohedron

    Exohedron Doesn't like words

    That is accurate to his toy form. His transformation is literally "lay down on stomach, fold up legs. Done."
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  6. Verily

    Verily invests her cash in stock in Cyber Disney

    We watched season four of G1 on the robot stream last night (all three episodes!) and now it’s very hard to shake the feeling that the IDW Transformers line is an extended art therapy session to work through the trauma. Because holy fucking shit. Fucking headmasters....

    Some people???? have successful comic careers??? to cope????
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  7. mizushimo

    mizushimo the greatest hits

    There's a huge sale going on at comixology for the entire idw transformers line, most of the material is half off.
    If you've been reading it all on view comics and want to make an honest fan out of yourself, here is your chance.
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  8. mizushimo

    mizushimo the greatest hits

    I've been looking at sales numbers, and the audience for the idw transformers line is small, really small compared to other fandoms. It's hard to get exact numbers for online sales, but the sales for physical issues is about 5 - 6k copies per issue of Lost Light and Optimus Prime. I think it peaked awhile back at 8k copies sold. Feel free to dig through the numbers if you want, it's all on on Comichron
    I'm gonna guess that they do better online, but all sales for comics online is far less then for single issue physical copies across the board.
    If you double that number to account for, say, online sales and the people who buy the trades exclusively, maybe a couple thousand for the people who buy the trades in europe.

    Even with all that, there's probably only 15,000 people in the whole world who will pay actual money for the current transformers comics. The readership isnt even big enough for Hasbro to make more then a handful of toys based on the comics.

    It's kinda sad to me, the readship is so small that we'll probably never see any cartoons or movies based on the comics. Heck, it's hard to find people who've read the comics even at transformers events. I feel like the comic had a blip of popularity outside the transformers fandom back in 2015 when Tumblr started getting wind if it, but now it's faded into relative obscurity again.

    I wish the bigger fandom had been more lasting, or the comic had had breakout popularity, but i guess that was going to be too much to ask.
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  9. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Fellow tf fans I need some opinions. I just replaced Optima (she served well) with this:


    and I need help with what to call her.

    Name ideas so far are : Cherry 2000 (which my roommates sadly are going NO loudly about glares @meowtini on the rocks )
    Pyra Manga
    Fire Star
    Flare Up (taken off the running because maybe I don't want my car to remind me of chronic illness).

    Open to other ideas too!

    I am sad because literally in the day that I had her someone ripped the big autobrand I had on her hood off!
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  10. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    I vote Cliffjumper!
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  11. meowtini on the rocks

    meowtini on the rocks Active Member

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  12. PaintSplatter

    PaintSplatter New Member

    I mean, I like Pyra Magna. But then again, I ain't gonna be driving it. C8
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  13. spockandawe


    Oooh, Cliffjumper is pretty classic! If not that, then Pyra Magna :D
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  14. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    Thanks everyone,I think she’s going to be named Cliffjumper!
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  15. Petra

    Petra It doesn't have to be all goof-goof-dildo.

    Valentinesformers! Loving at first sight.
    Lovebots wage their battle to give Valentines to the Romanticons.
    Valentinesformers! Robot Valentines.
    Valentinesformers! Want your heart to Be Mine. Valentinesformers!

    I feel called out.
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  16. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I love it owo
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  17. spockandawe


    Heyyyyy, it's Optimus!! I love him, but also hate him, but as soon as my hands recover I'm sure I will love him some more.

    Here is the pattern, which I linked before, only now instead of being super excited about look at this pattern, now I come with words of warning. Don't buy this pattern. It's not worth it. I'm not sure whether the guy is an asshole or an idiot, but I'm leaning towards both. This is not seventeen dollars worth of pattern, and this is most of the reason why I hate this thing.

    That being said!! I'm really pleased and really proud, and have unlocked the secret of how to do prettier seams if/when I have a try at designing one of these suckers myself (soundwave)

    OP 1.jpg OP 2.jpg OP 3.jpg OP 4.jpg OP 5.jpg
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  18. coldstars

    coldstars get Jazzy on it


    /walks in/ STARSCREAM

    /walks back out/

    (the accent's literally called Chosen)
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  19. spockandawe



    How does it get better? Look at his scorpion mouth thing again, which is also his head. Now, imagine him straightening up without his purple hood thing being in the way.

    scorponok head 1.png


    Scorponok hair.png
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  20. KaidaShade

    KaidaShade Definitely not a horse

    So I was at MCM London this weekend and bagged something beautiful:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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