Things that are currently annoying you

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Emma, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Politely responded to that comment, and I may have misunderstood them, but now they're telling me to use millions of props which a) I can't afford to buy and b) everyone else has told me would cause the bottles to get totally lost in the picture.
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  2. Deresto

    Deresto Was Eaten by a Grue

    :excalibur: somebody needs to mind their own business
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  3. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    I did ask for advice. What I was hoping for was "the pictures you've got would look better if you edited them like X".
  4. TheMockingCrows

    TheMockingCrows Resident POTSie potato.

    made plans to grocery shop and hang with friend this afternoon. it's like. 9:30 at night now, never got any texts back and she hasn't been online at all today.

    8I we ain't starving or anything but, damn, considering she was the one who set the time I'm a little put out..
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  5. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    What part of "I can't work Fridays until september" is so fucking hard to understand???
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  6. TheMockingCrows

    TheMockingCrows Resident POTSie potato.

    "I'm so tired even though there's no reason to be, I keep falling asleep :/ What do I do it's annoying."
    "Move around, or find something to focus on. Maybe do the few things you need to get done, it'll keep you focused enough to wake up."
    "...Or at least Not lay back in your seat?? That's.. kind of prime sleeping position?"
    "Yeah i guess."

    :does nothing, changes nothing, keeps falling asleep while doing none of the things he was going to do, will continue to avoid doing the other time sensitive things as well in favor of leaning back and slouching down with youtube open and headphones in while in prime sleeping position:

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  7. Deresto

    Deresto Was Eaten by a Grue

    Some frumpy mingus backed into our car's front passenger side while we were in the store and now the door wont open >:\ we were parked really far from everyone too
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  8. Pulled something in my leg at work. Ouch.
  9. anthers

    anthers sleepy

    Heartburn. :<
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  10. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    People with no concept of time
    "We'll leave at 10:30 and eat when we get there" does not mean "let's leave at noon and get lunch later"
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  11. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    the red vs blue fandom's presence on dreamwidth is ridiculously minuscule
  12. Things that I had plans for that have been canceled over the past two days:

    Dinner at a nice restaurant
    Trip to ocean shores
    Going to the fair with family

    Getting tired of this.

    And now dad has knocked a door off its hinges.
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  13. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Drunk people
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  14. blue

    blue hightown funk you up

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  15. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    i must be a computer 'cause captchas hate me
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  16. chthonicfatigue

    chthonicfatigue Bitten by a radioactive trickster god

    oh my god why do shopping sites have infinite scroll on mobile

    it takes forever to load after clicking 'show more' twice

    just give me pages

    I swear it's a lot easier for me to remember that, oh yes, that product I was interested in was on page x, rather than have to gauge where on my INTERMINABLE THUMB JOURNEY the damn thing was located

    and having to reload every single thing if I click on product info


    fuck whoever thought this was a good idea
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  17. Saro

    Saro Where is wizard hut

    sliced my thumb but good on one of our real sharp knives
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  18. Today some customers were doing a DNA test in the pharmacy waiting room. And calling the company that made the testing kit. On speaker. :l they said they came here for privacy but really they could've had more privacy at home.
  19. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Looking at you, Melanie Martinez, even though I love your work. I have actually legit cried over being too old, too fat, and too summer-colouring to pull off her look. The "too fat" isn't legit, as I've seen from stunning big pastel goths on Tumblr, but the third one definitely makes it look weird.
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  20. Loq

    Loq cursed blue crab pincher

    Having to prioritize which appliance gets fixed.
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