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  1. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    To be honest, I am not very interested in the religion aspect, so if anyone is interested in exploring it, go for it and I'll give you a nice new document titled Religion for editing and information.

    Ok for plot conflict, let's make a listing of potential ideas. I think we already have that the 9th pass is going to happen soon, and it is just after a long interval, a long interval with a LOT of technological and craft advancement.
    1) The inequality in the distribution of the benefits of this technology and the resentment this can create
    2) The rumblings of democracy in Holds
    3) A classic: convincing or dealing with reticent Lords Holder who don't believe Thread is coming back
    4) The logistics of preparing for Thread and realizing that the population has spread so much that some holds are going to have to pull back on some of the precious agricultural ground and abandon it so the Weyrs can concentrate their efforts
    5) Pushback against educational reforms mixed in with rumblings from both Weyr and Hold about the Craft's increasing power.
    6) Religious fervor is increasing out of the fear of the upcoming Pass, with clashes between beliefs amongst different followers of the First Shell versus acolytes of Faranth or whatever.

    I pulled those out of a hat (my head), so if anyone has particular ideas, or wants to refine one in a particular direction go for it.
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  2. goldenflowertea

    goldenflowertea this universe SUCKS but it is full of FRIENDS

    ...An apocalyse cult.

    The thing is, see, whenever shit gets really bad or chaotic or just different, here on earth, some people will start saying it's the End Times.

    Now here's a Pass coming up, and loads of related and unrelated political shittery too. What if some people start proclaiming that this Pass will be the last...and so terrible, and attended by so many other horrors and disasters, that not even all the dragonriders alive will be able to stop Pernese civilisation being destroyed. The end of the world.
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  3. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    It occurs to me that if we are going to have the Weyr in the Nerat tip, we're definitely going to have an alternate construction. Like, all the traditional weyrs are built in dead craters, right? And all big structures in Northern Pern are basically carved into cliffs/big stable rock features, for safety against thread. If we're going to have something there, then we need an appropriate rock feature. So, what do you guys think? A cliffside weyr?
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  4. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    Or we could just retcon there not being an appropriate crater in the area and go "a smaller crater than the others is available but because of its size it wasn't settled as a weyr until much later" and have a more traditional weyr, which might be simpler.
  5. Starcrossedsky

    Starcrossedsky Burn and Refine

    Maybe a chunk of canyon instead? Like cliffs but using both walls.
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  6. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    I like the idea of a canyon, especially since Nerat has a lot of lush rainforest, right? So a canyon following an old river that drops off a waterfall to a second gorge. The canyon could have bridges built across it strategically, and the gorge could be where the pens for the livestock are + the trail up to the Weyr for foodstuffs and goods from the holds. You've got the canyon walls for personal weyrs, some big caverns at the base of the canyon and under the waterfall for the eating, kitchen, and training areas, and maybe even an entrace under the waterfall to something like the hatching grounds, closer to the geothermal heat there instead of relying purely on the volcanic crater.

    It wouldn't look traditional, but if the bridges were maintained properly, everything would be properly under stone. You could even have the heights of the canyon keep the Star Stone and landing areas up top on one side and the firestone pits on the other.
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  7. KingStarscream

    KingStarscream watch_dogs walking advertisement

    Thinking on that a little further: if the waterfall drops into a lake, clearing out some of the forest around it is both sensible (in that you want your human living areas cleared against thread) and it gives plenty of room for bathing dragons and watering herdbeasts. Since the river would be running pretty deep, you could divert water off of that for living spaces (and there's likely to be springs in at least some of those caverns) and power at least some hydroelectric off of it if we ever went down that route. There'd be ample fruits around, like the Southern Continent, and you could have pathways all along the canyon edges for humans who can't flit about on dragon back.

    ...If we want to go with a Weyr like that, I'd be willing to try my hand at some environments to better get across my thoughts?
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  8. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

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  9. goldenflowertea

    goldenflowertea this universe SUCKS but it is full of FRIENDS

  10. cosmofex

    cosmofex trans lesbian extraordinaire

    "Occasionally, when messing around with time, a loop is formed. Time twists in interesting ways, and the Universe eats paradoxes like they were nothing. Often, the only remnants of a time loop that remember that a loop happened in the first place are the ones that traversed the loop themselves. Sometimes, when a loop is recognized, attempts to make sure the loop occurs ensure that the loop is unnecessary.
    In the Turn 2058, a queen and her rider were supposed to appear from
    between above Ruatha Hold on the eighth day of the sixth month, due to the queen panicking when her rider lost consciousness before they could reach the true coordinates, causing the pair to miss their destination by three months.
    This did not happen.
    The rider was reminded, by a chance run-in with a group of children she was not supposed to run across who were having an argument about who could hold their breath the longest that she was not supposed to hear, to hold a very deep breath before her jump
    between. She was able to hold her breath through the entire jump, arriving at her true destination, the sixth day of the third month of the 2058th Turn.
    Both she and her queen died almost instantly when they arrived in the heart of the worst part of the leading edge of the last Threadfall of the 8th Pass, dozens of dragonlengths above the highest wing. In a colossal wrench that no one, anywhere, any time, ever felt, the timeline split. In the one, F'lar and Mnementh mourned, and struggled to survive the next fifty Turns with one Queen, one Weyr, and not nearly enough help. Their story is for someone else to tell.
    In the other, the Weyrs mourned for the death of the mysterious queen and her nameless rider, and moved on. They did not travel through time four hundred and fifty Turns, leaving Benden and their empty Bowls to molder and decay, lost to the ravages of time and politics. Instead they, as well as their Holders, put aside the fight against Thread, and put their best efforts to doing what they had done for the last two thousand Turns- recover, grow, and prepare for the next Pass, two hundred Turns in the future.
    A hundred and fifty Turns after the death of the mysterious queen and her rider, the Pernese had fully recovered from the annihilation brought on by the Threads. A hundred and eighty, and the dragonriders began to worry, because the Queens had not begun to prepare. There were no vastly greater and more frequent clutches of eggs. Instead, the Weyrs continued to slowly fall in population, until at five Turns before the next Pass was due, when the combined forces of all the Weyrs could barely make the fighting force of what one should be at that point.
    When it finally became evident that the Pass was not going to come, the Weyrleaders congregated, to decide what they were going to do with themselves if they truly had no more purpose fighting Thread. They consulted with the Mastercrafters and the Lord Holders, and it was decided that they would serve in any capacity they could. Young dragons and their riders would be stationed at halls and holds, to serve as emergency response and communications personel. Older, more experienced dragonpairs would act as search and rescue teams, or, as was suggested by the Ista Weyrleader's bronze, earth movers, as they particularly enjoyed that task. To protect the flocks of the holders, dragons were encouraged to go to deep ocean waters where the seaholders did not fish, and catch the enormous fish that lived there.
    With that, the Weyrs dispersed, blue and green and brown. Only the six remaining queens and their few bronzes remained in the Weyrs. As the Weyrs withered away to near nothing, the holds began to grow exponentially, as did the halls, checked only by how fast they could cultivate the land to support their growing population over the course of the seemingly endless Interval.

    Until now."
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  11. PotteryWalrus

    PotteryWalrus halfway hideous and halfway sweet

    can I just say I love this bar and everyone in it. And definitely have a gawky newbie transmale green rider who has not idea of what he's signed up for, lol. Have there been any plans to get an IC thread started just yet?
  12. cosmofex

    cosmofex trans lesbian extraordinaire

    well, right now i'm in the stage known as "god damn it inspiration or not im gonna smash out a basic timeline of events and go AT it" so, IC thread incoming eta: fuck who knows i sure dont
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