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Discussion in 'That's So Meta!' started by seebs, May 29, 2018.

  1. Ipuntya

    Ipuntya your purple friend

    @seebs the only quote of yours related to “precocious” i can think about was that post you made on tumblr joking to one of your friends about their csa that blew up. it’s entirely unrelated, but it’s all i can think of
  2. thegrimsqueaker

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    the "extremely precocious homewreckers" joke, right?

    and yeah, in the rules thread and derail, it was Beldaran who was using the word "precocious," not seebs
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  3. palindromordnilap

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    I'll be honest, while I agree about most of the criticism of cT's actions no matter her reasons for them, and I understand why the mods went with a public announcement, I think this is definitely starting to sound a lot like public shaming and dogpiling. I've seen a bunch of people who, ironically enough, didn't want to express that they vaguely like her or are friends with her in this thread, due to fears of being attacked. Maybe everyone should just kinda calm down a bit? Idk, I don't really have advice for dealing with this situation, but I definitely notice it's here.
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  4. Fucker

    Fucker Bæsj

    The heebie jeebies, yall are givin me it

    She needs to realize she made people uncomfortable and acted skeevy af around minors idgaf, her weak ass excuse and deflecting never worked to begin with
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  5. spockandawe

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    Hey, folks, I want to say that I appreciate the feelings people have in a variety of directions about this issue. I know some people have felt uncomfortable, but like they couldn't express that without getting attacked. And now that there is an outlet to express those feelings, other people with positive experiences and relationships with cT feel like if they express those feelings, they'll be attacked.

    Neither of those situations is ideal, and we don't want people to feel like they're stuck in either position. Some useful conversations happened yesterday on topics like how this announcement was made, and why it's an issue relevant to the present, but this is meant primarily to be an announcement that postmod has been put in place, and a brief explanation of why.

    CT hasn't responded to thread since that first post from late Tuesday/early Wednesday, and I think we've largely run through the topics that are relevant without her participation. I don't want people to feel that their emotions are being shoved aside, and some of the conversations surrounding the announcement were relevant, but I also don't want this thread to go much further in the direction of talking about cT. We've had those threads in the past, there's an argument island thread out there if she decides to respond to concerns people have expressed before, and there's already a good amount of new data for her to process in terms of the announcement and the responses to her initial post without piling onto it further.
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