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    As a result of concerns and extensive discussion, we as mods have made new software features available and also have some suggestions.

    Forum changes:
    Helpful suggestions/guidelines:
    • Please keep all NSFW in the 18+ subforum or use the NSFW tag in the RP-specific subforums.
    • Do not engage underage forum users in simulated sex acts, even intentionally implied sex using a "fade to black/cut scene."*
    • Collaborate to make sure everyone in a particular RP is working from the same definitions and ratings.
    • Try to be mindful of consent issues and comfort levels in all situations, both IC and OOC - feel free to use the report button if you want mod help negotiating this.
    • If a thread needs moved from one section to another or you would like a tag added please use the report button to get a mod's attention.
    • Please mark your rp-account description if you are over or under 18. 18+/- should be sufficient - we know space is at a premium.
    • Mark in your rp-account description if you'd prefer not to have particular content involving that character.
      • NS for "No Sex" though the absence of a NS indicator is not consent.
      • NR for "No Romance" if you don't want your character romanced nor to witness other characters battering themselves to pieces against the shores of your character's indifference. The absence of a NR indicator is not consent.
      • NV for "No Violence" if you don't want to be involved in any violence.
      • NEV for "No Extreme Violence" if you are okay with some violence.
    *Non-sexual fade to black/cut scene exits from a scene are okay. If the players don't intend sex in a FTB/cut scene then it's fine. Intentions can be made clear OOC if people have questions or are worried.

    If you feel uncomfortable in an rp situation, IC or OOC, and don't feel comfortable asserting your boundaries or having a discussion about it by yourself, please use the report button or contact a mod.

    If something is pinging you as NSFW in a SFW setting and you want help addressing that, please report the post or thread and we'll look into it.
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