What Productive Thing Did You Do Today?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Soul, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. swirlingflight

    swirlingflight inane analysis and story spinning is my passion

    I got a USB hub and a flash drive! The computer I've been using only has 2 USB ports, and needs them for the mouse and keyboard. I can finally get a lot of files out of limbo. :)
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  2. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    Finally finished doing my stupid taxes!!! And paid the last of my bills from my old apartment.
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  3. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Can I do a whole-week productivity thing because I want to gloat over how I was a very good boy this week? Here it goes:

    - Started the new semester, went to ALL first lessons.
    - Went to two doctors' appointments alone
    - Made a shortlist of therapists to start gender therapy!
    - Went alone to the hospital to get examination results so I could set up even more doctors' appointments
    - Had lunch with my professor
    - Had lunch with my friend
    - Did tons of dishes
    - Cooked 2 meals
    - Went to the supermarket 3 times*
    - Renewed my bus pass
    - Contacted possible internship school
    - Changed the cat litter
    - Paid all bills on time
    - Bought and played Dragon Age II and managed to switch from Casual to Normal mode (yes this counts!!!!)

    * There's no supermarket within reasonable walking distance from my house and I don't have a car, so I either have to walk for 15 minutes loaded with groceries or take a bus loaded with groceries or take a taxi, which I'm trying not to do to cut down on spending... or order out, which I do too often and my bank account suffers the dire consequences.
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  4. Lazarae

    Lazarae You won't be the death of me

    I slept in way late (an hour before I had to go) but I went to therapy and did shopping afterwards. I also don't feel like I'm gonna crash until dinner, which I usually do.
  5. mrozna

    mrozna bloodthirsty hussar fuck

    The actual hyperactive part of my ADHD made a big unexpected comeback and I managed to clean my entire room, including birds' cage (both of them, actually. I've decided the big one is too hard to keep clean, and birds spend most of their time outside of it, so they will be living in the smaller one from now on). I threw away some old shit I don't need anymore and put everything where it belongs. Everything is shiny and I did it all by myself. Das what I'm talkin about.
    In next episode: books and shelves. It's going to be WILD.
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  6. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    Cleaned and organized the half of the upstairs with my dad. I also set up my gaming area.
  7. wixbloom

    wixbloom artcute

    Sketched up a commissioned piece, got it approved, gently reminded a customer about pay (I know her in person and she's kinda clumsy and easily-distracted, so she keeps making bona fide promises she'll pay me tomorrow and then forgetting to) and also went to the supermarket.
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  8. Deresto

    Deresto What's your favorite Pokemon?

    i made breakfast, actual breakfast, not just cereal AND got to the beginning of that one crate of bullshit and games i've been 'meaning to clean' for two years. i'm gonna finally try and set up a desk tomorrow so i can stop hogging the printer area. i'm thinking i'm having one of my rare inertia from nowhere moments, maybe i'm finally starting to recover from the Great College Burnout i had a long while back and i can start doing stuff again.

    i was also able to do most of the Cat Stuff that comes with owning a cat today too (check the food and water dish, make sure she didn't vomit somewhere, do the box, check for any more missing hair patches cause of her flea allergy, etc.)
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  9. Starcrossedsky

    Starcrossedsky Burn and Refine

    I showered. Now I'm gonna go see if I can finish off this clay dragon.
  10. Morven

    Morven In darkness be the sound and light

    Well, after going to the gaming store with my housemates & playing a horribly abbreviated 40K game, I remembered to stop at the store and get some food essentials!
  11. albedo

    albedo metasperg

    I cleaned the house, baked bread, and hosted a party yesterday. Now to lay around lazily today...
  12. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Picked up trash and poked at uni website.
  13. Allenna

    Allenna I am not a Dragon. Or a Robot. Really.

    I scheduled the first of my now weekly therapy appointments and gathered up a bunch of trash and cleared a corner in my room that has had piles of stuff in it for months.
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  14. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    So far I've washed dishes today.
  15. Re Allyssa

    Re Allyssa Sylph of Heart

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  16. witchknights

    witchknights 27 Bold Enchanter Defends The Fearful

    read 60+ pages of a thing i needed to read for my thesis, and tomorrow it's math class again.also had a nice chat with my mom about me trying for med school, which isnt productive per se, but given that lately we cant say two words to each other without three being an insult, it's somewhat nice.
  17. Nochi

    Nochi small waterfall of pure void

    I had an actual LIST today! I got roughly half of it done before migraine goblins attacked me. I did dishes, took pictures for my review blog thing, ate (I have to put eating on the list or I will forget/procrastinate and then the glucose goblins get me), and watched the new Gravity Falls and hoooooooly shit on a biscuit gravity falls
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  18. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Wrote an important email and made food happen.
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  19. albedo

    albedo metasperg

    Went skiing. Skiinggggggggg. <3
  20. tinyhydra

    tinyhydra a dingus

    I bought cat food and stuff for easy, filling breakfasts, so that I don't have to keep buying snacks to quell hand shaking while I'm trying to weld. I also posted the first chapter of my first serious longfic after deliberating for weeks about when exactly to cut it off.
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