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    Sod it I'm posting the bad thing. Time to upset all of my audience on ao3
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    Listen hurt/comfort is a time honored genre
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    So on the plus side, we have a moving in date! 26th May I will be a homeowner like, for realsies

    Downside: future housemate has been asked to start his new job a week before that and he's terrified they're going to take it away from him so he's stuck living in an airbnb for a week. They're lucky he was able to get one at all rn. Fiance and I were livid, doesn't set a good precedent for what they're gonna be like to work for
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    Winnernessed? Winner for house and witnessed for wow, that's sure some bullshit that job is pulling.
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    Burned my mouth stealing a piece of my sister's pasta. Is this karma?
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    Yes. :P
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    Stealing this.
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    Dynas, pint

    Reagan, pet
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    dynas - thunder
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    "I think you've had enough."
    "C'mon, Bane, just one more. Gotta sleep tonight"
    "No. Go to bed."

    Dynas ignored his dragon and reached for the glass that the barmaid handed him, offering her a nod of thanks before he downed the whole thing in three huge swallows and hid a belch behind his arm. "Alright. There, now I'm goin'." He muttered and stood. Bane had, in fact, been right. The world tilted and he had to grab the bar and steady himself for a second before he even thought of tackling the stairs. He felt the dragon's smugness as he pushed away and staggered off towards his room, but it was eclipsed by his concern fairly quickly. Bane hopped down from his shoulder and, in a flurry of smoke, was suddenly tall enough to lean against as soon as they were out of general sight.
    "I know the dreams have been bad, but you can't do this." Bane told him, turning his head to nudge his nose against his chin as he half-carried him to bed and carefully laid him down before hopping up next to him in time for him to roll over and put an arm over his broad, warm back. He found himself fascinated for a moment by the way that his arm sank into the smoke of his dragon's body slightly before hitting something that felt very real and solid. "I don't want to lose you to this poison."
    "You wont. I'm gettin' better, ain't I?"
    "Not really." Bane nuzzled against his face, shifted to prop him on his side with his tail curled over his legs. "You should talk to someone about this."
    "I talk ta you."
    "That's different. We practically share a mind, I think you need to hear things that I can't tell you."
    "Hrm." Dynas closed his eyes and buried his face in a pillow like it might help the room stop spinning.
    "'S fine. 'M just tired."

    They both knew that Bane didn't believe him for a moment, but he passed out before the dragon could comment further.
    Cuddling Isskar was, she was certain, the best thing in the world. He always nuzzled right into her neck, his mandibles twitching as he dozed comfortably and his arms wrapped entirely around her to cling tight, his chitinous plating warm against her metal. Sure, they had to keep things subtle, but Reagan was getting good at sneaking him onto her ship for some alone time and he always came eagerly, just as soon as he could get away from his duties with his new captain. She was pretty sure he'd gotten bigger since she'd first met him; back then, he had barely been of height with her but now his double-jointed legs sprawled off the end of the bed when he tucked himself beneath her chin. She was so damn proud of him.

    He must have heard a shift in the cadence of her fans, because he stirred and tilted his head to peer up at her with his softly glowing eyes. She flickered her mouth light at him in the best approximation of a smile that she could muster, and raised a hand to scratch gently at the lengthening fuzz on top of his head. It had been almost entirely shaved before, but now it was getting long and she loved the texture of it, coarser than the down that covered his plates but still soft to her touch. "Okay?" She asked in Eliksni, and he melted again with a soft purr.
    "You're tingly." He informed her through the long, breathy rumble, then tilted his head so she would scratch against the back of his neck with her little claws, just between the plates where it was most sensitive. He'd had to learn very quickly not to do that to her, after she'd inadvertantly caught one of his fingers and hurt him. Now he seemed to understand, the pads of his fingers wandering over the smooth planes of her shoulders in return. "It's good."
    "Yeah?" she let a little Arc trickle through her fingers and he shivered in delight and fitted himself right up against her, the purr intensifying so that she could feel the vibration as its own tingle against her chest. She laughed softly and pulled a blanket that neither of them really needed over them both, letting her lights dim down so that they wouldn't disturb him as he settled in against her and slowly dozed off.

    The rain had come suddenly, as it so often did this time of year, and it had caught them by surprise while Bane scouted out the latest lead on a coven of wayward vampires that he and Dynas had been tracking. His telepathic shriek of pain as the drops had splattered his wings had nearly knocked Dynas to his knees and he had wheeled and scrambled back to him, diminished and sizzling and hurting, his glow mere embers. Dynas reached out for him and gathered him in a trembling ball in his hands before drawing him close to his chest and hunching over to shield him from the freezing rain. No, he realised as he dimly felt hard little pellets plink off his Rider's head, hail. Worse. The worst, in fact.

    Dynas ducked inside and opened his hands to peer down at him, shivering a little himself. "Fuck, that sucked." Dynas remarked, offering him a little smile that he met with a snort of ash. Urgh. "Got you burnin' a bit low, bud. Here."
    His Rider was the best, and Bane informed him of that as he handed him a few little crumbs of charcoal to devour, the fuel stoking his internal fires until he glowed gently from within and stopped shivering, his wings relaxing from where he'd clamped them against himself. It was only then that he noticed that Dynas, too, was trembling a little.
    "You're soaked." Bane informed him, and Dynas snorted.
    "Nah, really? 'S alright, I got you to keep me warm, don't I?"
    "Back to the hotel. Warm shower for you, and a radiator for me." Dynas opened his mouth to argue, and Bane interrupted, "No. Go on, before you get sick."
    "Fine, guess we can't do too much in this anyway. You okay? Still hurts?"

    Bane knew Dynas could feel exactly how much the ice shards had stung him, but with the warmth of his Rider's hands and the food he felt much better and the pain was only a dull chill across what passed for his skin. "I'll be fine. I've got you to keep my dry, haven't I?"
    Dynas chuckled softly and tucked him inside his coat before heading back out into the disgusting weather, and Bane flattened himself against the small of his back and beamed his comfort to him, hoping to warm him until he could do it for himself.

    The growls echoed through the basement's dim corridors in a low roll, a counterpoint to the heavy click of claws on stone, the lightning-sharp scrape of a sword tip just behind. The bandits huddled in the dark, swords drawn, and one flinched while another barely held back a gasp at the swish and clack of tail spikes against the wall just outside. They didn't know from whence the dragonborn and his companions had come, but they had realised quickly what they wanted. Some sort of adventurers, out to destroy their gang and end their pillaging of the roads. They had known they were fucked the moment they had seen the massive beast's eyes flash orange, heard the terrible cacophony of his rage as he had roared a challenge and charged them. Two had fallen under his blade almost immediately, swept aside in a bloody mess, and the others had bolted while he was occupied in cutting them down.

    Now he stalked them, an oncoming storm wreathed in some spirit-stuff that formed strange ethereal figures, almost discernable, before they flickered and faded and reappeared elsewhere. The growls echoed closer, then seemed to fade away. They waited a moment. Silence. One stood slowly, crept as silently as any rogue to the door and placed a hand on the handle. He opened it just a crack.

    The door was slammed off its hinges, and the room descended into bloody, cacophonous chaos. It was over in seconds, four men dead and the last backed up against the wall, white as a sheet and shaking as the dragonborn's rage faded and he focused on him, orange eyes sharp even in the dim light and his many, many teeth bared. "Alright," He growled, no less thunderous for his regained control, "Here's how this is gonna work. Yer gonna tell me what I wanna know. 'N' then maybe ya get ta live. How's that sound?"

    The bandit could only nod. What else could one man do, in the face of a storm?
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    Tes and chocolate
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    dynas- gold
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    "What?" She finally deigned to answer the Ghost drifting through the market behind her, his spiky shell grubby but spinning excitededly nonetheless.
    "Chocolates! Look! Get me some."
    "You don't have a mouth."
    "You do. You should get some and eat them and then I can taste them too."

    She looked over at the stall he'd spotted, the stallholder standing a little straighter when her hard, glowing gaze fell on him. His wares were spread on the table before him, neatly arranged delights in small boxes that smelled pretty incredible. She caught Brick before he could zip too close, holding on to him as she loomed silently for a moment. The price was steep, but well, what else did she spend her Glimmer on? And if it made her dopey Ghost happy, she would do it.

    Half an hour and one very nervous shopkeeper later, Tes perched on one of the higher spots in the Tower with Brick hovering curiously right by her shoulder, getting way too close and being way too curious as Tes examined the chocolate. She couldn't exactly just let it melt in her mouth, so she chomped it in half and gulped part of it down with a tilt of her head. She was pretty sure the taste was supposed to be richer than this, that the texture would be better for someone with a tongue, but Brick gave a happy little shiver and spun his shell.
    "It's good!" he declared, nuzzling against her cheek.
    "Mm. They're okay." She ate the other half, then closed the box and stood, "The fleshy members of the clan can have the rest. Let's go."

    Gotta think about the others a little bit.
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    "You sure about this?"
    "Trust me, it's going to look amazing."

    Admittedly, the time to question this was probably before he had Matt sat in his lap, carefully applying gold shimmer powder to his face, but now Dynas was thoroughly distracted and only thinking a little bit about the end result. Which, admittedly, may end up being a different end result to what they originally planned. Especially if Matt didn't stop fidgeting. They could be late for a vampire revel, it'd be totally fine, right?

    "Hold still... aaaand, done! Okay, go look." Matt hopped off his lap far too soon and he suppressed a groan as he got up and stretched before wandering over to take a look in the mirror.
    It did, admittedly, look pretty good. His cheekbones were sharper than he'd ever seen them, picked out with carefully-dappled gold scales that curled up to frame his eyes and contrasted with the black liner he'd let Matt put on him. He'd never been much of a makeup guy, but you had to make a statement at a revel and combined with the tight leather pants and figure-hugging mesh shirt he'd been persuaded into he looked about ten years younger and also like he was going to murder someone but like, sexily. Perfect.
    "Matt. Yer a genius." He smirked and turned to scoop him up into a kiss. "You sure we ain't got like, half an hour left?"
    "You'll wreck your makeup." Matt teased, then squirmed free. "Later, though..."

    Oh hell yes. Dynas grinned and followed him as he headed for the door, swinging his coat around his shoulders and copping a sneaky feel because well, if Matt was going to wear pants like that, then what else was he supposed to do?
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    A thought: what do people use ao3 pseuds for? It has your main username right there in brackets so it's not like you can separate yourself from work that you maybe don't want to have associated with your main online presence or something
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    Mostly it's used for older names you wrote unde (and iirc, that's the intended function.) So everything is linked to one account, but when you repost your old fic from ff.n or lj, it's still under a name that people remember.
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