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What Productive Thing Did You Do Today?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Soul, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. GlassesBlu

    GlassesBlu I'll make noir gayer someday :pensive_clown:

    I did my zine draft for HS ancestor zine!!!

    And did a draft for a 2 page comicky fanart for magnus archives :))
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  2. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    Got the last of the tie-downs made for the awning I'm making for my uncle, and got 5 of them attached to the awning! Also recognized the point at which I was getting actually pissed off at the machine (because it keeps jamming) and decided to call it for the night, rather than trying to push through it and get the last two ties for that side done.
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  3. afarewelltokings

    afarewelltokings Searching for the lost Xanadu

    I got my Massachusetts educator ID so I can begin taking MTELs (still have years until i graduate but fuck man i got the ID number)
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  4. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Over the last few days: took out trash, vacuumed apartment, did two loads of laundry, mended some clothes
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  5. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Washing machine is broken again so I'm washing some stuff in the sink, and will call for repairs tomorrow.
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  6. GlassesBlu

    GlassesBlu I'll make noir gayer someday :pensive_clown:

    did some logo drafts, wrote a contract in legalese with help from my dad, sent contract, talked formally while screaming on the inside

    ah yes... doing business... like adult do....
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  7. Gee

    Gee the mail never fails

    Am got an bicycle. Am bike boi.
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  8. WolffyLuna

    WolffyLuna Active Member

    I talked to an academic advisor to work out if I could resolve the potential problems with my degree and also change my major.

    Good news! The potential problems are hella resolvable, and my major can be changed super easily in this case!
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  9. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    That's great news! Hope everything goes well from here on.

    Today, I washed out my freezer and am about to change my bedding.
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  10. Gee

    Gee the mail never fails

    20 minutes on Mr bicycle in the parking lot across the highway. Slow progress with turning! Learning how to use front brake for stopping. Heart rate up to 153 :000

    Also healthy watermelon breakfast!! (My hyperfixation food of the summer~~~~)
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  11. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants *cries in sports*

    Changed the sheets, washed all bedding, vacuumed, collected dirty dishes, general clutter pickup
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  12. NorthernRiver

    NorthernRiver Member

    today I managed to get out of bed and shower, and later I might deep clean a bedroom
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  13. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    Many thing!

    Went to gov't office to renew things, booked car work, got bus pass, updated info at doctors office

    Now im am eat a lunch
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  14. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Washing machine still hasn't been replaced so I washed my socks in the sink again.
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  15. FinalFarce

    FinalFarce dook dook

    Moved a fridge outside for pickup, cleaned litterboxes, took out trash, got rid of old food in fridge, made food for me, swept 2 rooms, and picked up many shoe! Gonna do dishes and shower later! Fuck yea!
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  16. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    five whole minutes of weeding lol

    but i got the parsely all put in places where it won't die, and rescued a leaned-over sunflower, and at least one watermelon plant might survive, and that's pretty good for a guy held together with duct tape and paperclips.
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  17. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    Went to store (bonus: got cookies for @FinalFarce bc Finally Coconut Oreos Exist)

    Washed most of the dishes

    Cut up carrots for snax (cronch crumch)

    Swept the kitchen area

    Did a load of laundry

    (Eta 2: measured out cereal for the morning in a container for easy breakfasting)

    To do: rescue laundry from dryer; decide if im gonna actually wash the floor, or just put the mats back down. If so i gotta retrieve them from the front hallway before i fall asleep (eta: and finish filling my pill organizer whoops)
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  18. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    coconut oreos?????
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  19. Acey

    Acey screeching tires, but never a collision

    Took pics of some shirts I’m giving away in a Facebook group so I can finally make some progress with my closet cull!!
  20. FinalFarce

    FinalFarce dook dook

    They're Oreo thins and they don't taste artificial at all (the curse of most processed coconut sweets). They're *great* dipped in hot tea (earl grey was the best thus far).
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