Ustuck: Get Recruited by Troll Mafia [Closed RP]

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by autonomousIcarus, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    You definitely feel more comfortable with your fighting skills than with disguises of any kind, but you think you could manage a more general sneaking in. Probably a good idea to check which Kezria was suggesting though.

    "Would that be sneaking in as in disguising ourselves as them or sneaking in as in trying not to be seen?"
  2. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    "Oh, I was thinking more along the lines of no one seeing us in the first place, but Lukasz does have a point. If anyone sees Iglora, they'll realize she's a highblood and they'll know for sure that we're spies."

    You frown. "I guess it's back to the kill them all plan then, huh?" You really don't like that plan. You know it's what Iglora wants, but you really do want to avoid killing if possible. Maybe some of the trolls in there don't realize what they're doing. Or something.

    Also. "I don't think we want to go the route where we convince them to join Kingpin's operation, because I don't think anyone should have their lusus taken from them. We have to take the whole thing down."
  3. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    Aaaaaaand now you're back to the fighting. Brilliant. But Kezria's right. You can't let anyone go through what you're going through right now.

    "Okay. So how do we do this? If we don't know how many trolls we'll be fighting, or--or what sort of place we'll be fighting in, it's not like we can do much to plan, is it? I mean, I like the idea of sneaking in. If it's possible. But if it comes down to a strife...we might just have to figure it out as we go."

    You suppose in a way that's kind of better than planning things out beforehand. Your last fight you were hyped on fear and determination, and that worked out pretty well. Until you were almost defenestrated, that is. Hopefully this secret base will be underground.
  4. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    Figuring things out on the fly is your particular strength, and you know it. The last time you tried to wing something, after all, you managed to get important information out of Dextra, and you're feeling pretty confident about your prowess.

    "We should probably get going as soon as it gets dark, before the news that we're looking for them spreads and they go on the defensive."

    You're not antsy. Not at all. Definitely not.
  5. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    "I also prefer sneaking in. If we can get to the higher ups first, maybe the underlings will just scatter."

    "Yeah leaving as soon as possible is a good idea. But, we all definitely need to get some rest before we do any fighting. Do you two want to take the other room Iglora got for us?"
  6. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    Oh. Yeah. It makes sense Kezria wouldn't want to leave her moirail. It looks like you and Keeler are going to be buddies for the duration of this mission. But you really had been hoping to catch Kezria alone so you could talk about Keeler's somewhat...alarming career aspirations.

    You'll have to find a way to get Keeler out of the room. Thankfully, this is Keeler you're talking about. "Hey, uh, Keeler? Can you go ahead and check for, um--" Come on, Lukasz, make up something quick. "--recuperagrubs?"

    Okay, that works. You press onward. "Yeah, they're little tiny grubs that swim in the sopor slime of recuperacoons and like to bite trolls, and I'm really allergic, and, you know, I was just thinking a psionic could find any recuperagrubs a lot faster than an unpowered troll like me." You try to give your best guileless smile, then give up halfway and just go for a sort of hopeful grin. "There are definitely some in there, so make sure you don't come back before you find any."
  7. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    Recuperagrubs? You've never even heard of those before. That must be a really obscure allergy.

    Still though. How would Lukasz know that there definitely would be recuperagrubs in there if he's never been here before?

    Oh. Oh Keeler, you stupid troll. Of course. Lukasz obviously had to have been here before and just hadn't wanted to make it public.

    You give Lukasz a knowing wink as you leave the room.
  8. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    You don't know what to make of Keeler's wink. Did she see through your ruse? She couldn't have. She's Keeler. And anyways, you don't think she would have left if she'd known what you were planning on talking about with Kezria. So what was that?

    Whatever. You'll worry about it later. The important thing is talking to Kezria.

    You scoot your seat in close to the other troll. "Hey, look, I wanted to talk to you about something Keeler said earlier. What do you know about helmstrolls?"
  9. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    Helmstrolls? "I know that it's, um." How much should you say? You don't really know where Lukasz's loyalties lie. Then again, he is hemoanonymous, so he can't be all that Empire friendly... "That it's a pretty horrible fate actually. It's unfair."
  10. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    You let out a tired chuckle. From what you've read, that's kind of an understatement, but, "Yeah. It is. These poor trolls spend sweeps just trying to survive this planet and their reward is having their thinkpan gutted so a spaceship can move faster. I hear a lot of goldbloods get themselves culled trying to avoid it."

    You lean forward. "Here's the thing, though. I was talking about it with Keeler, and she said she wanted to be a helmstroll. She was excited, even. I don't think she knows what happens to them."
  11. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    "Yeah..." You also know that some of them can avoid it, but seems to be mostly down to luck.

    "She what? Hmm, well that explains the mind honey then. Should we tell her? I almost don't want to bust her bubble, though." You don't know which would be worse for her. To Ascend and have all those horrible things happen to her, or to find out and be scared and worried until it's time to Ascend?
  12. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    You blink. Kezria doesn't know what to do? You were sure Kezria would know? That was...that was the whole reason you wanted to talk to her. You shouldn't be the one making decisions like this. It always ends badly.

    "I mean...I guess." She is pretty happy about the whole thing. You don't think she'd take it well to find out everything she'd dreamed about was a lie. But then, you'd been happy with your own fate, once. And you had not taken finding out well. But you don't even want to imagine what your life might be like now if you hadn't had your bubble burst. If you were still in the place you were, still mindlessly awaiting shudder, silently horrified.

    "Look, I--I think she needs to know. While there's still time to...figure something out." You know the odds of Keeler escaping the Empire are slim. About as slim as, well, your odds. But you know for a fact that, even if the drones find you on Ascension, even if they cull you for your disobedience, it will have been worth it, for these precious sweeps of freedom. Keeler deserves that same chance.
  13. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    "You're probably right. Man, I wish Astroh was here. It might be better, hearing it from another goldblood. I do think we should wait though. She might be really upset and that won't help while we're trying to fight tomorrow. Waiting another night or so can't hurt."
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  14. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.

    She's got a point. Having your entire worldview shattered is bad enough without being thrown into a high-stress combat situation immediately afterwards. "Yeah, that's fair."
  15. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    You burst back into the room, proudly waving your spoils of war.

    "I definitely got them all, I'm sure of it! Don't worry, Lukasz, the recuperacoons are recuperagrub-free!"

    This place must be really fancy, since you only got a handful of the squirming things.
  16. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.



    No, no, you have long since stopped being shocked by anything Keeler does or says. She found the fictional recuperagrubs you only made up a minute ago? Yeah, sure, why not. Who cares anymore about what is even real or possible. You are way too tired for this shit.

    "Hey, good job, Keeler." You stare at the squirmy little things. Actual recuperagrubs or no, you resolve you have your cocoon thoroughly sanitized when you get back. In fact, fuck the recuperacoon. You're going to sleep somewhere else from now on. Maybe you can take a big cushion like on your couch and lay it flat on some sort of elevated stand and cover the whole thing with a bunch of huge fabric squares you can swaddle yourself in and just lie sideways on that that to go to sleep. That sounds like a far better idea than dealing with whatever the fuck those wiggling things are. "You found the recuperabugs--grubs. Thanks so much."
  17. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    You beam. It's always good to be able to use your powers for things other than fighting. And searching for recuperagrubs really wasn't that much different than your asteroid simulator back at your hive. You wonder for a moment if you have recuperagrubs in your own recuperacoon back home but decide that if you do they're probably not hurting anything, since you haven't had any allergic reactions to them yet. You mentally shrug and put the grubs in a receptacle next to where Iglora has long since dropped off to sleep.

    "Do we need to discuss any more strategy? I'm getting kind of tired and now that I've cleared out the recuperacoon for Lukasz, I'd really like to go to sleep."
  18. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

    > Tilts in the past, but not many…

    Meinda leans against the water cooler in the recreation room. “Hey, Axilla. Did you see the Fiduspawn match yesterday?”

    “Oh, man, yeah! What was that kid’s name? Muutoh? What a game! How did he manage to get that Tinkerbull at that exact time?”

    “Haha yeah, that was a great play. Who knew Tinkerbull was such a good card! But man, I'm so glad someone decent finally knocked that violet blooded asshole off his high horse.”

    “Fucking yeah!” Axilla throws up their hands in frustration, inadvertently bathing the wall behind with the contents of their disposable cup. “I’m so sick of his bullshit! He thinks he can just prance over everyone to victory because he can afford to buy all the best cards and because no one will fucking say anything to him so he won’t rip their heads off their shoulders!”

    “Yeah. You know if one of us tried to pull some of that shit, we'd be culled before we could even finish the play.” Mienda sulks as she takes a sip of her water.

    “Fucking Kaibba.” Axilla moves to take a sip of their water, frowning in confusion when it comes up empty. “Hey had you even heard of Yugioh Muutoh before? I can’t remember him being in any tournaments, and even the redbloods usually make it to at least a couple if they’re that good.”

    “Yeah, I-- Whoa. Hey, Dextra you look like shit.”

    “Well, more so than usual anyway.”

    The angry brownblood cuts between the two trolls at the cooler, her remaining arm clutched tight against her side. Fumbling, she reaches for a cup. “Yesternight, my arm got torn off retrieving a motherfucking butterfly lusus, and a couple tilts ago a feebleminded psionic cornered me in the market and threw a cart at me. What am I supposed to look like?” She finally gets some water squeezed into the cup and takes a grateful gulp. “But hey,” she drawls, “don’t let me interrupt your important Fiduspawn conversation. Maybe we can play a card game to duel the Imperial Condescension and her drones into submission, yeah?” She shakes her head and tosses the cup in the trash.

    Mienda rolls her eyes. “Geez, sorry for having a hobby. Wait, someone threw a cart at you?”

    “Yeah, it looks like the highblood from the night before last found some poor goldblood to help her get her lusus back.” Dextra shrugs. “Relax, I made sure I wasn’t followed.”

    “You sure? I’ve heard that brand can be particularly tenacious when the mood strikes them.”

    Mienda huffs. “Look that was one time, and it was sweeps ago, you can stop teasing me about it now.”

    Axilla laughs and throws up their hands. “All right, all right! Honestly this is the last time, I promise. There’s only so many times that reminding someone how they tore down a building for a simple game of hide-and-seek is actually funny.”

    “Not this one,” Dextra says, cutting off that line of conversation. She was absolutely not going to be the third wheel to another round of pale flirting, that’s for sure. Honestly, sometimes it was like she was the only one in this secret base who actually cared about their objectives. “She thinks helmstrolling is the Condesce’s gift to Alternia. I give her a half a night before she gives up and goes back to her mind honey.”

    Axilla whistles. “That’s rough. I take it you failed to convince her otherwise?”

    “She accused me of being jaded.”

    “Well, if the strut pod cover fits…”

    Dextra fixes Axilla with a bitter look. “Sorry. My moirail was the optimistic one between us, and look what happened to him.”

    Mienda winces. “You know i thought about you when I heard what happened to that team. It was a massacre. I'm sorry.” She puts a hand on Dextra's shoulder.

    Dextra sighs and takes a step to the side. “I’m more upset that monster’s still out there. I should have been with that team. I wouldn’t have let him get away.” She’d have killed him herself, if it came to that. Let the boss chew her out later.

    “He’s on the move, last I heard. Another team came back a few tilts ago, reported that they couldn’t find him,” Axilla says. “He could be anywhere.”

    Mienda takes her hand back and rubs the back of her neck with it. “Say, you don't think that lusus is going to come after us, do you? I heard he was pretty smart, for a lusus. Not to mention the highblood he cares for…”

    “The highblood’s nothing, and neither is her lusus.” Dextra plans to see them both dead one day soon. “Besides, how would either of them find us? The place is hidden for a reason.”

    At the sound of a distant bell, Axilla looks up and puts down their long-empty water cup. “Well, break’s over. I better get going or the boss’ll have my head for being late.”

    Mienda snickers. “Better hurry or they'll graft it onto the next lusus experiment.”

    “A new lusus sporting my face? It wouldn’t make a very good lusus, the grubs would flee in terror.”

    Mienda nearly spits out her water from laughing. “They would though!” She laughs as she follows Axilla out the door.

    Dextra shakes her head as the two leave. The geneticists always had an unsettling sense of humor. But it’s not like their skills don’t come in handy. The trolls in this base are going to change the world. That takes more than a few dozen lowbloods, no matter how determined. No, for that you need numbers. An army. Dextra smiles as she hears a ragged, burbling scream, no doubt some sea-dweller’s lusus being prepped for dissection.

    You need supplies.
  19. Iglora Henist

    Iglora Henist New Member

    ==> Iglora: Wake Up
    You'd fallen asleep on the couch again. Not your couch - you can tell by the plush fabric under your cheek that you're at Magrat's again, although why you're on the couch and not in one of the high-quality recuperacoons is anyone's guess. You don't know what time it is, but you hope you aren't going to have to wake Papa up before you leave. You sigh, open your eyes, and -

    Nevermind, your Papa's definitely awake.

    "Papa!" you call, squinting at the coiling grubs on the table in front of you. "Very funny, but I do not need Erotagrubs this morning! Or any morning!" You scramble up, double and triple-checking that none of their slime has made it off of the table or on you.

    Papa hasn't answered. He would definitely be standing around, waiting for you to get up if he were playing a prank. Suddenly the night before comes pouring back.

    "Shit." You slip to your feet, giving the Erotagrubs a wide berth, and pad into the sleeping room. Inside, your moirail's horns are poking out of one of the recuperacoons. You reach in and pat between her horns. "Kezria. Kezria, wake up."
  20. Kezria Maalme

    Kezria Maalme (pretty boxes are kinda my weakness)

    Nyeh...? You wake up sleepily and look around. Oh yeah, you're not in your own coon at home, but at a place Iglora found for you. It must be her waking you up. You tried to get her to join you in the sleeping room, but she was out cold on the couch...

    You get yourself out of the slime and to the ablutionblock to clean up and get dressed for the day. When you're done you yawn and stretch.

    "How'd you sleep?" You ask Iglora. "Sorry I couldn't get you to the coon."
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