Would I be an asshole for taking back my property?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by michinyo, May 14, 2019.

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    So here's the lowdown
    I started a pay to own for a nice laptop back in fall of 2017 and I paid it off by about fall/winter of 2018, and I spent over $1000 overall for this laptop. Shortly after it was paid off, my cool roommate Steven built himself a new desktop and gave me his old one so I can play more games and have better streams. Also, shitty roommate, Matt, broke his own laptop.

    Me, trying to be nice and helpful, offer my laptop to Matt to use for the time being, until he can get a new one. This being that he was still looking for work (despite living here for 4 months and not paying any bills and not really trying to find work) and I knew a laptop would help. Besides, I have a desktop now, and I don't think I'll need a laptop for note taking at school (LOL I was wrong but that's beside the point)

    Well, shit went down in March because of shitty Matt and other shitty roommate Elliot being really shitty people. So I wanted my laptop back because those two squandered the goodwill that Steven and I had and I was done with doing them favors if they were just gonna shit on me. I learned that Matt had been keeping my laptop in Elliot's room, which I went into when they were gone to take it back.
    I know that going into someone's room without permission isn't cool, but I was willing to do that then deal with the confrontation of trying to take back my property.

    Either way, Matt gets mad cause he considers it HIS laptop. Excuse me? I said he could USE it, not KEEP it. WE NEVER ONCE MADE AN AGREEMENT ON THAT.
    I loaned it to Steven's mom to use for bookkeeping stuff, but then Matt ambushes Steven one evening asking when he'll get HIS laptop back. Steven says he'll get it back, and not gonna lie, I'm pretty peeved Steven made that decision without talking to me first.

    Matt got my laptop back from Steven, and Steven got me a decent laptop off craigslist to compensate. I appreciate what he's done, but I'm still really mad about the entitlement Matt has about something that has never been his. Not to mention, he uses all our stuff and never cleans up, and is also vague posting about us and then also is saying we're trying to screw them over by planning to move out when they KNEW we were going to since early March.

    So, I kinda want to be a shit. Since we're going to be packing and moving by end of May/early June, right before we leave for good, I want to go and take my laptop back to take to our new place. I know I already have another laptop, but it's the principle of the matter. The warranty is still in my name, and I can show the pay to own agreement in my name on my account, and there is no written agreement or any indication of an agreement that he could keep the laptop between the two of us.

    Besides, our friend living with us soon doesn't have a computer, and then she can have one to use so I don't have to take a laptop from her whenever I need to go to class.

    All in all, would I be a shitty person for doing this? Do you think I could get in trouble with the police?
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    It's your laptop in your name. Any judge will look at that and tell him to give it back or pay for the value. Honestly? If it were me I would take him to small claims court. Get back your laptop, and any monetary compensation for damages he might have done to the apartment and the back due rent owed. Like seriously, guy's a fucker, let a judge sort it out.
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  3. NevermorePoe

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    yea, tell him to give it back. If he refuses, take him to small claims court.
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