Wait, what? BTS storyline theories

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    The highlight reels are next, but first this poster

    First of all, those are definitely the smeraldo flowers that Jin is holding on the bottom. Secondly, we have two references to turning back time from him and some implications of self sacrifice

    If you turn the bit that says save me upside down, it says I'm fine. This is a pretty impressive piece of typographical shenanigans imo, and those are also two of their songs.

    The references to the sea may be talking about the day V jumped, that's my best guess here

    The pairings that were chosen for the middle are interesting too. Jin isn't in any of the paired images, which is pretty much expected at this point. There's honestly a really good case to be made for shipping both Suga/Jungkook and Jimin/ J-Hope throughout the videos to this point (to be clear, shipping the characters that they play, who I really wish they'd given different names to because it gets confusing to talk about when they all use their real names). I think this is a valid reading whether or not it was intentional, and it was a really really popular theory.

    Pure speculation, I think it may have been popular enough to have gotten them in some slightly hot water, actually, because the next one has sudden girls

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    I am at work right now but everyone is waiting for our black Friday preview sale so it's quiet, so here's the next one

    There's A Lot to unpack here, holy shit

    The biggest thing is that the boys are A Mess rn. There are some notes that came out around this time that I want to post before I analyze this and try to sort out what's going on, that will hopefully give us some context.
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    There are... so many more notes than I thought? There is like a novella worth of notes, and a lot of sources don't have all the same ones. This might take me a while to put together o.o

    I feel like I've been trying to interpret homestuck with half the pesterlogs missing
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    This was written before the most recent batch I think but
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    This seems to have them all, I think? The format is terrible though and it's all in picture form. I'm gonna keep looking and try to collect them in a format that's less bonkers.
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    Edited the first post to add last night's live performance from the melon music awards because we AREN'T DONE APPARENTLY

    Everyone thought we were after epiphany but no, there's more

    Also I haven't forgotten about this thread, I'm just trying to corral all the notes in some sensible way without a good text editor, I'll get there eventually
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    Edited the first post to add the MAMA Japan 2018 performance, which everybody should also just go watch in general because holy cow.
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    So a twitter called smeraldo books was just launched and it looks like it's the real deal, so stay tuned for more shenanigans. Also, I finally have a way to edit text again so I'm gonna get started on the notes! I'll probably put them under spoilers in chunks so it's not a giant wall of text. Should i color code them as well to make who's who easier to follow?
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    Still working on wrangling the notes, I want to make sure i get them all. In the meantime, here's this nonsense:
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    I'm done with the first part! I had to piece it together from 3 different sources and i'm still not positive I have all of it, but it's the completest picture i've been able to find so far.

    The sources I found were this reddit thread, this army's amino page, and this wattpad page.

    Continuing warnings for child abuse and abandonment.


    23 July, year 10

    When I counted to three, I heard the sound of laughter like a hallucination. The next moment the young me passed by holding someone’s hand. I looked back quickly but there was no one except my classmates staring at me.

    “Hoseok-ah,” the teacher called my name. Only then did I realize where I was. It was a class field trip. I was counting the fruits that were drawn in the textbook. Five. Six. I kept counting, but as I did my voice trembled and my hands grew sweaty. The memory of that time kept surfacing.

    I couldn’t clearly remember my mother’s face that day. I only remembered the chocolate bar she gave me as we looked around the amusement park.

    “Hoseok-ah. Count to ten and then open your eyes.” When I had finished counting and opened my eyes, my mother was gone. I waited and waited, but she never returned. I had only counted to nine. If I counted one more it would have been fine, but my voice wouldn’t come out. My ears were ringing, and my surroundings grew cloudy. The teacher kept pointing, telling me to keep counting. My friends were staring at me. I couldn’t remember my mother’s face. It seemed like if I counted one more my mother would really never come back to me.

    Just like that, I collapsed to the ground.



    29 December Year 10

    I entered the living room after taking off my shoes and dropping my bag, and dad was inside. I didn't think of how long it had been since I last saw him, or where he had been. I just ran into his embrace. I can't recall clearly what happened afterwards. Did I first smell the alcohol, hear him curse at me, or get slapped by him? It didn't know what actually happening. He reeked of alcohol, his breathing was rough and he had foul breath. His eyes were bloodshot and his beard was unkempt. Then he used his big hands to hit me, asked me what I was looking at, and hit me again. Then he lifted me high up in the air. Although his bloodshot eyes were scary, I couldn't cry because I was too scared. That was not my dad. No, he was, but he didn't feel like it. I kicked my legs in the mid-air. In the next moment, my head hit the wall and I fell to the floor. I felt like my head was going to explode. My sight became blurry and gradually darkened, and all I could hear in my mind was my dad's breathing.



    6 april year 11

    I faced the gates of the Flowering Arboretum alone. The weather was grey, and a little cold, but I was in a good mood. It was the day of the picnic, but my mom and dad were both busy. I was a little disappointed at first. But at the flower drawing contest I had been praised, and my friends’ mothers had said, “Wow, Jimin is so mature.” I had seemed a little cool, then.

    “Jimin, wait here, teacher will come soon.” When the picnic ended, my teacher had asked this, but I hadn’t waited. I was confident that I could go by myself. I grasped the straps of my rucksack with both hands and walked maturely. It seemed like others were looking at me, so I spread my shoulders even wider. Quite a while later, it started to rain. My friends and their moms had all left, and no one was looking after me, and my legs hurt. I covered my head with my rucksack and crouched under a tree. The rain started to come down harder, and there was nobody passing by. Eventually, I started to run through the rain. I didn’t see any houses or stores. The place I arrived was the back gate of the arboretum. The side door was open and through it I could see a strange room of some sort.

    (army’s amino)


    19 September year 16

    The fire burned crimson red. The house I had lived in until this morning was engulfed in the flames. People who recognized me ran up, shouting something. The neighborhood people walked up with quick steps. They said the entrance wasn’t safe, so the fire truck couldn’t come in. It stopped where it was.

    The very end of summer. It was the beginning of autumn. The sky was blue and the air was dry. I didn’t know what I should think, what I should feel, what I should do. The the thought ‘ah, Mom,’ came to me. In the next moment, the house collapsed with a loud sound. The house engulfed in flames--no, the house that had become flames itself, the roof, the pillars, even my room crumbled like it was a house of sand. I stood dazedly and watched it.

    Someone pushed past me. They were saying the fire truck had entered. Another person grabbed me and pressed me for an answer. That person looked into my eyes and shouted a question, but I didn't hear anything.

    “Is anyone inside?” I stared dumbly at that person.

    “Is your mom inside?”

    Unwittingly, I replied. “No. There’s no one.”

    “What are you talking about?” A neighborhood woman said, “What about your mom? Did she go somewhere?”

    “There’s no one.” Even I didn’t know what I was saying. Someone pushed by me again.

    (army’s amino)


    2 March Year 19

    (school in korea starts in the spring, so this would be the first day of school)

    I followed my father into the principal's office that had a damp smell. It had been 10 days since I've returned from America, I heard that I had to start a year lower because the education system was different.

    "I am leaving him in your hands" my father said. I flinched without knowing when he put his hands on my shoulders.

    "School in general is a dangerous place, we need order and control" the principal said staring dead into my eyes. Every time he spoke, the fat around his wrinkly cheeks and area around his mouth would shake, and the inside of his black lips were dark red. "Don't you think so as well?". I was hesitating at the abrupt question and my father squeezed my shoulders harder. The strength caused shocks to go up and down the muscles of my neck. "I trust that you'll do well". The principal persistently continued to make eye contact and my father squeeze me tighter. He clenched his fists around my shoulders to the point that my bones felt like they would shatter. My body was shaking and dripping with cold sweat.

    "You have to tell me right now". "You have to be a good student" the principal told me with a straight face.

    "Yes" I squeezed out a response and the pain disappeared. I heard the laughter of my father and the principal. I couldn't raise my head. I could only see the brown shoes of my father and the principal's black shoes. I didn't know where the light was coming from but it twinkled. I was scared of that twinkle.

    Cr: @Rosoidae (reddit)


    28 May year 19

    “Hyungs, what are your dreams?” at my words, the hyungs looked back. “It’s because I have to write a paper about future hopes,” I hedged, but Seokjin hyung opened his mouth to say, “I don’t know. I don’t think I have a dream. If I have something I hope for, it’s just to the extent of… wanting to become a good person?” Hyung cut himself off, seemingly embarrassed. Then Yoongi hyung, who had been stretched out on the piano bench, spoke in a lingering tone. “It’s ok not to have a dream. I don’t think I have one. I'm just going to become whatever.” Everyone burst out laughing at these very Yoongi-like words.

    “I'm going to become a superhero, saving the world from bad guys.” Taehyung hyung stood up on his chair and posed, stretching his arms up toward the sky, and Hoseok hyung told him off, telling him to get down and saying he would get hurt playing around that way. Then hoseok added, “I want to find my mom and live happily. Being happy is my dream.” Hyung smiled so happily as he spoke. “Then are you unhappy now?” The one who asked him that was Jimin hyung. Hoseok hyung said “is that how it works?” and affected a ridiculously worried expression. Then he asked Jimin, “what’s your dream?” “Me?” Jimin hyung blinked, flustered, and then said, “when I was in preschool I wanted to be president, but I don’t know what I wanted to be after that.”

    Now only Namjoon hyung was left. Perhaps feeling everyone’s gazes on him, hyung shrugged and opened his mouth. “I want to say something nice, but I don’t really have a dream either. I just wish my part time job paid more.” I nodded and looked down at my paper. The paper on hopes for the future was divided into spaces for “student” and “parent.” What do I want to become? I couldn’t think of anything to write.

    trn papercrowns

    (army’s amino)


    12 June, year 19

    I thoughtlessly ditched school, but truthfully I didn’t have anywhere to go. It was hot. I had no money, and had nothing to do. It was Namjoon who said we should go to the beach. The other guys seemed excited, but I didn’t particularly feel like it, nor did I dislike the idea.

    “Do we have money?” At my question Namjoon made everyone shake out their pockets. A few coins, a few bills.

    “So we can’t go.”

    The one who said we could just walk was probably Taehyung. Namjoon made a face begging them to reconsider, but they just chattered away laughing and pretending to roll around on the road before starting to walk. I wasn’t in the mood to talk back so I just fell behind. It was midday, so even the gingko trees couldn’t provide shade and the cars kicked up dust as they passed us on the sidewalk-less road.

    “Let’s go there.” It was Taehyung this time too. Or was it Hoseok? I didn’t care so I didn’t look carefully, but it would have been one of them. I had been walking along with my head down, kicking dirt. When I almost collided with someone I lifted my head. Jimin was standing there as if frozen in place. The muscles in his face trembled as if he had seen something terrifying. He was staring at a sign that said “Flowering Arboretum, 2.2 kilometers.”

    “I didn’t want to walk.” I heard Jungkook’s voice. Sweat dripped from Jimin’s face. He went pale as if he might collapse at any second. What is it? I had a strange feeling.

    “Park Jimin,” I called, but as I expected he didn’t budge. I lifted my head again and looked at the sign.

    “Hey, it’s so hot. Why would we go to the arboretum? Let’s go to the beach.” I said as if dragging my feet. I didn’t know what kind of place the arboretum was, but it didn’t seem like we should go. Whatever the reason, Jimin’s expression was strange.

    “We don’t even have money,” Hoseok replied. “That’s why we’re walking.”

    And Taehyung added, “If we just walk to the train station we can probably make it.”

    Then Namjoon said, “Instead we’ll just starve at dinner.” Jungkook and Taehyung pretended to cry, and Seokjin laughed. Jimin only started to move again once it was decided that we would take the road toward the train station. Walking with his head down and his shoulders trembling, Jimin seemed like a small child. I looked up at the sign again.

    The characters spelling “Flowering Arboretum” were gradually getting further away.



    25 June year 19

    A single flowerpot occupied the window of the storage classroom, it’s origins unknown. Who among the dongsaengs would bring a flowerpot? I took out my phone. The classroom was always dark, being without electricity, and in the vague light that came in the window I could distinctly see green leaves. The photo I took with my phone didn’t come out well. It wasn’t only that it was taken with a phone. I thought it often, that a photo could never capture what the eyes can.

    As I approached, I saw an “H” written below the fowerpot. I lifted it up. The words “Hoseok’s flowerpot” appeared. I chuckled. The only one of the dongsaengs who would bring a flowerpot was Hoseok. I put the flowerpot down so that only the “H” was visible, then looked around. I had never noticed before, but the windowsill was covered in scribblings. Not only the windowsill, but even the walls and ceiling had scribbles on them. “Pass or die.” The names of unrequited crushes, dates, and countless names that had by now become unreadable.

    This classroom hadn’t always been used for storage. Students would have come every day for class and then emptied out in the afternoons. It would have been empty during vacations and then filled with boisterous students when school started up again. Would there have been students like us, who were late and received punishments and ended up missing class? Would there have been mercilessly violent teachers and endless tests and homework? And would there have been someone like me? Someone who told the principal all about their friends.

    I wondered if my father’s name might be among these. This place was also my father’s alma mater. My father was someone who believed that attending the same high school and the same university was a way of preserving one’s family dignity. I scanned all the names and discovered my father’s. It was in the middle of the left hand wall, amid several others. Underneath, another sentence was written. “Everything started from here.”

    Trn papercrowns

    (army’s amino)


    30 August Year 19

    While Hoseok hyung was answering a call, I played around by stepping on hyung's shadow. Hoseok hyung burst into laughter and said "Jimin has grown up". It takes 2 hours walking from school to home. If you take the bus it's less than 30 minutes, but it will be too little if you say it takes 20 minutes. But hyung always bring me to take some shortcuts, alleys or even climb over the bridge, and we will stubbornly walk this route. It's been a year since I was discharged from the hospital, and transferred schools. School is far from home and I don't know anybody, but I think it's fine. Anyway, I have transferred schools many times and who knows when I will be admitted to the hospital again. So I think this is nothing much.

    At that time I met Hoseok hyung. It was just after the start of the new semester. Hyung approached me and stayed with me for 2 hours. In regards to the fact that our homes are not even in the same direction, I only found out a long time later. I also didn't ask why. I was hoping in my heart that the 2 hours under the sun could be lengthened.

    After teasing Hyung and stepping on his shadow, while he was answering the call, I ran away. Hyung hung up the call and chased after me. Under the heat of the sun, my ice cream melted. I could hear the song of the cicadas. But I was suddenly scared. How long will these days last?

    Cr: @TXYfifteen (reddit)

    (edited for formatting)
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    I'm hoping to have the other two parts up this week. In the meantime, at least we finally have an explanation for all the snickers bars, and it turns out to be incredibly sad.
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    it looks like bighit is releasing the notes as a book (probably with some new ones as well)

    but since it's not even available for preorder yet here's part 2


    20 March, Year 20

    I slid down the corridor, a rhythmic sound on the floors. And then I stopped. I could see Namjoon standing in front of our classroom. Our classroom. Though nobody knew, I called that place our classroom. Me, and the others, the classroom for use seven. I approached silently. I was thinking of surprising him.

    “Principal!” As I took my fifth footstep or so, through the slightly open classroom window, a hurried voice could be heard. It seemed like Seokjin.

    Was it that Seokjin was speaking to the principal? In our classroom? Why?

    Then I could hear Yoongi’s and my name, and Namjoon sucking in a surprised breath. As if he could hear my noiseless footsteps, Seokjin threw open the door. I couldn’t see Namjoon’s expression. I hid and watched them. As Seokjin opened his mouth, as if to deny something, Namjoon held up his hand and spoke.

    “It’s okay.” Seokjin made an expression as if confused.

    “There must have been a reason for you to say.” With those words, Namjoon swept past Seokjin.

    I could not believe it. Seokjin told the principal about the things Yoongi and I had done in the past few days. He explained everything, that we had skipped class, jumped over the barrier, and had fought with some kids. But Namjoon had told us we would be okay.

    “What are you doing here?” Turning around in surprise, I realized it was Hoseok and Jimin. Hoseok pretended to be even more surprised as he hung his arm around my shoulder. Suddenly, he dragged me into the classroom. Namjoon and Seokjin were speaking to each other before looking back to see us. Seokjin awkwardly stood up before saying he had to take care of something, then left. I studied Namjoon’s expression. He watched Seokjin’s back as he left, and then looked at us with a smile as if nothing had happened. At that moment, I realized something. There must be a reason why he is acting like that. He knows more than me, is smarter than me, and is way more of an adult than me. And this is our classroom. I posted a square smile on my face, the one everyone laughed at me for saying I looked like an idiot and walked into the classroom.

    I decided not to tell anyone that I had heard that conversation.



    15 May Year 20

    I went to the warehouse classroom that we claimed as our secret base, and always go to. I picked up a few chairs when I made my way in. I set the toppled-over table upright and patted off the dust on top of it with my palm. To humans, separation is always sentimental. Today was the last day of school and also two weeks till we move away. I don't know if I will ever come back here or whether I will be able to see my hyungs and dongsaengs again. I folded the paper into half and placed it on the table. Although I held a pen in my hand, I didn't know what to write. Time passed by. After writing some meaningless words, the pencil lead broke with a "tu" sound.

    "You must survive".

    I unconsciously doodled those words on the paper. Among all dark lead powder and doodling, I got reminded of poverty, parents, dongsaengs, moving and other messy things.

    I folded the paper into a ball, put it into my pocket and got up from my seat. Dust was everywhere again when I replace the table back. As I got ready to leave I fogged up the window with my breath, and wrote 3 words. It is not enough at the moment, but it can be conveyed to everyone even if unsaid.

    "We will meet again".

    I hope this is a promise between us.

    Cr: @TXYfifteen (reddit)


    25 June Year 20

    I gently touched the piano keys with my fingertip, a move which left my finger smudged in dust. Using the slightest pressure in my finger to press the keys, the piano let out a sound different from the ones hyung would play. Hyung has not been to school for ten days. Today I heard that he had been expelled. Namjoon hyung and Hoseok hyung didn't say anything, and I didn't say anything because I was scared to hear the answer.

    Two weeks ago, before teacher had revealed the secret location, there was only me and hyung here. There was an open inspection that day, and I didn't want to remain in class so I ran to that place. Hyung didn't look back, just played the piano as I lay on two joint desks to take a nap. In theory, hyung and the piano exist as two separate things, but it was hard to see them apart. I don't know why, but hearing hyung's playing made me want to cry.

    When it felt as if the tears would soon fall I hastily turned onto my back. Just then, the door opened with an explosive bang. The piano music stopped. I was slapped so hard I fell to the ground. I huddled on the ground, listening to the barrage of angry words thrown at me, only for the sound to stop. I turned, and saw that hyung had pushed the teacher back, then sheltered me with his whole body. Past hyung's shoulders, I could see the angry expression on teacher's face.

    I pressed the piano keys again, trying to play a tune hyung used to play. Had hyung really been expelled? Will I ever see him again? Hyung said before that getting a beating was routine for him. If it wasn't for me, hung wouldn't have hit the teacher.

    If it wasn't for me, hyung would still be here playing the piano.



    25 June Year 20

    I opened the door with a loud bang and took out the envelope that was inside the last drawer of my desk. As I turn the envelope around a piano key fell to the floor with a sound. I threw the half burned piano key in the trash can and laid down on my bed. The emotions that were brought up hadn't cooled down yet and my breathing was a mess, my fingers suddenly covered with singe.

    After the funeral ended there was a time where I once returned to the house that was in ruins after the fire alone. When I entered my mother's room, the piano that was burnt to the point of not being able to be recognized, caught my eye. I sank to the floor. I sat there as the sunlight shone through the window. In the midst of the last sunlight, a few keys rolled around. What kind of Sound what I hear from the keys if I pressed on them. I thought about how many times my mother's fingers had touched them. Out of all the keys, I put one of them in my pocket and exited the room.

    It's been four years and the house is always quiet. The silence makes people go crazy. After dad goes to sleep at 10 p.m. everything becomes even more quiet, to the point it becomes suffocating. This is the House rules. I'm tired because I have to live in such silence, follow a predetermined time-table and regulation. It's not simple to follow such a form. But what is even harder is that I have to live in this house, taking pocket money from Dad, eating dinner with Dad, listening to his scoldings. Whenever I have an argument with Dad, I always consider abandoning Dad and run away from home and live by myself, but I have never had the courage to actually do so.

    I got up from bed and picked up the piano key from the dustbin under my study desk. I opened the window and the the night breeze came in. The things that happened today feel like how this night breeze slap me in my face. I used all my strength and threw the piano key and into the cold air. It has been 10 days since I last went to school. Even if I don't want to, I guess it I will be kicked out of school. I don't know if it's because of deteriorated hearing, but I didn't hear the sound of the piano key dropping on the ground. I won't be able to know the sound of the piano key dropping to the ground, no matter how hard I think. No matter how much time passes, that piano will not make a sound again. I will never play the piano again.

    Cr: @TXYfifteen (reddit)


    17 July, Year 20

    Right after I exited the school building, the sound of cicadas pierced my ears. The field was full of kids laughing, joking, and running around. Everyone was excited to the max for the start of the summer vacation. Through the crowd, I put my head down and walked ahead. I wanted to get out of school as soon as possible.

    "Hyung" - someone's shadow popped out. I raised my head from surprise. It was Hoseok and Jimin. Like always, they looked at me with big pure smiles and eyes filled with mischief. "Today is vacation, you're just going to leave?" Hoseok said, while pulling my arm. I gave a few meaningless responses and okays and turned my head. What happened that day was purely an accident that I did not intend. I did not think Yoongi and Jungkook would be in the storage room at that time. The principal suspected that I was protecting my brothers. He said he could tell my father that I wasn't a good student. I had to say something. I talked about our hang-out place because I thought there was no one there. But it led to Yoongi getting expelled. No one knew I was involved in that incident.

    "Have a nice vacation, hyung! I'll call you!" as if Hoseok understood my ignorance, he slowly put his hand down and gave a bright greeting. Again, I couldn't say anything. There wasn't anything I could say. After I stepped out of school, I remembered the first day I came to this school. I was late and everyone got in trouble with me. That's why I was able to smile. But I ruined those memories.


    15 September Year 20

    Jimin's mother paced back and forth in the emergency room after checking that the name on the head of the bed and the IV drip were properly placed. She brushed a strand of grass from Jimin's shoulder with one finger. I approached hesitantly, feeling that I should tell her why Jimin was in the emergency room, about the seizure at the bus stop. Jimin's mother seemed to discover my presence only then, and she looked at me with a long evaluating case. I didn't know what to do so I stood still. Jimin's mother only said "thank you" and then turned back to him.

    The next time Jimin's mother looked at me, the Doctor and nurses had started to move the bed, and I moved to follow. Jimin's mother said thank you again and pushed at my shoulder. Rather than pushing, it would be more correct to say that she touched me slightly and then pulled her hand away. But I suddenly felt an invisible line being drawn between Jimin's mother and myself. That line was sure and solid. It was cold and sturdy. It was a line that I could never surmount. I had lived at the orphanage for 10 years. I knew that much with my whole body, my sight, the air. In a moment of bewilderment I took a step back and fell to the floor. Jimin's mother looked vacantly down at me. She was a small and beautiful person. But her shadow was large and chilly. That shadow fell over me as I collapsed on the emergency room floor. When I lifted my head Jimin's bed had left the emergency room and could no longer be seen.

    After that day Jimin didn't come back to school.

    Cr: @papercrowns (reddit)


    28 September Year 20

    I stopped counting a few days after I was hospitalized. Counting is something you do when you want to get out, or you think there's any hope of getting out. The trees and leaves, far off outside the window, still look like people's clothes. So I knew not that much time had passed. At most, slightly more than a month maybe. Because of the medicine everything was boring and dull. Even so, today was a special day. The kind of day you have to write in a diary, if you keep one. But I don't have a diary and I don't want to have any problems if I did write it down. Today I lied for the first time. I looked into the doctor's eyes and pretended to be gloomy saying "I don't remember a thing".

    Cr: @papercrowns (reddit)


    30 September Year 20

    “Jeon Jungkook. You’re not still going there, are you?” I didn’t answer. I just stood staring at the toes of my shoes. When I didn’t answer, he hit me on the head with the attendance file. But even so, I didn’t open my mouth. It was the classroom I used with my hyungs. After the day I had followed the hyungs around and we had discovered that classroom, there wasn’t a single day I hadn’t gone. Maybe the hyungs didn’t know. Sometimes they didn’t come, because they had other plans or were busy with part time jobs. I hadn’t seen either Seokjin hyung or Yoongi hyung in a few days. But not me. I didn’t skip a single day. There were days when nobody came at all. But that was okay. Even if it wasn’t today, then they would come tomorrow, and if not tomorrow then the day after, so it was ok.

    “You only learned bad things, following them around.” He hit me again. The image came to me of Yoongi hyung hitting me. I gritted my teeth and endured. I didn’t want to lie and say I hadn’t been going.

    Now I was standing again in front of that classroom. It seemed like the hyungs would be there if I opened the door. It seemed like they would look up from the game they were playing and ask me why I was so late. Seokjin hyung and Namjoon hyung would be reading books, Yoongi hyung would be playing the piano, and Hoseok hyung and Jimin hyung would be dancing.

    But when I opened the door, only Hoseok hyung was there. He was cleaning up the things we had left behind in the classroom. I held the door handle and just stood there. Hyung came over and put his arm around my shoulders. Then he led me outside. “Let’s go.” The classroom door closed behind us. I suddenly realized--those days were gone, and they would never return.

    (army’s amino)
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  15. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    So already in the notes and comic we have several of the scenes from mvs and short films, and a few more in the next section. April 11th, year 22 seems to be where Jin keeps time traveling to, so the notes around that time may be a bit jumbled.
  16. Elaienar

    Elaienar "sorta spooky"

    This is so cool. I don't really keep up with fandom much so I probably wouldn't have even known there was a comic at all if you hadn't linked it here. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for collecting all this stuff in one place, it's really fun reading through it and I appreciate it!
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  17. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    :D I'm glad you're enjoying it! I keep finding stuff that's new to me too and getting impressed all over again by how intricate the whole thing is haha
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  18. theprettiestboy

    theprettiestboy wombatman

    a very short one:


    25 February Year 21

    I danced, not being able to take my eyes off of myself through the mirror. Everything became peaceful. Moving my body along with the music, apart from my feelings, nothing outside of that was quiet.

    The first time I danced was when I was 12 years old. I think it was for a talent show or retreat I went to. I stood on stage because of my friends. The thing I remember the most from that day is the applause and cheers, and the feeling of actually feeling like myself for the first time. Of course, back then I thought it was just joyful moving my body to the music. That was bliss, and I found out way later, that the bliss wasn't coming from the applause, but from within.

    I am tied to a lot of things outside of the mirror. I can't stand having my feet touch the ground even if it's for a few seconds, even if I hate it I smile, and even when I'm sad I smile. I take pills that I don't even need and faint no matter the location. That's why when I dance I try not to look away from myself through the mirror. Because it's a time where I can be myself, fly and drop all the heavy burdens, because it's a time where I gain hope that I can become happy. I look at those times.



    17 December, Year 21

    The people waiting for the bus rubbed their hands together in the cold. I looked down at the dirt, clutching the strap of my bag. I was trying not to make eye contact with anyone. It was a countryside village where only two buses stopped per day. From a distance, I saw the first bus approaching.

    I boarded the bus behind everyone else. I didn’t look back. When I was passionate about something, when I barely had something in my grasp, when I had nothing left but things to escape- I had conditions. I wasn’t to look back. The moment I looked back the efforts I’d made until now became little more than sea foam. Looking back, that was a kind of suspicion, a kind of lingering attachment, and a kind of fear. Only when I had overcome these things could I finally escape.

    The bus started off. I had no plans. I had nothing I was passionate about, nothing in my group, no particular reason to escape. It was closer to thoughtlessly running away from my mother’s tired fake, my wandering sibling, my father’s illness. Starting with the situation in our house that grew more difficult with every passing day, from my family, who enforced sacrifice and tranquility, and from me who pretended to know nothing and restrained myself from trying to adjust and grow resigned. But most of all it was the closest he had been to running from poverty.

    If anyone asked if it’s a crime to be poor, everyone would say it’s not. But is that really the truth? Poverty gnaws on so many things. Things that were precious become meaningless. You give up things you can’t give up. You grow suspicious and fearful and resigned.

    The bus would arrive at a familiar stop in a few hours. When I left that place a year ago I had left no message behind. And now I was returning with lo sign or warning. I tried to recall my friends’ faces. I had cut off contact with all of them. What were they doing these days? Would they be glad to see me? Would we be able to get together and laugh the way we had back then? There was frost on the windows and I couldn’t see the scenery outside. On top of the frost, I slowly moved my finger.

    “I have to survive.”


    I keep wondering if they're the ones actually writing this stuff, because it does seem like they each have a distinct narrative "voice" and namjoon's in particular sound like him. I could probably find out if I spoke korean, but alas.
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  19. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    this thread is so thorough and helpful holy shit

    i just started getting into bts a few weeks ago after i read an article about them, so i've clearly got a lot of back-reading to do
  20. latitans

    latitans zounds, scoob

    i feel like suga has to have some input on his at least, because a lot of the imagery and themes (fire, burning pianos, giving up on dreams because of a painful moment, self destruction) are ones that he plays with in his mixtapes too

    tho maybe the writer is just a huge agust d fan
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