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  1. Silver Sheep


    I guess I need to feel like I'm keeping track of something. And it would help me get things out of my head, I think, to write them down. Anyway.

    Go to dentist
    -Select dentist
    -Call dentist
    Send rent assist form back
    -Check if I have a current lease
    -Photocopy lease
    -Print tenant transfer
    -Put all three in return envelope
    -Post it
    Ship toys to Bogleech
    Clean out hard drive
    Update Aztec's registration
    Clean mozzie corpse off ceiling
    Bring heater upstairs
    Brainstorm I'm Sorry You Feel
    Let's Play MM8?
    -Get it running
    -Work out video
    -Work out screenshots
    -Get YouTube set up
    Change voting address
    -Check how
    -Get a witness
    -Print form
    -Fill in form
    -Send it off
    Start Silver Yarn thread
    Get new MCcard
    Dishes (always)
    Give graphics calculator to cousins
    -Find calculator
    Finish moving
    -Unpack boxen
    --Count boxen (20ish, I think)
    --Store lucky boxen
    --Shred unlucky boxen
    -Deal with sewing table corner clutter
    -Deal with kitchen clutter
    -Get rid of housemate S's bedframe
    -Give friend G's stuff to her
    --Pack up all that stuff
    --Give/take to her
    --Retrieve trolley
    -Obtain Nana's table from brother
    --Borrow a ute
    --Borrow a driver
    --Arrange a time
    --Be around on Thursday morning

    -Hang mirror
    -Stick up pictures
    --Collect pictures together
    --Cull mercilessly
    --Stick up survivors
    -Sort books
    -Bring suitcase upstairs
    -Reduce, reuse, recycle clothes
    --Go through wardrobe
    --Put kept clothes away sensibly
    --Take cut clothes to op shop
    ---Ready bags
    ---Sort and pack clothes
    ---Take them there

    -Put shed stuff in shed
    Implement GTD

    Visitors are free to comment, if you want.
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  2. Silver Sheep


    Most prominent thing is I need to finish unpacking from The Move. I could be working on that right now but I have a cat on me.

  3. Silver Sheep


    Yeesh, that's a lot. No wonder I've been paralysed.

    What needs done first is dishes. (And cleaning the cat's litter tray.) What I should have been doing is dishes every day, then there wouldn't be so many. I'll try to keep up with it. But for now there is a mountain.

    But, oh, I need to eat lunch! and go shopping! And the cat is still on me and she's asleep, and she's snoring, and I'm going to have to wake her up which will just be a crime.

    Life is hard.
  4. Silver Sheep


    I've gone through about two-fifths of the clothespile. Turns out I'm getting rid of A Lot. Fortunately, I've put on weight, unfortunately, it's all on my hips and thighs and now none of my pants fit. Not sure where I would have preferred it to go. Not the titty. Muscle, maybe. Arm muscle.

    I should work out my arms. Press some benches. Push up.
  5. Silver Sheep


    Enjoying some ~free time~ at work while I wait for the boss to finish what he's doing. It's nice to dick about on my phone and know I'm getting paid for it. I guess employment is good sometimes.

    Four hours of work + four hours of bus is leaving me eight hours of tired, though. I hope I get used to it soon. I've been too sleepy to eat a proper dinner two days in a row, and that is a vicious cycle I don't want to start spinning again. Not if I'm throwing out all my tinypants.

    Going to see my cousin's comedy show tonight! I usually avoid comedy but this one looks like it'll be fun.
  6. Silver Sheep


    I've been playing Ultra Moon, and I guess pokemon are sexy now. Okay.
  7. Silver Sheep


    I got fired! Through no fault of my own, and I was always kind of baffled to have that job, so no harm done. It was good (to be getting $$$) while it lasted.
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  8. Silver Sheep


    Went to a Japanese bath house. The nudity was weird at first, but I got used to it surprisingly quickly.

    I enjoyed it but I don't think I'll go again, it's a bit too far away.
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