What have we all been playing recently?

Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by ironicBonds, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. ironicBonds

    ironicBonds is actually two dogs in a trench coat

    didn't see a thread like this, so i thought i'd create it!

    what sort of video games have y'all been playing recently? what are some of your favorites?

    i loooooove hearing about people's experiences with games and discovering new ones, sounded like this would be fun ;3
  2. ironicBonds

    ironicBonds is actually two dogs in a trench coat

    kk i'll start off:

    i've been playing Thumper and it's ridiculously fun, if difficult and an all-out assault on my senses

    seriously, it describes itself as a "rhythm hell game" and it's aptly named. definitely not for everyone, but i'd encourage people to give it a look!

    also been slowly playing through SMT IV: Apocalypse. i loves me some good god and demon bashing >:3c
  3. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    I will never pass up an opportunity to pimp Sil. good tolkein shit + really well designed gameplay + murderous permadeath is my jam.

    I've also been playing a lot of Fallen London recently, for an entirely different resource-managy, slower paced, baroque lore kinda game fix.
  4. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    Overwatch. Lots of Overwatch. It's a fun popcorn sort of game for me to calm down with. Need to get back to Dark Souls 3's dlc too. That was fun.
  5. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    Bugs life, the psx disney game using an emulator. The controls have not held up well over time and the camera is bunk but overall the game is still pretty damn fun imo. The mechanics are fun if not a bit irritating at times ( eg if you get the golden berry powerup it gives you a counter for enemies and you get an award for killing all of them in a level, however if you pick up another powerup after that before everyones dead youre fucked)

    Also been trying to do a nuzlocke run in pokemon white but i might give up for good, the first loss hit me ridiculously hard for some reason??? I am a crybaby who cant handle even pretend death of a cartoon animal

    Been considering messing around in skyrim again but itll probably end up being minecraft if anything, i like to build castles
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  6. Aondeug

    Aondeug Cringe Annoying Ass Female Lobster

    why are you busto

    That Bugs Life game I fucking loved as a kid. I had the N64 version though.
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  7. Void

    Void on discord. Void#4020


    It's made by the people who made Shelter and Shelter2, it's an MMO where you have no chat feature, just emotes and the ability for your animal avatar to bark/meow/make noise. You run around collecting flowers and finding groups to go hunting for things called obelisks. You then all gather around them and yell till they crumble!

    The more you collect essence, the more animals you unlock to play, along with skins and stuff. Owning the Shelter games and stuff also gives you things.

    The game is only 3 bucks on steam, and is really fun and relaxing.
  8. Starcrossedsky

    Starcrossedsky Burn and Refine

    Been dicking around replaying monument valley a bit, sort of self assigned homework for my own game design ideas.
  9. Erica

    Erica occasionally vaguely like a person

    I've been trying to get through the Dishonored dlcs before the sequel comes out, but it's been difficult because a) I am so bad at stealth and yet DETERMINED to do low-chaos a l w a y s and b) I keep getting distracted by Overwatch
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  10. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    Stardew Valley. Also kitten game, although considering it's an idle game, it's less "actively play" and more "periodically check that tab, click things, and try to remember what the hell my general goal is".
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  11. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    Minecraft, more Minecraft, BoardGameOnline, yet more Minecraft, Grand Old Academy, I Can't Believe It's More Minecraft, Simcity Destinations, Undertale, and you guessed it, Minecraft.

    The minecrafting has been on a semi-vanilla server, with locks and multiple sethomes. I find that shopless vanilla is a slew getting started, and sometimes not very fun.
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  12. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    Team Fortress 2! Mostly Medic cause no one ever plays him and games are really unfun without at least one. Also, I don't know any of the maps and need a character who can reasonably get away with following other people around the whole match. Also played a bit of Pyro, cause they're basically negaverse Medic, so I can occasionally get kills with them. Need to get a new mouse, cause the one I got occasionally decides that I oughta be firing at the floor or rotated 180° just as I bump a Spy. It's not great.
  13. littlepinkbeast

    littlepinkbeast Imperator Fluttershy

    mostly WoW, some old Castlevania games because of Karazhan music, and poking around in the early access of a thing called CrossCode, which is an action-platformer RPG set in the world of an augmented-reality MMO. It's kind of fun with plenty of good puzzles, but a little grindy.
  14. Maya

    Maya smug_anime_girl.jpg

    My internet is such shit but in it's up times I've been playing overwatch and the pokemon tcgo :D other than that, lot's of Stellaris, which is like Civilization but space.
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  15. Lerxst

    Lerxst salty parabola

    • Animal Crossing: New Leaf and god damn you Nintendo for throwing out that update two weeks before Pokemon Sun/Moon drop
    • various Minecraft modpacks (building and survival in Hermitcraft Modsauce 2, culinary museum challenge in Karma, bucket challenge in Byte Size, and general derping around in Crundeecraft)
    • SOMA
    • finished a neutral Undertale run, said "I'll do a pacifist run someday," immediately reset and started the thing
    Apparently Blizz is doing a free overwatch weekend on Nov. 18-21, which may be the death of me
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  16. Mala

    Mala Well-Known Member

    The Secret World. Always TSW

    Also Sunless Sea. I'm starting to get actually good at it.
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  17. artistformerlyknownasdave

    artistformerlyknownasdave revenge of ricky schrödinger

    mostly overwatch and useless clicker games

    i'm enjoying picking winston on the 12-man sombra games in the PTR and causing Problems
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  18. ironicBonds

    ironicBonds is actually two dogs in a trench coat

    @Mala ooohh i love sunless sea! i've only made through about 2 captains and i eternally suck at resource management stuff, but the worldbuilding and writing keeps me interested!

    and YES i'm so excited for the free overwatch weekend to take over my life for 2 days
  19. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    Mostly Overwatch (specifically Overwatch PTR - I love the 1v1 mode, and also Sombra!!!) and Civilization 6 c:
  20. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

    I dunno, i like him cause hes orange and the whole bit going on with pretending hes a god of chaos trying to escape a videogame is really funny to me
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