Ustuck: Get Recruited by Troll Mafia [Closed RP]

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by autonomousIcarus, Jul 9, 2016.

  1. sibilantZygaenid

    sibilantZygaenid > Swaddle up in your hoodie like a bug.


    You actually shout this. And now you're reeeeeeally hoping the rooms are as soundproofed as Iglora said. Because what the actual fuck.

    'Erotagrubs', she said--the fake recuperagrubs you sent Keeler after? So if you hadn't, she wouldn't be affected right now? Wait. If you hadn't sent Keeler after them--

    "Those were in our recuperacoons!" Okay. Okay, after this you are definitely making that flat swaddle thing to sleep on. And you are getting out of this place as soon as is trollingly possible.
  2. Iglora Henist

    Iglora Henist New Member

    "No, they shouldn't have been. Or, well, yes, but not in the slime. There's a stasis compartment in the base of the 'coons." You put Keeler down. She isn't exactly heavy, but holding her at full arm's length is simply unnecessary. "She'll be fine in a few hours, once her body gets her hormones back to normal. At least she didn't get into the pheromone ones, that would've been disastrous. Those tend to be a little more stealthily hidden, though, considering, well, you know." And then, because you realize that you're in a room of trolls who clearly don't know, seeing as they couldn't identify an Erotagrub, you add, "The whole illegality thing."
  3. autonomousIcarus

    autonomousIcarus Keeler Alta1r

    >Keeler: Get reacquainted with the floor.

    Floor is boring. You decide this very quickly, and return to your new favorite pasttime, hugging the closest part of Iglora you can reach, which in this case is her leg.
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