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    I have an idea for a pod cast? It's a portal fantasy where an android is accidentally summoned by a sorcerer. (A sorcerer of the Dark Lord persuasion.) The sorcerer thought he was summoning a demon. The android was decidedly not, and the sorcerer was not able to control them. I have a little written already. It's going to be second person. I will probably post the episodes on the Patreon. (I was able to download audacity. Hopefully I can figure it out.)
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    OtherCat a being of mysterious happenstance

    I've written out the first episode, and was working on the second. I plan on making the episodes pretty short because I am going to be reading them. And ahahahah I can't read very long. The set up for the first episode is that the android is relating how they ended up in a portal fantasy to the Dark Lord's kid (who is not the Dark Lord's Beautiful Daughter.) The kid has been visiting the robot since they were six or seven years old, sneaking away from various nurses and governesses. I've had this idea for a while, so we'll see how this goes. I also kind of want to distribute it??

    A small annoyance: My current headset is not working very well anymore.
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    OtherCat a being of mysterious happenstance

    So, a story idea I mentioned in an early post has finally gotten rolling. The story is about a Necromancer/wizard/immortal who agrees to an arranged marriage with a princess. Unfortunately, the princess really, really doesn't want to marry the Necromancer, so her twin brother impersonates her and tries to assassinate the Necromancer on his wedding night. This...goes poorly.

    The title is Lord of the Black Mountain and the first chapter is here.
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    OtherCat a being of mysterious happenstance

    I have in general been working on prompts off and on. And poking at my various fan fic wips. I have some problems with executive function? So it's hard to get the energy to actually do the writing. There have been improvements, but 2020 and 2021 were disasters because pandemic. (Things are still a disaster because pandemic.) I am hoping to pick up on working on prompts and also my wip, Lord of the Black Mountain.
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    Beginning of chapter two of Lord of the Black Mountain. TFW you aren't sure if minor character is jumping to believable if hysterical conclusions. In a believable way.​

    Lord Daran Simuir, the envoy from Sewen did not look like he'd had a good night. His clothes were rumpled and his brown fox eyes were tired and bloodshot. He and the other members of the prince's escort had spent the night confined to their quarters and subjected to an extended interrogation. As a result, he looked exhausted. Despite that exhaustion, he rose to his feet with a bow when Joris and Soxa were let into the parlor of his suite. "Lord Warden, Lady Archon," he said politely. "Please forgive my appearance, last night was long and stressful."

    "It was indeed a long and stressful night," Soxa says. She holds out two envelopes. "The Great Assembly will be convening to discuss the actions of your prince. We will be demanding reparations."

    Lord Simuir, looking pale and sick, took the letters. "Lady Archon, I will deliver these letters to the king myself. My king will do his utmost to preserve this alliance despite this grievous assault. I ask only that we be allowed to take the prince's remains back to Sewen."

    "Remains?" Soxa asks with blank confusion.

    The Sewen noble looked even more ill, and he casts an uneasy, disturbed glance toward Joris. He swallows. "There aren't even remains?" he asks in a stricken voice.

    "There are no remains because the prince is not dead," Joris says. "Who told you the prince had died?"

    Lord Simuir blinks, clearly confused, but the confusion shifts to a more hopeful expression. "The prince is alive?" he asks. "I--we assumed that the prince died as a result of his assault on your lordship's person."

    "I was able to disarm and subdue him without major injury. At most he received a few bruises during the scuffle," Joris says. "He's currently confined to quarters until he's calmed himself." In an unthinking afterthought, he adds, "it's not as if the prince was formidable enough to use lethal force."

    Lord Simuir blinks at that, nonplussed. "Thank you for your restraint," he says. "When we were awakened in the night we assumed the worse."

    "My apologies that the sequence of events wasn't clarified for you," Soxa says. "The Lord Warden and the Assembly wish to maintain friendly relations with your king because we have an enemy in common and because we have had friendly relations with your people for centuries. We will however need to renegotiate both the marriage contract and the terms of our alliance."

    Lord Simuir looks even more out of his depth. "Renegotiate the marriage contract? I'm not sure I understand your meaning, Lady Archon." His tone is questioning.

    "Your side asked for a marriage alliance," Joris interjects. "Your prince signed his sister's name. For the sake of courtesy do we pretend he's a proxy and make a simple exchange, or do the bows I made with your prince before my ancestors constitute a valid marriage?"

    "There is also an issue of consent," Soxa says. "When the marriage was first negotiated it was believed that the princess had agreed to the marriage. That she conspired with her brother to kill her husband indicates that she was not a willing participant in this marriage."

    "Lord Warden, Lady Archon," Simuir says, his tone careful and still confused. "Am I to understand that the renegotiation of the alliance hinges not upon whether there will still be an alliance but rather on whom you are married to?"

    "Archon Pyr probably wishes it was the former, but yes exactly," Joris says. "For the time being, Prince Caris will be treated with all the courtesy due my spouse. Once a decision is reached and renegotiations and reparations are made we can proceed from there."

    "You would consider marriage to another man to be a valid marriage?" Simuir asks. "A man who attempted to assassinate you?"

    "Prince Caris was attempting to protect his sister," Joris says. "He believed I was a danger to her, and I can respect such filial devotion. I am looking upon this situation as an opportunity to correct whatever misconceptions the prince has about my character that led him to make such a desperate move. I am willing to proceed with this marriage alliance in good faith despite the actions of your prince."

    "That's an unusual position to take," Simuir says dubiously. "Marriage alliances are for the creation of blood ties between allies via heirs. With all due respect, another man cannot provide you with an heir."
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    OtherCat a being of mysterious happenstance

    Writer, writer, Madame Yu can't be a Dowager anything as Jiang Fengmian is still alive in this fic, and SHE IS NOT A WIDOW.
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    OtherCat a being of mysterious happenstance

    I have Thirteen followers on Lord of the Black Mountain! I need to work on the next chapter(s)! I have been having to go to multiple appointments!
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