What Productive Thing Did You Do Today?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Soul, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. GlassesBlu

    GlassesBlu Spectre of Madness

    Managed to get through enrollment in one piece, thank goodness

    Also finished a zine piece (its a sexy piece of work and im excellent at what I do)
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  2. Everett

    Everett local rats so small, so tiny

    Went to appointment, booked follow up appt
    Did the math for some diabetes related carb counting
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  3. Sethrial MacCoill

    Sethrial MacCoill Attempts were made

    Cleaned my living room for the first time in a month. No more trash!
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  4. theambernerd

    theambernerd dead to all sense of shame

    Set. Fruit fly. Traps.
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  5. keltena

    keltena Probably Exists

    Pushed past my unnecessarily paralyzing "but what should I say?" social anxiety to send a simple "hi, here's my contact info if you want to keep in touch!" email. My heart rate has even almost calmed down!

    (Also exercised this morning, picked up a prescription, played SMT3 with my brother, and did misc. regular household chores in passing. I've got one more thing to knock off this afternoon, and then I'm gonna goof off in a video game. \o/)
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  6. winterykite

    winterykite Non-newtonian genderfluid

    Sorted the pile of socks and put all my laundry away.
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  7. afarewelltokings

    afarewelltokings just a spud boy

    I took my antidepressant today for the first time in several months
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  8. WolffyLuna

    WolffyLuna Active Member

    Wrote 8 emails for potential Honours supervisors (I haven't sent them yet, but They Are Written now.)
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  9. turtleDove

    turtleDove Well-Known Member

    Got the lawnmower clippings raked up, harvested a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes (mom wants them harvested as soon as they start turning orange, so that they don't burst if we get rain), and pulled up three turnips so that I can make a tester version of a pickled turnip recipe I found.

    If the turnips go well, I'm going to be able to scale it up and can them! But I need to check that we'll even like this sort of pickle first, because...the first turnip I cut up was Big and can probably make about three pints of pickle all on its own.
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  10. Emma

    Emma Your resident resident

    Dehaired several pieces of furniture in the living room

    Cleared of the headboard of my bed, dusted it and rearranged stuff on it so it looks neat now

    Made a list of all the food I have in the house that needs to be turned into meals
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  11. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Started on new sewing project that will hopefully prevent future instances of 'my sock/pillow/plushie vanished behind the bed'
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  12. Misty Pond

    Misty Pond ardent defender of abused anime girls

    recent accomplishments:
    • sent in acceptance for more work starting next week
    • messaged doctor and made appointment
    • showered, remade bed, trimmed toenails
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  13. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    made an appointment for yearly maintenance for my car, started new sewing project
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  14. anthers

    anthers sleepy

    Remembered to take my gastritis medication as well as walked for about 30 mins while I was catching pokes
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  15. ChelG

    ChelG Well-Known Member

    Went through cupboard and disposed of expired foods, then took out trash.
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  16. TheOwlet

    TheOwlet A feathered pillow filled with salt and science

    Shit i should do that at some point too, ty for reminding me
  17. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    cleaned the litterbox, halfway through washing some bras
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  18. Misty Pond

    Misty Pond ardent defender of abused anime girls

    baked cookies, cleaned dishes
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  19. FinalFarce

    FinalFarce dook dook

    I cleared over 35k emails (mostly spam) from my gmail and finally got it filtering properly w/ labels!
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  20. sirsparklepants

    sirsparklepants feral mom energies

    Sorted out a metric fuckton of stuff in my storage unit and donated two car trips worth of things to clear some space.
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