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  1. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    I had an interesting dream this morning. Interesting in the sense that it was about my own mental health. Also, it is long. Sorry!
    The first thing I remember was I was driving. The roads were snowy and I was having trouble concentrating. So, when I was coming up on turns, my brain would just kinda drift and not pay attention, then I would end up going too fast and my car would end up sliding too much and I'd miss my lane. There weren't many cars on the road, so no accidents, but I just kept on turning and readjusting in this one intersection until I decided. Nope. I need to go home, so I went with one of the lanes I did manage to successfully get into(not my original intended one) and started home. My brain was still such a distracted flaky mess that I had to concentrate to make sure I was in the correct lane for the direction I was going(actually had it right in this case).

    As I was driving down this road, which circled around this frozen pond, I realized that I wasn't safe enough to drive on this kind of road, so I parked my car in the first little side pocket I could find and walked home(it apparently wasn't far). And as I was walking around this circled road, I was still flaky-brained and ended up falling on to the frozen pond. I carefully made my way to a side of the pond that I could grab onto the road railings and climb out. When I stood up, the ice started breaking under my feet and I kinda started sinking. I recall seeing that there was a little warning sign that said "DON'T BREAK THE ICE. IF BROKEN THE POND WILL TURN INTO THIS" and it had a very cliche little pond picture(as seen in the summer or something) with the cattails and a duck. Anyways, I pulled myself out using my upper body strength(hahaha I don't have any, but it was nice of the dream to give me some). So I continued walking home with my legs freezing and wet.

    I ended up going through a mall or something. The first person I met stopped me and gave me some candy, which I was initially annoyed at, but then I was appreciative. And then I was walking in lanes(like car lanes, but walking?) and my brain went flaky on me again and I ended up in a lane I didn't want again. I was so frustrated that I was like "fuck it. I will drive down this stupid road. I am sick and tired of always turning around". And some how transitioned into driving again!

    It was more like a highway, and I remember going too fast(brain-flake). Then I was getting really frustrated because there was some big football game or something going on, so there were these big groups of people just marching in the road. And I was going too fast, and I was frustrated because they were in the road, so I was swerving a lot to avoid them.

    Anyways, I eventually end up losing control and flying out of my car. I tried to control my tumble because there were still a ton of people around, but I end up lightly tapping some poor girl on the head with my foot mid-tumble. They were sitting at a picnic table in the area between traffic lanes. I started apologizing and explaining that I'm not doing well and I'm just trying to get home. And the group was pretty cool about it and they helped me gather up my stuff and helped me find my car.

    But then I heard my phone go off, and it wasn't on me. One of the other guys had it. I demanded it back and he put it down his pants. I ended up wrestling with him and getting my phone back. But then he started talking to me about the brain-flake and he understood and described my problems. And it all just clicked and I trusted him. I think he made some comment about how he tried therapy, but he didn't trust them. He made a pun calling them "thistle-piss"(it's a weak pun. Blame my dream brain) whilst he peed on some near-by thorny plant. And I think he gave me a ring of this thorny plant and it was important or something? Like a symbol. I wore it like sash and I started my way home. Like the things he said made me feel safe? Like I was so glad to have met this guy and talk to him. I can't explain it, but that's where the dream ends.
    Anyways, the reason I'm writing about this is, the brain-flake is a thing I feel, a lot. It's not nearly as bad as it is in the dream, but when I woke up I was like "Yes. Yes this is true. This is relevant. This is me." And it just meant something? I don't know. Feel free to ignore my brain ramblings! xD

    Also, I figure this is a good place if any one else wants to talk about their dreams!
  2. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    I love talking about dreams! As I mentioned over on the what made you happy recently? thread, I had a dream this morning that my dad verbally acknowledged that gender-neutral people exist, which was pretty cool. (I suspect that I may have dreamed of gender stuff because of this forum.) I also dreamed that there was some kind of semi-apocalypse situation, and my family had a bigger, more fortified version of my current house (which for some reason had sleek black walls) and we survived off of stored food and whatnot. Then some other people who had survived showed up for a dinner party sort of thing, and they all seemed to be pretty wealthy. One of them was a classmate of mine.

    Also we started to play a board game about Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire characters who don't exist in the actual series. (Specifically, they were all Hands of the various Kings; one was a Baratheon brother, another was a woman who Robb Stark divorced (?!) - the only similarity is that none of them actually existed in the books/show.)
  3. Minitiate

    Minitiate Delicious

    Oh man, dreams are my favorite thing, and reading about how other people experience dreams and how their dreamscapes differ from my dreamscape is my other favorite thing. Like, my dreams are always magical quests and adventures spiced with IRL anxieties, but one of my friends told me she gets dreams where nothing much is happening, and that's fascinating. Also I never get nightmares or repeated dreams, just somewhat similar locales, so it's cool to hear about that stuff too.

    My brain also does the thing where my real life brain flakes invade the dreamscape. Like, in my dream last night, I was getting reprimanded for not reading a thing someone else had handed me to read and which I said I was going to, which pretty directly reflects my real-life procrastination. And I had one a little while ago which was almost entirely feeling like I was overwhelmed with the work I had to do and how I wasn't going to finish in time. And because brains are worse at things in dreams than in real life, I was even less able to control myself and get things done; and because dreams are shifting, the pile of things to do was nebulous and overwhelming. I woke up really relieved that real life was more manageable than dream life and that everything wasn't just gonna metaphorically fall out from under me. I also couldn't see well in the dream, so for a few days after I was really obsessed with putting on my glasses when I woke up to reassure myself that I was integrated in reality and stuff.

    But mostly my dreams are fun magic adventures in super awesome dream landscapes, like the one where I was investigating a mysterious powerful being that liked talking to certain people and giving them stuff, and the one where my friends and I were bestowed conditional godhood and tasked with rebuilding corners of reality. I've started a dream journal recently, and hope to gank my subconscious's creativity from that for art, writing, or both.
  4. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    Oh yeah! Most of my dreams are actually pretty fun! Like, they are very video game like. I recall I had one in which I had to hit all these green buttons and I could transform into a cat to get into small places to hit more buttons. I've had some with some really awesome settings as well.

    The one I wrote up top is actually rather unusual for me. For one, I am rarely ever me. Two, it was very brain trippy. I usual just play my dreams third person with adventures and such.
  5. Missfortunate

    Missfortunate Emotional one

    I had a very long and chaotic dream last night so here goes. It starts with me climbing on some shipping crates, they are out in the open and there are three large thuggish men taunting me as i climbed so once i got to the top i started shooting at them with a nerf gun and they laughed and thought I was adorable, much to my discomfort. One of them pulls this gigantic rocket launcher out of his jacket pocket and i hide behind the boxes i just climbed and he ofcourse blew them to smitherines! During the explosion the environment shifts to a beautiful field of these yellowy flowers then everything turns black. I blink a few times and im running down this street that looked like some world war 2 scene and some soldiers end up in front of me and charge at me guns blazing but their guns shoot really slow and I jump into the doorway of this shop, turns out its a toystore filled with all kinds of stuffies and legos and all kindsa toys, there was this giant purple gorrilla plushie sitting on top of a lego tower staring at me and it freaked me out so i moved past it into one of the isles and found the bathroom, after washing my grimy face i step out of the bathroom onto a small granite bridge illuminated by the brightest sunshine. A nice looking old lady greeted.me on the other side of the bridge and she told me "its in your hands now love" before lumping off the beidge into the water below and drifting away. I try to call out to her but the sound ia gone and i then find im surrounded by weird shaddow people amd they scream at me, i close my eyes and when I open them im in the isle i entered before going to the bathroom and i head towards the store exit and then a tank comes and starts blowing up the street outside so i duck near the window amd i find im surrounded by guns and gun pieces mostly unassembled or very antique pistols like from pirates of the carribean, nothing useful i get up to go to the back of the store and this tribal warrior guy runs into the store with an axe and raises it to swing at me and a man shoots him in the head and in a very polite brittish accent says to me "pardon me maam i beleive this is yours?" As he hands me the gun he used to kill the tribal guy now, now theres pwople everywhere and a few soldiers too, with a shopping cart full of shotguns and a cork gun. I reach into the cart and grab the cork gun amd then run out of the store and instead of running into the street i run into a courtroom packed with judge and jury and the judge says "have you anything to say in your defense?!" And i say in a questioning tone "gumball gun?" And his stand explodes and gumballs fly everywhere and the roof of the room is torn off by this giant bird. At this point I got woken up by a knock at my door, it was long I know so anyone who reads it all gets a vortual high five or gumball :)
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  6. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    I particularly enjoyed the end xD
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  7. Missfortunate

    Missfortunate Emotional one

    Yeah it had me all giggly and such! :D
  8. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Dreams are great! Both my boyfriend and my best friend have incredibly detailed and cinematic ones with big detailed landscapes but I've realised recently that my dreams actually aren't all that visual. People are person-shaped and have clothing and hair but their faces and clothing details just kind of aren't there, not that it matters to my dream self because dream-self knows who everyone is anyway. Landscapes are occasionally detailed but only if I'm concentrating on a certain bit of them... and since I've started playing Minecraft my brain appears to find Minecraft-style landscapes a lot easier to render in dreams.
    What tends to get emphasised are feelings and emotions, I think. I get a lot of dreams where nothing really happens but the atmosphere is wrong and uncomfortable and worrying, with the feeling that something unpleasant will happen at any moment. I have, on at least one and maybe a couple of occasions, realised that something unpleasant is going to happen and deliberately woken myself up to avoid it (the definite one took place in a big run-down concrete shed or warehouse thing where someone had mounted a bunch of heads of monsters that looked like a cross between Alien and Predators, which everyone was treating as a kind of art installation, and then some people came in and started knitting scarves, and my brain went 'you KNOW the monster heads are going to possess the scarves and start eating people, do you really want to be here when that happens?' and I went 'nope' and woke up...).
    My brain also does a thing where if something is happening that is manifestly illogical, or a dream-person is acting particularly out-of-character for their real-life self, it'll sit in the background and go 'hello, no, this is wrong. That wouldn't happen. So-and-so wouldn't say that'. Sometimes this has such an effect on my dream-self that I start trying to change things in the dream to fit the better narrative, and sometimes it works. It doesn't always happen- my dreams have gotten away with a whole bunch of illogical out-of-character stuff- but it's kind of amusing when it does, especially since I've never made any attempt to become a lucid dreamer or anything.
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  9. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    xD love that monster bit! My brain does that too. Like, it comes to the conclusion that there are patterns that would turn this into a bad dream, so I decide to wake up.

    Also, I have been told that gamers tend to be lucid dreamers. I think it has to do with often controlling other characters but from a distance that sort of transfers over to dreams. I'm a pretty big gamer myself, and I am often very aware in my dreams. Like the one I described up top, I was aware through the majority of the dream that it was surprisingly accurate to my life. Like "yes dream, I do have flaky brain and have trouble controlling my car sometimes", "yes brain, I know I tend to be forgetful and drive to fast", "what the hell brain!? That is the worst pun ever! Where did you get that?! And when did you start making puns??".
  10. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Dream pattern recognition high five! Everyone else I've told that to seemed really surprised that it could be a thing, I guess being able to wake yourself up isn't all that common.

    That... actually kind of makes sense, I think? I'm not all that big a gamer but I have roleplayed since I was about eleven and written stories since before that, so I'm used to moving around third parties. But I can't work out if it's the kind of thing that makes superficial sense but falls apart if you pick at it, or if it really does make sense. I wonder if anyone's ever studied it.
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  11. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    Yeah there is. I did a quick google search and some came up. But I only found out about this because my moirail told me about it several years ago(so she heard about the study somewhere?) I'd give you a link, but I still need to read through and find a good one.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2015
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  12. Missfortunate

    Missfortunate Emotional one

    @TwoBrokenMirrors There have definetly been studies done about lucid dreama, not that I can site any, when I was doi psychology and such in school one of the things we learned about was dreams and we had to read some stuidies and reports about it, a google search should yield some considerable results. @rorleuaisen Im a Gamer myself and It could totaly be true that gamers tend to lucid dream cos I do alot
  13. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Awesome! I might do some googling myself, it'll be a good way to avoid myself falling straight into the inertia hole I can feel lurking behind me, or possibly just a good way to avoid digging more unnecessarily long symmetrical tunnels in Minecraft.

    I studied psychology too at A-level (I apologise if anyone does not know the UK school system but I don't want to start patronisingly explaining it?) and I remember lucid dreams coming up in there too I think! Though mostly it was all sage talk about how nobody actually knows why we dream at all. I did find a method once but I have trouble concentrating on anything that starts with 'clear your mind of thoughts'.

    POINTLESS EDIT AFTER SOME GOOGLING: Gamers have less motion sickness huh? Maybe I should game more, I get motion sick on just about everything that moves in some way.
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  14. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    Huh, never heard that! My brother(also gamer) has motion sickness, but it's not terrible. Also, don't watch anyone play Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. It gave both me and my brother motion sickness! It's not bad when you are playing it, but watching it is sickening.
  15. TwoBrokenMirrors

    TwoBrokenMirrors Merely a whitebait in the mayo of life

    Heh, was from this article, relevant bit: 'Both lucid dreamers and gamers seemed to have better spatial skills and were less prone to motion sickness.' As I said, I'm not all that much of a gamer, but I have erratically bad motion sickness, in that it doesn't always show up but when it does it can be pretty awful.

    I have watched people play Portal, and that game can play merry hell with your idea of what 'up' is, but I don't think I particularly got motion sickness from it. Maybe if I was playing it I would, since I wouldn't be able to look away if I needed to. That or I've just forgotten about it.
    I will bear it in mind about Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, though. xD
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  16. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    @TwoBrokenMirrors Ooh! I also have the ability to "nope" out of a dream, but by the time I can do that, usually I've figured out that it's a dream and that it's more interesting to stay in and see what I come up with.

    I probably don't have very normal dreams. A lot of people I know have dreams about people they know and interact with regularly, and there's a clear delineation between dream and nightmare.

    My dreams (that I remember) are always a weird combo of sci-fi adventure story and psychological horror. And there's usually kind of a plot.
  17. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    @boyacrossthestreet sounds like my kind of dreams. I can count on one hand the number of dreams I've had with people I know in them. Most of them have cool stories/adventures. I had a recurring theme in my dreams for a while in which I would end up in places with a ton of weird random items, and I would spend the entire dream searching through them looking for things(Stuffed animals I really want, video games, rare little trinkets ect). They frustrated my brain because there were always so many things to look through, and then I would usually wake up exhausted.
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  18. Starcrossedsky

    Starcrossedsky Burn and Refine

    My dreams tend to be longform weird but they mostly focus on locations, so I'll skip the "Plot" details for now (except to say that the core message of the dream was, somehow, about my regret of not learning to ride a unicycle in elementary school when I had the chance) and instead note that I woke up when I started doing leg exercises in the dream, and slowly came out of it while counting them.

    It was really weird, in a sleep-paralysis-but-not-because-my-dream-body-is-moving-fine way.
  19. Acey

    Acey let’s form a band! let’s take a stand!

    Copying this from the duplicate thread.

    I actually had a weird Gravity Falls dream the other night. I dreamed that it was revealed that Pacifica was actually a clone and that the original Pacifica had died in infancy, with her parents cloning her out of despair (proof that this was a dream, obvs). She was also apparently a dude somehow--like, I don't think she was trans, but I think her parents raised her as female despite her being a cis guy or something, I forget. And there was an epic sewer chase scene for some reason.

    Honestly the main thrust of the dream might make good fic material, if we change it from "Northwests mourning their little girl and cloning her out of grief" to "Northwests being desperate to havean heir somehow and cloning her solely to carry on the family name" and remove the Weird Gender Shit...
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  20. garden

    garden lucid dreamer

    This morning I had a weird dream about a computer game that would periodically call my phone, and if I didn't pick up in time then it would force me to save and quit my game. Also, there was a weird dream segment about either seven or fourteen demons who corresponded somehow to the days of the week, and they all loved each other but could never be together because they were forced to chase each other through eternity.
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