Wiwaxia runs a SBURB D&D(ish) game - logdump/spectating/popcorn thread!

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    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't know what they're from or if they're intentional
    several window frames hang from wires from the ceiling, about a meter out from the walls
    the panes are cobalt blue glass, of course
    Myrtha Oscurr: like uh
    fenestrated plane, windows
    i mean myrtha doesn't KNOW what those are but
    Wiwaxia (GM): himitsu desu
    Myrtha Oscurr: are they depicting anything in said glass
    are there any divisions in the windows
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're clear
    you can see through them to the wall behind
    yep, divided into six panes
    Myrtha Oscurr: (well, roxy's were black, so they're not active at this point, if that's what they are)
    in any case!
    how far off the ground are these things
    Wiwaxia (GM): the glass is poorly cast, thick, uneven and full of bubbles

    Myrtha Oscurr pokes
    Wiwaxia (GM): meter and a half, about?
    a little below head height
    (brb gonna grab a food)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (K)
    Arxon: (So do u guys remember those kinda super edgy demonstuck aus?)
    (...because I am just trying to imagine these three derse kids trying to Demon)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((like asuka's au))
    (or the ones where the kids were demons)
    (because I am kind of fond of both)
    (myrtha already has Demoned, sorta)
    (she's done some kind of communing at the least)
    Arxon: ((I was thinking the ones where derse players are demons, prospit players are demon hunters but I am also fond of all of them))
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((oooh))
    Bird: (iiii....vaguely remember that)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((i also like that one, though the maker of the art from that au that i liked deleted ;-;)
    (nah but that sounds fun, Myrtha would be all shadowy and with like. Skeleton minions?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): back
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and also pretty princess tutu)
    Arxon: ((really?))
    (oh shit they did that is super sad))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i also found some fun reverse demonstuck art back in the day when poking around for drowstuck crossovers)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh god drowstuck. was there ever ANY drowstuck)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (one fandomstuck for drowtales)
    (and the shit i've done)
    (that's it)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yeah i saw that one, didn't know you had done anything for it tho)
    Arxon: ((Lemi, despite being a demon, would get way too excited whenever she meets any sort of mythical/cryptid/demonic creature))
    ((She would prolly look super monstrous with creepy ass glowing eyes and claws and anatomy that is just Not Right))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i'll have to trow my doodles up on the crossovers thread somethime)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (do it pls)
    Arxon: ((neway srry for derail))
    Myrtha Oscurr: (it's a fun derail though)
    k so. Room!
    with windows!
    any other doorways, just to start
    or irregular looking patches of wall
    Arxon: ((tbh I am imagining tia being super good at demoning and Leon like "no I wanna play the guitar and make clothes!")
    Bird: (leon would be .... sort of tall and lithe and well-put-together, but when he fights suddenly he has Claws and Teeth and Spikes and stuff)
    (yes also that)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (Myrtha probably has bits of bones around her and like. In her clothes. And themed bone weapons? Like spine claws and tail and spikes and whatnot. And then the Waes shadow tricks)
    Bird: (but it was your dream to be the scariest demon ever!)(no.....that was YOUR dream, tia!!!)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (like those might be actual ribs around her dress bodice, Myrtha goes for the Danse Macabre theme hardcore)
    Arxon: ((Lemi tries her best to demon. Sis doesn't seem to care much either way))
    Bird: (oh also, chains. leon's demon form has like, floating chains or s/t. and his scream sounds like static)
    (anyway uh sorry continue)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh whoops, missed that question
    yes, one other obvious door
    as in it's standing open
    the hallway goes off at a slight angle from where you came in, all the way over the horizon
    the door is splintering blue wood, and it looks like it deadbolts from this side
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...huh
    Well, I'll check out the windows first
    and then I guess I'll head that way?
    Like, looking for a purpose why someone would have hung them here
    and not attached to a wall
    Wiwaxia (GM): well the wires keep going into the frames
    which are that same splintery blue wood
    and come straight out of the ceiling on the other end
    you can't tell if they're hooked up to anything else
    the windows don't show anything unusual when you look through them
    you could try prying open the frame of one if you don't mind destroying
    Wiwaxia (GM): *it
    Myrtha Oscurr: nah
    ICwise I do not think Myrtha would think of that
    and there's nothing irregular around the walls?
    Wiwaxia (GM): some piles of dust
    some stray beads
    nothing else
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm
    down the tunnel I shall go, then
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    the hallway forks here
    one side curves into an ampitheter, the other keeps going to a closed wooden door
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...Huh
    I'll check out the amphitheater first I guess
    ((what if demon!lemi had wings like this calliope http://mid-childan-puella-magi.tumblr.com/post/140469556731/snejkha-space-angel)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there are rows of stone seats stretching upwards to the roof
    Arxon: ((perfect 10/10 liked and subscribed)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the hallway opens onto a main walkway connecting the aisles/staircases between the seats
    on the other side is arced pit a couple meters deep between the walkway and the stage

    Myrtha Oscurr goes exploring
    Wiwaxia (GM): on the stage, there's a glass lens focusing light from the surface through a pale blue glass pane
    like a setup for a shadow play
    Myrtha Oscurr: (do deformed rabbit, it's my favorite)
    is this open to the surface?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: so the lens is in the ceiling, ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ceiling is flat over the whole affair
    Myrtha Oscurr: guess you don't need to worry about the positioning of the sun if there's no sun
    are there any carvings
    Wiwaxia (GM): where are you looking?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    around the stage and walls
    and ceiling maybe

    Myrtha Oscurr is trying to think of where she's seen decorations in theaters
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't see anything on the stage from this distance
    and you can't go closer without clambering down into and up out of the pit
    nothing on the walls
    the ceiling is too dark to see
    Myrtha Oscurr: Well I guess I'll check out the pit!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's full of big blocks of broken glass
    like so
    Myrtha Oscurr: ?
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/6b/36/5b/6b365ba6e5f82687d5930d38e9ee8710.jpg
    but some as tall as you
    Myrtha Oscurr: Ah,
    Wiwaxia (GM): with no obvious source
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    are any of them significantly wider than the doorway
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: Well that raises some questions
    they're all rough, none of them are in any particular shape?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    some look like they might have broken off others
    but nothing shaped
    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh
    Can I grab one of the smaller ones and put it in my sylladex?
    they're not arranged in any way, are they?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, unless you count "strewn" as "arranged"
    Myrtha Oscurr: I do not
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could grab a smaller one, but not from this distance
    you'd have to climb down in
    Myrtha Oscurr: I will do so
    Wiwaxia (GM): you drop down
    (controlled drop, so no falling damage at this distance)
    glass shards crunch under your shoes
    i don't recommend going down on hands and knees here
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yeah no

    Myrtha Oscurr is glad she has good shoes
    Wiwaxia (GM): from here, you can see that one end of the pit continues as a tunnel or channel into the wall
    it's blocked with thick blue bars
    Myrtha Oscurr: Interesting
    glass or metal?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not glass
    metal or stone
    you'd have to pick your way closer to tell which
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm
    well, can I get to the stage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): str check to do a straight pull up onto the stage
    and fall on the glass if you fail
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+11
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): you fall on your ass in the glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: "FFGH"
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6+1d4
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: are there stairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    also, no protection for that, because all your protection is on your head
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah no
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could try to climb up a boulder
    but those are slippery and have sharp edges
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah i was gonna say
    Wiwaxia (GM): or you could try to think of some other way out
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...oh yeah now i'm stuck in the pit
    this was a good plan
    what kind of musicians were supposed to be in this pit
    did they just throw food down
    or maybe they made them stay in whatever's past the tunnel
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, i think i'm gonna switch to bird soonigh
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): anything you wanna do before i do?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I guess I'll try and get up on the stage again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just straight pull-up ways or trying something else?
    Myrtha Oscurr: what other ways
    Wiwaxia (GM): are you going for the stage (which necessitates crossing the pit again) or the pathway
    Myrtha Oscurr: pathway i guess
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't have any other ways i can think of, but you might be able to think of something clever
    Myrtha Oscurr: not feeling especially clever atm ><
    strengthwise to get up there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, str check as before
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+11
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): you try to pull yourself up, but realize you can't before you fall
    Myrtha Oscurr: i guess i live in this hole now
    until next session at least hee
    CO: I guess I live in a hole with glass now.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (lemi is definitely online and probably flying to the veil rn)
    (leon is unaccounted for at this point on the timeline, and so can be online if bird wants)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Please don't live in a hole I'll miss you
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: In that case, I suppose I have no choice but to return to the surface world
    cO: How are you doing?
    Lemi Malloy: (fuck she's tipsy rn isn't she?)
    (I do not know how well she'd be able to type)
    Bird: (hrn i don't really wanna lock leon into time shenanigans)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yep, she is)
    Bird: (think he's sitting this one out for now)
    Lemi Malloy: (just gonna literally type w/ my eyes closed b/c I have never had an Alcohol and do not know what exact effects it would have)
    aG: I've been etter?
    aG: How are you?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, I fought some monsters, met some unhelpful sirens, and now I found this weird underground theater.
    cO: And I guess I'm looking for someone called the renegade
    cO: They're supposed to be looking for answers about this place, too.
    ((myrtha that is not at ALL an answer about how you are))
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Yay answers!
    aG: Aswers would be really nice I hope you get ansered
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: What about you?
    cO: What's happened over on your end?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I got hit by a plane
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: what

    Myrtha Oscurr WHAT
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Are
    cO: Are you OK?
    cO: Are you someplace safe, or do you have medical supplies
    Lemi Malloy: aG: yeah thats the wierd thing>???
    aG: I am pretty sure I got cut in falf but I;m not
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I don't know what I have, but I can see if I can find a first aid kit and ugh I don't know how I'd get to your planet but
    cO: ...Huh?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Im like. A nit eat u.
    aG: A bit beat up ugh srry
    aG: I think I am a little druk rn?????
    aG: So like I jumped out of the plane and got him by the other plane
    aG: And then everything felt wierd
    aG: And then mu priate friends caght me!!!!
    Lemi Malloy: aG: And the other plane crashed and probably killed some innocent iguanas struggling for life!!!!!!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Um OK well
    cO: That is not your fault
    cO: That would be the fault of whatever jerk was flying the other plane
    cO: Unless they weren't a jerk in which case it's the fault of the universe or something
    cO: Still: not you.
    Lemi Malloy: aG: No they jumped out of the plane because their guns backfired ecause they were firing at me because I blew up their propellor
    aG: BECAUSE I was trying to help comendeer their plane for my pirate friends because their plane was damaged because the other plane shot them
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...well OK then
    cO: Why were so many people flying near your planet
    cO: I've seen like 2 people that aren't snakes
    Lemi Malloy: aG: There;s a lot of planes Myrtha
    aG: like all old planes???
    aG: Don't jump ou of them its a bad idea.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well if they're dogfighting then they would be pretty old...
    cO: I will bear that in mind!
    cO: Still. Are you OK now?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Yeah my pirate friends game me some
    aG: Grog is the priate drink right?
    aG: They gave me some and now were going to the Veil
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Yes I do believe that is the pirate drink
    cO: The veil, huh?
    cO: Well, rest up and stuff.
    cO: Oh! Maybe you can come by my planet? I don't know how the distances are but I'd like to have someone to talk to who isn't a jerk snake
    Wiwaxia (GM): for maximum ironic timing
    i declare that this is when IP's motor dies
    Lemi Malloy: aG: ok!
    aG: Tht will probably not be hard!!
    aG: They said there are coool scientific abomination monsers there I can't wait
    aG: oh ok!!! I will ask!!!!
    aG: And if I find a cool skill I can bring it to you!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well I do love cool skulls!
    Lemi Malloy: aG:...Oh I gotta go
    aG: Pleas e et out of the hole!!!! Bye!!!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Be safe
    >Myrtha: be Lemi
    You are now LEON GASPAR
    in the past
    Leon Gaspar: You have just eaten some REALLY TASTY FOOD and are FEELIN' PRETTY GOOD
    which is unusual given how you've been feeling for the past twenty or so hours
    so let's see what we can see
    i see....dark shapes
    with...orange outlines?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just default pen color
    that one is ruptured
    Leon Gaspar: oh wow, it sure is
    Wiwaxia (GM): the floor around it is blasted and covered in debris and cans
    something goes crunch underfoot
    not metal
    Leon Gaspar: i flinch and look down
    Wiwaxia (GM): bone
    Leon Gaspar: uh
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's bones
    Leon Gaspar: oh god oh god oh god
    what...what kind of bones
    Wiwaxia (GM): small, broken, scattered ones
    you can keep poking around for a skull or something if you want
    Leon Gaspar: i...yeah
    myrtha might be able to identify these...
    i look for an intact skull
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't find one, but you do find a fragment of tortoise shell
    you can see the spine bones on the inside
    and something dried on them
    you really hope that's not flesh
    Leon Gaspar: eurgh. ...i captchalogue it
    what's past the boilers here? ... besides more bones
    also, how, uh, many bones? more than one skeleton's worth?
    Wiwaxia (GM): would you know how many bones would be a skeleton's worth?
    Leon Gaspar: well, is there 'a whole lot' or 'a roughly person-sized pile'
    Wiwaxia (GM): well they're not really in a neat pile
    more kinda
    all over the place
    Myrtha Oscurr: strewn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, exactly
    Leon Gaspar: ah
    oh well
    oh uh
    Karrin Blue: ((is myrtha awake to be asked?))
    Leon Gaspar: huh, is the light supposed to be on?
    Wiwaxia (GM): myrtha is busy
    with cleanup
    Karrin Blue: ahh yes
    from happy traumatimes
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a bunch of pipes against the far wall
    in addition to more cans and more bones
    (what light?)
    Leon Gaspar: (wi idk if you did it on purpose but i can see the whole room)
    (also my display driver crashed a second ago so that could be the culprit)
    Wiwaxia (GM): weird
    anyways, shouldn't really be a problem now that you're not playing cat and ouse with a basilisk in here
    Leon Gaspar: (i mean all i can actually see is the actual shape of the boilers + the crack in the floor, but)
    (yeah :V)
    i pick up a can
    empty or full?
    Wiwaxia (GM): full
    Leon Gaspar: labelled?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    gonna try and open it?
    Leon Gaspar: are we talking drink cans or food cans btw
    Wiwaxia (GM): food cans
    Leon Gaspar: ah
    yeah, if there's a pull tab
    otherwise we're gonna have to head upstairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah no
    or bust it open with a flail
    Leon Gaspar: i....can't see that going well at all
    oh, before I forget, I'm going to snap a photo of the bones as best i can with the flashlight and my phone
    and send them to Myrtha
    NI: uh
    Karrin Blue: (incidentally, the only reason Myrtha did not have a crow skull to put into her sprite was because they are apparently protected species and so are illegal to take bones from))
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hey
    NI: i, uh, found these
    NI: can...can you tell me anything about them?
    NI: whenever you get th chance
    (huh, wow. i didn't think they were that endangered)
    Wiwaxia (GM): not endangered, presumably migratory bird act
    Karrin Blue: yep
    Leon Gaspar: (...huh. i'll have to check that out)
    Karrin Blue: http://33.media.tumblr.com/7e72394e4d6aac20fef1cccd1be64a3d/tumblr_inline_mobelbhV8N1rq4clf.png
    ((but yes))
    Leon Gaspar: (:P)
    Karrin Blue: ((also at what point would Myrtha have been able to see that question?))
    Wiwaxia (GM): well could see it immediately, but i doubt she was really up for dealing with it until she'd showered and was eating at the earliest
    Lemi Malloy: (Hey Moss, u ok?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): another 45 minutes, minimum
  2. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Karrin Blue: ((hey moss, what's up?))
    k m.: hey, sorry guys
    imma copypaste my kintsugi posty thing right here
    sorry, today has been a long day
    i thought i'd have time after kayaking, but instead my kayaking buddy fell into the ocean and i had to haul everything back to shore and after we got him warm again i was super fuckin tired
    k m.:
    sorry, i'm probably going to pass out early
    wait i gcan drop in and put this in the chat
    Leon Gaspar: (whoa dude go and get some rest!!!!)
    Karrin Blue: ((seriously!)
    (go to bed, possibly eat a food before then but still!)
    k m.: anyway i am ok, he's ok, we're warm, eating, drinking, and with other people, so we're ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oof! glad everyone's okay)
    Leon Gaspar: (i'm really glad to hear that)
    Karrin Blue: (yeah, that's good)
    Leon Gaspar: (jesus, that's awful)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (go rest, yes)
    Arxon: ((good! take care of urself, k?))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (you deserve it!)
    Karrin Blue: (poor guy, but at least it sounds like he's ok)
    (yeah go take a sleep!)
    k m.: mk, i will try to catch up solidly tomorrow
    yeah, he's in a pretty good mood about it. the waves were a littleweird coming back and he turned too fast, so we're doing a kayak refresher course tomorrw if i am not jello
    Anyway, carry on! i'm jumping off to take a nap on this handy dandy chair here
    Karrin Blue: (akay)
    (45 minutes into the future)
    (what do I roll for the bone stuff?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): int twice take better
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+11
    = 12
    rolling 1d20+11
    = 14
    Arxon: ...u tried
    ur best
    Wiwaxia (GM): well at least i don't have to try to think of what that crit fail would mean
    but yeah no
    you've got nothing
    Myrtha Oscurr: FCO: Sorry, I can't tell much
    Arxon: ((CO: Leon that is 100 human skeletons))
    Leon Gaspar: (haha welp)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((well look she just had a tentacle funtime, she is not at her best))
    Leon Gaspar: (you're not wrong :P)
    alright so... what's behind these boilers? just pipes?
    Wiwaxia (GM): pipes
    some sort of control system
    normal boiler room stuff
    Leon Gaspar: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): also a corner full of dried feces and empty cans
    Leon Gaspar: oh christ
    leon making very distressed noises
    ok i'm gonna take a couple of unopened cans and uh
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((AUGH))
    Leon Gaspar: skedaddle
    but first! how's that fire going
    Wiwaxia (GM): dead
    Leon Gaspar: also, what's this grey stuff next tothe crack?
    Wiwaxia (GM): although the room's still full of smoke
    doodle misfire
    Leon Gaspar: yeah i shouldn't stay down here too long
    ah gotcha
    okay well i think i'm going to retreat
    the floor below this is the jannitor's closet, right?
    and the floor below that is flooded?
    Wiwaxia (GM): *supply closet and yep
    Leon Gaspar: ah yeah
    well, uh
    ===> Leon: feel kinda stuck
    I guess I should at least get outta this room before I asphyxiate
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably a good call yeah
    Leon Gaspar: or however that's spelled
    alright, back up to the garage
    Wiwaxia (GM): assfixihate
    Leon Gaspar: that's the one
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm pretty sure
    Leon Gaspar: :V
    the hatred of repairing buttocks
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    Leon Gaspar: ahh, new battery needed
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3 pips per battery
    Leon Gaspar: oh well
    Wiwaxia (GM): so not just yet
    Leon Gaspar: that's good!
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure is nice to not have to use candles, huh?
    Leon Gaspar: yyyyep
    poor lemi
    so, back upstairs
    i...never actually made it past the seagulls the first time, did i
    so i technically could have kept going along that way
    Wiwaxia (GM): no you got past the seagulls
    the place where you turned around there was basilisks in the water, i beleive
    lemme check the logs
    Leon Gaspar: the whole thing turned into a blur of almost-drowning
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep the other fork drops down close to the waters surface pretty rapidly
    and there was a bunch of underlings swimming around there
    so you decided to go the other way
    Leon Gaspar: which lead to me swimming over to a building at some point, right?
    did the road keep going from that point?
    Wiwaxia (GM): from the point you turned back from?
    Arxon: ((glad the underlings have a pool resort))
    Leon Gaspar: alright
    that seems like the next obvious step
    Wiwaxia (GM): iiiiii still don't have a nice elegant map for you, sorry
    Leon Gaspar: that ok
    i'm pretty happy with my inv for now, so i think i'll get going
    on the road again~
    Wiwaxia (GM): you come to the fork in the road again
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok bedtime here)
    (good night!)
    Arxon: (night!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like the underlings that were there have moved on
    Leon Gaspar: (night!)
    well that's ... good
    what's in the water around here, just more buildings?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    lower though
    you can barely see them under the murky water
    looks more residential than sky scrapers
    Leon Gaspar: huh
    well, i don't really fancy trying to explore underwater...
    what about the other fork?
    Wiwaxia (GM): is the one you already went down with the seagulls and the swimming and the skyscrapers and the storm
    i assume you're continuing down this fork?
    Leon Gaspar: yep
    since that's my only lead at the moment
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    6 Nothing
    = 6
    all nice and peaceful
    the road stretches out peacfully across the water
    Leon Gaspar: ahh
    it would be nice if i didn't almost die around here
    i keep an eye on the water on both sides for any conspicuous buildings and/or basilisks
    Wiwaxia (GM): no sign of either, really
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    1 Encounter
    = 1
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    6 Nothing
    = 6
    rolling 1t[okay-but-what-KIND-of-encounter]
    5 Carapacian
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: strollin' along, strollin' along
    this is my strollin' song
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d5
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): you come across a dersite woman pulling herself up onto the highway from a raft made of what looks like debris from the ship that went down
    Leon Gaspar: oh!
    uh, hello!
    is she up on the highway yet or could she use a hand?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not on the highway yet
    she asks who the hell you think you are
    Leon Gaspar "I'm Leon, and I live here now, I guess."
    Leon Gaspar: I attempt to offer her a hand
    the mechanic was nice...ish, maybe this lady will be too
    Wiwaxia (GM): she spits at it
    Leon Gaspar: ...or not
    (btw what was the first initial ofthe mechanic's title? i can't remember it at all(
    Wiwaxia (GM): steadfast
    Leon Gaspar "Hey, just trying to help, lady."
    Wiwaxia (GM): she provides a vivid anatomical description of just what you can do with your help
    Leon Gaspar: eurgh
    i recoil and cross my arms
    and watch her pull herself up
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+14
    = 26
    she does so quite handily
    she asks what the fuck you think you're standing around for
    Leon Gaspar: "...Just thinking."
    "You were on the ship that crashed, right?"
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, she's here on this backwater hellhole for vacation
    just decided to stop by
    take a nice stroll
    Leon Gaspar: "Have you seen the Steadfast Mechanic?"
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes she was on the ship that crashed you miserable dumbshit
    Leon Gaspar: ...Leon interrupts, losing his patience
    Wiwaxia (GM): who the fuck is that and why should she care
    actually, why shouldn't she just deck you right here?
    Leon Gaspar: "I mean you could, but I don't really see how that's going to help either of our situations."
    Leon Gaspar misses SM
    Wiwaxia (GM): she says she's got a fist and a bunch of undealt with anger, and you've got a stupid face that won't shut up
    so that's two problems solved right there
    rolling 1d20
    = 20
    Leon Gaspar: uh
    Wiwaxia (GM): don't worry
    she doesn't have fistkind
    and non-deadly weapons outside strife specibus can't crit
    Leon Gaspar: Leon: equip Cassus Bellis at soonest possible juncture
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d-1
    = 1
    rolling 1d6-1
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: that's damage to me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: also, protection bonus or no?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes you get protection
    Leon Gaspar: I take the hit and stumble back, then ===> equip Cassus Bellis
    "Yeah, well, me too"
    and swing at her
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6+4
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d6
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): that leaves her with 0 hp
    she screams some invective at you and bolts down the road
    Leon Gaspar: ...
    until she's out of sight, or stops running, or both
    Wiwaxia (GM): you also notice that casus bellis is starting to turn a little brown around the edges
    she disappears out of sight fairly soon
    Leon Gaspar: ...ugh. too good to be true, huh.
    i put it away, take a deep breath, and keep watlking
    Arxon: (....goddamn)
    Leon Gaspar: (leon is gettin real tired of these motherfucking carapacians on this motherfucking dead planet)
    (he's a friendly guy but goddamn he's having a bad day)
    Arxon: (lady if u don't wanna get hit w/ a giant flower don't go around punching teens)
    Leon Gaspar: (also ngl i will probably alchemise as many casus bellii as i can if this one dies)
    right, keeping on walking
    (how's things with you btw wi? it's getting late your time)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm winding down, yeah
    you good to call it a night?
    Leon Gaspar: ayup
    Bird: sorry i was late, but hey, i made it! and i got to see myrtha get trapped in a hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): should point out that you have just gotten to an interchange with another road
    for next time
    Bird: oh neat
    ~next time, on sburb~
    Wiwaxia (GM): episode 8
    because this chatlog's getting long
    anyways, myrtha gets 60xp
    and leon gets 300
    you wanna add that or should i?
    Bird: i can do it
    there we go!
    ...when's the next level again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 4000
    Bird: awww shiiiiit
    Wiwaxia (GM): and powers
    Bird: man getting beat on by that basilisk was totally worth it
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, except for you
    you just get a quest
    Bird: i
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then powers
    gotta get your time devices first
    Bird: what
    well at least i'll have some direction
    alright i'll let you sleep :P
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight
    Bird: night!
    Arxon: night!
    Bird: oh yeah, night arxon :P
    whimsy: -sneaks in sets up camp-
    k m.: hiiiii
    whimsy: hi ::D
    k m.: i just heard from kintsugi that game is in two hours instead of the normal in-one
    just fyi :D
    whimsy: yah
    i keep half an eye on the thread
    or rather my notifs
    less so on this tab here whoops
    thats what i get for playing two other games at the same time
    i need multiple screens
    whimsy: preferably floating ones
    but thx
    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    whimsy: hi ::D
    Karrin Blue: ah so it won't be Derse Siblings Partytime this session, good
    (partytime=near death experiences)
    how've you guys been?
    whimsy: busy "_"
    k m.: whoops, multiple tabs
    pretty decent, might have to wander out sometime this game to grab dinner because our food budget means we have no food in the house :/
    #working for the government
    Karrin Blue: Oh noo
    k m.: i'll live haha. just hoping i don't leave anything hanging when i leave
    Karrin Blue: so
    so who wants to talk about aus
    whimsy: im dreadfully behind on any sort of pop culture, even anime
    all i can think of atm is digimon aui
    k m.: damn. i do, but we're leaving. i'll be back in an hour or two, and if it's later, i should be able to get on with my phone
    Karrin Blue: ...i only know the theme song of that so
    k m.: have funnnnnn and i be backk
    Karrin Blue: safe travels1
    whimsy: cya moss
    Karrin Blue: ...and now for no explicable reason i'm listening to the code lyoko theme and considering myrtha playing the violin-y sounding bits are the start
    whimsy: heh
    Karrin Blue: it's SO CATCHY
    also god youtube stop autoplaying terrible terrible music on your homepage
    whimsy: autoplay is just
    worse than steve carlsberg
    Karrin Blue: heh.
    whimsy: ooh, night vale au
    Karrin Blue: ooh
    whimsy: wherever and whenever something mind-warpy happens, ilma is right there at ground zero
    Karrin Blue: i think myrtha is probably there
    she accidentally Eldritched
    the parking lot outside of the registrar's office.
    she's very sorry
    whimsy: myrtha is possibly related to the hooded figures
    Karrin Blue: and will pay for damages once she stops throwing up saltwater and tentacle-eyes.
    whimsy: ilma collects the tentacle-eyes, dries them, and makes a crown for myrtha out of them
    myrtha also strikes me as someone interning at the radio station
    Karrin Blue: yes probably
    she takes polearms to work
    whimsy: or the whole party are interns
    nvcr intern club
    Karrin Blue: she has different ones for every day and special ones for holidays
    whimsy: nice
    Karrin Blue: it's important to be prepared for all contingencies!
    whimsy: definitely
    ilma swears by her trusty fan and a ridiculous amount of bloodstone charms
    Karrin Blue: and the benefit of the fan is
    you can also use it to cool down
    they DO live in the desert
    whimsy: she's probably decked with them, all with different carvings and shapes, tiny ones sewn onto her dresses and between the flowers
    Karrin Blue: cool
    whimsy: lemi is definitely an intern
    she's a bit like maureen and just won't die
    first time was probably trying to take a picture of khoshekh
    Karrin Blue: myrtha probably has a cat much like khoshekh
    except a bit like roxy's mutant kitties
    whimsy: leon regularly stumbles across hidden civilisations
    Karrin Blue: myrtha has occasionally run music for the station
    mostly things are ok but
    if you listen closely there's this... weird singing sound?
    kind of echoey?
    kind of underwatery?
    whimsy: ilma digs it
    Karrin Blue: kind of makes your radio start spilling saltwater if you keep it on there too long?
    whimsy: ilma has a thingie under her radio that catches the seawater
    she probably either wins salt from it or uses it to cook
    Karrin Blue: heh
    yeah it makes your food taste weird but still
    whimsy: you gotta ask ilma if she used the salt in the food or storebought stuff
    (theres no difference sometimes)
    moss is in the library kids club
    he uses books as weapons and he reads them, he fits right in
    Karrin Blue: yep
    whimsy: ilma just visits at times, and needs to be dragged out of the library before a librarian catches her
    Karrin Blue: myrtha visits the future historical nightvale opera house
    whimsy: nice
    myrtha and ilma probably are friends with the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home
    theyre penpals with her
    that sprobably also how they know each other
    Karrin Blue: heh
    ilmatar isn't buying skulls off of myrtha?
    myrtha's skulls are probably still a thing
    though they are pretty
    oddly shaped...
    whimsy: yeah, but they gotta get to know each other first
    Karrin Blue: for desert life
    also possibly not made of bone?
    whimsy: on the other hand, evveryone probably goes to the same school
    ilma is an avid supporter of hiram mcdaniels and thinks hes so cool and becomes a fairy dragon
    Karrin Blue: ah yes.
    she took some extracurriculars and AP courses
    in being a fairy dragon
    whimsy: well, you know how adolescents are. always changeing shape.
    Karrin Blue: of course!
    whimsy: ilma and her mom probably came from outside a few years back
    ilmas mother is very glad this town and the school and everything are so supportive of her daughter's quirks, and she even has that internship, and friends, and it's generally all better
    everyone was a little bit skeptical because, well, outsiders, interlopers, but ilmas mother probably wrote a heartfelt letter to the station which cecil read and was like 'yeah those two belong to us now' or sth
    Karrin Blue: hee
    and lemi and the rest of the group probably adopted ilma
    whimsy: whee ::DD
    Karrin Blue: mrg i'll go ping wiwaxia
    whimsy: ima go put my last three dumplings on the steamer, im hungry)
    Karrin Blue: k!
    whimsy: hi wi ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): heya
    you should bump over to episode 8
    where the cool kids are
  3. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    i a hundred percent forget that this happened right before d&d
    and then i passed out for a day & the next day another teammate fell in :/

    this is fun! i'm reading through these again and trying to figure out where in the US i was based on what i was talking about in the sidechatter (because i am v self centered haha)
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  4. TheSeer

    TheSeer 37 Bright Visionary Crushes The Doubtful

    Yaaaaaaay SBURB game! I needed a cheer-up. (Though I don't know what it says about me that reading this cheers me up, it's basically traumatizedkidsmakepoorlifedecisions.txt)

    You left a strikethrough tag open in the lemi-almost-gets-bisected one, btw.
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  5. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    got it, thanks! (not actually an open tag, just an unfortunate congruence between bbcode and the [s] prefix for homestuck flashes)
  6. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    leon is gonna alchemize himself a papyrus
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  7. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    I'm taking over logdumping for Wi!
    Arxon: (hello!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo!
    Arxon: How are you? :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's been kinda a weird floppish brainfuzz week
    but today is much better than the rest of the week has been
    Arxon: glad you're feeling better
    Wiwaxia (GM): me too
    and thank you
    i hope it sticks
    are other people around or all they all trapped over in episode 7?
    i should go check
    Bird: gmorning everyone
    Arxon: hello!
    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    whimsy: oh wow
    Karrin Blue: we got everyone here!
    i think.
    whimsy: for those of you versed in wtnv, you might wanna read the tailend of 7, where karrin and i mused about a wtnv au of this session
    Arxon: yesss I'm just gonna check that out really quick
    whimsy: we should probably crosspost that to the thread anyways
    Wiwaxia (GM): oooh
    Karrin Blue: yes we should
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, my timeline software got a major version update, so i'm kinda poking at that in the background
    Bird: ooh neat
    Arxon: I love everything about night vale au
    Karrin Blue: :D
    whimsy: ::D
    (just a headsup since about five minutes a raging headache is building and i just took an aspirin and hope it helps)
    Karrin Blue: oh nooo
    fingers crossed!
    drink some tea
    whimsy: thanks
    i drank some water
    finished my sour cherry juice earlier. i think i did drink enough today, but whoa wtf
    Karrin Blue: anyhow
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, got the general gist of that, can fiddle with details later
    although it looks like I'll be able to export to the web from this version
    or at least send you guys a zip file of the timeline you can poke through in a browser
    Arxon: k!
    whimsy: nice ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): Okay, so who wants to start?
    whimsy: can we get a who's where on the timeline?
    Karrin Blue: I would like to play but I know that I'm pretty far ahead..?
    Bird: i think leon's still at t=23? ish?
    i wanna level him up but also the prospitians haven't gone for a while
    whimsy: well i gloriously slept through last session (sorry bout that, btw)
    Bird: nah dude it's cool
    Karrin Blue: yeah srsly
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, lemme wrangle this thing a bit
    bluh bluh, gonna have to reorganize everything
    oh well
    leon is at t=29h, poking around in the boiler room and finding skeletons
    lemi and myrtha just finished pestering eachother at t=32h
    Bird: oh wow he's further thh
    than i expcted
    dumb enter key
    Wiwaxia (GM): ilmatar is at t=27:30, hiking back to the consort village in the hopes of getting less wet and cold
    and moss just got a very rude awakening via gutstab at about t=28h
    whimsy: so moss or me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    is moss available or still mia?
    Karrin Blue: (i've been seeing pictures of jewelry with tiny skulls carved from pearls and it's very myrtha imo)
    Arxon: (I'm glad because stuff that is probably at least 70% of the myrtha tag on Lemi's blog)
    Karrin Blue: (lemiblog?)
    Arxon: http://aphoticgaze.tumblr.com/
    http://aphoticgaze.tumblr.com/tagged/myrtha tag
    I need to go on another queue binge
    Bird: me too tbh
    Karrin Blue: niiice
    oooh that star makeup on the hands and feet
    whimsy: (it seems like moss is still mia atm, i'd like to start and catch up a little)
    (but i'll be slow with responding, i'm not on top of my game atm)
    Wiwaxia (GM): noted
    and 's okay, I can fiddle with the timeline upgrade in the background
    Karrin Blue: also this
    v myrtha
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ima put on my worst soaked cat expression of "any fucks i mightve given of not brutally eviscerating you are currently gone" and truck back to the village
    Wiwaxia (GM): nobody does fuck with you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: good
    Wiwaxia (GM): the basilisk appears to remain blessedly unaware of your existence
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aös
    *also good
    Wiwaxia (GM): or if it does notice you, it doesn't deign to aggress
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i can deal with that
    Wiwaxia (GM): you notice scorch marks around the grist pile that weren't there before as you stop to pick up the healing gel cube
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheheheh
    i take a picture
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna try poking em again, or proceed to the village?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: like hell i will, back to the village
    dry off first, go prod stuff later
    Wiwaxia (GM): as you approach the village, you notice there's noone in the rice fields
    although there are some stray farming implements dropped on ledges or in the water
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah they probably scrammed to get out of dodge
    doors and windows all closed, i hope?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the village is also deserted, with the exception of a single salamander guard
    Ilmatar Nordwind: D::
    (oh hey guestgiver)
    ima approach them
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, the doors and windows are open holes
    no shutters or doors
    just holes in how the bismuth grew
    Ilmatar Nordwind: they should invest in those lol
    so yeah approaching the guard
    guard: not yellow one! are you well?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Could be better. Weathered the ash storm in a rice paddy and I'm soaked to the bones now. I hope the rest of the village found shelter somewhere?"
    guard: glub!
    they are all sheltered by the village crone's fire
    where you should be, too!
    i'd show you there myself, but i have to keep watch for Imps
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "it sounds warm and dry, yes. why are you out here?"
    "i've destroyed a bunch of them before the ash storm hit, but until i find out where they come from and destroy the nest, i can't promise you safety. i'm sorry."
    guard: watching for all these goddamn imps. goddamn pain in the ash
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "keep up the good work."
    guard: glub! someone's gotta do it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "i hope you guys have shifts."
    I fish a bug treat bag from my sylladex and hand it to the guard.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the guard glubs a bubble of thanks, and shoos you towards the the crone's cave/hut/whatever above the village
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i was just about to say, once they took it ima head to the crone's abode
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's pretty crowded in there
    everyone in the village is huddled around a firepit full of what looks like rice plant scraps
    the crone sits on the far side of it, crosslegged and queit
    everyone else is starting to jostle and chatter a bit
    with a lot of nervous glubbing as they start to relax
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "greetings from the outside, in case you haven't noticed, the ash storm has passed"
    salamander: yes yes, glub
    come warm yourself!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Thank you. May I ask why you are all still inside, here?"
    crone: a little community never hurts, hmm?
    we are all still inside to comfort eachother and hold close to the flame
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (im suddenly glad i gave the guard the treats, bc thats a shit job rn)
    crone: the Slumbering One is restless, hmm
    Ilmatar Nordwind: my eyes go wide.
    "The Slumbering One?"
    crone: hmm hmm, eager for more tales of him?
    now is not the time, young traveler
    come, sit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i sit down by the fire, captchalogue my raincoat, and hoard some place by the fire where i put my shoes, socks, and dress to dry while i huddle in one of my blankets. i love being prepared.)
    "Why not, if I may ask? While my stuff's drying, now's a good time as any. I felled the monsters I've seen mulling about, except for the one near the Gazebo, I was warned those were strong."
    crone: he has caused trouble and enough for us just now, has he not, hmm?
    i see you are eager, young one
    but rest, and talk, and take and give comfort
    be still, hmm
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i do as instructed, and feel very, very strange)
    (silence is not a thing of many people around. people around means noise, even if said people don't see me and i'm not part of the noise!)
    (this here, with the just sitting together in silence is very, very alien)
    Wiwaxia (GM): a small salamander next to you jostles you and glubs amicably about how scary the ash cloud was
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I grin at it. "But you survived it, and that's what matters."
    small_alamander: glub!
    small: salamander the crone said it was the Slumbering One being restless, but
    the small salamander leans in close and glubs conspiritorially
    small_salamander: I think he just farted
    Karrin Blue: ((snrk))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: -snickering-
    Arxon: ((smallllll c:))
    Karrin Blue: (so smol)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Well it certainly was hard to breathe in there..."
    Karrin Blue: (also. have any of these salamanders mentioned anything about how SOMEONE'S got to be farmin' all this goddamn rice, pain in the ass though it truly be?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the small salamander explodes in gales of hysterical glubbing, and one of the other salamanders nearby futily attempts to shush them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Did I... say something wrong?"
    other_salamander: oh, don't indulge him or we'll never hear the end of "the Slumbering One's farts"
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I smile a bit weakly. "For what it's worth it did cheer me up. Hey, little one, keep up the humor, but you've got to branch out a bit, yes? Can't repeat the same joke again and again."
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's no use, he is completely beside himself with the farts
    Ilmatar Nordwind: five year olds, man
    Karrin Blue: ((technically these guys might be only 27 hours old or so))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (sshh, they retroactively existed however long it takes for a salamander to grow to three cheese height)
    Karrin Blue: (fair enough)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    retroactive existence is the best thing
    also, i continue to be in awe of the fact that german is a real language with real idioms
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::P
    Karrin Blue: (it's very impressive, yes)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: dreikäsehoch is a wonderful term
    Karrin Blue: (actually the next time my brother comes home i can use weird german idioms as smalltalk!)
    what's that one mean
    oh awit
    3 cheese tall
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    Karrin Blue: (ncidentally, complete tangent question, in princess tutu the series is technically set in germany, all the architecture is inspired by real german buildings, but the name of the town is 'gold crown town' what would that be in German?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (Goldkronenstadt, or a variation thereof)
    Karrin Blue: (neat!)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (town names sometimes have some very interesting spellings, because of dialects or because they were named pre-languageshift)
    Karrin Blue: (http://mid-childan-puella-magi.tumblr.com/post/142103419956/the-world-is-a-corner-fragolette-kinkan here is a compilation post of architectural references, because I think it's neat as hell)
    (also visible: our lady and savior Literal Swan. or something. it's thematic ok.)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (::D)
    Karrin Blue: (srsly princess tutu is the best and everyone should watch it.)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (well-done reserch is a gift)
    Karrin Blue: (especially if you like references because like. there are so many.)
    (one character comes in as a joke and does a ridiculous dance and it's funny.)
    Arxon: (+1 to Princess Tutu I adore Princess Tutu)
    Karrin Blue: (it is more or less a copy of a genuine performance of very controversial ballet)
    Arxon: (Rite of Spring, right?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (its on my list, but i think ivy wants to watch pmmm first, and then nge, and i dont wanna watch stuff alone)
    Karrin Blue: (the femio episode)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: So. further glubbing fom the Salamanders?
    Karrin Blue: (also like all of the score is classical music and if you are the sort of nerd like me who looks up ballet plots on wikipedia there's hidden symbolism)
    (ah yes sorry for tangenting)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (another thing that's alien, here, the stories are things of worry, whereas for me, they're things of comfort)
    Wiwaxia (GM): salamanders are starting to filter back out in groups of twos and threes
    although plenty seem content to keep sitting and glubbing
    as far as you can tell, conversation is starting to shift from just nervous chatter about the ash cloud to more general gossip
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    I wanna get halfways dry and warm before i head back, so i'll stay by the fire for now
    Karrin Blue: (anyone online to chat with you?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((obviously, the point of this is that ilma needs to experience the present moment because it's going to become important down the line)) (the wonderful thing is that one could interpret this as going forward, of digging the heels in and holding the illusion tihjrly))
    Karrin Blue: (aww)
    Arxon: (Ilma u bab)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (shes such a mess, i love her)
    Arxon: (Well Adjusted Kids: The SBURB Motto)
    Karrin Blue: (yes. these are some healthy children.)
    k m.: (oh cool i didn't miss a ridiculous amount hey guys/also moss would be great in the library books group wtnv au)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (yeah thats why i put them there) (i thought of books fall, everyone dies, and it fit so well)
    (its currently slow bc im on like 15% processing power and wi is mildly distracted by the update to the timeline software
    k m.: (ouch, well, i have no problems with waiting for stuff to happen, i just had a great dinner and the first beer in a v long time so i'm in a pretty great mood)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (wheeee ::DD)
    k m.: (guinness: ambrosia of the gods)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, speaking of pulling myself away from the timeline
    what's ilmatar gonna do?
    just sit an listen until everyone's drifted off?
    try to strike up conversation?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sit and listen and warm up, i think. she feels weird, but doesn't really know how to deal with that
    if the salamanders talk to her, she'll answer
    Wiwaxia (GM): they seem mostly absorbed in their gossip
    every now and again one will bustle up to you
    and make sure you're alright
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ilma listens. it's what she usually does when she's invisible again
    Wiwaxia (GM): seems to be mostly farm-town gossip, as near as you can tell
    you notice that apparently nobody has proper names
    they all go by descriptors or distinguishing characteristics
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh! well, that's a thing in fairy tales and among fae.
    Wiwaxia (GM): someone offers you a cup of rice tea
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i thank them and accept
    Karrin Blue: (like, genmaicha?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): like that but with something other than green tea
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((im drifting off, i think i need to bow out now))
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay!
    Karrin Blue: (sleep well!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): wouldn't be surprised if ilmatar nodded off in-game, too
    whimsy: (n8. don't set the house on fire)
    Wiwaxia (GM): :P
    whimsy: (wait, wrong rp)
    heh ::D
    Karrin Blue: (i mean it's not like it's bad advice for our chars)
    Arxon: (Good night!)
    Karrin Blue: (gnight!)
    k m.: (gnight!)
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  8. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): so who wants to go next?
    Karrin Blue: moss?
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss and bird get dibs b/c timeline
    Karrin Blue: i'd like to go but i'm ahead of everyonebut arxon i think
    k m.: totes! I'll go unless bird wants it
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing!
    you just woke up due to getting your dreamself stabbed in the gut
    and proceeded to snark about it while infodumping about nyx
    k m.: ah yes, that
    goooood times
    Wiwaxia (GM): will snark about it 3 hours in the future
    what are you gonna do in the meantime?
    k m.: well, i'm not gonna get mugged, THAT'S for sure
    Moss Kaplan: ok. hmm.
    well, i want to get back to track down lemi
    but i also kind of want to explore.... and i'm not totally sure how effective this mystic mumbojumbo "knock me out for a bit please trees" works
    ...still, i can always try it. retest the method and all that
    Yeah, I'm gonna try it.
    Wiwaxia (GM): predictably, absolutely nothing happens
    Moss Kaplan: "ugh, pseudoscience", i mutter under my breath, and go back to my tower
    searching for more heavy books to shoot at people, mostly
    Wiwaxia (GM): "heavy books to shoot" is 4 or lower on a d6
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d6
    = 2
    heckerson yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get lets say 1d4
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d4
    = 4
    Karrin Blue: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 4d100
    rolling 4d100
    = 292
    84: Logic 88: Ethics 28: Surgery 92: Religion
    Karrin Blue: ((ooh, now when you need to do impromptu surgery you have a reference text!)
    Moss Kaplan: (meanwhile, picturing moss chucking a family bible at an imp. like, one with an apocrypha & glossary)
    Wiwaxia (GM): in particular, a big book on the Eastern Orthodox Church
    Moss Kaplan: ooh ok that works
    plus, i mean, even if i don't shoot it at someone, i can always read it if i get bored
    or if i'm hiding up a tree!
    Karrin Blue: (is it like a religious text or like someone's analytic book)
    Wiwaxia (GM): analytic book
    probably shouldn'ta gmrolled rolling for that, but whatever
    Moss Kaplan: ehhhhh -shrugging-
    ok! now that i have weapons & also reading material (also, did i gain any health from my impromptu nap or was it cancelled out by my brief concussion)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you did regain health, but i believe you already rolled for it
    Moss Kaplan: ok! i can never remember these things.
    in that case, i set off, heading......hmmmmm. Left, on the basis that i haven't done that before and maybe this planet will be surprised
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, apparently you neglected to roll for it
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d6 +5
    = 8
    k, inputted
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, whoops, failed to update timeline properly
    doublechecking how long you've got before that conversation happens
    okay, checking over the chatlogs from that session
    it appears that the convo happens pretty much immediately
    Moss Kaplan: oh, good.
    infodump: initiate
    Wiwaxia (GM): at 31 hours
    for reference
    Moss Kaplan: sweet
    Wiwaxia (GM): sI: huh, Nyx?
    aG: I am pretty sure she's Greek? Something to do with night, so maybe there is some Greek god or titan or whatever of day that's she's opposed to?
    aG: Oh wait yeah Moss you probably have this
    cO: Hi Moss!
    sI: well, I mean, Nyx was pretty important to Greek history and culture...let me see what i can remember!
    sI: Ok, well Nyx was one of the first gods. like, hard-core elemental kind of goddess. think, like, chronos, gaea. she's usually, yeah, depicted as night
    Wiwaxia (GM): sI: though either her opposing god is Hemera or Eos - the former being the elemental goddess of day, and the latter being the goddess of the dawn
    sI: i'd go with her opposite as being Hemera, personally, it seems more legit
    cO: Anything about Nyx in particular?
    sI: well, she was kind of a bad ass. even zeus was in awe of her. and, hey, points for being a single mother at some point: she made the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain all on her own self
    cO: So that's something to consider
    cO: How's your bullshit fantasy adventure been going?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sI: you know. bullshit. fantasy. but adventurous!
    Moss Kaplan: hindsight: 20/20
    bullshit fantasy adventure a go, Houston
    Wiwaxia (GM): so what now?
    Moss Kaplan: To the Left! I shall traverse the great plains of my land, and emerge victorious, or, at any rate, alive. or, at any rate - whatever.
    every so often i'm going to try to take a nap in a tree, or sit in a tree while asking for sweet blessed unconsciousness, or sit in a tree while talking to myself, which at this point in my life is about par for the course
    Karrin Blue: (ok i am gonna go tobed)
    (gnight guys!)
    Moss Kaplan: (gnight!!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    to the left, to the left
    alright, you wanna move yourself the path you're taking?
    Arxon: (night!)
    Moss Kaplan: basically, straight thataway
    while looking around, of course
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't see much but cracking mud and heat haze
    only the very center of the erstwhile river is even slightly damp anymore
    Moss Kaplan: i continue through all this dust and mud and dusty mud
    do i see anything in this "forest"?
    scare quotes since i assume it's dying like everything else
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, dying yes, dead no
    the trees are big enough that they're only just starting to die
    although the living ones are hardly the model of health
    Moss Kaplan: i push one tentatively and am mildly surprised when it doesn't fall over, then
    poor trees
    Wiwaxia (GM): for reference
    we are talking mostly fucking huge rainforest trees, here
    that said
    trying to push one over is still hilarious
    Moss Kaplan: ah, then i am less surprised when it doesn't fall, then :D
    Arxon: (My name is moss and i speak for the trees)
    Moss Kaplan: (moss finds the north side of a tree and just holds on for the rest of their life)
    (pff gah, lorax)
    Wiwaxia (GM): pffft
    what even is the north side of these trees, though
    Moss Kaplan: magic
    Wiwaxia (GM): as you stop to muse, you hear distant crashing from this direction
    Moss Kaplan: yikes
    i hide behind a tree, making that the north side
    and both listen & look v hard
    Wiwaxia (GM): the crashing neither stops nor comes closer
    you see some trees
    Moss Kaplan: huh. well, ok, i continue tentatively on my way
    Wiwaxia (GM): the crashing continues
    doesn't sound like its moving much
    Moss Kaplan: clearly someone is having a tantrum
    ......ok dammit, my curiosity. it is piqued.
    i go towards the crashing
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get to about here before you can start to see an ogre just kind of wading and crashing around aimlessly through the underbrush
    Moss Kaplan: "what even is your malfunction" i think. about the ogre, of course.
    ....and then i leave and continue Left
    Wiwaxia (GM): When you get to about here you can see an Imp scuffing around across the clearing
    Moss Kaplan: ugh what the fuck
    i skirt around, planning on a surprise attack because like whatever dude
    Wiwaxia (GM): it spots you or hears you or something, and scurries away into the underbrush
    Moss Kaplan: whelp alright then
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d20
    = 30
    yeah you're getting ambushed
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Moss Kaplan: dammitalltohell
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have and imp chomped on to your shoulder now
    Moss Kaplan: what a little fucker
    i contemplate the ethics of beaning him in the head
    by which i mean i hit him with the ethics book
    rolling d20
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits him, and tears his body clean off
    i mean, still roll d6 for damage
    cause overkill counts towards xp
    Moss Kaplan: I ponder the ethical ramifications
    rolling d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): but yeah he's dead
    Moss Kaplan: #gotmuggedbutdidn'tdie2k16
    i continue on my perilous journey
    Wiwaxia (GM): 6 dust grist', '4 dust grist', '6 build grist
    Moss Kaplan: after, of course, collecting all dat grist
    Wiwaxia (GM): so far, so good
    Moss Kaplan: i....look around suspiciously
    Wiwaxia (GM): you espy these motherfuckers through the trees
    although they don't seem to have spotted you
    Moss Kaplan: i tiptoe around
    so that the imp is between me and the basilisk
    Wiwaxia (GM): this dude kinda casually wanders out from the treeline onto the riverbank
    Moss Kaplan: noooooooo
    i go up a tree
    thereby gaining the highground
    roll to climb trees?
    Wiwaxia (GM): str check, yep
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d20 + 12
    = 31
    Wiwaxia (GM): no time pressure, so you are assumed to have climbed the tree unless you crit fail
    Moss Kaplan: yayyyyy
    Wiwaxia (GM): which you didn't
    failure would have meant attracting attention, but nope
    Moss Kaplan: i lurk, and wait
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's actually a crit success
    Moss Kaplan: moss: apparently great at sticking to trees
    Wiwaxia (GM): you managed to find a super defensible position in a tree
    anyone attacking you is at disadvantage unless they also climb up
    from here, you can also see
    Moss Kaplan: christ
    Wiwaxia (GM): the loam imp wanders out into the open
    Moss Kaplan: how far away from my tree?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 20 m
    not close at all
    Moss Kaplan: yeah nah, i continue lurking
    Wiwaxia (GM): also. since you're up on a tree you can see farther
    Moss Kaplan: cool
    Wiwaxia (GM): this is mostly relevant because of the sandstone ogre on the far river bank
    Moss Kaplan: ugh what even the fuck
    i resist the urge to wave at it
    Wiwaxia (GM): the dirt ogres and the loam imp wander some
    the basilisk stays put, lurking in the undergrowth
    k m.: also, shit, my sleep schedule says i shoulda been asleep a good two hours ago
    i'm starting to zone out
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay!
    Arxon: night!
    k m.: niiiight! 's been cool
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm winding down too
    you willing to go next week, bird?
    and i should have the meteor geomorphs scanned by then so i can run you, arxon
    Arxon: yay :D meteor funtimes!
    night, Wi, Bird! see yall next week!
  9. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello!
    Karrin Blue: How goes life?
    Wiwaxia (GM): mneeeh
    Karrin Blue: that sucks!
    hmm, should we figure out souveneirs that will be sent back with the baby-usses
    Wiwaxia (GM): can't hurt
    Karrin Blue: hmm
    myrtha could get one of the skulls off the plane?
    Should I ping the thread?
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, I can
    Karrin Blue: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): checked in with moss, they can't make it, i assume bird is asleep
    Karrin Blue: and arxon can't make today right
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    but i can just run you two for a bit
    Karrin Blue: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): whimsy, you wanna start?
    Karrin Blue: Whimsy?
    Maybe they fell asleep?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, maybe
    Karrin Blue: Shall I go, then?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, let's go
    you are still in the pit full of glass chunks
    Karrin Blue: so last time
    i got stuck in a hole?
    with glass?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    and a mysterious grate over a tunnel or something at one end
    Karrin Blue: yep
    in lieu of a better plan
    I shall go examine the great
    also i just tried three different times to spell lieu properly
    ;;;and messed up grate entirely.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's made of hefty metal bars embedded into the stone above and below
    vertical only
    the bars are flaky with rust, but still quite strong
    Karrin Blue: how wide are the gaps?
    Wiwaxia (GM): wide enough to fit your arm through, but not your head
    Karrin Blue: hmm
    any switches or similar devices?
    either on my side, or around the edges
    of the other side
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing in this vicinity, at least
    Karrin Blue: and I have yet to figure out the walking through walls thing
    in that case
    back to the whole 'finding a way out of this pit' thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): one of the bars has some of the stone around where it's anchored on the bottom chipped
    still quite firm, though
    Karrin Blue: huh.
    how much of the stone?
    Wiwaxia (GM): bout 120 degrees of the circle around the bar, a couple of centimeters deep
    there's some other cracks, too
    Karrin Blue: Interesting
    So, the only ways out of the pit are to lift myself onto the theater or seats?
    Sorry, had to refresh the page
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, if you managed to take a bar out somehow, you could probably squeeze through the gap, but otherwise yes, it appears so
    Karrin Blue: Hmm
    You said the bars were still pretty strong?
    so I don't think I could break them
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, no
    Karrin Blue: and if they extend deep enough I couldn't wiggle out one
    Wiwaxia (GM): certainly not with brute strength
    so gonna try to just haul yourself out again, or something else?
    Karrin Blue: Let's see
    Hmm, could I possibly shove some of the larger glass things over to an edge?
    To step on them?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, sure
    how big are you trying to move?
    Karrin Blue: Hmm I dunno
    maybe three of descending sizes
    like a snowman
    so I can climb em
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay
    so the biggest at like what, waist high?
    Karrin Blue: I think so, yeah!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    it's pretty heavy, but you're able to walk and half-roll it over to the edge of the pit
    which edge, by the way?
    also, you're wearing a long sleeved coat, yeah?
    Karrin Blue: I think I am
    that's right
    Wiwaxia (GM): made out of something fairly sturdy, i assume
    so i'm not gonna make you roll for abrasions on your arms or the like
    Karrin Blue: OK
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, which edge of the pit are you climbing out of?
    Karrin Blue: Stairs edge I think
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    anyways, moving the first big boulder takes long enough that you get an exploration die roll
    you wanna roll that or should I?
    Karrin Blue: you roll it
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    not really relevant to you
    Myrtha Oscurr: indeed.
    options for places to go are
    pit again and back up to the tunnel?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you haven't really poked around the back of the amphitheater, and there's a door at the end of the hallway alongside
    but first i think moving the other two boulders is gonna take long enough for another exploration die roll
    Myrtha Oscurr: The unlocked door?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that sound fair?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I remember that I had the choice between an unlocked door and the ampitheater
    and yes that sounds fair
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep. that one.
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    well yeah, i don't doubt it with all that pushing and hauling and shoving
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yeah
    how long has it been since my last sleep?
    Wiwaxia (GM): four and a half hours, about
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK
    I shall explore the back of the ampitheater then
    behind the seats, is what I assume you mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): behind and around
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright
    So what's over there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the seats are really stone benches of a piece with the floor and separated by a number of stairs up to the back
    the aisle/foot space between the bench of each row and the back of the next is filled with rubble, dust and stray refuse
    there's some scribblings on the seats and walls, none comprehensible
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    Any pictures?
    like, tiny cartoony sirens
    Wiwaxia (GM): none immediately obvious from where you are, although you could poke around the rows and investigate the graffiti more
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    Well I'll poke around a little I think
    Wiwaxia (GM): you find a creepy-ass doodle of an eye with the Nyx browser icon in place of a pupil staring up at you from the floor
    a doodle of a siren doing something ambiguous but probably crude
    and on one wall, in a very neat cursive hand "the wires are broken the wires are broken the wires are broken the sshires are broken the whires are brokken the wires are broen the wires" covering a couple square meters of wall tucked up against the back, getting more and more full of typos towards the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh dear.
    Myrtha Oscurr photo
    Myrtha Oscurr should look into that issue.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the photo didn't take
    Myrtha Oscurr tries again to double-check
    Myrtha Oscurr: if it's supernatural happenings or just bad conditions
    Wiwaxia (GM): the photo didn't take
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm.
    Well I'll go and look in the dorway
    Wiwaxia (GM): the door opens into empty space
    Myrtha Oscurr: uh
    how empty
    Myrtha Oscurr was worried there would be just empty literal void out in there
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably not?
    but it's dark and it sounds big
    as your eyes adjust you can see that there is a "floor" of a grid of thick rods of cobalt glass, barely visible against the open darkness below them
    Myrtha Oscurr: How far down is it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the glass grid?
    just a step down
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    I do not have any rope
    Wiwaxia (GM): for reference
    Myrtha Oscurr: it seems like poor planning to go there without such supplies
    Wiwaxia (GM): the gaps between the rods are wide enough to comfortably fit an hand through, and enough that tripping or your foot slipping through is a concern, but falling bodily is not
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh
    then I miiight go and try and walk across it
    because if i can't fall down
    and die from said falling
    then I want to explore
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    the glass rods are rounded and quite slippery, and you can't see the walls, but you can pick your way across slowly
    Myrtha Oscurr: I shall do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): moving across the glass floor in a straight line, you come to another unlocked door
    it opens in and there's no handle or other obvious way to get a grip on it, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: I can't just push it?
    or wait
    Wiwaxia (GM): opens in towards you
    Myrtha Oscurr: it would be a pull door
    yeah ok
    can I like
    walk around to see if there are any other doors on the other sides
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's one
    in that it is an open archway beyond which the glass grid stops
    Myrtha Oscurr: is there a platform or soemthing
    where I could stand and look through the doorway
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahahano
    oh stand and look through it, yes
    you just need to stand on the glass grid
    right by the edge of it
    it's dark back there, anyways
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh boy
    back to solid ground I think
    Wiwaxia (GM): back toward the handleless door?
    Myrtha Oscurr: No, the one I came in by
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    you are back here with nice, solid ground under your feet
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yaay
    OK so
    was there any way to get to the stage area of the ampitheater other than through the pit
    Wiwaxia (GM): not that you saw
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    do you think i could make another stack of glass things to climb up there
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, sure
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    2 Environmental Hazard
    = 2
    a trickle of water starts to wind from the grate across the floor of the pit
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh dear.
    Well, can I still climb up to the stage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: (either the water won't get high enough to be a problem in a small amount of time
    or if it does, I can just swim across
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get your stairs finished while the water is still pooling
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK
    Myrtha Oscurr climbs!
    Myrtha Oscurr: So
    How big is the stage?
    Is there a backstag area at all?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nice big stage
    about 16m across
    there's some areas shielded from the audience by stone curtain walls, but no real wings or backstage
    Myrtha Oscurr does a little danc
    Myrtha Oscurr: *dance
    Wiwaxia (GM): unless you count the space between the glass shadow puppet screen and the glass lens in the ceiling focusing light through it
    Myrtha Oscurr: I see
    So, I'll poke around and look for carvings and such
    significant-looking sorts of things
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing mythic looking, certainly
    you find a lever labeled "emergency light cover"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....
    "There's light here?"
    Wiwaxia (GM): empty stone bins of a piece with the floor labeled for shadow puppets
    Myrtha Oscurr: Enough that you'd need to cover it when you're doing shadow plays
    Wiwaxia (GM): you gonna pull it?
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): shunk
    a stone slab slides out of the ceiling to block the light from the lens from reaching the shadow puppet screen
    at the same time, other stone sheets on the ceiling slide back to reveal more lenses focusing light from the surface
    to blanket the front of the stage in admittedly somewhat dim light and cover all shadows
    Myrtha Oscurr: Interesting..
    any secret messages revealed?
    or other things moved?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well there is a message in the lever slot revealed when it moved down
    "locked for safety, manual reset of screen light requited"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...goddammit
    manual reset?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's what is says, yep
    what about it?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Let's see
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, you hear a sudden deep glugging sound from the tunnel
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...oh dear
    are there any stairs or ladders up to the top part
    where I could do the manual reset stuff
    Wiwaxia (GM): ladder might be a bit generous, but you find some footholds carved into the stone up to a catwalk across the back of the stage, behind the light
    Myrtha Oscurr climb climb climb
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is at this point that a wall of water comes roaring out of the tunnel entrance, streaming around the bars, crashes over, rolls and picks up the boulders of glass and slams into the far wall with enough force to make the room shake
    Myrtha Oscurr: WELLP
    Wiwaxia (GM): your stairs are scattered, and you see chips and sheets of glass shattered off the larger boulders
    Myrtha Oscurr: D:<
    how much water is there
    are all the bars still there
    Wiwaxia (GM): the pit is full up to the stage almost immediately, then the water stops and calms
    the bars all look to be still there
    Myrtha Oscurr: Can I climb up the footholds?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: I shall do so!
  10. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): once up on the catwalk, you can dimly see a hefty loop of chain hanging down in the middle of it
    there's also a number more levers up here
    whimsy: (hello)
    Myrtha Oscurr: any labels on those?
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like there's some to open and close the house lights, some bar the doors, one that appears to be jammed and the label deliberately defaced, a second "emergency light cover" also depressed with the same lock and message on it as the one down below, a number that look to open and pivot spotlights, one enigmatically labeled "wires"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...
    Myrtha Oscurr will pull 'wires'
    Wiwaxia (GM): a control panel full of wires opens up
    one whispers faintly, the rest are dead
    there's a number of switches labeled clearly in a way that evidently meant something to someone once
    Myrtha Oscurr lightly touches the qhispering one
    Myrtha Oscurr: o.o
    Myrtha Oscurr pulls back her hand
    Myrtha Oscurr: ..."Why would this be in a THEATER"
    ...hm, but it definitely seems that the lines need to be repaired
    whimsy: (sounds like a nightvalean theatre) (or more like a nightvalean opera)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yeah)
    (hm, well)
    (I think I shall go and get out of here and head back to my house for now)
    either I'll restack my glass things
    or swim across if the water is that high
    Wiwaxia (GM): how well does myrtha know how to swim?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I mean probably not too badly
    like if the water is pretty calm
    Wiwaxia (GM): the water isn't really rising or flowing anywhere, but it is swirling around turbulently
    and there's small shards of glass suspended in it
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...still don't really have a better way to get across this moat
    Wiwaxia (GM): well you could wait and see if the water goes down or calms
    Myrtha Oscurr: Well I guess I'll do that
    and try poking the wires again in the meantime
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one that's making some noise or the silent ones?
    well noises isn't quite right
    Myrtha Oscurr: the whispering one
    Wiwaxia (GM): it bypasses your ears and goes straight into your mind
    Myrtha Oscurr: also the silent ones a bit, to see if they're loose or anything
    if the break is here
    Wiwaxia (GM): the wires aren't loose, no
    the break isn't here
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Is there.. anything alive in there? Or thinking, at least..."
    "Well, I'm going to try and figure out how to repair the other wires.In case you were interested in knowing that, I guess."
    are the waters any calmer?
    's what I figured
    either people were having a lot of heart to heart conversations in the upper levels of a theater or these things picked stuff up from all over the place.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the water seems to be calming down a bit, but it's also started to rise again
    it's spilling over the stage and lapping at the feet of the first row of seats
    Myrtha Oscurr: well, I guess I'll go and swim across while it's calmer and not so high
    Wiwaxia (GM): just gonna jump in or swim across in your clothes?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...also the village thing was UPHILL of here right
    swim across in clothes
    if there's glass in this i don't wanna be naked
    or if there are river monsters
    or theater monsters
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep uphill of here
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok so they're not gonna get flooding
    that is good!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't encounter any river or theater monsters, but you do get a bunch of little glass shards caught in your clothing
    Myrtha Oscurr: :b
    Wiwaxia (GM): the big ones seems to have all settled, but the little dust-and-needles ones are still swirling around
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh that's fun
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, you're sopping wet now, and your clothes have gotten quite heavy
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah I'm gonna go home
    whimsy: (we should all bring a change of clothes or two with us) (with all the water weve got going on here) (and towels)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yeah myrtha is gonna shower and change into new clothes)
    (also i googled how to get glass shards out of clothes and it looks like shaking them out and then washing normally is fine)
    whimsy: wait for the clothes to dry first glass shards ec tiny ones stick like hell
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    whimsy: speaking from experience here
    Wiwaxia (GM): a complete list of lands where getting wet is not a concern:
    Myrtha Oscurr: hee
    wait that's moss' right
    there have to be ponds for frogs right
    whimsy: their quest is to bring water back to the land, first ::D
    Myrtha Oscurr: ahh yeah
    well anyways
    Wiwaxia (GM): also just as a heads up
    between little bits of glass and heavy wet clothing, you're at disadvantage for literally everything until you get a change of clothes
    Karrin Blue: urgh browser
    I will just head back I think
    because I do not have a clothes change
    Wiwaxia (GM): pile of grist says hi
    i mean
    not literally
    the pile of grist is not literally talking to you
    Karrin Blue: ... i do not know if I can ballet acros while soaking wet and glass-ensharded
    whimsy: (ooh another one of thefake-ass grist piles=)
    Karrin Blue: yep
    well I will try anyways! across the narrowest part of the grist
    because it is a better plan than walking across or whatever
    whimsy: (whoevver inventedthose ingame needs to have a long intimate meeting with everyones specibi)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (you'd need like half a dozen more levels with a different title or 48 more hours of sleep deprivation for talking to happen)
    Karrin Blue: what title would that even BE
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, ballet advantage and disadvantage cancel out, so just one roll
    whimsy: "talks to inanimate objects" duh
    Wiwaxia (GM): mage of life, maybe?
    Karrin Blue: 20 roll?
    rolling 1d20
    = 9
    whimsy: (ah, assumed level moniker nvm)
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, afk for a moment while i bring in groceries
    Karrin Blue: also i thought that the special interest bonus was... rolling twice? ugh idk what i'm thinking of
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you can go back and check in the logs what stat to add to that
    yes, that's right
    so it cancels out the disadvantage roll twice take lower
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d20
    = 17
    well 9 it is
    Wiwaxia (GM): because rolling 2 pairs of take highest and taking the lowest of the two highest would be silly
    Karrin Blue: and I think it was dex? lemme check
    yeah dex
    so that'd be +2
    +12, rather
    so, 21
    is that good enough?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just barely
    21 is a narrow success
    you land here, but you can move again in lieu of attacking
    Karrin Blue: OK then
    I shall continue on!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's nothing else difficult on your way home
    but i am gonna make you roll a con check vs hypothermia
    with lemme see
    Karrin Blue: blurg
    Wiwaxia (GM): +2 from cold climate, -6 from wet clothes
    *growing up in a cold climate, that is
    Karrin Blue: makes sense
    Wiwaxia (GM): or wait no sorry, only +1
    misremembered my scale
    (leon, myrtha, moss and ilmatar are all +1, lemi is either +0 or -1, i dunno where sera's located)
    Myrtha Oscurr: so, d20 + 5
    no, 6
    11 - 6 + 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+6
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): you blew it
    you are shivering vigorously by the time you get home
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    is there anything in my house
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't think you got any of the eldritch goop on your blankets, but even if you did, there's still your dad's blankets
    and i assume your house has heating
    or did you mean underling wise?
    Myrtha Oscurr: First
    yeah I meant things I'd need to fight
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, there's a few imps around, but they make themselves scarce when you show up
    Myrtha Oscurr: Good for them.
    Myrtha Oscurr is going to go and take a nice, long, hot bath
    Myrtha Oscurr: and catch up on chat via laptopband
    (hopefully it' waterproof? or i'll captchalogue it before submerging my head)
    Wiwaxia (GM): well let's cut there in the hopes that there will be more people available for chatting
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is approximately as waterproof as the laptop from which it was alchemized
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh dear
    in that case i will check up after bathing
    and put 'waterproof laptopband' on my to-alchemize list
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably best, yeah
    Myrtha Oscurr: so
    whimsy: (waterproof everything sounds like a good idea)
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, that resets exhaustion pips, for the record
    whimsy: (as is scuba gear)
    Myrtha Oscurr: yqy
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh boy scuba
    this is the bit where i'm glad i actually have firsthand experience with scuba
    for Improved Simulation (TM)
    Myrtha Oscurr: woohoo
    whimsy: with all the water and glass shards weve got going on here, a good, solid wetsuit would be a worthy investment
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes i had that exact thought
    whimsy: maybe even sharkskin if we can manage it. damage on touch, bitches
    Myrtha Oscurr: that would be kickass
    whimsy: either way, a wetsuit under clothing, once the water comes in you captcha your clothes and the wetsuit doesnt care, and dries quickly afterwards
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh
    i am here to inform you that that would prevent doing many things
    bending over
    whimsy: (ffff)
    Myrtha Oscurr: hee
    whimsy: (is it obvious ive never been in a wetsuit before, yet)
    (but either way if you have one you can captcha in and out of it)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    although i'm going to rule that if you captcha into it, you still have to fuss with the sticky zipper with the ridiculously long lanyard on the back
    because i consider that an essential part of the wetsuit experience
    whimsy: adsfghj
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok i am enjoying the wetsuit talk but
    it is bedtime here
    so i will be goign to sleep
    whimsy: n8 ::D
    Myrtha Oscurr: and i'll make a list of stuff I wanna alchemize in the thread
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight!
    i really should catch up on alchemizations, whoops
    whimsy: ::D
    Myrtha Oscurr: k bye
    whimsy: (hm, does waterproof anything include waterproof drinks and food? probably, if we count the packaging)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i've got a waterproof drink idea for you
    it's called "water"
    whimsy: well yeah, but contamination
    Wiwaxia (GM): (hush)
    whimsy: (did i just commit the greatest mistake a player could make)
    (or is the gm casting that idea from them)
    but seriously no one wants their tea soaked with sea water
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nah, i knew what you meant, i just couldn't pass up the snark)
    whimsy: (kk ::D)
    (i sometimes have trouble recognizing jokes)
    (but as long as alls good alls good, i guess)
    (do you wanna go to sleep now-ish as well or would you be up for a bit of ilma?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm kinda winding down yeah, sorry
    whimsy: no problem
    i kinda overslept .._.."
    Wiwaxia (GM): also no problem
    whimsy: im amazed im awake at this hour at all!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's always next week
    whimsy: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): and maybe i'll actually be able to get some mapping shit done this week
    whimsy: ::DD
    Wiwaxia (GM): always much more relaxing than "ohshit ohshit they went off the endge of the map. time to improvise and hope i can retroactively impose some sort of theme or coherence"
    whimsy: also, because it came up in the chatlogs ive been rereading, but the item that gets sent back with ilma?
    how about a pair of old, worn fairy wings, that ilmatar cast off during the story
    Wiwaxia (GM): although, saying that
    i suppose the latter is closer to the true homestuck experience
    whimsy: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, ooh, i like
    whimsy: the wonderful circularity of inevitability
    an old pair of wings that inspired tiny ilma to become a fairy, while an older ilma casts them off in her breakdown
    Wiwaxia (GM): round and round and round it goes, where it stops a Seer of Void might know
    if you had one
    whimsy: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): also i am amused that lemi is still the only one to have gone through her first gate
    whimsy: ::D
    ilma might, if her house is built up high enough once she returns
    Wiwaxia (GM): maybe i shoulda pulled a John on someone
    whimsy: eheheh
    im just glad that you didnt adapt the atomic ebonpyre business from the glitch faq
    Wiwaxia (GM): mm
    whimsy: which was constant monster spawn in home base until youre through gate 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): i actually have never read the glitch faq
    whimsy: its a good read, in my opinion. hella noncanon in some regards, but real good
    its also a long read (and i have to admit that at some very late point, i just stopped being able to parse shit) (but that was before the ritalin, maybe its better now idk)
    (there was one chapter about general aspect usage that was just... incomprehensible) (ivy mentioned it basically boiled down to "make shit up and if you can somehow justify it it works")
    (but yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight!
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  11. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    whimsy: gmorning
    i shall sleep another half hour because my processing power is atm on 5%
    k m.: ...is this thing working?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    k m.: ok! my time's off then
    whimsy: hello
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo!
    whimsy: im suffering from acute executive dysfunction in regards to food but am otherwise awake
    showers are magic
    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    whimsy: its 3 am here, thats what the googles told me it would be here when its 6 pm your time, is that correct or have the googles lied to me
    Wiwaxia (GM): the googles are in fact correct
    well, 6:12pm
    whimsy: so its a case of everyone else being late, gotcha
    Karrin Blue: I'm surprised I'm here basically on time
    but the restaurant went faster than I thought it would
    whimsy: ::D
    i stood up half an hour ago and took a shower, thats the only reason im awake

    Karrin Blue got garlic noodles and mochice cream!
    whimsy: and i need to get some instant food that isnt instant ramen bc rn i cant fucking look at instant ramen, but i need food, and my exdysfunc is preventing me from making food, because i could make grilled cheese but the cheese is for later when my moirail is there
    Karrin Blue: aww
    whimsy: at least i just found the tea strainer
    i theoretically knew that it could be hanging off the fridge where i put it when it's clean and dry, but i couldn't initiate the protocol to look for it there instead of in the dry dishes pile
    Wiwaxia (GM): oof
    that is some grade-a executive dysfunction
    whimsy: ikr
    Wiwaxia (GM): shit, dude
    whimsy: it took like three tries to look at the fridge location. where it, miraculously, was
    Karrin Blue: huh
    whimsy: brains man
    Karrin Blue: they sure are weird

    Karrin Blue should _probably_ try and get proper adhd meds and such this summer
    Karrin Blue: i've heard of the mythical 'getting all your work done because your brain is not being stupid' thing
    i would rather like to experience it
    ah, wiwaxia
    did you manage to come upw ith costs and results for the alchemy stuff
    or did i make it too late
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're like half-done
    Karrin Blue: which half

    whimsy wished Karrin success with that, and can attest it really is like magic
    Karrin Blue: i also kind of want to combine the hypothetical skeleton-tutu thing with protective stuff
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, bits and pieces all round
    Karrin Blue: and make the armored skeletutu
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't tend to work linearly
    Karrin Blue: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): i am also questing for the legendary adhd meds
    Karrin Blue: like
    supposedly people get _all their work done_
    in a _reasonable amount of time_
    Wiwaxia (GM): and like
    keep the spaces around them in order and managed
    Karrin Blue: whoah
    whimsy: ... my apartment is marginally more organized, yeah. but mostly i use them to get shit done
    hi birb
    Bird: whoops i dozed off. morning guys
    Wiwaxia (GM): morning
    well, for you at least
    Karrin Blue: Good [X]ning!
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that one
    wait, shit, does that make karrin a member of the midnight crew by the time we're a few hours in
    ((wah-wa wawawa-wawa wah wah waah))
    Karrin Blue: It's 9:30
    so yes!

    whimsy joins the frog choir

    Bird is a night owl and a wise bird too
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehehe
    moss poke their head in earlier, so i think i'll wait for a bit and see if they show up again before we start
    and take the time to poke at alchemizations a bit more
    if that sounds good by you guys
    Karrin Blue: kay
    whimsy: yeah
    Karrin Blue: I would like to see if anything interesting results from the radio strain insulator and the sword
    Bird: sounds good to me!
    whimsy: i'll send you my bone/kitchenware armor alchemization attempts sometme this week
    Karrin Blue: also i thought it over and i definitely like the idea of myrtha's dad having a dersite battle flag as his baby blanket/meteor present
    Wiwaxia (GM): oooh, i like
    whimsy: nice
    Karrin Blue: idk where one would find such a thing but
    Wiwaxia (GM): also whimsy, your idea is fucking fantastic
    whimsy: shenanigans
    thank you ::3
    Karrin Blue: :)
    whimsy: more like, attempt to alchemize armor from clothing mixed with bones and kitchenware
    yknow, pot lid shield
    Karrin Blue: ooooo
    Bird: i reckon turtleshell armor will be good too
    whimsy: ilma probably has a chain of some kind lying around, and i will definitely attempt to create a chainmail dress from it
    Karrin Blue: cool
    If you succeed, then I would also like to combine that with tutu
    whimsy: ::DD
    Karrin Blue: also I'm wondering how I might make a 3 in the morning dress
    or tutu
    or 2 in the morning, idk
    in the comic it was combining a pretty dress, a felt poster, and an eightball
    whimsy: hmmmm
    Karrin Blue: http://aphoticgaze.tumblr.com/post/143483827682/alyssascottart-space-dancer-series-46-other this is what i want to make basically
    whimsy: oooh, nice
    maybe with a star chart?
    Karrin Blue: (though, possibly one with a romantic tutu would do)
    and yeah!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, i think that'll do for now
    nothing's quite ready to make yet, sorry
    Karrin Blue: ah well
    Wiwaxia (GM): and some of them want grist types you haven't seen yet, anyways
    k m.: hey! today has been weird. I'm in idaho now so time is weird, and also it doesnt even exist soooo
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, i'm pretty sure idaho is official classified as a mass hallucination
    k m.: boise has weirdly good + cheap sushi though so ???? at least it's a good hallucination
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright so, update on timeline positions
    myrtha's up to about T= 33:00
    because it turns out that hauling glass boulders around is somewhat time consuming
    leon's poking around in the boiler room at about 29:30
    Karrin Blue: myrtha is going to be buff from all this physical business
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss is hiding in a tree from a bunch of oblivious underlings at about t=31:30
    k m.: ((and i just switched to computer instead of mobile so now i can actually see things!))
    Wiwaxia (GM): sweet!
    and ilmatar is hanging out warming up in the salamander village at t=28:30
    whimsy: huh, not as far behind as i had feared
    Wiwaxia (GM): and has some future conversations starting at about an hour from then
    yeah, people are catching up
    nobody's super super behind anymore
    unless you count sera, i guess
    Karrin Blue: poor sera
    whimsy: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): you wanna start, whimsy?
    whimsy: sure
    so im chilling at the campfire in the crone's hut
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    all the salamanders are gossiping and glubbing
    every now and then, one putters by to check on you and give you more tea
    Ilmatar Nordwind: it just ocurred to me that i should warn the salamanders about the fake grist thingie
    so the next time one brings me more tea, i thank it and add "There's something on the side of the mountain that I should warn the farmers about, or generally anyone who ventures there for whatever reason"
    salamander: oh dear
    what is it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "There's a pile of beige looks-like-grist, you can't miss it it's scorched from the ash storm, and it burns you when you touch it, so steer clear of it"
    the salamander looks confused
    salamander: grist?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "The stuff the imps and mosnters explode into if you manage to fell them. Give me a second..."

    Ilmatar Nordwind fumbles out her phone and shows the salamander the picture of the scorched not-grist-pile she took earlier
    salamander: glub!
    I will watch out for that!
    Wiwaxia (GM): she motions over several other salamanders to show them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (also i see with glee that the damn basilisk took damage from the storm)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yep)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (its probably still too tough for me to engage in close combat without shenanigans, but...)
    crone: hmm hmmm, may i see?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Of course"
    I show her the picture
    crone: hmm, glub

    Ilmatar Nordwind also shows her what the pile looked like before the ash storm came through
    crone: it seems that The Slumbering One has indeed dipped into his Hoard
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Sweet vindication, the stuff stung like iron"

    Ilmatar Nordwind listens intently
    Karrin Blue: (ilmatar have you ever touched iron)
    the crone turns to look directly at you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ilma is a fairy) (iron hurts her, of course ::D)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (well if rust counts, she got a bunch jammed into her arm in a fight with an ogre a while back)
    crone: where he sleeps, The Slumbering One guards a massive Grist Hoard
    the raw makings of creation, hmm
    I suspected he had fashioned these monsters from it
    must have cost the Dark Kingdom dear

    Ilmatar Nordwind has glowing eyes, and imagines the slumbering one as a dragon

    Ilmatar Nordwind wonders if this is going to be one of those classic stories where she's a hero and fells the dragon, or one of those interesting stories where she befriends it!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "... but, why now? ... Because my friends and I arrived?"
    crone: yes
    the eternal stalemate has been broken
    and the Kingdoms of Darkness and Light go to war
    bad news for simple farmers like us, hmm

    Ilmatar Nordwind has this expression: D:
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Is there anything I can do to help, besides felling the monster wherever I see them and working myself towards their nests and lairs?"
    crone: hmm, be careful, traveler
    the monsters emerge from the Sea of Storms
    we will look after our own
    you are welcome here, traveler
    but you cannot kill them all, or halt the war

    Ilmatar Nordwind pulls the blanket closer around her shoulders.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Where... where I come from, there are stories... when the land is in peril, a mythical hero will rise and return peace and prosperity..."
    "And... they fight and win even if the odds are against them"
    Karrin Blue: (oh ilmatar)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "I... I'm just a young girl and don't know if I can do it... but I want to be a hero"
    "But... I will never know if I don't try, right? So I will try."
    the crone gives you a long, enigmatic look and says nothing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i have carefully omitted the reason why ilma wants to be a hero) (because ilma doesn't realize it herself yet) (even if i know it ::D)
    Karrin Blue: (because hero Matter?)
    (people notice heroes?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (exactly ::D)
    "... Speaking of trying, there is a basilisk up near the gazebo. My friends who have encountered beasts like these where they are have recounted they are difficult foes, and, as such, I have not yet tried to fell it. ..."
    the crone gives you a brief smile of approval, then turns away and busies herself with something,
    softly "hmm"ing and glubbing to herself

    Ilmatar Nordwind is a bit puzzled. But that's alright, it's not a great change.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ilma is going to be another lore nerd character of mine isnt she)
    (whatever i play i always end up with a lore nerd who goes everywhere and talks to everyone to find out more about the world)
    (a jack of all trades so theyre not a complete loss, but so many points stufffed into the knowledge traits)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna sit around here till you notice the conversation with myrtha and lemi, or do something else?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: probably
    (drying and warming up takes a bit, after all)
    Karrin Blue: which convo was that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one where after the tentacle goop incident
    ilmatar pokes her head in about halfway through
    Karrin Blue: ahh
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, you've been drying and warming up for about an hour now, for the record
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (time is weird. how dry are the pieces of clothing i ditched to avoid getting hypothermia?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're in that warm-damp stage of drying
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (hmhm so im not going to put those on just now) (memo to self: pack a change of clothes)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (indeed)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (there are some things about adventuring that you have to learn the hard way)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i guess that's why the canon kids are always switching around outfits)
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ooooh i like that explanation)
    (also i need to see if i can get my hands on goggles and one of those wicked respirator thingies that cover your nose and mouth) (if not a full-on gas mask, but goggles and respirator looks cooler)
    Wiwaxia (GM): a couple salamanders nearby start talking about a Mysterious Object that turned up down by the old abandoned rice paddies

    Ilmatar Nordwind listens and wonders if they're referring to the grist pile
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's apparently some sort of decorative bangle
    the salamander who found it has been carrying it around everywhere, which these salamanders think is positively ridiculous

    Ilmatar Nordwind has this expression: "_"
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's apparently some sort of strange grey and not-colored metal
    with a decorated medallion in the middle
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does that sound familiar?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i dunno, does it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: might be a compass
    I inject myself into the conversation: "Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear. I have seen many things, and maybe I could identify what this object is?"
    salamander: oh, go talk to Banglewearer
    he's always got it somewhere with him
    other_salamander: I think he went back out to tend the paddies a while ago
    salamander: maybe he could tell you the exact time since then!
    they both laugh
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Sounds like a watch..."
    salamander: glub
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "What's so funny about that?" I tilt my head
    salamander: don't be silly, watches are only a thing in made-up stories for kids
    other_salamander: i bet he thinks its one, though
    they both laugh again

    Ilmatar Nordwind looks sad
    salamander: how would you even know when to start it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "There was a big clock in the capital in the land where I come from", I saw. "It showed the time of all places, and was made from steel"
    Karrin Blue: (which clocktower is this?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (Weltzeituhr)
    Karrin Blue: (i remember seeing a very impressive clocktower in germany but it's probably not the same one)
    other_salamander: i don't know half the words you just said
    Karrin Blue: oh no, that was a regular clocktower with little moving figures on. i don't remember its name blug
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "And in the smaller cities and towns, there were huge towers with clocks on them, and when there was a full hour, bells rang and could be heard far"
    other_salamander: glub
    that sounds like something that isn't real
    salamander: don't be rude!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "My world seems as strange to you as this yours seems to me"
    salamander: who knows what things are like where the not-yellow one comes from!

    Ilmatar Nordwind smiles sadly
    salamander: i mean, they could have "books" and "windowpanes" for all we know!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I giggle. "Yes to both."
    both glub
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Perhaps the bangle is from the same place I am from. But.. even if it isn't... Please, be kind to your fellow people."
    What Ilma does not say, is that they reminded her of the people who said that fairies are from stories made for kids, and not real, and laughed. And didn't see her.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (poor ilmatar)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i... i might not be playing her as an accurate 16 year old. too 'be kind' and not enough insults)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's probably at about this point you notice that your phone's been giving you alerts for a while
    (eh, i've seen that in very earnest 16 year olds)
    (which tends to go over poorly with peers, so)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then let there be words.
    the comment about her being out adventuring is pretty bittersweet in hindsight
    Wiwaxia (GM): so some chatting happens, including reading about myrtha's incident, letting lemi know about your vision of her sister and myrtha resolving to build your house up
    if you stand out on the steps to the crone's place above the village, you think you can see white walls going up on the roof of your house

    Ilmatar Nordwind feels like this is going to be a long day.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the time is t=30:00
    i think that's a good place to switch off to someone else, too
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
  12. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): who wants to go?
    k m.: was i the next in timeline?
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon, technically, but it's close enough that either of you can go
    so is that a yes you want to go?
    k m.: yes! let's do this :D
    so last we saw this idiot child, they were up a tree
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    and spying on Rather A Lot of underlings
    k m.: wellllp i stay quiet for a bit more, and see what they're planning on doing
    Wiwaxia (GM): from what you can see, neither "planning" not "doing" appear to feature prominently
    they're just kinda milling around
    occasionally an imp tears up some vines or undergrowth
    k m.: ugh, worst tv show ever
    Wiwaxia (GM): underlings: not actually that interesting when not trying to kill you
    Moss Kaplan: so, basically, it doesn't look like they're planning on leaving anytime soon?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, no
    Moss Kaplan: using my keen military history knowledge, I carefully fashion a small tube from a page of my least favorite book, take a tiny piece of paper, roll it up, and put it in my mouth
    whimsy: (improvised blowdart more like FUCK YEAH)
    Moss Kaplan: goal: distract through a tried and true strategy of "whoa what hit me"
    ...well, spitballs are totally improvised blowdarts :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, who are you spitballing?
    Moss Kaplan: hang on a sec, I had to switch to mobile real quick. but the one that's not closest to me, but the second nearest
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that one's like a solid 50m away
    Moss Kaplan: back on comp
    huh, dammit. the closest?
    Wiwaxia (GM): like 10m right now, but you can wait for it to aimlessly wander closer
    Moss Kaplan: i will lie in wait for aimless wanderings!
    i carefully sculpt the mass of paper into the perfect tiny sphere of ick
    capable of severely disturbing even the most resilient of substitute teachers (it's a real shame i was homeschooled apparently)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i assume you're firing as soon as it gets close enough?
    Moss Kaplan: absolutely
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, still sorting out exactly how i wanna deal with underlings noticing shit
    but for now lets go with "notices shit on a 1-2 on a d6"
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Moss Kaplan: kedoke!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the spitball splats satisfyingly but unobtrusively on the ogre's thick skin
    Moss Kaplan: -ugh laaaaaaaame- i think to myself, and make another one
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 3
    ogres: not the most perceptive
    Moss Kaplan: clooooooserrrrrrrrrrrr
    ...can i roll to improve my chances? and/or aim for an eye?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    -2 to hit, eye def counts as 2 better than the rest of the body, if you miss that def but not the normal def you hit somewhere else on the body
    roll twice take the better because you're attacking from surprise
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 20
    = 20
    i ...don't think i'll get a better roll
    Wiwaxia (GM): you might want d20
    Moss Kaplan: ............oh damn

    Karrin Blue patpat
    Moss Kaplan: knew it was too good to be tru
    rolling d20
    = 8
    rolling d20
    = 17
    Wiwaxia (GM): blam, spitball to the eye
    the ogre notices that one
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    and also notices you, in the tree, with the offending tube of paper
    Moss Kaplan: awwwww
    i make a face
    it's the most horrifying face i can think of
    it includes four digits, and rude hand gesture, and crossing my eyes
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, uh
    so it turns out this ogre has almost every prototyping
    ... except the ones that would assist it in getting to you where you are in the tree
    so instead i
    t's just gonna punch the tree
    Moss Kaplan: haHA FUCK YOU OGRE OH SHI-
    Wiwaxia (GM): and hope to bring it down with you in it
    rolling 1d12
    = 2
    the tree shakes
    a litte
    Moss Kaplan: oh thank jegus
    i reevaluate my life, my choices, et cetera
    i also ready another spitball and aim it at the ogre because literally fml
    Wiwaxia (GM): spitballing rather than shooting a book or something?
    Moss Kaplan: ....
    can i spitball while i'm readying the perfect trajectory of a book?
    ....i just really wanna hit him in the eye
    Wiwaxia (GM): actually, yes
    because your shooting books thing only takes a minor action
    Moss Kaplan: hey awesome
    yes i do that
    rolling d20
    = 9
    rolling d20
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): are you adding your attack to that?
    anyways, spitball whiffs, book lands for 1d6 damage
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d6
    = 1
    ......srsly wtf
    Wiwaxia (GM): it pings off the ogre's tough hide harmlessly
    the ogre tries to break the tree again
    rolling 1d12
    = 4
    slightly more worrying shaking
    Moss Kaplan: i send it a message on facebook
    book to the face
    Wiwaxia (GM): uuuuuuuuugh
    Moss Kaplan: i
    am so proud of myself
    anyway, /roll d20
    rolling d20
    = 13
    whimsy: (that pun was bad and you should feel bad) (i love it)
    Wiwaxia (GM): book to the face connects solidly
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d6
    = 4
    ayyyyyyyyy fuck you ogre
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've got another couple actions
    whatcha gonna do?
    Moss Kaplan: hmm
    these are crazy jungle trees, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Moss Kaplan: so i can't really make like a squirrel and climb to another one, huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://www.google.com/search?q=cra...UIBygB&biw=1366&bih=643#imgrc=mXLFONLhIo-tJM:
    Moss Kaplan: wellllll.
    i'm gonna climb higher
    because _that's_ smart
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, i would say you probably can
    Moss Kaplan: ooooh
    yeah ok i'm gonna move
    that way
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, str check
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d20+12
    = 29
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are wildly successful and can scamper your full 6m movement and still have an attack left over
    or trade that in for another 6m of movement
    Moss Kaplan: imma keep scampering, i'm doing great at it so far
    rolling d20+12
    = 21
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ogre's gonna reconsider this whole "try to break the whole tree" strategy
    Moss Kaplan: yeah fuck you ogre jegus
    Wiwaxia (GM): pick up the book you just flung at it
    Moss Kaplan: oh
    Wiwaxia (GM): and wing it overarm at you
    Moss Kaplan: ....i was hoping it was gonna read it
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20-4
    = 0
    Moss Kaplan: Educate your Ogres, kids
    Wiwaxia (GM): the book opens up in midair, completely trashing its aerodynamics, and falls somewhere underneath you with the sound of fluttering paper
    Moss Kaplan: "HEY DON'T BREAK THE SPINE YOU JACKASS" i narrowly avoid yelling at the ogre who just threw the book that i previously threw
    i'm sixteen, i don't have to make sense
    no wait, that's "cents"
    ...man, child labor laws
    Karrin Blue: in the communist gristtorentopia all cents are shared
    sundry groaning
    Moss Kaplan: that made it so much better
    Karrin Blue: :3
    whimsy: (and so are the sins)
    (was there a sin in this book, or a tragedy)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it was a surgery textbook, i believe
    whimsy: that couldd be either, deepending on your interpretation
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, moss, it's your turn
    gonna keep scampering, or?
    Moss Kaplan: whoops. hm, where am i now, do you think?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've left the ogre far enough behind that it's gonna have to do some serious underbrush-crashing to catch up
    Moss Kaplan: hahahhh
    i shall continue through the trees because this is fun and i'm an adult
    Wiwaxia (GM): you do so
    the ogre makes no attempt to pursue
    just stands still and stares right at you as you leave it behind in the underbrush
    Moss Kaplan: yeehaw motherfucker
    Wiwaxia (GM): you run into an ogre
    the ogre
    who is now right in front of you
    in the trees
    Karrin Blue: what does the teleporting come from
    the anime doll
    or the ghost girl
    Wiwaxia (GM): i can list you off what this guys got, for whatever it's worth
    'onryou_hair', 'character_eyes', 'vine_leaves', 'nessie_neck', 'onryou_kimono', 'racoon_skull', 'leopard_face'
    Moss Kaplan: WHAT THE FUCK
    Karrin Blue: that is
    a very mismatched monster
    Moss Kaplan: dammitalltohell
    Wiwaxia (GM): exploding dice are not your friends, kids
    anyways it's gonna try to grab you
    rolling 1d20-1
    = 19
    Karrin Blue: o shit
    Moss Kaplan: NO
    Wiwaxia (GM): hahawelp at least that was a gab and not an outright attack
    Moss Kaplan: i kick it a whole bunch
    Wiwaxia (GM): but i think i'm gonna give it normal damage in addition to initiating a grapple, because crit
    that sound fair?
    Moss Kaplan: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d12
    = 5
    and then grapple check to see if you can disengage without fighting it on your turn
    rolling 2d10+2d0
    = 13
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, no, you wanna roll the grapple button on your sheet
    Moss Kaplan: OH ok
    wait what it's telling me to input?
    Wiwaxia (GM): your level
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 3d6+12 (0)
    = 29
    Karrin Blue: woo!
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, so you can disengage without having to go through that rigamarole on your turn if you want
    but first
    the tree needs to make a save vs overburden
    plant matter, living has a 16 in that save
    which reminds me i really need to post that chart
    rolling 1d20
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): the branch holds, for now
    your turn
    you can keep grappling and kick it or break away
    or break away and kick it, if you want
    but that's an attack roll rather than a grappling roll
    Moss Kaplan: grapple and kick
    so that's the grapple button again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    rolling 2d10+2d0
    = 13
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 3d6+12 (0)
    = 21
    Wiwaxia (GM): you easily wriggle a foot free to kick it
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d10
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): well i have good news and bad news
    the good news is that it's dead
    Moss Kaplan: yay!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bad news is that it was holding you
    Karrin Blue: oh dear
    Moss Kaplan: no!
    Wiwaxia (GM): reflex save to grab the branch
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d20 + 12
    = 31
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, save is roll unmodified d20 under that value
    Moss Kaplan: i'm
    not parsing i think
    roll again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah
    roll d20
    you succeed if it's less than your reflex save
    or equal to
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d20
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): you succeed!
    Moss Kaplan: whoopwhoop
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you only take 1d6 damage from slamming chest-first into the branch
    Moss Kaplan: :(
    you roll or i roll?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you roll
    Moss Kaplan: rolling d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): some healing gel and a lot of build grist falls on your head
    Moss Kaplan: whoohooooo!
    healing gel!
    Wiwaxia (GM): healing gel for 1d6', '434 build grist', '112 build grist', '104 build grist'
    Moss Kaplan: healing gel
    rolling d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): the total amount of build grist is now over 2000 btw
    Moss Kaplan: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): afk for a sec
    okay, sriacha potato chips ganked
    k m.: k i think i'm out
    i have to pack & i've been putting it off
    Karrin Blue: safe travels!
    k m.: ugh, i am listening to music all day tomorrow. i do not want to communicate, verbally, with anyone
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright!
    Karrin Blue: sleep well!
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight, and best of luck with the bullshit that is packing
    ok, here's the thign
    ...object saving throws, for clarity
    Karrin Blue: I see!
    Wiwaxia (GM): and i think i'm about done for tonight
    sorry, bird
    i'll be sure to get to you next week
    Karrin Blue: Gnight
    and next session i can try out those alchemizations!
    all of myrtha's costumes so far have been practical ones
    she needs silly bone tutu
    and the two am tutu
    Karrin Blue: when i figure out how to make it
    whimsy: (gn8 everyone)
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, shit, moss really should been leveled up this session
    Karrin Blue: gnight!
    well, next time
    is it enough to get powers?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    anyways they get another
    Karrin Blue: woo
    how many levels/exp do i need to get more powers
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 19*20
    = 380
    for moss that is
    you next get powers at
    level 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): so it'll be a while
    but you should be getting alchemized items that give you non-aspect powers and shit before then
    Karrin Blue: yea
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially having bumped up ogre grist drops
    Karrin Blue: :)
    anyways gnight
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
  13. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: Hey
    Arxon: hi!
    How are you?
    Karrin Blue: good
    currently trying to recruit for a tabletop game ><
    Arxon: ah man that sounds hard
    I wish you luck
    whimsy: rvening ..D
    Karrin Blue: hey whimsy!
    Arxon: I've been casually trying to build something kinda based on this game (which reminds me, I need to as Wi permission) buuut it's been taking a backseat to finals shit
    good afternoon! 0u0
    whimsy: -bops around- i took part in a poetry contest and a call for short stories and now im waiting for the result and aaaah
    Karrin Blue: hee
    Arxon: good luck!
    Karrin Blue: good luck!
    whimsy: thnak you ::3
    Arxon: ...that's coming from a page of light tho so maybe I shouldn't wish you luck D:

    Karrin Blue is currently attempting to find people for an rp
    Karrin Blue: a buddy of mine got an early access copy of this new system as a tester and asked me to GM so I have a few days to get a group together
    and currently the only person i've managed to get a solid answer from other than said friend is in france ;-;
    whimsy: ::3 good luck finding people ::D
    Karrin Blue: thanks
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo
    permission granted, by the way, arxon
    Arxon: ahahaha I am doing good
    thank you very much wi! It is going to be an alternia based game with a fairly easy drop-in drop-out atmosphere
    Karrin Blue: hey
    Bird: helloooooo
    Arxon: hey bird
    Bird: oh hey, you guys posted in the kintsugi thread while i was asleep :V
    and also i'm kinda in hte same boat as moss, i'm also not so much up for thinky things tonight
    Wiwaxia (GM): time for flop pile i guess

    Karrin Blue flops!

    Arxon flops

    Bird flops
    Bird: augh. will you guys be offended if i doze off again? i feel like i always abandon you guys, but also, it has been One Of Those Days
    Karrin Blue: nah i don't think we're having game so
    sleep away!
    Arxon: ye have a nice sleep
    Bird: thank you ^^; wi, take care of yourself. i'll talk to y'all ... at some point in the near future!
    Arxon: um hey are there any au thoughts anyone has?
    ...the only thing I can think of is Kingdom Hearts au. Probably because I am watching kingdom hearts rn
    Karrin Blue: ....ava's demon au?
    though that'd need some people to be demons
    the goblins are the obvious ones but we don't know more than two of them
    (HINT HINT!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): pfft
    Arxon: can't hug every goblin
    or any goblin
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry, the encounter dice have just not been forthcoming
    Arxon: (ava's demon au would be
    (heart tho, is what I said, forgetting roll20 doesn't like arrows)
    Karrin Blue: heh
    Arxon: ....what sin would all the kids be?
    Karrin Blue: idk if they'd be sins
    ilmatar could be... is there one for delusion?
    Arxon: hmmmm
    that could almost be sloth, in a metaphorical way? of "easier to see the world how you want it to be"
    maybe envy
    I think I would pin Lemi with pride?
    Karrin Blue: really?
    she seems more like she's not very prideful
    self-doubting, rather...
    Arxon: it's kinda a case of
    her issue with self doubt stem from pride? She always thought she could handle things like this, and the fact that she can't is causing her some major cognitive dissonance
    Karrin Blue: ohhhhh
    Arxon: Lemi is a child :,)
    I am trying to think of the one for Myrtha
    maybe greed in a metaphorical way?
    Karrin Blue: oh?
    i was thinking wrath for Myrtha (considering her flipout at the baslisk)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think sloth probably fits ilma best, yeah
    envy's not quite right
    Arxon: ohhhh yeah that makes sense
    whimsy: (i was brainafk rereading psyren)
    yah, with the "its easier to see the world how i want to see it" sloth matched ilma p well
    Arxon: (psyren?)
    Karrin Blue: (also i've been watching fullmetal alchemist brotherhood lately so this is giving me some fun mental images)
    (giant bara ilmatar_
    Arxon: (perfect)
    whimsy: (asdgghfj)
    (im more partial to widdershin's interpretation of the sins, personally)
    (psyren is a neat manga about time travel and psychic powers)
    Arxon: (ah man I really can't think of anything for Leon and Moss)
    (oh cool!)
    Karrin Blue: (link to the widdershins thing?)
    (if there's a comprehensive explanation of their interpretation)
    (not really the whole comic)
    anyways pacts um
    well without knowing the goblins it's hard to know anything...
    what kind of pacts they might make
    Arxon: (hey Wi I'm just curious do you have an idea of which goblin would be which kids patron goblin?)
    Karrin Blue: and we don't have patron goblins either ;-;
    ah good timing
    Leon and Terhanu would be pretty friendly, right? she's basically his patron so far
    more or less
    whimsy: (widdershins is a really nice webcomic that is definitely worth a read! the sins have their true spirit form (sloth is a giant walrus), and they also have a human host because of reasons (sloths host is a beautiful black lady wearing blue))
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmmm, hadn't actually thought about patron goblins
    Karrin Blue: pls do think about it
    Wiwaxia (GM): not actually sure that would even work
    Karrin Blue: and that'd give us people to talk to outside of other players when the timelines don't match!
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're one... short.......
    Karrin Blue: (though i don't know how we'd justify it)
    (in terms of getting comms hooked up)
    whimsy: (wraths spirit form is a dragon, and its host is a perpetually pissed off crackshot lady)
    (greeds spirit is a genie with many arms, its human host is a spindly miser)
    (prides spirit form is a vibrant bird, its human host is a very attractive bara lady)
    (envy is a fox, and its human host is a cute but very envious girl who is also dating bara lady)
    (lust looks like a sketch, and takes various forms because it can)
    Karrin Blue: (cool!)
    (also i feel kinda mean saying this but... the one-short thing... might not be much of an issue)
    (since sera and all...)
    Wiwaxia (GM): will have to think about patron goblins, ye
    or see if they emerge organically
    Karrin Blue: :)
    Arxon: 0u0
    Karrin Blue: ugh i have so many questions about goblins
    but i also want to find them out IC
    rather, ]:<
    Arxon: I feel like that second smilie works no matter which way you read it
    Karrin Blue: hee
    Wiwaxia (GM): bidrectional smilie
    Karrin Blue: soo hm
    other aus..
    percy jackson au?
    where the kids are the children of their various denizen
    i think they're mostly greek
    except for yalby
    Arxon: AH!
    ....Fuck ok Artemis wouldn't have kids lemme think for a second
    ohhhhh yes
    Karrin Blue: and i suppose a bunch of them aren't technically gods
    cetus and typheus
    Arxon: most of em are titans, I think
    Karrin Blue: ye
    except for like
    Wiwaxia (GM): Abraxas is also gnostic
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Arxon: yeah
    fucking gnosticism, how does that work
    whimsy: hell if i know
    but hades or persephone as denizens/parents would be funny
    Karrin Blue: heh
    ok bedtime
    gooood night
    whimsy: hades and persephone are kinda my faves
    n8 karrin ::D
    Karrin Blue: they are great yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight!
    Karrin Blue: ok see you guys!
    and next week i will check out my Cool Loot
    Arxon: night!
    Karrin Blue: :)
    Arxon: one of my fave ocs is named after persephone
    well, kore
    (...in the absence of denizen parent my reaction is to put Lemi where she would most hilariously out of place)
    (so probably Aphrodite?)
    whimsy: (typheus with his bitchiness about people other than him strike me mildly narcissistic) (ilma with an honest to good narc parent would be a fucking wreck tho)
    Arxon: (oh maaaan)
    (yeah that seems like that's what it would be)
    whimsy: (i look forward to typheus and ilma meeting) (i wonder how that meeting will end)
    Arxon: oh man
    eventual denizen meetings are gonna be fun
    whimsy: hm, i think we alread talked about hogwarts au, but what about digimon au?
    Arxon: I still haven't decided what house Lemi is
    I think my heart says Gryffindor tho
    ummmm what season of digimon? Adventure or Trainers or Frontier?
    ...I don't know about the others
    whimsy: adventure, thats the one i remember best, heh
    ilma might be loopy enough for ravenclaw, but considering some tendencies i hope to get to play out in the game, she's a snake
    Arxon: I am always worried Lemi is too much of a self insert but she is like. the least snakey of my ocs
    She could def be a ravenclaw (always curious, wanting to know the unknown) or a hufflepuff (she's a pretty hard worker and very loyal) but. my heart. it says gryffindor
    ok Lemi's digimon would be some kinda bat, obv. if we are doing the crest thing she is probably the digicrest of hope
    ...I just imagined Sis being a camp counselor and now I need to giggle
    whimsy: dsafghjgk
    ilmas mom sent her there to socialize and because it sounded nice, i think
    ilmas crest might end up reliability or sincerity, idk
    Arxon: I like sincerity that would be really cute
    (...now I am just imagining summer camp stuck
    Lemi has to help out around the camp
    the chops wood)
    whimsy: ilma forages because she can, but shes also the type of person who would absolutely not flinch at eating bugs and worms
    most of the mushrooms she brings are edible
    Arxon: Lemi would probably end up trailing after her worredly going "are you SURE that mushroom is edible"
    whimsy: ::DD
    Arxon: pft ok whimsy
    ....transformers au
    whimsy: honestly, no idea
    apart from being a fan of rodimus
    probably an artsy type from caminus, and a flyer?
    possibly a minibot
    Arxon: Lemi's altmode would prolly be a camera? also from caminus, she is a "scientist" that really just runs around trying to find myths and stuff
    ....oh no
    she would try and get onto the Lost Light
    whimsy: they both would
    ilma and lemi tag-teaming on recon missions?
    ilma flies, lemi records?
    (ilmas name is "Tempest Dive")
    Arxon: Lemi's is probably something silly like Crypta or Obscura
    whimsy: Camera Obscura? ::D
    Arxon: yes :D
    whimsy: ilma probably specializes in flights in turbulent conditions
    like, theres a storm that needs scanned? send tempest dive she does that for fun
    Arxon: Lemi is weirdly into organics
    she has all sorts of tips and tricks for really wild areas that most bots are like "..."
    She's from caminus but she probably never spent much time there, Sis was a scientist who kinda kidnapped her
    whimsy: ::DD
    (she could share her obsessions with organics with my other transformers oc who will get further developed once i hit the part in canon that my moirail referenced) (the one who really likes the notion of therapy animals and then started building robot animal companions)
    Arxon: (yessssssss)
    (Lemi would be so into that but her ideas for therapy animals would be a little.....out there....)
    whimsy: therapi octopodes?
    Arxon: Therapy Yeti
    they are so cute and tiny!
    whimsy: nice
    therapy bees
    Arxon: never ending swarm of small bees, give you hugs, can carry you over small gaps
    whimsy: camp out in your machinery
    you can release the bees
    i wonder if theyd produce some kind of mechanical honey
    Arxon: Perfect
    Honey energon, clearly
    (designing digimon is harder than designing pokemon D:)
    whimsy: also, bee mainframe
    (heh, just take a pokemon design and stick guns and rocket launchers on it)
    Arxon: ....Transformers Sollux tbh
    (....i cannot argue with that)
    whimsy: (also can i show this convo to my moirail, in private?)
    Arxon: (sure!)
    whimsy: im p sure itll amuse them ::D
    Arxon: (your moirail is IvyLB, right? srry for possibly invasive q)
    whimsy: (yeah, ivy is my rail ::D)
    (we're also very probably drift-compatible)
    dont worry about the question being invasive, we're pretty open about that relationship existing this way
    Arxon: heh :D
    ....my moirail is prolly the only person I am drift compatible with, I argue too much with everyone else
    whimsy: eheh ::3
    the amount of times ivy and i not only thought the very same thing at the very same moment, but also said it out loud in a very similar to identical wording is, well, a thing
    Arxon: 0u0
    whimsy: Strange minds think alike, or as we germans say, "Zwei dumme, ein Gedanke" (two idiots, one thought)
    Arxon: ...german might be a perfect language
    whimsy: german has some amusing idioms, but the heavy gendering on fucking everything kinda sucks
    and german grammar is very clunky in some regards where english grammar is wonderfully streamlined
    and we have no singular they equivalent
    Arxon: yeah, true, I am really not a fan of suer gendering languages
    ...I m also really, really bad at learning languages, so I kinda have to stick with the one I know
    whimsy: ::D
    i need to want to learn them
    and i learn best by reading stuff
    Arxon: or maybe I just hated my spanish teacher THAT MUCH
    ...it's possible
    yeah, I'm mostly really really bad at grammar different then english grammar, it's pretty sad. I tend to do BEST at reading if only because I am pretty good at just decoding stuff from context clues
    whimsy: applying it is a thing of practice, and a bit more difficult
    i have way less difficulties deciphering a french text than actually stringing phrases together
    but french is a hideous language and my mother forced me to learn it when i wanted to learn latin, and now lo and behold latin wouldve been beneficial in one of the classes im auditing
    Arxon: I have like a moral objection to French
    (I would have taken any language as an alternative to my Spanish teacher tho. You could have gotten my ass learning esperanto if he wasn't teaching it)
    whimsy: heh
    theres some speakers where i can stand it, for example the guy who made that one aquarelle-video i linked in the how-do-art thread, and that one singer whose name i forgot, but the rest...?
    Arxon: my ex played this french rock musical about mozart ad fucking nasuem
    I feel like the expressions French makes you make kinda make me wanna punch myself in the face
    whimsy: i feel you
    Arxon: also I just have trouble with large spelling/pronunciation gaps in general
    whimsy: ::D
    french was artificially kept written the way it was centuries ago even when the pronounciation changed, because language purists
    Arxon: AH
    whimsy: signed!
    i mean, the literature class im taking this semester (or rather, one of them) consists of medieval texts in various translations from the original latin
    i think that one translation was Mittelhochdeutsch, and i had to read it out loud to understand what they were trying to say
    Martin Luther did a lot of work with his bible translation and standardizing how shit is spelled, heh
    Arxon: I am a history major and I cannot handle most translations tbh
    The book for one class I had had half the translations in some absurdly tiny font, single space margins, no paragraph breaks
    I wanted to scream
    whimsy: i... can imagine
    one we were working with last week was p nice, the original latin on the left page, and the neuhochdeutsch (=current standard version of german) translation on the right page
    ... my brain just went "martin luther and his bible scanlations"
    Arxon: Martin Luther adapting bible verses to be about how the scanlations groups don't have enough members, urging others to apply
    whimsy: and dissing other scanlation groups
    Arxon: *Translators note: Hades means hell
    whimsy: asdfghf
    "... i have no idea what theyre referencing here and no one else seems to, so i'll just leave you with the pronounciation and that it was apparently a thing. message me if you know more and ill edit it in"
    Arxon: dissing the catholic church in the linear notes
    whimsy: snippets from his scanlation group chats
    Arxon: whenever someone insults someone else just a "*this means you Leo!!! XD"
    whimsy: "im sorry for the spelling but i havent slept in 3 days"
    Arxon: Addressing the flame wars going on in the forums
    I'm glad we have made a reformation au
    http://the-toast.net/2016/02/26/by-reader-request-mallory-reviews-the-ninety-five-theses-part-i/ ...relevant to current convrsation, probably
    whimsy: -giggling-
    Arxon: Alright I am getting a nasty sinus headache so I think I am going to sign off and go into a benadryl coma
    thank you!
    whimsy: D::
    hope you get well soon!
    its almost 8 am here i think ima go to sleep now as well
    n8 ::3
    Arxon: good idea
  14. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: Hi!
    whimsy: hullo ::D
    Karrin Blue: what's up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo!
    whimsy: hi wi ::D
    Karrin Blue: hi!
    whimsy: im sleepy, rping, and procrastinating on my homework
    Karrin Blue: just hanging out
    my parents are off on an anniversary dinner and my little sister's at captain america civil war with a friend
    so i am home alone for now
    whimsy: three cheers for the basement dweller crowd? ::D
    Karrin Blue: heh
    atm i am trying to get an anime site to load
    whimsy: good luck ::3
    Karrin Blue: cause i wanted to watch princess mononoke and iirc they had it
    also i have
    whimsy: ooooh
    Karrin Blue: 2 questions for you regarding ilmatar
    whimsy: mononoke hime is a beautifl film
    Karrin Blue: IT IS SO GREAT
    1) what is ilmatar's view on eurovision
    because my tumblr is talking about it and i was curious
    and 2) has ilmatar read discworld, in particular lords and ladies
    whimsy: eurovision is utter glory. its a singing competition! everyone should just battle out their differences via song. (now thats an idea for the session and there is absolutely no way it can go wrong)
    Karrin Blue: so the joke about eurovision being europe's replacement for wars is accurate?
    whimsy: discworld is a bit tricky to understand for her, because it's quite deep and generally subverts just about everything, and she can't really wrap her head around it yet. she probably has a few novels, but not really read them
    i have no idea tbh
    but i liked the joke
    Karrin Blue: hee

    Karrin Blue wants myrtha's view of Witching to be disc-inspireed
    Karrin Blue: somewhat
    whimsy: nice
    the countries who are newer to europe tend to have serious entries, while those who have been there longer tend to go for the quirky ones
    Karrin Blue: (god hand-drawn miyazaki animation is SO PRETTY)
    (if only it wasn't like)
    (super expensive)
    Hi Arxon!
    Arxon: Hi!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello!
    whimsy: hi ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): almost done with alchemizations
    Karrin Blue: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): the struckthrough one's i'm still working on, everything else is either good-to-go or prohibitively-expensive-enough-i-don't-need-to-worry-about-it-yet
    Karrin Blue: struckthrough?
    Wiwaxia (GM): on the alchemy excursus
    whimsy: ... oh dang i forgot my alch entries didnt i
    Karrin Blue: so the only thing is the glass insulator thing &&sword
    whimsy: -bangs head on wall-
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah, hopefully i can get that in working order before we actually need to start
    Karrin Blue: i took a look at the wiki so i thought || is what would give me a good weapon
    and && was mostly to see what it would be
    so that is fine
    where's the grist spreadsheet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, i think i need to update the player-facing one
    one sec
    Karrin Blue: and we still haven't discovered any ? types yet, oh well.
    though it looks like the only new thing I can make is the goggles and the || sword
    ah well!
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f9wxkdpQLfknYaDBoqn6EwplSwoRIlo1nk-zoKJOr8k/edit?usp=sharing
    Karrin Blue: lessee, got plenty of glass, not QUITE enough cobalt, enough rust,
    so the sword will have to wait till I can get more cobalt
    same with the goggles
    though those'd take nearly all our amber so that's just as well.
    Wiwaxia (GM): shouldn't be too hard to come by those
    Karrin Blue: yep!
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hey, whimsy, you should check the excursus, too
    i got around to doing some backlogged ones from you
    whimsy: ooh nice
    that is a lot of things i could totally make
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then there's jam jar && thurisaz
    || rather
    Karrin Blue: why were you alchemizing jam jar
    whimsy: honestly, considering some combinations have ridiculous grist costs for items that can be made with a much lower cost, it could either be a dupe like that, or a frankensteinian energy thing
    because i could
    and because its hilarious
    Karrin Blue: well ok
    whimsy: or one of those energy receptacles down under castle mechanicsburg
    Karrin Blue: nice.
    I guess once it's my turn
    i will find some imps to punch
    or stab
    until i get 7 cobalt
    Karrin Blue: and then see what that sword is!
    whimsy: pick up some linen while youre at it ::D
    Karrin Blue: i don't think I've fought any linen enemies yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): only ilmatar has
    whimsy: show them your cutting edge weaponry, and they'll fold just fine ::D
    Karrin Blue: Bird!
    Bird: pchoo
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello hello!
    whimsy: A WILD BIRB APPEARS!
    (i need a macro for that)
    Arxon: hello bird!
    Karrin Blue: anyways, that grist cost is around 'better than normal weapons'
    Bird: oh wow yes hello everyone!
    Karrin Blue: and in about the same as the pop sickle, though hopefully not prone to melting
    bird, tragically
    i cannot yet make a skeletutu
    whimsy: oh noooo D::
    Bird: oh noooo
    Karrin Blue: though judging by the grist costs once i figure out the types it will make something p nice
    whimsy: (huh) (i could make the fan rapier, technically... if i steal enough aluminium)
    Bird: yeah i really want that flail/guitar but, alas
    Karrin Blue: armortutu and ballet boots look promising too
    so does skeletal polearm
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, i've got sword && insulator done and up
    whimsy: never let myrtha into the underworld
    Karrin Blue: :3
    i've already been to the underground tho
    whimsy: i mean undertale!underworld ::D
    Karrin Blue: ahhh.
    ...so i might need to up the amount of cobalt i need to find
    oh well!
    it will be an adventure
    whimsy: wheee! dont forget your potions
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean there's a pile just sitting around underground
    Karrin Blue: it is VERY SUSPICIOUS
    whimsy: try throwing an imp at it
    Karrin Blue: though I will probably go back to the underground to find that
    renegade character.
    or whatever they were called
    and hopefully I will find more monsters that I can reasonably expect to punch to death
    i mean they're tunnels
    this seems a safe assumption
    whimsy: @wi i swear if jam jar && thurisaz rune results in a homemade radio thing called "this is my jam" im going to flip a table
    (and i mean this in the very best way)
    (because puns are great)
    Karrin Blue: (ashitaka is such a polite and nice guy)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so is ilmatar gonna make any of the things she can?
    i believe she was p close to her house when we left off last time
    and then gonna start proper with bird, as requested
    Bird: =D
    whimsy: ilma is going to make so many things. we left off still in the village, i think?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah yes, you are correct
    whimsy: honestly if there werent so many bottomless cloud drop hazards on this land i would see that i can make a sled for ilma. hm, how to implement brakes on a sled...
    Wiwaxia (GM): poorly
    whimsy: mountain bike + sled, what can go wrong?
    Wiwaxia (GM): define "wrong"
    whimsy: "ending in substantial damage to ilma" and "prone to accidens because someone didnt think this through"
    or rather, causing substantial damage to the user and possibly their environment
    Wiwaxia (GM): define "substantial"
    whimsy: more than a quarter of the users hp and/or danger of loss of limbs, broken bones, etc
    Wiwaxia (GM): it'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiine
    mostly fine anyways
    whimsy: my disbelief check says different
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, a thing someone should remind me of sometime next week
    i need to reread all the chatlogs and futz with the timeline to make sure i'm not missing anything important
    because i apparently totally failed to add the whole bit with leon wandering off and getting in a fight with a surly carapacian
    Bird: oh yeah that happened
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've just done that
    and have found an interchange with another road
    Bird: indeed
    so there's two ways i can go, right?
    what can i see down either path?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well there's technically four ways
    one is a turnoff to a little "island"
    mostly ankle-deep in water, with some dead standing trees and a couple rotting park benches around a deserted parking lot
    there's a low concrete building off to one side
    Bird: well that sounds like an adventure
    Leon Gaspar: okay yes hi hello
    Wiwaxia (GM): one keeps going on ahead
    a third is another road meeting up with the one you're on, and circles around backwards and out to the left out of sight
    the last was once another road, but is broken and stops dead about 50m out from where it meets up with the one you're on
    a solid 4 or 5 meters up above the surface of the water
    Leon Gaspar: i think im gonna go explore the lil island first
    also fyi i'm looking at moss' land rn
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, yeah
    Karrin Blue: housemap
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait just a sec
    Leon Gaspar: very nice
    Karrin Blue: eheheh
    Wiwaxia (GM): there, that should be about the right scale
    also, there's no cars
    Leon Gaspar: rightio
    gonna explore the lil building
    anything eye-catching around the carpark, besides benches and trees?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's not so much a building as a pavilion
    lots of benches under a roof
    Leon Gaspar: oh, hey
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's an informational signpost off to one end
    Leon Gaspar: yes good
    Wiwaxia (GM): but algae and fading have taken all that was once posted there
    Leon Gaspar: :c
    is there antyhing on and/or under the benches?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some tipped-over wire trash cans
    and some stray plastic wrappers and bottles that you hope were once in them
    haha yeah right
    Leon Gaspar: hrm. doesn't seem to be much to go on
    Wiwaxia (GM): the main building is very obviously mostly restrooms from here
    the sign on the door looks like a stylized bipedal turtle or tortise
    Leon Gaspar: ....ugh. i really do not want to be exploring those. public restrooms are always a bad time
    that's a clue, at least
    Wiwaxia (GM): on the door on this side, at least
    there's another path going around the other way
    Leon Gaspar: i may as well look around it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): this sign is an identical stylized tortoise
    Leon Gaspar: oh. huh.
    fair, i guess.
    whimsy: (pfft)
    Karrin Blue: hee
    Leon Gaspar: welp i'm not going in there without very good reason so. goodbye restrooms.
    Leon Gaspar super squeamish
    Wiwaxia (GM): well there goes my dramatic restroom encounter
    Leon Gaspar: (thank)
    (the adventurer in me wants to explore everything but unfortunately leon draws the line at public restrooms)
    back to the intersection!
    whimsy: (at least there _are_ restrooms)
    Wiwaxia (GM): on your way back around the building, you also notice a pair of very dilapidated vending machines
    Leon Gaspar: oh hey sweet
    more bugsnacks?
    well, these probably don't work anymore
    Wiwaxia (GM): and a television monitor up on the wall protected by a wire cage
    Leon Gaspar: ....wonder if there's any boondollars in them
    whimsy: (at some point we need to find digiworld style vending machines)
    Leon Gaspar: wait, a television?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it hisses blank static at you
    (oh? am not familiar with)
    Leon Gaspar: is ... i mean, where's this television pointed? at the pavilion? where are you meant to be watching it from?
    Leon Gaspar asking the important questions
    Leon Gaspar is mystified
    Wiwaxia (GM): pointed down, so you can see it from about where you're standing
    whimsy: (.... calling it right here and now, some quest on myrthas land with her telephone lines will trigger/enable broadcast to leons land)
    Wiwaxia (GM): a few steps back from the vending machines
    something to watch in line, maybe, or an informational display
    Leon Gaspar: (oh man that'd be neat)
    whimsy: (vending machines in the digiworld sometimes dont work and are filled with numemon) (wi did you never watch digimon)
    Leon Gaspar: that's fair
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope, never)
    Leon Gaspar files that one away for later
    Leon Gaspar: (pokemon 4 lyfe)
    whimsy: (i grew up on both)
    Arxon: (http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Toei/HQ/Numemon.jpg)
    Leon Gaspar: (also for some reason aus tv never had digimon)
    Arxon: (they throw poop)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i was just a turdy little elitist luddite at that point in my life)
    Leon Gaspar: (augh! i was not expecting that!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (bluh bluh television is shit bluh bluh look at me i'm 8 and so sophisticated)
    Leon Gaspar: pfft
    whimsy: pfft
    Leon Gaspar: ok yes! intersection!
    might as well keep going straight for now, i guess
    Arxon: pffffff its ok lil wi you had company
    Wiwaxia (GM): onward!
    although we're staying on this map because i have like no nice looking maps of LORAM yet
    Leon Gaspar: :P
    doot de doot walkin down the road
    sure hope i don't get eaten by a basilisk
    Wiwaxia (GM): the highway arches up in a long, shallow bridge
    you can see other roads just below the water's surface
    whimsy: (making my way downtown, walking fast, and im homebound)
    (damn i forgot the "faces pass" part)
    Wiwaxia (GM): tangled over on top of and crossing eachother, down into the murky depths
    whimsy: (making my way downton, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm homebound)
    Wiwaxia (GM): support columns sink in stands wherever there isn't a road below
    Leon Gaspar: ♪from the housetops to the gutters, from the ocean to the shore♪
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see some things swimming among the sunken road-spaghetti
    but you're well above them here
    Leon Gaspar: which is good
    also heads up i can't see my icon
    and also my hp is missing?
    oh hey
    Wiwaxia (GM): unleash GIGALEON
    Leon Gaspar: yes good
    gonna go squish some basilisks
    Wiwaxia (GM): there are some cars down there, in the tangle
    pointing every which way, a lot of them rolled over
    Leon Gaspar: oh, wow
    whimsy: ok who hacked in the super mushroom
    Leon Gaspar: ...
    Wiwaxia (GM): almost all have doors open
    Leon Gaspar growing steadily more confused and afraid
    Leon Gaspar this place is super creepy
    whimsy: (a sburb character from a different session wants to chime in: Dude you're urbexing and there's no threat of cops suddenly coming busting in, whats your problem)
    Karrin Blue: urbexing?
    Leon Gaspar: (listen this place is full of dead things and monsters that want to kill me)
    (also idk if it counts as urbexing if it's like 99% open road)
    (urban exploration, according to google)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (office building counts, tho)
    Leon Gaspar: (true)
    (but was also full of monsters)
    Karrin Blue: ahh
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: (leon likes his urban areas full of living people. this place feels like an empty shell of the city he loves)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the city that you last saw being bombarded by meteors
    Leon Gaspar: (it also reminds him that all of his friends are dead)
    Wiwaxia (GM): no wonder you're suddenly tired
    Leon Gaspar: (by which i mean all his rl friends)
    Karrin Blue: (wake up in the morning, there's a brand new day ahead, the sun is bright and the clouds smile down)
    (and all your friends are dead)
    Leon Gaspar is suddenly struck by existential dread
    Leon Gaspar contemplates mortality
    Leon Gaspar: anything new on the horizon?
    Arxon: (Karrin how many rl friends did Myrtha have)
    Karrin Blue: (...probably not all that many)
    (she kept to herself a lot, i think)
    Wiwaxia (GM): just placid, sunrise-peach clouds and a soft sky over the glass-smooth sea
    Karrin Blue: (why d'you ask?)
    Leon Gaspar: (leon wasn't as close to his rl friends as he is to The Squad, but he had a few he played/enjoyed music with etc.)
    huh. it's almost pretty, as long as i keep my eyes up
    Arxon: (because I am p sure Ilma and Moss (Moss was about as secluded as Jade, right?) didn't have rl friends, and Lemi def didn't, so most of these guys didn't have a very strong connection to the rest of Earth, I think)
    Leon Gaspar: (yeah, i was thinking about that)
    Karrin Blue: (mm(
    (i think myrtha probably at the least has warm memories of her father's parents)
    (and people and such she liked on earth)
    (but not friends she's close with like the rest of the Kids)
    Leon Gaspar: (leon's also upset that the entire history of art and music on earth is gone except for whatever he has records of)
    Karrin Blue: (man yeah)
    (it cuts off after june 2016)
    (never see the new star wars)
    (2015 rather)
    (or the last discworld book)
    Wiwaxia (GM): or undertale, for that matter
    Arxon: (Lemi had the Kids, Sis, and then probably her next closest "connection" would be like. Celebrities.)
    (people who do ghost hunting or bigfoot hunting shows, ect)
    Karrin Blue: hamilton did come out tho
    so there's that
    Arxon: (They'll never see the end of Homestuck)
    Karrin Blue: (...i do not think homestuck exists as such in this verse)
    (least, not as a webcomic)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ms paint adventures does
    but the epic comic is bard quest, probably
    Karrin Blue: (...hamilton cast album was released in SEPTEMBER 2015 damn)
    Arxon: (the last episode of Steven Universe to come out was Sword to the Sword)
    (well actually Rising Tides, Crashing Skies might have come out)
    Karrin Blue: it was june 16
    Arxon: (...Sworn. Sowrn to the Sword)
    Karrin Blue: so it was right on that day
    what time did we enter?
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi entered 6:16 pm her time, and everyone else shortly after
    so yeah, it had aired
    Karrin Blue: well ok
    Leon Gaspar: thats a hell of a mystery no one thought was a mystery and didnt even really need solving
    but damn if it didnt just get solved so nice work
    Karrin Blue: hee
    Arxon: team high five ouo
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways
    continuing on, or gonna sit around a meditate on death a bit mor?
  15. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Leon Gaspar: yeah, let's keep going
    let's bottle up our emotions and let them out at inopportune times and on unsuspecting carapacians!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are suddenly completely sure this is the best way to deal with emotions
    the road starts to arc back down towards the water
    there's a truck lying across it on its side
    Leon Gaspar: ooh
    (when you say truck are we talking about 'a car with a flatbed' or 'a several-wheeler thingy' bc i think americans use that word in a different way to australians)
    Wiwaxia (GM): http://supremecorp.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Curtainside-Truck-rtch-CATEGORY.png
    like that
    Leon Gaspar: ah yes, a proper truck
    check the cab first
    Wiwaxia (GM): the windshield is shattered and the front crumpled
    there's a corpse in there
    Leon Gaspar: aUGH
    Leon Gaspar recoils
    Leon Gaspar: erm. what...what kind of corpse
    Wiwaxia (GM): a moldering tortoise skeleton
    looks like most of the flesh has long since rotted away or been picked apart by the seagulls
    now algae softly coats the bones and shell where they lie spilling out of the drivers seat onto the downwards facing door
    Leon Gaspar: ...
    ...sorry about this, buddy
    Leon Gaspar snaps photo
    Leon Gaspar sends to myrtha with caption 'please help me'
    Karrin Blue: (when is this timewise)
    Wiwaxia (GM): a deflated pink airbag flaps weakly in the sea breeze
    hmm, lemme check
    you just finished up talking about the statue of nyx, have probably just found the room witht eh wires
    Karrin Blue: hm
    could i have seen the skeleton?
    i mean the pic
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you can insert a chat in there i think
    Karrin Blue: so it's roll 2 d20s and take the better?
    Wiwaxia (GM): to do what?
    Karrin Blue: check the skeleton
    Wiwaxia (GM): to identify it? or something else
    Leon Gaspar: identify and figure out how long it's been there. leon follows up with a message to clarify this
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is very obviously a tortoise, but you could roll that to try to figure out cause of death or something
    Leon Gaspar: specifically
    NI: sorry uh yeah dead things are more your speciality so
    NI: can you like....figure out how long this guy has been, y'know.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Hmm
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    rolling 1d20
    = 10
    (so how's 19 do?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): your int is better than 1 so yeah that works
    now lemme figure out what the answer actually is
    Leon Gaspar: (grabbin a snack, brb)
    (and back :v i always think i'm gonna be a lot longer than i actually am)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO; OK so
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    rolling 1d20
    = 2
    cO: It's been there for a few months at the least, I'd say
    cO: A few years, max.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Can't tell cause of death, though.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ah, ok. thanks myrtha
    NI: it's in a rolled-over truck so i was assuming car crash, but then there's no other cars on the road...
    NI: ugh, this place is creeping me the fuck out
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Yeah it seems pretty creepy
    Leon Gaspar: NI: everything alright on your end?
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Well I found a room with a ridiculous amount of wires in it
    Wiwaxia (GM): dramatic irony says
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah yep.
    Wiwaxia (GM): that the ogre crashes through the wall right now
    Myrtha Oscurr: well ignore that last one then
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ... myrtha?
    Leon Gaspar stares at phone
    Myrtha Oscurr: (how long does that fight take)
    Leon Gaspar tries not to freak out
    Leon Gaspar she's probably fine!
    Wiwaxia (GM): couple minutes, i think
    Myrtha Oscurr: well lemme know when we get to that point i guess!
    unless leon just sits there for the whole fight idk
    Wiwaxia (GM): does leon sit there for the whole fight?
    Leon Gaspar: well he's gonna keep investigating the truck
    which'll probably take a couple of minutes so
    he's not particularly enthused about exploring the cab so let's go round the back
    see what this guy was carting
    Wiwaxia (GM): food, once
    most of it is rotted
    or the packaging has been pecked apart
    whimsy: (hm, like the alpha kids lands, everyone is dead, but theyve not been retroactively dead for millenia, and it looks like they werent prepared for whatever happened)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some cans left
    whimsy: (check timeline alignment of moss' land starting to dry up and leon's land flooding)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (everyone seems to be alive in my land...)
    Wiwaxia (GM): some bug snacks that are probably still good, but are halfway buried in rot and algae
    Myrtha Oscurr: (lemi's too, basically)
    whimsy: (ilma's, too, thats why--)
    (ooooh shit=
    Myrtha Oscurr: (??)
    whimsy: (wasnt leon the one whose dream tower is broken)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and who knows with Sera)
    (if memory serves, yes)
    Leon Gaspar: (oh shit......it's all coming together.....)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (time=death and decay, the opposite of space and creation...)
    Leon Gaspar: (yeah leon doesn't dream and his tower is broken)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (leon doesn't dream at ALL?)
    whimsy: (i think we're still sorting the edge pieces from the inner pieces, and we found a corner and could attach another piece i tihnk)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (did you have to roll grace the last time you slept?)
    Leon Gaspar: (nope! when he slept earlier it was something like 'you slept a dreamless sleep, as always)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....oooooo
    whimsy: (oh dear)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok so you need to be EXTRA careful to not die)
    whimsy: (dersites, go get asking what happened to the third tower)
    Leon Gaspar: (well if i die right now our entire continuum is fucked so :v)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (the rest of us theoretically have spare lives but still!)
    whimsy: (id ask with ilma buuuut shes kinda elsewhere and doesnt have camouflage)
    Leon Gaspar: (yes please even tho Leon can't ask bc he doesn't know, Bird desperately wants to know!!!!)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (well Myrtha is Not in the mood to try dreaming anytime soon, sorry)
    whimsy: (as long as we dont have a rogue dreamself, it should be not disastrous)
    Leon Gaspar: (altho i've had him going 'aw man i hope i get to wake up on a moon soon!' since he's got the walkthrough and knows about prospit/derse')
    Myrtha Oscurr: (though you could have an aradia situation)
    (where the dreamself is in a crypt)
    whimsy: (yah)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (...aradia was Time too)
    Leon Gaspar: (yep)
    whimsy: (im still not sure how dreamselves can actually die, shouldnt they simply depop and respawn, or did i mess sth up there)
    Arxon: (Lemi can ask around while she's at the ball, she is probably pretty curious herself)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (jade's dreamself died)
    Leon Gaspar: (which is also why i drew leonryousprite since that's also a time thing)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (got hit by a meteor)
    (also i still want myrtha to wake up on derse in time for the ball)
    Arxon: (...Although I am kinda halfway sure that as soon as Lemi attends he ball there's gonna be an assassination attempt)
    Leon Gaspar: (leon is sad he doesn't get to go to the ball :c)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (so here's hoping she gets KO'd appropriately at some point)
    Leon Gaspar: also back in the game, leon is not touching those bugsnacks
    he's gonna keep meandering on and hope that myrtha is ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also some broken beer bottles
    one still has a legible label
    "get hammered" with a picture of some sort of clockwork hammer with clock arms sticking off and a red, jewel-like face
    Leon Gaspar: ...
    whimsy: welp
    Leon Gaspar captchalogues
    Leon Gaspar i'll take beer bottle && flail and beer bottle -- flail thanks
    Leon Gaspar: (also british keyboards don't have the vertical lines :?)
    (wait there it is)
    whimsy: (possibly just elsewhere)
    Arxon: (Lemi approves of this life choice)
    (Alcohol: For all of life's little existential crisises)
    Leon Gaspar: (hidden under my hand lmao that's what i get for touch typing)
    whimsy: (german keyboards have them on alt gr+ < which is next to y and below a)
    Leon Gaspar: (do german keyboards use qwerty or azerty?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (german keyboards are weird)
    whimsy: (qwertz)
    Leon Gaspar: (ah yes ok. mine is between shift and z, so it's covered by my left hand :v and i look for symbols across the top and right side so)
    whimsy: (::D)
    (i can type blind on a german keyboard by now, fight me xxD) (learned via copious typing, never learned 10 finger system)
    Leon Gaspar: (i went to a touch-typin course when i was like, 10. and then i was ahead of my peers when we did it in school at 12. \o/)
    whimsy: (my schools it education was beyond subpar, i learned all of that shit myself)
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    not really a problem for you
    myrtha's fight is donee by now
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Ugh
    (this was the one where i punched two ogres to death right)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    after tripping them withe the whispering wire
    Leon Gaspar: NI: oh thank god
    NI: i mean uh
    NI: hi
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: So. It turns out I am stronger than an ogre
    Leon Gaspar: NI: oh shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: But not two, at the same time.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: you ok??
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Pretty sure I am
    cO: I just punched two ogres to death, did I mention?
    Leon Gaspar: nI: jesus
    nI: well done
    nI: i would be giving you a congratulatory high five right now if i were there
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I will take a high-five IOU for now
    cO: How are you doing?
    Leon Gaspar: nI: i, uh
    Leon Gaspar considers tellilng myrtha 'i nearly murdered someone earlier
    Leon Gaspar: nI: yeah, i'm alright
    nI: just wish everything wasn't so goddamn dead
    Myrtha Oscurr: (which almost murder was this)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (carapacian punched him in the face, he rolled exactly equal to her current hp with casus bellis)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ooooh)
    Leon Gaspar: (do carapacians get negative hp effects or do they just die?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): spoilers
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Have you found any consorts? Or carapace people?
    Leon Gaspar: nI: i, uh. think mr. truck driver mght be one of my consorts.
    nI: carapacians .... yeah. i did.
    nI: two of 'em. one of them was really cool, she was a mechanic or something and she was really tough
    nI: but i lost track of her
    nI: eh, sorry, didn't mean to get depressing
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: It's OK
    cO: I met two carapace people too
    cO: One of them is going to try and be a farmer, though I don't know if that's like
    cO: Possible
    cO: Here.
    Leon Gaspar: nI: send 'em to ilmatar's land! they're farming rice i'm pretty sure
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I haven't seen them in

    Myrtha Oscurr considers the last day-ish
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well a while.
    whimsy: (oh dear)
    (tbh im not sure how my lizards manage to grow rice on bismuth)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ~shenanigans~
    Myrtha Oscurr: i mean flowers manage to grow on the land so
    Wiwaxia (GM): also it's pink
    Leon Gaspar: nI: ah. well, they're...probably ok?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that probably does something
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Probably.
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably
    Myrtha Oscurr: (when do i trigger the wire a second time?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): well you spend some time running up and down the hallway trying to get past that blue glass cylinder, but probably about now
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh yeah)
    cO: Hang on a sec, I'm going to try something
    Leon Gaspar: nI: aight
    Myrtha Oscurr: (how long should it take?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): not sure, but you've also gotta go get stonewalled by some consorts and fall in a pit with glass soonish
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    (some minutes in the future)
    cO: Oh, so stuff can grow here.
    cO: I found some flowers.
    (sorry if I'm muddling the timeline)
    Leon Gaspar: nI; sweet
    nI: i'm really appreciating flowers today tbh
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nah, that's pretty much right on)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, they're nice.
    cO: ...consort people are NOT HELPFUL
    cO: This is a STUPID FANTASY ADVENTURE why would I need to prove that I'm not evil to the first village I run into
    cO: It's not like they passed out ID cards to us or anything!
    Leon Gaspar: nI: because, bullshit
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also heads up, i'm starting to fade)
    Leon Gaspar: (me too tbh)
    (sorry for hogging everything....and i still didn't level up :/)
    Arxon: is fine!
    whimsy: ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    Karrin Blue: (augh sorry)
    Wiwaxia (GM): is frustrating not having a lot of gming stamina
    Karrin Blue: (for some reason my screen went black? I had to power off with the actual button)
    whimsy: (gn8 everyone whos gonna go to sleep now)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (if not, we could also maybe to a couple shorter sessions)
    (but yeah, later!)
    Arxon: (night everyone!)
    Karrin Blue: (gnight!)
    Leon Gaspar: (i was thinking about that actually! but yes let's discuss it later. gnight!)
  16. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: hey

    Karrin Blue is making a food
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello!
    whimsy: morning
    Karrin Blue: Back!
    hi whimsy
    how goes
    whimsy: still booting up
    took a nap ealier
    mightve been a shit idea
    bc right now what i wanna do is sleep some more
    Karrin Blue: p good
    whimsy: food to hear ::)
    Karrin Blue: thinking of makin a mug brownie at some point
    i mean i had one last night
    whimsy: that is always a good idea
    Karrin Blue: and watching some monster factory too
    Arxon: hello!
    whimsy: hi!!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello!
    Arxon: How are u all?
    Karrin Blue: good
    whimsy: sleepy
    Karrin Blue: drink tea?
    whimsy: shouldnt nap before game
    caffeine makes my adhd brain fall asleep
    Karrin Blue: ahh
    i know that problem
    oh dear wiwaxia is gone
    whimsy: "_"
    Arxon: :o
    whimsy: if she got abducted to an interdimensinal pool party, i hope she tells the orga to grab us as well
    Karrin Blue: ?
    whimsy: little bti of an rp injoke ::)
    Karrin Blue: ah.
    whimsy: back in the weirdmageddon tango, we had an interdimensional pool party, and one of my coplayers and i woke up to rp and chat just breaking off without warning in the middle of the night
    so i theorized they were all simultanously abducted to said interdimensional pool party
    Karrin Blue: ah.
    Arxon: pft
    Karrin Blue: anyways
    and Moss probably won't be here
    bird and wiwaxia again are who we're waiting for?
    whimsy: probs
    (im gonna go sth stupid and take another 10 minute nap now)
    Karrin Blue: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): i come back
    no interdimensional pool party, alas
    just my internet being a shit and shitting itself
    Karrin Blue: :n
    Wiwaxia (GM): aha!
    bird is here
    hallo bird
    Karrin Blue: yay!
    Arxon: hi bird!
    Bird: Heu! Sorry executive dysfunction kicked my ass there for a minute
    Karrin Blue: is ok!
    Bird: how is everyone this fine evening?
    Arxon: a bit bluuhhhhhh
    I had finals and I have still not recovered X(
    Wiwaxia (GM): ouch
    many paps, friend
    i'm alright
    Arxon: thank u ouo
    whimsy: -snds hugs to arxon-
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, today's been a slow day
    so just ping me if i space out or whatever
    Karrin Blue: mkay
    who wants to go first
    Arxon: (thank u whim)
    I would like to go first if that is ok with everyone?

    Bird thumbs up
    Karrin Blue: fine by me!
    Bird: i'm gonna try not to doze off but no promises...
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh, fine by me but i need to cut up some map things first
    Arxon: :D:D:D:D
    Karrin Blue: so you're gonna make sure we all get born?
    Arxon: Hopefully!
    Although I don't have any of the tuff to send back yet
    Karrin Blue: mm yeah
    leon needs to get to work then
    and figure out time travel i guess
    Bird: he's trying!!!!!
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, probably won't happen just yet
    but sequence breaking is always a possibility
    Arxon: If I glitch through the wall at the right angle it will fool the game into thinking I'm later in the story? :p
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes exactly
    whimsy: ilma's mom's item and ilma's item will come way later and need to be sent back somehow
    Karrin Blue: found in a weird compartment in the lab?
    Bird: all it means is we gotta put it on the cosmic to-do list
    Karrin Blue: that opens and dumps the contents when a button is pressed?
    Bird: man future!leon is a busy guy
    Karrin Blue: idk man
    it is hard being the time player
    Bird: it's hard and nobody understands
    Karrin Blue: also you're probably going to need to tidy up your own corpses
    at some point
    Arxon: -sideeyes that salem witch trials post-
    Karrin Blue: that post
    20 people died
    5 of them were MEN
    Arxon: poor leon
    gonna go time player stir crazy
    Arxon: I stf if the crucible wasn't taught in every high school in america we would barely even talk about I think

    Karrin Blue never read that play actually
    whimsy: (we played the crucible in school drama club, but thats just about the only run-in i had with the salem witch trials) (we had our own witch trial novella tho, but im p sure that one only had the barest rooting in real events)
    Karrin Blue: (fun fact, no one fucking burned in salem)
    (mostly it was hangings)
    (one guy crushed with rocks)
    whimsy: (that guy was badass)
    Karrin Blue: (pls learn this before talking about you were a real genuine witch in salem unfairly tormented by whatever)
    (i know i'm conflating various things but)
    whimsy: (pfffft)
    Bird: (pfft)
    whimsy: (europe also tortured the alleged witches)
    Karrin Blue: (well yeah europe is different)
    whimsy: (and it just snowballed from there)
    Bird: (i have no idea what The Drama(tm) is but i can appreciate the sentiment)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gosh get it togetherr europe
    Arxon: :v
    Karrin Blue: http://mid-childan-puella-magi.tumb...951/aloesheetmask-i-hate-that-the-salem-witch
    this is the thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): also it was all witch of blackbird pond here
    Arxon: (also: wicca in its modern form did not exist. wicca in its modern form DID NOT EXIST.)
    Karrin Blue: (WICCA IS LIKE 50 YEARS OLD)
    (historically speakin i mean)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah but otherwise how are they going to claim religious oppression in a mythologized past?
    Bird: hahaha wow 'worst crimes against women ever committed'
    whimsy: (that post is... uh... well, history lessons are lacking everywhere, it seems)
    (salem was very, very localized)
    Karrin Blue: as you can tell
    because it's named after one town in massachusetts
    Bird: the funny thing is i'd totally buy it for european witches but yeah, what i know about salem, not so much :v
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, have sliced up all the maps that scanned well enough to be presentable
    which is not many yet
    so you are on a small lumpy potato for now
    Arxon: (Harry Potter idea that is prolly contradicted by canon: A lot of witch trials were actually perpetuated by pureblood wizards as a way to eliminate muggleborns + to gain land, status in the society b4 the statue of secretcy, ect)
    small lumpy potatos are my favorite kind
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 1
    roll 1d6
    Arxon: rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 3
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    rolling 1d6
    = 6
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    and why don't you roll 1d6 to see what room of this potato you start in?
    Arxon: rolling 1d6
    = 6
    Karrin Blue: (i think the witch trials killed barely any witches+wizards? harry had that essay and all)
    Wiwaxia (GM): IP lands and you get unsteadily off the plane into a long corridor
    you can see that the door at the far end is open to the blackness of the medium
    another meteor drifts sedately past

    Lemi Malloy wonders briefly why she isn't being sucked into space
    Lemi Malloy: That's what happens in mvoies, at least
    What does the inside of this meteor look like?
    Wiwaxia (GM): so far?
    plain grey corridor
    there's air vents along the ceiling periodically
    Lemi Malloy: Is this another corridor?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    and it branches as well
    Lemi Malloy: hmmmmmm
    ....ok assuming using the axe to leave path markers is a bad idea
    What are IP and TA doing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): IP is bustling ahead
    TA is a couple steps behind you, looking around cautiously
    IP checks the door at the end of the hallway in front of you, confirms that it also opens to the outside of the meteor, then bustles off the other side branch of the hallway
    Lemi Malloy: alright
    is there anywhere on the wall I could tie a string?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, loop it around the bars of one of the grates
    Lemi Malloy: Alrighty then!
    I take the objectively ugliest color of thread from my sewing kit and do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay i think that's a p good stab at objectively the ugliest
    hm, actually that's not so bad
    Karrin Blue: like
    sort of a barf color probably?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there
    band-aid pink
    Lemi Malloy: ohhh yeah
    ...I am p sure that green is basically one of the colors in Lemi's pallete
    Karrin Blue: or the exact color of school cafeteria meat product
    Lemi Malloy: Baker-Miller Pink!
    Hopefully it will calm down any underlings that come across it
    alright then I will use the thread as a trailmarker andddd
    which way did IP go?
    Wiwaxia (GM): thisaway
    if you can see the ping
    Lemi Malloy: I can not 0n0
    but I will assume the route that has been explored more?
    alright, I will follow her unless the other route seems more interesting
    whimsy: (memo to self: alchemize chalks)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you come out on a short landing above a distressingly large pit
    one side is sheer cliff, the side across from you has a walkway hugging the wall and disappearing into a tunnel in the cliff
    and the last has a low metal wall with airspace over it
    some stairs lead down into a tunnel under the metal wall
    Lemi Malloy: down the stairs!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you descend down the stairs, turn and de/ascend another set of stairs ot the outside of the meteor
    gravity is now perpendicular to what it was
    this is rather distressing
    Lemi Malloy: ahhhhhhh what the hell
    are any of my friends online?
    Wiwaxia (GM): here that should give you some sense of which way is outside
    Lemi Malloy: distressed Lemi noises
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyone can be, but myrtha's probably a bit distracted by hauling glass
    Lemi Malloy: How much does Lemi know about how gravity?
    Wiwaxia (GM): enough to know it shouldn't do that
    you can roll an int check to see how much you know exactly
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+15
    = 32
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's a crit success
    okay, proportional to mass and the square of distance
    there's no way this dinky little potato should be generating the earth gravity you're feeling
    without being like a neutron star, which you're pretty sure it isn't
    and you probably couldn't tunnel through that anyways
    Lemi Malloy: aG: ok guys appearently gravity only works wen its trying to kill you
    Karrin Blue: (am I still moving around boulders)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you do know that gravity is equivalent to acceleration, so you suppose the whole thing could just be accelerating constantly
    Karrin Blue: (...wait didn't i have a conversation with someone around this point)
    Wiwaxia (GM): but that still shouldn't result in it flipping around like that
    you had the "live in a hole with glass now" convo with lemi a bit earlier
    Lemi Malloy: ok Arxon is not a science but
    isn't gravity part of what makes planets relatively circular?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    Karrin Blue: yep!
    for non circles
    everything gets sort of dragged in
    until it is roundish
    also smoothed out cause rotations? everything goes to the middle?
    Karrin Blue: (lemme know when i will probably be not preoccupied with boulders wiwaxia)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: and HOW POTATO??!!??
    (I am assuming miss hasn't eaten for a while and had her first alcohol less then a half an hour ago is still a bit tipsy)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can hop on briefly if you're taking a breatehr
    Karrin Blue: cO: Potato?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: It's
    aG: It's potato shaped. With earth gravity. How. Why.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: YOU GOT SLICED IN HALF?
    (wait this isn't something i knew already right?)
    whimsy: BI: wait WHAT
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ARE YOU OK
    whimsy: BI: WHO DO I NEED TO KILL
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (whoops should switch to ilma when talking as her)
    BI: no one hurts my friends :<
    Lemi Malloy: ((I think Lemi told Myrtha about the airplane))
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, but downplayed it
    so it's reasonable that myrtha may not have quite gotten the point
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((can you copypaste that section of conversation pls))
    Lemi Malloy: (oh my god Lemi u child)
    aG: It was a plane. And they're probably ead!!!!!!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: good
    BI: also regarding gravity: i will fight gravity
    BI: i can fly on prospit, i just need to figure out how to do it everywhere else
    BI: but if gravity is hurting my friends then i will fight it
    Wiwaxia (GM): aG: I am pretty sure I got cut in falf but I;m not
    cO: I don't know what I have, but I can see if I can find a first aid kit and ugh I don't know how I'd get to your planet but
    cO: ...Huh?
    aG: Im like. A nit eat u.
    aG: A bit beat up ugh srry
    aG: I think I am a little druk rn?????
    Wiwaxia (GM): aG: So like I jumped out of the plane and got him by the other plane
    aG: And then everything felt wierd
    aG: And then mu priate friends caght me!!!!
    aG: And the other plane crashed and probably killed some innocent iguanas struggling for life!!!!!!
    cO: Um OK well
    cO: That is not your fault
    Wiwaxia (GM): cO: That would be the fault of whatever jerk was flying the other plane
    cO: Unless they weren't a jerk in which case it's the fault of the universe or something
    cO: Still: not you.
    aG: No they jumped out of the plane because their guns backfired ecause they were firing at me because I blew up their propellor
    aG: BECAUSE I was trying to help comendeer their plane for my pirate friends because their plane was damaged because the other plane shot them
    cO: ...well OK then
    Wiwaxia (GM): cO: Why were so many people flying near your planet
    cO: I've seen like 2 people that aren't snakes
    aG: There;s a lot of planes Myrtha
    aG: like all old planes???
    aG: Don't jump ou of them its a bad idea.
    cO: Well if they're dogfighting then they would be pretty old...
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((well darn))
    Lemi Malloy: aG: gravity is fighting itself i am standing on a metoer right now gravity just flipped. like an asshole
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...why
    Lemi Malloy: aG: thank u tho ilma but u don't need to fight aneone for me i killed him myself because i fucking

    Myrtha Oscurr thinks 'oh god'
    Myrtha Oscurr: 'fuck'
    Wiwaxia (GM): (for the record, he did bail out successfully)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: i dont care
    BI: nothing hurts my friends and gets to get away with it
    Wiwaxia (GM): (but i doubt lemi's thinking of that right now)
    Lemi Malloy: (Lemi is too distressed to remember things like facts and reality that would get in the way of her self loathing fit)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yeah, fair)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (-pats lemis head-)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: he didnt hurt me on purpose though. i attacked him first and then i fucked up and then i fucked up again and
    aG: can either of u see my planet???? is it on fire????
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: My planet might just have a giant blue shell instead of an atmosphere, I dunno
    cO: But from what I've heard about your planet being on fire might improve it...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: ... seconding myrtha here
    Myrtha Oscurr: (or, not atmosphere, exactly)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (myrtha should probably get back to hauling glass soon, timeline-wise)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (exosphere!)
    (or something_

    Lemi Malloy contemplates asking IP for more grog
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I have come to the sobering realization that things will never stop from keep happening constantly
    Myrtha Oscurr: 'is that zen'
    cO: I think so?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: solution: be the thing that happens more :3
    BI: be the force of nature you were always meant to be (ʘ‿ʘ)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: i'll try!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: :)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ilma you'r the only one with a force of nature as your element)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ssshhhh ::DD)

    Lemi Malloy tries her hardest to be a force of nature that she may or may not have always been meant to be
    Myrtha Oscurr: (be the friendleader!)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (friendship: emotion, disease, or force of nature?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: OK give me a minute I need to work on something here
    cO: stupid glass underground bullshit
    Lemi Malloy: After about a minute in which she presumably does not become a force of nature, she looks back to the chat
    aG: Sorry for making you guys worried
    aG: i'm just....distressed
    aG: and drunk?
    aG: drunkstressed
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: D: -sends hugs-
    bI: all the hugs
    bI: all of them
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I wish we could actually hug
    aG: playing this game with my friends is getting lonely :(
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: i wanna meet you all as well!
    bI: hm... i wonder, back on earth we all were ways away from each other
    bI: but here we are on different planets altogether! just theyre smaller
    bI: are we actually closer now, or...?
    bI: but it should be easier to meet up, here
    Lemi Malloy: aG: it took like 10 minutes to fly from my planet to the here
    aG: inexplicable gravity potato
    aG: in the space
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((fair warning, ilma will be the huggiest of hug monsters))
    Lemi Malloy: aG: so I don't think we're too far away!!!
    (Lemi is not prepared)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and there's the gates too)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: ok I am gonna keep exploring the potato now
    aG: I'll take picutres if there's anything cool
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, are you going inside or walking around the outside for other entrances?
    Lemi Malloy: alright so Lemi goes back inside and down the stairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): gravity does the thing bask
    it's still disconcerting
    the tunnel opens up into another set of stairs and a nearly identical pit
    the only difference is this one doesn't have a walkway across the far side
    instead there's just a massive tab of rock in the middle of it
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a hole into the wall on one end, and some sort of weird pad on the end over the pit
    Lemi Malloy: no way to get over there, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not from here, no
    Lemi Malloy: fucking pit central over here
    alright I'm gonna go down these new stairs but if there's another pit I'm exploring elsewhere
    Wiwaxia (GM): those are up stairs, actually
    and i have good news and bad news
    the good news is you found a way to the pad
    and also that this isn't technically a pit
    it's just a square platform jutting off the edge of the meteor
    (the bit with dashes in is wall)
    Lemi Malloy: ......is Lemi at a "make fantastically bad choices" stage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have 3 hp and trauma
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (lemi, lemi no)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i mean)
    Wiwaxia (GM): but are also drunk, so idk
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i kinda figured she was there for a while)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: be careful, ok?
    bI: but wohoo, pictures! ^_^
    Myrtha Oscurr: (though considering myrtha once jumped a basilisk i probably shouldn't say that)
    Lemi Malloy: ..........ok I am gonna make a high low check
    high is "Lemi does not do the thing" and low is "Lemi does the thing"
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh that's... good?
    Wiwaxia (GM): what was the thing, anyways?
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi's newfound fear of heights and recent trauma has won out
    she was thinking about seeing if gravity would flip anyway?
    because it already doesn't make sense
    she was gonna see if she could walk on the other side of the platform
    (me to friend: Hey so if Lemi makes a bad life choice...
    her: [complete deadpan] nobody would be surprised)
  17. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Lemi Malloy: alright then she'll walk over to the pad since that is now availablr
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((the items that get sent back, do they act as jujus or do they have a beginning and an end)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the latter
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((kk))
    Wiwaxia (GM): unless someone really fucks up
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((eheheh)) ((i can make ilmas wings both without much trouble either way, but the map would need a beginning)) ((where it ends, who knows))
    Wiwaxia (GM): you vanish is a flash of grey light
    you find yourself at the bottom of a large, several stories deep room
    there's a staircase snaking up
    Wiwaxia (GM): three pillars of ascending height
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm that was meant to be in action-italics
    Wiwaxia (GM): (bonus round! does anyone recognize this room?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: jadehouse?
    so mosshouse
    Lemi Malloy: from Karkar: wake up
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope)
    Lemi Malloy: or w/e that flash is called
    Wiwaxia (GM): S] Past Karkat: Wake Up
    Myrtha Oscurr: (which room?)
    Lemi Malloy: alright! I'm gonna start heading up, looking out for anything cool
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i'll let anyone who wants to guess take a stab before answering that, karrin)
    Myrtha Oscurr: well i'm replaying it now so
    Lemi Malloy: (I am p sure it is a Terezi room but don't quote me)
    Myrtha Oscurr: think i found it anyways
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it is indeed)
    Lemi Malloy: (is it the room where u can find secret Nepeta?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you round the corner and ohmigoodness it's a chest
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((thats not a duck, thats a giant crossbow joke in 3...))

    Lemi Malloy immediately takes a picture and posts it to the chat
    Lemi Malloy: aG:!!!!!
    Alright, gonna open it and, like, hope reaallyyy hard it doesn't explode
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: oh
    bI: my
    bI: gods
    bI: that is so. AWESOME.
    bI: open it from the side!
    bI: traps usually spring towards the front
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi takes this advice, if it comes in time
    Wiwaxia (GM): it does
    you got four (4) jade bi!
    Lemi Malloy: grist or jade bismuth?
    Wiwaxia (GM): neither, actually
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((ooooh))
    Lemi Malloy: ((ooooooooh))
    Myrtha Oscurr: oooo

    Lemi Malloy also takes and posts a photo of these!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: loot?
    bI: those look cool
    Lemi Malloy: (any chance I know what these are?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((vm!ilma insisted on 'loot' as opposed to 'treasure'. idk why, i guess we'll find out somewhere down the line))
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll int
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+15
    = 21
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you fail you are absolutely convinced of some misinformation
    but you didn't
    close success: something from ancient china, you think?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: They look chinese?
    aG:....space China?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: ... looks like gems, not earthware tho
    bI: (wasnt there this cartoon with that premise)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: A circle premise?
    (how heavy are they?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: space gems, i meant
    bI: but circles tend to be magic
    bI: are there any symbols on them?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (space gems are ALSO from a cartoon)
    Lemi Malloy: (are there symbols?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, they're about 25-30cm across, and stone density
    they've got stylized frogs and lotuses around the outside ring, and most of them is covered with those regularly arranged spirals that you can see in some of those linked pictures
    each one is a slightly different shade of jade
    from very light, translucent spring green, almost glowing
    to a dark grey-brown-grey
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Ummm frogs, lotuses, and swirlies
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: hmmm
    bI: i know just about nothing about chinese magic
    bI: but maybe it's some local magic, and then i don't know anything at all about it
    bI: sorry ._."
    bI: but i'll check the library next time im on prospit for clues, kk?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Thanks!
    aG: (wow i dont even know if derse has a library)
    Alright, continuing upwards!
    Myrtha Oscurr: (dersites think that reading is for nerds)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (well, they do have their scandal rags)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (that's different)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and the seer:descent walkaround mentions one)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see that there's another one of those pad things and a pair of chests on the lowest pillar
    Myrtha Oscurr: bluh fine
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and that prospits and derses libraries occassionally lend books to each other)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's no obvious way down or up to it
    Lemi Malloy: transporter puzzles
    Lemi remembers these from Pokemon
    she continues up
    Wiwaxia (GM): the next pillar also has a chest, but no pad
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (whu i didnt even touch my tablet)
    Lemi Malloy: how far out is it from the staircase above?
    Wiwaxia (GM): meter and a half out, maybe, little farther down
    the floor is probably something like 6-7m down from there
    Lemi Malloy: ....yeah ok trauma mc3hp isn't gonna try it
    Wiwaxia (GM): same deal with the next pillar, only even higher up
    the stairs exit out the top of the room
    and out of a little white shed on the top of the meteor
    Lemi Malloy: well
    is the top of the meteor boring?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    there's a few other white boxy buildings sticking out like misplaced molars in a sea of craters
    Lemi Malloy: Alright then Lemi will just head to the next one
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i wonder if this is where the teeth the tooth fairy doesnt come pick up end up at)
    (not a lost pet city on the moon but a lost teeth city on the meteor)
    Wiwaxia (GM): this weird blocky building leads you down a set of stairs, through a hallway and out to yet another set of stairs up to yet another platform over yet another chasm
    Lemi Malloy: aG: guys I am on a quest
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: -cheers-
    Lemi Malloy: aG: a quest to find out how many endless pits can be in one meteor
    aG: current count: too many
    Myrtha Oscurr: (am I still messing with boulders)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yep)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: you'll reach the end and your just reward at some point :D
    Lemi Malloy: alright then stairs bring on the next pit!
    Wiwaxia (GM): at least the pit means that everything's nice and open and easy to see here
    including the two tubes
    full of what appear to be colossal chess knights
    :D !!!!!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (popcorn.gif)
    Wiwaxia (GM): like, 6m high chess knights

    Lemi Malloy is gonna get photography on this bitch
    Wiwaxia (GM): they are floating in some sort of greenish liquid, and have wires hooked up all over
    Lemi Malloy: how far down is the pit?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ooh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can'y see the bottom, but that's not worth a lot, given that it's not exactly brightly lit here
    there is also a bunch of screens
    Lemi Malloy: the tubes are at the bottom?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (do you think you might be able to find some chess monster bones)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, no, the tubes are up on the platform with you
    the pit is all around it
    Lemi Malloy: ahhhh ok!
    then Lemi takes just an unreasonable amount of pictures of them and puts them all on the chat
    she is using up a lot of data
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, except for one side, which has a little ledge, with a pad, a chest, a couple doors and a desk with a computer on
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI. -starry eyes-
    bI: you found a chess plot!
    bI: (i wonder if its lang lebe die königin, or mär)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the monitor seems to be displaying a map covered with many multicolored dots
    Myrtha Oscurr: (...oh dear)
    Lemi Malloy: can I recognize the map?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (can i comment on the photos?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): int check to try
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((ilma just dumped her reaction in the chat ::D))
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+15
    = 27
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's new york
    Lemi Malloy: weeeellppp
    Myrtha Oscurr: (wiwaxia?)
    Lemi Malloy: do I know where in New York Leon lives?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yeah, you can, just checking what you're up to)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Monsters!
    Wiwaxia (GM): (probably building your second staircase or up on the stage)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: And what do you mean, Ilma?
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably not visually
    although leon can be online now if bird is up and wants
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi takes a picture of the monitor and posts that to chat
    then opens the chest from the side
    Myrtha Oscurr: (can we tell that that's New York also)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's full of dirt and earthworms
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: just 2 stories i could think off the top of my head that involve chess figures
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi takes a picture, posts it, then attempt to captachlouge chest
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Do fairy tales usually involve giant test tube things
    cO: Also, that map.
    cO: Is that real-time?
    cO: Is that happening now?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: usually, no!
    bI: im not good at maps like mama is
    int check wether anything on that map makes sense to me, also in regard to the real time thing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    as usual
    fail means misinformation
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1D20+13
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): close fail
    you know jack shit, but at least you know that you know jack shit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well, thats something!
    bI: ... sorry, no idea :(
    Lemi Malloy: is there anything else in this room?
    (Lemi looks for bones b/c she knows myrtha)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a bunch of sub-monitors stuck one the main monitor
    and a bunch of weird things that you assume are processors kinda stacked up haphazardly by the monitor
    Lemi Malloy: is there anyway to work the submonitors?
    (also can I captchalouge the chest, or at least the dirt and worms?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a control board with a fuckload of buttons and switches
    they are labeled, but not particularly helpfully
    one of the submonitors is displaying a view of earth with a little red dot over the ne us
    one on the side shows six dots arranged evenly around a larger dot, with chains of spirographs between each one and it
    most of the others are displaying numbers or slowly shifting spirograph shapes
    as you watch, the dots change color
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi takes pics of all of the submonitors and the control board
    and the changes in dot color
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like the lions share are red, and yellow ones are turning red one by one
    one of the remaining green ones turns yellow
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...oh
    (not ic)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a giant red circle, maybe several overlapping ones, blotting out NYC
    Lemi Malloy: well
    Lemi posts the pics
    Myrtha Oscurr: (can we tell what's happening there?)
    (like. what the dots mean.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah you can probably put it together
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Sorry for picture spam!
    aG: Do you think if I press a button the meteor would explode?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Oh.
    cO: ...probably best not to test that
    Lemi Malloy: aG:....yeah
    I poke my head out the door
    Wiwaxia (GM): which door?
    the one on the far side of the platform?
    Lemi Malloy: the one my the monitor
    Wiwaxia (GM): can you ping me?
    Lemi Malloy: oh ok both doors are on the same ledge srry
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    there is that path off to the right over the pit, though
    Lemi Malloy: then I'll poke my head out both
    Wiwaxia (GM): neither door is on your ledge. though
    unless you're planning to drop down onto that level from the stairs
    Lemi Malloy: ohhhh ok
    srry I am bad at understanding spacial relations
    Wiwaxia (GM): no worries, i'm gonna rescan all these
    Lemi Malloy: then I will go across the pit path
    Wiwaxia (GM): because this run was kinda cruddy
    it's a path that snakes out to the exterior of the meteor
    you're not sure if gravity does the flippy thing or not
    you think it might and the path is just twisting to disguise it
    Lemi Malloy: hm ok gonna go back a bit then decaptchalouge the protein bar and throw it out where I think the gravity wierdness it happening
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, that was definitely not a parabola
    you're pretty sure those aren't supposed to kink off to the side halfway through
    Lemi Malloy: welp!
    is the bar retrievable?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, it just landed on what looks like the wall from here
    but is continuous with the floor you're standing on
    and is in fact the floor once you walk of there
    Lemi Malloy: alright, go and retrieve it, go back inside, get phone at the ready, and films throwing it and going to pick it up once again
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also see a number of stairs and buildings leading inside at different points across the surface of the meteor from where you stand
    Lemi Malloy: hmmm
    ok, gonna post the video to the chat
    the pad is also out of my reach, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well you could try to jump and hit it, but
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (protip: dont try to portal without a portal gun on 3 hp)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean the fall isn't enough to kill you
    but you could most definitely break some bones
    Lemi Malloy: how far down is it?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok it's 1 am here)
    (so gnight)
    (pls do not die)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (gn)
    Lemi Malloy: (night!)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (im currently pondering staying up until the grocery store opens in an hour at 8)
    Wiwaxia (GM): further from the ledge, but from the stairs, like 5m maybe
    so even a controlled drop will get you damage
    Lemi Malloy: .....worst that can happen: fall down?
    that's -3
    or is it 1d6*1d6?
    Wiwaxia (GM): depends on if you hang over the edge and drop down that way or just jump for it
    Lemi Malloy: ......controlled drop!
    this can't go wrong!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, roll 1d6
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): you now have 1 hp, but you managed to avoid twisting your ankle or anything
    Lemi Malloy: we managed to avoid drowning! :D
    ok onto the pad!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a chest here, too
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((im winding down, gonna go to sleep now))
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Lemi Malloy: ok gonna grab that then pad!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's that one blue horse dildo
    Lemi Malloy: D:
    ....Lemi capthalouges it
    she knows how adventure games work
    Wiwaxia (GM): (btw, are you keeping notes of all this?)
    Lemi Malloy: (I added both that and the jade bi to my captchalouge
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Lemi Malloy: yep!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you wind up here on the pillar
    there's two chests here
    Lemi Malloy: yay!
    opening them both
    Wiwaxia (GM): you got a hot glue gun and a swingline sewing machine!
    craft times ho!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you got A CHEST FULL OF ORIGAMI BEETLES!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is literally full to the brim
    which is like knee high
    Lemi Malloy: are they different colors?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    Lemi Malloy: are any shiny?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    Lemi Malloy: YES
    captchalouging them all
    after taking a picture and posting it to chat
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, i think i'm about ready to wrap up
    Lemi Malloy: yeaahhh I'm getting tired
    Arxon: Night!
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, until next time!
    Arxon: thank you for running!
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya!
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  18. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: Hey
    whimsy: morning
    Karrin Blue: What's up?
    whimsy: stil tryna wake up
    slept 13 hours yesterday
    Karrin Blue: good?
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello hello
    Bird: Heyo
    Karrin Blue: Hi
    Wiwaxia (GM): fucking finally got around to getting moss their power choices
    whimsy: ::D
    Karrin Blue: woo
    what are they
    wait duh
    they're in the thread
    Wiwaxia (GM): they are in the thread!
    Karrin Blue: ....man if moss could get a way to look at all of us
    then they could just teleport basically anytime we get in a fight
    which is often
    though also the gravikicking sounds fun and cool

    Karrin Blue cannot wait to get her next power
    Karrin Blue: o.o
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehehehe, glad that i'm doing well with these
    Arxon: (hi hello sorry!)
    Karrin Blue: (hi arxon!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): hi hello no reason to be!
    Karrin Blue: (so is moss gonna be able to join us tonight?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): Not sure, i can ping them
    whimsy: brrr why is it so cold
    its almost june ffs
    Karrin Blue: it's pretty hot over here
    Wiwaxia (GM): junuary

    Karrin Blue needs to get her fan out
    Wiwaxia (GM): seattle is hilarious because april-early may is Basically Summer
    and then June's just like "nah, nother month of winter"
    and then it's back to summer for real
    in any case
    moss is apparently busy tonight
    Arxon: it's gonna be 101 soon I will wilt
    Wiwaxia (GM): so it looks like everyone who's gonna be here is
    whimsy: im pissed bc its theoretically asparagus season but its too cold for asparagus to actually grow
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh jeez, that sounds miserable
    Arxon: I am not a summer person XI
    whimsy: i like summer as long as its dry heat
    generally i like almost all temperatures as long as its dry
    whimsy: Actual Lizard Person
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, everyone ready to start?
    Karrin Blue: I am
    Arxon: yep
    whimsy: as ready and awake as i'll ever be
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, timeline check
    myrtha is headed home at T=33:00
    lemi is exploring the meteor at t=32:30
    Karrin Blue: Ah, I thought I was already home?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you stumbled across nothing on your way back so same difference
    Karrin Blue: akay
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon is low-key flipping the fuck out over a dead consort truck driver at t=32:00
    and ilmatar is still in the consort village at T=29:00
    although she's got a lot of future chatting scheduled
    whimsy, you've got first dibs on going cos it's been a while since you went and you're furthest behind on the timeline
    whimsy: kk ::3
    aaaand i just realized i forgot my alchemization list again
    wi, hit me if i forget it again this week
    Wiwaxia (GM): can do
    whimsy: uu_uu
    Ilmatar Nordwind: soo last thing i know was that i was being all upset about two of the consorts acting just like my asshole classmates
    Karrin Blue: (?)
    (pretending you weren't there?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (nope, but being awful about that one lizard who found a watch)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (laughing at a third consort for thinking that a "watch" was a real thing)
    Karrin Blue: (ah.)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: do i have any way of identifying individual lizards yet, or do they all look the same to me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): they all share the same sprite i mean look pretty much the same
    unless they've picked up an identifying bit of outfit or the like
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naw shucks
    not going to give them anything to identify them by, they dont deserve stuff
    they deserve always being the last on the rescue train, and to be fodder
    Wiwaxia (GM): (holy shit ilma)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (did i forget to mention the part where shes a vindictive bitch if she gets the chance?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, what are you going to do now?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if im dry, pack up, head home, and restock
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, you are
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    6 Nothing
    = 6
    you make it home without event
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the world decides itd rather not cross me just now
    Wiwaxia (GM): the chair is still on the roof
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i wave to it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's fallen over, now
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Keep your chin up!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): there is also a lot more house springing up from half of the roof
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wohoo! how high?
    high enough to reach the first gate?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i believe so, but let me double-check
    Karrin Blue: p sure i said to build up that far so
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, have confirmed
    Ilmatar Nordwind: booyeah
    did mama return in the meantime, or is my note still where i left it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): hasn't been touched

    Ilmatar Nordwind surpresses the urge to worry and cry. This is a place like a fairy tale, and she's a big girl! She won't cry. If something caught mama, she'll find it and rescue her.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: while we're at it, ima make some stuff
    folding fan || haglaz rune
    folding fan || ihwaz rune
    folding fan || kitchen knife
    phone || flower crown
    folding fan && kitchen knife
    Ilmatar Nordwind: jam jar && thurisaz rune
    cup && thurisaz rune
    skull && tinfoil
    skull && tinfoil && rain cape
    Wiwaxia (GM): you torrent and expend one (1) unit of glass grist to make A HANDFUL OF FAN-SHAPED HAILSTONES
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ahahahahhahahahahahah
    how sharp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): quite sharp, but the edges melt dull when you touch them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and like, made of actual water?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    i'll put them in the freezer
    do i have a ziploc bag?
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 6 or lower on a d6
    aka yes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    ziploc, note "find use for this later", and then put them in the freezer
    Wiwaxia (GM): ihwaz || fan consts you 3 build and gets you a folding fan painted with beautiful jackfrost patterns
    it is otherwise unexceptional
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well, a worldly fairy like me needs a fan for every occasion
    Wiwaxia (GM): fan || kitchen knife nets you a nice folding knife with a polished wood handle
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooh booyeah
    folding knives are always good
    (btw youve got folding fan || kitchen knife twice in ilmas excursus, once in line 3 and once in line 7)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oop, fixed
    phone || flower crown gets you a FLOWER PHONE
    Ilmatar Nordwind: but, can i wear it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): alas, no
    Ilmatar Nordwind: curses
    i want a hands-free communication device like all the other cool kids ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): aside from the bit where they keyboard and speaker are all designed like daisies, it appears to be pretty much a normal phone
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((fucking novelty items))
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make another BLADEFAN
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the more of those i have the better
    means i have one to throw if i need to
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    you can afford more than one extra, if you want
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmmm then i'll make a third one
    Three's a good number
    Very magical
    (completely disregarding that 3 is not part of our arc number)
    Karrin Blue: eh
    three derse and prospit kids
    Wiwaxia (GM): jam jar && thurisaz gets you a LEYDEN JAR
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh
    now this i might be able to use against the basilisk if i can get it charged enough
    Wiwaxia (GM): cup && thurisaz gets you a frankly offensively kitschy shotglass with a thurisaz rune frosted onto the side
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ahahahhahahahahahaahahha
    Wiwaxia (GM): at least it was only 1 build
    skull && tinfoil gets you a TINFOIL SKULL
    it's frankly impressive how well it models the original skull in wadded-up tinfoil
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i love this place
    Wiwaxia (GM): and finally, you expend 1 build on skull&&tinfoil&&rain cape to make...
    a flowerpot
    Ilmatar Nordwind: what
    Wiwaxia (GM): 2 build, sorry
    Ilmatar Nordwind: no i mean
    a flowerpot
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Karrin Blue: sburb, everyone!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: in what strange reality i have found myself in
    BI: combining a skull, a raincape, and tinfoil resulted in a flower pot
    ((llaughing so hard rn)) ((whimsy has a hunch why it happened, but whimsy is also a programmer))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((ooh? i wanna hear your hunch))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((there's... how many holes in one of those punch cards? i dont know the exact number, let's call it x. there's 2^x different items, and sometimes the combinations just lead to something else entirely because of the way the holes/not holes get combined))
    ((aka the exact same shit that happens in canon))
    ((you know what? at some point mid- to lategame, i'll try to "fill in the gaps" and make a compendium of items)) ((i know that's technically not really feasible because exponential growth is a bitch, but eeh)) ((a girl can dream))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((:3))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: while we're at it, i think i can also go and try to combine
    cup || thurisaz rune
    flower crown && zablet
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make A GIANT CUP
    it is a meter tall
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and while i'm at it, get new clothes, pack some change, and alchemize food) (oh, yes, how much does alchemizing food cost) (i shall keep a stack of punchcards with food to be copied)
    i'll put it outside
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's made of glass
    that's gonna be a bit unweildy
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ... captchalogue it first, duh
    Wiwaxia (GM): fair nuff
    Ilmatar Nordwind: you telling me i do this thing where i carry around things in my hands ((tongue-in-cheek, referencing the glitch faq here))
    Wiwaxia (GM): you also make the iGARLAND
    Ilmatar Nordwind: -raises eyebrow-
    Wiwaxia (GM): congratulations, it's an wearable computer!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: WOHOOOOO
    Karrin Blue: woo!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i shall exchange my regular flower crown for the wearable computer posthaste
    but i will, of course, keep my regular computer and phone with me
    just in case
    Wiwaxia (GM): something something five computers
    Ilmatar Nordwind: exactly
    something outside?
    you know what, i pick it back up and place it next to the chair on the roof
    two notes on scale tho:
    a) the map is a bit smooshed, i think i'll need to give you a proper scan this week
    Ilmatar Nordwind: b) i metre tall? bc it its one metre in diametre it'd take up four of the squares
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, sweet!
    and yeah, 1m tall
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ... i write "well of wisdom" on it in sharpie
    Karrin Blue: some consort s gonna take that seriouslyif they figure out telescopes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::33
    Karrin Blue: :)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i love playing this character early in the morning, thats when the loopyness and the shenanigans hit
    Wiwaxia (GM): :D
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i ask the chair if it deigns to acknowledge my presence now
    Wiwaxia (GM): also have you added any of the random junk that you wanna take with you to your sylladex?
    it does not
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i captchalogue it
    Wiwaxia (GM): the chair?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yes
    or at least attempt to
    Wiwaxia (GM): too big for your modus, sorry
    Ilmatar Nordwind: curses
    do you want a list of the stuff ima adventure gear up or should i just dump it all in the sylladex without clogging the chat?
    Wiwaxia (GM): either way is good
    Ilmatar Nordwind: because i have no idea where the first gate will take me, so better safe than sorry
    mostly, parts of the stuff i made, food, water, change of clothes
    ... do i have a tent in the basement
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's go with "camping tent" for 4 or d6
    by syllables
    *four or lower
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, yes you do
    Ilmatar Nordwind: looks like a yes ::D
    is my sylladex restricted only regarding volume of an item, or also regarding its weight?
    Wiwaxia (GM): both, you can captchalogue a packed-down tent, but not one that's been set up
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmhm kk
    i wouldve checked if i can find and captchalogue some bricks, bc im not sure i can anchor the tent in bismuth
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you can grab bricks
    they're not exactly a common household object though, so...
    2 in d6 sound fair?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sure
    rolling 1d6
    = 1
    also looks like a yes ::)
    Karrin Blue: :)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    let's say 3d4 total bricks
    because seriously who has just one loose brick
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 3d4
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): (okay, i know who, but ilmatar is not old enough to attend the my college, much less graduate)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (eheh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it's a tradition for graduating seniors to steal a brick)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: there mightve been recent storm damage or some shit
    Wiwaxia (GM): my college, summed up: ~~traditioooooon~~
    Ilmatar Nordwind: there is a running gag in my father's pen&paper group
    a very specific pronounciation of "traditional" (or rather "traditionell"), that carries the meaning of, this is what we have always done, we dont know why weve always done it like that, but we wont change it for something better/more sensible/less utter fucking stupid because traditions!
    Karrin Blue: (at my job at college there's a tradition to give a flashlight to graduating seniors at the end of the year)
    (but since the flashlights are made so that every piece can be remade, every one has a few parts removed and replaced with parts taken from previous seniors)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and whenever that pronounciation comes up theres groans and screams of frustration
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also when you complete your senior research project you get a tootsie roll, whenever there's enough snow, everyone tries to fill the archway of the humanities building, everyone claps along to scotland the brave even though we are in the middle of the us, kilts, traditional jeers passed down through the marching band from year to year...)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (my uni is very srs) (or maybe im just too socially clueless to run across the weird traditions)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yeah, these are a fucking advertisement point for my school)
    (take a tour as a prospective student? here let me tell you all the traditions)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::DD
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, are you duplicating your existing sandwich for food?
    or rifling through the fridge
    Ilmatar Nordwind: im duplicating my existing sandwich
    and then grabbing one of those "dump in pot with water/milk" simple food things, make that, and duplicate that
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1 build/sandwich i'd say
    things are cheap
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ... is the faucet working?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 4 or lower on a d6 for "simple food"
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi, i dont know about you, but i always have stuff like that at home, and my parents have as well
    im amazed if people dont?
    Wiwaxia (GM): huh!
    yeah, nope
    Ilmatar Nordwind: like, a box of noodles and a packet of sauce powder you mix with milk and butter
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahhh, was thinking more like camping food
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aah
    Wiwaxia (GM): 5 in d6 then, you could always have run out
    Ilmatar Nordwind: point
    rolling 1d6
    = 3
    doesnt look like it ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): those are 1 dust grist apeice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eh, we're three digits in dust
    and will get more if we're fed and ready to bash more monsters
    Wiwaxia (GM): so how many of each are you making?
    shit shoulda made the sandwiches cost sandstone
    Ilmatar Nordwind: TOO LATE
    +3 sandwiches, 2 warm foods, and i should probably also make punchcards of more basic stuff like milk and bottled water if the faucets arent working
    Wiwaxia (GM): faucet is working, to be clear
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    that is
    handy, to be sure!
    but as far as i know this place should not have plumbing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i already made tea with this
    why did i not notice this sooner
    since i'm still healthy i suppose the water is, in fact, drinkable
    i do a plain taste test
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could try going and investigating the pipes if you want
    tastes kinda meh, in an "overly pure distilled water" kinda way
    Ilmatar Nordwind: not sure if i can follow them very far
    oh well, that's what stuff you can mix into water is good for
    i write a note to mama to duplicate items via the machinery upstairs (with instructions on how to use but im not gonna type those out) so we dont run out of food
    and pin the note to the fridge
    so. food, water, shelter, weapons, communication devices
    Ilmatar Nordwind: spare clothing
    i think ive got everything i need to run about
    BI: Food, water, mobile shelter, communication devices, weapons, spare clothing
    BI: anything missing from the list of stuff needed for adventuring?
    (oh and i plugged in my phone and tablet) (i will only keep one of those on at a time to save battery power)
    Karrin Blue: (who else is online?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you and leon, briefly
    Karrin Blue: cO: Bring a towel
    cO: And duct tape
    Wiwaxia (GM): we are at t=31:00 right now (btw)
    Karrin Blue: (happy belated towel day bytheway)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: thats genius
    i should have a towel or two i can pack, and probably duct tape as well?
    duck tape, whoo-o
    Wiwaxia (GM): towel yes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (to the tune of ducktales)
    Wiwaxia (GM): duct tape 5 in d6, i think
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if i roll a 6 im just out from my last wing building ::D
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, there appears to be some left
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ahahahha
    i shall duplicate it tho
    there is no other source of duct tape atm
    Wiwaxia (GM): unfortunately, it costs 1 build, 1 linen and 1 of a grist type you haven't seen yet
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bllrrrgh
    Karrin Blue: glue type
    Ilmatar Nordwind: but at least i can note down the code
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the duct tape shall prevail
    it's the true hero
    Wiwaxia (GM): (what, you didn't think something as useful as duct tape was gonna be as cheap as a sandwich, did you?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ok, all packed up, lets go through that gate then
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaaaaaand i think that's a good place to switch
    Karrin Blue: (i just remembered i still haven't gone through my first gate)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can get the 100 1st gate xp now if you want, though
    Karrin Blue: (arxon did you build that high yet)
    (i think I should do some restocking at home first)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (lemi has built up to your first gate and actually a couple floors past)
    (added the xp, btw, whimsy)
    I think I'm gonna go eat a thing and then i can run someone else when I get back
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (eating sounds like a good idea)
    Karrin Blue: good plan
    Wiwaxia (GM): I return!
    Karrin Blue: GO GO GO
    whimsy: -stuffs an envelope into their bra-
    Wiwaxia (GM): pff
    Karrin Blue: (hey wiwaxia did you see the baby laelle in today's drowtales)
    Wiwaxia (GM): no but now i did
    and oh noooooooooooooo
    what she says: "sure"
    Karrin Blue: kern's tumblr comment
    Page 64 : Note, Quain beating up her daughter remind her of a previous daughter. That’s Quain’s nostalgia “aah i remember the good days when i punched my favorite child.”
    Wiwaxia (GM): what she means: "i am internally dying because of my lost heir and also probably poison"
    Karrin Blue: esp since quain might not be long for this world
    is she aware it's poison yet
    i thought she thought it was just a bad wound
    whimsy: yeah, she knew when she hit sarvs sword
    that it was coated in something
    Karrin Blue: was that the same as the flower poison
    whimsy: and she mentioned not trusting zalas healers
    Karrin Blue: i don't think it was?
    whimsy: we dont know
    Karrin Blue: but idk
    sarv isnt on great terms with her sister
    i think
    whimsy: she doesnt have growths, and shes not going nuts per se
    Karrin Blue: (bird, i don't remember if you drowtales or not, but 'beating up
    means sparring here)
    (though quain is still. not the best mom.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): though she has also just beat up her daughters
    Karrin Blue: (remember that time she made equivalently-9 or whatever ariel kill a kid her own age. with a mace.)
    (that was fucked up_
    Wiwaxia (GM): just a touch
    whimsy: (well its chel. chel is fucked up)
    (p sure thats normal there)
    Karrin Blue: (there's like 3 good moms total)
    Wiwaxia (GM): who's the third?
    Karrin Blue: (that are elves.)
    (waes, shimi, vaelia, ven)
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  19. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    whimsy: (considering where quain grew up... she tried. failed, but tried)
    Karrin Blue: (ven'nidia, kiel's mom, i mean)
    Wiwaxia (GM): have koil or quil give quain a you tried star
    Karrin Blue: did she try tho
    she gave ariel to _syphile_
    Wiwaxia (GM): them because nobody else could do it and live
    well she tried with laelle
    whimsy: yeah that was a major fuckup
    Wiwaxia (GM): trying once counts, right?
    Karrin Blue: here daughter i've almost disowned
    whimsy: well, and she evidently succeeded to some degree with kel
    Karrin Blue: raise my new heir
    also i'm not going to check in on you or give you any real oversight there
    whimsy: i think she saw it as giving syphile a second chance and being merciful
    Karrin Blue: perhaps
    pity that quil would be busy all of the time
    whimsy: hand raise, who here thinks laeles "accident" was facilitated by snads?
    Karrin Blue: i'd like to see what ariel'd be like if she raised her

    Karrin Blue raises hand
    Karrin Blue: i mean at the least quil is sensible and not a bad person, that i recall
    whimsy: ariel raised by a quils squad in the overworld, now that wouldve been a terrifying girl
    Karrin Blue: she would've been a bitty at the time, which isn't great for raiders
    whimsy: she'd grown up chewing monsters and shapeshifting all over the place
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could also do a koilmom!ariel au
    which would be Interesting
    whimsy: story be like, "if you raise your kids on the overworld they become like this" the drows never leave their caves
    oooh yes
    Karrin Blue: granny suu'be
    whimsy: pass her off as kel's kid and then she's not a threat
    or just tell koil to raise her, idk
    Wiwaxia (GM): tell koil to raise her, probably
    secret heir undercuts legitimacy big-time
    whimsy: a suube torn between "but grandkid" and "shit shes going to take koils place isnt she"
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially when it's already
    kinda dodgy
    Karrin Blue: well, if she's raised as koil's kid
    Wiwaxia (GM): yessss, exactly
    Karrin Blue: she'd be koil's heir? more or less?
    whimsy: ooh
    Karrin Blue: so, take over after koil takes over
    and then dies
    whimsy: really, anyone but syphile in the first ten years
    Karrin Blue: syphile needed to like
    go someplace quiet
    Wiwaxia (GM): technically could be worse than syphile
    Karrin Blue: unfortunately that. really doesn't exist in chel
    whimsy: thing is i wouldve known what to tell quain in syphiles place, but...
    Karrin Blue: imagine if snadhya had tried to collect syphile
    she's tainted and part of quain's bloodline
    whimsy: -snickering-
    Wiwaxia (GM): i imagine snad thought about it and was like naahhhhh
    whimsy: i wonder if snads smelled that ariel was actually mels kid
    similar tendency to pass between the towers and the crescent
    Karrin Blue: hmm
    sarghress kid
    everyone knows quain's barren
    mel-like eyes, right?
    i think mel has purple eyes anyways
    whimsy: well, theres also kelnoz' line, and kel and mel are twins
    Karrin Blue: oh wait quain has purple eyes too nvm
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think they all have the purple eyes, yeah
    whimsy: just about everyone has purple eyes
    Wiwaxia (GM): well
    not laell
    Karrin Blue: Laell had one purple eye
    her dad was sull
    whimsy: im kinda glad ariel didnt end up as snads protege, but that would be an interesting AU
    Karrin Blue: god yeah
    snads is
    well just look at kalki
    Wiwaxia (GM): not much left to look at
    Karrin Blue: precisely
    ...also i want more naal
    whimsy: yesss
    Karrin Blue: like
    ok we're in an ariel bit fine
    whimsy: so glad shes back in the game
    Karrin Blue: NAAL
    Wiwaxia (GM): problem: i don't think we know the layout of chel well enough to guide her
    whimsy: i want naal and kiel to end up with whatshername, the new kyorl ilharess
    Karrin Blue: oh my god
    i would
    to see naal meet anahid
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit
    Karrin Blue: because
    naal was sort of lowkey religious
    she definitely cared a lot about the story of sharess and the velcahal
    whimsy: and shes basically velcahal come again
    Karrin Blue: yes!
    imagine her asking anahid what, exactly, she should do to repent for killing someone and taking their body
    who is the only person along with kharla she's killed so far
    Wiwaxia (GM): anahid: okay, i uh
    i need some chocolate
    Karrin Blue: and there may have been magic afoot there anyways
    asking anahid
    who was blessed to see into souls
    if she really is Naal, like she thinks she is
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit!
    Karrin Blue: (i mean kern's never gonna say one way or the other and i don't think anahid's powers work like that)
    i mean i also want her to somehow meet waes
    and hug her
    whimsy: omg yes
    Karrin Blue: (i wonder if she can still use her shadow magic? i mean it's part of her aura. it'd be a very definite way of proving she's who she says she is, if so)
    whimsy: waes can see it as a sign that her decision to stop the isolation was right
    Karrin Blue: (since only waes' bloodline is able to make solid shadows)
    (i asked kern)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, huh!
    whimsy: well, at least itd prove some aura of naal is left, or the demon managed to copy it? can they do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): i doubt anybody knows
    whimsy: whatever khaless is, the demon retained the original hosts shapeshifting powers
    Karrin Blue: (apparently it's sort of like mel's power, except extending beyond her body? idk but it's not the same as regular shadow sorcery)
    Wiwaxia (GM): demons rarely go as planned, after all
    Karrin Blue: hm
    i do not think we know if khaless can do the same magic as the bodies she steals
    whimsy: im still waiting for something or other to implode on snads
    or explode on her
    Karrin Blue: she didn't use distinct magic in lu that i recall?
    felde was a shitshow
    whimsy: the shapeshifting
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit what if faulty seeds results in more demons like naal
    Karrin Blue: though she still has the airship and poison
    no i think
    whimsy: snads mentioned khaless sometimes forgets her own face, but that might be the demon
    Karrin Blue: that naal happened because she held on for so long
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, true
    Karrin Blue: the longer you hang onto life the better chance you have of staying you
    it happened with sabbror too
    Wiwaxia (GM): that still leaves some canidates
    Karrin Blue: he remembered Zala after falling
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, him
    Karrin Blue: baliir proabbly
    by this point
    it's been 15 years
    Wiwaxia (GM): and demon-sabbror should still be around
    Karrin Blue: he could probably change and no one would notice the difference
    whimsy: tbh whats left of the vloz might as well properly merge with their seeds like kiel did
    kuso isnt tainted
    Karrin Blue: ah right
    whimsy: i want kiel to teach chrys and nau how to properly merge
    Wiwaxia (GM): say, what happens when you kill the body of someone who's merged with their seed
    Karrin Blue: i would like that also
    does kiel know how she did it
    Wiwaxia (GM): i kinda doubt kiel knows how she did it, yeah
    whimsy: she doesnt know the exact process, but she said something about just accepting the demon
    kiel is bighearted like that
    kiel deserves better
    Karrin Blue: kiel really does
    ...honestly i feel like she'd get along well with FMA greed
    she never leaves her people behind
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hell yeah
    whimsy: aye
    Karrin Blue: even if they were technically spies pretennding to be her people
    still counts
    whimsy: i kind of dont want snads to get her fingers on kiel, but at the moment snads might be kiels best bet of survival
    Karrin Blue: (i mean she's going to the ninth ortho tower)
    (...though by this point neither snads nor khaless, as far as we know, is there)
    (which should help)
    whimsy: that might end up interesting
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    oh here's _god's corpse_
    whimsy: does the elevator still work? did snads have it repaired?
    Wiwaxia (GM): could throe in her lot with whatserface
    Karrin Blue: s-something
    whimsy: shasana
    i just needed the s xxD
    Karrin Blue: but her plan is 'wait for a way to get sharess' soul back
    whimsy: well, she does have an experienced nether summoner now
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, but she could at least keep kiel alive
    whimsy: or at least, would have one if kiel ends up there
    Wiwaxia (GM): and not be snads
    whimsy: yeah, but would she?
    Wiwaxia (GM): who even knows
    whimsy: i have the feeling that shasanas like "fuck this shit, ima sit this out, get off my lawn"
    Karrin Blue: i mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, but the spiral eyes should catch her attention if nothing else
    whimsy: good gods shes worse than the beld
    Karrin Blue: 'let me hang with sharess' soulless body up here on the ceiling'
    whimsy: someone who isnt snads who sports them
    Wiwaxia (GM): not as bad as vanheimir, though
    Karrin Blue: yep
    though apparently the kyorlshave opened diplomatic channels with the vans
    the order of serenity has i think
    subplot got cut for time tho
    Wiwaxia (GM): man, no wonder everyone was willing to believe diva was still alive
    elves apparently just love to hole up somewhere forever
    and scream at anyone who gets close
    whimsy: the underground is one big hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): with lots of little sub-holes
    Karrin Blue: heh
    the belds are in a spiderhole
    Wiwaxia (GM): because you can't share your hole, no
    whimsy: the vloz tower fell into a hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): spiderhole, goddeshole, deathtreehole
    whimsy: heh
    Karrin Blue: poor silice, she accomplished nothing
    and her kids are
    whimsy: id tell her to go chill, but...
    Wiwaxia (GM): so, money on her challenging snads to single combat
    whimsy: off the charts
    Karrin Blue: poor kau
    o yea
    not like snads'll DO it
    ...hey what happened to zala and silice's twins
    they must've had them
    or diva's twin, dang
    Wiwaxia (GM): dead, probably
    silice doesn't seem the sort to kill hers, so probably died protecting her
    whimsy: snads is regarded as an oddity in that she kept her twin
    Karrin Blue: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh right, yeah
    whimsy: chrys probably as well, and fingers will be pointed re: shinaes recent actions
    tbh i can kinda understand shinae, her situation is pretty shitty
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, just a touch
    whimsy: the whole system is kinda fucked up, and some people get the short end of the stick even though they have food to eat and a roof over their head
    Wiwaxia (GM): although i don't think diva had a twin
    Karrin Blue: yeah i don't think so
    Wiwaxia (GM): we didn't see one in the merge flashbacks
    and she could easily predate the tradition
    Karrin Blue: and i think they were already underground when the tradition started
    whimsy: protector twins are basically just... polished up slaves
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    and the hair to match
    oh, did i tell you my horrible drowstuck idea?
    Karrin Blue: no, and you should
    Wiwaxia (GM): with terezi as vriska's protector twin
    Karrin Blue: ohhhhhh
    whimsy: that one nishikanta line pair of twins are less distinguishable
    oh gods
    and khaless has long hair herself
    Karrin Blue: i think nishi's kids are
    actual twins
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    Karrin Blue: like kau and shala
    whimsy: but shinae and whatsherface who killed the real one had short hair
    Karrin Blue: vychriel
    and yaeminra
    whimsy: those two, thank you
    Wiwaxia (GM): also vriska is definitely an empath
    Karrin Blue: suul parentage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i doubt it, in the sharen
    Karrin Blue: i mean the sulls hate the sharen but
    Wiwaxia (GM): but there are some non-suul empaths running around
    Karrin Blue: but also mismatched eyes, is the thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, hmm
    also sollux
    so sul
    so very, very sul
    Karrin Blue: pity the suls have the cats
    nep is super not them
    equius might be able to be beld
    whimsy: adssfgdhfj
    eridan is such a sharen
    Karrin Blue: aradia: the perkiest vloz?
    whimsy: YES
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh absolutely
    whimsy: shes like, summoning prodigy
    Wiwaxia (GM): also karkat as aradia's scourge
    whimsy: oooh
    Karrin Blue: she would probably also stumble onto the merging thing too
    Wiwaxia (GM): with the BLUH face
    for his mask
    Karrin Blue: man though who'd be kyorl
    Wiwaxia (GM): eridan
    Karrin Blue: i'd say terezi except
    and vriska
    Wiwaxia (GM): eridan is absolutely kyorl, though
    oh shit, no
    kanaya would be a surface born dark elf
    because sun
    Karrin Blue: gamzee could be either vloz or kyorl which is a fun combo
    oh yeah
    and she could have actual green hair and eyes
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah!
    which would imply illhardro, probably
    Karrin Blue: nepeta is... hm
    well she could be sargh
    whimsy: gamzee, born kyorl, either got his ass tainted or otherwise ended up with the kyorl?
    Wiwaxia (GM): honestly i'd say sargh, yeah
    yeah, sounds about right for gamzee
    Karrin Blue: like the zealotry
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then gets taken over by his seed and goes murder mode
    Karrin Blue: and BURN THE HERETICS
    is kyorl
    and feferi...
    Wiwaxia (GM): feferi is too nice for this bullshit
    Karrin Blue: well, she could be sharen, except yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): also to be heir apparent to the sharen she'd have to be way older
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): anahid-esque kyorl?
    Karrin Blue: hmm
    Wiwaxia (GM): or dutanviir, if you wanna be mean to her
    Karrin Blue: but her glbgloyb connection is demony
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh yeah, point
    clearly nid
    Karrin Blue: but
    she is FEFERI
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Karrin Blue: i guess condy would be Nidrachaal
    the boss of that
    Wiwaxia (GM): val sharess would fit her position, though
    whimsy: (btw, i want anahid to meet diva)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oh hell yes)
    hm, i wonder if Anahid could recognize her as Divaratrika on sight
    Karrin Blue: i mean
    ana meeting people is what i want
    kiel, naal, diva
    Wiwaxia (GM): just line up the main cast and parade them all by her
    not ariel
    ariel can go do something else
    Karrin Blue: the two of them are too idealistic
    whimsy: ariel can go do faen
    Karrin Blue: the room would become blindingly bright
    Wiwaxia (GM): fuck
    Karrin Blue: yeah they can go have makeouts
    i want kiel, naal, chiri, and shan to be forced to work together
    and banter
    Wiwaxia (GM): and spaaaaaaades
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also
    tavros nalsarkoth
    Karrin Blue: kiel <> naal and kiel
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh god
    judicator Scratch
    Karrin Blue: ...yeah ok
    kyorl seer rose?
    with her templar/blade Dave
    Wiwaxia (GM): ex-kyorl sargh roxy
    Karrin Blue: def
    Wiwaxia (GM): also that means she can hang out with nepeta
    Karrin Blue: balv dirk
    jade is colony-born same as kanaya
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hell yeah
    probably not illhardro, though
    sarghress/highland raider kid?
    Karrin Blue: maybe?
    Wiwaxia (GM): or actually
    given she grew up on her own
    Karrin Blue: she fits the wolf theme basically
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably just some random-ass elf
    who joined up later
    oh, but hear me out
    dutanviir dirk
    brave, self-destructive, self-sacrificing, completely and comprehensively screwed over all the time...
    Karrin Blue: also good
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait wait wait
    what if just straight up demon fef
    Karrin Blue: ver'aku?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    Karrin Blue: or whatever the term is for a sentient demon
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably working with aradia
    Karrin Blue: yes
    whimsy: one hell of a combo
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also they snog)
    what the hell are john and jane, though
    Karrin Blue: hmm
    whimsy: naive sul or sharen kids?
    or illhardro
    bc of the music
    Wiwaxia (GM): makes sense
    whimsy: john also has a wind affinity
    Wiwaxia (GM): naive sharen is also great, though
    oh hell yeah
    whimsy: sharen twins with an illhardro dad?
    Karrin Blue: i think jade probably has a quain-style weird mana affinity
    idk doing what tho
    Wiwaxia (GM): teleporting high sorcery?
    Karrin Blue: i mean idk how that'd work in drowtales
    Wiwaxia (GM): well we do see naal doing something vaguely similar with her shadow doubles
    and high sorcery goes all sorts of weirdass places
    Karrin Blue: mm
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, water affinity for rose?
    Karrin Blue: i was thinking light
    since that is an actual affinity if memory serves
    Wiwaxia (GM): so is water, but yeah
    Karrin Blue: well
    seer of light
    Wiwaxia (GM): true
    also i don't think we've ever seen light affinity out of the kyorl
    Karrin Blue: oh oh
    could be like yakuise
    going to lurk in the basement of the sharen towers
    or hell
    the VLOZ.
    Karrin Blue: i don't know if the kyorls would do that
    it would be great if they did??
    sharen was prolly because they rule the city
    Wiwaxia (GM): and any sympathetic sharen are a major political asset
    Karrin Blue: or she could be a seer given to the sarghs
    and meet roxy
    Wiwaxia (GM): i was figuring they were probably related originally
    sharen gives the opportunity for rose and terezi snarkfests, though
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): also rose and dave facing off with aradia karkat and feferi
    Karrin Blue: hnng
    yes that was my goal there
    Wiwaxia (GM): :D
    Karrin Blue: (by the way do either of you know dragon age)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i know it, but secondhand
    Karrin Blue: because
    kiel meeting sera and solas
    or chrys meeting josie
    or chiri meeting cassandra
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, from what i know of it secondhand i am just picturing chiri going all "heart eyes, motherfucker"
    Karrin Blue: just. an elf princess diplomat whose only attack stategy is acidic blood grenades.
    and kiel would be totally on board with like almost everything sera says about nobility and the fucking with thereof
    she is hells of demony
    and solas would be gratified she thinks demons are people, except it's kiel who
    is kiel
    Karrin Blue: and would punch him right in the snout the second he tried to be elitist about elves
    man it's already 1:30
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh before you go, though
    set up a editable fraymotif names sheet
    Karrin Blue: woo
    also next session i'm going through that gate :)
    Wiwaxia (GM): :D
    Karrin Blue: i still like the name Ilmataria
    whimsy: its gr8
    also, I FINALLY FOUND THE DAMN CONCEPT ART of the nishikanta line twins
    theyre trueborn and protector
    Karrin Blue: oh huh
    whimsy: http://www.drowtales.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Dindraen.jpg
    Karrin Blue: wow
    Wiwaxia (GM): don't slap your grandma's ass, did
    whimsy: i wonder how the renegades would react if divas identity were to be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt
    i wonder how sillice would react
    Karrin Blue: 'well this is going to fuck up the power balance'
    whimsy: (two more people i want to meet: diva and shasana)
    (... tbh if anyone would be able to prove that diva is, in fact, diva, itd be shasana) (theyve known each other since forever) (dive and ashwaren as well)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yesss)
    whimsy: (ash would flip the fuck out)
    Karrin Blue: ashie would
    Wiwaxia (GM): but there is the possibility of ash just going "nah, she's lying" out of spite
    whimsy: shes an empath
    shed know diva is telling the truth
    Karrin Blue: but
    whimsy: or at least has deluded herself into it
    Karrin Blue: she'd lie to the others
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, i mean ash lying
    Karrin Blue: ash doesn't like diva
    at all
    whimsy: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): because fuck you divva
    whimsy: its kinda sad, they used to be friends
    Karrin Blue: they had a war
    at some point
    whimsy: and then the power shit started happening
    Wiwaxia (GM): that tends to put a damper on friendships, yeah
    whimsy: (they shouldve married)
    Karrin Blue: quite possibly
    we need
    ashiequain wedding
    or just more of them
    Wiwaxia (GM): but then ashquain wouldn't have happened!
    Karrin Blue: ashie seems to actually love her
    whimsy: ash-diva-quain threesome
    ash <>//
    oh come on
    i cant do the quadrant symbols here?
    gimme a second
    whimsy: ash diamond/heart diva spades quain diamon/heart ash
    Karrin Blue: ok bedtime
    gnight guys
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    whimsy: n8 ::D
    we have also probably lost bird somewhen in between
    Karrin Blue: sorry bird
    whimsy: wouldnt be surprised if they fell asleep on the keyboard
    Karrin Blue: ok gnight
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    whimsy: im going to face the morning sun now or sth
    n8 yall
  20. An Actual Bird

    An Actual Bird neverthelass, Brid persisted, ate third baggel

    Aw dangit, now I gotta get back on writing up recounts. :P
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