Wiwaxia runs a SBURB D&D(ish) game - logdump/spectating/popcorn thread!

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    Myrtha suits up (with an assist from Ilmatar and a prophetic dream about goggles) then heads back out. She starts singing, which weirdly enough seems to do...something. Not sure what. But she gets the feeling that something is depleting. She explores and finds a grid of purple glass set in a rock. No amount of prodding or meditating invokes a reaction, so she leaves it alone, then promptly finds another one. Then she gets her hand stuck in a rock trying to get at something shiny. More exploring, then she finds a bigass snake thingy.

    During the same period of time (and periodically chatting to each other), Moss is building shit at Sera’s place. I’m not gonna lie, I know fuckall about architecture so I don’t have much to say. There are staircases everywhere.

    Hours in the past (but not many), I’m recovering from my misadventure. I make Knife Day to Die, which is a flail covered in knives, which is great. I go for a bit of a poke around and discover lots of fucking aquatic monsters and also seagulls. There is birdshit everywhere. I am in despair.


    At T~=24, Ilmatar wakes up on Prospit. Everything is extremely gold and pretty.

    Lemi is still near where her first gate spat her out. She attempts to climb a tree, then is almost accosted by a crawling shadow-monster. Unfortunately for it, her candle-light repels it. She takes burnt-down candles from trees as she goes, followed every step by the creeping horrors. Startled by an ogre, she takes off running and gets herself even more thoroughly lost. Then she falls down a fucking ravine. Well, only 2 metres, but still. A fly puts out her candle, and she manages to light another one just in time to avoid a wraith.

    Almost immediately after, she runs head-first into the ogre from before, now with added imp friends. The ogre gets itself killed on malevolent ogres, but the imps have Lemi stunlocked. She falls unconscious.

    When she wakes, the imps are nowhere to be seen. Luckily, she almost immediately finds a lavender iguana. He takes Lemi inside, while talking about the crawling horrors (Fears) and their creator (the Jabberwock). Lemi, being Lemi, immediately tries to help out, but given that she’s a hair’s breadth from death, he pretty firmly forces her to lie down. The healer thips around and talks about old legends with her father. Then, finally, Lemi rests.
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    :D Bird the Leon summaries are a light in my life
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    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello
    and yes
    ohhhh noooooo
    Karrin Blue: She
    she finally made it home
    after 15 years
    ...and it's like this
    and Kern calls that drider a _former family member_
    Karrin Blue: that drider is guarding a carriage being pulled by beld-black dawmeres
    it's waesoloth inside
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh fuck
    Karrin Blue: i saw someone on the forum suggest maybe waes is going to kill her, because
    she's Waes, she's certainly strong enough
    but GOD
    i'm sort of desperately hoping naal will recover the power of speech and be like
    able to convince the drider not to kill her
    Karrin Blue: but that's not gonna happen
    if naal's body dies
    is that kyorl far enough away that her soulblob can get away?
    without being sealed
    Wiwaxia (GM): assuming the belds don't have sealers of their own
    Karrin Blue: well, probably not on escort duty
    i... a little bit want naal to take over the drider body cause i love the driders
    also i hope naal can do less killing people
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean, pre-timeskip at least there were still areas full of incorporeal demons from the nidrachaal war
    Karrin Blue: i kinda figured that was like
    Wiwaxia (GM): after 15 years of dedicated sealing from the kyorl
    Karrin Blue: huh
    also the way the demonthoughts are drawn is cool
    like they're literally centered around her stomach
    also when she's strong-willed the lettering breaks apart
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit i didn't notice that
    Karrin Blue: well the main one is
    when she's taking over ilva'fay
    'i won't give up!' or something
    ...oh hey
    just noticed
    that drider is called 'former family member' and has really long hair
    Karrin Blue: like, past where her waist would be
    drider val?
    admittedly she's a guard but she could be like
    an officer or something
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's another point in favor of waes being there, i guess
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    ...oh god
    you know what would SUCK
    like holy shit
    i mean it wouldn't make sense for waes', like, arc
    Wiwaxia (GM): no no no nope no not that nope
    Karrin Blue: also the goth dawmeres are adorable
    and did you spot the secret on the page?
    i saw someone think it might be that the fountain looks like flowey
    http://www.deviantart.com/art/Magical-Chiri-Chan-Crystal-612518209 did you see this, by the way
    Wiwaxia (GM): i did not!
    oh dear
    Arxon: hello!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo!
    Karrin Blue: hi!
    Arxon: How are you guys?
    whimsy: morning
    Karrin Blue: doing ok11
    Arxon: morning whimsy!
    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo!
    got a couple of your alchemizations done, but not all of them
    Karrin Blue: can i go first tonight?
    Wiwaxia (GM): hm, iirc you just went through your first gate?
    because i am still figuring out where that goes whoops :B
    Karrin Blue: I don't think I went through yet?
    cause I haven't had a turn in a few sessions
    and the last thing i did was head home without incident
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah yeah, okay, you just said you were planning to
    sure, you can go first, but please save the gate jumping for now
    or i can improvise, i guess
    Karrin Blue: sure
    let's see, i wanted to beat some imps so i could get cobalt for alchemy
    and other stuff
    other kinds of grist i mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing
    one sec, my edits to my underling genreator apparently turned up some new and exciting bugs
    whimsy: .::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): well the most apparent thing when you get back is the crowd of imps using your torn-off fridge door to surf down your stairs
    all your stairs
    from floor 7 on down

    Myrtha Oscurr eyetwitch

    Myrtha Oscurr pulls out halberd
    Wiwaxia (GM): two copper imps and a cobalt imp start coming at you, the rest scatter in every direction
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Flagcoonsprite? Could you please help me clean these up?"
    also stab.
    do they get to attack first or do I?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you want prototypings?
    also it's a standoff so roll d6 for it
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you go first
    Myrtha Oscurr: sure!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the three agressive ones are all wearing kimono
    one of the copper ones has fins, the other has a face that's a mixture of leopard and raccoon skull
    the cobalt imp has leaves growing everywhere
    Myrtha Oscurr: well alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): two of the other copper imps scampered before you could get a good look
    Myrtha Oscurr: onryous are the ones with the crazy necks, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the last has fins
    nope, that's a nessie prototyping
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah, ok
    which is fins.

    Myrtha Oscurr will start astabbing now, then?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's a d20 right
    Wiwaxia (GM): + your attack
    which i don't recall off the top of my head but is on your sheet
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): on which one?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cobalt
    Wiwaxia (GM): also that hits
    there or a meter over?
    Myrtha Oscurr: there's fine, i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): damage?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): d8
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah
    rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's better
    it drops 4 build grist and 4 cobalt grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: right
    Wiwaxia (GM): you take [1d4] damage from a malign presence (no protection)
    sorry 2
    and they're both gonna jab you
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok i took 2 hp away
    ....god this would be a dumb way to die
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d20
    = 29
    both of those hit, i believe
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: defense is 10 so
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 3
    protection does count for those
    Myrtha Oscurr: protection is 2
    so 1 damage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): from one and 2 from the other
    Myrtha Oscurr: 4 hp
    still gonna stab these guys
    rolling 1d20
    = 11
    ...and i forgot to add 1 so that's 12
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep that nails one of em
    which one?
    Myrtha Oscurr: eeny meeny miny
    the one next to me i guess
    on the right
    Wiwaxia (GM): skull and leopard is ahead of you
    if that makes any difference
    and fins on the right
    Myrtha Oscurr: idk which of them is the malign presence on
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, damage?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): and down he goes
    7 copper, 12 build
    gonna move or stay put?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I would like to move
    I'm using dad's halberd
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, cool
    Myrtha Oscurr: so i can still hit the imp even if i'm not right next to it, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: so I would like to go and get by Flagcoonsprite
    so that he might be able to heal me
    because oh god i'm low on hp
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, there we go
    Myrtha Oscurr: did flagcoon kill any of those imps btw
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp bites at you with it's skeletal jaws as you move away
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 12
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    and yeah, there's a pile of grist here
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok good
    is that 2 damage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    aka none
    Myrtha Oscurr: i think all of that should be cancelled out by my protection
    my turn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    flagcoon healbeams you
    for 1d6 hp
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then imp goes
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: well that puts me basically where i was when i went into the house
    ok 5 hp
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh wait, one more thing first
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    what's that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hear an imp downstairs pounding on glass
    and then iiiiiiiits time for
    rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    12 You stumble and do not catch your balance. Congratulations, you have fallen flat on your ass.
    = 12
    Myrtha Oscurr: >:[
    well ok
    does that mean i miss my turn or take a penalty?
    Wiwaxia (GM): miss your turn
    flagcoon bonebeams the imp
    rolling 1d20
    = 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...well ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): who makes its save, surprisingly
    rolling 1d10/2
    = 5
    not that it helps it much
    Myrtha Oscurr: so is it dead
    Wiwaxia (GM): quite
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    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): although lemme check its grist

    Myrtha Oscurr will collect all of the grists
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3 copper and 8 build
    and then
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    there's a sound of breaking glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: how inconsiderate.
    can flagcoon healbeam me again
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 2
    still recharging
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    since i've collected the grist
    do i have any quick snacks that can heal me
    Wiwaxia (GM): you do get 1hp from standing next to him, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: that's something!
    Wiwaxia (GM): not really on the quick snacks
    given your fridge is uh
    Myrtha Oscurr: well ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): well
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...yeah
    i'll go and sylladex all the food that's in there
    hopefully none of it's spoiled yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): you already ate most of it
    while recovering from the whole tentaclebarf incident
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah, ok
    then i'll sylladex what's left?
    and then get flagcoon to stick next to me while i go investigate that broken glass
    Wiwaxia (GM): k gonna go give you 2 spins on the wolfram alpha random food widget
    split peas and a pair of eggplants
    Myrtha Oscurr: well ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): as for the broken glass, looks like the imp busted through the window in an effort to flee
    and killed itself between that and the drop
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...how long IS the drop
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some grist on the ground below the window, but it's all mixed with broken glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    what kinda grist
    Wiwaxia (GM): copper and build
    Myrtha Oscurr: well, are there more imps outside
    Wiwaxia (GM): drop's like a couple meters?
    Myrtha Oscurr: if not then I'll just go and walk over to it outside
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some, but they're mostly tailing it
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    ok then
    still gonna go collect grist
    and stab any stragglers
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1 copper and 12 build
    at some point flagcoonsprites healbeam recharges
    you can just hang around until he plinks and peices you back up to full
    but it'll be a while
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    uuugh i wanna do stuff but i also want to be like
    not about to die
    Wiwaxia (GM): it'll be faster than sleeping, anyways
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    then i'll do that!
    hm, i still don't think i have enough grist for any of my new stuff
    so that'll have to wait
    how quickly can I get back to full health?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that takes, oh let's say 6 minutes
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh ok
    in that case!
    I'm back to full health?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK then!
    I shall go and explore/kill more imps!
    I think I went everywhere in the underground, in the passages that were open before
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't think so, but lemme check
    there's an unlocked pull door that you might be able to figure out a way to open
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I will go to the pull door!
    which pull door was that
    Wiwaxia (GM): *with no handle, to be clear
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    is that the one that's beyond the wire room
    Wiwaxia (GM): in the room with the glass grid over the pit
    no, that's the cylindrical glass door that the ogres somehow got past
    Myrtha Oscurr: Ohhh that one
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then the third dead end you hit was the uncooperative consorts
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also the path in the other direction
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh yeah!
    I'll head down the other direction then
    I avoided it cause of the lich the first time
    but mothsong! so hopefully I can sneak past
    if it hasn't moved on
    Wiwaxia (GM): it hasn't, and it has a friend now
    Myrtha Oscurr: aww hell
    more lich?
    mothsong then

    Myrtha Oscurr SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep another lich
    Myrtha Oscurr: really hoping mothsong continues to work
    Wiwaxia (GM): they continue to stand around doing jack shit and fuckall
    Myrtha Oscurr: well they're still called liches so i'd rather get upgraded weapons and armor before fighting them
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's see, horizon is 100m
    so you've gotta walk 200m in 8 minutes
    quite doable at a quiet not attention-drawing pace
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh ok
    then i wil do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): they drop over the horizon behind
    you are in the bit with the roots of the power line poles again
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    oh, so i've been in this area before?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, the first time you ran into the lich and ran away
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah yeah

    Myrtha Oscurr pokes the roots
    Myrtha Oscurr: if they're low enough
    Wiwaxia (GM): here i can go grab you the description from last time
    one sec
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a whole lot of nothing for a long stretch
    then you run across... roots?
    bare, dead wood, full of rusted staples
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): Wiwaxia (GM): but shaped kinda rootlike and coming down through the ceiling
    Myrtha Oscurr: does it look like the same kind of wood as the poles are made of
    Wiwaxia (GM): and passing on down through the floor
    whimsy: (staples in the wood instead of coins? ::D)
    Myrtha Oscurr: coins?
    Wiwaxia (GM): Wiwaxia (GM): looks like some of the wires from the ceiling go up through the ceiling along with the "roots"
    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh.
    so the poles are... trees of some kind
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    they haven't grown have they
    Wiwaxia (GM): since last time?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): everything seems pretty much the same
    except the air is a lot dustier now
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    that's odd
    if it hasnt even been 2 days since i teleported here
    well, continuing down the tunnel!
    Wiwaxia (GM): well the tunnel was full of dust the whole time
    Myrtha Oscurr: well i'd expect it to have settled
    or something
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is less settled than last time
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some minor damp splashes in the dust on the floor and wall ahead
    and then a junction just past
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh, I guess we're under the ocean part now
    how many directions in the junction?
    Wiwaxia (GM): two, it's a T
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    is there a noticeable difference between the two?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    on the left
    there's a bunch of shelves and wooden boxes like those in the tunnel under your house, but shoved around and piled into a crude barricade
    there's a couple of the spears you made the sirens leaned against the wall on the near side
    a couple sirens are dozing fitfully
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    Well I should probably say hello, though I feel bad about waking them up
    though they're probably also meant to be guarding
    siren: aaah!
    Wiwaxia (GM): they leap up with surprising speed
    one grabs a spear and whips around to point it at you
    the other goes for a wire halfway up the wall
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Hey, I'm not here to fight!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): then they both stop and sag slightly
    siren: Oh!
    are you the Lady of the house on the hill?
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I am."
    siren: our humblest apologies, milady!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one with the spear drops it like it's suddenly burning
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Don't worry about it. The tunnels seem to be a dangerous place, after all."
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then they both sweep very low bows
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Is your village doing well?"
    siren: well enough, Lady
    thanks to the arms you granted us, we were able to defend from a group of raiders
    we lost two of our number but we held them off here and in the tunnel behind you
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Raiders? You mean, other sirens, or carapace people, or the monsters?"
    siren: other sirens, milady
    Myrtha Oscurr: (I just noticed that one of those liches has pretty low health)
    (did I try and fight that guy before...)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: (well ok then)
    "The liches that way haven't come this way, have they?"
    siren: no, milady
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Ah, that's good."
    siren: do you wish to inspect the village, Lady?
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Oh, if it's not an inconvenience, then I would."
    siren: of course!
    if you will permit me to escort you?
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Thank you very much."
    Wiwaxia (GM): the siren leads you down the right hand path
    you can see the scuff marks on the floor where the shelves were moved from to make the barricade
    you pass under one of the glass gridded lightwells
    some of the white flowers are growing in its inset of the ceiling
    clinging to both the walls and the faint light
    there's another barricade here, much bigger and with a door propped more-or-less upright in the middle of it
    Myrtha Oscurr: Does the door look like the one from the other consort village?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no
    more like the other plain wood doors you've been seeing around
    Arxon: (hey um)
    (I am srry to drop out early two weeks in a row but rn is bad brain times and I think I just need to sleep or something)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (no worries, man)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (sleep well!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (sleep well and take care of yourself)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (drink tea!)
    Arxon: (thank you ouo)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the siren raps on the door with the butt of their pike
    siren: The Lady is here to examine the village!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a commotion of activity on the other side of the barricade
    the door swings out somewhat lopsidedly
    revealing a tunnel through the barricade
    seems to be using some shelving, with the actual shelves taken out, for support
    there's a bunch of chair legs and things lying crossways across the ground to make movement somewhat slow
    there's a cluster of more sirens around the far end with more of your spears

    Myrtha Oscurr does not think she has anything lying around the house useful for defending in this case...
    siren: as you can see, Lady, your support has helped us more than we can state
    without your arms we would likely have been unable to defend the gate
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I'm glad to have helped you, then."
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also see a wire running through the barricade, and a salamander sitting on a box listening to it
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh, working wires!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): beyond the barricade, there's a brief stretch of hallway with the rest of the spears piled up, and what look like some makeshift sleeping places
    then there's an open archway
    and beyond the village
    the center of the village is a patch of the white flowers, positioned directly under another glass grid skylight
    Myrtha Oscurr: aww
    sounds pretty
    and also Undertale
    Wiwaxia (GM): white moths flutter silently among them and around the rest of the room
    around the circumference of the round room, there are little bedding areas
    there's some makeshift walls between them, but they're clearly not more than a formality
    looks like all the materials that would serve went to the barricades
    all the sirens in the village are standing at attention, in small groups in the common area or alone in front of one of the "rooms," looking at you
    one by one they bow
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hear a few mumbled "my Lady"s

    Myrtha Oscurr bows a bit as well to be polite
    Wiwaxia (GM): the sirens seems a bit nonplussed, then bow lower, to be sure
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh god they're all REALLY POLITE)
    escorting_siren: our village is at your service, Lady
    we had not expected this visit, or we would have prepared some tribute for you
    I hope all is satisfactory to you, milady.
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Of course. Thank you for your hospitality."
    the siren escorting you nods and bows slightly
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Do any of you know where I might go, or who I might talk to, to learn about this land? There's a few things that I need to find out about, and I haven't yet had much luck."
    Wiwaxia (GM): the sirens look at eachother and give eachother gestures of agreeing helplessness
    eventually one speaks up
    siren: We are deeply sorry, Lady, but we do not know much beyond our lands here and your lands.
    other_siren: the Renegade might know more.
    but they are a dangerous element, and we see them rarely.
    yet_another_siren: there... there may be more answers deeper in the underground
    Wiwaxia (GM): they look afraid
    yet_another_siren: but that is far more dangerous.
    if. If your Ladyship wishes, we could organize an expedition, but there would not be much hope of them returning, with answers or without.
    Myrtha Oscurr: "No, I wouldn't ask you to do something like that."
    "So please don't worry about it."
    Wiwaxia (GM): the sirens look relieved, and there is another round of bows
    Myrtha Oscurr: (I don't mind switching out now if someone else wants to go)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, im actually starting to fade a bit
    are people willing to leave it there for the week?
    sorry i haven't been able to run for long recently
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's fine!
    whimsy: its ok
    been distracted as well
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then next week we can do Actual Fucking First Gate times
    whimsy: ::DD
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    sleep well, guy!
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya!
    sleep well!
    or well
    you sleep well at least
    dunno if whimsy and bird are gonna go back to sleep or what
    whimsy: probably not just now ::D
    but n8
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also belated xp tally
    for 340 exp
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    whimsy: morning ::D
    i have circumvented my waking-up-at-3-am-sleepiness by not sleeping at all
    Wiwaxia (GM): morning
    uh, best of luck frined
    whimsy: thank you ::D
    i plan on not sleeping much today
    Wiwaxia (GM): i've got a general idea of where your first gate goes now though!
    whimsy: ooh
    (i'll be mildly distracted tho bc im working on a trailer for adfr)
    Karrin Blue: Hey
    Arxon: hey!
    whimsy: hii ::D
    wi was here a moment ago
    Karrin Blue: so
    girl genius
    what did RvR DO
    whimsy: send the storm king to the future
    all those time creatures around mechanicsburg...
    considering av describes rvr as having a mad grin on his face, i presume a prototype gone, uh, slightly unintended
    Karrin Blue: but the thing is that
    it seems like he was less sent into the future, like agatha and martellus and vi
    and more
    stopping time for him?
    whimsy: possibly a strong temporal draw from this era instead of the "im getting you out of battle"
    i might need to reread those pages
    he seems to be reconstructing himself
    Arxon: (hello Wi)
    Karrin Blue: well he'd need to
    look at his arms
    those maw things
    there's no actual
    Karrin Blue: for arms there unless they are spaghetti-thin
    he might just be a head on top of a mechsuit, i mean
    whimsy: those arms got the same colour as his face
    a mildly unhealthy bubbly green
    so whatever rvr did, it probably backfired
    (wouldnt it be funny if that state made him officially ineligible for the crown bc of death) (the crown goes to tarvek) (a few people need to suppress snickers because oh boy howdy if only they knew)
    Karrin Blue: yep
    if 30 seconds dead disqualifies you...
    depending on things, if he never actually _died_ but was suspended that miiiight swing things
    also i really am wondering when he'll see agatha and think she's euphrosynia
    whimsy: im not sure whether shell be pissed that she keeps getting mistaken for her ancestresses, on the other hand, euphrosynia is better than lucrezia, by sheer weight of the fact that you cant go worse than lucrezia
    i wonder if dead but rescuciated by non-sparky means counts as dead
    Wiwaxia (GM): well internet appears to be moderately turdy
    Karrin Blue: D:
    Wiwaxia (GM): hopefully it won't be a problem
    whimsy: we noticed, you kept oscillating between on and off
    Karrin Blue: yep
    thoughts on latest drowtales?
    quain cannot politick
    Wiwaxia (GM): that table is not going to last the evening
    Karrin Blue: god no
    whimsy: its going to end in a disaster
    Karrin Blue: like, ashie can politic. but quain cannot
    also half the clan leaders sent proxies
    anahid isn't going, and she sent MERRILL
    whimsy: she couldve sent kel
    Karrin Blue: yeah, kel can negotiate!
    the nals are apparently being headed by baby greenie
    whimsy: question would be wether the head bitches would accept a male voice among them
    Karrin Blue: mm
    is the jie'yen rep male?
    though he and sara are probably there just to support zala
    also is zala like
    in a fit state
    Karrin Blue: to be here
    whimsy: no
    Karrin Blue: there's no way the Jaal'darya's turnaround is that quick
    whimsy: she shouldve sent chrys, but... yeah, bad stuff all around
    Karrin Blue: mmmaybe they managed to come up with a way to delay symptoms bu
    ....oh fuck
    imagine if
    zala starts budding
    right there
    whimsy: the jaal are playing all sides at once and are just yoloing all along
    i hope chrys managed to get her dose of the antidote somewhere where it can be diplicated
    Karrin Blue: well, i do think that they have legit grievances with the sarghs
    chrys passed it to the jaal who came to the fortress
    hopefully she's... well, trustworthy ENOUGH.
    although i do think the jaal have legit problems now, more than the other clans
    like their strength is dependent on being able to deliver
    and we saw sargh recruits stabbing them at the checkpoints
    Karrin Blue: though she's darn creepy about it
    (also i do wonder why agneya didn't go herself. she's also going by proxy. even though the proxy is herself.)
    whimsy: the sargh got too big. not enough people in the upper echelons who can control their subordinates
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    quain decided to go for quantity over quality and they opened recruitment to anyone who could hold a spear
    and thus they ended up with everyone who wasn't low enough to only be able to go to the vloz
    and as a result
    whimsy: you can do that if you have enough drill sargeants who at least pay lip service to the doctrine
    Karrin Blue: they didn't have sturdy enough supply lines to feed everyone
    which leads to more disobedience and lack of discipline in the ranks
    quain's planning to besiege snads
    whimsy: ahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahah
    Karrin Blue: but for a siege you need to be prepared to settle in for a WHILE
    whimsy: quain please
    Karrin Blue: they can't feed everyone IN THEIR OWN CITY
    whimsy: im sorry, but snads got the longer lever here
    Karrin Blue: there's already a banditry problem
    whimsy: yeah bc snads controls the rift
    Karrin Blue: there's no way they can make sturdy supply lines
    i mean
    whimsy: they need to strike snads quick, hard, and dirty
    Karrin Blue: i remember that quain was planning on letting merchant caravans enter first landing free with a guard of veteran raiders
    which would help some
    not enough.
    whimsy: not by far
    Karrin Blue: yeah striking snads down quick
    letting her get to her seat of power is the worst thing that could happen
    if she can entrench herself in felde
    i don't even know
    whimsy: and since the sargh have no blood bond like the other clans, and come from extremely disparate places altogether, they cant even build on a "do it for the clan"
    Karrin Blue: go to orthobbae with everyone equipped with earth focii and drop the whole building
    and quain is strong but she's one person
    and fighting AS one person has got her poisoned
    whimsy: yeah
    her mana immunity would make her an asset to a strike party
    but shes too proud, and too short-sighted
    Karrin Blue: and she's still a brutal fighter
    Wiwaxia (GM): still one of the best people to 1v1 snads irl
    but yeah
    people ready to start?
    Arxon: ye!
    Karrin Blue: (thing is, she started out as a merc leader, which she's good at. and then it all just. grew.)
    whimsy: yeah no 1-on-1ing snads wont work
    they threw mimaneid at her and she came out of in on top
    Karrin Blue: (the mimans had no plan as far as i remember tho)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i assume snads is gonna go down fmab wrath style
    Karrin Blue: (ooooh.)
    whimsy: oh wow yeah thatd be hella
    the mimians severely underestimated snads which is a stupid idea
    Karrin Blue: poor mikilu
    whimsy: the one who got the best shot at snads was the sargh lady who was like "fuckit ima go the sneaky route to plant a knife in her"
    she had the right idea
    if snads knows youre there you dont stand a chance, shes too op
    Karrin Blue: snads does not seem to have any personal defense other than the summons, yeah
    she's putting all her effort into magic
    but a knife to the gut will do just fine, she's not a warrior and she never wears armor
    zala'ess put more effort into her nonmagical protection
    and it _worked_
    Karrin Blue: game!
    so moss and bird?
    i know moss is busy
    Wiwaxia (GM): bird is napping and moss is ???
    Karrin Blue: ok then!
    ladychar party!
    Arxon: clearly we should get together
    have a slumber arty
    talk about boys
    braid each others hair
    Karrin Blue: (p sure lemi and ilma are both lady-types?)
    Lemi Malloy: "So.....Do you guys know any boys other than Leon?"
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "... Nah"
    Karrin Blue: "....there's those theoretical aliens?"
    "they might all be girls tho."
    "and the chess people i guess."
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "I hope they're all girls. Girl powerr! Or enby, bc Moss is cool"
    Lemi Malloy: "I don't think any of the chess people I've met have been boys."
    "Oh wait! The potter was."
    "Now I know two boys."
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "If we find more we'll need a box for them. Can't keep putting them with the other assorted findings."
    (also let the record show tham im fucking STARRYEYED at this bismuth crystal picture)
    Myrtha Oscurr: nice nice nice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: like WHOA
    probs lots of good places to hide and ambush and trap stuff and _get_ ambushed
    Lemi Malloy: Ilmatar has best planet omg
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...well
    yeah it's not haunted
    or evil.
    so yeah
    Ilmatar Nordwind: im still amazed stuff grows there
    Wiwaxia (GM): arguable
    sera's is p sweet
    Myrtha Oscurr: music!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are just about the sea of storms, here
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh
    im taking
    so many pictures
    Wiwaxia (GM): fog skimmed from its top swirls thickly around the riot of crystals the sprout from the ground
    Myrtha Oscurr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oceanus_Procellarum
    (also what is this song)
    secretly ilma was the moon princess all along
    now to find the cat
    Wiwaxia (GM): searched for "mist" on soundcloud and grabbed the thing that sounded cool
    Myrtha Oscurr: nice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well she is a royal princess of prospit
    and she probably still have the sailor fuku tee
    too bad i didnt think to bring bottles, i wouldve loved to catch some of the mist
    Wiwaxia (GM): condensation drips heavily on every faceted surface and runs in rivulets between the jumble of half-formed crystals that is the ground
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i catch some of the mist in my hands and drink/inhale it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's everywhere around you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i feel so fairy like atm
    Wiwaxia (GM): you inhale it with every breath
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooh nice
    Wiwaxia (GM): flashes of blue wheel and strike against the pink and orange crystals crowding over your head, great iridescent butterflies wheeling in the swirling fog
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: guys guys guys omg
    BI is sending pictures!
    BI: this place is magical
    BI: leeeeeeeeeeeeemiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii can i drag you here at some point so we can take artisty pics together
    Myrtha Oscurr: (who's online now)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BUTTERFLIES
    i reach my hands up in the direction of the butterflies and hold them as still as i can
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    this is rather
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::DD
  6. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM) checks timeline
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi is stumbling around the forest on LOFAC having trapped the crawling horrors
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...lemi's still on lofac at this point?
    Wiwaxia (GM): technically online and chatting with myrtha but probably too occupied to chat with imatar too
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: theres HUGE butterflies here
    BI: i wonder if i can make nice fairy wings from them
    Wiwaxia (GM): myrtha probably can, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Wow!
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah we're at T=31:00
    Myrtha Oscurr: (refresh my memory there?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (you're just starting your underground exploration, are gonna ask about the Nyx statues in a few minutes)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok)
    cO: That place is gorgeous
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: yess!!
    bI: im so glad i get to play this game with you guys!
    bI: and if your places are more difficult, we can start here! ^________________^
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, I think we might be supposed to figure our own places out... but it is multiplayer after all. And I could probably use a break from the planet of blue and ghosts.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Wi, how far above me are the butterflies?
    Wiwaxia (GM): all around you
    above, at your height, off in the distance where you can just catch glimpses of them through the mist...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i try approaching one
    oh darn, i didnt pack my fairy wings
    cant even camouflage myself
    Wiwaxia (GM): it flutters and wheels away
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i chase it

    Ilmatar Nordwind is chasing butterflies. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): it flies up and over the rim of this large crystal
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    Wiwaxia (GM): which comes up to about chest height on you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i peek over it!
    endless sea of clouds?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well yes, just down the hill
    but this in particular is a large square crystal, stepping down on the inside
    it's been filled with water from the mist
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooh
    can i reach the water?
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's probably not very warm
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you kinda haul your shoulder half up over the rim you can dip the tips of your fingers in
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nice
    i get out my thermos and dip in the cup
    time to sample
    Wiwaxia (GM): it tastes like light through crystal and is teeth-achingly cold
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooooh
    well, at least its better than whatever is in the pipes of my house atm, lol
    Myrtha Oscurr: ilmatar that water may be drugs
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::DD
    Myrtha Oscurr: normally 'light through crystal' is not a taste
    Ilmatar Nordwind: What are you talking about? Ilma is a fairy, food of the fairy world cannot harm her.
    Wiwaxia (GM): several butterflies perch on the step just above the water, drinking and slowly opening and closing their iridescent wings
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: item: the water in the pipes in my house is currently disgusting
    bI: item: the water here tastes absolutely amaziing
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Huh, I haven't had any plumbing problems yet, even though I'm in a desert. Though there is a river right next to me.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: like light filtering through ice, scattering into colours
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...I don't think water is supposed to taste like that?
    cO: Or that anything is supposed to taste like that.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (pff)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: the butterflies seem to like it!
    bI: well, the nutrients need to come from somewhere!
    bI: ive been wondering how anything can grow on bismuth, but it might be the water
    bI: and then i went and forgot to bring bottles for samples
    Wiwaxia (GM): speaking of growing, it looks like there's some kind of aquatic plant in the center part of the pool
    looks like this
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooh
    Myrtha Oscurr: nice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i take a good picture?
    and, do i have any idea what it might be?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not without a waterproof camera, no
    it's submerged completely and the reflections on the water make it hard to get a good shot
    and int check?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1D20+13
    = 18
    seriously. thats the first roll of the night.
    (at least it wasnt a 1)
    Wiwaxia (GM): near miss
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i know i dont know?
    Wiwaxia (GM): doesn't look like any sort of earth plant
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Well, figures! This is obviously in the fairy realm. Of course they have other plants here.
    "Thank you, spring spirit, for your hospitality", I say towards the water. Just in case.
    gotta be friendly to the spirits.
    then plop down and explore some more
    Wiwaxia (GM): where to?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: northwards
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make your way carefully across the crystal-jumbled and mist-slick ground
    Ilmatar Nordwind: good thing ive got good and sturdy boots made for that kind of thing!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the next big crystal pillar is tipped towards you, and holds little water
    instead it's mouth is filled with silver mossy plants
    Ilmatar Nordwind: take a pic, and try to figure out what those are
    rolling 1D20+13
    = 24
    Wiwaxia (GM): http://www.davidkjoyceminerals.com/graphics/homecarousel/carousel dend silver.jpg
    you get the obvious metagame knowledge the link above provides
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheheheh
    made of silver?
    bI: ooh, theres plants made of silver here
    bI so pretty!
    i prod one with my bladefan
    Wiwaxia (GM): it brushes back a little, like a branch of a plant, but seems mostly stiff and hard
    Ilmatar Nordwind: How delightfully odd!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the dewdrops gathering on it roll down your bladefan and up your sleeve
    Ilmatar Nordwind: cold?
    Wiwaxia (GM): very
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Can i assess whether its just really close to 0 celsius, or already below?
    if its below, theres shenanigans involved
    on the other hand, this is a very shenanigan-y place
    Wiwaxia (GM): not without a thermometer, i don't think
    Ilmatar Nordwind: alright
    "I hope I did not harm you, spirit. I will annoy you no longer."
    and then truck onwards, further north
    Wiwaxia (GM): this one is a small pool at knee height, and then a wide pillar that reaches just above your head
    to your left, the ground curves aways steeply down to the surface of the sea of storms proper
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmm, i have bad experiences with cloud-slippery bismuth and drops
    Wiwaxia (GM): waves of cloud break on the large crystals at the edge of the land, sending pulses of mist rolling up the channel towards you
    in return, rivulets of condensed water and mist-dripping gather together into a jumbing splashing stream
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (the bgm is making me wanna hum)
    im going to hum a song
    Wiwaxia (GM): returning to the cloudy sea
    Ilmatar Nordwind: when i come here next, i'm gonna take a message in a bottle with me
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hum aimlessly, by which i mean you start idly humming the background music in-universe
    Ilmatar Nordwind: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): have a song bar
    the shallow pool in front of you has a deep square "keyhole" in its center
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh, gotta keep that in mind
    possibly either a planter for one of the silver things, of a bismuth key
    i pass the tall column on the right and venture on
    (whimsy thinks there must be more to this place than just these crystals and the butterflies)
    Wiwaxia (GM): here the half-formed crystals of the ground start to become little ankle-deep square pools
    the butterflies are thick, and swirl around you, alighting on you momentarily
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eeeeeeeeeeeeeh _
    starry eyes
    Wiwaxia (GM): to your right, a crystal looms several meters over you head, tilted towards you
    water spills from it's overhanging edge in intermittent streams
    ahead there's a relatively clear path to the big blocky crystals of the shoreline
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i should probably get out of the way quick-ish, hypothermia is awful
    so i see
    whatever this here is
    bllrrgh why cant i ping again
    Wiwaxia (GM): to the left, uphill, a sight of blue crystals through the shifting mist
    huh, you should be able to?
    well you can move yourself there, yeah?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh dear
    did we forget to up my health after i rested and ate some food, or did the water drop me down to 9hp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's your song
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): blue is health
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aah
    red is usually health
    Wiwaxia (GM): i can go green for song if that'd be less confusing?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: damn colour coding
    yes please, green would be less confusing
    green is a wind colour
    thank you
    so yeah
    the weird gradient-y lump in front of me
    Karrin Blue: though I think I'm the only one who figured out singing so far
    Wiwaxia (GM): well ilma's just singing a non-magic song
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    which is the path to learning magic songs!
    Wiwaxia (GM): mhm!
    that's a a flat plane of bismuth, starting at about knee-high and tipped up towards you
    it's wrinkled and dimpled, but you can catch your reflection in it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: do i still pass as human?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you look pretty human to you, yeah
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh. well, onwards to the east now
    Karrin Blue: (what were you expecting ilmatar)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (whistles innocently-
    Wiwaxia (GM): as you reach here, the mist parts abruptly, like stepping through a curtain
    centered on the pedetal in front of you, there is an eye in the swirling mist
    Karrin Blue: (WELL)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Hello, hello!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see the black skies of the medium above you, and a faint line of dim... stars?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh, that kind of eye
    i thought an... eyeball
    Karrin Blue: (yeah so did i)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, sorry, like eye-of-the-storm
    Ilmatar Nordwind: greeting rescinded, exchange with taking pictures
    i think i should be feeling wind here, though
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing
    absolutely still
    Ilmatar Nordwind: how strange
    i step into it
    Wiwaxia (GM): stepping up onto the pedestal?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: you know what? sure
    i'll watch my step tho
    Karrin Blue: ...is this eye the god tier pillar
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a clear keyhole of water in the center of the pedestal too
    Karrin Blue: oh no ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nah, those are obvious)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and you cant just port right next to them like that id think
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, no
    as you step up, a ripple passes over it, the water drains, and the mist rushes in, suddenly blindingly thick
    Karrin Blue: IT'S A TRAP
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i disturbed the circle ::D
    and carefully step back from it
    Wiwaxia (GM): you pass back out through a curtain into a more normal level of mist
    where there was once a clear area, there is now a slowly twisting column of thick white mist, extending upward for 5 or more meters
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (on a meta level i know that this might be a good time to use my power, but the meta also knows that ilma is not yet ready to accumulate more charges of that)
    Well, mist is a thing Ilma has encountered before, living by the sea and all
    Is my flashlight strong enough to penetrate the mist?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't stockpile charges of it, anyways, only recharge it after it's been used
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): it penetrates a couple centimeters in, but mostly you just illuminate a circle of the swirling mist
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hrm!
    quick detour back to the other keyhole
    climb on top of it
    does anything happen?
    i might have triggered the wrong sequence.
    Wiwaxia (GM): well when you get over here, you notice that the water is gone, but no, climbing on it does nothing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the water is gone. huh
    i shine the flashlight down the hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): unfortunately for your eyes and for your investigation, the walls of the hole are highly reflective
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    stupid reflective walls
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like it goes straight down a good ways, though
    you can't tell if it has a bottom in sight, though, just OH GOD REFLECTIONS
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheheheheh
    i rub my eyes, sounds like another detour waiting to happen
    this time towards yellow
    maybe theres a pedestal here that acts as a reset button
    Wiwaxia (GM): heading thisaways?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i'll move her
    also, my brain tells me that this light blue patch is a weird thing and would like it explained
    Wiwaxia (GM): this one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the thing in front of me
    (urgh, sorry, my eyes are falling shut >>_<<)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, you wanna switch?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (yes please)
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i keep missing your pings and thats just...) (blrgh)
    (i feel like im off my drugs in terms of concentration and, yeah, blrgh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah, no worries
  7. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): so who wants to go next?
    Arxon: (I would like to? :>)
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing!
    (also blrgh, these tiles don't line up like they should)
    (i am tempted to just redraw)
    (...or use the original sprite resources for gen 3 of the geomorphs)
    (lousy goddamn perfectionist self)
    Arxon: (it is fine!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so i believe you just transportalized to this pillar and opened both chests
    Arxon: I believe so, yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay i think that's all the opened chests marked off
    Arxon: ok!
    Lemi Malloy: So Lemi kinda abruptly realizes that she has no idea where IP and TA are
    Wiwaxia (GM): these latest two got you the swingline sewing machine and a fuckload of origami beetles
    Lemi Malloy: she listens really hard to see if she can hear the anywhere nearby
    (I love the beetles)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hear nothing, but then you're also in kinda a bigass pit of a room
    Lemi Malloy: right!
    is the staircase close enough to jump to?
    Wiwaxia (GM): technically, yes
    but probably unwise
    it's a difficult jump, and a 3m fall if you miss
    Lemi Malloy: what would a controlled drop to the ground be?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could do a controlled drop with no risk of damage, yeah
    Lemi Malloy: alright then
    controlled drop to the floor, then exit the way I came into this room originally
    Wiwaxia (GM): the transportalizer in the corner?
    Lemi Malloy: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're back here now
    Lemi Malloy: ok
    and then it wassss
    the walkway back
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    you can hear IP and TA talking over those walls in the room you transportalized into
    whoops you stepped on the transportalizer
    Lemi Malloy: frick!
    ok, back on the transportmentalizer, then scan the room to see if there's any way into the adjacent area
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, there's the tunnel under the walled-off area
    and there's a walkway into it from over here
    Lemi Malloy: so back around by the staircase I originally stepped onto the outside f the meteor from?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that was there, but you might be able to walk around the outside and find a way in, yeah
    Lemi Malloy: the ouside of the meteor?
    ok then, I'll step onto the outside, reorient myself, and then walk towards the room I heard them talking in
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see a pair of external buildings in that general direction over here
    Lemi Malloy: wheeeee meteor trekkin
    alright I'll head towards them
    Wiwaxia (GM): you clamber across more craters than you ever really wanted to see
    and enter a hallay
    there's a chest on your left
    Lemi Malloy: open!
    Wiwaxia (GM): also a long desk with a computer on it
    rolling 1t[whats-in-the-chest-(delete-items-after-use)]
    = 0
    Lemi Malloy: ohhhhh
    hm ok a) find IP and TA b) see if these say anything about why that third tower is all crumbled
    I check the computer
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's powered off
    turn it on?
    Lemi Malloy: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): it doesn't ask for a password, thankfully
    it opens to a spreadsheet covering production of munitions from VEIL MUNITIONS FACTORY 616AH
    Karrin Blue: 616
    Lemi Malloy: ...I'm not SURE if this is important, but I'll take a picture of it anyways
    Wiwaxia (GM): the computer appears to be running windows 95, or something equivalent
    Lemi Malloy: I check the start menu
    is there anything else?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the start menu shows the frequently used programs: MS Paint, PROBLEM SLEUTH, Veilnet, and the spreadsheet program
    Lemi Malloy: ...I open up MS Paint and check the picture folder
    Wiwaxia (GM): it appears to be a prospitian man in a long black cape with a scythe passionately kissing Death
    Lemi Malloy: ...
    I am going to take a picture of this
    and post it to the chat
    aG: ?????
    Wiwaxia (GM): you open another one, a file named ACEDICKS
    and feel the inexplicable urge to cover your screen and check if anyone is standing blurrily in the forground
    Lemi Malloy: I'm
    I'm gonna turn the computer off now
    Can I still hear IP and TA?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, and this doesn't looks ike quite the hallway you were going for
    *look like
    Lemi Malloy: Alright
    there was another enterence structue, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    takes you to pretty much the same place, though
    (for reference, you're trying to get here)
    Lemi Malloy: bluhhh
    ok, so are there are doors or openings anywhere in this hall?
    whimsy: ((gonna glose my eyes for half an hour if i just never respond i pproperly fell asleep)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (kay, you probably need the sleps anyways)
    Lemi Malloy: (sleep well!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): two that go up to the little ledge you were at before
    and a door on the far end
    Lemi Malloy: alright, lets try that door
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's a bunch of stairways, going up and up and uup
    this takes you to the stairway going down and down and down under the platform you were wandering around on before
    which eventually spits you out on the other side of the meteor
    Lemi Malloy: bluhhh
    alright, backtrack back onto the surface
    near where I last heard them
    Wiwaxia (GM): that;s probably around here
    Lemi Malloy: I'll go back inside and see if there are any doors that I didn't explore in there
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's this door up the stairs in the wall
    Lemi Malloy: alright, lets check that out
    Wiwaxia (GM): deadends in another transportaizer
    taking it?
    Lemi Malloy: ....sure
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d3
    = 3
    Karrin Blue: gosh that's good news
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d10
    = 9
    well then
    Lemi Malloy: (distressed Arxon noises)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you find yourself looking down a checkerboard hallway
    Lemi Malloy: huh
    I will walk down it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit you walked off the map
    Lemi Malloy: um????
    Wiwaxia (GM): :v
    i think i'll leave that til next week, okay?
    Lemi Malloy: k
    Karrin Blue: does she reappear on the other end of the map
    oh ok
    my turn? or are you flagging?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean i haven't made that shit yet
    Karrin Blue: ahh.
    Arxon: ahhhh
    Wiwaxia (GM): i can run you for a bit, yeah
    Karrin Blue: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably not super long though
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): so we left you in the consort one-room village, i believe
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): discussing the difficulty of finding things out about your land
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): where to now?
    Myrtha Oscurr: well let's see
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also metagame wise i know where your first gate goes now)
    Myrtha Oscurr: tell the truth i'd like to check that out but
    Wiwaxia (GM): (so you can take that whenever)
    Myrtha Oscurr: also consorts
    i do not want to be rude to sirens ><
    Wiwaxia (GM): at least not these sirens
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): (afk for a moment)
    Myrtha Oscurr: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): back
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok so
    last time on
    i was saying hello to consorts

    Myrtha Oscurr notes awkward silence
    Myrtha Oscurr: "...Well, does your village need any more weapons? Or supplies?"
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a flurry of "oh no we couldn't possibly ask"s and "you've done more than enough"s
    but the siren at your elbow quietly asks if you might be able to spare some materials for fortifications
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Ah, you mean planks, nails, that sort of thing?"
    siren: yes, those would be ideal, milady
    but anything you can spare we can put to use
    the other branch of the hallways leading to our village is still undefended
    as is our back entrance
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I see. I will see what I can find, then."
    siren: Our thanks, milady. We will send what tribute we can.

    Myrtha Oscurr will make the polite sayings and then leave to go back to her house
    Myrtha Oscurr: and Unsing when getting in sight of the liches
    siren: we also have a few efts who can be prepared to enter your service as knights shortly, if you wish
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh wait
    Wiwaxia (GM): (not sure if eft is the proper word for young sirens, but oh well)
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Oh - well, I wouldn't want to take anyone that you need for defending your village..."
    the siren bows
    siren: very well
    Myrtha Oscurr: (but Myrtha having an entourage of sirens sounds REALLY CUTE)
    "But - well, I can perhaps talk to them after the village is safer? If that's alright."
    siren: we will let you know if we have any forelimbs to spare

    Wiwaxia (GM) causally gestures to the FOLLOWER column on the level-up chart
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh well
    _in that case_
    still going to do it once I feel better about the village's safety
    i'll leave to go back to my house then?
    and then to my Gate
    Myrtha Oscurr: while Unsinging, as I said
    Wiwaxia (GM): K!
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    2 Environmental Hazard
    = 2
    oh well that should be fun
    let's see
    Myrtha Oscurr: hahah shit what is it
    Wiwaxia (GM): a bunch of wires have been pulled down across the hallway
    several of them are twisting back and forth across the floor, writing obscure glyphs in the dust and hissing whispers on the edge of hearing
    the liches are standing just on the far side of this mess
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...shit.

    Myrtha Oscurr does NOT say that out loud
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm ok
    killing them would probably be a good idea
    can I tell which is the one I injured earlier
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, it's the lampblack one
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok...
    let's see.
    Wiwaxia (GM): besides, you can see health vials as a kind of semi-abstract game construct
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I charge that guy? do the wires make the footing bad?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, if you're willing to risk stepping on a live wire
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...well I don't like these guys coming in and tearing up my tunnels. Plus they're carrying whispers, not electricity, right?
    so it'll probably scramble my head but not be like. deadly. i hope.
    what do I roll for charging
    Wiwaxia (GM): normal attack, add 2 to damage if you hit
    and then your def is 2 lower for their turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): also not stepping on a wire is pure dumb luck, so grace check
    Myrtha Oscurr: wait that's the attack roll not the to-hit roll
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes that hits
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i was adding +1 for attack)
    ok let's see
    rolling 1d20+8
    = 21
    and since that hit
    it's +2 and +1 from my normal attack?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no normal attack is just to hit
    so +2
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+2
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): d8, not d20
    also what are you hitting it with?
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh hmm
    let's use the Pop Sickle
    haven't tried that out yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): also grace check was a narrow success, so you didn't hit a live wire, but you did alert the liches to your presence
    so you don't get a chance for two turns in a row
    Myrtha Oscurr: even while unsinging?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, if you do something obvious enough the unsinging won't help
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): i assume you tripped and caught yourself or something
    Myrtha Oscurr: fair enough
    what do i roll for the pop sickle
    Wiwaxia (GM): you 1d8 normal damage +1d8 cold damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 2d8
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): the lampblack lich takes 5 normal damage and no cold damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...well shoot
    so it's immune to cold?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ugh internet
    +2 from charging kills it anyways
    it drops ['skull', 'healing gel for 4d4', '184 build grist']
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...it drops a SKULL?
    can i attack the other one
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope. because you tripped
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): it scrambles away 5m and shoots a bolt of purple magic at you
    rolling 1d4 damage
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...oh dear
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes that did bypass a to hit roll
    probably does not bypass protection, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: protection is at 2
    so, 2 damage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    has it gone far enough i can charge again
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): that does not hit
    Myrtha Oscurr: dangit
    Wiwaxia (GM): it takes a swipe at you with a claw
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 5
    ahahaha no
    and it's gonna move past you back to where the other lich's grist and skull is
  8. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Myrtha Oscurr: dangit i want that skull
    it better not steal it
    can i charge it again
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): still doesn't hit
    Myrtha Oscurr: TWICE.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    that hits, yeah?
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's against my defense, right?
    then yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): fortitude save, please
    Myrtha Oscurr: d20 plus 10?
    Wiwaxia (GM): d20 plus nothing, try to roll 10 or under
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are paralyzed!
    Myrtha Oscurr: D:
    Wiwaxia (GM): the lich backs up 5m again
    you're paralyzed, lich's turn again, it backs up another 5m
    Myrtha Oscurr: can i move yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay roll 1d4, on a 1 you get free, anything else you roll 1d3 next turn and get free
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): the cobalt lich recharges and shoots another bolt of magic at you for 2 damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's a _cobalt_ lich?
    well now i NEED to kill it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): behind you, the lampblack lich's skull rises into the air and reforms its body under it
    Myrtha Oscurr: DAMMIT
    at least this isn't happening inside my house.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (fun dnd war story digression)
    (so i was playing in a game once with a floating skull fire shooting skull with the same trick)
    (we killed it after a lot of effort, and the barbarian decided it was a Worthy Foe)
    (and took it as a trophy)
    (by which i mean used it as a codpiece)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ahahaha
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, your turn
    1d3 to get free
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d3
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): lampblack lich backs up 5m in the other direction and also shoots you for 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: 2 damage then?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    your turn again, 1d2
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): congrats, you can do shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: yay
    ok well
    which is closer
    Wiwaxia (GM): lampblack
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    i will stabbity it
    Wiwaxia (GM): what with?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...actually wait
    how quickly can i drop things in and out of sylladex
    if it's immune to cold damage, then fists are better
    Wiwaxia (GM): minor action to put a thing in or out
    Myrtha Oscurr: well i guess i'll do it? i don't think I'll need a minor action for anything else
    do you remember whether I'd get extra attack this turn or not
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep and i don't remember, roll 1d2?
    2 is yes
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 16
    that hit?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): cobalt lich moves up so it's only 10m away from you again
    lampblack lich moves 5m back and magicbolts you for 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    lampblack's next?
    Wiwaxia (GM): mm? no lampblack bolted you, it's your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah yeah ok
    lampblack again
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): charging or no?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 13
    sure why not
    Wiwaxia (GM): both of those hit, charging only applies to the first
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok then
    rolling 1d8+2
    = 10
    rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's down again
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I break its skull while it's down
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm not sure if i want liches to double dip on grist or not, but let's just say yes for now and then i can decide if it'll stay that way or not
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, but next turn, you needa attack it
    but any attack will bust it
    anyways round two grist is
    'skull', '208 build grist', '379 woad grist', '182 lampblack grist', '566 build grist', '1 ultramarine grist'
    Myrtha Oscurr: holy shit
    Wiwaxia (GM): cobalt bolts you for 1 and your turn again
    Myrtha Oscurr: can i break the skull and collect the grist at the same time
    Arxon: (hey guys I think I need to get to sleep)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (gnight!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (night)
    and yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): attack to break the skull and then move to run around through all the grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 20
    (wait, did i need to roll to hit)
    well anyways
    is that enough to do the things
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that does up
    gimme a sec to add the grist to the sheet
    Myrtha Oscurr: there's some new types!
    does that fill in any of my recipes btw
    or anyone else's, for that matter
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'll check in a minute
    also, congrats, you are the first person to get some capstone grist
    one unit of it, admittedly, but
    Myrtha Oscurr: capstone grist?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, the Best Grist for your land
    Myrtha Oscurr: gosh
    well then!
    do i get an exp for that
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure why not
    +100 xp
    Myrtha Oscurr: added to sheet!
    what does other lich do
    Wiwaxia (GM): also yes, there were two recipes that wanted lampblack
    Myrtha Oscurr: which ones?
    i assume you mean two for everyone's excurseses?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    colander || shirt and ring && kenaz rune
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...well i couldn't make that one anyways
    oh well!
    onto lich 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): cobalt moves away from you
    it is now too far away to charge this turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: well darn
    can i attack it at all this turn?
    (also did I collect all of the grist?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): not unless you grabbed a ranged attack somehow, nope
    it's 15m away, you can move 12m with a double-move or move-and-charge
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok good i didn't want to forget the grist from the first lampblack death)
    ok so
    double move then!
    since that'll let me defend
    though I hope there's a way to carry it without using it
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i assume you're leaving the healing gel for later)
    (although i should mark that)
    nope, but you can leave it in situ
    Myrtha Oscurr: well alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): cobalt lich continues to back up
    it is now 8m away
    your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: charge?
    Wiwaxia (GM): can do!
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, alas
    cobalt lich backs up again and bolts you for 1
    Myrtha Oscurr: which should get absorbed by my armor, I think
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I charge again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also patch notes: i've been trying to differentiate tactics more between types of underling, so that's a thing to pay attention to now, and liches will eventually have more spells than just magic missile)
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    fort save?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    oh NOW you roll high
    Wiwaxia (GM): congrats!
    you're paralyzed
    Myrtha Oscurr: i will kill this guy and _take all its cobalt_
    Wiwaxia (GM): lich backs away
    your turn again
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): lich's turn, it backs away more
    and recharges and blasts you for 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: still gets absorbed
    my turn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): aren't you glad for armor?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d3
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): lich just hangs out where it is, your turn again
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    can I charge
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): in fact charging is the only way to hit it this turn
    or try to
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 12
    fort save?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 8
    yes finally
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: it didn't move right
    Wiwaxia (GM): it hasn't backed away for once, so not charge
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh so i can't charge?
    but i can still try and hit it so
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): and if you're still pummeling with fists, i think you passed up some opportunities to double-hit so you can take that now
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): need to hit for the second though first
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that hits
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok! its turn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    it moves back and blasts you
    Myrtha Oscurr: fort save?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 1
    nope it hit you with the magic blast rather than clawing you
    your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: did it do 1 damage
    that got absorbed by armor then
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): and that hits
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 7
    whiffs its claw for once, and stays put
    your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 18
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 9
    well, one of those hit
    rolling 1d8
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): moves back and bolts you for 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: hooray for armor
    can I charge?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+1
    = 19
    rolling 1d8+2
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): and that finally kills it
    Myrtha Oscurr: woo
    Wiwaxia (GM): ['skull', '102 cobalt grist', '534 build grist', '381 woad grist']

    Myrtha Oscurr smashes the phylactull
    Wiwaxia (GM): holy shit so much woad

    Myrtha Oscurr collects grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: and COBALT
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon will be happy
    Myrtha Oscurr: and now
    ok are you tired firstly
    Wiwaxia (GM): i can do some alchemizations and a first impression of the other side of your first gate, but that's about it, i think
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm wel
    i was thinking I wanted to go back to the sirens and let them know there are broken wires and ask if any of them knew about how to fix them
    it's a bit dangerous to just leave them on the ground
    speaking of, i'm gonna photograph the patterns they were making in the dust since you said they were glyphs or something?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    photos come out well enough, with some interference
    Myrtha Oscurr: anything intelligible?
    and can I understand any of the glyphs
    are they pictureglyphs, I mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: well alright
    I'll just post them to the chat then
    and back to the siren village!
    Wiwaxia (GM): and i think i'm gonna leave that for next time
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Hey so I killed some liches. Got a TON of grist for it.
    cO: If you fight and kill any make sure to smash the skull they leave behind. If you don't then they regenerate.
    cO: Which is REALLY disappointing to me.
    cO: Anyways they tore down some wires and they did this? I'm gonna go see if I can fix them. Hopefully that'll go well!
    ok then
    Myrtha Oscurr: that was fun!
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh first xp tally though
    you already added the 100, right?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and I should have enough to start making glass swords)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you lost 7 hp and did, let's see
    for a total of 1080 xp
    Myrtha Oscurr: 6525+1080=7605?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    and i just edited that
    Myrtha Oscurr: how close am I to levelling up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): only 400 xp, i think
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): holy shit how do you always get so much more experience
    Myrtha Oscurr: because I have no self preservation instinct!
    Wiwaxia (GM): and a knack for rolling 8s on punches
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean
    Myrtha Oscurr: :)
    next session is gonna be fun
    i am gonna talk to sirens and maybe figure out how to repair wires and alchemy and go through my gate
    Wiwaxia (GM): ye!
    Myrtha Oscurr: sleep well!
  9. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Arxon: hello!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo!
    Arxon: I will prolly have to duck out for a bit faairrlly soon b/c a friend of moms is coming to fix my hair
    I might get on my phone but otoh old people bitching at me for being on my phone :/
    Wiwaxia (GM): have you tried fixing it with duct tape?
    Arxon: noooo then everyone would see how wierdly shaped my head is ><
    Wiwaxia (GM): Welp it's 6:16 so let's start asap for Arc Number Shenanigans
    arxon, you wanna start?
    Arxon: ye!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright!
    you have just transportalized to somewhere with a checkered floor and stone walls
    radiant blue light streams through high arched windows and fills the corridor with an ineffable loftiness
    Lemi Malloy: I don't recall there being any blue light on the meteor
    Can I reach the windows or are they too high?
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're up by the ceiling, yeah, but you can probably look out them if you go stand where the rays of light hit the floor
    Lemi Malloy: Alright, I'll head over to the nearest one
    Wiwaxia (GM): through the window you can see a stunning blue sky above
    white clouds drift serenely past
    the air itself seems luminous and crisp and free and full of promise
    like a long summer's day stretching out ahead, full of incipient exploration and advenure
    Lemi Malloy: Does it seem like the windows can be opened?
    Wiwaxia (GM): they already are
    a refreshing breeze wafts around you
    cool but not chilly
    Lemi Malloy: I'm going to try to either climb or, failing that, run and jump up to a window
    Wiwaxia (GM): way too high to run and jump
    the stonework is big and blocky enough that it's technically climable
    although it'd be tough going
    Karrin Blue: (SORRY I'M LATE)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's no nice hand or footholds, you'll have to grab onto the bulk of the blocks or try to get a grip on the chinks and rely on friction to keep your footing
    Lemi Malloy: I'll give it a try
    Karrin Blue: (althouh it's fitting lemi starts on 616)
    (happy birthday!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (ayup)
    Karrin Blue: (and also day-after-birthday)
    Lemi Malloy: ( 0u0 we have been doing this for a year I am so happy)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (:3)
    Karrin Blue: (did we actually start a year ago)
    (i thought it was in july or august or somethin)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope, pretty much a year ago!)
    Karrin Blue: (wow!)
    Lemi Malloy: (we had a test/info coordination session on 6/16/15)
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, i think the way I'm gonna do this is a dex check to see if you're nimble enough to do the required shenanigans described above
    if you fail that, you just can't do it
    and then a str check to do the actual climbing and fall if you fail
    that sound fair?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+12
    = 27
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, okay!
    you should make a note that lemi can climb ~sheer masonry walls
    because that is a notable skill
    Lemi Malloy: (Can do!)
    rolling 1d20+9
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh dear
    Lemi Malloy: ....not this on though
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make it all the way up to the window, lean to look out, then overbalance and fall
    Lemi Malloy: ...well
    Karrin Blue: (this seems. very anime)
    Wiwaxia (GM): fortunately, you are only falling one story , so 1d6 damage
    Lemi Malloy: Should i roll?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 5
    (I am on my phone so i cant adjust rn)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (k)
    Karrin Blue: (which album is this song from)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that takes you to -4 on the good old death and dismemberment chart
    (vol 5!)
    you land flat on your ass and stub your tailbone
    Karrin Blue: (k!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is excruciatingly painful
    Karrin Blue: D:
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also you are now at 0hp and take an extra -1 from any damage until you get some healing in you)
    Lemi Malloy: I swear, wait a little until less pain is happening, and then stand up and survey my surroundings
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are on an enormous chessboard, at the foot of a checkered castle
    golden flags fly from the battlements
    Karrin Blue: (well at least the carapaces don't seem able to tell who's a princess or prince of a moon?)
    (at least the ones on our lands...)
    Wiwaxia (GM): to your right, in the distance, a gentle knoll rises from the checkered plain, covered with twisted trees flush with green leaves
    to the left, the plain stretches to the horizon, with a silver ribbon of river wandering back and forth across it
    in the distance, there's an encampment of white tents with golden pennants at their peaks, ensconced in a bend of the river
    Lemi Malloy: What is the texture of th ground
    Does it feel like a chrckerboard
    Wiwaxia (GM): hm
    you know, lemme think
    i'm gonna go with "smooth and feels like a marble checkerboard but can be broken and moved like soil"
    Lemi Malloy: Hug
    I'll walk towards the river, but not too close to the camp
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, just a sec, lemme figure out how far away it is
    also uh
    you just got 4,900 xp
    Lemi Malloy: Ah??????
    Wiwaxia (GM): for arriving on the battlefield
    congrats on sequence breaking, it gets you assloads of xp
    Lemi Malloy: I am playing this game in its intended manner
    Karrin Blue: (YEP)
    (look it took the homestuck kids less time to get there)
    (it's not THAT bad)
    Wiwaxia (GM): also general heads-up re: how i've designed lump sum xp
    the more you get for seeing a thing, the more dangerous it is
    Lemi Malloy: ..........
    Wiwaxia (GM): that said!
    you're level 5 now!

    Lemi Malloy is a maker of good life choices
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get +1d6hp
    your attack is now +2, which i can add
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you get to add 1 to a stat of your choice
    Lemi Malloy: Grace
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, that's what i figured
    also that fixes your temporary grace damage, too
    so your gra is now 10/10
    Lemi Malloy: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): the horizon is surprisingly close
    and the river that you had subconsciously assumed was broad turns out to be more of a stream
    reeds cluster around its banks
    Lemi Malloy: Epic leap over the brook!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you soar gracefully over the book with your newly revitalized grace
    There's what sounds like a fanfare on a foghorn behind you
    descending towards the encampment is a massive floating golden ship
    Lemi Malloy: Huh
    am i close enough to make out people?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    (for reference, do you have a general sense of how wide a football field is?)
    (that's how far away the horizon is)
    Lemi Malloy: (general, yeah)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (marching band has given me an intimate familiarity with football-field-as-unit, but i realize that this is not the case for most people. :v)
    Lemi Malloy: I'll watchc to see who comes out of the ship
    Wiwaxia (GM): it floats down with surprising gentleness between the castle and encampment, and lowers long ramps from fore and aft
    (please hold, researching)
    Lemi Malloy: (Alrighty!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (alright, got it)
    there's a swarm of activity on deck, and then a bunch of white-carapaced soldiers dressed in uniforms of white kimono begin to wheel long guns and cannon down the ramps
    whimsy: (well that didnt work)
    (good morning)
    Lemi Malloy: (Morning!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (hallo!)
    whimsy: (i overheard th 10 min snooze)
    (or rather, i didnt hear it)
    (overheard =/= überhöre jfc english and german why)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i'm trying to pace to run long so bird can maybe show up, anyways, so)
    Karrin Blue: (heyo whimsy!)
    Arxon: I decide that, as interesting as this all is, I'm not entirely sure how prospitian soldiers will feel about me
    Lemi Malloy: Or rather, I do
    Can I roll a d6 to decide a direction to go in, discounting the direction of the camp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing
    clockwise from camp?
    Lemi Malloy: shore!
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    whimsy: (computer that was unecessary) (blrrrhgh its got trouble charging and its probs bc of the cable and it shut itself down again)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you're going to be going away from the river and from the camp, around the back of the castle from before
    you leave camp, ship and castle oover the horizon pretty quickly
    although you can still see the battlements of the castle and the conning towers of the ship above it
    Lemi Malloy: This seems like a very short horizon
    LOFAC is too wooded to really establish horizon, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): and too dark
    you've entered an area of rolling hills and scattered trees, now
    there's watchtowers on the tops of the highest hills, it looks like in a chain
    like that one scene from the LOTR movies
    you also notice, faint and lost in the haze of distance, that the sky is filled with strings, or perhaps a twisted web, of checkerboard
    the clouds drift around and through it
    Karrin Blue: (just as a sidenote i wish i could give you brownies. because i just made soem)
    (pls imagine me giving you Kids and Funniversary brownies)
    Lemi Malloy: I wonder where the hell I am
    and check to see if anyone's online
    whimsy: (am i online?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): anybody
    we're ahead of ilmatar on the timeline
    Karrin Blue: me?
    whimsy: (oooh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): and myrtha is in between going home and visiting the consort village
    Myrtha Oscurr: (wait what happened last for me)
    (at this point in time)
    (like this is just after i got home from the underground but before i went exploring down Lich Tunnel?)
    Lemi Malloy: yay!
    aG: Hey guys I have zero clue where I am
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yep p much)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: So I stepped on one of the teleporter thingys
    aG: did I tell you about the teleporter thinys?
    aG: And instead of dumping me a different place on the meteor it put me on some checkerboard lace
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i assume that was a typo, but actually...)
    whimsy: bI: ooooooh
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Teleporter?
    Lemi Malloy: (omg)
    aG: Yeah!
    aG: They're round and when you step on them you appear on one in a different place
    aG: There's a bunch of I think prospitians?
    aG: the white ones
    aG: they have like a camp and a castle
    Myrtha Oscurr: (what color were the carapaces i met)
    whimsy: bI: -high pitched squeeing-
    bI: oh this is exciting!
    Wiwaxia (GM): (both prospitian)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Oh I met some of them earlier
    whimsy: bI: castles castles castles castles
    bI: send pictures!
    Lemi Malloy: aG: gimmie a sec!
    I walk back towards the castle, close enough to get some nice pictures
    I also take some pictures of the scenery on the way there
    and the watchtowers
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Whoah
    whimsy: bI:
    (imagine heart emoticons there)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (how many do you want)
    (for the timelinelogs)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (2)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Do either of you know what this place is?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i remember flagcoonsprite referencing the light of skaia but idk if i've run into anything else?)
    (actually if i'm in my house can i ask flagcoonsprite about them)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, yes you can!
    one sec, i'm gonna go read the spritelogs with nannasprite so i can gauge the exact correct amount of unhelpful
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Hey, Flagcoonsprite - do you know anything about a checkerboard place?"
    "With castles and such?"
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: it's clearly a...
    bI: darn it, whats a good translation for 'verwunschen'?
    bI: enchanted?
    bI: enchanted castle.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, I dunno if the prospitians are magical
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: this whole place is magical!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: The ones I met seemed pretty much like people
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: most people in fairy tales are, in fact, people!
    bI: and then there's the odd witch or fairy
    bI: some of them benevolent, some of them less so
    bI: and the good ending is reached through perseverance and kindness
    Lemi Malloy: aG: and cannons?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: so they might well be the inhabitants of a bewitched or enchanted castle without them having been at fault
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I've had to punch monsters to death several times and found imps using pieces of my refridgerator to slide down the stairs.
    Lemi Malloy: aG: They had cannons
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: well of course they had
    bI: what castle doesnt have cannons
    Wiwaxia (GM): (visual reference interjection)
    (cannons like so
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: and the monsters are the sure sign that these lands are in peril, and we are the heros to save it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://www.google.com/search?q=wwi...ia7NAhUQ52MKHT75DboQ_AUICCgB&biw=1366&bih=643
    not like so
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well I am apparently the Witch of Void
    Wiwaxia (GM): (https://www.google.com/search?q=can...ia7NAhVBRGMKHeE9D3sQ_AUICCgB&biw=1366&bih=606)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Not that anyone KNOWS what that is so the prophecy thing may be a wash.
    Lemi Malloy: (does Lemi know enough about history to know what era they're from?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (eh, no more that can be gleaned visually from degree-of-machineryness, probably)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: No like really shooty cannons
    aG: not fancy old ones
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Like, artillery sorts of thing?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Probably
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Huh.
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I don't think this war is like a fairy tale war
    aG: Everything seems a lot more modern.
    aG: Of course nobody's seen any battlefields yet, I guess
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: There's deserters too
    cO: The guy I met left to be a farmer
    cO: I dunno why he picked HERE of all places considering that the land looks about as fertile as a block of salt
    cO: But he did
    Lemi Malloy: aG: and the planes sure have real ass guns
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: modern fairy tale, duh
    flagcoonsprite: Ah, my Witch, you speak of the Battlefield, where the Armies of Light and Darkness do march to war
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: wheres the fun in not adapting whatever new technology youve _got_
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ugh i'm trying to think if myrtha knows what prospit and derse are specifically)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: i bet there was a time when someone went 'christina you cant just put a drawbridge into a fairy tale, what's the point if they can just remove the way, instead of the armies wailing against the gates'
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Who's Christina?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: just some random name i picked
    bI: of a storyteller of old who went and put the new technology of drawbridges into her stories
    bI: which totally changed everything
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i know she's heard them namedropped, but i don't think any details?)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: :P
    Lemi Malloy: aG: a maverick
    Wiwaxia (GM): (checking the logs)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((also how about poly pile for endgame))
    Myrtha Oscurr: (sorry was that not assumed already)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((xxD)
    Lemi Malloy: (plz imagine that good shit meme)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (well, ectobiology wiggles it's sinister fingers in the background, but if that's no obstacle)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (eh, we can do it six-person sedoretu style ifn we want)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (pls dont let ilma and lemi turn out to be related pls dont let ilma and lemi turn out to be related)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i mean. they can't be right? on account of prospit and derse)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (... point)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i just figured that myrtha had 2 moms and 1 dad)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (unless the siblings were split bc weve got 6 people)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and her dad only descends from himself and similarly for the others)
    Lemi Malloy: (man Lemi is gonna have A Time with ectobiology)
    (stares at her hands)
    (what have I done, she whispers)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (okay, myrtha's probably seen the logs where lemi describes derse as a dark purple place and talks about the queen telling her that prospit is trying to raise a false god)
    Myrtha Oscurr: "By Light and Darkness, do you mean Prospit and Derse?"
    Flagcoonsprite: Yes, the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, apparently that place is the bold-letters Battlefield that Prospit and Derse are fighting over?
    "Why are they fighting over it?"
    Flagcoonsprite: They go to war for the dormant crucible of unlimited creative potential that is Skaia's core
    I hope that I will be able to serve as your standard-bearer upon the Battlefield ere the forces of light are overrun
    Myrtha Oscurr: "...is Skaia also the Battlefield?"
    "Wait, ere they're overrun - is that a certainty?"
    Flagcoonsprite: Skaia encompasses the Battlefield and surrounds it, like the fruit around a nut
    and the Battlefield itself surrounds the Core as the shell around the seed
    Flagcoonsprite nods
    Myrtha Oscurr: (was that intentional)
    (the early-enter-ing)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope)
    Flagcoonsprite: yes, a certainty, as sure as my death once was
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (being intensifies)
    Myrtha Oscurr: "...do the carapace people know about that?"
    cO: OK you're someplace called Skaia that SURROUNDS the Battlefield
    cO: And apparently Prospit's going to lose, in the fighting over that place.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: D:
    bI: DDD:
    Flagcoonsprite: They know what the clouds know.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: on the other hand, the good kingdom in peril
    ((i apologize for ilmas black&white approach to reality here))
    Myrtha Oscurr: "The - clouds?"
    Flagcoonsprite: The clouds of Skaia!
    They are like the flags creation flies, or like what happens when you eat the powder in the trash behind that place with the pink lights
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...flagcoonsprite has been on drugs ok
    that's a new thought
    Lemi Malloy: aG: ...so this is where the war is fought?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I guess so.
    cO: Oh and apparently the clouds here are magic?
    cO: Or maybe just make you hallucinate
    Lemi Malloy: aG: um
    aG: maybe I should leave
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well if you can GET there then probably there's something to do, right?

    Myrtha Oscurr does not usually sequence-break game.
    Myrtha Oscurr: games, rather
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: the clouds give you visions!
    bI: sometimes theyre sad
    bI: sometimes you can infer things from them!
    bI: and you can fly into them!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well OK then
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: but you cant interact with anything...
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I don't think raccoons are very good at explaining things
    cO: At least not after they died
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: Myrtha, perhaps you need to offer your magical animal companion something?
    bI: on the other hand, magical animal companions tend to be a bit on the convoluted side
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...no I think he's just a weird ghost
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: nothing is ever only as it seems :)
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Don't you have a ghost buddy too
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ((ilma did you just)) ((that was a fumble on self-awareness))
    bI: ...no?
    bI: at least none that actually converses with me
    bI: the remains of my kernel sprite are trolling me by transforming into household items and hiding in plain sight
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: The remains?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: hell if i know what happened to it during entry, but...
    bI: yeah, nothing to make sense of there
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I have a plesiosaur with a television for a head
    aG: ....That sounds super unhelpful, Ilma
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: i shall have to brave this world without a guide
    bI: but that's alright
    bI: i'm a fairy, after all, and acquaintanced with otherworldly places
    bI: but i am glad to hear you have support in your adventures
    bI: it's a bit like coming home, really
    bI: just that i've never actually seen the place
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I....really wouldn't want this place to be my home
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: you can come hang out at my place, it's nice ^_^
    bI: and i'm sure that, when you've broken the spell on your planet, it will be nicer
    bI: enchanted places have a tendency to be perilous
    bI: all part of the hero's journey
  10. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Lemi Malloy: So uh, as we're talking, I'm gonna try to find the window I fell out of
    jumped out of
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: hmm
    bI: i wonder, am i a magical hero archetype, or will i turn to be someone's magical guide?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: You jumped out a WINDOW?
    cO: Also I don't know if anyone else will join us.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: ...
    bI: lemi, i hope you utilized bedsheets
    Wiwaxia (GM): (to be clear, that wasn't said in chat, i don't think)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: BY ACCIDENT
    (nah but I wanna run w/ it)
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, will backedit into chat
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...how?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I appeared in castle and wanted to climb up to the window sill to get a better view
    aG: I got up tere fine!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ... ok that's actually kind of impressive
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, you see many windows
    you're not sure which one you fell out of
    Lemi Malloy: well I'll try and get in one of them!
    ....I try to climb up the wall to one
    Wiwaxia (GM): just a str check now
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+9
    = 29
    well that went drastically different
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay then
    Myrtha Oscurr: spiderlemi,spiderlemi
    Lemi Malloy: question: can I take a selfie of myself gripping the windowsill w/ one hand?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, absolutely
    Lemi Malloy: I do that and post it on the chat
    aG: ;p
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: NICE
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: lemi
    bI: lemi, sweetie
    bI: but i have to agree with myrtha, it looks hella
    Lemi Malloy: I controlled drop back to the ground below
    that should negate damage, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Lemi Malloy: aG: hey if you try your best and you don't suceed, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): this is not, however, the window you fell out of
    let's get an actual map of this place up
    to dave'smapper!
    Lemi Malloy: weeeeeeee
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are in one of a series of hexagonal alcoves
    there's a window in each of them, on the outside wall
    there's a wooden door in one wall, and the other three are lined with bookshelves
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: be careful u_u
    Lemi Malloy: ohhhh
    I will grab a book at random!
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh man is lemi gonna find prospit porn)
    (or prophecies)
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d100
    = 53
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i remember bits of what rose found back then)
    Wiwaxia (GM): 53 - works of fiction, roll 1d10 for quality
    rolling 1d10
    = 4
    Lemi Malloy: so decent Prospit port
    Myrtha Oscurr: not great porn
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, mediocre
    Myrtha Oscurr: but it's ok
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi blushes, slams the book shut
    ...then opens it aain because she has to know, ok?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (HOW DO THEY BANG)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ...it appears to be a pornographic re-imagining of the traditional tales of the Rogue
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    Lemi Malloy: "FUCK," Lemi screams
    Myrtha Oscurr: (WHO DO THE CARAPACES SHIP)
    Lemi Malloy: ....I captchalouge it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (snrrrrrrrrrrrk)
    Lemi Malloy: then look for other books about the same folklore but NOT LIKE THAT
    (my friend: ok one, that's blasphemous, two, yes)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (but seconding karrin, who do the carapaces ship with the rogue)
    Lemi Malloy: Did I read enough to see that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, but you could give it a good skim to find out
    Lemi Malloy: ...I
    I will do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): things are apparently getting pretty steamy with some other mythological figure called the Seer, but there's also side-fucking-plots involving a pirate, your web browser Abraxas (?), multiple iguanas, a sex duel with the Jabberwock...
    rolling 1t[okay-but-what-KIND-of-encounter]
    2-3 Underling
    = 2
    whoops wrong button
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: (:D ok when does leon find out)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nobody walks in on you while you are skimming
    Lemi Malloy: Alright so
    I will return to plan grab other books about the folklore
    Myrtha Oscurr: grab ALL THE BOOK
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (the main plot with the seer solidly cements it in non-canon territory) (if theres anything ilma aint its being into boys)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: HEY
    aG: GUYS
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: wait what
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Are....
    aG: Are either of you the Seer?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Porn?
    cO: I'm the Witch
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Porn of the Rogue, which is what the queen called me, and also it sounds....like....me....kinda......
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Dear god in heaven
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (augh fuck nvm my earlier bracketed comment) (im used to being the rogue and forgot i was the mage)
    (does ilma know shes the mage)
    (i think yes)
    bI: I'm the Mage, I think...?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (yep)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Any books you guys want?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well I haven't found ANY books about my land or what being a Witch involves
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I'm looking for others about the whole folklore thing
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: So if you could find that
    cO: Although if you find Witchporn I wouldn't mind seeing it for sporking purposes
    Lemi Malloy: aG: request noted
    aG: I wonder how many books my captchalouge can hold?
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, for reference
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: How many books can you fit on every card?
    cO: Is your modus one that lets you captchalogue piles of stuff
    Wiwaxia (GM): metagame-wise, you can ask one question about the lore of your land and have it answered
    in a porny sort of way
    Lemi Malloy: I
    will keep that in mind
    Wiwaxia (GM): because the book is kiiiiiiiiinda useful for reconstructing the source material
    Lemi Malloy: ummmm so how should we handle captchalouge capacity
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yeah i just forgot if lemi had a modus perk)
    Wiwaxia (GM): captchalogue cards are cheap as fuck and easy to get the code for, i'm not really worried about number-of-items
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah we can just alchemize more
    if we want
    Wiwaxia (GM): only size, and nobody has a large size modus
    Ilmatar Nordwind: organizing might be more tricky
    wi, ive got a "large capacity modus", if that doesnt apply to size, to what does it apply then
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, so you do!
    Lemi Malloy: alright then I am going to just
    grabs books of shelves, put them in piles my captchalouge can hold, and get em
    Wiwaxia (GM): i completely forgot about that
    kay, that's gonna take you about 10 minutes, so there's a chance for someone to walk in on you pilfering books
    Myrtha Oscurr: you go rogue the SHIT out of those bookshelves
    Lemi Malloy: (Lemi is stealing stories/imagination/possibility to give to her friends! :D)
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[okay-but-what-KIND-of-encounter]
    2-3 Underling
    = 2
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    there we go
    Lemi Malloy: all that wanton book stealing is wearing me out
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    oh, while you're pilfering the shelves
    you find one book that's stuck
    fastened to the shelf
    it's got an unmarked spine and a spirograph on the cover
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well thats one way to find a hidden switch
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Secret passssssage!
    Alright so
    I try to push it in
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Ooh
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): the book doesn't budge, but the spirograph on the cover depresses with a click
    you hear a scrape of stone on stone
    can you see my pings?
    Lemi Malloy: yep
    over there ish?
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotta go the long way round, but yep
    there's a transportalizer in the center of this room, a chest on either side and a bookshelf in front of you
    atop the bookshelf is an orrery or brass and glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: (pls send pics to us)
    Lemi Malloy: I'll take pictures of the orrery
    and then on second thought will also take pictures of the transportalier, just to show what it looks like
    and post them both in the char
    then I will loot the chests!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a handle on the orrery
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Pretty
    Wiwaxia (GM): turn it?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I guess I'm on the dark blue one
    Lemi Malloy: after I loot, jic it makes the floor fall out from under me
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[whats-in-the-chest-(delete-items-after-use)]
    = 0
    rolling 1t[whats-in-the-chest-(delete-items-after-use)]
    = 0
    Lemi Malloy: .................................
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...poop rocks and dolls?
    Lemi Malloy: ......................................................
    Myrtha Oscurr: Prospitians are WEIRD
    Lemi Malloy: I will also take pictures of those
    and post them
    aG: well
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...Huh
    Lemi Malloy: Alright now I will pull the handle
    Wiwaxia (GM): a music box tinkles to life, and the orrery begins to turn

    the six planets drift in procession around the blue glass globe in the center, while a small golden spikeball orbits in the opposite direction
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ilma is currently starry-eyed at the picture of the orrery)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's moon orbits it, weaving in and out and describing the spirograph engraved into the brass base of the orrery
    keeping pace with it on the far outside is Derse, a deep amethyst bead, with it's own moon
    between the orbit of derse and the planets dritfts the Veil, a ring of brass wires with pinheads instead of glass globes, each orbiting at their own speed and in different directions, drifting past and through each other
    Lemi Malloy: I'll take video of the orrery while I watch the paths of the planets
    Wiwaxia (GM): (this is,, incidentally, what happened to moss)
    (they were setting their course by LOFAC, but the Lands orbit the other direction from prospit and derse)
    Lemi Malloy: I post the video once the orrery winds down
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Wow
    cO: So that's us
    cO: Or where we are, I mean
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I guess....
    aG: this place really doesn't mke any sense, does it?
    aG: I should know this by now, but it keeps surprising me...
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: These places are so small, too
    cO: And we all have - spare bodies? Somewhere?
    Lemi Malloy: aG: do we?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: on the moon
    bI: :P
    Lemi Malloy: aG: oh that
    aG: is actually physically?
    aG: I thought I just...sleep teleported
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I don't think I had my blue spots during
    cO: Well
    (idk if myrtha remembered enough of that dream for that)
    (sorry f not)
    cO: Never mind
    Lemi Malloy: aG:...anyway
    aG: should I steal all these books too?
    aG: and do you guys dare me to jump on that teleporter?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Steal them all
    cO; And yeah I mean they're two way teleporters
    cO: So if you go to an acid pit or whatever you can always jump right back
    (oh wait cancel that)
    (last two)
    (myrtha has no way to know that)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: i think the standard would be to tie a piece of yarn to something else before you step through
    bI: but i have to confess i never quite got how that works with portals
    Lemi Malloy: aG: it might just yank me through, I'm not sure...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: ... magc, probably
    Lemi Malloy: I diligently begin stealing these books too
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    6 Nothing
    = 6
    Lemi Malloy: annnd then I jump on the transportalizer!
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's see where this thing goes
    rolling 1d10
    = 7
    oh hey
    Lemi Malloy: oh man teleported to abraxas's lair
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....
    fr serious
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, there's no transportalizers down there
    it's all return nodes and gates
    Lemi Malloy: clearly
    Myrtha Oscurr: of course
    Wiwaxia (GM): no you wind up here
    Lemi Malloy: UM
    Myrtha Oscurr: :O
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Ok I am in
    aG: shiny blue land
    aG: geometric shiny blue land? with orange highlights?
    Wiwaxia (GM): also
    you are on a roof
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, my land's blue, but I think anything orange would need to be literally on fire
    Wiwaxia (GM): every little box is a house
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: And even then!
    Lemi Malloy: aG: oh i'm on a house
    aG: huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): the streets are thronged with glubbing salamanders
    Lemi Malloy: aG: do either of you have....salamanders in your land?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: I have snake people with arms
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: ive got salamanders!
    bI: and this looks like my land
    bI: hiii~ ^_^
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Whoah
    cO: You two need to meet up!
    Lemi Malloy: aG: ah!!!!!
    aG: should I try and find you?
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Oh wait maybe the salamander guys have directions to Ilma
    s house?
    cO: If they're nearby
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: i have no idea where we are in relation to each other! im currently on a chunk somewhere in he sea of storms
    bI: but if you can find my house, its right through the lowest gate
    Lemi Malloy: alright I am gonna get off this house
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (the sea of storms looks orange, i think lemi might be around the equator where it's constant twilight/dusk/dawn, if we put the house as pole)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, clarity, that's not the sea of storms
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (oh ok)
    Wiwaxia (GM): this city is recessed into a plain of flat bismuth
    and then there's other stuff around it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (from lemis description, ilma would still assume its her land) (seeing as i also mistook it)
    Lemi Malloy: oh wait actually!
    what is the highest point in this city?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the rim
    it's all downhill from there
    Lemi Malloy: :v
    does there seem to be an easy way onto the rim?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rooftop hopping
    Lemi Malloy: hardcore parkour?
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you can get up onto these long arcades, you can walk up them to the rim
    (arcade as in covered passageway with arches)
    (not as in vidya games)
    Lemi Malloy: ok!
    I should probably bow out, seeing as I have been playing for like 4 hours
    Wiwaxia (GM): no worries, but yeah, time to switch
    bird, you up?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (bird mightve fallen asleep in front of their computer after switching it on)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya, could be
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (would explain why theyve been so silent)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (what timezone are they in?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): one west of whimsy, i think
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (yah)
    Myrtha Oscurr: west of whimsy is a good name for somethin
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (its like 7 am their place)
    Arxon: (West of Whimsy, a coming of age story about two queer teens trying to forget about a childhood "fantasy" that actually happened)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (nice nice)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'd read it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: me too
    Myrtha Oscurr: nyhow
    can i go?
    i know i went last time though so if whimsy wants to
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, you can go
  11. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Myrtha Oscurr: ..:D
    i have collected all the grist
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: I shall return to the cute little village
    Wiwaxia (GM): also patch notes, liches now drop half of what they dropped before when revived and rekilled, then half of that, then half of that. etc
    Myrtha Oscurr: aight
    Wiwaxia (GM): you return to the cute little village
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Pardon me? I killed the liches that were in the tunnel that way, but they tore down some of the lines. Do you know how to repair them?"
    siren: Ah! Our thanks, milady! I will fetch our wireworker, but i think that is likely beyond her
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Well, hopefully something can be done to help."
    Wiwaxia (GM): the wireworker is a nervous young (?) lady with a massive spool of wire over one tiny arm, and a pair of needle-nosed pliers in the other
    she scrambles over, bows frantically and starts talking over herself
    wireworker: , cut wires cut wires oh that's not good any live wires, i can't fix those but we can get them all tacked back up to the ceiling
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I think some of them were still live ?"
    wireworker: oh ha hmm
    oh that's not good, those are dangerous, and there's so few left
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Is there any way to bring wires back?"
    wireworker: i can take some i mean by your leave lady i can take some for alarms id never dream of cutting a whole wire but uh?
    yes there must be the traditions of my trade say the lines used to be maintained but ah i don't know it i'm sorry
    i mean there's splicing with dead wire of course, but that's risky, and not the way it was done i don't think
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Hm, there must be some kind of record somewhere..."
    "Is there anything I could look for that would make it easier for you?"
    wireworker: oh if you could find that id be ever so grateful i mean lady yes yes milady there's so much we've lost
    oh dear i hope this hasn't stopped the lines above from running, i hear they're one of the lines in the best condition i'll have to check on them
    the lines above and below are often connected you see, but they're not strictly part of the same lines
    like veins and arteries you see
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I think so - when they were functioning properly, would one set of lines pick up and carry out new whispers while the other one went to go get more?"
    "We didn't have wires like this, where I lived before, but they're fascinating, I think. It's impressive that you know a lot about them."
    wireworker: oh oh oh thank you so much lady i do my best
    Myrtha Oscurr: (i'm picturing this girl as basically Alphys)
    (but a snake with arms)
    Wiwaxia (GM): and extremely fidgety
    wireworker: yes i think that's how they worked cant be quite sure so much is broken
    i know there's a Plant somewhere that they all run to and from but ive never seen it or met anyone who has
    and then of course there's the Deep Wires im still not sure if those are part of the same system or just keep running down or even
    could be... re-purposed wires cut from the lines by ah
    the wireworker is suddenly uncharacteristically still and quiet
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Are you alright?
    the wireworker shakes her head and gestures emphatically at the ground
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Ohh."
    "Well, can you write anything? Is that safe?"
    ( idk if myrtha has paper with her but)
    wireworker: buuuuuuuut in any case if you can find any old records or even map out some of the lines for me that would be very helpful
    Myrtha Oscurr: "Well, then I'll try and do that."
    "For now, is there anything I can help you with, for the wires that are down here?"
    the wireworker bows several times, quite quickly
    wireworker: well by your leave i could cut some segments of live wire always useful for the village although id never dream of touching an uncut one but you wont be wanting me to do that if youre thinking of repairing them i can get all the cut wires out of the way but other than that i dont think theres anything i need
    wireworker looks worried that she may have been impolite and bows several times in rapid succession, to be safe
    Myrtha Oscurr: "I see. In that case, I'll go and see if I can find anything that'll be useful to your. Thank you very much, and good luck."
    the wireworker turns and scuttles away, hesitates, turns back and bows, then repeats the process several more times in rapid succession before she passes out of your line of sight
    Myrtha Oscurr: In that case

    Myrtha Oscurr returns to her alchemy equipment
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oop, one sec gotta take meds)
    Myrtha Oscurr: of course!
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, to the alchemy equipment!
    Myrtha Oscurr: ye
    i am gonna maaaake
    the && glass insulator and sword
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also for the record, your convo with lemi has streched over all this time)
    Myrtha Oscurr: myrtha is a good multitasker
    Wiwaxia (GM): (presumably she was reading porn while you were fighting the liches and stealing books just now)
    Myrtha Oscurr: hee
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (snrk)
    Arxon: (:v)
    Myrtha Oscurr: also once i make that sword how much cobalt will remain
    Arxon: (heeyyyy so are there any songs that hypothetically remind u of Lemi?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make the Strain Insuslaughter!
    Myrtha Oscurr: an _excellent_ name
    Wiwaxia (GM): it has the glass insulator thing for a hilt, and then in place of a blade, some somewhat floppy but razor-sharp thin wire
    Myrtha Oscurr: how floppy
    fencing foil
    Wiwaxia (GM): little floppier, but not so much you couldn't stick someone with it
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    can use it in SLASHY movements
    Arxon: vibrate it violently
    Ilmatar Nordwind: that thing is a health hazard
    Wiwaxia (GM): slashy movements are a bit all over the place but yeah
    Myrtha Oscurr: 1) could i accidentally stab myself with it, barring critical fails and all
    2) is the hilt grippable
    Wiwaxia (GM): the hilt is surprisingly grippable!
    looks like the ridges of the insulator have been modified just enough that your fingers fir comfortably between them
    Myrtha Oscurr: cool
    also cobalt situation?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're probably not gonna stab yourself with it barring fumbles, no
    Myrtha Oscurr: that is all i need to know
    Wiwaxia (GM): 49 cobalt but you're almost out of glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: aaalright
    will go and GET MORE GLASS
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, but looks like other people have plenty glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    still goin to the gate
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon stumbled across 200 of the stuff somehow
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    well anyhow
    Wiwaxia (GM): GATE
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, I'm going to go see where this spirograph door thing goes
    cO: Got a new sword and everything
    Lemi Malloy: aG: The gate?
    aG: Be careful!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO; Yes that
    cO: I will be!
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaaaand gimme a moment to get new map set up
    Myrtha Oscurr: (test)
    (can you guys see me ok)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ye
    Myrtha Oscurr: aight
    Wiwaxia (GM): your first impression upon stepping through the gate is pain
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...pain _where_
    Wiwaxia (GM): eyes
    your second impression, after they've adjusted
    Myrtha Oscurr: (is this how myrtha learns to voidsee)
    Wiwaxia (GM): is that the landscape is studded with little stemmy plants, the tips of which glow the brilliant, bitter orange of molten cobalt glass
    (i couldn't find any pictures, so you're gonna have to take my word on this one)
    Myrtha Oscurr: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): (but it's bright even through darkness 3 welding glasses)
    Myrtha Oscurr: the _land_ is bright?
    or how many plants are there
    Wiwaxia (GM): lots and lots and lots
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh boy
    any wires?
    Wiwaxia (GM): growing up the sides of the bead dunes, growing along the path you've found yourself on
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (dont go into the light)
    Wiwaxia (GM): none around here
    off in the distance you can see a... lighthouse?
    with a top that looks like this
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (also wi can i just say that i absolutely love the lands?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah they're really cool
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (theyre all so awesome)
    Wiwaxia (GM): http://theodoregray.com/periodictable/Samples/027.24/s14s.JPG
    thank you!
    Myrtha Oscurr: ohh interesting
    it's 3 am here
    i might need to tap out
    im sorry
    Wiwaxia (GM): honestly, the promise of the lands are most of what motivated me to build and run this game
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    they're really cool
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): so i'm glad you think i'm doing a good job with them!
    Lemi Malloy: :D I love them all!
    Myrtha Oscurr: sometime youre gonna have to show us what sera's is
    Wiwaxia (GM): when you get there
    it's still in the gate chain
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh uah
    whimsy: i hope kathy gets well enough to play with us soon
    Wiwaxia (GM): and hell, there was a 1/10 chance of lemi getting transportalized there just earlier
    i do to!
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm
    six lands
    prospit, derse
    that leaves 2 spots?
    Wiwaxia (GM): veil, battlefield
    whimsy: veil and skaia?
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    whimsy: darn, ninjaed
    Myrtha Oscurr: i figured since she was ON skaia it wasn't an option but
    Lemi Malloy: awww no teleport into the outer ring chance?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, coulda gone elsewhere
    Myrtha Oscurr: just fly out next time you sleep
    like myrtha did
    and regret your life choices on waking up
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean if you put a transportalizer out there somehow
    Myrtha Oscurr: like myrtha did
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi and Myrtha can go grimdark together and have sibling bonding time! :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh boy!
    anyways, i think i'm p much done too
    Myrtha Oscurr: k
    gnight guys!
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'll get to you next time, whimsy
    Lemi Malloy: night!
    whimsy: n8 ::D
    Arxon: see yall next week!
    Wiwaxia (GM): see ya!
  12. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    whimsy: morning
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo hallo
    Arxon: hello!
    whimsy: i'm still trying to wake up, might take a bit
    Wiwaxia (GM): harooom
    not sure where other people are
    will ping in thread I guess
    whimsy: hi bird
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hey it's a bird
    Bird: Heyo
    Arxon: Hiya bird!
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, so bird hasn't gone in a while
    so you up for starting?
    Karrin Blue: Hey guys!
    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo!
    Karrin Blue: oh i didn't miss anything
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah, everyones a bit slow today, i think
    myself included
    you may also notice a couple additions to this map you're on
    Karrin Blue: o.o
    holy _fuck_
    so um
    Wiwaxia (GM): the good news is they're all asleep or lying around basking
    Karrin Blue: getting to the lighthouse is not going to be THAT easy
    how spread out are they
    Wiwaxia (GM): i suggest not waking them up
    Karrin Blue: Unsong!
    I am SO HAPPY i took that power
    whimsy: (im gonna sit this one out as well im falling asleep)
    Karrin Blue: :(
    sleep well!
    Wiwaxia (GM): (K, night!)
    whimsy: (have fun)
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, that's not the lighthouse, that's the gate
    which is on top of a rather large pillar of rock
    Karrin Blue: o-oh
    Wiwaxia (GM): the lighthouse is off-map, to the upper right
    Karrin Blue: ok...
    ....wait is that the return gate or
    one that takes me to someone else's planet
    Wiwaxia (GM): spits you out of lemi's second above her house, yep
    Karrin Blue: ....well i'd better not go _through_ that one then
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also probably a return node around somewhere, but not that you can see right now
    Karrin Blue: ok i should
    find that
    wait is it my turn
    i went last time
    i don't want to monopolize things if the others are around
    Wiwaxia (GM): hm, well it would be bird's turn but I haven't heard from them
    and arxon also went last time
    so you can go until bird is ready, i think
    Karrin Blue: well ok then
    how close am i to basilisks
    Wiwaxia (GM): not an immediate worry
    they're technically over the horizon from where you're positioned right now, but I figured you climbed up one of the dunes to survey
    Karrin Blue: yeah ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): which would put you like here i guess
    nice high point
    Karrin Blue: did not see that ping
    ahhh ok
    is that a river
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, it's a path
    flat glass, no beads, and no eye hurting glowing plants
    Karrin Blue: well ok
    i guess
    i will go explore the plains?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that area?
    Karrin Blue: sure!
    it looks relatively basilisk-free
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, gonne hike back to the bath or go down the face of this dune and over the next
    Karrin Blue: the bath?
    Wiwaxia (GM): *path
    Karrin Blue: ok
    dune i think
    actually wait no
    the lighthouse is northwesty of me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Karrin Blue: i'm going to go on the path and head that way
    keeping an eye out for basilisks
    Wiwaxia (GM): good call
    Karrin Blue: like a lighthouse, as a location, usually implies a lighthouse-keeper
    Wiwaxia (GM): you move a bit towards the face of the dune before reconsidering, but even that is enough to set off a loud, clattering beadvalache
    Karrin Blue: and if not, it might have loots within

    Karrin Blue unsings
    Myrtha Oscurr: rather

    Myrtha Oscurr unsings
    Myrtha Oscurr: i don't know if ANYONE was near enough to hear that but!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make it back to the path without encountering anything, so you hope that if the beadvalanche didn't escape notice, at least that did
    although as you round the bend in the path, you can see down the valley between the dunes
    there's an imp investigating the spilled beads and an ogre doggely trying to climb up the slipping dune face to where you were standing
    Myrtha Oscurr: how close am i to them
    Wiwaxia (GM): 30m
    if you duck down, you'll be out of sight below the shoulder of the dune
    and neither are looking your way
    Myrtha Oscurr: I will do that then
    I could probably take them but I don't want to draw any reinforcements over
    Wiwaxia (GM): onwards to the lighthouse?
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): the path winds between two dunes, reflecting the glare of the plants on their flanks
    it's hard to see clearly between squinting against the glare of the plants and the omnipresent darkness of everything else
    Myrtha Oscurr: >:[
    Wiwaxia (GM): you come across a low, squat shed by the side of the road
    one half looks like an outhouse, the other half is behind a locked door

    Myrtha Oscurr is going to look in the outhouse
    Myrtha Oscurr: if the door is open
    just to check
    hopefully no one is occupying it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, it swings open just fine
    Myrtha Oscurr: like hopefully they have invented latches for bathrooms
    out here
    Wiwaxia (GM): it looks like every hiking-trail outhouse ever
    a hook and a little ring to drop it in for a latch
    a toilet paper roll with no toilet paper
    and a nice toilet seat over a pit
    instead of being filled with sanitizing fluid and/or excrement, though, the toilet is just full of inky blackness
    Myrtha Oscurr: ,,,,
    yeah i'm not doing anything with that
    let's see
    the door
    of the other one
    (btw is there like a little moon cutout on the door)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (except there is also a minimoon)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i hadn't thought of that, but yes, accepted
    the other door has an actual lock on it, but isn't super sturdily constructed
    just slats of blue wood
    you can peer through the cracks, but it's dark on the other side
    and hard to make out much distinct
    Myrtha Oscurr: can i use my shiny new sword to poke in between the bars and cut downwards through the latch
    Wiwaxia (GM): the strain insuslaughter?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ys
    Wiwaxia (GM): you try that, but your sword doesn't quite react as expected
    it's too bendy and not hefty enough to make the cut, but when you try to pull it out, it catches, despite being smooth
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...wha

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to lift it up and then out
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, it's grabbed on firm, somehow

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to wiggle it around
    Wiwaxia (GM): trying to pull it out after lifting, deals 1d8 damage to the door, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): the door is unaffected
    Myrtha Oscurr: can i go again
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean there's nothing else here, you can do whatever you want
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 1
    i just got this sword
    i'm not leaving it stuck in a door
    rolling 1d8
    = 2
    what even the hell
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also, when wiggling the sword around, you can push it in, but it'll slide back out a bit and then catch again if you tug on it
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): you give it a solid tug and the sword comes free!
    did I say "sword"?
    I meant "sword with the latch still stuck to it"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....
    well the door should be open now?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the latch is ripped entirely free of the wood
    Myrtha Oscurr: uh so
    ...does this sword make stuff stick to it

    Myrtha Oscurr would try and pry off the latch but how to do that without risking cutting her fingers off
    Wiwaxia (GM): not quite!
    if you tip the blade up, the latch slides all the way down, bounces off the handguard and falls to the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...o k
    well i am going to check out the shed
    now that the latch is no longer there
    Wiwaxia (GM): just a sec
    okay, had to take care of another thing
    Myrtha Oscurr: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a plug snaking under the wall from the outhouse
    a pair of binoculars on a dusty desk
    Myrtha Oscurr: like
    an electronics plug
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: wha
    were there any electronics
    in the outhouse
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a socket one on of those little plugs you get sticking up from concrete floors sometimes, too
    not that you recall
    Myrtha Oscurr: ......
    this is a good plan

    Myrtha Oscurr is going to grab the binoculars and connect the two plug
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, add the binocs to your sheet
    nothing obvious happens when you plug in the pulg
    at least not here
    Myrtha Oscurr: well ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also some falling-apart softbound books on the desk and a faded map framed on the wall
    Myrtha Oscurr: books!
    can i carefully look at the books and map
    trying not to break them
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't open the books without the pages crumbling
    the map shows this area, the lighthouse, seems to indicate that there's a "tunnel entrance" just up the path from you
    Myrtha Oscurr: ;-;
    well um
    i am going to sylladex them
    Wiwaxia (GM): that takes you to "access/maintenance tunnels" under the lighthouse
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....i like the sound of that!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's several whisper lines marked on the map running to the lighthouse
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes excellent
    wait can i hear any whispers from them
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, but you wouldn't be able to in any case
    Myrtha Oscurr: well ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're on the far side of the lighthouse
    Myrtha Oscurr: without opening the books
    i am gonna put them in my sylladex
    and hope that at some point i find someone who CAN read them without destroying them
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna try to take down the map and captchalogue it, or leave it up?
    Myrtha Oscurr: or that leon can rewind them idk
    take it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    it's on old paper, albeit in better condition than the books, behind a thing, weatherworn sheet of plastic
    which is riveted to the wall
    *thin not thing
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    is the light good enough that i can photo it
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, and flash would just get the plastic
    Myrtha Oscurr: :/
    well fine then

    Myrtha Oscurr looks for other points of interest on the map
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a return node in the lighthouse keeper's house
    although it's marked on the map as "nighthouse"
    Myrtha Oscurr: hee
    i was wondering whether there were any ships that'd need a lightouse
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a path off in the far lower right corner of the map, beyond the lighthouse labelled "to sinkhole"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): and one of the lines has an arrow pointing off the map saying "to transformer"
    Myrtha Oscurr: there's giant robots on this planet?
    but okkk
    are sinkhole and transformer in the same direction basically
    i am
    Myrtha Oscurr: going to check this shed for anything else
    then head to the repair tunels
    Wiwaxia (GM): a big tin of "brightweed killer"
    it's rusted through at the bottom and is surrounded by a massive stain on the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....well then!
    not touching that
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then the plug and outlet
    sinkhole is more "south" than the transformer
    Bird: (I fell back asleep :/ motherfucker)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (actually if you want this isn't a bad time for me to stop for now, if you wanna go)
    Bird: (Ooh, you dont mind?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (nope!)
    (as long as wiwaxia's ok)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ye!
    Myrtha Oscurr: (and wasn't planning for me to be about to be ambushed)
  13. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): well now that you said that...
    anyways, flipping over to leon's house i guess because i still don't have a nice looking map for loram
    especially because leon's kinda been hoofing it all over the place
    Leon Gaspar: hey check it out i'm back
    now where was i
    Wiwaxia (GM): kinda flipping out over finding a dead tortoise in a crashed truck
    Leon Gaspar: oh yeah
    probably time to move in an onwards direction
    Wiwaxia (GM): continuing on the way you were going, or turning back to the rest stop and intersection with highway going off in a different direction?
    Leon Gaspar: can i see anything along the rest of the highway the way i'm going?
    Wiwaxia (GM): gimme a sec to check the logs
    looks pretty clear, is getting steadily closer to the water after going up over the tangle of submerged roads and wrecked cars you walked past earlier
    Leon Gaspar: hrm, so if I keep going forward i'm gonna end up in the water?
    Wiwaxia (GM): maybe?
    you can't see over the horizon, but it's starting to look that way
    Leon Gaspar: ehhhhh
    let's try the other direction
    Wiwaxia (GM): about face!
    and back past all the distressing reminders of mortality
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    2 Environmental Hazard
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar: let's just powerwalk past the corpse
    this had better not be more birdshit
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh no, nothing like that
    don't worry
    Leon Gaspar: side eyeing you real hard rn
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    just a tire come loose from the truck
    and rolling downhill
    at you
    can I get a reflex save?
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): you duck off to the side and the tire rolls harmlessly past then spins to a halt like a dime
    Leon Gaspar: ...wait, where did it come from
    examine: tire
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's slimy with algae
    Leon Gaspar: :////
    i don't know what i was expecting
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bit where it attatched to the axle is rusted, but shouldn't have rusted through yet
    also there's score marks on it
    Leon Gaspar: ooh
    how many?
    Wiwaxia (GM): lots
    Leon Gaspar: hff
    i'm gonna captchalogue it. might come in handy.
    Wiwaxia (GM): too big
    Leon Gaspar: awww
    i look over to see where it came from
    tires dont just come rolling out of nowhere, except when they do
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like something tipped the truck upright while you were off down the road and that popped a wheel off
    Leon Gaspar: ....
    >equip Knife Day to Die
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ground shakes
    the truck jostles
    another wheel looks like it's getting ready to come loose
    Leon Gaspar: >approach, cautiously, as faaar to the other side of the road as possible
    Wiwaxia (GM): the road shakes again
    a vast shadow moves below the surface of the water
    Leon Gaspar: oh no
    >powerwalk past the truck
    Wiwaxia (GM): you do so
    you hear the second wheel snap off and go rolling off behind you
    the shadow breaks the surface ahead of you, revealing a single eye
    then there's a sound of something giving way deep beneath, and it sinks with a wave
    the road shakes disconcertingly
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get to the submerged road-spaghetti
    several of the sunken cars are more crushed than before, one of the overpasses has broken through, and mud and rubble are stirred up in the water
    ok ok. ok. ok ok ok. what're my options for directions
    Wiwaxia (GM): same as before
    fortunately, it seems that mx. shadow is headed the other direction
    Leon Gaspar: refresh my memory? there's just the other fork and then the way back home, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): technically two forks, but one of them dead-ends almost immediately
    while the other goes off out of sight
    so taking the road not yet traveled, I assume?
    Leon Gaspar: aye
    Wiwaxia (GM): the road heads straight and level out across the water
    it's empty for a good ways, then you start coming across cars
    some with their doors open, some crashed with skeletons still inside
    looks like lots of places where cars broke through the barriers on the sides of the road and plunged off
    there's imps all around the cars
    they don't seem to pay you much mind, but are busy pulling out algae covered car parts and strewing them across the road and generally disrespecting the dead
    Leon Gaspar: hhh
    how many?
    Wiwaxia (GM): how many imps?
    Leon Gaspar: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): dozens along the stretch of road, in little groups of two or three
    Leon Gaspar: squints
    i really feel like smashin some imps but i don't wanna get swarmed
    Wiwaxia (GM): the two closest to you are both amber imps onryou hair
    one has fins and the other has a skull
    they're pulling bones out of a crashed car one by one and jumping up and down on them
    Leon Gaspar: can i sneak up on them
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, roll dex
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+13
    = 21
    hopefulyl that's rght
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is right!
    and that's a narrow success
    you sneak up on them without them noticing, but you do get spotted by a rust imp a ways down the road
    it'll be a couple rounds before it can get to you
    you get advantage on unsuspecting targets, so roll twice and take the better for attacking
    Leon Gaspar: sweet, gonna hit whichever's closest to me wth a controlled swing
    rolling 2d20
    = 28
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d2
    = 2
    that's on fins, then
    so crit is 8+1d8 exploding + any int damage modifiers you may or may not have
    you can roll exploding like /roll 1d8!
    Leon Gaspar: ii do not have an int modifier
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's gonna be massive overkill, but hey, you get experience for overkill so
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 8 + 1d8!
    = 9
    .... :/
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is still quite dead, though
    Leon Gaspar: well yes
    oh well
    that was exciting
    Wiwaxia (GM): now roll 1d6 to see if you go again before the other imp does
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, imp gets it
    whips around and tries to jab you
    rolling 1d20
    = 1
    okay then
    let's see what it does to itself
    rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    1 Fortitude save or die. If you succeed, you will bleed to death in 1d6 minutes without aid.
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaitsdead
    Leon Gaspar: ....
    Arxon: ...imp is gonna make the save, I'm calling it
    Leon Gaspar stare
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 14
    imp does not make the save
    Arxon: aw nope
    Wiwaxia (GM): it jabs leon, misses, and puts its claw directly through it's own skullface
    Leon Gaspar: i mean all i would have to do is keep it off me for 6 mins max anyway :v imps are not known for their first aid skills
    hooooooly shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: D:
    Arxon: D: no lil guy
    Leon Gaspar: i stare at it in disbelief.
    how. how do you fuck up that bad. even i haven't fucked up that bad yet.
    Arxon: (brief but semi relevant disgression: one time in my game an imp critfailed, rolled a 2, and paralyzed itself)
    (it was basically the saddest thing I ever did see)
    Wiwaxia (GM): alas, poor imp
    the rust imp reconsiders attacking
    Leon Gaspar: (im crying this is amazing)
    (....do i get experience for an imp critting itself to death)
    Leon Gaspar staring intently at exp
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmmmmmmmm
    sure why not
    only half of what you'd otherwise get though, because it goes in the total damage dealt pool but not the damage you did, pool
    Leon Gaspar: fair
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways that all nets you 220xp
    Leon Gaspar: ...
    30 points. i need 30 more points.
    Leon Gaspar metagaming sorry
    Wiwaxia (GM): well i have good news and bad news
    Leon Gaspar squints
    Wiwaxia (GM): the good news is that theres more imps
    the bad news is that the rust imp has started raising the alarm
    one of the imps has shapeshifted to an ogre
    Leon Gaspar: why. why would you do that.
    Wiwaxia (GM): and is hauling cars into a barricade
    Leon Gaspar: wait are they....are they hiding from me
    Wiwaxia (GM): some of em
    Leon Gaspar: more importantly is there one i can reach in my next turn
    Wiwaxia (GM): or just jumping off the road to get away
    Leon Gaspar: my blood is pumping. i feel like i am getting stronger! i want to kill more imps.
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the ones with an onryou prototyping are attacking head on, though
    Leon Gaspar: how many's that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh
    i rolled up like 50 imps
    Leon Gaspar: ok are we talking 50 onryou or just 50 in total
    Wiwaxia (GM): 50 total
    Myrtha Oscurr: do it
    fight the imps
    Leon Gaspar: ok phew
    when i find myself in times of trouble, myrtha oscurr comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, 'fight the imps'
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's two copper that are closest to you
    Leon Gaspar: nice, let's hit one with an uncontrolled swing
    actually can i do the thing where i try to bash one into the other?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing
    let's see how that would go
    Leon Gaspar: haven't tried this since like game 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): any overkill damage on one rolls over onto the other if you hit both?
    or i can look up how i ruled it in ep 1
    Leon Gaspar: up to you!
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, i can't find it, let's go with this
    Leon Gaspar: aight
    two rolls-to-hit?
    Wiwaxia (GM): one and then if that hits another
    Leon Gaspar: oh yeah, do i get a bonus to hit? i feel like that was a thing on my last level, but i could also have imagined it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes you do
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+1
    = 16
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    you whip your flail at it crazily, dealing 1d4 damage to yourself and 1d12 damage to the imp
    Leon Gaspar: oh hey now we know what that does
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    rolling 1d12
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d4-1 sorry
    Leon Gaspar: can i keep the roll?
    Wiwaxia (GM): so i think your colander takes care of that
    yeah, np
    Leon Gaspar: oh neat
    Wiwaxia (GM): you successfully pick the imp up on your flail and flail it at the other imp
    roll to hit that one
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+1
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): you absolutely wreck the first imp, though
    grist goes everywhere
    Leon Gaspar: dang son
    Arxon: (i am rapidly spiraling into Brain Hell, I am srry but I am gonna duck out)
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    (oh jeez, hugs, and I hope you feel better soon)
    Arxon: (thank you)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the other imp ducks past its flailed friend and bites you
    rolling 1d2
    = 1
    well that doesn't do much
    Leon Gaspar: (oh man :c go take care of yourself)
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn, and then next turn the next wave from farther down the road of three amber imps and a copper imp with onryou hair and/or kimono will be on you
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok bedtime)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (night!)
    Leon Gaspar: (night!)
    how many waves after this one?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't even know
    i just generated a list and i'm working through it
    Leon Gaspar: oh ok :v
    there's a defensive stance thing, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: think i'm gonna do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, that's +2 to def, protection and all your saves
    you get 3 bypassing protection from the evil presence of the imp trying to bite your leg
    and then i roll 5 attacks
    Leon Gaspar: oh yeah, forgot about him
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, four hit
    you take 1 damage
    Leon Gaspar: aaaaaalrighty
    Wiwaxia (GM): (bucketloads of attacks is where protection really excels)
    (def is better against fewer higher damage attacks)
    Leon Gaspar: buddy-boy on my leg is gonna have to be priority here
    can i try my sweet move again
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing
    Leon Gaspar: controlled this time, don't need undue damage
    (also how're you going? must be getting late where you are)
    Wiwaxia (GM): just keep rolling attacks until you get one less than 10
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+1
    = 17
    Wiwaxia (GM): (not too bad, i'm winding down, but combat is a lot easier to run than exploration)
    Leon Gaspar: which i think is at a 1d8?
    rolling 1d8
    = 1
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 6
    how could this happen to me....i made my mistakes....
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna hold your position or try to move?
    Leon Gaspar: yeah time to get outta dodge i think
    if we had a map this is where i would drmatically move back as far as possible but you'll have to imagine it
    Wiwaxia (GM): the three amber imps all snap at you with skeletal jaws as you step away
    rolling 3d20
    = 34
    one hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: ow!
    Wiwaxia (GM): next turn they all forsake their attacks to double-move and cluster up around you again
    your turn
    Leon Gaspar: pchoo!
    that was me double-moving
  14. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): the amber imps take their free attacks again
    rolling 3d20
    = 24
    rolling 1d2, on a 1 that one resolves before the hit (potentially messing it up)
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    okay so the hit hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): not that that does anything
    and then
    rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    17 - 19 You miss and your turn ends. Could be a lot worse, all things considered.
    = 17
    Leon Gaspar: aww
    hmm i can hit and still run after, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, but not both that and double-moving
    the two amber imps in kimono and the copper imp keep pursuing, but can't catch up to you
    Leon Gaspar: oh right i haven't moved yet, duh
    Wiwaxia (GM): the amber imp with the long stringy hair just stops and staaaaaares at you
    your turn
    you've gotten about 4m space bwtween you and them
    Leon Gaspar: i am moderately bonetrousled and continue to get the fuck outta dodge
    Wiwaxia (GM): they continue to pursue, but are falling further behind
    keep fleeing?
    Leon Gaspar: yeah
    i'm getting pretty low on health
    remember that time i ate breakfast? good times.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the amber imp with the stringy hair crawls over the edge of the road in front of you
    Leon Gaspar: :/
    can i hit it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    the ones behind you will gain on you, but you've got enough of a lead
    they won't catch up if you can kill it this turn
    Leon Gaspar: yeah, think i'm gonna do that
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    Leon Gaspar: cmooooooooon
    rolling 1d8
    = 6
    cmon cmon cmon
    Wiwaxia (GM): blammo, it is dead
    Leon Gaspar: hell yeah!!!!!
    Wiwaxia (GM): i assume you're not stopping to collect the grist
    Leon Gaspar: nope
    need to go recollect myself, eat something, maybe try to get some better goddamn armor
    Wiwaxia (GM): well i have some bad news for you
    two more imps, both with longs stringy onryou hair also crawl up in front of you
    copper and rust
    Leon Gaspar: why this
    Wiwaxia (GM): (this whole fight sequence is basically just "do you regret your prototyping yet?")
    gonna try and whack em or run past?
    Leon Gaspar: run
    Wiwaxia (GM): rust attacks you as you pass it and move away from it
    rolling 1d20
    = 10
    and misses
    the pursers in kimono are falling behind again
    Leon Gaspar: ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
    Wiwaxia (GM): the copper imp reappears, along with another copper imp
    Leon Gaspar: it keeps happening
    auuugh ok ok gotta think
    gonna try running one more time
    Wiwaxia (GM): neither of these get a free attack
    nobody shows up this turn
    the pursuers in kimono are starting to flag
    Leon Gaspar: i am filled with determination
    to keep fleeing
    Wiwaxia (GM): a copper in and a second rust imp show up
    I assume you're gonna keep running until you leave the kimono-imps behind, but you are not gonna be able to ditch these four with the hair
    so where and when do you wanna make your stand?
    Leon Gaspar: goddamn
    well...here is as good a place as any, i suppose
    once the kimono imps are far enough behind that they won't show up for a while
    Wiwaxia (GM): they'll show up in four rounds if you keep moving after attacking
    Leon Gaspar: alright then. are all four stringy-hairs around me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, only two right now
    Leon Gaspar: alright, let's go for a twofer with a controlled swing
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits the copper imp
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): and kills it with 4 damage left over if you hit the rust imp
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+1
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): bam, two down, two to go
    Leon Gaspar: rock 'n roll
    let's keep moving so the kimonos don't catch up
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's the rust that gets free attacks this time
    your turn
    Leon Gaspar: iiiit did not attack?
    and are both of them in range?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, they don't get attacks right after creepy showing up
    and only one
    Leon Gaspar: ahhh
    Wiwaxia (GM): one is still staring at you from behing
    Leon Gaspar: let's hit that one then
    the one in front that is
    Wiwaxia (GM): makes these guys not too big of a threat, but when myrtha was fighting a basilisk that did the same...
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+1
    = 21
    yeah our prototypings are a hot mess
    Wiwaxia (GM): could be worse
    could be a first guardian
    or an outer god
    so really y'all are ahead of the curve
    Leon Gaspar: true actually we haven't done too bad for ourselves
    oh wait i have to roll damage don't i
    it's 1d8! right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 8+1d8!
    Leon Gaspar: dang
    rolling 8+1d8!
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah it's a goner
    Leon Gaspar: ooooverkill
    keep moving
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then on round 3 with the kimono imps only a couple meters behind the final copper hair imp shows up
    Leon Gaspar: gonna attack
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 8
    that's not a hit, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is not a hit, no
    Leon Gaspar: well great
    i move as far as i can within my turn
    Wiwaxia (GM): it pounces on you from behind
    rolling 1d20
    = 20
    Leon Gaspar: oh no
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4+1d4!
    = 7
    Leon Gaspar: why are there so many crits in this session
    puts me at -3
    Wiwaxia (GM): i know, right??
    -3: knocked over
    oh boy
    also it's grabbed onto your shoulder
    if you attack it and miss, you take the full damage of the attack
    or you can just shake it loose
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the amber imps have caught up with you
    Leon Gaspar: auuugh
    Wiwaxia (GM): although they don't get attacks this turn
    what do?
    Leon Gaspar: man it sure would be great if i could see into the future about now
    alright alright alright
    i can't risk the damage, i'm gonna shake it off
    Wiwaxia (GM): actually, you've probably tipped over the level mark exp wise by now
    so you can get that 1d6 hp now if you want
    Leon Gaspar: yes yes yes yes
    rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): don't forget to add that to your max, too
    Leon Gaspar: alright ok. still gonna shake it off tho. really don't need to be hitting myself here
    Wiwaxia (GM): that counts as an attack, so it'll be just that and standing up, and you'll still be in the middle of the kimono imps
    or you could let it be for now, get up and run
    Leon Gaspar: oh, true
    let's run
    Wiwaxia (GM): kimono imps take their moving away attacks
    Leon Gaspar: (wax....thank you. it is early and my mind is like 'how do game')
    Wiwaxia (GM): so that is 2 and 3 damage for 2 overflow, i think
    Leon Gaspar: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you're dazed for 1d4 turns
    -2 to everything
    so yeah, i suggest not attacking :v
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d4
    = 4
    that'd be right
    Wiwaxia (GM): spindown
    roll 1d3 next turn, then 1d2
    get free whenever you roll a 1
    Leon Gaspar: oh neat
    Wiwaxia (GM): (same probabilities, and you don't know how long things will last ahead of time)
    Leon Gaspar: ok but yes this next turn is for running
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it's a fucking great dice trick)
    Leon Gaspar: (it's pretty cool tbh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): dude on your shoulder is gonna roll to hang on and attack
    rolling 2d20
    = 26
    so it stays on and attack autohits, of course
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    it punches your colander
    Leon Gaspar: sweet
    running~ running~
    time to roll 1d3?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d3
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): you didn't manage to pull away completely from the amber imps last turn so they get their free attacks again
    rolling 3d20
    = 39
    all of which hit
    rolling 3d4
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: hhhhhhh cmon i'm so close
    Wiwaxia (GM): 2 hits of one, which are painful but have no lasting ill effect
    (doesn't count as stunning again, because they're separate attacks)
    and shoulderimp
    rolling 2d20
    = 36
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar: seriously hurtin' here
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have now pulled away from the amber imps though!
    and can try to shake shoulderimp
    or grapple and throw
    at your option
    Leon Gaspar: is grapple a dex check or strength?
    Wiwaxia (GM): neither, there's a button for it on your sheet
    but you have no chance of failing that
    you do need to hit the imp with an attack first, but it does no damage itself, so you won't hurt yourself if you miss
    Leon Gaspar: yeah, that sounds like a good idea
    Wiwaxia (GM): basically your options
    shaking it off is more likely to be successful, but if you can hit it with an attack you can grab it and spike it into the ground to actually do some damage
    Leon Gaspar: i like that option
    rolling 3d6+11 (0)
    = 24
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotta roll an attack first
    Leon Gaspar: ohh
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    rolling 2d20
    = 32
    Leon Gaspar: WHY
    Wiwaxia (GM): shoulderimp remains put
    no worries, that's not a crit on attack
    Leon Gaspar: ok phew
    he's just really stuck on there
    Wiwaxia (GM): he's rolling on the "climbing on things and stabbing them in their stupid faces" table at the start of the thread, for reference
    Leon Gaspar: ahhh
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 3
    stunned again
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d4
    = 4
    where're my kimono friends at
    Wiwaxia (GM): falling behind
    about 8m back, now
    you gonna try to shake shoulderfriend, or try to grab again?
    Leon Gaspar: grab :v
    i did not do the thing enough times
    it will work
    you will see
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d20
    = 19
    shoulderfriend is hanging on, but doesn't get an attack this turn
    your turn
    Leon Gaspar: aight fuck that i'm shaking it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it gets a reflex save
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    it completely predictably blows the reflex save because its saves are shit in a basket, and falls off to the side
    Leon Gaspar: nice
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll for stun again?
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d3
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 1
    aaaaaand the imp you just shook
    Leon Gaspar: i also totally forgot i was stunned last turn but i wouldn't've succeeded anyway
    Wiwaxia (GM): shows up ahead of you, again
    Leon Gaspar: i'm no longer stunned yeah?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    Leon Gaspar: let's hit it
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    barely, but it hits
    Leon Gaspar: yeah! yeah!!!!!
    rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): and it is dead
    Leon Gaspar: YEAHHHHHHH
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can finally outpace the rest of those assholes in peace
    Leon Gaspar: thank fucking god bc i am aching everywhere
    Wiwaxia (GM): final xp tally, not counting the stuff i already added
    what can i say?
    it was a learning experience
    Leon Gaspar: well it certainly was
    next time: don't listen to spirit myrtha
    aight. time to finish up?
    also uh i might go sleep this off
    er, that's leon being in character
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah
    Leon Gaspar: although bird is also considering a nap
    Wiwaxia (GM): your new echeladder rung
    Leon Gaspar: oh shit drumrolll
    Leon Gaspar: AW SHIT SON
    i love this fucking game
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    and you'll get your choice of powers next sess-haha just kidding you get a sidequest
    Leon Gaspar: listen. i will take it. i will quest the shit outta that sidequest.
    Bird: shall we wrap up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    i will pm you ~~spoooilers~~ about sidequest
    Bird: aww shit B) i'm looking forward to it!
    now go get some sleep :P
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya will do
  15. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Karrin Blue: So my wifi seems to have been messed up in a rainstorm
    Im on my phone now
    there we go
    Wiwaxia (GM): hey
    sorry, super tired suddenly
    Karrin Blue: oh no!
    whimsy: hullo
    Karrin Blue: So is Wiwaxia asleep
    whimsy: seems like it
    im gonna join her, i think
    Karrin Blue: sleep well!
    Sorry you forgot your charger
    Wiwaxia (GM): hi hi
    and yep
    oh also
    i just added a fraymotif for myrtha and moss to the doc
    Wiwaxia (GM): i am v proud of it
    Karrin Blue: Black Hole Backbeat?
    or Spatial Syncopation?
    wait no i was reading the wrong thing
    bone-dry blues
    that's great
    Karrin Blue: ok o
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehehe
    sorry, my dad was introducing me to yet another of his friends
    ye, exploretime!
    as soon as i figure out where we left off
    Karrin Blue: k
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you'd just finished poking around the shed you tore your way into
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): and looking at the map
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): where to now?
    Karrin Blue: hm
    let's see

    Karrin Blue is checking the logs to see where she'd said she'd go
    Karrin Blue: repair tunnels!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the entrance marked on the map for those is right up the road
    (one sec, lemme check a thing)
    there's a large cylindrical metal tank
    and then another bluewood shack
    Karrin Blue: oh?

    Myrtha Oscurr examines tank
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's locked as well
    the shack, that is
    it's a little taller than you
    sounds mostly empty when you bang on it
    Myrtha Oscurr: (hee, i was going to ask what'd happen then)
    any signage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, as a matter of fact
    "authorized personnel only" on the door of the shack
    Myrtha Oscurr: ..

    Myrtha Oscurr wishes she had gotten the walk-through walls power

    Myrtha Oscurr knocks on the door
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing
    (worth noting that the door is just wood, by the way)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it's locked, but nothing you couldn't bust down)

    Myrtha Oscurr is going to try and do the same thing that she did on the other door
    Wiwaxia (GM): slashing at the lock with Strain Insuslaughter?
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): same thing happens
    it catches as soon as you start to pull

    Myrtha Oscurr is real interested in seeing what happens when she does this to an underling
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d8 for damage when you yank on it
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    cO: Please come bail me out if I get sent to Siren Prison
    Wiwaxia (GM): the door rattles, but doesn't break
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    i was trying to catch the lock?
    stick the sword between the door
    cut downwards
    cut the lock mechanism
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, i know
    strain insuslaughter won't cut
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): it only does damage on a pull

    Myrtha Oscurr pulls more?
    Wiwaxia (GM): adding that info to your sheet for it, btw
    you have found out a thing
    1d8 damage, again
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): the wood splinters as you rip the whole lock mechanism out of the door

    Myrtha Oscurr will need to get an actual cutting sword
    Wiwaxia (GM): with the lock gone, a cool draft pulls the door open inwards
    there inside of the hut is flat, frosted glass with a square shaft leading down into darkness in the center of it
    Myrtha Oscurr: :O
    Wiwaxia (GM): a metal ladder runs down the far side
    you can see where the rungs are anchored in the transparent glass
    Karrin Blue: blug
    down the rabbit hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec, afk momentarily
    also gonna have to be leaving the coffeeshop soon, unfortunately
    they're closing
    but before that
    Karrin Blue: darn
    but ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): you
    the shaft is just barely shoulder-width for you
    it was clearly built for someone smaller
    Karrin Blue: probably nice and roomy for a siren
    they don't have feet
    so carapaces maybe
    (for a siren i'd imagin more like a fire pole)
    (though you couldn't climb one of those up...)
    Wiwaxia (GM): if the walls weren't smooth glass, your arms would probably be all torn up by friction
    you descend for what feels like quite a ways
    the shaft entrance is just a small faint square of blue light far above by the time you feel floor beneath your feet
    it is utterly dark down here
    the thin shaft has opened up abruptly, though, probably passing through the ceiling of some room or passage
    the wall the ladder is on stretches out smooth in either direction
    Wiwaxia (GM): feel around, or try to get some light?
    Karrin Blue: hm
    light i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    Karrin Blue: laptopband?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see a reflection of it's little heads-up display screen in the glass wall in front of you
    if you turn around, there's another reflection of it in a wall a couple meters ahead

    Karrin Blue starts feeling around the edges of the walls
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing you can see in the other two directions
    Karrin Blue: carefully
    don't want to hit a dropoff
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're in a hallway
    the walls are just a little farther apart than your armspan
    both walls are smooth, solid glass
    the floor is frosted for grip, but seems of a piece with the walls
    and we're getting kicked out
    Karrin Blue: ok
    gnight then!
    Wiwaxia (GM): so until next time!
    Karrin Blue: bye!
    Wiwaxia (GM): woo!
    Karrin Blue: hokay so
    i am
    poking along this room
    in case there is sudden pittrap
    Wiwaxia (GM): which direction?
    Karrin Blue: um
    oh yeah it's a hall
    can i tell any difference between the two
    Wiwaxia (GM): not with the meagre light you have
    Karrin Blue: alright then
    Wiwaxia (GM): but you do know how they're oriented with regards to what's going on abovegroung
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    oh hm
    right then
    by which i mean
    let's go to the right
    of me
    Wiwaxia (GM): you feel your way along carefully
    as far as you can tell, the tunnel is going fairly straight and constant
    you think you can hear whispers on the edge of hearing, but when you try to focus on them, there's only silence
    Karrin Blue: underground wires?
    mean those are a thing in some places...
    Wiwaxia (GM): wanna try to feel around for some?
    Karrin Blue: yes
    whimsy: morning
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello hello!
    Karrin Blue: hi whimsy!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't feel anything running along the floors, or on the walls as high up as you can reach up and jump
    Karrin Blue: hm
    well i will continue onwards
    (whimsy i found a hole to climb down and it connected to a hallway!)
    whimsy: (as long as you didnt end up in the house from the house of leaves)
    Karrin Blue: idk
    i do not think there are leaves here
    whimsy: havent read the book? aah
    Wiwaxia (GM): you know what?
    whimsy: the place is basically an eldritch location altering itself based on the cognition and imagination of the people who were stupid enough to go inside, is larger inside than on the outside, and malicious
    Wiwaxia (GM): just because you said that, you step on a dried leaf
    it goes crunch
    whimsy: snrk
    Karrin Blue: :O
    whimsy: sorry
    Karrin Blue: that raises some questions
    and 'why'
    and 'wait wha'
    and 'oh god id anythin else hear that'
    Wiwaxia (GM): a couple steps past, you feel some changes in both walls
    to wit
    the one on your right is no longer there
    Karrin Blue: :O
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the one on you left has been hacked or smashed at
    Karrin Blue: oh dear
    is the floor to my right still there
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's sharp-edged scallops where flakes of glass have been broken off, and powdered splinters of glass
    Karrin Blue: oh boy broken glass in the dark
    this is gonna end well
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing very deep into the wall, a centimeter at best
    whimsy: shoulda brought a flashlight
    Wiwaxia (GM): some cautious prodding with one foot reveals that the floor to the right is in fact still there
    Karrin Blue: ok good

    Karrin Blue is going to explore around then
    Karrin Blue: and listen VERY CLOSEY
    for anything that sounds like monsters
    or whispers
    Arxon: (Hi hello i am here)
    Wiwaxia (GM): hey hi hello!
    whimsy: hi arxon ::D
    Karrin Blue: hiya!
    Wiwaxia (GM): some prodding around reveals that another tunnel is joining with the one you've been walking along here, t-intersection style
    this new hallway is made of the sintered glass bricks that the Underground around your house was made of
    Karrin Blue: can i see at all
    Wiwaxia (GM): the tunnel you were walking along continues past the intersection
    Karrin Blue: wellp

    Karrin Blue will continue walking i guess
    Wiwaxia (GM): the best you can get is "is something reflecting the light of my laptopband"

    Myrtha Oscurr needs to get some kind of walk-map app
    Wiwaxia (GM): you step on another leaf
    with how intently you're listening, it sounds like a somewhat crackly gunshot in the silence
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....
    where are these coming from

    Myrtha Oscurr looks at the crunched-up leaf
    Myrtha Oscurr: does it look at all like the plants i saw above here
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm sorry, i cannot perform the command "looks" in this location
    Myrtha Oscurr: not even in laptopbandlight
    Wiwaxia (GM): point
    it looks like a crunched up dried leaf
    if you could get a whole one you might be able to see if it matched the ones from above

    Myrtha Oscurr looks along the ground as best she can
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't see shit, but you do manage to feel around and grab one
    doesn't look like the leaves on the obnoxious glowing plants, but it does seem to match up with the flowers from before
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    somehow a at least three of those flowers
    ended up in a tunnel
    this far down
    Wiwaxia (GM): or leaves from them, at least
    Myrtha Oscurr: either someone was carrying some or there's another ext this way

    Myrtha Oscurr is gonna captchalogue this
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna keep going along this way, or explore the other hallway?
    Myrtha Oscurr: keep going!
    Wiwaxia (GM): your feet crunch on several more dried leaves, and broken glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: if i find any good living plants
    i am gonna send some codes to leon
    Wiwaxia (GM): the lefthand wall is pitted and chipped at pretty thoroughly at about waist height for a couple meter long stretch
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    oh wait
    i am
    going to pull out my halberd
    hold it very tightly
    Myrtha Oscurr: and poke it over the edge of the wall
    to see if the floor vanishes there or what
    also it just occured to be i can totally use a polearm as a walkinng stick
    or cane or whatever
    Wiwaxia (GM): clarification: this is still a smooth glass wall from the floor of the tunnel to the ceiling
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    i thought it was broken off
    but the cane thing is still a good idea i figure
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah
    Myrtha Oscurr: so i'm doing that
    Wiwaxia (GM): just like someone or something was hacking and bashing at the solid glass
    and breaking off flakes and chips
    didn't get very far into the wall, but made quite a mess
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh

    Myrtha Oscurr is gonna continue onwards
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, shit, i'm fading, and i wanna actually prep this next bit
    do you mind calling it a night here?
    Karrin Blue: sure!
    Wiwaxia (GM): i may have to do next week on thursday, depending on travel plans
    Karrin Blue: huh
    whimsy: my classes are just about done, i can do thursday
    Wiwaxia (GM): will post in thread about that, too
    Karrin Blue: ok
    sleep well all
    whimsy: n8 ::3
    Karrin Blue: except whimsy
    have a good day whimsy!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    whimsy: thank you ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): and i'll make sure to get to you and arxon next time
    whimsy: i'll try to be awake xxD
    might show up an hour late or so, 4 am seems easier than 3 am for some reason atm
    Arxon: Night!
    Srry i was barely here, i'll definitely be here next week
  16. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    whimsy: good morning
    Karrin Blue: Hey
    whimsy: im awake ::D
    Karrin Blue: yaaay
    whimsy: havent slept at all "_"
    Karrin Blue: not yaaaay
    whimsy: was at game night until half past midnight
    helped with the dishes
    and took over an hour to get home bc public transit is a bit sparse during this time of day
    arrived at home 3/4 an hour ago

    Karrin Blue is looking at pokemans stuff
    Karrin Blue: http://mid-childan-puella-magi.tumblr.com/post/147419761951/some-stuff-about-mimikkyu
    i love this one
    whimsy: creepy doll based ghost pokemon more like GIMME
    i love ghost pokemon
    Karrin Blue: it is not creepy it is ADORABLE
    whimsy: YESSS
    Karrin Blue: it just wants to be friends with humans
    whimsy: give ti all the hugs
    Karrin Blue: i am not sure if
    when it evolves
    i want the pikachu head to be less and less efective as a disguise until it's basically a hat
    if as it evolves, i want it to get bigger and bigger worn out costumes
    till it's wearing a giant snorlax covering
    Karrin Blue: or something
    whimsy: either would be interesting
    Karrin Blue: also i love the new bear one
    it wants to hug but it is too strong
    whimsy: im trying to keep myself from as many spoilers as possible
    and go into the games as unspoiled as possible
    to keep the sense of adventure and something new ::D
    Karrin Blue: ahh that's fair
    i hope we get new eevees
    steel eevee
    whimsy: yes
    bug eevee
    Karrin Blue: ghost
    whimsy: omg ghost eevee yes pls
    dragon eevee
    Karrin Blue: like if ghost eevee
    'eevee in a white ghost costume'
    i would be happy
    whimsy: snrrrk
    yes want
    Karrin Blue: just a bedsheet ghost
    whimsy: naww
    Karrin Blue: anyways yes
    Give Me The Eevees
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello hello
    whimsy: hi wi ::D
    Karrin Blue: hey!
    what's up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not much
    my sibling's birthday was earlier this week
    so we cooked a bunch of curry and really good chocolate chilli torte
    Karrin Blue: cool
    whimsy: ::D
    Karrin Blue: yay
    Arxon: hello!
    whimsy: hi arxon ::D
    Karrin Blue: i need to come up with palestuck prompts
    whimsy: - hair brushing/braiding
    - pillow fort
    - the world sucks rn and im going to curl around you and not take any calls k?
    - strange minds think alike
    Karrin Blue: hm well
    whimsy: or was that not an invitation to come up with prompts ::?
    Karrin Blue: hee nah don't worry
    whimsy: the last one is inspired by some of my interactions with my moirail
    i think our record was 3 identical thoughts and near-identical wordings within one hour
    Karrin Blue: i am thinking of who would fit best for
    whimsy: ::D
    Karrin Blue: 'weapon/handler' /'monster/person who can keep them in control'
    which is a thing i am shameful levels of into for pale business
    whimsy: ^^_^^
    (ok afk for a bit i think i need to take my planting pots back inside its storming outside and i dont want them to get blown away)
    Arxon: plz send storm to me
    whimsy: nah
    i like storms
    very soothing
    you can come visit me tho then we can curl up on my futon and eat ice cream
    Arxon: can blanket forts happens?
    whimsy: totally
    Arxon: sold
    whimsy: (off topic) (is "tides" and "eyes" close enough for a rhyme)
    Karrin Blue: probably
    Arxon: yeah it's a good enough slant rhyme
    just emphasize the I sound if spoken out loud
    whimsy: kk ::3 thank you ^^_^^
    ("I met a girl, wild as the tides
    With wind in her hair and stars in her eyes")
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): whimsy, you wanna start?
    myrtha's pulling ahead of everyone else on the timeline again, and you didn't get a chance to go last week
    whimsy: yah
    better do it now while i actually still am awake
    last thing i remember was something something huge column of mist
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme go back and skim the logs a second, because i am a dipshit who didn't make separate notes
    whimsy: because i went and triggered a thing because im leeroy jenkins
    seriously when ilma teams up with the rest, you need to keep her from buttons
    they will get pushed
    accidentally or not
    although shes currently veering more towards "lets see what this red button does" than "whoops i didnt see that"
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, there was a pedestal crystal with water in it and a clear hole through the mist above it
    and then you stepped on it and made the water drain
    and the mist rushed in to make a huge opaque column
    and the water drained from the "keyhole" pedestal, too
    whimsy: but i still dont have a key, at least as far as i know
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i think the plan was to go around the column and do... something, iirc
    and/or generally more exploring this place
    Wiwaxia (GM): ye
    Ilmatar Nordwind: current goal is just above the upper left corner of the blue part
    theres two weird things there
    bit further north, already in the yellow area
    theres this thing that might just be three tiny blue bumbs but looked like checkerboard on zoom out, and the thing with a dark dot on it
    up, not left
    Wiwaxia (GM): the mist is a lot thicker here
    there aren't the tall crystals ringing the island in a wall like elsewhere, so waves of thick mist come pouring in directly of the swelling of the sea
    you can see two holes in the thick mist, one on either side
    i'll mark them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well those look like larger chunks
    can you mark the big column?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure thing
    Arxon: (back, hi)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (wb)
    just that tiny part? i imagined it larger. huh.
    like, reaching all the way to the left of the clear holes
    Wiwaxia (GM): well that's 3m across right there
    but nah, just that size
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): whoops, put that in the wrong place, one sec
    there we go
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    the big blueish thingie with the spot on it on the map, anything interesting there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): the spot you can see is a little rectangular divot into the side of the crystal
    i assume you're gonna put your finger in it or something
    Ilmatar Nordwind: of course ::D probably gonna check if i got something in my backpack im not quite as attached to
    memo to self: i need a 10 foot pole
    and im gonna stick my finger in it
    Wiwaxia (GM): there is a gurgling sound, and water springs from those three blue crystals in a line behind you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): it flows down that smooth path do the large depression in the center of the island
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does anything interesting happen?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, the pool is already mostly full
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    hm, can i, from the thingie with the divot and going towards map east, climb onto the thing where theres a clear hole in the mist?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, quite easily
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nice, then im gonna do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): you manage to heave yourself up onto the chest high ledge without much difficulty but also without much elegance
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eeh, no ones here to judge performance
    and no ones dying either
    Wiwaxia (GM): just in time to see ripples pass over the face of the water in the pool on top
    and watch it drain with surprising speed
    mist rushes in to form a thick column, with enough substantiallity to push you off the pedestal
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oo_oo
    wi im not on that pedestal ::D
    im on that one
    i prod the mist
    Wiwaxia (GM): that would be "west" whimsy
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ...
    i always mix those two up
    not as bad as left and right
    Wiwaxia (GM): no worries, i do that too
    i almost did a two wrongs make a right there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (its 4 am and i havent slept in 16 hours is it obvious yet xxD)
    Wiwaxia (GM): by thinking you meant the one you meant instead of the one you said
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    (or, as we say, "the _other_ left")
    Wiwaxia (GM): in that case, ignore the hauling yourself up, this one has a nice series of crystals that serve as steps up to the rim
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (or "the other right", as applicable.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can stick your hand into the mist, but there's resistance
    as if the wind was blowing strong, though the air is still
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i try to grasp it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is, unsurprisingly, like grasping at air
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i shall not be deterred
    it looks like cotton candy, and so i shall attempt to take a bite out of it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it tastes like mist
    that hard-to-describe scent of fine particles of water suspended in air
    you also get some up your nose
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    i take a deep inhale and take my head back out, then breathe the mist out and revel in how awesome it looks
    Wiwaxia (GM): it looks pretty fucking awesome, you must admit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: look at me, im a living fog machine
    i also look around, is there anything interesting i can seem from this elevation?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, your view is having some trouble what with the big mist column and the tall, massive crystal to the "south"
    and the rest is shrouded in thick mist, except for that other clear hole
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm
    then lets head to the other clear hole, trigger that, and see what happens
    because this couldnt possibly end bad
    Wiwaxia (GM): now you have the afroementioned inelegant hauling yourself up
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ;;D
    Wiwaxia (GM): passing back this way, you notice that the pool in the center of the island is now only half-full, although it is filling from the fountains you turned on earlier
    Ilmatar Nordwind: water cycle ::D
    man, the water bill for this thing must be enormous
    Wiwaxia (GM): then you continue on and get up on this pedestal and also turn it into a mist column
    it has the same resistance as the other one
    (which the first smaller one did not have)
    gosh, if only there were some source of water
    all around this place, say
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    well, my next test would be to try and see if i can dissipate the mist by lugging some water from the fountain into the nearest column
    and to see if i can turn the fountain off by prodding the pivot again, mabe ill get another column
    Wiwaxia (GM): acidentally closed my browser somehow, whoops
    well, second question is closer, so let's answer that one first
    yes, sticking your finger in the divot does turn off the fountain
    no mist column, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, the erstwhile pool in the middle of the island is now almost completely empty
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then lets look at whats in there ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks like just the water from between stepping on the second pedestal and you switching off the fountain
    Ilmatar Nordwind: anything interesting at the bottom?
    Wiwaxia (GM): compared to the other crystals and their pools full of silver-plants, this one is quite bare
    there's a "lip" at about half the volume that you can see on the map, i think
    and then the very bottom is a square about a meter across, colorless, and recessed about ten centimeters or so from the slope of the walls above it
    there's something under the shallow water there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i reach it without utterly drenching myself?
    or at least try to get a closer look and identify what it might be
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, the issue's not slipping on the sloped sides and either falling on it or getting your side soaked as you slide down
    Ilmatar Nordwind: slow and careful steps ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can half-step, half slide to the lip and stand there without any problems
    from here you can see that it is a BISMUTH SPYGLASS
    Ilmatar Nordwind: O_O
    Wiwaxia (GM): getting down the other half of the pool and grabbing it is gonna be trickier, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: thats where theres still water, yes?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, just a bit at the bottom
    the sides aren't full of water, but they're still wet and slippery
    in addition to dropping at like a 45 degree angle
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well ive got good boots, and considering where im from, theyre built to deal with slippery stuff
    probably possibly
    shouldnt have activated the damn fountain. ah well.
    the 45° angle on the other hand...
    damn, i want the thing
    partially bc im reminded of the amber spyglass
  17. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh ye, whats those strange shell-like formations on the other side of the pool?
    Wiwaxia (GM): can you ping me?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: pings still dont work for some reason
    but straight across the pool
    yes those
    Wiwaxia (GM): weird
    Ilmatar Nordwind: those look roundish
    Wiwaxia (GM): those are half-formed crystals growing out of the ground
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): they are roundish, and roundish with the ground
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and, ooh, i spot another thing with a spot and weird formations just beyond the half-formed crystals
    (ilma apparently forgot to take her adhd meds)
    (so did i btw)
    Wiwaxia (GM): thisun?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can you ping again, please?
    yeah that one
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna climb out and investigate it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and the coffin-looking thing next to it
    so many interesting details
    Wiwaxia (GM): that the "coffin looking thing" you mean?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): well it's another switch/fountain setup with the "coffin looking thing" the fountain
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hrmmm probably also towards the pool, so not gonna activate it just now
    will do later to see if filling it up again will disable the columns again
    straight to map right, theres this brownish thing, is that just a weirdly coloured crystal, or something a litle more interesting?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (if you pinged it didnt arrive)
    (or my sleepy brain didnt see it)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i guess y'all can't see pings i make when i'm on gm layer)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheh
    Wiwaxia (GM): mostly just a weirdly colored crystal i'm afraid
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naw
    Wiwaxia (GM): but there's some absolutely stunning silverplants growing atop it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooh ::D
    am i close enough to knock some off with my bladefan
    next test i wanna do i plugging the columns
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, it's like waist height
    Ilmatar Nordwind: booyeah, lets harves this
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, did you mark that down on your sheet?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
    is the weird pearly blob straight to ap south just a weirdly coloured crystal?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): not weirdly colored, out of focus
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aah
    Wiwaxia (GM): because it is from your perspective a spire sticking straight up
    maybe 5-6m
    Ilmatar Nordwind: spires tend to be magic, but theres lots of spires here
    Wiwaxia (GM): this one is particularly tall and thin, but there's no immediately obvious indicators of shenanigans around it vs any othe the others
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm
    theen im gonna head over to the first mist column, and attempt to plug it with the silvery growth
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one? or the one from last time
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the one from last time
    like, if i have to deal with low visibility, i only want 1 and a half metres of that towards the centre
    makes it easier to find the hole
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    however, you can't feel any hole
    there's the depression the water was in, but it feels smooth and solid all the way round
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i call bullshit
    Wiwaxia (GM): mm?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i roll on disbelief
    i place the silvery growth there anyways
    hm, do i still have some of the local water in my thermos cup?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then im gonna pour that in as well for good measure
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's say with the displacement of the silvery growths that's enough to top off the depression
    the column of mist swirls back out leaving a clear space again
    Ilmatar Nordwind: a-ha!
    any change in the pool?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well it's full of water now
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well that was a reset button if ever i saw one
    Wiwaxia (GM): but it looks like there's still no holes or anything
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i take out the silver growth again
    Wiwaxia (GM): that drops the water level, and the mist rushes back in
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aye, and whats the pool water level?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you poke your finger back in to feel
    the pool is now empty
    Ilmatar Nordwind: no, i meant the big one in the centre
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, that one is still empty
    Ilmatar Nordwind: empty-empty, or with some water remains from the fountains
    Wiwaxia (GM): the latter
    Ilmatar Nordwind: how deep/much?
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmm, few centimeters
    just over the top of the BISMUTH SPYGLASS
    and slick sides
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i wish to fashion a weighted net from the empty bag, filled with my binoculars, and then the rope at the ends
    place the bag near the drop on one side, take the rope with me along the edge, and then pull
    the binoculars should weigh the bag down enough that it sinks enough to gather up the bismuth spyglass, and then i pull the bag with the haul towards me
    Wiwaxia (GM): clever!
    you might want to try a different weight, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi it took me half an hour to figure out how to weigh down the bag enough
    not heavy enough?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, they'll work, they just won't appreciate it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: point
    the bottled water should be water proof tho
    Wiwaxia (GM): should also be heavy enough, given that i don't think you've drunk any of it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nope
    Wiwaxia (GM): although, wait
    neutrally buoyant in water
    Ilmatar Nordwind: darn
    Wiwaxia (GM): water is the same density as water, oddly enough
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheh
    ... is my bag sturdy enough to not tear if i use a brick as a weight
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmm
    okay, given that you have a bag, roll for "sturdy bag" as a find items check
    5 or lower
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): on a 6, no, your bag is not sturdy enough
    Ilmatar Nordwind: looks like it is sturdy enough ::3
    probably made from canvas
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    okay, you do that thing you described
    there's a bit of jostling to get the lip of the bag under the spyglass, but you manage to tip it in
    str check to see if you can pull up a bag full of water
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20+8
    = 28
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh
    Ilmatar Nordwind: looks like it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, no fucking problem
    you are feeling hale enough to haul this bag o water around and dump it somewhere, too, if you want
    Ilmatar Nordwind: a) haul up
    b) store brick and bismuth spyglass in sylladex
    c) wring out rope and bag as good as i can
    d) sylladex rope and bag
    e) remove bismuth spyglass from sylladex and inspect it
    Wiwaxia (GM): dumping out the water or sylladexing the bag with water in?
    it's canvas, so the water will drain slowly
    Ilmatar Nordwind: dumping out the water, but somewere else
    how warm is it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): cold
    quite cold
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm, so hanging it out to dry isnt an option atm
    dump out the water, wring some, then sylladex wet bag
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, you just mean environmentally?
    i thought you meant the water
    then somewhat chilly and damp
    still not ideal drying conditions
    Ilmatar Nordwind: im probably going to use the bag to carry water to the other two columns later
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah

    Ilmatar Nordwind is a genius
    Wiwaxia (GM): inspecting the spyglass
    it's a long thin bismuth crystal, stepping outward in what looks telescoping
    but does not, in fact, telescope
    there doesn't appear to be lenses in it
    look through it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ofc! ::D

    Ilmatar Nordwind feels like a pirate. Arr!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the landscape vanishes
    no, that's not quite right
    you can still see it, kind of
    in where there's stillness
    everything else is motion
    gentle drafts or large roiling ones
    Ilmatar Nordwind: where to?
    Wiwaxia (GM): what do you mean?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: is there a direction to the motion
    an eye of the storm, a common "goal"
    Wiwaxia (GM): not really, at least not here
    just back and forth and here and there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i turn the spyglass around and through it the other way
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh shit, that's clever
    lemme figure out what that does
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh come on, how did you not see that coming ::D
    while you figure out what it does, im gonna take a pic of it and post it to the general chat with the caption "Sweet Loot"
    BI has posted bismuthspyglass.jpg
    BI: Sweet Loot! :D
    Arxon: (time check?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): checking as we speak
    you're still exploring the meteor and opening chests
    myrtha is busy
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Oh, fancy!
    aG: I'd be scared to use it.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: currently testing it :3
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Testing it?
    aG: I mean, it's a spyglass, right>
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: one side shows wind but no still things
    bI: ... i wonder what happens if i turn it around
    Arxon: (finally finished all the sketches for the streettier pic
    I'm just gonna wait till tomorrow to do the rest)
    Karrin Blue: (whatabout me?)
    (Post 'em in the thread?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): this way shows more or less the same stuff, but now the wind is almost impossible to see and the stillness is obvious
    Karrin Blue: (also yeah what was myrtha doing)
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Only wind?
    aG: Hmmmm, what's the oppsosite of wind. I mean, it'd just be a normal spyglass, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): fucking around on the stage, probably no time to talk
    Karrin Blue: k
    Arxon: (mk lemme take pics
    I am prolly gonna alter Ilma and Leon a lot on the comp b/c they were first and also fix hands)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (looking forward to seeing the pictures ::D)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see that you are standing on a mass of stillness, and there's another peak of it to the "west"
    with a knife-edge ridge between them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: o-ho ::D
    also, i grab a bag full of water, captchalogue it, and then go over to the middle column. before i pour in the water, however, i want to see what it looks like in motion view
    Wiwaxia (GM): it appears that the "wind-like resistance" that you felt does not count as actual wind
    if anything, it's more still than the surrounding air
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then in still view?
    Wiwaxia (GM): still moving too much for that, though
    but you can see the empty pedestal through the mist
    it also appears to have no holes in it, nor is there any empty space beneath it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: magic, obviously
    i pour in the water
    Wiwaxia (GM): the column of mist dissolves away, but it doesn't form an empty eye this time
    instead the mist here is the same as the surroundings
    and a column of mist springs up from the central pool
    Ilmatar Nordwind: a-ha ::D
    ive been waiting for that to happen eventually
    Wiwaxia (GM): (this would have been another way to get the spyglass, incidentally)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm, do i want to see what happens if i trigger all four of those at once, or do i want to test what the central column is like
    would the column have pushed the spyglass out?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well that gets into testing the central column
    Ilmatar Nordwind: also, can we cut here? im lowkey falling asleep again
    and want one of the others to have a go as well
    Wiwaxia (GM): yah, was gonna switch soon, and this seems like a good place
    arxon, you up for going?
    i'm gonna make you a seperate card for the spyglass, though
    whimsy: kk
    Arxon: yeah I think I am
    Wiwaxia (GM): there you should be able to see that now
    and i'm gonna grab some leftovers to eat real quick and then we can go
    whimsy: (ok girls my eyes are looking at things from different angles (one sees text horizontal-ish, the other sees it tilted by 40ish degrees, im gonna shut off and go sleep now)
    Wiwaxia (GM): sleep seems like a wise response to that, yeah
    Arxon: sleep well!
    Karrin Blue: gnight
    bedtime here too
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Arxon: night!
  18. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM) cracks open their vornheim pdf
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, let's do this

    Arxon cracks knuckles
    Arxon: hell yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are on a roof
    there's a transportalizer back to the Battlefield castle up here, too
    other than that, pretty much nothing
    Arxon: what type of roof does it seem to be
    other than bismuth
    Wiwaxia (GM): flat, looks like it covers several buildings
    the architecture in general has a bit of hmmm
    spanish colonial is close-ish
    as in so many things, quito is one of my big references here
    like that but all continuous bismuth with open windows and flat roofs
    Wiwaxia (GM): (quito is a hell of a city, btw)
    Arxon: (goddamn)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i only spent a few days there but it left an Impression)
    Lemi Malloy: Wow! Lemi thinks, This is the first time I've been in a city!
    then she remembers Derse
    and amends that to first time THIS body has been in a city
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it also just. keeps going. https://holachicosdotorg.files.wordpress.com/2014/10/111.jpg)
    Lemi Malloy: the ity is in kinda a valley or crater, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Lemi Malloy: (file not found)
    Wiwaxia (GM): take the paren off the end
    bad auto-linking roll20
    Lemi Malloy: that is a lot of city
    so Lemi looks around, sees if there are any landmarks, and especially ones accessible by rooftop
    She is pretty sure she would get lost on the streets
    Wiwaxia (GM): well there's these long arcades thisaways
    (arcades in the architectural sense, not the vidya games sense)
    ok lemme fix the scale on this thing
    okay that looks about right
    you suspect you may also be on a landmark, given the size of the roof compared to those around it
    Lemi Malloy: What's going on on the street below?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the street is deserted
    some wolflike underlings are gnawing on something or other at one end, which is probably why
    Lemi Malloy: ....
    yeah ok Lemi is gonna creepy along the rooftops until she's above them, then jump from above, axe at the ready
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, new type of underling means you get xp for seeing them
    500 in this case
    you can go ahead and add that while i roll up prototypings
    1+1d3 of them
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1+1d3
    = 3
    Lemi Malloy: I like my chances!
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry technical difficulties with program
    also i still need to make homestuck style sprites for these guys so in the meantime i guess i'll grab a generic wolf icon
    Lemi Malloy: three wolf moon!
    Wiwaxia (GM): fuck
    also, how sure are you you want to pick this fight
    Lemi Malloy: um
    yeah I just
    saw the state of my health bar
    ok so um a) how easy does it seem it would be for them to get up here and b) is there anything I can use as projectiles nearby
    Wiwaxia (GM): very hard, unless there's prototyping bs involved
    not really
    also just a sec, gonna reroll all these guys hp, because it seems too high
    for their mass
    Lemi Malloy: oh wait
    I just remembered what I have in my sylladex
    ok, I am gonna decaptchalouge a hefty pile of books, pick out the...lets say the 15 largest ones, and glance briefly to see if they seem interesting
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, those numbers are much saner
    of those 15, let's say 1d4 look interesting
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d4
    = 4
    hm, well
    I'll work with what I have first
    chucking the first one!
    Wiwaxia (GM): at which one?
    Lemi Malloy: um
    ping isn't wrking >:(
    the guy closest to the wall
    Wiwaxia (GM): weeeeird
    i wonder why that is
    Lemi Malloy: it never works for me
    so I am prolly doing it wront
    Wiwaxia (GM): click and hold down
    does that not work?
    in any case
    Lemi Malloy: ok!
    you need to
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d20 to hit and then damage is either 1d6-2 for nonlethal improvised or just 1d2 for dropping that distance at that weight
    you can pick which, because one isn't straightforwardly better
    hurling vs just dropping, i guess
    Lemi Malloy: lets say hurling
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've got advantage because they don't know you're there
    that hits, but might as well try for a crit, yeah?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): now that's just mean, random number god
    i guess this is what happens when you're not a Hero of Light
    Lemi Malloy: if we ever scratch someone needs to go with Light
    Wiwaxia (GM): the light special thing also has the potential to be hella fun, ye
    Lemi Malloy: Prince of Light would work for Sis
    I would say conspiracy theories would work fr destroying knowledge via knowledge
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, id say!
    anyways, roll damage?
    Lemi Malloy: oh wait no we don't want a destroyer class D:
    rolling 1d6-2
    = 1
    well I
    I did him a bip
    Wiwaxia (GM): indeed
    actually, no, protection
    it does go boiiinggg and get knocked back a meter, though
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi Malloy, make of good plans
    Rogue means "self sacrificial idiot with no self regard", right?
    ok can I try and duck back before they see me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    oh also
    do you want prototyping rundown?
    Lemi Malloy: yes please!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one you just hit has fins and leaves, and is wearing a tabard with a green castle in 6 pieces on it
    the one in the middle has long, stringy black hair and a long neck
    although not long enough to reach up to where you are
    and the last one has four eyes in a leopard face
    where are you moving?
    Lemi Malloy: this aways
    and dropping close to the roof
    does it slope?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    which means you are pretty damn well hidden from the street
    the barghests know you're up here, though, they're yipping at the wall
    but not getting up that you can see
    Lemi Malloy: ok
    hopefully when I meet up w/ Ilmatar I can alchemie more candles and matches
    I am going to find some super shitty books
    and home bismuth isn't flammable
    Wiwaxia (GM): oho!
    Lemi Malloy: why catface at fire
    Wiwaxia (GM): fire
    that is why
    Lemi Malloy: point
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay if you hit, damage will be 1d6-2+1d4 fire and then an easy fort save for them to not catch on fire (fort+4)
    if they catch on fire that's gonna be 1d4 a round until they can get it out, possibly increasing to 2d4 if it starts burning more
    Lemi Malloy: can they catch each other on fire if they touch?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, same save
    (everything to do with fire is rolled on d4s
    because the tetrahedron is the platonic solid associated with the classical element of fire
    and i am a nerd)
    Lemi Malloy: (.....nerd)
    so I am gonna take the shittest looking book and use a match to light it on fire
    then Imma move up towards the edge but not to it and throw it
    Wiwaxia (GM): which are you throwing it at?
    Lemi Malloy: ummm
    one in the middle
    Wiwaxia (GM): k! roll to hit
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6-2+1d4
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay i think that winds up doing 4 damage when all is said and done
    aaaaand rolling save
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahaha WELL
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, it gets knocked back a meter, too
    underling turn
    the one on fire is gonna flee in a panic
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    that direction
    Wiwaxia (GM): (that was a double-move)
    Lemi Malloy: aw why's he scared
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaand that was the only one with a hope of getting up to where you are, so the other two are just gonna yap at you uselessly
    Lemi Malloy: ok I'm gonna try and trash talk them
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling damage for the flaming one because i wanna try to see how far it gets before it manages to extinguish itself or dies
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Lemi Malloy: "Hey- jerks! How about you, uh, eat a mouth full of fire like your buddy!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, hm
    thinking about how to handle ongoing damage experience-wise
    i think i'll just give it to you in full, honestly
    Lemi Malloy: thanks!
    Wiwaxia (GM): but probably not the damage from anything it catches on fire
    sounds fair?
    Lemi Malloy: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): some salamander guards show up
    Lemi Malloy: Um
    I really hope they're not staunchly anti book burning
    Wiwaxia (GM): they all have bismuth helmets and long spears
    rolling 2d20
    = 11
    two of them try to stick the barghest with their spears and fail
    Lemi Malloy: shit shit shit
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn
    Lemi Malloy: ok I am gonna hope that they can take out scaredy mcfireass
    ...ya know what
    I'm gonna do the axe jump at
    that guy
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're gonna take 1d6 falling damage in addition to being on the ground
    you sure about this?
    Lemi Malloy: ...
    do these guys seem focused on me or interested in the salamanders
    Wiwaxia (GM): v focus on you
    Lemi Malloy: ok then I'll grab the second shittiest book and set that on fire too
    rolling 1d20
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): that also hits
    can you ping which one again?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6-2+1d4
    = 6
    that one
    up top
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    forgot to factor in it's bonus protection, which is why the health went back up
    so 3 damage total
    and it gets to make a save
    rolling 1d20
    = 20
    Wiwaxia (GM): shit
    Lemi Malloy: um
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d4
    = 6
    2 to firepants one, 4 to firepants 2
    Lemi Malloy: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): firepants one does an about face, runs up to here and starts rolling around on the ground
    rolling 1d20
    = 3
    and successfully extinguishes itself
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    whoops, misclick
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    3 Your current light source (if any) loses a pip of fuel
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): goddammit
    third one keeps yapping at you
    Lemi Malloy: alrighty
    next book, go!
    at the yapper
    Wiwaxia (GM): the salamander guards try to catch the former firepants, but are not fast enough
    alright, roll to hit
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    rolling 1d6-2+1d4
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): 4 damage
    (protection doesn't help against elemental damage)
    rolling 1d20
    = 16
    ... also fails
    rolling 2d4
    = 3
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Note- dogs have an elemental weakness to fire
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, all three of the dogs are fleeing
    let's see how this is gonna work
    okay, i think all three of them can escape into side streets without you or the guards being able to stop them
    they are p damn fast
    Lemi Malloy: shit :/
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna secretly roll out the fire damage stuff
    see if they can extinguish themselves before they die
    Lemi Malloy: kk!
    salamander_guard: after them, salamanders! we need to catch them!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the salamanders sprint off at their top speed, which is somewhat slow, especially in their armor
    Lemi Malloy: I'm gonna captchalouge all my books and take after them too
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, how so?
    you're hm
    i think you're high enough up that you'll still take damage if you do a controlled drop
    you can try jumping between rooftops, but do try not miss
    Lemi Malloy: well
    ok, hardcore parkour!
    Wiwaxia (GM): hardkour
    alright, str checks for jumping, grace to tell where the doggies went
    Lemi Malloy: ok!
    rolling 1d20+9
    = 25
    rolling 1d20+10
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): nice
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi just
    stick to jumping and climbing
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm gonna let you keep that str roll for a bit for multiple jumps
    rather than rolling to failure
    Lemi Malloy: I love that strength is her worst stat, and yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, you can slow down to keep pace with the salamanders and hope that they're having better luck tracking, or try jumping around randomlu
    Lemi Malloy: .....
    I'll follow the salamanders
    if they get in trouble I wanna be there
    Wiwaxia (GM): they start winding up towards the arcades
    i forgot
    one of them is immune to fear
    Lemi Malloy: oh
    also if they're on fire isn't there smoke?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't see any smoke
    also a couple of the salamanders are gonna stay behind and engage no 3
    who is immune to fear
    Lemi Malloy: um nope full stop
    "I'll take care of this one!" Lemi says, trying to sound as badass as possible
    Wiwaxia (GM): and also has no self-preservation, so the success i rolled on it putting itself out doesn't matter
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    the guards form a pike wall in the street
    Lemi Malloy: fire, have u considered being burnier
    Wiwaxia (GM): barghest charges
    readied actions go
    rolling 2d20
    = 14
    both of those miss
    readied actions from the second rank
    rolling 2d20
    = 29
    Wiwaxia (GM): one hits
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    and dead
    Lemi Malloy: damn
    shit I can't get the grist
    ok I am gonna hardcore parkour towards the vague direction I think they're in
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm gonna mark the grist pile on the city map so you can double back and get it sometime maybe
    Lemi Malloy: thanks!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, why don't you move where you're looking
    also, this is why reach weapons are great
    Lemi Malloy: yeeaaaaahhhh
    Sera, lend me ur strength and also ur bow
    that way
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is the way the guards came from, before you go that way
    Lemi Malloy: ah
    that way
    Wiwaxia (GM): cutting across that broad roof, you actually manage to find and get ahead of the second barghest
    now on 1 hp
    Lemi Malloy: does it look like its gonna be able to extinguish itself?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's already out
    you've got probably one shot to hit it before it pulls away
    it's running through crowded streets full of screaming salamanders, but fortunately seems to be more interested in running than chowing down
    Lemi Malloy: I'm going to jump on it and try to grapple
    Wiwaxia (GM): might as well just try to kill it, only 1 hp, not much advantage to grappling
    Lemi Malloy: then I'll try and jump on it and hope I don't hit a salamander!
    Wiwaxia (GM): dex to hit, i think
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+12
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): you and whatever you hit take 1d6 damage
    Lemi Malloy: ...
    Wiwaxia (GM): you fail
    and hit the ground
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    took the damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a collective gasp from the crowd, and the barghest runs away
    several concerned salamanders rush over to you and help you up as soon as it's past
    Lemi Malloy: Is it possible for me to chase after it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean you can
    but you double-moving is only like 2/3rds of it double moving and it's all out sprinting
    Lemi Malloy: shit
    I apologize to the salamanders
    Wiwaxia (GM): the salamanders are having absolutely none of it
    several of them bundle you off to a street cafe nearby, gently but firmly sit you down, wave off all your protests and buy you tea and a bug cape
    one wraps a shawl around you
    there is a lot of glubbing
    Lemi Malloy: I glub back at them
    Wiwaxia (GM): and i think i'm about good to leave off there
    Lemi Malloy: yeah same I'm exhausted
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme tally up xp
    i don't blame you
    rolling 1+4+5+
    = 1
    rolling 1+4+3+4+3+1+4
    = 20
    total damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): so +400 xp
    did you add the +500 from earlier?
    Lemi Malloy: yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Lemi Malloy: ust added the new one too
    I'm at just over 12 000
    Wiwaxia (GM): sweet!
    only 4000 xp to your next level
    Lemi Malloy: yay!
    see ya next week?
    Wiwaxia (GM): at which point you start getting bonus attacks
    yep, should do!
    until then!
    Lemi Malloy: night!
  19. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo, was a bit slow getting on
    map map map map map
    Karrin Blue: Heyo
    what's up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): did an enormous amount of dishwashing and don't want to acknowledge that the kitchen exists, mostly
    Karrin Blue: oh dear
    whimsy: morning
    Karrin Blue: so how's life?
    also does anyone know a good reliable way to download youtube videos
    without watermarks or anything
    Wiwaxia (GM): i don't know one although i'm sure such means are out there
    also are you two willing to wait around a bit for bird?
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    whimsy: im still a bit woozy from actually falling asleep, but im not making the mistake of trying to alleviate that via dozing
    instead im sitting up and got the lights on ::D
    and i finished going through all the class materials for the exam on august 5th today and everything else is just rehearsing
    Karrin Blue: what exam>
    whimsy: computer science in a contemporary socio-cultural context
    iis the best translation i can come up with
    Karrin Blue: ...alright
    whimsy: it couldve been a very interesting subject! but in effect, its a trivia learn-by-heart exam without any actual context and more acronyms and which law passed when
    Karrin Blue: :/
    whimsy: yeah ::/
    but its a mandatory class ==_=="
    the adhd meds did wonders already though, if i compare this semester to when i last attempted this class
    aka i can actually remember some of this stuff
    Wiwaxia (GM): bluh bluh, well, no bird yet and my mapping is being stymied so are you up to just start
    whimsy: start yes just not with ilma ::D
    unless you want losas to end up made out of cheese wedges
    Wiwaxia (GM): three of them?
    Karrin Blue: well I'm already pretty ahead on the timeline
    Wiwaxia (GM): hm, yeah
    Bird: Bluh bluh
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hey it's a bird!
    did you get your spoilers pm?
    Karrin Blue: hibird!
    spoilers pm?
    bird has access to spoilers?
    whimsy: hi bird ::D
    Karrin Blue: gasp
    Wiwaxia (GM): tiiiiiiiiiiime
    whimsy: shenanigans.jpg
    Karrin Blue: :))))
    Bird: I did! Haaavent read it yet, i literally just woke up
    ....uh oh.
    Karrin Blue: D:
    Bird: Well that sure is a thing i have to achieve
    Karrin Blue: D:
    Wiwaxia (GM): eeeeeeehehehe
    Bird: :psyduck:
    Karrin Blue: http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net...syduck.gif/revision/latest?cb=20070420152052?
    Bird: Arigatou
    Karrin Blue: YOU CAN DO IT
    Bird: Uh well. If no one else wants to go, should we get started on these shenanigans?

    Karrin Blue is probably just gonna observe and offer commentary
    Bird: This might escalate quickly
    Karrin Blue: ahahaha wow that's a good sign
    Bird: How do i even begin to achieve this....
    Karrin Blue: is leonryou going to come into existence
    Bird: Definitely a possibility
    Karrin Blue: consider applying duct tape and wd40 to the problem
    Bird: Hold on im gonna grab tea and wake up properly first
    Karrin Blue: tea is deeply important
    Bird: alrighty here we go
    you'll note i'm also being vague
    because i want you guys to figure out what i'm doing while i'm doing it
    Karrin Blue: i noticed!
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaaaalright
    sorry, my attempts a making like
    a good world map
    for loram are proceeding poorly
    Bird: that is OK
    alright what was the last thing i did. did i rest? my hp is looking a lil dire
    Wiwaxia (GM): last thing you did was run home from onryou imps
    Bird: oh yeah
    speaking of them, is onryousprite around?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes it is
    Bird: hi onryousprite
    ah shit
    Wiwaxia (GM): [horror movie gifs]
    Leon Gaspar: ahem
    as we were!
    well it's nice to see a friendly (?) face
    i'd better cook something, i'm real hungry. again.
    well i've had breakfast already so let's do lunch. sandwiches!
    Wiwaxia (GM): i found a nice random ingredients generator, finally
    onion, button mushrooms, lima beans, egg, and beef.
    Karrin Blue: woo woo
    Leon Gaspar: when you say beef are we talking steak, ground beef ... some other type of beef ... ?
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's say ground beef
    Leon Gaspar: alright let's chop up the onion and button mushrooms and chuck 'em in a skillet w/ the beef. this is going to be some stir-fry thing
    (i actually lucked out with the ingredients here)
    Karrin Blue: i've heard of people putting eggs in sandwiches but idk if it'd be good with those ingredients
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm gonna record what's in your fridge, btw
    you are gonna wanna think about how to get more ingredients sometime
    Leon Gaspar: yyyep
    i'm gonna leave the egg where it is in case i want it later
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's lets say 1+4
    Leon Gaspar: omg
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can control your fridge to look in it now too
    Leon Gaspar: neat!
    alright shall we get this thing going?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayep
    Karrin Blue: :3
    (immediately a dead leon drops out of nowhere)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that sounds delicious so you get a +1 to hp
    actually let's make that +2
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 2d6 + 2
    = 6
    an auspicious start to the day /s
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also take a quick nap for another 1d6
    Leon Gaspar: yeah look i've been doin a bunch of running, that sounds good. lllllets crash
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    ahh much better.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you sleep for 35 minutes, which is getting you caught up
    myrtha's still ahead a bit, but you're almost even with lemi now
    whimsy: (how far is ilma behind? i imagine all that running about she did last session took a while)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it did, but she's still about an hour behind
    whimsy: (kk)
    Leon Gaspar: woo!
    now that i'm well rested, i should probably take a closer look at that conspicuous note that was taped to the fridge, right?
    whimsy: is that thing rattling
    be careful, i think theres a grue inside there D::
    Wiwaxia (GM): psssh
    whimsy: wi, im the mage, its my job to know things ::P
    Leon Gaspar: hmm
    LEON: well that sure is a thing I have to achieve
    whimsy: your fridge might be possessed
    Leon Gaspar: hm
    whimsy: ghosts of leons past
    Karrin Blue: as the resident witch i agree
    grues are a serious threat
    Leon Gaspar: iiiii am gonna go check out my first gate
    whimsy: (i love this session)
    Leon Gaspar: just how high is it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it continues to be about 15m up
    Leon Gaspar: listen, it's been a long time
    whimsy: oh come on, that was the perfect time to say "it continues to be OFF THE CHARTS"
    Leon Gaspar: i squint up at it
    Wiwaxia (GM): shit, you're right
    Leon Gaspar: then i check if anyone's online
    Wiwaxia (GM): you know i should record all the heights up of various gates in the thread
    gonna go do that
    whimsy: ilma is probably online ::D
    Karrin Blue: probably myrtha is?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep and yep
    and lemi
    Karrin Blue: :3
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hey guys i need some advice
    NI: i gotta get through my first gate
    NI: but i am uh
    Karrin Blue: (is myrtha through hers yet)
    Leon Gaspar: NI: distinctly lacking in a server player
    NI: i need to somehow get 15m up in the air
    Karrin Blue: CO: Are you going to go look for Sera?
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: No, wait, wrong gate
    CO: Hm.
    whimsy: BI: two words: rocket backpack
    Wiwaxia (GM): (no, going to talk to sirens
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i mean ... eventually. i'm gonna have to.
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: ...rocket backpack would be great. But likely to burn your legs off?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: but there's something i gotta do first
    NI: ok ilma where do i get one
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Hm. Could you alchemize some kind of ladder?
    CO: Like a tall one.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hrm
    whimsy: BI: create a metric shitton of generic obects and stack them
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: That'd take a while though.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ...
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: They're like a foot cubed right
    Leon Gaspar: NI: THAT'S your problem with that plan?
    whimsy: BI: i was about to say
    BI: if theres one thing leon has, its time
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: You could make them into a step-pyramid or something
    Leon Gaspar: NI: there might be a ladder in the garage? i wonder how i'd make it bigger though
    whimsy: BI: just wiggle the gears a little
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: That doesn't seem right
    whimsy: BI: duplicate ladders, make ladder pyramid
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ... hm
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO; pretty sure that's not what you do with ladders
    Leon Gaspar: NI: a house of cards, but ladders
    whimsy: BI: im fairly certain thats exactly what you do with ladders! :D
    BI: just duct tape them together just in case
    Leon Gaspar: (physics question: if i throw something into the gate does it come back out this side or does it fall out that side?)
    (i'm thinking something like lemi's rope, if i weighted one end and threw it into the gate would it stay there?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (what if you got a really long stick and poked it through a gate. does it poke what's on the other side)
    Leon Gaspar: (exactly!)
    (asking the important questions)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yeah that could work!)
    Leon Gaspar: (where's moss, this sounds like a moss question)
    whimsy: try a lasso
    Wiwaxia (GM): the gate teleports things wholesale, rather than acting as a portal
    like with lemi the whole bedsheet chain came with her rather than staying anchored
    also afk for a minute my mouse died and i need to rebattery it
    Leon Gaspar: ahhh
    (that's annoying :/ needa rethink this)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (so you just need to get up there, right? a ladder could still work)
    Leon Gaspar: (gotta have something to slow my fall on the other side)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (oh yeah. well i landed ok in the future...)
    Leon Gaspar: (oh you did? that's promising)
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah i think the first portals open close to the ground
    since they spawn on the land
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: (ok phew sweet)
    Myrtha Oscurr: there'd be no way to put a cushion there ahead of time
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one you need to worry about going through is the second gate on the land
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ladder pyramid it is i guess
    NI: brb gonna check if there's even one here
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: You probably won't need too many to get up to your first gate
    Leon Gaspar: i check the garage for ladders
    Wiwaxia (GM): don't need to roll for that, of course there's ladders in the janitor closet
    both stepladders and an extension ladder
    Leon Gaspar: ohhhhhhh sweet
    how tall is the extension ladder?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 7 m
    Leon Gaspar: aaand the stepladders?
    there's also the part where i need something to lean it against
    wait what if
    whimsy: what is it with ladders that cant stand on their own
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh i was thinking of one of those triangle ladders
    Leon Gaspar: stepladder && extension ladder
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: BTW do either of you know anything about magic phone line repair
    Leon Gaspar: NI: uhhhhh ... duct tape?
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: ...possibly.
    Wiwaxia (GM): oop sorry, was editing gate heights into the first post in the thread
    Leon Gaspar: np!
    Wiwaxia (GM): stepladder is like
    a meter
    Leon Gaspar: stepladder && extension ladder!
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3 aluminum grist
    Leon Gaspar: ....doooo we have that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, or it would be ??? grist
    Leon Gaspar: i mean do we have three of it :P
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, ilmatar's got like 250 from the harpy she fought
    Leon Gaspar: aw sweet alright let's make one
    Wiwaxia (GM): it makes a telescoping triangular stepladder
    right triangle, btw
    and there's a telescoping cross-brace between the ladder side and the support side
    Leon Gaspar: hell yeah
    still 7m tall?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: i make another one
    i actually have a roll of what i assume is duct tape in my inventory so that's handy
    Wiwaxia (GM): no it's scotch tape :v
    (i kid i'm not gonna be that mean)
    Leon Gaspar: basically i'mma extend them as far as they go, put them next to each other, sandwich the regular extension ladder between them and point it straight up at the portal
    it's gonna look like a shitty eiffel tower
    but it should be stable enough to get me up there.... hopefully
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme think what you need to roll
    let's say grace for the "prayers" part of duct tape and prayers
    Leon Gaspar: im laughing
    ok how do i roll that
    Wiwaxia (GM): d20+your entire grace score
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+15
    = 25
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is a success!
    Leon Gaspar: phew, after last time i was really worried about a nat 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are now 1m short of the gate
    Leon Gaspar: i'm gonna do something real dumb and attempt to climb past where it's safe
    if i can just....touch it ....
    whimsy: chants: jump jump jump jump
    Myrtha Oscurr: you're taller than a meter right...
    Leon Gaspar: that's what i'm thinking
    also: the last time i listened to the ghosts of my friends whispering in my ear i nearly got mauled by like 20 imps >:C
    i mean i'm still gonna try to awkwardly balance on the second-top rung and stretch up as high as i can
    ...more prayers required?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, i think this is dex
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+13
    = 24
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is a narrow success
    you fall, but as you do, you manage to graze the gate
    Leon Gaspar: ...which gets me onto the other side? =D
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can hear the ladderfel tower toppling in the split second before you fall facedown on asphalt
    Leon Gaspar: augh!!!
    NI: OW
    NI: nailed it
    whimsy: BI: booyeah :D
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Oh no + Good
    Leon Gaspar: I sit up and look around
    and contemplate my predicament
    and how exactly to achieve
    *achieve it
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaaaaaand this is the bit i need a map for
    Leon Gaspar: hrm
    there's an obvious way, but it's a little....
    (hey, lemi hasn't started ectobiology yet, has she? asking for a friend)
    Myrtha Oscurr: no i don't think so
    Wiwaxia (GM): no she has not
    Leon Gaspar: (i mean she's not here so it's moot and also it would be wildly out of character so :v)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (someday you're gonna need to tell us what this plan would be)
    (make a note so you do not forget)
    Leon Gaspar: (:psyduck: how do i even)
    well there's one way to do it i guess
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok you're gonna need to fill a meter-cubed crate with coffee grounds)
    (just to start things off)
    Leon Gaspar: (i want it to be a surprise and yet. i am stuck)
    alright ww, what can i see?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...this is a predicament indeed
    Wiwaxia (GM): uhhhh
    i will get back to you
    on that
    Leon Gaspar: roger
    Wiwaxia (GM): next time
    Leon Gaspar: i'll keep brainstorming until then
    Myrtha Oscurr: (:V)
    look it's pacman
  20. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Wiwaxia (GM): whimsy, you good to go?
    whimsy: yeah
    sorry, was a little bit afk
    Wiwaxia (GM): nae worries
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i think ima trigger the two fountains and see if the basin can overflow
    and in the meantime, lug around some more water in my captchalogued and waterlogged bag and pour water into the keyho-- wait
    what shape is the keyhole
    (that up there: my actual train of thought)
    Wiwaxia (GM): perfectly square and a long way down
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does the looking glass fit into it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, yes it does
    Ilmatar Nordwind: whoda thunk ::D
    well now this is the obvious way to go
    but honestly, going the obvious way first is boring and you run the danger of missing something!
    so im going to try and flood the basin first
    and flood the two other mist pillars as well
    and then scamper up somewhere with a view, and check if i can see something interesting out in the sea of storms with my special looking glass!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, in that order?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
    so, turn on the fountains, fill the bag with water, disable the two mist pillars, and then probably stick with the rightmost one because i can scamper up there and i gotta go there anyways
    Wiwaxia (GM): as the basin starts to fill with water the mist pillar over it disappears
    gonna wait for it to overflow?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nah
    why wait if i can do other stuff in the meantime ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay lesse
    Ilmatar Nordwind: also, i definitely need one of those boats from treasure planet
    Myrtha Oscurr: everyone does.
    Wiwaxia (GM): are you still on the pedestal?
    as the central pool fills to halfway, the hole in the mist reappears over the other pedestal
    Ilmatar Nordwind: back to a hole in the mist from the mist covering?
    (btw i also bring water to that one in case my wording wasnt clear)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, i got that
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the one my icon is on is the last one im going to, bc i think its got a good vantage point
    kk, ust bc of the colours
    Wiwaxia (GM): when you pour water into that one
    the mist column disappears but doesn't make a hole
    instead you get a brief but energetic explosion of mist from the keyhole
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ahahahahahah
    shoulda seen that coming
    Wiwaxia (GM): when you fill this one, the mist column above it disappears
    the column appears above the central pool again, then immediately disappears as it continues filling
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well thats what i got the fountains running for
    now since ive got that done, do i see anything interesting moving or static beyond my pretty island here, through the looking glass?
    and, also, if i look straight up into the sky, what do i see? and if i look around, can i see anything else interesting? planets, skaia...?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes and yes!
    looking up
    you can't see the planets looking through the windy way
    the medium is full of stirring air and winds in all directions
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooooh
    Wiwaxia (GM): skaia is very noticeable, though
    a roiling sphere of the Breeze picking out the moebius net around the Battlefield in negative space
    Ilmatar Nordwind: .... can i take pictures through the looking glass
    like, put looking glass in front of camera, take picture
    Wiwaxia (GM): technically yes, it works for the camera too
    but works about as well in practice as you would expect from trying to take a through a telescope pressed to the lens
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naw
    Wiwaxia (GM): *take a picture
    Ilmatar Nordwind: but interesting nonetheless ::D
    i shall need to combine this device with a camera to create something alike the omniculars from the 4th harry potter book
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes do
    Ilmatar Nordwind: speaking of, gonna note down the code on the backside of the card
    because i dont know whether i get to keep the looking glass after ive used it in the keyhole
    if yes, then no harm done, if no, then i shall have the means to recreate it
    hm, since skaia is above my house, can i see my house from here, or the shard its on?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no i don't think so, you can see through the horizon, but you'll have trouble seeing something that relatively small in negative space stillness
    Ilmatar Nordwind: but hey, at least i know in which direction my house is ::D
    can i see anything interesting around the shard sticking out of the sea of storms? or any interestingly shaped currents in the sea?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes, quite a few
    there's what looks worryingly like a supercell storm somewhere on the other side of the planet
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh dear
    does ilma even know what that is? those are kind of not a regular thing hereabouts
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh huh
    int check?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1D20+13
    = 17
    like, i know what a supercell storm is because i like looking shit up on wikipedia and storm pictures are hella
    but def not a regular occurrence here
    (also, oh hey arc numbers, just not ours)
    Wiwaxia (GM): close failure, actually, so you know what a supercell storm is, but don't know enough about the wind circulation to recognize it from that
    Ilmatar Nordwind: so, filed under "weird and strong winds over there, need to check later with better gear" ::D
    BI: oh
    BI: oh dear
    BI: there's some awfully strong and odd wind patterns over on the other side of this land
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Oh?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: like a whirlwind, but fraying at the edges? and huge
    Myrtha Oscurr: CO: Well that doesn't sound good
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does it move?
    Wiwaxia (GM): depends on how long you're staring at it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmhm
    Myrtha Oscurr: (OK i gotta go to bed)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: so not fast
    Myrtha Oscurr: (gnight guys!0
    Ilmatar Nordwind: n8
    Myrtha Oscurr: for a second i thought you said 'not so fast'
    and was going to reply 'well i have to get up in about eight hours so...'
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheheh
    Myrtha Oscurr: :)
    k have fun!
    try to avoid death!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: have a good sleep ^^_^^
    anything else interesting?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's wind below you
    quite a bit of it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh
    Wiwaxia (GM): and a lot of wind below the horizon that doesn't look far enough away to be on the other side of the planet
    Ilmatar Nordwind: quite the windy place this is here :D
    does the keyhole still belch mist?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah it stopped fairly quickly
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then i think im gonna trek over there and put the looking glass in
    (unless there's something still and interesting to see)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you stick it in
    there's a massive rumbling below you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does the island sink
    Wiwaxia (GM): no
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    Wiwaxia (GM): a massive version of the bismuth spyglass starts rising out of
    that pedestal
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can you ping again? that sorta got lost
    yeah, that was bc your orange is v close to that colour
    does it disappear if i remove my own spyglass
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: boo
    well, at least ive got the code
    Wiwaxia (GM): it may in fact be the same spyglass altering scale
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh
    what happens if i look through the spyglass in my pedestal?
    (ahahahha is that how the butterflies got so huge) (flew into the tiny hole and came out FUCKOFF HUGE)
    Wiwaxia (GM): well which side did you put in down
    Ilmatar Nordwind: you know what, ima try both ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): same as before, but magnified
    with the windy side you can see the winds tracing out the edge of a bubble
    beyond which is
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooooooh
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's movement out there
    but its
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oooooooooooooooooh
    such a shame that none of the others are still left
    because i am so hyped
    i think its the horrorterrors ^^_^^
    oh, oh, does ilma know morse
    Wiwaxia (GM): iiiiint check
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and, what happens if i shine the flashlight into the looking glass
    rolling 1D20+13
    = 32
    yeah that looks like
    Wiwaxia (GM): thaaaat is a crit
    yes you absolutely know morse
    and let's say one other related kind of signalling
    like semaphore or whatever
    your call
    you should probably record these
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (of course ilma can morse. why am i surprised.) (background: ilmas transformerversion, tempest dive, communicates via morse if shes not communicate via pictures)
    ima pick something over the course of next week, k?
    so, what happens if i shine the torch into the looking glass?
    Wiwaxia (GM): motherfucking searchlight
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BOOYEAH
    i morse a "hello" into the void
    (i love this character so fucking much)
    .... . .-.. .-.. ---
    Wiwaxia (GM): can i get a grace check for ~shenanigans~
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20+10
    = 12
    uh oh ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naw
    on the other hand, i have been running about for a while!
    so let's take a break and look into the sky some more, i guess
    Wiwaxia (GM): actually would you mind finishing up here
    i'm starting to wind down
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sure thing ::D
    have a good sleep ^^_^^
    should i pick another code that ilma understands over the week, or do we just keep that in mind and should one come up i can just go "yeah ilma speaks this btw"
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah you can do the second, just remember that you've got it!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i noted it on the character sheet ::D
    (also im redoing ilmas avatar, she's far too light-skinned in hindsight)
    n8 then ^^_^^
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