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Discussion in 'Fan Town' started by Raire, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Raire

    Raire Turquoise Helicoid

    For all the stuckies in here, I know a bunch of us love doing the classpect thing - from quizzes, to talking about it, to picking the one that feels right. So, I figured it would be fun if we all share our classpects :)

    I'll start by saying... I am not sure at all about mine, but these are the facts:
    1. Everybody else I have talked to has pegged me as a Sylph or Witch
    2. I'm also independently fairly certain I am a Sylph or Witch
    3. The Aspects others associate with me are: Blood, Heart, Hope, Breath
    4. I associate myself with: Blood, Hope, Mind, Life
    I think that the best options are Witch of Blood or Sylph of Hope. so far.

    So, what is your classpect?

    [Edit] ooh wait maybe this should go in It's Galley's Turn?
    [Edit 2] Woops there already exists a classpect thread ignore this one
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