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UStuck RP: The Dark Arts and Crafts

Discussion in 'It's Galley's Turn' started by Luke_Ferrous, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. RainbowCatAngelStickerz

    RainbowCatAngelStickerz Dolls are terrifying

    "Oof," Greg winced. "Leto's Joker was not even one of the good things about Suicide Squad. Have you tried to tell him he needs to broaden his Joker consumption before he can make that claim? Maybe that could score you some of Christopher Nolan's trilogy, which was superior to Suicide Squad. And Batman V Superman. And Man of Steel. If he wants tasteful design, the Avatar movie is tasteful. Plot isn't the best, Disney did it better, but it's cinematicaly beautiful."

    He started to follow Kitty, trying to make sure he didn't lose her. Like last year. Although she was probably going to stay on the continent this time, since she got grounded until Thanksgiving last year for that stunt.
  2. Radiocarbon Glaze

    Radiocarbon Glaze Not actually a necromancer

    "Dude lives in a house covered in gargoyles with its own bell tower. 'Tasteful' flew out the window with the bats."

    "The Duke's manor is in South Side, you jerk."

    Lorcan stopped. "What the hell, Aislin," he hissed at his sister. "I thought you said you were going to stop eavesdropping on me and Greg."

    Aislin's magic could only carry her voice to him, but he swore he could feel her roll her eyes. "And I thought you said you would stop badmouthing the casual fling of my life, Lorcan. Look, I don't expect you to like the Duke, but you could at least stop acting like a petulant child when I invite him over. Anyways, I wasn't eavesdropping. I put some feelers out in case you started saying shit, and it's good I did because you're nowhere near his manor, which is in South Side."

    "You're sure about that?" Lorcan asked.

    "Seeing as I am currently in South Side, in his manor, curled up on his chaise while the two of us watch Suicide Squad on my laptop in front of a roaring fire reminiscent of the movie's central theme of the inevitable self-destruction inherent in living by the laws of passion? I'm fairly certain, yes."

    "Have fun with that, Harley Quinn." And somewhere in South Side, Aislin was flipping him off. "Also fuuuuuuuuck I've gotta go."

    Lorcan wheeled up to Greg. "Okay, turns out this mansion may be actually haunted by worse than fake Europeans," he said. "We've got to get the kids."
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  3. RainbowCatAngelStickerz

    RainbowCatAngelStickerz Dolls are terrifying

    Because of course it was. Greg groaned, before hurrying up to try and reach Kitty before she entered the actual haunted house. Seriously, one accidental ghost incident per year should be the max.

    And maybe he was a little worried about Kitty. She didn't tend to take things like this seriously. And while Aki could probably protect her, Greg was an overprotective older brother at heart.

    Lorcan would probably also be helpful, when he wasn't accidentally aging ghosts.
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