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    I'm going to admit up front that this thread is mostly an organizational repository for me, bc collectively we (me, @Anomal(eee) , and @Novas Memoria) have made about an imperial fuckton of Things. People have expressed interest about the bits and bobs I've brought up in other Make It So or RP threads, so... if people want to look at/listen to/read things and share opinions, that would also be a positive outcome of this thread!

    For a rough summary: fantrolls set a few centuries before the events of the Hemostuck fanfic universe. Political drama, quadrant drama, social justice disagreements, cross-caste relationships, it's still paranoia even if they are out to get you, and some seriously kickass parties.

    Some organizational posts coming below, sorting various arts into appropriate categories.
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    paladinkit brave little paladin

    So, first and foremost, the actual RP itself can be read here, for the curious (and the over-18-only, please - there's not a ton of sexual content but there are a few explicit scenes.) We started this just for us so there's... not a ton of context in the beginning? At the end of the folder, there's a Quick Names & Colors reference, and a sort of Index that's still in progress (written for a member of our polycule who was curious but hasn't even read Homestuck.) Of special note, rp files labeled with .5 numbering and the title "side jobs" are a specific side storyline played out primarily between Novas and I, and don't always line up chronologically perfectly with the surrounding documents.
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    paladinkit brave little paladin

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    paladinkit brave little paladin

    And then, of course, there's the art.

    First, I've been working on a portrait series in marker of the characters, although this is by no means all of them.

    Second, I've gone a bit nuts with moodboards.

    Third, I got this awesome fan-fanart!
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