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Discussion in 'Your Bijou Blogette' started by Mercury, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    E-mail from Blogger: This email address has a legacy Blogger account associated with it that hasn’t logged in since 2007.
    Me: ... It does?!

    Turns out I tried to make a Serious, Professional Blog back in 2005 that I was totally for real going to keep up with, I swear! ... It has two posts from 2005. Go ahead and delete that shit, Blogger, no one needs to see 26-year-old me's long-winded and pretentious meta on Jane Eyre.
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  2. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    I have a lot of pet peeves when it comes to Gamers, but my consistent least favorite thing is them boasting about how such-and-such game is easy. If they aren't simply full of shit in the first place (looking at you, MMO players), there's a sometimes-but-not-always unstated "when you know what to do." Things are easier when you know how to do them??? Well no shit, Sherlocks!

    I put it up there with the dingus behavior of Gamers saying things like Ultimate raids in FFXIV don't take skill, you just have to do them over and over until you learn the fight.
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  3. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    I try to avoid sweets when I'm sick because sugar (outside of fruit or honey in tea) tends to make me feel worse, and lo and behold, despite all the frozen meals avoiding sweets did wonders for my waistline. goddamnit lol
  4. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    My vacuum just gave up the ghost with increasingly alarming noises and the smell of burning, which is annoying because we only bought a new head for it a few months ago, but is even more annoying to me personally because I wanted to replace the whole thing when the original head broke, but J was like, no, it's fine! It works fine, it's cheaper to just replace the head! Well. It's a cheap, shitty 60€ machine and even at peak function it had an annoying whine and unwhelming suction and has only gotten worse over the years and I could tell. Now J is like "we should try to find another vacuum that that head will fit" and I'm like. Absolutely not. We can afford to get something that isn't a cheap piece of shit even on short notice (between Gordon's fluff and my allergies we need to vacuum 3-4x a week), so we're going to.

    The new head cost 30€ all by itself so tbh it was never worth just replacing that anyway...
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  5. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    To J's credit he's gone on a sudden cleaning spree, but I'm still going to put my foot down about the vacuum situation!
  6. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    I woke up today to find that one of my cats peed on a potholder I'd left on top of my mousepad, possibly ruining it (depending on how it smells after it dries from washing). How are you all doing? :')
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  7. prickle

    prickle Member

    putting a dash of white vinegar where the fabric softener goes in the washing machine always gets rid of cat pee smell for me

    or if youre doing it by hand then a baking soda and vinegar rub
  8. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    This kind of mousepad wasn't really machine-washable and my scrubbing with various smell-killing substances was not a success, alas. I think the rubbery foam stuff under the fabric part of the mousepad got too saturated and that, unfortunately, was that. It still smelled rank after drying so into the trash it went. Fortunately, modern mice can be used without one so I'm not in dire straits or anything.

    I'm sure it was my neurotic little prince of a cat who has a giant fuss whenever the litter is low or the boxes aren't pristine -- the litter was pretty low because it needed a complete change, and I was feeling too worn out to do it last night. My mistake! Earlier this evening the boxes got a scrubbing and many inches of 100% fresh new litter, so hopefully he won't be tempted to piss on anything overnight this time.
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  9. Mercury

    Mercury Well-Known Member

    If I'm ever rich I'm going to have a second home somewhere in the southern hemisphere I can go live at from November til March so I don't have to deal with this FUCKING seasonal depression.

    I take my vitamins and sit in front of my light therapy lamp and take my stupid little walks and it's STILL all I can do not to sleep 12 hours a day and spend most of my awake hours zoned out. I haaaate this.
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