Why I'm Not Going To Work As Hard As I Could On This Lab Report

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by wes scripserat, May 19, 2015.

  1. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    So, I've decided I'm going to focus more energy on my english/history papers, and do the bare minimum on this lab report and then study like mad for the exam. Because I don't know enough to write a good one, but I can write a good introduction with my tutor's help. So, even if[ [physics teacher] disappointed in my performance, I have made my peace with the fact that I am spending my time in Physics class writing my history paper instead of trying to make a piece of shit smell a little prettier.

    If I don't do this, I will definitely do badly on the English and History papers, which I can't do because no, I actually care about the humanities.
    Physics class is basically taught to the kids who already know physics, and those of us who don't already have to constantly play catch up. And I'm tired of doing that, so I'm going to work hard on the parts of the Lab that I can do with my tutor tonight, but prioritize my history paper and english paper (I have to write six pages on st by next tuesday, and four/five pages on my own sudden lack of faith in god by next thursday if i can get extensions)

    I know I'm coming into the home stretch in school, but my friend's graduation (and therefore, distinct lack of presense at school) has fucked me over more then expected, and I don't have the spoons that I had at the beginning of the year.

    I already have to study for everything, and I will study my ass off for the physics exam.

    I just can't bring myself to be upset if I get a really low grade on this lab report.
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  2. Fish butt

    Fish butt Everything is coming together, slowly but surely.

    @wes scripserat It sounds like you have a good plan on your hands, and I wish you the best of luck in that! I dropped maths higher in school because I wanted to do music instead, and I was glad I did! You obviously know what you want and what you like, so go for it! I'm not getting the impression that physics is all that important in the big picture, so why should you focus on that? It doesn't seem like it's taught very well either from what you say, and you like the humanities better any ways!

    Good luck!
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  3. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    Well, I mean, I'm a freshman so I don't have the choice to drop any classes, but yeah.
    It's not a subject a lot of people do well in at this school anyway.

    Thanks for the good luck :D

    I'm proud that I've managed to write anything intelligent sounding at all, it's just I'm deliberately dropping the ball on the statistical analysis part.
  4. Fish butt

    Fish butt Everything is coming together, slowly but surely.

    Eco, American system is confusing to me! But from what you're telling me, you've already done a good enough job in that and there's no reason to do anything more! Good!
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