"What do you mean you adopted another Mawmaw?" Adoptables thread!

Discussion in 'Make It So' started by Ouija, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

  2. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020

    dang, those are some cute critters but i am flat ass broke. good luck dude!
  3. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    -rolls into deadthread- aaaa ive never been a huge devart person but adoptables are growin on me and im sorta feelin like i might wanna get into em,, idk. i like drawin random animals and experimenting with pelts n stuff and it seems like a good way to do that thing and maybe make sum profit
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  4. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Chickensmoothie is also a cash cow for adopts (kintaurs started on chickensmoothie)
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  5. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    Oh dear god, chickensmoothie.
    I spend a while on that site and it was........welp. It was always several years behind. By the time I stopped logging on people were just starting to get into the Tumble Discourse. I still have a bunch of old and valuable pets tho, I should take care of that someday.

    Anyway, I've always liked the idea of adoptables, and I want to design my own, but if I did it would definitely be more "single designs, no backstory" because having a character stuck in one universe has never appealed to me.
  6. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    A lot of CS intermingle (Grem2s and Fumi dragons are canon couple species that can intermingle, as are grem2s and draco stryx. The CS group I help mod intermingles with one of the creator's other species, too), so typically it's not always a "one universe" thing.

    Though I do love One-Off designs (I have a handful of them eeeeee)
  7. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I.. have never actually been on CS. how work?
    My main concern (besides lol when do I have time) with starting to make adopts is I'm pretty much only interested in irl money and there tends to be a lot of site-currency trading for adopts >.>; I'm willing to start pretty cheap since I know popularity is half of pricing for them, but yeah
  8. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Just stick to DA and FA imo. Larger interest for little initial investment
  9. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    CS is pretty much entirely on-site currency, as per site rules, although some species that started on CS have migrated to dA and are now selling for pretty high prices.
    It's mostly a virtual pet adoptables site, but there's a fairly big art community there as well. (It's a hellsite. Don't go there.)
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  10. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Y'all lemme tell u about kintaurs

    U can sell what u get in a trade and for any amount u want

    And u can breed them for even MORE babies. If u play ur cards right, u can get that breeding for free instead of $40

    Kintaurs, man.
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  11. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    me @ self: dude why the fuck did you refuse to admit you're a giant furry and post your art online when you were 13. you coulda had it all.
  12. Morgan Jae

    Morgan Jae pecure. sontain. crotect.

    Hm, neat.
    Kinda want to set up an art/adoptables contest for my shima longtail, hollyfox cat, etc, but I'm not sure I have the energy to go to the trouble of making the thread and judging the entries, etc etc. I could just gift random people, but oh god, I have so many things and pets, and I don't want to keep any of them.
    Any advice?

    augh, sorry, off-topic. bad habit of mine.

    If I started a dA and started selling, say, gryphon one-off designs, do you think I'd get much recognition?
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  13. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I may have had an idea for an adoptable species .3. since i know veery little about adoptables (i should look more into it before i start making some whoops >>) its probly not super orginal, but i made sketchies


    they're deer bunnies >w> sorta inspired by patagonian cavys
    didnt use any ref for these sketches so obvs i'll do better in the future but
  14. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    I've never seen deer bunnies before!
  15. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I was inspired by the existence of the Patagonian Cavy, which pretty much looks like a deer bunny!
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  16. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    I won a create-to-adopt contest for the main adoptable group I'm a part of (i mentioned it in vague terms here)

    the OP gave out surprise second and third place prizes too (no one was aware they were going to be given, it was considered an all or nothing adopt)

    it's pretty! i love it so much and I'm not ever getting rid of it!! I gave them a backstory and I already want to get art of them on my own and everything!

    so reading these comments


    really rubbed me the wrong way? I tried to not sound like a braggart saying thank you for winning and congratulating the runners up and stating that everyone's entries inspired me to do my best so I don't? know what to say.

    Luck had nothing to do with it and I'm not ever putting the kintaur up for sale/trade so to imply I'd do so after working for it for so long (I did a fair amount of work) is just...kinda insulting?

    Idk, am I being an ass? reality check, please and thank you
  17. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    I feel like it's sorta rude, especially since you just won the thing, for people to be like 'oooh im gonna watch to see if i can have the thing you just earned in a contest'
    but it feels like the like.. 13 year old on the internet not quite realizing that they're being rude. i'd do my best to ignore them and move on
  18. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Considering Souldust specifically traded me a kintaur once and praised that they knew I'd give it a loving home (I still have it so wtf lol) it feels more like a smack in the face?

    I'm just sikjdkfff /aggressively holds this character close to my chest
  19. Ouija

    Ouija Nani the fuck?

    Hey so if you guys are on deviantart and if you're vaguely interested in these fuzzy kangaroo dinosaurs I've been yammering on about, I've kind of decided to sell some of my breeding slots to them at half price because I want to get something that's $25 more than what's in my budget.

    I'm also debating on selling the excess in-group currency I have too...Especially since I'm part of staff and it's how I get paid, but I don't necessarily need it. (25KB can get you a breeding voucher which is a free way to breed the fuzzy dinosaurs together. On-the-spot breedings [breedings that cost USD basically] are $40 so you're saving $15 if you bought it all off me. The only problem is it's out of stock rn so you'd have to wait for it to be back in stock)

    TL;DR Do you want to attempt to get a neat fuzzy that you can make money off of? Do you want to get into this community but don't know where to start? Pick meeeee I'll help you through the steps to getting a cute thing that can ALSO be incorporated into OC backstories (there's a lot of lore on them that both involve humans and can be made for other stuff).
  20. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

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