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  1. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @Helen of Boy just to be sure, is Salt female/going to be referred to as such? earlier you said Salt was pronounless, so to speak, but you've recently called Salt "her" and "a lizard woman," so?
  2. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    @esotericPrognosticator Question - can a weapon which is not explicitly "two-handed" but also not explicitly "light" or "versatile" be used with one hand? (For the purpose of using the weapon (for example, a rapier) with one hand, and a shield with the other?)
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  3. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    Ah, yeah. Salt is female, I think. I think that it's less of a thing for lizardfolk overall, socially. There's obviously some mechanical distinctions, but aside from that... nothing much. Not that most non-lizardfolk would necessarily notice anyway, because most other races are used to a lot more sexual dimorphism than lizardfolk are.

    The pronoun thing, I think, is an outcropping of the efficient naming. It's useful in english and most real-world languages to have a way to refer to people other than their full name, but I see the draconic spoken by lizardfolk as being more precise. There might be pronouns that relate to "the subject of the sentence, earlier identified" or something, but nothing as broad as what we have going on for third-person pronouns. Thou/We/You might all see some use in certain cases, We/You moreso, but I think even plural They would be more likely replaced with the name of the group or some other descriptor. First-person stuff and most other pronouns would be replaced by names/specific references.

    I can't think of a way to non-awkwardly explain quiiite how it works in my head, but will find a way. Maybe it's even making (non)sense already, I dunno.

    You can! Light mostly just matters for two-weapon fighting, I think. The assumption is that everything uses one hand, unless it says otherwise (by being "two-handed" or "versatile").
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  4. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    what they said! good Lord, the mental image of someone trying to use a rapier two-handed is priceless. hehe. (btw because FENCING SPERG this is what people usually mean when they say "rapier" without any country/time period/etc. qualifications. that is but one of the many many types of fancy hilts rapiers have, all of which would not allow you to fit an extra hand in there. well, maybe if you had really small hands. anyway, they're really not that heavy and you're not meant to swing them about like a hooligan, most of the muscles you build are teeny fine control ones in your hand and wrist!) and historically, people absolutely fought with rapiers and shields, there's a whole martial art revolving around rapier-and-buckler 2x combos. daggers too, actually, in the off hand, so idk why the D&D people didn't put rapiers down as "light"... that was silly of them. >:P
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  5. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @Helen of Boy @swirlingflight @Arxon you miiiiiight have gotten notifications for this, but I linked your character sheets in the first post! I'm aware that none of you are quite done with them, but I wanted to link them before they got lost in the bustle, so to speak. Arxon and Swirl, the posts with your character sheets have other sheets too, so if it'd be more convenient, feel free to post them by themselves; just let me know so I can link the new posts. it'd be nice to know when you're done fiddling with them, too. :P

    @garden @KarrinBlue I know both of you have character sheets in progress, and I would encourage you to post whatever you have in this thread. well, only if you want commentary from the peanut gallery, I guess. :P but we can answer whatever questions you have, and I'd like to check them as you go, honestly.

    @NevermorePoe I don't know if you have a character sheet yet, but if you have even an outline of one, feel free to post it here too! again, we'd be delighted to help you with it. :)

    also @The Frood Abides upd8 on the Lois McMaster Bujold situation I'm now seven books and a novella into the Vorkosigan saga aND DAMN YOU WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME OF THESE EXCELLENT BOOKS' EXISTENCE
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  6. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Ok! I'm still working on decided what god Auralee grew up under (I'm...bad at descisions) and I miiight reconfigure her equipment so she can have a disguise kit? Mostly for reasons of face paint instead of tattoos or scarification since I don't think Auralee is quite that hardcore :p
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  7. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    @esotericPrognosticator ok! by now it's actually nearly done, it's just that i am struggling with 1) backstory 2) picking a background 3) name

    Honor Songsteel

    Race: Human
    Class: Cleric
    Background: Soldier
    Alignment: True Neutral
    XP: 13

    A cheerful saint of the Bastard who sees no problem with the idea of raising corpses from the dead to do her bidding.

    Ability Scores: (rolled from [4d6 drop lowest reroll 1s]: 10, 9, 9, 15, 16, 9)
    Strength: 10 (+0)
    Dexterity: 16 (+3)
    Constitution: 11 (+0)
    Intelligence: 10 (+0)
    Wisdom: 17 (+3)
    Charisma: 10 (+0)

    Combat Basics:
    HP: 8/8
    AC: 15 (17 w/ shield)

    Rapier: +5 to hit, 1d8+3 piercing, melee range, finesse
    Light Crossbow (40 bolts): +5 to hit, 1d8+3 piercing, 80 ft range (81-320 ft w/ disadvantage), loading, two-handed
    Chill Touch: +5 to hit, 1d8 necrotic damage, 120 ft range, target can’t regain hp until start of your next turn. If target is undead, it also has disadvantage on attack rolls against you until the end of your next turn.
    Sacred Flame: target must succeed on Dex saving throw or take 1d8 radiant damage, 60 ft range, target gains no benefit from cover for saving throw
    Ray of Sickness: +5 to hit, 2d8 poison damage, 60 ft range, target must make Con saving throw on hit. On failed save, it is poisoned until end of your next turn.
    Inflict Wounds: +5 to hit, 3d10 necrotic damage, melee range

    Proficiences (+2 modifier)
    Armors: Light, medium, shields
    Weapons: Simple, Martial
    Tools: Vehicles (land), playing cards
    Saving Throws: Wisdom, Charisma
    Skills: Athletics (+2), Intimidation (+2), Insight (+5), Medicine (+5)
    Languages: Common, Draconic

    Racial Traits (Human)
    +1 to all stats
    Medium size
    30ft speed
    Adulthood in late teens, Lifespan <100
    No typical alignment

    Can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.

    Background Features (Soldier):
    + Athletics, + Intimidation
    + Vehicles (land), one type of gaming set
    Military Rank:
    You have a military rank from your career as a soldier. Soldiers loyal to your former military organization still recognize your authority and influence, and they defer to you if they are a lower rank. You can invoke your rank to exert influence over other soldiers and requisition simple equipment or horses for temporary use. You can also usually gain access to friendly military encampments and fortresses where your rank is recognized.

    Class Features (Cleric):
    3 cantrips of your choice from the cleric spell list
    To cast a spell, must expend a spell slot of that spell’s level or higher. You regain all spell slots when you finish a long rest.
    You prepare the list of cleric spells that are available for you to cast, choosing from the cleric spell list. When you do, choose a number of spells equal to your Wisdom modifier + your cleric level. Spells must be of a level for which you have slots. Casting the spell doesn’t remove it from your list of prepared spells. You can change your list of prepared spells when you finish a long rest. (Can currently prepare 4 spells.)
    Spellcasting ability is Wisdom.
    Ritual Casting
    Can cast cleric spells w/ritual tag as rituals if you have the spell prepared
    Spellcasting Focus
    You can use a holy symbol (found in chapter 5) as a spellcasting focus for your cleric spells.
    Domain Spells
    Each domain has a list of spells that you gain at certain levels. Once you gain a domain spell, you always have it prepared, and it doesn’t count against the number of spells you can prepare each day. If you have a domain spell that isn’t on the cleric list, the spell is still a cleric spell for you.
    Death Domain
    (Level) 1: False Life, Ray of Sickness
    3: Blindness/Deafness, Ray of Enfeeblement
    5: Animate Dead, Vampiric Touch
    7: Blight, Death Ward
    9: Antilife Shell, Cloudkill
    Bonus Proficiency
    Proficiency with martial weapons.
    At 1st level, the cleric learns one necromancy cantrip of their choice from any spell list. When the cleric casts a necromancy cantrip that normally targets only a single creature, the spell can instead target two creatures within range and within 5 feet of each other.

    Spell attack mod: Wis mod (3) + Prof (2) = +5
    Spellcasting DC = 8 + Wis mod (3) + Prof (2) + any special modifiers = 13
    Spell slots: 2 first-level spells, 3 cantrips
    Chill Touch (necromancy cantrip from Reaper), Guidance, Sacred Flame, Thaumaturgy
    False Life (death domain), Ray of Sickness (death domain), Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Bless, Inflict Wounds

    12 gp 5 sp 0 cp
    (intial roll: 140 gp)

    Carrying capacity (91.5/135 lb.)
    Crossbow bolts (20) (1.5 lb)
    Crossbow bolt case (1 lb)
    Studded leather armor (13 lb)
    Shield w/ holy symbol emblem (+2 AC, spellcasting focus) (6 lb)
    Holy symbol amulet (backup spellcasting focus) (1 lb)
    Rapier (2 lb)
    Light crossbow (5 lb)
    Backpack (5 lb)
    Bedroll (7 lb)
    Mess kit (1 lb)
    Tinderbox (1 lb)
    10 torches (10 lb)
    10 days of rations (20 lb)
    Waterskin (5 lb)
    50 ft of hempen rope (10 lb)
    Common clothes (3 lb)

    Age: 24 years
    Height: 4 ft 10 in
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Gender: Cis female
    Sexuality: pansexual

    Honor is a short human woman with brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair, cropped close to her face. She is quick to smile, showing off her slightly crooked teeth. Underneath her studded leather armor, she wears dark clothing, and she carries a rapier and a shield emblazoned with a symbol of the Bastard.


    Born the youngest of five to a set of strict, martial parents, Honor Songsteel always wondered if perhaps her parents shouldn’t have picked some other virtue to name her after. She’d never felt particularly honorable, not like her siblings, which all seemed to fit their similarly virtuous names perfectly. Her parents despaired of her and her whimsical attitude; she herself wondered in her youth if she might be a bastard, or perhaps a changeling, the real Honor stolen away by the fey.

    Honor would probably have continued to disappoint her parents indefinitely, if it weren’t for her best friend, Iris. When Iris decided to become a soldier, Honor, who was hopelessly in love with her, decided to follow suit, desperate to not be left behind. They joined a militia led by a bronze dragon, which had the side effect of making her parents’ dreams come true.

    On the battlefield, Honor served mostly as a healer, tending to the sick and wounded, but she still saw her fair share of fighting. Despite the death all around her, her cheerful disposition remained mostly intact; in fact, not only did death not disturb her, it fascinated her, so long as the dead in question had not been her friends. With her constant closeness to, even affinity for, death, she found herself praying to the Bastard more often than the other gods of the Quintity.

    It shouldn’t have surprised her when it all went to shit, but it did. The tide of battle turned against them, and the fellow soldiers Honor had come to see as compatriots and friends were slaughtered. Among the dead was Iris, Iris who Honor had never gathered the courage to confess her love to. Grieving, enraged, Honor fought on as long as she could, vowing to take out as many enemies as she could before she fell. Eventually she succumbed to her wounds and blacked out, welcoming death.

    She dreamed of the Bastard, who only said one thing: “I’m not done with you yet.”

    When she woke, she was relatively healthy, had no major injuries, and was alone in a field of the dead.

    “Well,” Honor said to herself then, voice trembling, “start as you mean to go on.”

    She left the militia not long after, and now travels, searching for the reason the Bastard saved her; trying to figure out what He needs Honor Songsteel for. Along the way, she continues to do what she does best: heal people, and stay unnaturally cheerful in the face of death.
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  8. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    Background can help with the backstory, some. Are there any skills/proficiencies that you want to have that you don't currently? Can always pick from the backgrounds that give what you're looking for, help narrow things down a little.

    I know Acolyte is the go-to for Clerics, would open up your current Insight option to be Persuasion or History, and give you the Religion skill to represent knowledge of the Bastard, I suppose? Also gives two languages, which can be handy.

    Otherwise, can always pick one at pseudo-random and then use explaining it to generate backstory. Like, if you were a soldier, might be that having comrades die around you made you turn to necromancy. An urchin might like the sort of honest frankness of the Bastard over a whole bunch of other deities. Being a hermit indicates a life of seclusion, maybe studying raising the dead and the messages of your god or something. And so on.
    Face-paint style could maybe pass as a trinket or part of clothes or something, if that's all it was? The full kit includes hair dye, props, and other things like that, too, which it doesn't sound so much like you're into. Even the background for the Uthgardt tribe, which I think uses face paint (or maybe woad), doesn't list it that I can see.

    Didn't get the notification, but good to know! If I do decide to STR-focus Salt, instead of DEX-focus, I'll just edit the current sheet, then... but I'm still pretty dang unsure if I will or not. I waaant to, but I also plan to be a ranged attacker primarily right now, so it seems maybe stupid. But I wanna bite better. Bluh.

    (Also, I think you missed pinging @Lazarae there.)
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  9. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    oh, sheesh, no, you don't need a disguise kit to get face paint/makeup-y things! unless you actually do want to disguise yourself—a careful drow can disguise themselves as some other type of elf indefinitely if they're willing to dye their hair and paint their face every day. buuuuut if you want just the face paint... I'mma say it'd be 5 gp a container, same as a vial of perfume, another luxury cosmetic. one container ought to last you a season or so, depending how often you use it.

    also, your sheet still doesn't have any of your spells/spellcasting abilities on it.

    you can always let me give you suggestions/wholesale make shit up for you

    r i p
    (me as a D&D character though, honestly, except my two good scores would be in INT and probably WIS and my STR and DEX would be, like, 5)

    uh, but if I may make a suggestion? making your character a human instead of a wood elf would help your bonuses a lot, because a bunch of your raw scores are odd. humans are +1 to everything, so STR, INT, and CHA would all be 10 (+0), CON would be 11 (...still +0), DEX would be 16 (still +3), and WIS would be 17 (also still +3). so three of your bonuses would increase, without any of the others decreasing, and you wouldn't have all those negative modifiers weighing you down.

    I totally did, lol! @Lazarae same goes for you as for Garden and KB, feel free to post whatever you have for Sibby. :)
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  10. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    so you got my pre-reroll stats, rip indeed

    I've still got the fleshing out of history and personality to do, but I've got character sheet here and formatted how I think I want it to be. Has the revisions we talked about.


    (Original name: Rasvim)
    Half-dragon, Sailor, Fighter

    Speed: 30 ft land, climbing, swimming
    HP: 15
    AC: 15/15
    Init: +1
    Longsword: +6 to hit, 1d8+4 slashing, versatile (1d10)
    Trident: +6 to hit, 1d6+4 piercing, 20/60 thrown (versatile 1d8)
    Light Crossbow: +3 to hit, 1d8+1 piercing, 80/320 shooting, ammunition & loading & two-handed

    Ability Scores
    Strength: 19 (+4)
    Dexterity: 12 (+1)
    Constitution: 16 (+3)
    Intelligence: 14 (+2)
    Wisdom: 11 (+0)
    Charisma: 8 (- 1)

    Proficiences (+2)
    Saves: Strength (+6), Constitution (+5)
    Skills: Athletics (+6), Perception (+2), History (+4), Insight (+2)
    Languages: Common and Draconic
    Other: All armors, shields, simple and martial weapons, vehicles (water)
    Advantage on rolls to know stuff about dragons

    Breath Weapon
    (1 action to exhale a 5ft x 30ft line of 2d6 lightning, half damage on Dex save vs the DC of 8+Con mod + Prof)​
    Damage Resistance
    (take half damage from lighting damage)​
    Ship's Passage
    (can find a guy who knows a guy to get 'free' nautical transportation for self and party by working as part of the crew, to roughly where and when you need to go)​
    Fighting Style: Mariner
    (+1 AC and swimming/climbing speed = normal speed, as long as not wearing heavy armor or using a shield)​
    Second Wind
    (1 time per rest, can take bonus action to regain HP of 1d10+fighter level)​

    Common Clothes, Chain Shirt, Trident, Longsword, Light Crossbow & 20 bolts, Belaying Pin, 50' Silk Rope, [trinket], Explorer’s Pack (backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, 10 torches, 10 days of rations, waterskin, and 50 feet of hempen rope strapped to the side of it), Belt Pouch w/ 10gp



    Concept Summary
    Half-dragon not-so-coincidentally born and raised in a dragon cult, but fled in late adolescence for [reasons]. Made it to a port city, hid from the possibility of pursuers by stowing away on a ship, and took to life at sea. Something about the wind and wave and crackle of storms feels right... But they still have relatives in the world, a sense of hope and responsibility about this new idea to save them too, and a more unhappy responsibility to stop them if they refuse.

    Personality Traits
    To me, a tavern brawl is a nice way to get to know a new city.
    I see omens in every event and action. The gods try to speak to us, we just need to listen.​
    Aspiration: Someday I’ll own my own ship and chart my own destiny.​
    I'll always remember my first ship.​
    Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.​

    - Grappling creatures and releasing them overboard is a very effective way for sailors to deal with troublemakers

    - Spells that create dangerous terrain, like areas of fire or daggers, are more effective when somebody's shoving creatures into those spaces

    - Grappled creatures provide half-cover in the direction they're held, giving the grappler +2 AC and +2 Dexterity saving throw

    - A grappled creature who has been knocked prone while still grappled has a movement speed of 0, meaning they can't stand back up without successfully counter-grappling. GL w/that!!

    - The grappler's speed is halved when carrying a creature who isn't 2+ sizes smaller, but alas, Enlarge Person only increases size by 1 increment.

    - There are even more optional Cool Uses of grapple in the DMG!

    edit: adding in those arts
    Ash's Guide to RPG Personality & Background
    Liberation: To free the self and/or others from perceived captivity or enslavement

    ( some ten years back, self from rigid cultural role - fleeing to the sea in the first place )
    ( recently, his distant kin from their continued cult affiliations )
    ( people he meets from their own ignorance; note that history proficiency, drop some knowledge on people, branching into: )
    Competition: To seek out or create rule-based win/lose scenarios; to defeat others in contests

    ( being one of the best gave a sense of value and fulfillment in his training, tavern brawls and rough housing shit like that have somewhat replaced it )
    ( the seeking of knowledge, asking questions and snooping around, perception and insight and history, wanting to know more than others, another part of what gave value and fulfillment in his early life. )
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  11. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    not even as good as those, tbh... I would be something like:
    Strength: 5
    Dexterity: 5
    Constitution: 8
    Intelligence: 17 let me have this one competence okay
    Wisdom: 14
    Charisma: 8
    aka a really shitty, really dead wizard. :P gee, I wonder why I have self-esteem issues??

    also your character sheet still says Thunder's a dragonborn down in the concept summary bit

    edit: okay, which stat does "shit mental health" fall under? 'cause that's a 5 too
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  12. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    acolyte just seemed a little too Standard Cleric, but it does give religion and insight... hmm. i might end up picking one at pseudo-random, like you said. thanks!

    i may do so if need be >.>

    fuckin same tho

    fuckin same tho

    ooh, that's true... i'll have to think on it!
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  13. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @swirlingflight I still can't believe your whole character concept revolves around grappling, it's magnificent
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  14. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Look, I saw that bit about dropping people overboard and I finally, finally had the excuse to use the Mariner fighting style that I've craved all this time!!
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  15. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    The Variant Human would be another good choice, if you don't mind having a couple of stats with penalties and want some other benefits. +1 to any two stats mean you can keep the 16 and one of the 10s, leaving you with 16, 16, 10, 10, 9, 9 overall. Still not ideal, but you net an extra skill of your choice and a feat, which can be handy. Some of them give a +1 to a stat and a small benefit, a bunch of others give just straight-up useful abilities. More choices, sorry, but there's a lot of good ones. Heck, with the right Feat, you could take another 9 and get one of your 16s to be an 18 instead, if you wanted.
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  16. NevermorePoe

    NevermorePoe Nevermore

    I found the character sheets for tyranny of dragons online! hit the 5e sheets on there. You can fill out the pdf!
    [Edit:] Or not, it let me a second ago.
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  17. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Alright I thiiiiink I have Auralee's sheet done?
    Name: Auralee Emeris
    Gender: Cis Female
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Race: Drow (Dark Elf)
    Class: Bard
    College: Lore (at level 3)
    Age: 81
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Height: 5’3”
    Weight: 123 lb
    Auralee has dark skin and white hair, as is common with drow. Her eyes are very pale lavender Her ears are pierced many times over. She is short and fairly slight, with a bit of baby fat still, and has a fairly flat figure. Her hair is very long and wildly curly, and she does it up in series of braids and a bun on the top of her head, although much of her hair still escapes. She wears round glasses, but she takes them off when performing. Often when performing or in some situation where she wants to draw attention to herself, she will use body paints in intricate designs on her skin.
    Background: Cloistered Scholar
    Auralee was a foundling- a drow child who, as an infant, was found by a cleric of a lawful good goddess. She was taken into the cloister and raised there, although many disapproved of her presence. She took to learning with ease but to obedience with far more difficulty, leading many to blame her heritage for her behavior. As she neared her adulthood she found that there was not much else she could learn from the cloister, but although her heart longed to travel she was afraid- afraid of what people would think of her, afraid of what might happen on the road, afraid of failing on her own two feet. She found an answer, of sorts, in a tome at the back of the library, detailing lesser known gods and small cults. There she found a story of the god Emeris, who had once been mortal, who was the patron of those who wander by night and those who wish to leave home. In the middle of the night she took a few of her most prized possessions (although possessions might be a strong word) and snuck out, setting off on the road with only her skills with music and her knowledge of arcana to get by. She’d never had a last name, and so she took the name of her new patron god, as devoted to him as any cleric even though she had taken a different path. She spent the next few years alternating between performing and study, travelling to cities with famous libraries and performing to get by. Lately, the topic of her research has mostly been dragons- and in her research, she has found whispers of a cult.
    Auralee has an easy smile- she feels she has to, with the public sentiments about drow. She is driven to see the world, to understand it inside and out- how it works, its history, the people who live in it, and how it got to be the way it is. She wants to know and be known, like and be liked, help and be helped. She can be vain, especially when it comes to her looks and her musical talents, but she has a good heart and make friends easily. In her eagerness to learn, however, she can often become kind of a one-woman ram, ignoring signs of discomfort and resistance in order to pry information out of people. When performing, she tries to play up the angle of an exotic drow maiden- mostly to protect herself.
    Ability Scores-
    Strength: 12 (+1)
    Dexterity: 16 (14, +2 from Elf )(+3)
    Constitution: 13 (+1)
    Intelligence: 16 (+3)
    Wisdom: 12 (+1)
    Charisma: 18 (17, +1 from Drow)(+4)
    Level: 1
    Speed: 30 ft
    AC: 14
    HP: 9/9
    Proficiency Bonus: +2
    Size: Medium
    Spell Save DC: 14
    Spellcasting Modifier: +6
    Languages: Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Draconic
    Armor: Light Armor
    Weapons: Simple Weapons, Hand Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords
    Tools: Lute, Flute, Viol
    Skills: Perception, Performance, Acrobatics, Arcana History, Religion
    Saving Throws: Dexterity, Charisma
    Race: Darkvision +120 ft, Sunlight Sensitivity, Drow Magic (Dancing Lights), Fey Ancestry, Trance
    Background: Library Access
    Class: Bardic Inspiration
    Cantrips: Friends, Prestidigitation
    1st Level: Cure Wounds, Healing Word, Disguise Self, Charm Person
    Spell Slots-
    1st Level: 2
    140 starting gold
    Leather Armor (10 lb), Rapier (2 lb), Viol (1 lb), Flute (1 lb), Explorer’s Pack (Backpack (5 lb), Bedroll (7 lb), Mess Kit (1 lb), Tinderbox (1 lb), 10 Torches (10 lb), 10 Rations (20 lb), Waterskin (5 lb), Hempen Rope 50 ft (10 lb)), Costume Clothes (4 lb), Traveller’s Clothes (4 lb), Common Clothes (3 lb), 16 Sheets Parchment, Ink Pen, 1 Ounce Ink Bottle, Flask (1 lb), 6 Candles, Blanket (3 lb), 2 Person Tent (20 lb), Book on Draconic History (5 lb), Soap, Container of Face Paint, 12 gp 1 sp
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  18. esotericPrognosticator

    esotericPrognosticator still really excited about kobolds tbqh

    @Arxon looks good! (you've mislabelled "Bardic Inspiration" as a class, though; it's actually a feature. :P also, if you wanted to provide her mentoring cleric's goddess, her name isn't on there, but I don't need the name or anything. also, you've changed her age but not the bit in her backstory which says when she became restless in the cloister—it says in her twenties.)

    ALSO NOTE TO EVERYONE: I totally forgot to mention this and it's my fault, but could you please put your characters' alignments on their sheets? thanks!
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  19. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    Have now done so, Salt is plain ol' Neutral at this point, befitting the whole "do what is best in the moment, ideals are a dumb thing to make decisions with" thing.

    Have also updated Salt to have 18 Strength and 15 Dexterity, instead of the other way around. Worse AC and Stealth, no longbow, but gets equal-or-better attacks/damage with almost every weapon (including bite and, more importantly, most of the ranged weapons retained), more stuff to carry, better Athletics, and it just seemed to make more sense given how important strength and toughness are for Salt. The ability to fight in melee and at (short-ish) range seems like what I was going for with a skirmisher sort of character anyhow.

    Figure can up Dexterity later, in-game, have it be a bigger payoff. The minmaxer in me is crying, but I think it fits the character better.
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  20. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Welcome to the wonderful world of grappling capabilities!
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