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    Having shot a revolver, they have less kick than a semi-auto pistol but he's going to need braces if potential fragility is an issue. You're setting off a small explosion repeatedly to throw a metal ball several hundred feet away--that can do damage to your wrists if you aren't trained right or if you're already at risk for breakages.

    If you're worried about snapping a bone from holding a sword wrong, you'll need to consider how poor firing posture is going to hurt your elves--broken shoulders, broken collarbones, broken wrists, broken elbows, ligament damage in general, and there's always "I was a dumbass and didn't brace properly so the gun popped back when I fired and I possibly broke my own face" option, which happens very infrequently but is still a risk.

    edit: Also, extending the barrel could help mitigate that some, so if you're deadset on revolvers, they need to be long revolvers, probably not something you could hide easily.
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  2. Exohedron

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  3. ChelG

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    This particular guy isn't a pure-blooded elf, so he could have human bone structure; just wondering if I should make a point of that. If he didn't, then a very light long-barrelled gun might work but he'd have to wield it two-handed and he'd probably be in trouble in a shootout where he didn't have time to correct his stance and so on. I think I did make a point already that he can't fly or use magic, so yeah, I think I'll go with that. He uses guns because a bow isn't very practical in a Victorian-style city; the woodland elves still use bows. (The guns are stolen and so is his ammo supply, so paying for them isn't an issue.)
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  4. Technicality

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    HEY so at 2 AM i realized that i could turn one of my recurring nightmares into an interesting story, it basically goes as follows and i'd love people's opinions on it!
    so basically, there's this character who needs money. so they go into this place to do a clinical trial of a drug that's supposed to enhance your ability to look ahead...possibly to the point of precognition. so he goes and takes it, but nothing happens. they say "oh well, here, have some money." and he goes and lives a happy life until something apocalyptic happens.

    and he dies to this apocalyptic thing

    but then wakes up...his whole life after he took the drug was just a precognitive vision

    and so he has to use the fact that he knows the end of the world is coming to try and stop it

    that's basically it
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  5. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    Well, I just had an idea for an isekai story that I might legitimately need to start writing.

    The main character is a pharmacist/drug dealer of the small town variety, who gets taken to/reincarnated in a fantasy world. Almost immediately, they start learning what they need to set up business again there... not just to make money, but also because they see rampant untreated depression, ADHD, and other illnesses of various sorts (normal diseases and things as well, but mostly mental) and, by god, they're not going to stand for that. So they start cooking up fantasy drugs of all kinds (fantasy meth surely won't be as explosive as normal meth, right? after all, most ADHD meds are amphetamines of one kind or another...) in an attempt to save the world... and make money on the side.

    Featuring medicine, possible underworld scumminess, a disreputable hero with a heart that's at least gold-plated, and all the other fun that cheesy isekai can produce!

    EDIT: I think I'm committed to this. Anyone know of good places for laypeople to research pharmacology stuff without suuuper breaking the law or anything? I know more about the effects than the "making of" process.
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  6. palindromordnilap

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    I'd say probably don't put actual instructions in there, for legal liability reasons.
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  7. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    Oh, yeah, and certainly not for anything real. Like, fantasy setting means finding fantasy plants and stuff. But I don't know much about the various processes that are used, regardless of what they're used for, and I think that knowing that to some degree is important even if I don't put many details into the story. Better than just making shit up entirely, at least.
  8. Silver Sheep


    Okay, so I stuck "meth" into wikipedia, and they've got a decent Synthesis paragraph. It's a big chunk of chemistry jargon words, but half of them are links, so...

    I'd suggest looking up a basic chemistry glossary, and maybe finding videos of, like, titration and distillation and shit so you know what the procedure involves. I don't think it matters that the character's doing the correct steps so much as the steps themselves are being done correctly, if that makes sense.

    Like, should this involve distilling something? Who knows! Fantasy plants with fantasy chemicals, so maybe. Will the character "leave the preparation to distill overnight"? Hell the fuck no! It involves a flame, which must not be left unattended. But if they're precipitating something out of solution, that they might leave overnight, because that can take a while.

    Other thing to remember is that if you're doing chemistry you need good-quality glass, it's really not something you can work around, and in a low-tech world that's going to be expensive.
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  9. Helen of Boy

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    Thank you so much! I'd looked at a few of those things for sure, and that's basically what I want to do with telling the story. The precise details don't matter as much as the details that are there being right. I've also been trying to think up an interesting setting for the story itself, because I don't want to just use the fantasy setting I've already crafted for something else aaand I feel like a lot of isekai stories die by not having the new setting be developed or interesting. But, yeah, thank you so much!
  10. unknownanonymous

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  11. unknownanonymous

    unknownanonymous i am inimitable, i am an original|18+

    posted another temple fic

    there for you - temple/loco, sfw, fluffy, angsty, au, hurt/comfort (emotional hurt, not physical, btw)
  12. BaseDeltaZero

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    Dang... I was gonna post a WIP, but you can't actually submit text files...
  13. unknownanonymous

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    you can make your wip into a doc on google drive, turn on link sharing and post the link here.
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  14. unknownanonymous

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  15. BaseDeltaZero

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  16. gemini28

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    I've been working on a twine game, but I've run into a spot of trouble that I'm not tecchy enough to understand. If anyone here has experience with twine (or, ig programming) i would love some help because i wanna keep writing this stuff
  17. Athol Magarac

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    I think it would be funny to rip the "wrong" meth recipe directly from Breaking Bad.

    But researching should be fine if you don't own any equipment and can hand them a rough draft of your novel when they break down your door. You don't have any ADHD meds around, right? None of the good cold medicine or a record of you buying any recently?

    "This is ridiculous. It might be easier to buy some meth and try to turn it back into cold medicine."
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  18. Helen of Boy

    Helen of Boy Hugcrafter Pursuivant

    This is part of my concern, yeah. Hopefully the mention of writing in my google searches will save me...
  19. Athol Magarac

    Athol Magarac I prefer reading posts without a lot of topics.

    I was just reading a bit of an old story I wrote... It wasn't meant to be good in the first place, but I kinda want it MST'd.

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  20. Gyro Zeppeli

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    So, I've written my first actual fic! Probably not too comprehensible to people that aren't already into Warhammer and Vermintide, but here it is -


    Medieval fantasy setting, whole world is falling apart and evil ratmen are destroying civilization. Markus Kruber is a human soldier whose family died and he hit the bottle hard while trying to stop the ratmen from destroying civilization. Kerillian is a wood elf that left her forest bc she witnessed some ceremony she wasn't supposed to see.
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