Wiwaxia runs a SBURB D&D(ish) game - logdump/spectating/popcorn thread!

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    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    So I'd love for people who aren't playing my SBURB game to be able to see what we've been up to and follow along, but since roll20 doesn't allow easy spectating, i'm just gonna dump everything here after the fact.

    Logs are unedited and include side-chatter and dice rolling.
    I'm going to spoiler each section of the logs with a brief summary at the top. Trigger warnings will go there too if they come up.

    If non-players want to discuss or draw fanart or anything, do that in this thread too!


    THE LANDS (in entry order)
    (these descriptions were all written by a super talented rl friend of mine)


    There’s light, but only a little of it. It may be better in fact if here were no light about all, because without the light there would be no shadows.

    But without the tiny lick of light from each candle, the shapes casting the shadows would be invisible. The things that cast the twisting, sharp-edged shadows would still be there, but unseen and waiting to entangle the unaware.

    This land is dangerous. Too dangerous to forgo a light and escape the shadows. The ground is cracked and crevasse, a wounded landscape of deep red rocks.

    Everything is still, you tell yourself. Nothing out there is moving, no matter how much the—what was that? No. Nothing is moving. It is just the unreliability of flame. Only the light source has flickered. The pointed shapes, all dark and angled, are stationary. Only the shadows move with the light. You can believe that. You tell yourself that nothing is coming to get you. You have a harder time believing that.

    At least it’s warm. If you were somewhere else, the temperature would relax you, loosening your shoulders as you stretch out under the sun, or by the fireplace. Here, the warmth comes from the ground. The deep red—no, admit it. The blood red stone radiates heat as if, as if it were alive. You expected it to give when you touched it. For it to be sticky and smell metallic and all too human. It felt like smooth warm rock, with a bit of sand on it. All that stuff about it being alive? Ptffff, you didn’t really think that. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

    You have the urge to turn on all the lights in your house, but they all stopped working when you entered. Only the glow of your computer screen remains; so you suppress that urge. Instead, you pick up a candle, and light it. It’s time to go.

    Welcome, Rogue of Hope.


    You enter, and the air changes. It's cool now, a bit damp. The kind of chill that would promise a hot day ahead, if Sburb made or kept any promises. No, there are no days or nights here, only counted hours under an eternal sunrise.
    The sky, decked in pale orange and pink with wisps of clouds catching purple was reflected in the still water.
    There is water everywhere. A delicate lace mist hovers just above the surface, a moment away from dissipating. Yet it remains, framing concrete pilings and sinking ruins that are the only things that emerge from the water's surface. Once, there was a flood, and what had been before is now hidden by the stilled waters. What there was, before only a great, twisting highway became the only thing visible, is smashed or waterlogged.
    The water had not always been still. Once, it was a tumult. Rushing, it sprayed cold droplets as it lept. It dashed buildings to pieces, hiding the past. It had been the definition of sublimity: beautiful and terrifying.
    Now, in this false morning, it rests.
    Welcome, Seer of Time


    The land is as if someone had finally admitted defeat against their mother and grumpily made their bed by bunching up all the blankets and then laying a quilt on top and then began the hopeless business of trying to make it flat. Not to say that the land is defeated, grumpy, or hopeless, but rather that it is very much like lumpy quilt.
    Patchwork hills in innumerable colors roll out in roll out in front of you. The ground is a soft but comact sod, springy and plush with life. Your own house sits, mysteriously transported, in the middle of a field of royal blue flowers.
    Golden afternoon light streams down from the blue sky. A nice, normally colored sky, although it lacks a sun. The whole land seems perfectly lovely, with the warmth and the gentle buzzing of the bees. It feels homelike, and then a bell tolls.
    Not that the sound of a ringing bell would be a problem, of course. The presence of bells spotting the land changes nothing about how beautiful and amazingly bed-like the land looks. In fact, it means it's exactly like home. Exactly. Like. Home.
    The blue flowers hang from their stems. Their petals are fused and fold down so that they too resemble bells. But when a breeze causes them to sway or a bee alights and shakes the plant in search of nectar, they do no ring.
    Welcome, Page of Heart


    In front of you, above you, and all around you, everything was grey. Grey and brown in uncountable textures. The sky was covered in clouds heavy with rain, but bright from a light that shined behind them. The air was hot and dry; it was waiting for something. The whole land was hot and dry and waiting.

    The ground was dust. Brown earth dried to grey, it’s last color taken away by the light that filtered down. Coated in the dust, even the colorful, dehydrated frogs abandoned their hue.

    This land wasn’t always dry like this, it’s easy to tell. Everywhere, there were twisted trees, stunted with their bark peeling. Browned creepers and vines crumbled. As you watched, a breeze pulled one of the few remaining leaves on a tree near you away. It floated for a moment, then dove down into a swirl of dust. It looked like a miniature tornado—a dust-devil, you remembered the name suddenly.

    Already you felt thirsty. Soon, your lips would dry out, cracking like the ground. Your skin would grow rough like the knurled and bleached trees. You could feel that if you got lost in this hostile world you too would dry out and become one of the frogs.

    This land seemed so empty, so dead, so hostile, but with the next slow, hot breeze, you smelt something different. You couldn’t quite name what it was, but in that moment you knew it to be the smell of freedom.

    Welcome, Knight of Space.


    All the colors that shine through in an oil spill, or on the back of a CD
    When you tip it just so,
    Muted to be cousins of chrome by the grey light.
    They form
    Stepped mountains that poke their heads above the clouds.
    You are above the clouds

    On a rainbow ziggurat you find yourself,
    Breath stolen from your lungs by the
    Breathe in the sounds of the storm that rolls beneath your feet.
    Lightning arcs between clouds and thunder booms at the same moment.
    And when your ears ring less you can hear the rain again,
    Rushing beneath you,
    Pouring down the twisting stairs and
    As the irregular steps change to form geometric basins.
    But for all the geometry we hold as human,
    Bismuth crystals grow.

    Bismuth crystals twist,
    They form stairways that lead in all directions.
    They are indiscriminate
    They have love affairs with all sorts of angles until
    Their shapes coalesce into tiered mountain ranges that are nothing but islands surrounded by storms.

    The clouds roll.
    They move like waves,
    Not driven by wind but by some need for undulation,
    Shifting forwards and back.
    Crashing with a welcome silence against the cliff,
    Spraying tendrils of mist
    Up to where you are now.
    They do not reach all the way to you, but you follow their path.

    Look up, hero.
    The sky is only void.
    There are four planets now, orbiting the
    Source of all creation,
    The home of the battlefield.
    A dark planet,
    One of many colors,
    One that glints of water,
    One of few colors,
    And now you are with them.

    Welcome, Mage of Breath


    The sound. Like the ocean. No, the ocean crashes and if you get close to it the water gurgles and the foam hisses and pops. Like the wind then, not when it howls but when it’s a susurrus. When the wind moves through the grass, causing the stalks to rattle and hit each other. Like that, yes, but more human, and still completely inhuman. That was the sound. An endless rise and fall of whispered voices traveling incomprehensibly through wires.

    The messages came from places unknown, and travel onwards to destinations unknown. Or perhaps they have always been there, and always will be. It is entirely possible that they are meaningless murmurs of no origin and no purpose. It is also possible that the sounds of this land will be the most important thing in your life. What they are, to you, is currently unknowable.

    But what is known is how the whispers travel. This land is forested, but with strange trees. Great trunks of telephone poles with criss-crossing canopies of wires. As you approach these “leaves”—or should you call them “branches”?—the voices get louder, clearer, but not clear enough to be understood.

    Perhaps it’s just an optical illusion, but these forests do not seem to be lit from above. The sky is dark, pure midnight blue uninterrupted by clouds or stars. Instead, the light seems to come from the ground. A gentle blue luminescence.

    A river flows silently; it’s waters dark—darker than the sky. It empties into a sea, just as dark and just as silent. Your own breathing is too loud, your pulse out of place. But there is no ringing in your ears, only mysterious voices.

    Welcome, Witch of Void.
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    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Maddie L.: Hi
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo!
    who is this?
    Maddie L.: Hiya
    no roll20 i do not want videochat
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you want voice but not video I think you can change that over in settings
    the gear up there
    Maddie L.: well i just prefer the textchat
    Wiwaxia (GM): fair 'nuff
    Maddie L.: also atm i am eating a food, so
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also just receive voichat but not send it
    but I don't know how much we'll be using it
    also who is this?
    Maddie L.: Karrin
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotcha
    character sheet coming right up
    Myrtha Oscurr: Testing, testing
    Karrin Blue: Ok back to KB now
    Wiwaxia (GM): this will make my life much easier :)
    character sheet received?
    Karrin Blue: yup
    Hey, IIRC, you are also a drowtales fan?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    Karrin Blue: favorite clan?
    (i like the Beldrobbaen)
    Wiwaxia (GM): mmmmm
    Vloz and Kyorl, I think
    odd pair, but
    Karrin Blue: (awesome shadowpowers, one of the few good moms in the setting, and they're nice to the drideres)
    hehe yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): although they're both kinda going down the shitter currently
    Karrin Blue: nah i think the vloz are going down the giant volcanic vent right about now
    Wiwaxia (GM): too soon :P
    Karrin Blue: :b
    nah but poor Kharla, really
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, no kidding
    and poor whatever-was-left of naal
    Karrin Blue: she had no real agency in ANYTHING except for when Ven was in charge
    and the whole puppet thing was pretty obviously not her choice!
    also there are now a bunch of fishy demons running around Chel, so
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo Arxon!
    Nora R.: Hallo!
    Karrin Blue: hi!
    Nora R.: If I block it from using camera and mic now can I enable later?
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also do more specific settings w/ the gear
    Karrin Blue: like change your screenname!
    Nora R.: Ok thank you!
    Els W.: wait where's settings (also I am Not Literally A Bird)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gear up top
    Els W.: a HA thank you
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Much better!
    Karrin Blue: quite!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh dude, look at Sera's little icon. This is so cool :3
    Karrin Blue: little icon?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just pinged it
    Karrin Blue: ah
    on the map!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: The green lion-thingy. Oh wow look the screen's moving!
    Karrin Blue: yeah roll20 is fun
    i do not get that long line of symbols tho
    XANA symbol, angel, eye of suron?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Well some of them are on the imps, so...elements? Prototyping?
    Or grist!
    Karrin Blue: we have to fight xana?
    Wiwaxia (GM): protyping's the idea
    Karrin Blue: shoot, and me without a friendly AI girl
    Wiwaxia (GM): this is just my test page haha
    (Not) Literally A Bird: It's okay! Sorry I am irrationally excited about everything.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the four up there w/ 1 or 2 each are the one's I'm thinking of using
    Karrin Blue: nah it's fine!
    i mean being excited
    Wiwaxia (GM): skull --> raccoon skull
    leaf --> vine
    weird swooshes --> nessie
    Karrin Blue: and XANA?
    Wiwaxia (GM): xana?
    Karrin Blue: http://codelyoko.wikia.com/wiki/X.A.N.A.
    It's the first symbol!
    am i the only one who's seen code lyoko?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh duuuuude it's been a long time since I saw Code Lyoko, I didn't even recognise the name.
    Arxon: I got my start internetting on the code lyoko forums
    Wiwaxia (GM): never seen it!
    Karrin Blue: yeah i mean I haven't watched in ages either but I knew I recognized the modified bullseye symbol
    (I liked Yumi best, I think)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: It's like a French anime-ish (in style at least) cartoon.
    Karrin Blue: X.A.N.A is the evil AI thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, do you all have a character sheet and a sylladex folder with a perfectly generic object in it?
    Karrin Blue: yes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I do! I was going to say that but then I got distracted by Code Lyoko.
    Karrin Blue: ...though it kind of looks like Sera's sylladex is under Myrtha's name?
    that or I don't know how to use this interface
    Arxon: Where would I see it?
    Karrin Blue: right next to the chat bubble icon
    there is something that looks like a folded newspaper
    click on that
    Also, right underneath the chatbox should be something that says 'As:' with a dropdown menu
    Arxon: Ah alright thank you!
    Karrin Blue: you can use that to change your name!
    Myrtha Oscurr: like so
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Karrin Blue that fix it?
    wrt sylladices
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh yeah, I can see Sera's too for some reason.
    Myrtha Oscurr: it works for me
    also if i close these windows on my end does it close it for you guys?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that's cos everyone can see her perfectly generic object
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Not that it really matters I guess!
    Wiwaxia (GM): for testing purposes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Ah alright, makes sense.
    Wiwaxia (GM): which windows?
    which I guess is a no
    Myrtha Oscurr: the character profiles
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I think we see what Wiwaxia is seeing
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): is the screen moving for y'all right now?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: So if they (?) open/close a window we all see it, but if we individually open/close them they don't.
    Myrtha Oscurr: Not at the moment, it is not
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Ooh, it is...not. Huh. It did earlier, which is why I thought that was the case.
    Wiwaxia (GM): ok, you don't see exactly what I see
    yeah, shift+ping moves eveyone to where I click
    like so
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alrighty
    Wiwaxia (GM): do you all have the attack and grapple buttons in the corner too, or is that just me?
    Myrtha Oscurr: which corner?
    Wiwaxia (GM): bottom left, below names
    Myrtha Oscurr: no
    Arxon: no
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I can't see them, no.
    Wiwaxia (GM): K, guess I'll have to put them on people's character sheets
    are people seeing my scribblings right now?
    Arxon: yes
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): so that's the prototyping icons
    (disregard the reference string on that one imp
    I'm thinking each prototyping can give one of two things though (as per LOWAS walkaround) and I'm not sure how to distinguish those
    shhh none of you saw that misspelling
    hey other roll20 people, how do you move an individual player between maps?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Google suggests 'just switch maps between turns'
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait I think I got it
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh, sorry i didn't make a Myrtha map
    Wiwaxia (GM): haha no worries
    I can do it before next week or you can
    Myrtha Oscurr: I can make one
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    also do people wanna draw their own icons like Kathy did?
    Myrtha Oscurr: i can make a sprite
    Arxon: Yeah I can draw an icon before next week
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Yeah, I can do that! Also spriting. Not today though :P
    Did we make a decision on ages, btw?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    straw poll?
    Myrtha Oscurr: 16?
    Arxon: 15
    (Not) Literally A Bird: 15/16 is fine with me.
    Hey, new friend!
    Kite W.: hii
    whimsy here
    i overslept
    im sorry .._.."
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotcha!
    character sheet coming right up
    also you can change name w/ the gear in the top right
    whimsicalobservant: tyvm
    Wiwaxia (GM): you should have a sylladex with a perfectly generic object in it now, too
    whimsicalobservant: indeed "_"
    Ilmatar wonders, what this is
    Wiwaxia (GM): (it's just there so you can see your sylladex)
    whimsicalobservant: (it's kinda hilarious b/c I missed half an hour of action and now Ilmatar is appropriately wtf is happening)
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, just chatter and setup
    (Not) Literally A Bird: The 'action' has mostly been us figuring out the UI so you haven't missed much :P
    also I'm gonna brb if that's alright? shouldn't be gone long
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    also, a poll on character age
    any preferences, whim?
    Myrtha Oscurr: 16-ish
    whimsicalobservant: uhm
    16-ish sounds good, yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    I'll see what the others think when they get here, but 16 it is for now
    which makes our arc number 616
    Arxon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_of_the_Beast#616
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh, i thought of the marvelverse first
    Arxon: Should I give you bigger less transparent versions of Lemi's maps?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nah, that's fine
    I've got em all on the map layer
    just fog of war because (mmmblemmbel)
    whimsicalobservant: one of these days ill figure out why my tower is crashing
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also whimsicalobservant, you should see the prototyping symbols
    whimsicalobservant: i see monsters and notes on them
    Wiwaxia (GM): see the little things on the corner of the monsters?
    whimsicalobservant: yes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (i'm back btw)
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm thinking of using those to show what underlings have which prototypings
    whimsicalobservant: aah, interesting. means i need to write those down irl somewhere so i dont forget "_"
    one doesnt have notes, is that on purpose?
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'll probably make a reference handout with them too
    whimsicalobservant: kk
    Wiwaxia (GM): you mean the gery imps off to the side?
    whimsicalobservant: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah those are just a bunch of extras
    whimsicalobservant: kk
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Juuust out of curiosity, what map are you guys on? I'm on the one with the house and also there are no imps.
    Wiwaxia (GM): I just moved whimsicalobservant to the map y'all started on
    I'm going mad with power with the moving players individually
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Ooh! So you can move us to individual maps! That's exciting. :o
    whimsicalobservant: ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Pfft.Now you're just showing off :P
    whimsicalobservant: (also you can shorten me to whimsy) (quicker to type)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotcha
    and I don't know what you're talking about
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (Good point. You can shorten me to Bird or NLAB as well. Or I'll just change my name to Leon)
    whimsicalobservant: character names is a good idea
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a dropdown below the catbox
    Leon Gaspar: There certainly is!
    Also I can impersonate any of you
    You seriously freaked me out for a second there :P
    'Why does it say Leon Gaspar is typing oh god did I break it'
    ...Something like that.
    Ilmatar Nordwind (whimsy): thatd be rude, leon::O -hides mask behind back-
    Leon Gaspar: It wasn't me! It was, uh, the...weird voice.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can also do /me like in skype but with /em

    Wiwaxia (GM) like this I think
    Leon Gaspar looks around suspiciously

    Ilmatar Nordwind (whimsy) has forgotten she still has her latex ears glued on and cannot impersonate anyone quite that easily.
    Wiwaxia (GM): also /roll to roll
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    and /whisper for secret messages
    or /gmroll for secret rolls
    Leon Gaspar: ....do I have to type out people's full names to whisper?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not sure
    Leon Gaspar: well that didn't work
    Wiwaxia (GM): oop, just /w sorry
    Ilmatar Nordwind hums Valley of the Dolls. It seems appropriate.
    Leon Gaspar: aha! there we go
    Ilmatar Nordwind hears voices!
    Wiwaxia (GM): speaking of humming

    Wiwaxia (GM) kicks jukebox
    Wiwaxia (GM): work, damn you!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: perhaps the voice broadcast overwrites the music?
    Leon Gaspar: Oh shit!
    Leon Gaspar jams the fuck out
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Shit, let's be epic :D
    Leon Gaspar quite literally, he has his guitar and everything
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm just annoyed that I can only pull off souncloud
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can't upload own files?
    Wiwaxia (GM): also yes, theme music for fraymotis :3
    whimsy: thats stupid
    Wiwaxia (GM): or snag music from youtube or elsewhere
    Myrtha Oscurr: Myrtha's will be the relevant theme for Giselle, probably?
    or like a cool remix
    whimsy: solution: make account and upload necessary files on private mode
    Wiwaxia (GM): might do!
    oh also, we should decide on a entry order
    I'm thinking we should start with everyone already entered
    but we need to know how the gates go round
    whimsy: no entry shenanigans?
    Leon Gaspar: Sounds good, the entry bit is really difficult to do
    Leon Gaspar tried to do a fanventure once. it was way too hard
    Myrtha Oscurr: ywah
    Ilmatar Nordwind: you can put Ilmatar wherever needed most/least
    whimsy: it worked quite well in our game! but hell if i know how our gm did it
    Leon Gaspar: We could ... roll for it, I guess? Go in order of lowest to highest roll?
    whimsy: a myriad of skype chat windows was involved
    Myrtha Oscurr: that might work
    rolling i mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): could do!
    Leon Gaspar: Decisions are hard, I like letting dice make them for me :P
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think I'm gonna put myrtha last b/c witch, though
    Arxon: @Leon Gaspar my motto
    Myrtha Oscurr: akay then
    Arxon: Hey did we decide anything about chumhandles?
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh i didn't pick one
    whimsy: not that i remember
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, not yet
    we could do dna
    or element abbreviations
    Leon Gaspar: Element abbreviations would be cool!
    Myrtha Oscurr: indeed
    whimsy: i have one picked tentatively, but i can handwave that one as "i have many internet identities"
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh that's a volume bar, not a place-in-song bar
    roll for entry order?
    I can get rolls from bats and kathy when they show up
    d20 probably
    Arxon: rolling 1d20
    = 17
    whimsy: rolling 1d20
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20
    = 2
    oops i'll roll again
    rolling 1d20
    = 13
    that'll do
    Wiwaxia (GM): Oh boy Lemi is probably session leader
    y'all are doomed
    whimsy: ahahahahhaha
    Myrtha Oscurr: wellp
    Arxon: oh gosh Lemi would hide under a table forever
    Leon Gaspar: let's be real we're prooobably doomed anyway :P
    Statements like that are also why you are our leader.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: potential for disaster skyrocketing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Bird: yes, perfect reference deployment
    whimsy: afk for a second, procuring food
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh yeah I should probably also do that
    snack break?
    Myrtha Oscurr: kay

    whimsy has stopped being a food zombie, and is quite awake for the time of day
    whimsy: also, tell me when to start recording, heh

    (Not) Literally A Bird chugs tea

    Arxon Arxon is running off of 3 cans of coke and pure gumption

    Wiwaxia (GM) has a freezer tamale
    Wiwaxia (GM): also apparently boyacrossthesteet has internet problems and can't make it tonight
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :C that sucks
    whimsy: is2g usually my tower does not crash this often
    Wiwaxia (GM): once start playing, we can just have it as your phone dying constantly
    or your land interfering with you phone, actually
    whimsy: ooh i am intrigued
    Wiwaxia (GM): good :3
    whimsy: are the crows ambiente?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ambiente?
    whimsy: ambience
    Myrtha Oscurr: ambient
    whimsy: sorry, forgot to translate the word
    Arxon: Should we decide exactly where everyone lives? or is that not especially relevant?
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably a good idea, yeah
    or at least native climate
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Cliche as it is, I was imagining somewhere like New York for Leon. London would also work.
    whimsy: Ilmatar grew up close to the North Sea, so somewhere in either Niedersachsen or Schleswig-Holstein ::D so, temperate sea climate
    Myrtha Oscurr: upper new englandy?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Basically 'big city'
    Arxon: w/ whimsy Yeah that sounds really nice!
    wait crap that didn't work?
    whimsy: you mixed up / and w
    Arxon: ohhh that makes sense yeah
    whimsy: ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you are all gonna be completely fucked in a desert
    good to know!
    Myrtha Oscurr: ys
    Arxon: I was thinking Lemi lives in a pacific northwest redwood forest, just because those are the type I am familiar with, but I am flexible as long as it's a forest
    Wiwaxia (GM): :D
    Leon Gaspar thinks it is too hot for this bullshit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Excuse yuo, Miss GM! Ilmatar has desert appropriate clothing anda fan - oh wait, the desert appropriate clothing came when she was 20. nvm.
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehehe
    (Not) Literally A Bird: hahaha yeah I was about to say Leon's fine for a desert then I remembered he's 16 and wearing like 3 layers of shirts
    Arxon: Gm laughing= true terror
    Hey, Lemi's wearing something sleeveless!
    ....A sleeveless sweater
    whimsy: there is a mug in our mathematics common room - When you see the GM laughing, it's already too late
    (Not) Literally A Bird: pfft
    Alternatively, when the GM is like 'are you absolutely sure you want to do that'

    (Not) Literally A Bird was in a game last week where within 3 minutes of starting someone had picked up Hitler and was taking him to the police station
    Wiwaxia (GM): wow
    whimsy: well
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, I don't think that's gonna happen here
    if only for lack of hitler
    (Not) Literally A Bird: What are you talking about, all good tabletop games have hitler
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay I think that's enough of that loop
    hey, if you wanted hitler you shoulda prototyped him
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :P
    whimsy: Rogue!Tyven's answer to "do you really want to do that" woulda been "hell yeah" / has already done it
    Ilmatars answer is "yes"
    Wiwaxia (GM): so I guess there are worse possible leaders for this group than Lemi
    whimsy: ayup ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: whoa hey words
    Arxon: Yeah we all hear words
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Loud and clear, yo.
    Arxon: unless we have words turned off I suppose
    Myrtha Oscurr: I have audio stuff turned off
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotcha
    so keep voice chat to just ooc
    Arxon: (to assuage my random baseless fears: I haven't been broadcasting at all this whole time without knowing, right?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Arxon: alright thank you
    Wiwaxia (GM): anything else people want to go over?
    Arxon: ummm we should probably plan out all the characters relationships at starting? But we can do that in thread.
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, can toss around ideas here
    since we've got 4/6
    and then crosspost to thread
    Arxon: (srry for silence, checking character descriptions in the thread)
  3. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    whimsy: what are/were our entry items?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ooh, y'know I don't know
    will have to think
    whimsy: Ilmatar probably waited for the last possible second to enter, as far as I know her - for what reason tho? There's always reason behind the timing and the items. Maybe she waited until everyone else was safe? Maybe there was something she had to take care of?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you rolled a 2 for entry, yeah
    so probably trieng to get Myrtha in
    whimsy: (itd be hella funny if one of the missing two people rolled a 1)
    Arxon: @(not) literally a bird
    Does Leon's Tia make horror films, or is she a big fan?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: She's a big fan
    Arxon: alright
    (Not) Literally A Bird: She would /like/ to make horror films but making films is hard. Maybe she makes amateur films in her spare time
    Leon Gaspar all time players have weird guardians
    Wiwaxia (GM): this is true
    yeah, where would people's guardians wander?
    Arxon: Maybe Lemi tried to send a letter or message to her about something horror-ish, and it got to Leon somehow?
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon also knows about the game in advance b/c walkthrough
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Also if we're doing elements for our chumhandles, should we pick a theme?
    Sorry had to get the door!
    Wiwaxia (GM): well people already have bismuth and cobalt as associated elements
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Yeah maybe! That'd work.
    Alright, so we'll rule those out. I was thinking cadmium or nickel.
    Leon met Ilmatar asking about occult things on forums because he was trying to find out about all the horror stuff littered around his house, so it's also possible he ran into Lemi that way?
    Arxon: Oh that's good!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Yeah. Leon is good because he likes Knowing Things so he's flexible re: meeting people.
    Wiwaxia (GM): and can be the one to get everyone to play the game, too\
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Nice :P
    'guys EVERYONE is playing this c'mon I found a walkthrough and everything'
    Arxon: Silver is used in film for photos, right?So maybe that for Lemi?
    Myrtha Oscurr: except the walkthrough ends with the author flipping out
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Well yes but he doesn't tell them that :P
    Myrtha Oscurr: and ripping it to a server in the Ring
    whimsy: if youre still using film instead of digital
    Myrtha Oscurr: he didn't read that far
    (Not) Literally A Bird: he's like 'probably that's just for flavour'
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh boy :D
    whimsy: (Ilmatar believes walkthroughs to be boring, but hell yes a game she is so up for that)
    Arxon: they do have a darkroom area set up
    (Not) Literally A Bird: o
    whimsy: ooh cool "_"

    (Not) Literally A Bird a tiny mushroom is here, that is her message for you all
    Wiwaxia (GM): silver sounds good! Ag
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Guitar strings (the metal ones, that is) are nickel, so Ni
    Arxon: (Lemi is so excited to have friends! So yeah maybe this whole game thing is wierd and kinda sketch but if she says no what if they all hate her! So she has to play!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh noooooooo
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (Oh no Lemi :( poor thing)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (she is not gonna like her land)
    (yes I'm gonna keep teasing these until next week)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: im so fucking pumped
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3

    (Not) Literally A Bird also if i swear too much u can be like 'tone it down'

    whimsy is v excited
    Arxon: (ono Lemi is probably not made for high stress situations like "the end of the world" and "attempting to save some strange land" and "oh no people are arguing")

    (Not) Literally A Bird i'm australian this is how we show excitement
    Wiwaxia (GM): seriously, do not worry about swearing
    whimsy: @Arxon eheheheh ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): I swear like a fucking sailor

    whimsy motions to High-Five Wiwaxia and Bird
    Arxon: actual reason I am not talking with mouth: I have zero self censorship and sound like a 8 year old who has first learned swears)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so I think we need a connection between Myrtha and the rest of the group

    (Not) Literally A Bird does not leave whimsy hanging
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    well, she is a Haver of Skulls
    whimsy: Ilmatar bought a skull off Myrtha
    how the two met, no idea. probs stumbled across each other in the dA tags or sth
    (Not) Literally A Bird: so did Leon, probably on Ilmatar's advice. it was a birthday present for Tia.
    (Skulls are cool.)
    whimsy: rolling 1d20 + 0
    = 17
    rolling 1d6+8 (0)
    = 11
    Arxon: Lemi's chumhandle= AphoticGaze?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: going afk for a minute, i foolishly did not take a snack break earlier
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Arxon: done.
    whimsy: (chumhandle notes:
    (blrgh) (missed a key there)
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm
    Arxon: (brb getting delicious foodstuffs)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: i keep thinking like nascentInterlude or nascentImprovisation. i just like the word nascent okay
    Wiwaxia (GM): I like both of those
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Interlude is prettier but Improvisation makes more sense. Hrm.
    Flipped a coin, Interlude it is!
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool!
    whimsy: (a case in which the ship's compass is held)
    (guide book)
    (jargon, unintelligible nonsense)
    (old woman, hag, ancestress)
    (prediction, prophecy)
    whimsy: (an eavesdropper))
    opinions? (those are the definitions of the words, the words themselves start with b)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: tempest is cool B^)
    Arxon: tepest always
    whimsy: gfdi, it's bad today with the crashes
    but bourasque it is, now to find something fitting with I...
    (Not) Literally A Bird: niiiiiice
    that is a Good Word
    Wiwaxia (GM): oooooh
    whimsy: phrontistery.info for all your weird word needs ::DD
    Myrtha Oscurr: I like the word chiaroscuro but
    it is rather long
    Wiwaxia (GM): No, is good!
    (is also one of my favorite words)
    Myrtha Oscurr: hee
    (Not) Literally A Bird: yo i gotta do some study, do y'all mind if i leave the rest to you guys?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure!
    I think we're about wrapping up for today anyways, yeah?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: sounds good. if something big comes up lemme know in the thread!
    see ya guys :o
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    see ya
    Arxon: bye!
    whimsy: (study of origin of ideas)
    (symbol that stands for a concept rather than a word)
    (belief in an inward spiritual light)
    (belief that the outside world is philosophy)
    (confusing or disturbing situation, confused mass or heap)
    (flowing in)
    whimsy: (growing warm)
    (carnation coloured, blood-red)
    (to exist within as a driving force)
    (process of producing flowers, flowering)
    (between two things)
    Arxon: either the philosophy one or the driving force one?
    Wiwaxia (GM): I like flowering or driving force
    whimsy: illusionism, indwell (dangit, guiding force), inflorescence
    Arxon: BourasqueIndwell sounds good?
    whimsy: hella ::D
    Arxon: 0u0
    Myrtha Oscurr: well, i'll go to bed then
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    whimsy: n8 ::3
    Myrtha Oscurr: and will try to work on a sprite and map
    Wiwaxia (GM): whimsy you should.... probably also go to sleep
    how late is it where you are?
    whimsy: 6 am ::D
    im p awake, but i dont wanna do my homework
    Wiwaxia (GM): fair enough!
    Arxon: Checking: Only thing I need to do is draw my icon? And help brainstorm remaining character relations?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, I think that's it!
    Arxon: ok!
    whimsy: ima go offline from roll20, but i'm available via kintsugi
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    I'll get what we worked out here up on the thread
    Arxon: bye!
    Wiwaxia (GM): and see you next week!
    whimsy: i hope i wont overlseep again xxD
    omg what if ilmatar is late to the game because she overslept
    (i kinda love my disaster potential characters)
    see you ::D
    Arxon: should I drop offa roll20 too?
    I'll also be on kintsugi
    Wiwaxia (GM): either way
    I'll probably be poking around on here with map stuff and macros for a bit
    Arxon: alright
    I'll prolly drop off and watch a movie
    See you next week!
  4. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo people!
    I'm still getting my roller up and running, but I should be good by 6
    Arxon: Ok!
    Also I might have to be gone for a little while later, sorry 0n0
    Karrin Blue: H'llo
    Moss Kaplan: Hello! I'm actually on this time!
    k m.: wait, there we go
    Karrin Blue: yaay
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Hello everyone!
    Karrin Blue: i got like 5 hours of sleep last night so I will probably not be too talkative tonight, but i'll try my best!
    Oh, also
    I didn't make a sprite but here is a dollmaker Myrtha
    Arxon: cute!
    k m.: i am right in the middle of writing a thing onto the forum thread, got distracted, and set up my tablet again
    but i'll put it on here too
    "So for picking from elements, can we just pick an element & go with it, or are we picking from our associated elements?
    Moss has a heavy interest in things relating to History - and therefore things like maps (possible connection to Ilmatar since Guardian's Interest?), though Moss' interest in maps is more tangential to their history obsession
    k m.: Moss has an irritating habit of debunking conspiracy theories & other...less scientific ideas, especially ones that aren't properly cited. They think it's funny. They also think conspiracy theories are kind of dumb, and when they aren't pretending that "haha i do it for the lulz", they view conspiracy theories as playing on the minds of the gullible. Especially those really lazy facebook ones that spread like a chain email.
    attached file is shirt design, except i don't have my color green on the program, so it's the wrong color. pretend it's darker and more green"
    Also that's super cute Karrin!
    Wiwaxia (GM): ain't got the time now, but I can fix the color on the vine for you before next session
    k m.: oh dude cool
    i'm working from like 6 colors over here
    that would be awesometacular
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're also probably gonna have to deal with it being tiny and not-transparent for now
    k m.: that works! I can definitely live with that
    whimsy: morning
    sorry for the delay
    (Not) Literally A Bird: morning whimsy!
    whimsy: just got outta the shower
    k m.: morning!
    haha, it is 9pm here
    whimsy: 3 am here ::D hopd the water would get me awake, after i havent managed to sleep
    (Not) Literally A Bird: oh jesus whimsy D: that is very early!
    it's 11am here and i may or may not be lying in bed w/ my laptop
    whimsy: best place to be, probably
    k m.: lordy, 3am
    whimsy: my desire to play sburb with you is stronger than the desire for a working sleeping rhythm a few weeks before the exams, or actually sleeping
    Karrin Blue: whimsy it sounds like you may literally die
    whimsy: i have saturday and sunday for sleeping
    Karrin Blue: that is not how it works dude
    (Not) Literally A Bird: whimsy. whimsy no. whimsy please take care of yourself D:
    whimsy: and monday for homework because GUESS WHO DID PART OF THEIR HOMEWORK EARLY
    k m.: ooh nice on getting homework done
    whimsy: (oh yeah before i forget it, i'll also drop a note in the thread and in the group chat in kintsugi, but i won't be present for weekend 8th - 9th of august)
    Wiwaxia (GM): of all the times to flake out on me, chrome
    whimsy: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): there ya go km
    k m.: i have been having weird computer things today
    i think it's because i haven't technically turned this beast off for like two weeks
    if i disappear mysteriously it's my own fault
    oh hey!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you should be able to move it around, too
    k m.: whee i'm flying
    Wiwaxia (GM): huzzah!
    Karrin Blue: are those impact craters in the corners...
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm gonna get something rigged up for karrin while we wait for kathy
    those are trees, I think
    also, an awesome friend of mine volunteered to write land descriptions for you guys
    whimsy: ooooh
    Wiwaxia (GM): so I'll PM the ones she's done so far to you all on the forums
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :o hell yeah
    I'm so excited for land stuff tbh
    Wiwaxia (GM): because we're starting after entry
    whimsy: post entry, pre mob spawns? ::D
    k m.: sweet
    whimsy: b/c earlier today i realized ilmatars weapon might come in handy after she gets some actual breath powers, but before that, fankind is... well, fans can be used as weapons, if you know how, and/or have the bladed version.
    k m.: that just reminds me of tamora pierce's keladry series and makes me happy
    Karrin Blue: ahhh protector of the small is great
    k m.: my first tamora pierce books!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :D that was also what i was thinking of
    Wiwaxia (GM): K, lands sent to Karrin, bats and Arxon
    Karrin Blue: ooh, nice
    Karrin Blue: I still need to think of a good handle for Myrtha
    Wiwaxia (GM): the other three of you'll have to wait till my friend's done
    k m.: ooh.
    i like
    whimsy: (oh ye) (should i record the sessions?)
    Arxon: 0u0 THIS IS FINE
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehehe
    Karrin Blue: i kinda want to do something with Olethros? because that's an old greek god of destruction in a positive sense
    Wiwaxia (GM): go ahead, unless anyone else has any objections
    Karrin Blue: but hrm it's hard to piiick
    k m.: oh! and we were doing elements form handles, right?
    are they like any elements or are they from what we have?
    Karrin Blue: cO
    Wiwaxia (GM): metals, I think
    Karrin Blue: oh, in which case i can think of a different one
    Wiwaxia (GM): cobalt's a metal
    Karrin Blue: ...
    well ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): sI for km if you wanna go with dust
    or you could pick some other metal
    whimsy: kathy, arxon, bird, what's your stance on a recording of this session?
    k m.: i'm down with silicon actually
    i was reading through the metal elements
    Arxon: I'm fine with it!
    I won't be talking tonight anyway
    whimsy: (i'd be reccing the screen, too, b/c that's the important part)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: recording is fine by me!
    Arxon: that's fine by me too!
    Karrin Blue: I'm fine with it too
    k m.: yeah, thass cool.
    whimsy: kk ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): Karrin, how's that look for a house?
    Karrin Blue: Looks good!
    Though one of those bedrooms is probably storage space for SCA stuff
    since it's just her and her dad
    whimsy: (i just hope that the recording is fine if my tower crashes)
    Wiwaxia (GM): "The Armory"?
    Karrin Blue: hehe
    Wiwaxia (GM): there ya go
    I'll see what I can get whipped up for a rosemary blossom
    Karrin Blue: oh well thanks
    whimsy: wait a second
    did i mix up boyacrossthestreet and kathy?
    that would explain a few things
    k m.: probably! no worries!
    whimsy: ffff
    -bonks head on nearby wall-
    is kathy busy tonight?
    Karrin Blue: Hmm, I think I might use couru for the first part of Myrtha's handle
    Wiwaxia (GM): fucking chrome
    (Not) Literally A Bird: brb i gotta relocate!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there ya go, karrin
    k m.: so if I have sL
    ...L could be Legacy...
    s. hmmm
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm gonna restart my computer in the hopes that it stops hating me, and then we can start
    *silion's si, by the way
    k m.: well, I can;t read and also i'm bad at science
    Wiwaxia (GM): no worries
    whimsy: phrontistery.info for all your weird word needs
    it'S how i came up with "bourasqueIndwell" (tempest; guiding force) for Ilmatar
    k m.: nice
    whimsy: ooooh, what if ilmatar posted another of her loopy theories and moss joined the thread for debunking
    thaat shouldve been a whisper
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, I'm back!
    anything else that needs dealt with, or are we ready to get this show on the road?
    Karrin Blue: sure
    Arxon: Yep!
    Wiwaxia (GM): Alright!
    whimsy: let'S get this party started
    Wiwaxia (GM): You are all standing in your respective bedrooms after a whirlwind entry that we are conviniently eliding
    sera's laptop battery has died and so she is out of communication
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (i'm back btw)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (I think I'm gonna describe surroundings here in the general chat rather than in for ease of reading/recording and because I assume your characters will just relay information to eachother when they're in different places)
    oh also
    whimsy: aaand back online
    Wiwaxia (GM): Lemi, all the lightbulbs in your house exploded when you entered
    the only light in your room is a blue glow from your computer screen and a faint ruddy red light from outside
    what are people doing?
    Leon Gaspar: I'm going to go look out the window.
    Moss Kaplan: I look outside as well
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Leon
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah, window sound like a good idea
    Wiwaxia (GM): the sky is peach, with wispy pink clouds through which rays of light are streaming
    Myrtha Oscurr: As I have no idea what is going on with Lemi, I go up to my roof
    or the uppermost windows
    Wiwaxia (GM): your apartment building seems to still be there
    but it's on a weird highway cloverleaf
    which is ruined
    and standing in an ocean
    Lemi Malloy: I'm going to pick up my laptop and bring it with me to iight my way as I leave my room and check to see if a) every light really is out and b) if Sis is around anywhere
    Leon Gaspar: nI: well this is. pretty and also weird.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Lemi, yep, every light
    there's broken glass around one of your sister's handcranked flashlights, too
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bI: @ nl how so?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you house is on what used to be an island
    as in there's a bed of still slightly damp red mud forking around it
    Leon Gaspar: nI: i mean the sky is like a really pretty sunset, but im also stranded on a giant clover so uh
    nI: hows things with you guys
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's trees on both sides of the erstwhile river, but they aren't looking too hot
    @Ilmatar well, your house is still on a cliff by the sea
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Either my ears got injured in the teleporty thing, or this place is haunted
    Wiwaxia (GM): but the sea is made of stormclouds that flash with lighning
    and the cliff is blue metal
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: @co grab salt, and willow twigs
    oh fuck yeah
    Moss Kaplan: sI: Huh. Well, mom would be pissed. All the trees are dying
    whimsy: bismuth cliffs?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a giant stepped mountain rising up behind your house
    Lemi Malloy: I set my laptop down on a table as I see messages.
    ag: everything's dark!!! All the lights blew out I think, even flashlights
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, bismuth
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: im still on a cliff by the sea, just the cliff's suddenly blue, and the sea is stormclouds
    bi: @ag do you have candles?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the edges of it go over the horizon in both directions
    Moss Kaplan: sI: did the breakers...uh. break?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: endless clouds... endless lightning.... it appears i have been whisked to wotan's realm
    Moss Kaplan: sI: like, the fuses.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (I think that's all the window, except Karrin, who got a land PM)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I open the window.
    Lemi Malloy: aq: @bi um probably? I can check. I dunno if it's the fuses because even flashlights are out?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: All the lights? Even the ones turned off?
    Leon Gaspar: nI: wait how do I even have power? this doesnt -- eh whatever. i guess we should focus on figuring out what the next step is.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Well, we should probably equip ourselves with those weird magic alchemy things
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar, there's a cool breeze and a distant rumble of thunder from below you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (where is our alchemiter stuff, btw?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: co:Food, water, like 30 computers?
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh
    Leon Gaspar: nI: yes! good point myrtha. everyone needs at least 5 computers.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (quick lemme plop some stuff around)
    incidentally, you each have 20 build grist
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I stand in the window, because everything is very pleasant at the moment. I assume the air is a bit static, as well? (i have an irl sense for that, idk how it's with other people) (air pressure, imminent torrents, stuff like that)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I make a couple of pictures and send em around
    Lemi Malloy: ag: The bulbs are all exploded...
    ag: brb, checking for candles.
    Wiwaxia (GM): gristtorent is 100 build grist and I would recomend someone gets that asap
    Lemi Malloy: I try and find candles in the storage room
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Weird. Turned-off lights don't usually burst in power surges, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): can you move yourself there?
    Leon Gaspar: @Wiwaxia btw what do I know from my walkthrough? do i, for instance, know how to get more build grist?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    you know that there's enemies called underlings
    imps easy, ogres harder etc
    and something called a linnorm that one of the commenters on the walkthrough was very insistent that you do not attempt to fight
    Leon Gaspar: aaand do I have a basic flail in my strife specibus? otherwise i'm going to make that my priority
    (I also relate all this information to the rest of the group! but I haven't mentioned the, er, abrupt ending.)
    Myrtha Oscurr: I think we should have some upgraded weapons, better than basic lying-around-house stuff?
    the kids all made weapons during entry
    Moss Kaplan: sI: I want to check out the great outdoors here. I've got footkind anyway
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: weapons? i assumed we were guests in these lands. are there interlopers who wish us harm afoot?
    Leon Gaspar: nI: yeah, monsters. lots of monsters.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: how wonderful! i wonder if i can befriend some
    Leon Gaspar: NI: also before anyone asks you can't--
    NI: ... befriend them.
    Wiwaxia (GM): any non-alchemized weapon does 1d8 damage,btw
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ilmatar please try not to die okay
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I think that's a good goal for ALL of us
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: oh, i quite plan on staying alive and seeing more of this beautiful place
    Moss Kaplan: sI: yeah, historically, relationships between two cultures tend to go poorly. I vote for avoiding them as much as possible
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: They drop materials, that may not be possible.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Lemi
    Leon Gaspar: NI: okay good. we do have to defeat them to get grist but we should make sure we're ready first
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you just ran into an imp
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: At the very least killing them was necessary to make anything at first.
    Wiwaxia (GM): STRIFE
    Leon Gaspar: (While Lemi is strifing, I look around for something to alchemise my Makeshift Flail with, specifically something spiky.)
    Lemi Malloy: ok!
    I don't have a weapon so I have to either improve, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll under, lessay 5 on d6
    I assume you have a basic hatchet or something in your strife specibus
    Lemi Malloy: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): +0 to hit, 1d8 damage
    imp got the drop on you, though
    Leon Gaspar: (yeah I think it's fair enough that we'd each have a basic version of our strife specibus on hand?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): quite literally
    yep, that's the though
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: In that case I head to my alchemiter! Since I entered last I have one of the supercombined versions, I think?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (while Lemi is strifing, I take out my fan, and go down to the kitchen to grab a knife, with the intent of combining the two to a simple bladed fan)
    Myrtha Oscurr: those got unlocked the further along the chain you go
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the imp slams into the ground at your feet
    @Myrtha, no you need to get the jumper block extension and shunts for that
    they're unloocked, but none of you can afford them
    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh, but this is a six-person chain
    Wiwaxia (GM): b/c you all entered at ~ the same time
    Moss Kaplan: Yeah, there's no real weapons I could make
    so I'm heading downstairs.
    do I see anything as I head outside?
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): so there isn't the ridiculous exponentiation of starting grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: i see!
    Wiwaxia (GM): wouldn't fit in your grist cache anyways
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I go to the Armory to collect useful pointy things
  5. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Lemi roll a d6 for initiative vs the imp
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Myrtha Oscurr: and note down the captcha codes
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): It's too tight for the imp to pounce, so it's just gonna jab you
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Here, these codes should help with making weapons
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp is not having the best day
    your turn
    Lemi Malloy: Imp's trying their best
    Myrtha Oscurr sends over a docfile of captcha codes
    Leon Gaspar: NI: sweet thanks myrtha!
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 16
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeeeeah that hits
    roll damage (1d8)
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's dead
    very dead
    you get 10 mahogony grist
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: thank you, myrtha
    (i pick something blade-y pretty thing, and ponder, this or the kitchen knife?) (the pretty blade-y thing, probably)
    Leon Gaspar looks through docfile
    Leon Gaspar ponders
    Lemi Malloy: I abandon candlequest to run back to my laptop
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: lemi, is your phone still alive? maybe you can use that as a flashlight
    Lemi Malloy: ag: HAS ANYONE ELSE FOUND A MONSTER??!?!?!?!?!?
    Moss Kaplan: On my way downstairs, do I see anything of interest?
    Do i have to roll?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (motherfuck, I put the prototypings on Lemi instead of the imp)
    you've gotta roll if you're looking for something
    you make it down the stairs to the transportalizer chamber without incident
    Leon Gaspar: Do we have to roll on Myrtha's docfile?
    Wiwaxia (GM): transportalize? y/n
    Myrtha Oscurr: the docfile is just a list of things
    Leon Gaspar: Then I find the code for a short scythe and head for the alchemiter
    NI: shit lemi are you okay?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: shes ok enough to capslock at us
    Leon Gaspar: NI: well you're not wrong
    Lemi Malloy: ag: there was this little monster thing and it fell from the ceiling and it kinda flopped around so i hit it with my hatchet and it died and turned into little thingies????
    Moss Kaplan: ((hell, just lost connection for a bit))
    I am totally going to transportalize
    Leon Gaspar: NI: okay good, little thingies are good
    Wiwaxia (GM): how far down?
    garden atrium, lower levels, up to Mom's old room?
    Myrtha Oscurr: oc: Like, weird candy-looking things?
    Lemi Malloy: ag: yeah like that
    Leon Gaspar: NI: that's 'grist' apparently. we can build things with that!
    NI: and we need more of it. lots more.
    Moss Kaplan: Lower levels.
    Wiwaxia (GM): 's pretty dusty down here
    Leon Gaspar: (How do I go about trying to alchemise?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some greenish light from the far windows coming in through the leaves
    @Leon at the end of the session tell me what you want to alchemize and I'll get it to you by next time
    Moss Kaplan: I sneeze.
    And check for any imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'll give you the cost and then you can decide if you want to make it or not
    no imps that you can see
    Lemi Malloy: I scroll up, see Ilmatar's message, and look around for my phone
    Leon Gaspar: (Ah ok.)
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Any of you guys have something that'd be good to combine with weapons?
    Moss Kaplan: Cool. I look around for something I could combine with weapons for the others ((is that too vague?))
    Leon Gaspar: NI: I'm gonna go find some more grist before I look for weapon ideas.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Leon, you hear something rattling the door of the apartment
    yep, too vauge
    what are you looking for?
    garden implements?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: shit. brb guys
    Wiwaxia (GM): electric things
    Leon Gaspar: I put down my laptop and equip my Makeshift Flail.
    NI: hey myrtha you wouldn't have a taser would you
    Moss Kaplan: Hm. Yeah. Sharp & pointy garden implements. Grist if it's, like, lying around
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I have pepper spray and one of those brass-knuckle keychain things
    Wiwaxia (GM): no grist lying around
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Also a halbred
    Leon Gaspar carefully heads for the door w/ flail in hand
    Wiwaxia (GM): you need to roll 7 or lower on a d6 to find a pointy garden implement, so yes
    Myrtha Oscurr: *halberd
    Wiwaxia (GM): you found one of those dirt aerater claw things
    Leon Gaspar and......flings it open!!!
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, imps
    3 of em
    all yellow
    wanna engage or shut the door?
    Leon Gaspar: engage
    Moss Kaplan: neat. I grab it and put it in my sylladex to give to someone at some point
    Leon Gaspar: i'm gonnna need to get out of this apartment at some point
    Wiwaxia (GM): k one sec
    Ilmatar Nordwind wonders if her mother was home when this happened.
    Moss Kaplan: I'll head up to Mom's room
    Leon Gaspar makes sure his connection is still working
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry, getting imps sorted
    Leon Gaspar: no it's okay! i just know my internet cuts out sometimes and I wanted to make sure i wasn't lagging or something >.>
    (i am the canon seer, it is me)
    Wiwaxia (GM): fff
    right, there we go
    you got the drop on the imps, so you get a turn before initiative
    Leon Gaspar: I go to attack the leftmost imp (specifically to whack it on the head)
    (what do i need to roll again)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one?
    Leon Gaspar: ohh hey look at imps
    sorry i was in the wrong part of the map
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d20 plus the attack bonus you don't have
    Leon Gaspar: change that to the one closest to me
    rolling 1d20
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): nnnope
    now roll d6 for initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): initiative is by side, btw, so they all go
    Leon Gaspar has 2 as an (unlucky) number apparently
    Wiwaxia (GM): first off you take 4 damage
    Leon Gaspar winces
    Wiwaxia (GM): then the closest imp to you is gonna attack
    rolling 1d20
    = 7
    then that guys gonna go there and snap at you over the head of the other with its long neck
    rolling 2d20
    = 21
    4 does not hit
    Leon Gaspar is looking at his life, his choices
    Wiwaxia (GM): whoop, 5 technically
    still does not hit
    oh and that imp takes 4 damage and heals 1
    nope it's dead
    Leon Gaspar breathes a sigh of relief
    Wiwaxia (GM): bad call, imp
    Leon Gaspar: (if i may, why are they taking damage? from missing?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): it dropped a fuckload of amber grist
    Leon Gaspar accepts the mystery and moves on
    Leon Gaspar: I'm also ignoring the grist for now until the immediate threat is dealt with
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn
    yeah good call
    Leon Gaspar: sweet! i'm gonna go for the nearest imp again
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, roll twice and take the lowest
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20
    = 5
    god damn it
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    gonna move?
    Leon Gaspar: yep, gonna retreat. how far can i go?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 6m
    Leon Gaspar: assuming each square is 1m?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    sorry, shoulda got people over to this tab to watch sooner
    (Not) Literally A Bird: that was NOT the button i wanted
    okay yes here i am
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon's turn again
    (Not) Literally A Bird: okay. i assume i'm not in hitting distance rn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    (Not) Literally A Bird: aaand if i move now i can't move again
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, multitasking time!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: oh yeah. sorry guys! it is All About Leon
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss, your mom's room is covered in gardening tools and slightly mouldering gardening mags
    also vines
    ilmatar, what are you doing?
    leon, got a call on what you're gonna do on your turn yet?
    climbing on furniture is toally legit, btw
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :^)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Two things: Was my mama home when we entered?
    And I wanted to head down to the kitchen (fan equipped), and grab a kitchen knife to alchemize a bladed fan with
    Moss Kaplan: I shove aside the gardening magazines. Ugh. At some point I was going to clean these out.
    I grab the pointier of the gardening tools and shove them into my sylladex
    ((ngl i have this image of Moss shoving things into midair like a kid hiding messes in a closet))
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I am on the couch now
    like sort of clambered up on the back
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp the creepy kimono agresses, but cannot reach you
    the spotted imp ducks out of sight

    (Not) Literally A Bird regrets putting that doll in the thing
    (Not) Literally A Bird: can i reach the imp or
    can I jump on the imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): I mean if you want to
    (Not) Literally A Bird: like can I reach it without jumping on it?
    Karrin Blue: So what should I be doing?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bird, youre in bird mode, not character mode
    (Not) Literally A Bird: oh yeah oops
    Leon Gaspar: here we go
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar, here lemme check a thing
    you can probably hit it without jumping if you step down onto the couch cushions
    but then it can reach you
    Leon Gaspar: alright, I edge close enough to the imp that it's within flail-reach and have a go at it
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll twice, take the lowest
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 2d20
    = 20
    you've gotta be shitting me
    Wiwaxia (GM): ouch
    Leon Gaspar: says leon
    Wiwaxia (GM): but this means I get to use this thing
    whimsy: fumble ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    20 You miss. That's it. You just miss. You can keep going with your turn and everything.
    = 20
    Leon Gaspar: phew
    i'm laughing at the ya-done-fucked-up table, that's fantastic
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah one of the results on there is save or die
    Leon Gaspar: i assume that's my turn over?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope you can still move
    b/c you moved like less than a meter
    Leon Gaspar: i get back up on the top of the couch. fuck you imp.
    Wiwaxia (GM): which side of the couch?
    this is important
    Leon Gaspar: that side
    Wiwaxia (GM): forgot to take the 4 hp off earlier
    you feel a malaise lift slightly as you step away from the imp
    and then come right back as it jumps onto the couch after you
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    Leon Gaspar notes this phenomenon
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    careful there
    Leon Gaspar counts the metres between him and the bedroom
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can give up your attack for another move if you want
    Leon Gaspar: yeah i think im gonna do that
    i assume that's my turn?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar, you try to make a bladed fan, but you need some kind of grist you haven't seen
    Leon Gaspar SLAM
    Wiwaxia (GM): go ahead and move yourself
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Naww shucks.
    Do I see my mama around?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((COME ON AND SLAM))
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Leon Gaspar that was the door btw
    Wiwaxia (GM): she must have wandered off
    yep, figured
    Leon Gaspar starts looking around for something to bar the door with
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you've got enough movement to pull it off
    Leon Gaspar rolls for it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): um
    Leon Gaspar: alternatively there's a table there
    Wiwaxia (GM): 2 on d6 for some kinda bar
    or table
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (doors are a perfect bottlneck, fyi)
    Leon Gaspar: alrighty
    rolling 2d6
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): for clarity, that was 2 or below on 1d6
    but you got it
    Leon Gaspar: oops
    sorry i am not used to this system yet!
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's one of those nice sturdy wooden coatrack bars in the closet
    no worries, I'm still sorting stuff out myself!
  6. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    speaking og which, what's Lemi up to?
    looking for candles again?
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi is first taking Ilmatar
    Leon Gaspar: nice, I jam it under the door handle and sit against the door
    Lemi Malloy: 's advice and looks for her phone
    Wiwaxia (GM): also question, is the door to the patio from the living room open?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: do NOT fight more than one imp at once
    it wouldn't be, no
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Will keep that in mind
    Wiwaxia (GM): Lemi's phone's fine
    Leon Gaspar: unless tia's out there which i assume she's not
    door is shut unless someone's on the patio
    Wiwaxia (GM): just as well for you
    Ilmatar, do you wanna ascend to the highest point of the house to look around?
    Lemi Malloy: ag: @bi Success! thanks! :D
    Alright, return to candlequest
    I return to the storeroom
    *storage room
    Wiwaxia (GM): you pick up the grist as you walk over it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: good to hear, lemi.
    Hmm, highest point sounds good, but I want to wander around outside a little
    Wiwaxia (GM): find roll for candles in the house of a survivalist is gonna be like 7 or lower on a d6
    you get 2 good tapers by phonelight
    wanna keep poking around for matches?
    Lemi Malloy: yep!
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, you hear things moving around downstairs
    and steps on the stairs
    @ilmatar, the cliff's about 30-35 meters straight down, then stormclouds
    Lemi Malloy: How many steps? More than one set?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just one
    Leon Gaspar: (Leon is taking a moment to recover while his player goes and gets some tea)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the cliff goes off like a ledge over the horizon in one direction
    Ilmatar Nordwind: any paths? what does the surrounding area look like? (big cliff, small cliff-island, any others in seeing range?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): but stops in a shorter cliff to the stairs in another
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh
    Wiwaxia (GM): all you can see is a hu-fucking-mungous stepped pyramid mountain
    Ilmatar Nordwind documents this with a couple of pictures
    Lemi Malloy: I look for matches and keep an eye towards the stairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): got em
    Moss Kaplan: oh
    whoops, my computer did a thing
    just caught up again
    ok, so last i remember, i shoved pointy garden tools in my sylladex and then i was gonna head to...the greenhouse area. while on the lookout for imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Lemi Malloy: Attempt to light candle!
    Wiwaxia (GM): grace check, please
    that is, 1d20+your entire grace score
    Lemi Malloy: not just my + to grace?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, whole thing
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+13
    = 23
    Wiwaxia (GM): between 21 and 25 is a narrow success
    the light dwindles almost instantly, like the darkness is trying to press in on it and extinguish it, but you manage to will enough life back into the flame to light a candle
    the shadows recoil into the corners of the small room
    moss, you transportalize to the garden atrium
    you're at the center of a cross
    you can't see very far, there's vines draped over everything
    Lemi Malloy: I hold the candle towards the stairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's another hardwood imp at the head of the stairs
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: How are you guys holding up?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: no monsters, i am quite annoyed. lots of clouds and a strange ground, however
    Moss Kaplan: sI: I found some old gardening tools that maybe you guys can use for weapons
    sI: and a metric shitton of vines
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's got raccoon paws, long, unkempt hair, and a leopard face
    Moss Kaplan: sI: no monsters here either
    Lemi Malloy: I set the candle down somewhere it hopefully won't get knocked down and charge at the imp!
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d6 for initative
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: oh, does anyone have [the grist i need for the bladed fan]?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nobody's found any yet)
    the imp's ready for you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: how vexing.
    Wiwaxia (GM): and snaps at your leg
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 21
    oh boy
    rolling 4+1d4!
    = 6
    Lemi Malloy regrets everything
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i am really not good. im currently hiding in my bedroom
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeoch
    also, it grabbed on
    Leon Gaspar goes back to finding tea and painkillers
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4+1d0
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar that is, NLAB does
    Leon Gaspar actual leon is just resting
    Wiwaxia (GM): ...buuuut there's no way you can't beat that grapple check
    your turn lemi
    Ilmatar Nordwind has just remembered that an open unguarded window is an invitation for spirits to enter.
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    gonna move?
    it's light enough it can't realy hold you
    @ ilmatar, welll no spirits, buuuut
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well, i ran around some earlier but didnt get to move myself much on the map
    Lemi Malloy: Can I grab the lit candle?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    that'll be your move action, though
    Moss Kaplan: I make my way through the vines to try to get outside
    Lemi Malloy: Alright I do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss, are you pushing through or picking your way around?
    also, which direction?
    forward back right left
    Moss Kaplan: Hm. Picking my way through. to... this way
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see two dust imps ripping up vines
    they haven't noticed you
    Moss Kaplan: how dare they. i kick the one closest to me really hard
    Wiwaxia (GM): k one sec
    ok, it's got fins and leopard spots
    Myrtha, what are you up to?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alchemizing stuff, probably?
    if there's enough grist
    starting with computers
    Wiwaxia (GM): there really isn't
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright then
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, I can't deal w/ alchemization midsession in practical terms
    Myrtha Oscurr: picking off imps that are separate from groups
  7. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): K
    moss, lemme know what you're doing, I'll go populate myrtha's house so she can go geurilla
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d8
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's dead
    it was a fucking shitty imp
    Moss Kaplan: I am very surprised
    can i kick the other one or does it know i'm here now?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get 12 dust grist and 6 build grist
    roll dexterity to see
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20+9
    = 26
    Wiwaxia (GM): hasn't a clue
    Moss Kaplan: sweet, i kick the shit out of him too
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 2d20 twice and take the lowest
    to attack
    Moss Kaplan: oh! ok whoops
    rolling 2d20
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): ouch
    here we go!
    rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    13 You stumble and catch your balance, but in regaining your footing you allow your opponent to maneuver you 1m in a direction of their choice.
    = 13
    but since it doesn't know you're there that doesn't apply
    it sure as hell knows now though
    Moss Kaplan: damn vines
    Wiwaxia (GM): incidentally, it's wearing a kimono and shitty animu garb
    Moss Kaplan: goddamn weeaboo imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): and has a raccoon skull for a face
    Myrtha Oscurr: goddamn weaboo goth imps
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ahahahhahahha)
    Wiwaxia (GM): @myrtha your house is now full of imps if you wanna go imp hunting
    oh Lemi!
    I forgot, you're still in strife
    the imp's attacking you again
    rolling 1d20
    = 13
    Lemi Malloy: It's fine!
    Well that's nto
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 3
    may I suggest absconding?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh hey, Wiwaxia, can Myrtha have snagged some gauntlets from the Armory?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @moss, take 3 damage and the imp's attacking you
    Lemi Malloy: I run back to my room with candle in hand and slam the door.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 2
    the imp whiffs its attack vs. moss
    myrtha lesse, gauntlets would be 1 in 6 +2 from guardian intreast?
    so roll a 3 or lower
    Moss Kaplan: Imma kick it in the head
    Wiwaxia (GM): sweet
    roll 2d20, take the lower
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 2d20
    = 17
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    gonna move?
    Lemi Malloy: ag: never fighting one of those things again 0n0
    Moss Kaplan: I am running this way
    Wiwaxia (GM): it snaps at you as you move away from it
    rolling 1d20
    = 2
    but just bites a vine
    (from earlier)
    (although you guys can subtract hp from yourselves, too)
    myrtha, d6 roll to find gauntlets?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon and lemi, any ideas to break the seige?
    Moss Kaplan: hm. run & kick?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, no gauntlets
    Myrtha Oscurr: aww.
    oh well.
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss it's the imp's turn
    Lemi Malloy assumes that throwing the candle at it would be a bad idea
    Wiwaxia (GM): it slinks away into the vines
    Lemi Malloy: Can I search my room for other makeshift ranged weapons?
    Wiwaxia (GM): like what?
    Moss Kaplan: aw.
    is it done with its turn? can i still see it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes and no, respectively
    you might be able to see it with a sucessful grace check
    Lemi Malloy: Maybe books? Or other heavy-ish thing like rocks?
    Moss Kaplan: lessee, grace is 15 + 1
    rolling d20 + 16
    = 22
    Wiwaxia (GM): rocks would be 2 in 6 to have in your room, heavy enough books maybe 4 in 6?
    Leon Gaspar is sorry for being afk for so long!
    Lemi Malloy: Alright I'll look for books!
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry, clarity
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss your grace is 15, +1 is the modifier to your saves
    Leon Gaspar is reading through what he missed
    Moss Kaplan: OH. ok
    Leon Gaspar wait no has to brb again goddammit. can you roll20 on your phone
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't see it, but think it's going for an ambush rather than fleeing
    I think so?
    not sure
    myrtha, are you going imp hunting?
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    imp trapping
    Moss Kaplan: Yeek. I'm moving back to the middle of the room and looking around again. high ground and all that
    Myrtha Oscurr: stalking? I'm lying in wait and springing
    Lemi Malloy: question: How wide are my book shelves compared to the height of the imps?
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss, there's a transportalizer there
    take it?
    lemi, the imps are a little under a meter tall, so probably?
    @myrtha, where are you goinf?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    Moss Kaplan: Hm. can i just stand there and do another grace check, and if anything attacks, book it out of there?
    either way, i figure the transportalizer is higher & clearer ground than the rest of the room
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: Well you have my icon in the great room
    Lemi Malloy: Alright! I empty out one of the bookshelves, move anything else away from the door, and carefully tip the bookshelf over and push it in front of the door
    does the door open in or out
    Wiwaxia (GM): you tell me
    call 1
    Lemi Malloy: heads= opens out
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d2
    = 2
    nope, opens in
    Lemi Malloy: goddamnit
    alright, so slight change of plans
    (by the way, I have tipped the bookshelf on it's long edge? With the shelves pointed towards me)
    I drag one end of the bookshelf just far enough for me to squeeze past it and open the door as quietly as I can
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp appear behind you
    Lemi Malloy: FUCK
    Moss Kaplan: oh, right
    grace check
    rolling 1d20 + 15
    = 16
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see it!
    behind you!
    Moss Kaplan: shit! does it see me/is it attacking/can i kick it
    Wiwaxia (GM): you just got a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, but you're pretty sure you know where it is
    Moss Kaplan: oh good! I sneak over there
    pick my way cautiously?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's not there
    you saw some vines swaying
    it is, in point of fact ambushing you
    rolling 1d20+2
    = 14
    Moss Kaplan: nyello. yikes
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 3
    also, it's between you and the transportalizer, now
    Moss Kaplan: shitmonkeys
    i kick it
    Myrtha Oscurr: punch it in the snout!
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll twice, take the lower
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 2d20
    = 29
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi, what are you doing with your imp situation?
    Lemi Malloy: Is the imp attacking me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's your turn, but it looks p fucking agressive
    it's crawling at you all samara
    with the hair and everything
    9 does not hit, sorry
    Lemi Malloy: Can I use Hope power to get extra standard this turn?
    Moss Kaplan: goddamn weeaboo goth furry imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): go for it
    @ moss 2 factors
    last time you were next to it you took damage before it attacked
    and it attacked you as you ran away
    Lemi Malloy: alright, I swing at it with my hatchet!
    Wiwaxia (GM): what are you doing with your move?
    note the move-half-speed option in the rules section of the thread
    lemi, roll your attack
    ilmatar, what are you doing?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    14 You fucking fling whatever you were holding. Roll 1d6 (counting clockwise from vertical) for direction and 1d3 for meters thrown. Good job. If you weren't holding anything, you can't use whatever you were attacking with for 1d2 rounds.
    = 14
    oh boy!
    k roll to see where you flung your hatchet
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    rolling 1d3
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): what's the thing I just pinged?
    anyways your hatchet is stuck in it
    Lemi Malloy: My tv
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I want to close the window in my room, but you cut off my part with a "buuut" I think, unless i misinterpreted that line and it was at someone else
    if there's something in my room, i want to utilize terrain, because everythings narrow af and it's 1-on-1
    Wiwaxia (GM): you no longer have a tv
    yeah there's a couple imps in there
    bismuth and rust
    hold on while I get prototypings
    Lemi Malloy: oh hey need to roll 3rd part of crit fail
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, b/c you had a weapon
  8. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: (brb procuring some kind of breakfast)
    Wiwaxia (GM): turn's over though unless you use your hope thing for another action
    moss, what are you doing?
    Lemi Malloy: Didn't I already use Hope thing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, but that was just your normal action
    you crit failed before you could use your hope action
    so I think it makes sense for that to bust the crit fail-turn ends thing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (back)
    Wiwaxia (GM): k lemme get you your imps
    Moss Kaplan: Oh!
    technically i was rereading the rules regarding moves
    I'm kicking it. aiming for chest. center mass
    Lemi Malloy: Could I use hope turn to retrieve hatchet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    moss, you already attacked
    you just have a move left
    Lemi Malloy: Alright I grab my hatchet
    Moss Kaplan: oh! hang on, i think i got some things out of order in my head
    i'm moving away from it
    Wiwaxia (GM): trying to get past it to transportalizer or away into vines?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh, they're on the stairs? how nice
    Moss Kaplan: transportalizer, moving around imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bismuth imp has spots. a leopard face and a creepy-ass white kimono
    the rust imp has leopard spots and skeletal raccoon paws
    moss the imp bites at your pant leg as you move away, trying to trip you
    rolling 1d20
    = 11
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    okay, you can either take the damage or get tripped
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I try to kick the bismuth imp down the stairs into the rust imp, rinse and repeat
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 1
    yeah you beat their initiative
    Leon Gaspar leon triumphantly returns from dropping someone home
    Moss Kaplan: tripped. i'm assuming i know how to fall, since i'm interested in martial arts
    Leon Gaspar by leon i mean bird
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, roll 2d20 and take the lower, ilmatar
    yeah, that's fair
    Leon Gaspar catches up on things!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d20
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): note that being tripped means the imp can attack you while you're down next turn
    @ilmatar, gonna move?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nah+
    this spots good
    this house is full of bottlenecks, which is great for fighting
    Wiwaxia (GM): k ilmatar takes 4 damage from a hostile spiritual presence
    Ilmatar Nordwind: D::
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the imp's biting you
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Begone, foul spirit! I did not invite thee here!
    Wiwaxia (GM): lolnope
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hey, is everyone okay? sorry, my connection broke for a bit
    Wiwaxia (GM): the rust imp climbs straight up the wall
    Lemi Malloy: ahahahaha oh shit
    I just remembered that I specifically noted that her tv was an old one that's not a flatscreen
    which would mean crt, right?
    Leon Gaspar: yes it would!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Now that's just not nice. I peeked into my room earlier, were any imps in there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Moss Kaplan: aight.
    can i make an argument for IMPACT self-defense ground kick?
    or does being tripped just kill my turn
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ lemi did you use your hopey thing to grab your axe again?
    tripped kills your turn unless you take the damage instead
    Moss Kaplan: ok! that works then :D
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I retreat to my room, and have the door leaned. if anything follows me in there, i'll know
    Wiwaxia (GM): k can you move there?
    Leon Gaspar: (i will let you guys finish strifing before doing anything else i think. otherwise it's gonna get real crowded in here. #dontsplittheparty #bekindtoyourGM)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Lemi Malloy: it depends on if axe hitting a crt television would cause flying glass everywhere but yes I said I did
    Wiwaxia (GM): y'all should probably plan to meet up
    it will make your lives much easier
    yep, glass everywhere
    let's say 50% of 1 damage if you move incaustiously in tat area until it's swept up?
    speaking of which
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp avoids the damage
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 3
    and bites precicely jack shit
    moss, take 1 damage
    Lemi Malloy: a) is the candle on the table and b) is imp within thrusting distance?
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the imp is jabbing you
    rolling 1d20
    = 10
    what's your def, moss?
    @lemi yes and yes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I just got an idea. Ima slam the door into the next imp that comes to me
    Moss Kaplan: def is...10
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar, how far is the drop off the side of the stairs where the bismuth imp is now?
    yeah that hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    2 more damage
    Lemi Malloy: I grab the candle and jab it at him, hoping that wood imp= weak to fire
    roll to hit?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d20, as usual
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    damage is 1d6-2
    b/c improvised
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6-2
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the imp screams and recoils
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the blue one? is it on the 4th or the 3rd step from top? each step 25 cm, so about 2-2.5m
    Wiwaxia (GM): doesn't look like the candle did any extra damage, but the imp sure didn't seem to like it
    okay, it's light so it can probably jump that without damage
    comes in the door
    Ilmatar Nordwind: or did you mean to the top floor? b/c then its less than a metre
    the second its in the frame i slam the door into its face
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh I see, wa backwards
    can't quite get to the door then
    wait for it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    roll 1d20
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): b/c you are not next to it
    it jumps back into the hallway
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naw shucks
    open door again, but i stay in the doors guard
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi, are you moving?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and those rolls is why i test my own dice before i buy em)
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss, you're on the ground
    's a move action to get up
    what do?
    bismuth imp charges in like you didn't just slam the door in it's face
    Ilmatar Nordwind: me, 1d20?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Lemi Malloy: um yeah I put the table between us
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Moss Kaplan: I'm just gonna kick him from here. I can get more force from the ground
    Wiwaxia (GM): k roll 2d20, take the lower
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 2d20
    = 16
    Wiwaxia (GM): like so lemi?
    yeah that doesn't hit
    Moss Kaplan: shit son
    Lemi Malloy: yeah like so
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm curious, have you guys figured out what's up with the :mystery: yet?
    rolling 1d2
    = 1
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i know of no mystery
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp gets sliced by glass charging at lemi
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aka ilmatar doesnt, no one told her. whimsy has a hunch
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 8
    hardwood imp whiffs the bite again
    Leon Gaspar: Leon also hasn't guessed, but Bird has theories
    mostly to do with the fact that we all prototyped the creepiest shit we could get our hands on
    goddammit guys
    Wiwaxia (GM): @moss, standing up or crawling away or?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: same thing that attacked ilmatar ::/ possibly the breee, somehow pissed.
    otherwise, wonky prototyping combination that is self-destructing
    Lemi Malloy: Lemi thrusts candle at imp once again!
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll to attack?
    Moss Kaplan: hey man, don't look at me, i prototyped a fucking vine
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: :P yes except for you
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope.jpeg
    Moss Kaplan: uh, imp is still in between me and transportalizer, right?
    Lemi Malloy: Can I make it to the closet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope @ moss
    you got to the other side before it tripped you
    Lemi Malloy: and my to I mean inside
    Leon Gaspar leon continues to ponder. when the mysterious force governing his actions has a moment, he will probably try to look around for something with which to restore his health.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @lemi yep
    Lemi Malloy: *by
    Moss Kaplan: well then, i'm transportalizing myself the shit out of here.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ leon sleeping would do it
    Moss Kaplan: Uh, up to my room, as it is far away
    Leon Gaspar: Alright, I'm going to triple-check that the door is fully barred. I'm also gonna check the window to the patio because there's pm no way there's not imps out there
    Wiwaxia (GM): you crawl away slowly and guardedly enough that you can block te dust imps attack as you retreat
    there are no imps out there
    @moss where are you transportalizing?
    oop, missed that
    Lemi Malloy: can I slam the door closed behind me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, you're at the transportalizing room, with the stairs going up to your room
    Moss Kaplan: grace check for creepy-ass imps?
    Leon Gaspar: well, I can't really go anywhere with my health like this, so ... I'm gonna hide under my blanket and try for a ~10 minute nap, and pray to anyone listening that imps don't jump me while i'm asleep
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ lemi, probably not, given that you just attacked the thing
    Lemi Malloy: mk
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp comes in after you
    do you think glass wouldv'e gotten to that side of the room?
    Lemi Malloy: I just watched a youtube video and the glass can get pretty far
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think the bismuth imp probably got into the room after that last slam
    k, can you roll 1d2 to see if you got cut by glass?
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    imp did not
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d2
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): you did
    take 1 damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh well, but at least the rust imp is shut out for now, and i only have to deal with one of them. i point my closed fan forward.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 11
    yeah that hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    and I think that puts you at 0 with one overflow?
    Lemi Malloy: yeeep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (oh dear)

    Wiwaxia (GM) pulls out Death and Dismemberment table
    Wiwaxia (GM): fortunately, 1 overflow damage is grace period
    you got a bruise
    it hurts like the dickens
    Lemi Malloy: dammit!
    can I still fight?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    you can fight as long as you can stand
    Lemi Malloy: Can I attempt to shove him onto the glass stricken ground?
    stricken isn't the right word
    Wiwaxia (GM): strewn
    and sure
    Ilmatar Nordwind: covered ::D
    Lemi Malloy: thank you
    alright I try that!
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, grappling time
    imp gets a free jab at you as you engage
    if it hits you can either take the damage and grapple or break off the attack
    Myrtha Oscurr: ugh, it's past midnight here
    Wiwaxia (GM): then contested grappling which the poor fucker has no chance at
    Myrtha Oscurr: i'm going to bed
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 20
    Karrin Blue: sorry!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Lemi Malloy: night!
    Wiwaxia (GM): pm if there's anything you want to alchemize before next session
    Karrin Blue: will do
    Wiwaxia (GM): *pm me
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (n8)
    Moss Kaplan: night!
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4+1d4!
    = 7
    I uh
    Moss Kaplan: oh, right, uh, grace check on my way up to my room?
    Wiwaxia (GM): suggest that you break off the attack, Lemi
    Lemi Malloy: yeah I am gonna do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): @moss go for it
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): + grace
    Moss Kaplan: oops
    that makes it 23 unless you want reroll
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Lemi, are you gonna try to run for it?
    or lure it out onto the glass?
    Lemi Malloy: Can I try to run out of the closet and shut the door on it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    moss, nothing around, but you see some imps slowly climbing up the vines on the side of the tower
    you don't know if they'll try to come into your rooom, though
    Moss Kaplan: shnikes. i get to my room with plans of barricading the shit out of it
    Lemi Malloy: Alright, I shut the door under it, reach for one of the chairs and try to use that to jam under the doorknob
    Wiwaxia (GM): bismuth imp moves across to your desk then leaps at you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rude! do i get an opportunity attack because it needs to flit by me, or is it too fast?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're gonna need to get opportunity attacks special with an alchemized weapon or something
    Ilmatar Nordwind: kk
    Wiwaxia (GM): they don't come default, although you may have noticed a few imps have tjem
    Moss Kaplan: uh, can i toss some furniture in my room quick?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ lemi, you are sucessful!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i hold my fan in a way that the imp should impale itself on it if it leaps on me, holding with both hands
    Wiwaxia (GM): what do you do now?
    roll 1d20+1
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 5
    Lemi Malloy: Alright! I very carefully wince my way over, place candle on the table, shut the door, and retrieve my axe
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bismuth imp soars majestically over your head and into the stovepipe
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi, can you @ the people who are supposed to roll? im a tad too tired to discern if im supposed to roll if theres no @ and 3 battles ongoing
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotcha
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i wheel around
    Wiwaxia (GM): that roll up there was me trying and failing to /roll, though
    are you gonna stab it while it's under you, or move away?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: it's under me? then i stab it with my full body weight
    Wiwaxia (GM): @lemi, ok what next?
    @ilmatar, okay, roll twice and take the lower
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d20
    = 21
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you get +1 damage if you hit
    4 does not hit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh come ON
    stupid rng
    Wiwaxia (GM): you feel a malevolent presence sweep yout blow to the side
    Lemi Malloy: does it sound like the imp is struggling?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    @ilmatar, are you moving?
    @moss what are you doing barricade-wise?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Presence, show thyself!
    i move with the back to the door, crouching
    Lemi Malloy: I look for something I can use to sweep/ gather up the glass
    Wiwaxia (GM): thereabouts?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp floats up to vertical
    screams in your face
    and bites at you
    Moss Kaplan: asking if you wouldn't mind if i tossed some furniture in here
    late notice and all
    and then trying to figure out the darn draw function on this doohickey
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, goahead
  9. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: i aim the fan up so its between me and the imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 15
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    2 damage to you
    and roll to hit the imp with your fan
    twice, take the lower
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d20
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Ilmatar Nordwind: =_=
    Wiwaxia (GM): where's the open window?
    (To GM) rolling 1d2
    = 2
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the right one
    Wiwaxia (GM): a breeze sweeps inside, coils around the room and steers your fan back into a direct strike
    aka you hit
    *The Breeze
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "how peculiar"
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d8 for damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d8
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp's still up, but barely
    are you moving?
    @lemi, sweeping up?
    where are you starting?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "Whichever spirit aided me, I thank you."
    i attack again.
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you attack again immediately, the imp will get a hit in first
    still attacking?
    Lemi Malloy: starting from the area nearest the former tv and sweeping everything in front of the closet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp crawls out of your broken tv
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Would waiting enable me to dodge its next attack / attack again before it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, but it would get you out of the range of it's ambient damage malevolence
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn, lemi, btw
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooh
    rolling 1d20
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then i try to move towards the window, always facing the damn imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): the open one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): the hardwood imp charges lemi
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    avoids the glass
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    and hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have another bruise
    the bismuth imp leaps at ilmatar
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 16
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): still nope
    ilmatar takes 2 damage
    and there is an imp biting her shoulder
    Lemi Malloy: I jump up onto the bed
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d2
    = 2
    fucking lucky-ass imp
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 21
    Lemi Malloy: This imp is my
    whimsy: back. sorry, tower crashed again
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4+1d4!
    = 5
    k can I get a fortitude save, Lemi?
    (roll under fortitude save on a d20)
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 6
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i grapple and attack the imp?
    (what i wanted to say before i dced, the rng hates the players and loves the gm, news at 11 ::D)
    Lemi Malloy: my fort score is 8 did I make the save?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep! you are not unconcious!
    now I need 3 more fortitude saves against being dazed, stunned and knocked over
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 17
    rolling 1d20
    = 1
    rolling 1d20
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar you are already grappling with it, actually
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): hit the grapple button on your character sheet
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6+8 (0)
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah you can slam it into a wall or throw it out the window or something with that
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i input 1 if that was correct)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that was, yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: slam into wall ::D crush it between my fairyness and a storm wall
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Lemi, you have also avoided being stunned and knocked over, but you have -2 to every roll you make for the next 1d4 turns
    (after this turn roll 1d4, if you get a 1, you're free, otherwise roll 1d3 next turn and so on)
    Lemi Malloy: (alright)
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar, you feel the dedidely odd sensation of gaming abstractions being poofed out of physical existence on your back
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (irl giggling)
    Lemi Malloy: (is it my turn against the imp?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: A-hahaha, forces of fairies 1, forces of grues, 0
    Lemi Malloy: I attempt to jump off the bed and hit it with my axe in a downward strike that most definitely won't go wrong
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: fairies 1, grues 0
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh incidentally, all further damage against lemi counts as 1 higher for the purposes of the Death and Dismemberment Table until you heal
    k, roll for it
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20-2
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you didn't fumble, so that's something
    wanna try and youth roll across the table or something?
    Lemi Malloy: sure what do I roll
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d20+entire dex score
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+12-2
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    you don't do anything stupid like hit your head, though
    Lemi Malloy: well there's that
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 18
    jesus fuck
    rolling 1d4+1
    = 2
    okay, fort save or you're EVEN MORE DAZED
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, ya made it
    Lemi Malloy: (also should I roll 1d4 for dazed?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar, are you gonna go after the rust im, roo?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: not now
    i received quite a bit of damage
    i want to check if theres anything coming up to the window first
    and then check for bruises, cuts, etc. do i have a first aid kit in my room?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are completely unharmed because your hp was not depleted!
    unlike poor Lemi
    whose turn it is again, incidentally
    Lemi Malloy: I charge at it with my axe while crying, probably
    rolling 1d20-2
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's nothing coming up, but you do see some piles of grist along the cliffside
    a crit's still a crit no matter what penalties you've got
    you do 8+1d8! (exploding) damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind: along the cliffside? hm. i'd need to take on the rust imp first, though.
    how is my fan holding up?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d8+8
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah it's dead
    very dead
    is your fan paper or cloth?
    incidentally, you get exp for damage taken, so lemi's gonna make out like a bandit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: cloth and wood
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's fine
    Lemi Malloy: Well!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i put the window in half-open position, and cautiously open the door
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon awkaens from his nap moderately refershed
    Lemi Malloy: I look despondently at the state of my room and fall on the bed
    Can I fall asleep?
    Wiwaxia (GM): he slept dreamlessly, as always
    yeah, you're frankly exhausted
    are you sleeping?
    Lemi Malloy: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): can I get a grace check to awaken on Derse?
    you took enough of a beating to potentially trigger that, I think
    Lemi Malloy: still minus 2?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Lemi Malloy: mk
    rolling 1d20+13
    = 22
    Leon Gaspar yawns
    Moss Kaplan:
    and i weight down trapdoor with bed
    as for the final window, i close the shutters if i have them, and scatter the gardening tools i grabbed from mom's room on the floor in front of it
    Wiwaxia (GM): hm, narrow success
    Moss Kaplan: oh apparently character limit for messages
    Leon Gaspar: I go and check the window again!
    Leon Gaspar is paranoid that there will be imps everywhere
    Wiwaxia (GM): no imps on the balcony
    Moss Kaplan: sI: Well, I am going to pass the hell out. Is everyone else safe?
    Wiwaxia (GM): but it sounds like a lot more have infiltrated the apartment while you slept
    Leon Gaspar: NI: still kinda sore, but not too bad. stay safe
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmm
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: theres still at least one of them around these parts, but i think i'll manage, together with the kind spirit inhabiting these lands who so kindly came to my aid
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i've got no idea how i'm gonna get out of here, shit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi, did any grist drop from the imp i smashed against the wall? or did i pick it up too fast to see any?
    bi: two words: explosive runes
    Leon Gaspar: NI: one word: what
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar the latter
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (bird, have you read order of the stick?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): 16 build 7 bismuth
    Leon Gaspar: (nope haha)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah. was the bismuth grist the one i need for the bladed fan?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    rust would be a good guess
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (it's a reference i thought would fit well with leon, who knows a bit about runes. its a wizard spell, prepare in the morning, draw somewhere, the second anyone deciphers it it goes BOOM)
    Leon Gaspar: (nice! :P)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: so the imp in the hallway.
    as ive said, i cautiously open the door, and peek into the hallway. do i see anything?
    bi: and you call yourself learned.
    Wiwaxia (GM): can I get a grace check Ilmatar
    Ilmatar Nordwind: 1d20+grace stat, or 1d20+grace modifier?
    Wiwaxia (GM): grace stat
    Leon Gaspar: NI: man i really do not want to leave my room right now but i probably should
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 11
    that was a fumble if ever i saw one
    -shakes fist at rng-
    Wiwaxia (GM): you blithely walk out into the hallway to look around, and the rust imp drops from the ceiling onto your head
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (asdfg)
    Leon Gaspar: okay I am going to verrrrry cautiously peek through the keyhole to get an idea of how many imps there are in the apartment; if I can't see anything I will even more cautiously remove the bar and crack open the door
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i flail my fan over my head
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 18
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    you take 2 damage
    and there is an imp on your head
    Leon Gaspar: (who's my server player again?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if flailing my fan over my head doesnt work, i try to nod my head in wall direction at high speed in hopes of mashing the imp against the wall
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Leon: Sera
    bad luck
    Leon Gaspar grumbles
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 19
    the imp completely blows its fort save
    and takes 2 damage
    which kills it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: fairies: 2, grues: 0
    do i hear any more imps?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not right now
    leon, you see a party of imps totally trashing your kitchen
  10. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i tip the window in my room, check that all other windows are closwed and have the wind shields over them, do the same on ground floor, go outside to check out the grist near the cliff, and close the door behind me
    Leon Gaspar: i cloooooose the door and bar it again
    NI: shit shit shit
    Leon Gaspar really does not want to die at this point
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's some rust around the grist, so you guess it must have come from imps too?
    maybe your mama killed them
    lemme see how much grist it is, one sex
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i photo it and pick iut up
    can i connect to other websites, or is just our chat programme still online`?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can connect to other websites
    but mostly all anyone's doing is liveblogging the fucking meteor armageddon
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i post the photos i made earlier on my dA. various captions re: land of wotan, a trace, etc etc
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay I'm gonna tally up all that grist later
    you do find a new kind though
    inside a ring of scorch marks
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh
    Leon Gaspar: (how're you guys going btw? i'm considering starting clearing out these imps but it could take a while)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: i would come to your aid if i could, but i do not know if you have the necessary utensils to summon me, leon
    Leon Gaspar: NI: yeah i don't think so. unless tia has something for summoning breeze fairies. which to be fair i wouldn't put past her
    NI: you holding up alright?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (wi, does my character recognize the stuff all around her as bismuth? oh hell, ima just look up all the grist names)
    Wiwaxia (GM): incidentally, leon knows that the way to meet up is via gates
    b/c walkthrough
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: quite! the rusty ones are frail, but watch out for the bismuth ones, they exude an evil aura
    Leon Gaspar: NI: it'd be nice if sera was around to help me get up to the gates :/
    (duly noted!)
    NI: ah thanks!
    NI: i've got yellow ones mostly
    NI: amber i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): *amber, btw
    Leon Gaspar: NI: alright im gonna try to take a couple out. hopefully i can just slam my door in their faces if it gets too much .... wish me luck
    Wiwaxia (GM): attacking?
    Leon Gaspar: yeah, i think so
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get a surprise round
    Leon Gaspar: potentially a bad idea but i can't just sit here
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme roll up prototypings
    Leon Gaspar: alright, I'll head for the door...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: i hope your land's spirit will come to your aid as it has come to mine. i think i shall explore some
    Leon Gaspar: NI: that'd be nice haha
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i take a quick peek down the stairs, do i see anything of interest?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the closest one to you has a burial kimono and a raccoon skull
    Leon Gaspar: alright. those four in the kitchen, can they see the two in the living room?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the two on the counter can
    Leon Gaspar: not that i really plan on leaving the doorway but it's good to know
    alright, got it
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh jees
    this one's loaded
    one sec
    Leon Gaspar: am i going to regret everything
    Wiwaxia (GM): burial kimono, carrying a flag, has leopard spots and face, fins and a raccoon skull
    Leon Gaspar: oh goody
    Wiwaxia (GM): what's your plan?
    Leon Gaspar: plan is sneak out of room, smack skull/kimono dude with flail, retreat back to the bottleneck and take 'em out one at a time
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Leon Gaspar: i feel like asking you if this is a good plan isn't going to get me any answers
    Wiwaxia (GM): d20+2(b/c sneak attack) roll twice, take the lowest
    Leon Gaspar: alrighty
    Wiwaxia (GM): it will not, no
    Leon Gaspar: yeah figured
    rolling (2d20)+2
    = 21
    wait that isn't right
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    Leon Gaspar: sweet!
    aaand 1d8? or 2d8
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d8
    Leon Gaspar: sorry dice rolls get me all muddled up
    rolling 1d8
    = 1
    god damn it
    Wiwaxia (GM): oof
    Leon Gaspar: at least it hit this time
    leon's having a bad time
    Wiwaxia (GM): that one bolts
    Leon Gaspar: bye nerd
    (sorry for all the ooc)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you take 3 damage from an evil presence
    Leon Gaspar: how're the others looking? have they noticed me?
    well fuck
    Leon Gaspar regrets everything
    Wiwaxia (GM): or wait not yet, sorry
    roll 1d6 for initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, you get to go again before all that shit happens
    Leon Gaspar: well at least one thing has gone right for me today
    Wiwaxia (GM): consider it a Sight of Time
    Leon Gaspar: :^)
    Wiwaxia (GM): note that you should measure around the counter unless you plan to youth roll over it
    Leon Gaspar: fair point
    Wiwaxia (GM): of course, you've got enough dex to manage, probably
    Leon Gaspar: that is true
    although there's current an imp on it...
    Wiwaxia (GM): succesful youth roll will get you past the imp
    Leon Gaspar: alright, let's do this.
    i'm gonna try to youth roll over the counter and out the door
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    roll 1d20+your entire dex
    also, where are you going over the counter?
    so roll twice, take the lower
    Leon Gaspar: trying to make a straight line
    also is entire dex including the +1?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, that's the modifier
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 2d20+13
    = 38
    Wiwaxia (GM): 8+13
    Leon Gaspar: i am not yet good at doing the rolls
    Wiwaxia (GM): 21
    you make it
    it's a narrow success, though, so mr. raccoon skull takes a swipe at you as you go
    k m.: Ok, it's 2am here
    I gotta go to sleep
    this is way past my bedtime
    have fun y'all, talk to youse later
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 1
    Leon Gaspar: fair enough dude, sleep tight
    Wiwaxia (GM): ooooooooooooooooooooooh
    Leon Gaspar: im laughing
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    rolling 1t[The-Ya-Done-Fucked-Up-Table]
    15 - 16 You drop whatever you were holding. Whoops. If you weren't holding anything, you can't use whatever you were attacking with for one round.
    = 15
    Lemi Malloy: goodnght!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (n8)
    Leon Gaspar: is that me or the imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp
    Leon Gaspar: pfft
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's the one that fumbled
    it punched the counter
    you should move your line
    K, youve got an attack or another move left
    Leon Gaspar: alright lemme think
    (sorry my brain is kinda slow today)
    Wiwaxia (GM): @illmatar, moss we're probably gonna call it wraps after leon's thing, so start thinking of alchemizations you wanna try?
    and poking around for things to alchemize with
    the more specific, the better
    wait moss went to bed
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i'm going to shoot you some stuff via kintsugi, ok?
    Wiwaxia (GM): k!
    Leon Gaspar im so sorry my brain is not working and i really don't wanna die yet!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could always shut the door
    Leon Gaspar: well yes
    actually yeah i'm just gonna do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    Leon Gaspar: now i am no longer apartmentstuck
    Wiwaxia (GM): congrats!
    Leon Gaspar: but i also do not have access to my apartment
    NI: i will come back for you, imps.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the hallway you are in looks a lot like your apartment building
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: you show em :)
    Wiwaxia (GM): but abandonded to the wind and rain for a few years
    Leon Gaspar: also, is the grist from that amber imp still here?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: sweet! i'll go ahead and graaaab that
    NI: haha thank you, i will
    NI: man this place looks ... different
    NI: i don't know why that surprises me
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, the whole building above your apartment is gone
    Leon Gaspar: NI: wonder if tia's around? she shoulda been on her way home
    Wiwaxia (GM): just some twisted, rusting beams
    and the gates spinning their way off into the sky
    Leon Gaspar: NI: well at least those are where they're supposed to be
    NI: ugh. what am i gonna do
    Wiwaxia (GM): something comes up through the floor behind you and lets out a bonechilling scream
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: look beyond your horizon, and answers shall come to you
    bi: or, what can you do, at this moment?
    Leon Gaspar: Leon drops his phone and spins around!
    oooooor, it's your sprite
    Leon Gaspar: NOOOOOOOO
    LEON: wait aren't you
    LEON: you're that...flashy thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): it screams at you again
    it sounds approximately like the auditory representation of a bunch of horror movie gifs
    Leon Gaspar: I carefully crouch and pick up my phone again without looking away from the sprite. I mean, it doesn't seem to be hurting me...right now
    I am thoroughly unsettled.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (wi, drop me a note when youve wrapped up leon, i posted something farther up but it seems like you overlooked it)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you recall that your walkthrough mentioned that sometimes sprites need to be double-prototyped to be intelligible
    also, it screams at you again
    Leon Gaspar: okay, okay, jeez! i'll find something to prototype you with
    except i just locked myself out of my own apartment
    Wiwaxia (GM): it bobs away from you a bit and hangs there
    Leon Gaspar: I take a look around my surroundings. Is there anything lying in the hallway? Bits of debris, trash, things dropped or left behind?
    (and what should I roll to find them?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll x or lower on d6 where x is determined by genericness/rarity
    there's also other apartments around
    Leon Gaspar: true. (should we do this now or save it for next time? how're you going?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): next time, I think, but you can keep poking around and exploring a bit more
    Leon Gaspar: alright, sounds good. i'm going to check out the apartment opposite mine
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Wi, i mentioned earlier i wanted to peek down the cliffstairs. do i see anything interesting?
    Leon Gaspar: But first I listen at the door! I do not want to get attacked by imps again.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar you see a bunch of spirographs floating above your house
    down the mountain it's pretty much just cliff or steps all the way to the storm coulds
    up the mountain, you can see som e faint pink lines on top of some of the steps
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the whole thing gradually shades from blue to green to gold to purple
    you can't see the top. it's behind the horizon
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I'll head back into the house, pack a sturdy rucksack with some food and water.
    how tired am i?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you just bashed two imps into walls, so you're fairly beat
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then i'll burrow in my blanket pile
    Wiwaxia (GM): also not that if you're away from your house you are away from alchemizing and power
    Ilmatar Nordwind: although, i should prolly ward my window against entry
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon: coast's clear
    the door's locked, but the wood's rotten
    Leon Gaspar: alright, I try to push through the rotten wood enough to squeeze inside
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i'll keep it tipped, but draw some protective runes on the frame with chalk, sprinkle some salt on the sill, and light a candle
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's the same layout as your apartment, but reversed
    there's a tv opposite you filled with hissing static
    Ilmatar Nordwind: grab something comfy to sleep in, hang my wings at the door, and burrow into my blankets and sleep
    Leon Gaspar frowns at the TV. nothing better come crawling outta that
  11. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Leon Gaspar: I'm also beat, so although I want to find something for my sprite, I decide to head for this apartment's master bedroom
    I am however going to glance around and see if there's any indication of what its owner was into (as in, the equivalent of Tia having horror props everywhere = being into horror films)
    Wiwaxia (GM): can't see anything of the like
    just standard dilapidated apartment furnishings
    Leon Gaspar: Welp, worth a shot
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the screen are displaying hissing static, too
    Leon Gaspar: sighs @ chrome
    Alright. I attempt to turn off the TV in the master bedroom (assuming there is one)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you unplug it
    this does nothing
    Leon Gaspar: :/
    Leon is uncomfortable
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a newspaper on the bedstand, but it's too water-damaged to read
    Leon Gaspar: Attempt to combine CREEPYSPRITE with NEWSPAPER.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 13
    creepysprite makes its save, dodges and goes through the wall
    Leon Gaspar: Well it was worth a try.
    Listen, if you find something you want to combine with, you show me, alright?
    I'm gonna get some rest.
    I look around for something to bar the main door with.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the coatracks like you used before are too rotten here
    anything else you want to try to look for?
    Leon Gaspar: In terms of barring the doors or otherwise?
    the bedside tables could work if they're still solid.
    Wiwaxia (GM): for barring the door, but you can look around otherwise, too
    legs are bad, but they're still solid planks of wood
    Leon Gaspar: that'll do! I jam them against the door and under the handle as best I can.
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    you gonna do anything with the staticy TV?
    Leon Gaspar: I'm slightly scared to smash it in case something comes crawling out
    does it detach from the wall?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could always throw it out the window
    Leon Gaspar: i'll take that as a yes :P
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah it's just on a stand/table thing
    Leon Gaspar: alright, open window --> pick up TV --> throw TV out window --> close window again
    Wiwaxia (GM): ...
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's a long way down
    Leon Gaspar: I peer out the window
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see what look like befinned imps swimming in the water a long ways down
    and a rowboat trailing v-shaped ripples in the still water
    Leon Gaspar: Well that's something Future Leon can deal with. ooh a rowboat
    Wiwaxia (GM): and more highways standing out of the water in the distance
    Leon Gaspar: i squint and try to make out what's in the rowboat
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah you'll need nocs or something for that
    Leon Gaspar: yeah figurd
    Ilmatar Nordwind: im going to sleep irl now
    Leon Gaspar: alright! with that done, i'm gonna go ahead and collapse on the bed and continue to hope that nothing kills me in my sleep
    n8 friend
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Lemi Malloy: goodnight!
    Leon Gaspar: probably while hiding under the covers
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, I think that's a wrap!
    I'm gonna tally up exp, now
    Leon Gaspar: nice!
    Lemi Malloy: alright!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can hang around for that if you like,
    Leon Gaspar: well at least i'm not surrounded by imps any more
    that was stressful
    Wiwaxia (GM): and poke me about alchemization
    Leon Gaspar: sorry i'm a bit slow >.>
    Wiwaxia (GM): haha, no worries
    Lemi Malloy: yeah same here
    Wiwaxia (GM): good thing you didn't get the same kind lemi did, though
    Lemi Malloy: wrt slow
    Leon Gaspar: that is very true, i would be very dead
    alright, i was going to try to combine scythe+flail for bladeflail, or if myrtha found tasers in her list of weapons, taser+flail for electricflail
    although i'm slightly not in my apartment
    Arxon: Things that could have gone better for Lemi: A lot. A lot of things.
    Leon Gaspar: such is the way of sburb
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, starting with lemi
    Leon Gaspar: alternatively I will save my buildgrist and try to start building my client upwards to their gate
    assuming i can't get to my equipment from where i am
    Wiwaxia (GM): 100 exp for seeing an imp
    Arxon: (should I add exp to sheet?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): after I'm done tallying, yeah
    Arxon: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): deals 5 damage
    takes 6 damage
    takes 3 damage
    deals 1 damage
    takes 1 damage
    takes 3 damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): takes 1 damage
    takes 5 damage
    takes 2 damage
    deals 9 damage
    so total 35 damage dealt/taken
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then that again as bonus xp because those were all solo fights
    so grand total 800 experience
    for Lemi
    told you she'd make out like a bandit
    Arxon: yay!
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's 80% of the way to level 2
    Arxon: Anger at dice somewhat lessened
    Wiwaxia (GM): which reminds me, I need to make echeladder titles for y'all before next time
    that's the beauty of the damage to xp setup!
    leon next:
    takes 4 damage
    takes 4 damage
    deals 1 damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): 9 damage total
    -->180 exp
    +100 for seeing your first imp
    280 exp
    Leon Gaspar: thumbs up
    alright i'm gonna leave you guys to it. see ya next week!
    Wiwaxia (GM): deals 1 damage
    takes 3 damage
    takes 3 damage
    takes 4 damage
    takes 1 damage
    takes 2 damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): total 14 --> 280 exp
    +100 for first im
    380 exp
    oh,shoulda pointed it out at the start of the session, but there should be a notes sheet that people can edi if they wanna speculate on what the deal is with various imps
    takes 4 damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): takes 2 damage
    deals 3 damage
    takes 2 damage
    Arxon: I'm also logging off
    thank you!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    deals 1 damage
    takes 2 damage
    deals 2 damage
    total 12-->240xp+100 for imp
    and I think myrtha just gets 100 for imp?
    whimsy: rolling 1d6
    = 6
    Karrin Blue: Heyo
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello!
    Karrin Blue: Wiwaxia I don't think you got back to me on grist costs?
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're under handouts
    Karrin Blue: alrighty!
    And the headband computer?
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh! forgot about that one
    one sec
    there ya go
    Karrin Blue: believe I had 20 grist?
    and only basic grist too
    Wiwaxia (GM): 20 build, yeah
    Karrin Blue: ...so I can't actually make anything
    Wiwaxia (GM): ilmatar has almost enouth build grist to get gristtorrent, though
    which I heavily recommend she does
    whimsy: morning
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo!
    gristtorrent is 100 build, btw
    Karrin Blue: and then we can all share?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    whimsy: a) how much are item cards
    b) you still havent told me the item costs? (prolly trying bot && and ||)
    ugh, i feel tired xx_xx
    k m.: oh right
    hi all
    (found a fanfiction so i'm a little flakey rn)
    whimsy: heh ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): @whimsy, item costs are waiting for you in the alchemy excursus
    only && for now, though
    whimsy: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): and captcha cards are 1 of any grist, if that's what you were asking?
    I assume you'll just make as many as you need, so I'm not bothering to track em
    although I could, if people want
    whimsy: ok
    oh wow, i probably shouldve defined "something suitably stabby and pretty" as less halberd and more floret or dagger oo00
    that or you know my character better than i do
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, there's also the kitchen knife + fan combo
    whimsy: ye, but he kitchen knife is not pretty and ren-fairy-e (deliberate pun)
    Wiwaxia (GM): point
    whimsy: flower crown && phone?
    (also, 1d6 to see if i have a folder i can try to cross with an inventory card to make an inventory card folder?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, 5 out of 6
    whimsy: i was thinking along the lines of trading card folder, those are not that common unless youre collecting trading cards
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, I was thinking manilla folder, sorry
    trading card folder would be 2 or lower on d6 by the syllable rule
    whimsy: hmm, ilmatar seems to shape up to "do i have this really rad thing? no? ok, how can i come closest to what i have envisioned with the stuff i have lying about?"
    Wiwaxia (GM): well some of your rune fans will be pretty rad
    when you can afford them
    Karrin Blue: ooh, runes?
    whimsy: i tried crossing runes with my fan
    some of the prices are damn near ridiculous ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): you should be able to see ilmatar's stuff in the alchemy excursus, too
    Karrin Blue: once we have more grist I might ask for that..
    wait, what's the first one do?
    whimsy: i can totally send you the code for my bag of runes ::D
    wi, were those glass or bone?
    Karrin Blue: ihwaz?
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's say glass
    whimsy: naw shucks ::3 hm, trying to get bone runes, i do have a skull, but i think id need the OR operator for that
    ingwaz is donar/thor god of thunder, giant
    my current bet is, its going to be a GIANT FAN
    Karrin Blue: ...Ihwaz=?
    whimsy: .... im asleep, ok
    Karrin Blue: ah.
    whimsy: i coulda sworn the irst in the list was thurisaz
    Karrin Blue: or it could make a thundery weapon
    whimsy: ihwaz, yew tree, eternal tree, yggdrasil
    probs a yew fan
    Karrin Blue: well Yggdrasil is crazy magical, so maybe a tree-looking weapon that can do magic like Rose's wizard needles?
    not the horrorterror ones, the first ones she made
    whimsy: i'll make the ihwaz cross and the kitchen knife cross
    can we handle the earlier roll that i dont have the trading card folder, but a manila one i can dump the cards in?
    also, you missed the flower crown && phone combo i asked for
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh whoops
    whimsy: and basically never used because she went straight for the eldritch stuff xxD
    Wiwaxia (GM): no I got it, just didn't make a card for it
    it's 7 build grist
    whimsy: ooooh then that too
    Karrin Blue: wiwaxia, if in the future I could make like, elemental bracelets or rings or whatever, could those give attributes to Myrtha's punches?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, you've got a manilla folder
    Karrin Blue: i don't even remember if there are elemental things in this game...
    whimsy: since i think you need to put the card in the alchemiter to tsee the costs, i wanna try and sharpie the costs of the cards i cant make yet on the outer border of the cards
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, elemental damages are a thing
    a p damn nasty one, since they bypass normal protection
    you need specially-targeted resistances
    whimsy: and at some point i need to sort the cards somehow, buut not today, and not with that little cards in reserver
    Wiwaxia (GM): I know at least fire and electricity will be showing up based on grist types
    whimsy: ilmatar ventures the element types will be based on pokemon
    Wiwaxia (GM): speaking of which, I've got the effects of more grist types implemented, so some underlings may have special things that they didn't last week
    2d20 take lowest is gone, though
    at least for low-level enemies
    whimsy: early installment weirdness / sleeping netted us the end of the tutorial level / a patch came through
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    whimsy: brb brushing teeth & grabbing chow
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also, you've all got ehcheladder titles now!
    you should go check out your character sheets
    Karrin Blue: Blader-tot? I don't think I get the pun
    Wiwaxia (GM): tater-tot
    Karrin Blue: Ah.
    k m.: cool
    Wiwaxia (GM): so I think we're just waiting on Bird, yeah?
    oh also, do people wanna keep doing the everyone-on-their-own-screen thing?
    Karrin Blue: Yeah
    Wiwaxia (GM): or have everyone watch wherever the action's going down right then
    whimsy: everyone watching: the server player could try to assist with moving furniture without you always having to move 2 people
    everyone on their own map: quick swiitch between characters possible
    i'm ok either way
    Wiwaxia (GM): how about your recording?
    whimsy: recording is only viable if my tower doesnt crash
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah
    whimsy: cant open the files if the recording is cut shot by a crash
    i could probably save the recording every hour if i dont forget to do it, which should save most of it even if it does crash
  12. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): sounds good!
    alright, I think we're gonna start
    Bird can join late
    let's say y'all slept for 4 hours
    and thus heal 4+1d6 HP
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d6+4
    = 10
    k m.: rolling 1d6+4
    = 10
    whimsy: ill roll once my firefox has stopped dicking around, sec
    rolling 1d6 + 4
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): damn, yall
    whimsy: whee
    k m.: wait really? this is awesome
    Wiwaxia (GM): and that puts everyone at full
    Karrin Blue: no it's not, this means we'll roll poorly later because all the luck got used up early
    well ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): K, whatcha gonna make?
    or are you saving grist for gristtorent, Ilmatar?
    oh I can give grist updates if people want
    I've got the file open
    Karrin Blue: i can't make anything...
    whimsy: a) fan && ihwaz rune
    b) fan && kitchen knife
    c) flower crown && phone
    sharpie the grist costs on the other cards and dump them in the folder and pocket it
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool
    you make a Painted Yew Fan!
    a pretty yew-wood fan with a tree painted on the leaf
    k m.: huh, at some point i should actually look at all the pointy gardening tools i have. probably when i give them to everyone else
    Wiwaxia (GM): you make a Bladefan!
    which has knives for ribs
    and is well-balanced
    and you make a Daisy Phone-Chain
    cute, but useless
    whimsy: are the fans circle-part-shaped, or does one go fanpalm shape (basically spade symbol), or uchiwa (round)?
    naw shucks
    Karrin Blue: i thought they were folding fans...
    Wiwaxia (GM): both are semicircular folding fans
    whimsy: i pin the phone chain to the phone. it was worth a shot "_"
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme deduct your grist, one sec
    whimsy: i dump both fans into my strife syllabus and set the blade fan to preferred weapon
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    whimsy: also, i need a selfie of that. which i shall post to my sites.
    Wiwaxia (GM): put the yew fan in your other objects note in your sylladex, and I'll make you a bladefan card
    whimsy: at some point, i need to make an actual blog for ilmatar, buuuut lazy
    Karrin Blue: I think I''ll have IC myrtha ask for cool weapon ideas
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, you now have 68 build grist and 10 rust grist
    whimsy: kk
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: i know you can have group convos on chum, but can you make a picture board?
    BI: because i have this beautiful bladed fan, grues beware!
    Karrin Blue: co: Cool.
    co: Don't think I have enough to make anything nice yet, though ;-;
    co: Any ideas for stuff to combine once I get enough fuel?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @moss, what are you doing?
    you've still got yourself barricaded in your room
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: kitchen knives are always good if you dont have an alternative at hand
    k m.: ((currently, taking pictures of dogs. whoops))
    Uh. I look out the window and see if i can see any imps coming up
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, people should put down cruxtruders, totem lathes, punch desinix's and alchemiters
    one sec, I'll move everyone to their client's page
    wait wrong way
    moss you've got Sera, soooo
    k m.: ok! do i have to do anything now or just do stuff if/when kath comes back?
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh, why not just do it now
    one sec
    Ilmatar Nordwind: I'd dump all that stuff not in my client's room, but one father below that is not as full
    Karrin Blue: I am not seeing very much free space
    k m.: wait, do we just draw something down?
    am confuse
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, just draw
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (if youre ilmatars client, just make the basement a bit larger ::3)
    Karrin Blue: I think I'm Lemi's?
    Wiwaxia (GM): here have a bit more yard, too
    nope, Ilmatar's
    k m.: ok! are there basic space requirements for these?
    Wiwaxia (GM): Lemi's the firt in, so she's your server to close the loop
    Karrin Blue: Do I have enough grist to expand out the bedroom and make spots?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    crux and alchemiter~2x2m punch and lathe ~1x2m
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi, this map does not have a scale
    Karrin Blue: I wwant it to be off the bedtoom but that'll make it overlap with that other room
    k m.: map scale: ruler, i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): put it down at the bottom and show where it connects?
    moss's scale's borked
    whimsy: @km tried thatz already
    Wiwaxia (GM): on the big house, they all take up practically no space
    and then that's scale for his room
    whimsy: ah, now i can see the scale
    k m.: ah, i am truly the problem child
    Karrin Blue: is that ok?
    Wiwaxia (GM): looks good
    and that's 6 grist
    k m.: i feel bad because not a lot of space :/ haha
    Karrin Blue: ugh the internet here may be laggy/prone to dropping out, just a warning
    Wiwaxia (GM): poor showing, Knight
    (to moss)
    k m.: i know right?
    i have found some space tho
    and made attempts to not put things in front of doors
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    now back to the archive with this Page
    @Karrin: taking the liberty of putting your alchemization stuff in for Lemi
    whimsy: done ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): sweet!
    Moss Kaplan: sI: I just love what you've done with the place!
    whimsy: bi: gdi my beautiful house
    bi: this wont do
    bi: there was space in the basement
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ moss you see some imps with skeletal raccoon paws climbing on the vines and up the sides of your house, but they don't seem determined to break in
    there's some bigger monsters you can see in the distance though
    Karrin Blue: (AFL for a minute, be back shortly)
    Wiwaxia (GM): walking down the dried-up riverbed
    Karrin Blue: *afk
    Moss Kaplan: I take my least favorite history book and see if i can't lay down some knowledge here
    i try to drop it on one
    whimsy: @moss that was a beautiful pun
    Wiwaxia (GM): one of the climbing imps?
    Moss Kaplan: yep!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, go ahead and roll an attack
    I'll pull out my falling damage table of doom
    whimsy: @wi, so entry order [snipped] -> Moss -> ilmatar -> myrtha means, not as i had presumed, moss is my server player, but rather i am moss's? and myrtha is mine?
    Karrin Blue: back now
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, sorry
    because you entered first, and thus the person in the chain behind you is your server
    eg. John --> Rose
    @Moss, yep, that hits
    one sec
    Moss Kaplan: yesssss
    (oh, bird posted in thread, will be on later hopefully)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the hapless imp is about 4m down
    and so takes
    rolling 1d2*1d6
    = 1
    except it is then dislodged
    and falls an additional uh
    (Not) Literally A Bird: i am appearing very briefly to let everyone know that im gonna be back in a couple hours if yall are stilll here!
    time zones are hard
    whimsy: kk ::3
    hey, what can i say ::D 4 in the morning
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's call it 45m?
    Karrin Blue: ugh darn internet
    Wiwaxia (GM): that may be a bit high
    anyway, it then takes
    Moss Kaplan: ehheheh. suckit imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6*1d100
    = 30
    and is really fuckin dead
    whimsy: well that looks dead
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't get exp for that damage though, sorry
    and the grist is like 50m down
    Moss Kaplan: but i do get satisfaction in a job well done.
    my mom has a bunch of gardening magazines...
    Wiwaxia (GM): protip: don't fall
    Moss Kaplan: ehheh. i drew a thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): mom's gardening mags are gonna be in her room, though
    unblock trap door and venture forth?
    Moss Kaplan: this is true. i gather up the sharp & pointy guardian's gardening guardians and shove them in my sylladex again.
    Wiwaxia (GM): boom
    Ilmatar Nordwind: whu
    Moss Kaplan: and grab two books.
    hmm. howard zinn's Complete History of the US and the 1900's edition of A Complete Factbook
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehe
    not a fan of zinn?
    @ilmatar, what are you doing?
    Moss Kaplan: I like him, but at this point I've mostly memorized the things I like. I find his writing very approachable.
    also, very heavy book
    the other book has some amazingly racist sections, and is also very heavy
    Karrin Blue: heavy enough to murder a cat?
    Moss Kaplan: definitely
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Myrtha, what are you doing?
    Karrin Blue: I believe I am ambushing that imp there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: At the moment, probably messing around.
    what i thought i'd need a rucksack for in the age of the sylladex is going to be a riddle, but maybe it's explorer needs a BACKPACK
    stuff i'll grab and stow in my sylladex: rucksack/backpack, some sandwiches, water, electric torch & spare batteries, rope, coat, rain cover thing, and a blanket
    do i see any imps in the vicinity of my house?
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemme handle Myrtha for a sec
    Ilmatar Nordwind: kk
    no need to hurry
    Wiwaxia (GM): my underling generater hit a snag
    in that it was giving that imp 30HP
    whimsy: ahhahahahaha oh dear
    Moss Kaplan: that is not an imp you want to mess with
  13. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): this un's much less menacing
    it's covered in leaves and leopard spots
    Myrtha, you've got the drop on it
    on account of it's an oblivious motherfucker
    Karrin Blue: Does it matter which weapon I use?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ whimsy, I put all that junk on the misc card in your sylladex for you
    @Karrin, not really
    they all do 1d8
    I mean sword or fist is probably less likely to bust those nice windows behind you, but
    Karrin Blue: in that case I stab it.
    so i roll 1d8?
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d20 first to see if you hit
    you need a 10 or better
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d20
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna move? you can move up to 6m
    also roll a d20+your entire dex score to see if the imp noticed you
    (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Karrin Blue: I don't think there's much of a reason to move?
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d20 + 12
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): nb. you can move faster than most imps
    it noticed you, but it's being slow on the pickup
    you win initiatve automatically
    and can attack it again
    Karrin Blue: I try and stab it again
    rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp backs up and springs
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 10
    which I think hits?
    Karrin Blue: well you're the GM
    so you would know!
    Wiwaxia (GM): your def is 10, so yep
    rolling 1d2
    = 2
    you take 2 damage
    and it's got it's claws dug into your shoulder
    Karrin Blue: ok.
    my turn again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Karrin Blue: OK the sword is clearly cursed so I punch the imp.
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you hit
    Karrin Blue: so it's 1d8?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Karrin Blue: rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): grist goes flying
    12 build and 4 cobalt, to be precise
    Karrin Blue: even though I know that's the lowest enemy I am still happy i killed it with one punch.
    and even though it took me 3 tries
    oh well!

    Karrin Blue collects the Grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: oops
    pretend that was from Myrtha
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ruckus has attracted another imp
    wait, did I say imp?
    i meant chair
    with four red eyes
    that's moving
    Myrtha Oscurr: a master of stealth, obviously.
    wait, four eyes?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also a weaboo-ass jacket over the back of the chair
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    roll 1d6 for initiative
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    a tie?
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, everything happens at once
    whatcha doing?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Well, assuming the imp is attacking me, I punch it.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it seems to be hanging back
    Myrtha Oscurr: I still punch it.
    if that's spacially possible.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can just move closer
    like I just moved you
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh ok.
    Wiwaxia (GM): (from the last imp)
    you can track your own damage too, if you want
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm...
    I start to walk aroun the chair without breaking eye contact, if it's not moving.
    eye contact with the cushion/weaboo jacket.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it shuffles under the bar
    and tips over one of the stools
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    agh i didn't mean to do that
    Hmm, maybe I will go see if I can flush out any imps from the smaller rooms?
    like in the laundry or stairs area
    this guy doesn't seem to be too much trouble
    Wiwaxia (GM): K
    show me where you're going
    also, @Ilmatar, you can see a few imps milling around downstairs
    bismuth and phosphorous
    and one canvas
    Myrtha Oscurr: Like there, maybe?
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    there's one hanging out at the top of the stairs
    Myrtha Oscurr: none in the laundry/bathroom?
    Wiwaxia (GM): also cobalt, has fins and is covered in vines
    one in the laundry, too
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm, ok
    whimsy: Can I ambush the closest imp?
    also how did these fuckers get in, i closed all doors and windows ::<
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I rush forward and punch the stair imp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): go for it
    you can also charge for a penalty to your def next turn and a bonus to damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...sure why not
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): noice
    damage is 1d8+2
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8 + 2
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): yyep, dead
    grist goes flying all down the stairs
    Myrtha Oscurr: I collect the grist and then shall go after the laundry imp!
    Wiwaxia (GM): 18 build
    the laundry imp's a different kind
    it's staining everything it touches deep blue
    Myrtha Oscurr: In the laundry? How dare it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): but I'm gonna switch to Ilmatar for a minute
    Myrtha Oscurr: NP!
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar, you're ambushing the one in the other room?
    that's a phosphorus imp
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if i know it's there! how did any get in here, anyways? i closed all doors and windows D::
    bi: it appears i cannot leave for exploration yet, there seems to be a spawn node somewhere in the house which i need to locate and disable first. vexing.
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you see it when you go out the door
    it also sees you
    roll 1d6 for initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, you got the drop on it
    whatcha gonna do?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i try to hit it with my bladed fan
    Wiwaxia (GM): aight
    roll to hit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): mmmnope
    Ilmatar Nordwind: it appears i need to figure this blade fan business out first. oh well, learning by doing
    can i block with this thing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not really
    it's kinda too knives for that
    it's well balanced enough that you might be able to throw it, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: even tho its a knive fan? shucks
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp's gonna jab you
    rolling 1d20
    = 7
    the imp has failed to jab you and retreats in shame
    (it's under the bed)
    Ilmatar Nordwind yells "GET OUTTA THERE YOU SON OF A KELPROCK
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp does not move
    Ilmatar Nordwind: shucks that i dont have an excuse for a bucket of liquid nitrogen
    or i would FREEZE that imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, I'd like you to roll a 0 or lower on a d6...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah, thats why i said i dont have an excuse ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ moss what is now your alchemy room appears imp-free
    @ilmatar agress the imp, or proceed downstairs?
    k m.: ((http://41.media.tumblr.com/c981ab52b9fe891873d653c35ede9a2a/tumblr_nqy0vmd9UM1s047uqo1_1280.jpg I made a thing while hanging out))
    Moss Kaplan: hmm, then i go to my mom's old room
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a coupla dust imps in the corners
    they seem to be dropping dust, but it's kinda like crying to raise the ocean in here
    Ilmatar Nordwind says, a little bit calmer: "You know, I don't explicitely want to kill you, but I need you out of Mama's room, especially before you break anything. We could totally be friends, you know?"
    Moss Kaplan: I throw the 1900's book at them (thereby probably raising more dust)
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, sure, why not @Ilmatar, grace check?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: d20 + grace stat or grace modifier?
    Wiwaxia (GM): grace stat
    modifier just applies to saves
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 27
    ah ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp scurries past you and down the stairs
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i double check that the shutters and windows are shut tight, and close the door. is there a key in the lock, or did mama take it with her?
    Ilmatar Nordwind calls after the imp "Thank you!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bedroom door?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): no key in the lock
    Ilmatar Nordwind: naww
    cant block it from the outside, either
    but i should have the key for my room, shouldnt i? or at least know where i put it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, you've got it
    @moss which imp are you throwing the book at?
    Moss Kaplan: thar one!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i check that there are no imps in my room, and lock the door.
    then i quietly go downstairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, roll 1d20 to hit!
    Moss Kaplan: *that one. not a pirate
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): g'damn
    alas the book is not a super effective weapon without a drop behind it
    Moss Kaplan: ((IRL I just fistpumped so like))
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll 1d6-2 for damage
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d6 - 2
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's dead
    Moss Kaplan: yessssssssssssss
    Wiwaxia (GM): drops 20 build and 6 dust grist
    Moss Kaplan: feel the power of out of date facts, mofo
    i wait to collect until i get the other one(s?)
    speaking of which, what are they doing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just one
    it's staying still for now
    it's got fins and clothes with a green castle in six parts on them
    Moss Kaplan: oh cool. I throw Zinn at it.
    whimsy: -looks at map- oh dear
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, roll
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ Ilmatar, you see the phosphorous imp from before scamper out the (open) door
    @moss, that misses
    the imp still ain't moving
    Moss Kaplan: yep :/ dammit zinn, i had faith in you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i couldve sworn i closed that one!
    Moss Kaplan: can i take a closer look at it to see if it's laid a trap or something?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh well, time to clear out the ground floor now that nothing should be able to get in via the upper floor
    Wiwaxia (GM): @moss grace check, please
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 13
    do i add fifteen then?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Moss Kaplan: 28
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar, do you want descriptions of the three imps on the bottom floor
    @moss, it's holding it's attack until you get within jabbing range
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yes please
    Moss Kaplan: Huh.
    I take out a guardian gardening implement and throw that at it
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, that's a dangerous weapon you don't have in your specibus, so it will deal 1d6-1 damage, with dire consequences if you roll a 1 for damage
    Moss Kaplan: okeydokey
    rolling 1d6-1
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry you need to roll to hit first
    Moss Kaplan: oh wait i have to throw it don't i
    Wiwaxia (GM): but no dire consequences!
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, that does it
    yeah, that definitiely did not do a full 3 damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: So, how are you guys doing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar, from the left
    Moss Kaplan: sI: I killed an imp with a history book!
    Wiwaxia (GM): bismuth imp, wearing a mix of burial kimono and arashi matsuri's outfit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: stalking grues and shooing them out of the house
    Moss Kaplan: sI: also gravity
    Wiwaxia (GM): canvas imp with four red eyes and a raccoon skull for a head
    Ilmatar Nordwind is very tempted to answer moss with "fuck gravity"
    Wiwaxia (GM): standing on the table
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I've punched two imps to death.
    Wiwaxia (GM): bismuth imp carrying a flag with a long-ass neck
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: There's currently one in my laundry room staining things as well.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Two Bismuths, not good. has the one down the stairs seen me yet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): speaking of which, I think it's time to roll back around to Myrtha some
    you can't tell
    Myrtha, the Indigo Imp hasn't noticed you yet
    whatcha gonna do?
    also, @Ilmatar, roll 1d6 for initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: I sneak around the corner and try to get the drop on it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    i don't want to fight two bismuths at the same time
    Wiwaxia (GM): bismuth imp is under the table
  14. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): @Myrtha you've got the drop
    the imp is completely fixated on turning all your towels blue
    Myrtha Oscurr: charge!
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): whoof
    yeah, that hits
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8 + 2
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have killed it so hard, some grist flies to the other end of the garage
    which is standing open
    the car's gone and you can see tire tracks in the blue sand beyond
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...oh dear.
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's also blue fooprints all over the fucking floor
    you get 16 build grist and 1 indigo grist, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: I collect the Grist. Did the blue footprints lead to the imp i just punched?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    @Moss are you collecting the grist, or attacking the imp, or?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Heads up, if you have things you don't want to be blue then you may want to captcha them.
    co: There are imps about that have the restraint of small children when coloring things.
    I head over to the area just outside the garage and peer around to see if I can see anything immediately nearby.
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, from here you can tell that the sand is not actually sand, but millions of tiny cobalt-blue glass beads
    mostly what you can see from here are lines of telephone(?) poles and wires
    whispering in an unfelt breeze
    Moss Kaplan: oh, attacking imp
    Wiwaxia (GM): the tire tracks wind off out of sigh
    @moss what with?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I get the feeling that the weird ghosty voices are going to get very annoying quickly.
    Moss Kaplan: great feet of strength
    great strength of feet
    Myrtha Oscurr: I head back in and close the garage door, so at least this way wandering monsters can't get in and ruin more towels.
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    @moss, the imp jabs at you as you get close enough to kick it
    rolling 1d20
    = 15
    and hits
    Moss Kaplan: ugh
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: and as I head in I close the door to the garage, laundry, and bathroom after making sure no imps are present, so I'll be able to tell if one walks into those rooms.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you take 2 damage
    where to next?
    Myrtha Oscurr: and now I'll head to the foyer area to check the portico and den for imps!
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss you take 2 damage and proceed to kick the shit out of the thing
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep! ya hit it
    Moss Kaplan: (of all the things not to write down, which roll i use for footkind is the dumbest. hangon)
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Myrtha, there's a cobalt imp with creepy disheveled hair and a raccoon skull in the den
    1d8, right now
    but yeah you should note that somewhere
    Myrtha Oscurr: I sneakattack the creepy skull imp
    Moss Kaplan: noted, wrote it on my sheet. okay
    rolling 1d8
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): your foot smacks into it hard
    feels much more resilient than the imps you have heretofore kicked
    also, it's still up
    @myrtha charge or regular attack?
    Myrtha Oscurr: charge
    Moss Kaplan: this is the worst imp of all time
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    rolling 1d8 + 2
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): booyah
    it's dead
    Myrtha Oscurr: yay
    Leon Gaspar: NI: guys! can you read this?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you got 10 cobalt grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Hey Leon
    Leon Gaspar: NI: phew
    NI: dont know what happened to my connection there
    NI: you guys ok?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6+4
    = 7
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I'm going room by room through my house.
    Wiwaxia (GM): is how much HP leon recovered during his nap
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: theres two bismuth imps right next to each other and i need to figure out how to separate them first
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Moss, Ilmatar, what do?
    Leon Gaspar: ((sweet thanks!))
    ((which is all the health))
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Things are going OK on my end.
    Leon Gaspar: ((also what was the grist cost for that alchemisation i sent you?))
    NI: good to hear!
    Moss Kaplan: can i kick it again?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Moss Kaplan: rolling 1d20
    = 15
    Ilmatar Nordwind steps down the stairs, ignores the imps in the living room, and writes a note for her mama and puts it on the drawer thingie in the hallway. the note says, "Mama, when you return, please take care to keep doors and windows locked. The grues keep sneaking in."
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's gonna jab you again first, though
    rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Moss Kaplan: ugh dick
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahaha nope
    Moss Kaplan: hahaha suck it imp
    i'm assuming 15 connects tho so
    rolling 1d8
    = 6
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: So, you guys find anything cool yet?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have finally fucking killed it
    Moss Kaplan: HAH
    Wiwaxia (GM): total loot: 6 dust grist, 30 build
    Moss Kaplan: i take all that stuff. and pick up my book & gardening tool
    Leon Gaspar: NI: only that my entire building has gone all weird. i think i might try to check out things outside the building
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar proceeding out the door, or downstairs, or?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Dunno if that's a good idea. I mean, around me there's just blue desert.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i'm mostly wondering if tia's down there somewhere
    NI: she should've been heading home when all this shit happened
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i then proceed to the living room door to address the imps
    Leon Gaspar: I ponder to myself. Mostly I am stalling from trying to tangle with the imps again.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: The car's gone from my house, and I haven't seen my Dad around.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ...i hope they're both ok.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Yeah. I mean
    Ilmatar Nordwind says "Hello you three. Yes, I can see you, the one hiding under the table. I am quite grumpy that you have entered my house without my invitation, and I would very much like you to leave, before you break anything."
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I know Dad's not really a pushover, but SCA tournament stuff isn't the same as fighting monsters.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: yeah, you're not wrong
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Ilmatar: grace check?
    Leon Gaspar: Alright. Enough pondering. I'm going to go ahead and try to fight these imps ... again.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: So uh.
    Leon Gaspar: This is definitely a good idea.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: What's the area you're around like?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: your dad's gonna be fine, myr. the grues are pushovers.
    bi: if it helps, my mama has maps for a hobby, and she can deal with them.
    bi: hell, we can deal with them.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: oh well good luck.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 19
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Yeah but there might be stuff worse than these guys!
    co: I guess there's nothing we can do right now, though.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i think i am on a clover
    NI: which is
    NI: interesting
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: There's all these wires near me. Any of you guys know any tightrope walking tricks?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: please do not fall and break your neck
    Wiwaxia (GM): the canvas imp looks around hesitantly, but the bismuth imp in the kimono seems to prod it into attacking
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Yeah, I'd rather walk than trust these creepy ghost strings.
    Moss Kaplan: sI: yeah i'm hoping we can meet up soon, and that seems hard to do if we're all dead
    Wiwaxia (GM): it jumps off the table and glides smoothly towards you
    Leon Gaspar: NI: oh yeah. speaking of creepy ghosts...
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 15
    rolling 1d4
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar: NI: have you guys met your sprites yet
    NI: mine sure is. interesting.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you take 2 damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind says: "Well then!"
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i attack back
    Myrtha Oscurr: co:Flagcoonsprite? Yeah. Not much intelligent conversation on that front yet.
    co: A lot of chittering, Ye Olde English, and requests for food.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, that hits
    your bladefan does 2d4 damage instrad of 1d8
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d4 +
    = 7
    Canvas can be cut.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is in fucking ribbons
    Leon Gaspar: meanwhile in Leon's apartment, Leon is going to try to sneak in and get a hit in on that big imp on the counter
    and then immediately retreat back to the door
    Ilmatar Nordwind addresses the imps in the living room: "I reiterate my request for you to leave."
    Leon Gaspar: leon is not about this fighting thing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (i plead bonus because i just julienned that canvas imp)
    bi: i just julienned another grue. i love this fan.
    Wiwaxia (GM): Ilmatar gets 5 linen grist and 10 build
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Nice. I haven't had enough stuff to make cool weapons yet.
    Wiwaxia (GM): also roll twice take the /better/
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: I wonder if I can use jewelry to like, make my punches magic.
    co: Thoughts?
    whimsy: who rolls and which dice
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hey, worth a shot
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: give it a try! my runes seem to have potential, but i'm lacking grist
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar you, 2 grace checks
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: so it's feasible
    rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 23
    rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 15
    Leon Gaspar: NI: at this point im pretty sure anything's feasible
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Can you send me your runecodes and what they mean? I'd rather not accidentally use the rune of the monster squirrel or whatever.
    Wiwaxia (GM): @ilmatar
    Karrin Blue: Monster squirrel is a real norse critter btw.
    whimsy: ofc ::D
    Karrin Blue: Ratatoskr or something.
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Anyways! Leon, you're having trouble with imps?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bismuth imp in the kimono is unpreturbed and appears to try to cajole the other to stay, but it jumps at the window
    Leon Gaspar: NI: yeah there are like
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: They seem kind of dumb, you could probably Home Alone some traps.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i think i counted six in my apartment
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: NI: that's...not a bad idea
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: All in one place?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: four in the kitchen, two in the living room
    Wiwaxia (GM): the glass shatters and the imp flees
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hrm
    Leon Gaspar: NI: kinda wondering if i could bowl one of them into the other
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Yeah that souds bad. These things are like.. flock hunters? or whatever. Strength in numbers.
    co: Probably? They don't seem too smart.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: my plan was to lure 'em to the door and at least try to fight them one by one
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: myrtha, i'll send you the code in a second after i have dealt with this grue. can you patch up the broken window in the meantime, please?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Yeah, they're pretty easy on their own. A bottleneck'd be a good idea.
    co: Will do!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the last imp is the one hiding under the table, yes?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: How much grist does it take to patch the window?/
    Wiwaxia (GM): 2 build to just replace it with wall
    Ilmatar Nordwind says "The table will not protect you, grue."
    Wiwaxia (GM): 10 if you wanna copy/paste the other window
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: ...How attached are you to that window? Glass is expensive.
    k m.: annnd I've gotta go, guys. brother just left me to babysit puppy and i need to figure out what's up with that
    Myrtha Oscurr: bye!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bb
    Wiwaxia (GM): bye!
    Leon Gaspar: see ya!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the table is probably too heavy to flip over, but i try stabbing the imp under it
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp's ready for you and dances past the curtain, knocking over a chair to block your way
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (that bastard managed to knock over an armchair? im impressed)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i can roll for it if ya like
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: i couldve sworn i closed the storm shutters and windows before i went to sleep, but theyre all open again
    Wiwaxia (GM): 4+ and it's knocked over
    rolling 1d4+2
    = 4
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i close the storm shutters again, this time double-checking that theyre locked/blocked from opening, and close the window
    bi: ::/
    Wiwaxia (GM): question: is there an opening to the tile stove in the kitchen?
    also I assume it's a wood stove
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah, because it doubles as an oven
    Wiwaxia (GM): and is there another opening on the living room side?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: might be able to fuel it with both wood and oil and bog, but i'd have to look it up
    don't think so?
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    Ilmatar Nordwind: because you can just go 2 more steps for the kitchen access
    question: does the imp accidentally fry itself?
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, you hear rustling and drawer opening noises from the kitchen
    oh, last question, is the stove lit?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if it's cold outside, yes, if not, probably not?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, then
    it's cool but not cold
    what are you doing?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i draw the curtain back with my left, fan at the ready to attack
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): can I get a grace check?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 10
    = 30
    Wiwaxia (GM): you spot the imp before it can light the curtain on fire with the matches it found
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep that hits
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d4 +
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): it dies
    the match sputters out uselessly on the floor
    you get 8 build and 6 bismuth grist
  15. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: who had the idea to put a flammable curtain next to the stove?
    I send Myrtha the code for my glass runes, and a link to a site on which runes are explained
    Wiwaxia (GM): excellent transition, thank you
    Myrtha, what are you doing?
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Well, since the portico and den are apparently clear, and the grist has been collected, I close the oors and head upstairs
    Leon Gaspar: (im gonna brb to unpack the dishwasher while myrtha does stuff, then i might strife if thats ok?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Thanks Ilmatar
    Wiwaxia (GM): k!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: youre welcome ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, you turn to go upstairs OH SHIT THERE'S SOMETHING HUGE IN THE GREAT ROOM
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: WELP
    I hide in the stairwell and peer around the doorway.
    Wiwaxia (GM): where?
    Myrtha Oscurr: thereabouts!
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, this ogre has 4 red eyes and is wearing some animu clothes
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: ...So there is a giant thing in my living room.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it moves out of sight
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Have any of you run into giant tusky monsters?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: no big grues here yet, but i havent checked the basement yet
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Well I have no idea what to do about this guy.
    Wiwaxia (GM): there is a colossal boom from the direction of the garage
    (To GM) rolling 1d10
    = 10
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: ...and he may have brought company. In the room where all the important alchemy stuff is.
    I sprint across the open area into the laundry and peek into the garage.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: shit okay that's probably an ogre
    NI:that is not a good thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): this blue motherfucker's punched right though the garage door
    it seems to be tracking the blue footprints from earlier
    it's also covered in leopard spots
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: God dammit. Not only is there a giant ogre in here but it's one of those ink ones.
    (how do I summon my sprite for backup?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): hope
    of course, there was just a colossal boom
    you see Flagcoonsprite float down behind the Indigo Ogre
    Myrtha Oscurr: So, can Flagcoonsprite blast it while I try to punch it?
    without risking friendly fire?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that'll suffice for now
    there's a 25% chance he'll hit you if you're directly across from him
    but you're immune to his beam anyways
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright then
    co: This is really fucking stupid.
    Let's do that then.
    Wiwaxia (GM): sweet
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 2
    ....oh dear.
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you didn't fumble
    alright roll 1d6 for your and flagcoonsprite's initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahaha nope
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    Myrtha Oscurr: This is gonna suck
    (that was IC by the way)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ogre grabs you
    Leon Gaspar: [Leon whispering 'please don't die' in the distance]
    Wiwaxia (GM): k can you hit the "grapple" button on your character sheet?
    Karrin Blue: I really was hoping we might not need corpse makeouts this soon, hehe
    Myrtha Oscurr: Level 1, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6+11 (0)
    = 15
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d10+2d0
    = 14
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20+ 0
    = 1
    rolling 1d20+ 0
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): you manage to keep the ogre from crushing you
    Leon Gaspar: oh thats what that button does
    ignore that
    Wiwaxia (GM): and so it just throws you at the wall
    Ilmatar Nordwind: leon tried not to be grappled by the air around/ crushed by despair?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: that's pretty much it
    Wiwaxia (GM): damage
    your turn again
    flagcoonsprite's gonna beam the damn thing
    rolling 1d20
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: DAMN IT FLAGCOON.
    Wiwaxia (GM): unfortunately, the ogre makes it's reflex save
    pew pew
    rolling 1d10/2
    = 2
    still takes half damage, though
    your turn Myrtha
    Myrtha Oscurr: It's still holding me, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, it flung you into the wall
    it'll take your move action to stand up, btw
    Myrtha Oscurr: Then I stand up and swing my halberd at it
    if I can't move then the halberd should have more reach than fists, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, although it's standing over you so you can hit it with either
    incidentally, fists autohit in grapple unless you're completely pinned
    Myrtha Oscurr: Oh, then I just punch it.
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, roll
    btw, all your clothes are now irrevocably blue
    Myrtha Oscurr: did any get on my hair or skin?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, some
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright then, I shall keep that in mind whenever I make that sprite.
    so! what do I roll to punch it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d20 to hit, needs to be >=9
    then 1d8 for damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): ogre's turn!
    (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's just gonna punch you
    rolling 1d20-1
    = 1
    Myrtha Oscurr: fun.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's fist slams into the wall
    rolling 1d12
    = 1
    the wall is unharmed
    Myrtha Oscurr: will Flagcoonsprite provide backup?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: also, I roll again right?
    rolling 1d20
    = 16
    rolling 1d8 +2
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): flagcoonsprite's beam is recharging, but it can still bite and heal you
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's right to do the +2 there right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, not unless you're charging
    so just 6
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright then, just 6.
    Wiwaxia (GM): which is still respectable
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it feels like punching a sack of bricks, and you feel that the ogre was protected from some of the blow
    flagcoonsprites gonna come up next to you and bite the fucker
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 5
    and the ogre's gonna try to punch you again
    rolling 1d20-1
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh oh
    rolling 1d12
    = 11
    Myrtha Oscurr: this is gonna hurt.
    Myrtha is going to be very happy when she learns the void intangibility trick.
    Wiwaxia (GM): however, you feel your spirits bolstered by the prsesnce of flagcoonsprite
    heal 1d4 hp
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): pfff
    Myrtha Oscurr: better than nothing.
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you get +1 on all your rolls
    while you''re next to flagcoonsprite
    your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: time to punch some more I guess
    rolling 1e20
    = 100000000000000000000
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hit!
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): +1
    b/c flagcoonsprite
    Myrtha Oscurr: so 2 then!
    Wiwaxia (GM): which gets knocked back down to 1 by the ogre's protection, but
    also, flagcoonsprite's gonna healbeam you
    heal 1
    Myrtha Oscurr: hooray!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you gonna move?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I am going to scamper away to get the laundry door at my back so if things go further south I can drag mysel inside.
    is that OK?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can go another meter if you want
    Myrtha Oscurr: ANOTHER ONE?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that size changing thing was not an error, btw
    rolling 1d20
    = 7
    whiffs it's jab
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh dear
    Wiwaxia (GM): flagcoonsprite gets a free attack as the indigo ogre moves away
    Ilmatar Nordwind: does that mean these bastards level
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...so I'm going to actually die here. One of you had better come and makeout with my corpse.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 17
    rolling 1d4-1
    = 3
    which kills it!
    the Indigo Ogre has been slain
    Leon Gaspar: [Leon breathing a sigh of relief in the distance]
    Myrtha Oscurr: and now there's just cobalt ogre
    Wiwaxia (GM): and it's your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK I get into the laundry room. I'm going to try and wait until Flagcoon's beam recovers and get some healing in the meantime.
    and I close the two doors behind me.
    co: Well that just happened.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: do i want to know
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Well Flagcoon and I just killed ink ogre. A good percentage of my skin and hair is blue.
    co: Though some of that blue is bruisng
    co: and another one just popped out of nowhere.
    co: I'm going to lick my wounds for a bit then murder it.
    Leon Gaspar: NI: well at least you killed one and you're not dead
    NI: sounds good. please don't die
    NI: i think it's about time i have a go at these imps
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: myr will live
    Wiwaxia (GM): @myrtha you hear a creak
    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Fuck.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: anyone dying so early would make for a bad story
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  16. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Myrtha Oscurr: co: Maybe there are spare lives?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i guess this /is/ a game
    NI: i should look up what that walkthrough says about extra lives
    NI: when im not trying to kill things
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: speaking of walkthrough, what does it say about the spiraly things above the houses?
    (im just going to assume i know about those)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you spotted em last session, yeah
    Leon Gaspar: NI: gates! that's how we meet up
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: you can spook the smaller ones, by the way. just yell at them to get lost, and some will
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ... really?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Wiwaxia, what do I roll for healing?
    Wiwaxia (GM): @myrtha, you hear another creak
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: quite far up, though
    Wiwaxia (GM): can't heal that fast without flagcoonsprite
    Leon Gaspar: NI: yeah. i think we're supposed to build up to them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: ah well, if you cannot fly, you walk.
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yeah didn't he come with me?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: which is why we gotta collect build grist
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, still in the garage
    Leon Gaspar: NI: which is why i. have to. fight these things.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't hear any sounds of fighting, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: That asshole traitor.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: hrm
    Myrtha Oscurr: I peek through the door to see if I can see the creak-er
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's your "dad"
    except blue
    and with four red eyes
    and staining everything he touches
    wait, scratch the last one, sorry
    he is wearing shitty anime clothes, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: How can I ell that it is my dad?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it looks like him
    Myrtha Oscurr: did it eat my dad to gain his powers
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, except for the obvious
    but a reasonable monochrome creepy facsimile

    Myrtha Oscurr stares with great suspicion at 'Dad.' "...Hello."
    Wiwaxia (GM): "dad" punches you
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah should've seen that coming.
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn
    let's charge the thing.
    rolling 1d20
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: snrk
    Wiwaxia (GM): run away?
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah sure
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 4d6
    = 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, where to?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm.
    If I go to the stairway-foyer-great room area can I see Flagcoon?
    since it appears to have moved?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I head over next to it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's rushing to your aid as fast as it can
    since the laundry door is locked
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...It's a sprite, can't it walk through walls?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's healing aura gives you some pep, but it's healbeam's not recharged yet
    hard to say if that's a sprite thing or a nannasprite thing
    so I'm going with the latter
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright.
    Wiwaxia (GM): although onryousprite can totally do it
    Myrtha Oscurr: Is the blastbeam recharged?
    Wiwaxia (GM): "dad" charges you
    Myrtha Oscurr: I dodge?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 18
    you fail to dodge
    Myrtha Oscurr: hell.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4+2
    = 5
    you are at 0HP
    welcome to the death and dismemberment table!
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh boy.
    Wiwaxia (GM): fortunately 1 overflow is not that bad
    Myrtha Oscurr: well, losing limbs is a homestuck theme
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've got a pretty wicked bruise on your gut
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Myrtha Oscurr: (can I see the table?)
    Oh, so I don't actually get dismembered
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure, I'll put it up on the thread later
    also flagcoonsprite's healing aura puts a bit of vim back in your step
    what'll you do?
    Myrtha Oscurr: run away!
    Wiwaxia (GM): which way?
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    "dad" makes his saving throw
    taking only half damage from the beam
    rolling 1d10/2
    = 4.5
    Myrtha Oscurr: darn.
    Wiwaxia (GM): which is still more than enough to kill him stone dead
    Myrtha Oscurr: YES.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the Cobalt Imp has been slain
    Myrtha Oscurr: I collect the Grist and go check the garage.
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: The sprite was an Ogre one.
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: so the Cobalt Ogre is still in there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: I thought that it was 'dad'
    Wiwaxia (GM): it was an imp all along
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...welp.
    I go check the garage after collecting the Dadgrist.
    Leon Gaspar is still preparing to slam
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec
    Leon Gaspar: ((no prob! sorry to be so pushy))
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get 3 cobalt and 4 build out of the dadgrist
    ((no, pushy is good! I don't want to neglect anyone))
    in the garage you find a blue cube of healing gel for 1d6HP, 2 indigo grist and 31 woad grist
    go ahead and roll and heal yourself
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, if your wander back into the grand room, you notice that there is no longer a blue char with four red eyes and a weaboo coat over the back
    alright, @ leon, what's the plan?
    Leon Gaspar: Alright!
    Plan is:
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK hey
    it is late here
    so I am going to have Myrtha fall asleep somewhere with Flagcoonsprite standing guard
    Leon Gaspar: Go next to counter --> flail @ 4x prototyped imp, hoping to knock it sideways into the skull/onryo imp --> retreat to doorway to hopefully make a bottleneck
    Myrtha Oscurr: gnight guys!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Leon Gaspar: night!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: n8
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, let's do this
    Leon Gaspar: [llllleeeeeooooon....GASPAAAAAR]
    Wiwaxia (GM): the way fancy shit like trying to knock imps into other imps works is that if you hit, they can choose between taking the damage and doing what you want
    if you crit, both happen
    Leon Gaspar: ah alright, works for me
    [whoa what was that]
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i tip my hat to that tribute
    Leon Gaspar: [is everyone okay]
    okay but for real let's do it. what am I rolling?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1d20 to hit
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): then 1d8 for damage
    yep, that hits
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 3
    not bad. better than missing
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): motherfuck, I forgot to save these imps
    I guess I'll have to reroll their grist and keep their prototypings
    anyways, it decides to take the damage, which does not leave it in particualarly good shape
    incidentally, take 1 damage from a malevolent presence
    Leon Gaspar: fucking malevolent presence
    and back to the relevant safety of the doorway
    Wiwaxia (GM): it jumps at you
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 10
    Leon Gaspar: rightio
    Wiwaxia (GM): @leon, what's your defence?
    Leon Gaspar: 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp goes sailing into the hallway behind you
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: uh oh
    Wiwaxia (GM): countertops coming at you too
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    countertop punches the doorframe
    what'll you do?
    Leon Gaspar: gonna go for 4x again, try to take him out
    same rolls as last time? (sorry i get this shit mixed up so i double-check every time)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d20
    = 12
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah that hits
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): dead
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: phew okay. i can do this.
    turning around to face the other one now
    Wiwaxia (GM): take 4 damage from a baleful presence
    and it's jabbing you
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: i've gotta work out what's doing that
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Leon Gaspar: well that hits
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 2
    your move
    Leon Gaspar: hit dat imp
    rolling 1d20
    = 12
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): paft
    Leon Gaspar is cautiously optimistic
    Leon Gaspar: what are the other imps doing? hanging out being imps?
    whimsy: back
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's one chilling at the end of the kitchen and you can't see the others from where you are
    Leon Gaspar: hey whimsy! :3
    whimsy: only lost an hour of recording, due to me ending and restarting the rec every hour
    Leon Gaspar: alright. I'm gonna advance!
    it was 5m for movement, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 6m
    Leon Gaspar: nice
    i'm gonna try the smack-and-retreat on the other kitchen imp
    i might not make it all the way back to the door in one turn but hopefully neither will the other imps
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait, move for me
    Leon Gaspar: sorry, there we go
    there was a sneaky imp!
    Wiwaxia (GM): an imp drops off the ceiling at you
    rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: WARGH
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (ahahahahahah)
    Wiwaxia (GM): and lands behind you instead
    you hit the one in front, thought
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    alright, i'm gonna make a break for the door
    whiiich i should be able to make
    should be just under 6m, but ur call
    wait fuck the phone
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp's gonna jab you first
    rolling 1d20
    = 16
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Leon Gaspar: back
    there are so many things happening at my house today
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the imp's out of sight again
    Leon Gaspar: alright. i don't suppose onryousprite is anywhere to be seen?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you hear a bloodcurdling scream right behind you
    Leon Gaspar: I jump and make an undignified sound!
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4d20
    = 51
    Leon Gaspar: Then i turn around to see what that was.
    please dont let that be damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Leon Gaspar: whoa okay
    Ilmatar Nordwind: d20 for damage would be brutal
    looks more like a "did that work" roll
    Wiwaxia (GM): that was a bunch of will saves
    Leon Gaspar: yeah, which if the imps moving around are any indication
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see a bunch of imps run away in terror
    rolling 4d4
    = 9
    one of em manages to break the glass on a window and they all jump out
    Leon Gaspar says (to onryousprite) that was /incredible/
    Leon Gaspar says: good sprite. best friend/
    whimsy: hello bird ::D
    Leon Gaspar says or good ghost, best friend, as it were
    Leon Gaspar: hello! :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): onryousprite makes a noise that is the auditory equivalent of a bunch of horror movie gifs
    Leon Gaspar: I wince but try to remain positive. At least it seems friendly.
    LEON: we'll get you another prototyping soon...hopefully
    Time to pick up the grist from the two I killed
  17. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): 3
    however, there's an onryou prototyped imp that seems to have sensed a challencge
    Leon Gaspar: I feel emboldened! I am going to go take a swing at it!
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep that hits
    (To GM) rolling 1d4
    = 2
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): bam, dead
    you reap the spoils!
    Leon Gaspar: aaand grab his grist too
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec
    Leon Gaspar: :3
    I look fondly at onryousprite.
    ((you do not have to reply to this as onryousprite btw. I am just Being In Character))
    Wiwaxia (GM): 5 copper, 36 build grist, and 15 amber grist
    Leon Gaspar: Yeah!
    Still not enough to build anything...but I'm happy.
    It occurs to me that even if my server player is AWOL, i should probably think about getting my client player through her gate. (To which end I go look up the client>server list)
    (It's moss, as it turns out)
    (Not useful at this time but something to think about next time!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think you may be reading it backward
    lemme doublecheck
    whimsy: i mentioned that earlier
    Leon Gaspar: (Absolutely possible.)
    whimsy: b/c i got moss' house earlier
    Leon Gaspar: (List of things Bird does not understand: dice rolls, maths, server/client shenanigans)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you should be lemi's, I think
    and if not you are now by official decree
    whimsy: and myrtha got mine
    Leon Gaspar: This is also fine! Can I/we make a note of that somewhere?
    Wiwaxia (GM): will do
    whimsy: (list of things whimsy is perpetually confused about: who is who in here)
    (srsly i keep fumbling the damn checks irl)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (by the way while i was gone earlier, did anyone get gristtorrent or are we still working up to that?)7
    Wiwaxia (GM): nobody's got it up yet
    whimsy: wi, do we have enough time for ilmatar to check the basement in this session?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it takes 100 build grist and the closest right now is myrtha with 70
    @whimsy, yep!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Yeah, how's everyone feeling energy-wise? It's only 4pm here but it's like midnight for you guys, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 11 for me
    whimsy: 8 in the morning
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh :P then i won't feel as bad
    just don't let me keep y'all up
    whimsy: not sure i can sleep atm xxD
    Wiwaxia (GM): I don't normally go to bed for another couple hours
    and this session wasn't quite as exhausting as last time
    whimsy: better planning, less people, other factors?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Fair enough! Just wanted to check in. Also yes, last time was a bit chaotic, and that's from a player's perspective. Can't even imagine what's going on at your end.
    Wiwaxia (GM): sticking with one combat longer then going to next
    rather than crazy juggling ping pong
    also my underling generator's working better
    whimsy: ::D
    from a player perspective, i want the party to join up and dogpile the monsters
    (Not) Literally A Bird: me too! that's why we gotta get through gates! ...eventually
    Wiwaxia (GM): i would also like that from a gm perpective
    whimsy: from ilmatars perspective, she's restless and wants to fortify the house enough that she can disappear, err, go, exploring
    (Not) Literally A Bird: leon just wants to get everyone in one place so he can keep an eye on them all
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, HP is scaled by mass]
    now think about the size of a giclops
    (Not) Literally A Bird: mmmmf. yeah. let's meet up sooner rather than later.
    whimsy: would it be powergaming if i decide to bug out on the mob in the basement
    good luck getting ilmatar to agree
    Wiwaxia (GM): @whimsy what do you mean?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: also for reference leon's gonna go to the bedroom, ask onryousprite to keep watch and take a nap. I'm gonna hang around tho!
    whimsy: powergaming = making decisions based on rule information that the character has no way of having
    Wiwaxia (GM): the area's p imp free, he can go exploring some, too
    oh, I assumed Ilmatar had looked down there
    the ogre's unhidden on purpose
    whimsy: query: how?
    i woke up in the attic and cleared my way down
    no chance to check the basement yet
    from a character perspective, new imps have spawned, however, so itd make sense for ilmatar to check
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah
    >Ilmatar: Descend?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ===> Ilmatar: Descend.
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (ok yes leon will regain some health then go exploring. mooostly bc i wanna get some more tea and a snack >.>)
    Wiwaxia (GM): K!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i don't switch on the light just now, no use alerting the imps to my presence
    .... which also means that i dont see jack shit
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's ok, the Phosphorous Ogre glows softly in the dark
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well at least i have a target
    Wiwaxia (GM): it has leopard spots and four red eyes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: target
    bi: big grue
    i take out the torch, finger on the on button, but not on yet (left hand), blade fan in the right
    how big exactly are we talking?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it should be about to scale there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: which means its partially immobilized by the fact that its too big for the place
    Wiwaxia (GM): it can squeeze
    but yeah, it's maneuverability's limited
    it'll have a hell of a time turning around, frinstance
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ....
    im going to captcha my fairy wings before i start that battle
    i might need to do a youth roll
    Wiwaxia (GM): also note: your bladefan is well-balanced enough that you think you may be able to throw it effectively
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and then i only have my normal fans to defend myself
    Wiwaxia (GM): true
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i move there
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    making an effort to be sneaky or no
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sneaky
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, roll a dex check
    1d20+entire dex score
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 9
    = 25
    Wiwaxia (GM): it doesn't suspect a thing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i shine my flashlight into its eyes and charge to attack
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 3
    makes it's save versus the flashlight
    Ilmatar Nordwind: shucks
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll to attack!
    also you get +2 damage from charging
    and +1 from exceptional intelligence, I think?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: my int stat is 13
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, that gets you +1 to all damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooh
    -makes note-
    Wiwaxia (GM): I will not remember that, so you chould
    it's on your character sheet, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: which i forgot to open this session
    half asleep and all that
    rolling 1d20
    = 9
    oh come ON
    (easier hit b/c bigger enemy and small maneuverability?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ordinarily, yes
    ogre AC is usually 9
    but you miss this time
    *defence, sorry
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    shucks, there goes the charge bonus
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's gonna jab you
    rolling 1d20
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: what made me miss?
    Wiwaxia (GM): :mystery:
    Ilmatar Nordwind: mysteries again
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could try an int check if you like, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i do that after the battle?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    (Not) Literally A Bird: ((I'm back btw but i'm gonna let y'all do combat before i do anything))
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, it missed
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "neener neener, can't hit me, stupid grue!"
    i attack
    rolling 1d20
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): mmmmnope
    rolling 1d20+1
    = 14
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yikes that hits
    Wiwaxia (GM): it bites you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rude!
    Wiwaxia (GM): whoop sorry, misread prototypings
    it just hits you, and there's no +1 on the to-hit roll
    although it still hits
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    Ilmatar Nordwind: can i slip through between its legs to get behind it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): with a youth roll!
    so, dex check
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 9
    = 14
    good that i didnt use this on the attack oo00
    Wiwaxia (GM): you kinda bonk your head on the ground and roll over your shoulder without moving at all
    you wanna stand back up, or attack it from the ground
    Ilmatar Nordwind: attack from the ground
    rolling 1d20
    = 6
    oh come ON
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's gonna punch you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: -places bet that the ogres next actions will be in high 10's-
    Wiwaxia (GM): at +2 b/c on groung
    Leon Gaspar apparently took all the good rolls this session
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+2
    = 9
    Ilmatar Nordwind: lol
    Wiwaxia (GM): it punches the ground
    this is the saddest fucking battle
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i try to youthroll behind it again
    rolling 1d20 + 9
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah what do you think happens
    gonna attack from the ground again?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (this is getting ridiculous) (loling so hard)
    Wiwaxia (GM): stand up?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: stand up
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ogre's gonna attempt to jab you
    rolling 1d20
    = 19
    well then
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i attack it
    rolling 1d20
    = 6
    -glares at rng-
    Wiwaxia (GM): ._.
    gonna move?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ive got it cornered
    can i defend?
    or do i lack the skill for that
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, but that would be in place of an attack, not in addition to one
    rolling 1d20
    = 2
    Ilmatar Nordwind: not that it hit anyways
    i try to youthroll again
    because i dont learn from my mistakes
    rolling 1d20 + 9
    = 29
    well look at that
    Wiwaxia (GM): thaaaat's a crit
    Ilmatar Nordwind: "third's the charm"
    Wiwaxia (GM): you roll off the far wall and can make a backstab charge attack immediately
    +2 to hit from backstab
    +2 damage from charge
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 2
    = 21
    Wiwaxia (GM): noice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d4 + 3
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): You have defeated the phosphorous imp!
    which explodes
    in your face
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: big grue, down
    Wiwaxia (GM): you take 4 damage
    Ilmatar Nordwind: iit looks like i should go back to sleep again
    but i want to check the basement for anything that could constitute a spawn node
    somehow those beasts have to get in
    and i want to roll that int check
    Wiwaxia (GM): the door was open when you came downstairs
    even though you closed it before you went to sleep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: so next time i go to sleep im going to fucking lock it
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, go
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 13
    = 23
    Leon Gaspar: NI: nicely done ilmatar
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ahahahahahhahahahaha
    whimsy: this session is going to be so much fun
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    (Not) Literally A Bird: oh dear god.
    whimsy: potential for disaster ftw
    (loling so hard irl just now)
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: So, I'm gonna go up, check the storm shutters again (closed and stormlocked), lock the door, double-check that the note i left mama about keeping stuff locked is still where i put it, and go to sleep
    (Not) Literally A Bird: wait was 'you prototyped a shapeshifter you moron' the int check because
    that's incredible
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
  18. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: ok, some of the grues can shapeshift. that's because of the doll i prototyped.
    (Not) Literally A Bird: well at least no-one prototyped a horrorterror. yet
    Leon Gaspar: NI: oh god. okay, good to know
    I'm gonna go ahead and start looking for things to prototype, i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): I think I'm gonna tally up exp and whatnot and then you two can do some strifeless exploring
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (do i know about sprites?)
    Leon Gaspar: a+
    (wait that was meant to be ooc)
    (I think Leon mentioned them last session)
    whimsy: ii dont think ilmatar is going to explore just now, with 4 hp she should feel pretty beat
    Leon Gaspar: I would like to find some Cool Shades, something that is hard and could be used as protection, and a jacket.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: hm. ive run around the whole house, but i havent seen my sprite yet...
    BI: time to check the roof
    Leon Gaspar: NI: ... you prototyped a shapeshifter
    Wiwaxia (GM): a < 1hr nap will get you 1d6 health back
    Leon Gaspar: NI: are you sure there's nothing in your house that shouldn't be there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: ....
    BI: point
    Leon Gaspar: NI: sprites are capricious okay im just saying
    (btw wiwaxia should i roll for finding things?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    cool shades are 5 in 6 by syllable rule
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 3
    gonna do them in order btw
    Wiwaxia (GM): as is jacket
    Leon Gaspar: so that's shades
    then 'hard protecty thing' a.k.a. a shield or an exoskeleton or something
    rolling 1d6
    = 1
    then jacket
    rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): I'm gonna go with hard protective thing
    not that it matters
    (extra syllable)
    Leon Gaspar: that also works, yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmm
    y'know what
    you found a collander to put on your head
    Leon Gaspar: ((perfect.))
    Wiwaxia (GM): it gives you one protection and makes you look like you're fucking 6
    Leon Gaspar is PREPARED for DANGER
    Leon Gaspar: alright, time to go explore!
    i'm gonna head out of the apartment and towards the fire stairs
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait, wait, I'm gonna tally exp first
    Leon Gaspar: ((oops sorry! totally forgot))
    Wiwaxia (GM): no worries
    also, you should decide if you wanna increase your protection on your character sheet or just remember it from your equipment
    1 protection ===> all damage you take is reduced by one
    I probably won't remember that always so you definitely should in the interests of not dying
    Leon Gaspar: I'll add it to my character sheet, yes
    because there is no way i'm gonna remember
    Wiwaxia (GM): also the collander should be in your sylladex now
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ilmatars train of thought:
    hiding in the junk collection in the basement would be boring, so would be hiding in mama's room.
    my own room would be a good bet, because then it can say that it never left, so that's right out, too.
    the bathroom, which i haven't visited yet, would be out for the same reasons.
    which leaves the kitchen and the living room, because hiding in the hallway is pedestrian.
    the kitchen proper has too much things to hide in plain sight among, which would leave the hearth. a good hiding place, but i'm not convinced.
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Wi, is there a third armchair in the living room?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm.
    i tip the toppled one back upright
    i kind of want to avoid the question "do i see anything unusua"
    Wiwaxia (GM): also any shapeshifter worth their salt would be avoiding looking unusual
    Ilmatar Nordwind: point
    like, nothing obvious one too many
    thatd be boring
    i check the hearth from the kitchen
    Wiwaxia (GM): just ashes
    Ilmatar Nordwind: insidious. i put in a few logs, firestarter, and light it
    and put a pan with milk above
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing happens
    Ilmatar Nordwind: as in, fire doesnt start, or?
    Wiwaxia (GM): fire starts fine
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah, good
    I (both whimsy and ilmatar i) kind of want to get some sleep, but there is a shapeshifter afoot
    and milk over the fire
    oh well
    it hasnt murdered me in my sleep yet, so i'll probably me ok
    Ilmatar Nordwind: *be ok
    when the milk is hot, i make some hot chocolate, and go to sleep
    Wiwaxia (GM): k!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and lock the front door!
    Wiwaxia (GM): what, after you go to sleep?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: before
    Wiwaxia (GM): :P
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): you dream hazily of blue skies, but don't really remember much
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yes, im sleepwalking, you have found out my dastardly secret
    (i checked whether i had mentioned it further up, but nothing concrete, so i slipped it in)
    blue skies, huh
    i looked out of the window earlier, what was the colour of the sky above the stormclouds?
    Wiwaxia (GM): black
    empty, really
    Ilmatar Nordwind: huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can see a brown and green planet in one corner of the sky
    with large red... oceans?
    and the other corner of the sky has a blue and black planet
    and you can see a distant blue light above the spinning gates
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmm
    Wiwaxia (GM): xp tallies!
    Moss: 15 total damage -->150xp
    +150 bonus xp
    57 total damage
    Leon Gaspar: damn myrtha
    Wiwaxia (GM): 1140 exp
    +200 for first ogre seen
    so 1340
    welcome to level motherfucking 2, Myrtha
    Ilmatar Nordwind: whoop whop
    Wiwaxia (GM): Leon:
    31 total damage
    620 exp
    damn, level 2 exactly
    Leon Gaspar: whistles
    Wiwaxia (GM): You have advanced to the rank of Garage Band Reject
    Leon Gaspar: ((oh hey, asterixes make things italic. there you go))
    whimsy: congrats
    Leon Gaspar suddenly feels accomplished!
    whimsy: that level name is awesome
    (Not) Literally A Bird: yes i wanted to say actually i appreciate the level names
    Wiwaxia (GM): thank you!
    also I bumped up your exp for you so don't bump it up again
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :3
    Wiwaxia (GM): Ilmatar:
    total damage 24
    480 exp
    not quite enough to level, sorry
    whimsy: heh ::D#
    xp is damage dealt + damage received * 20?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not quite
    damage dealt + damage received*10
    and then total damage dealt in battle by players divided evenly among all the players present
    so you get double experience for solo fights, basically
    whimsy: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): which works out, because they're p dangerous
    as you have seen
    (Not) Literally A Bird: yeah, makes sense
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then damage dealt by sprites doesn't get factored into experience at all
    also, level up stuff!
    Leon (and Myrtha) get +1 to all saves, and their grist cache increases to 800
    (Not) Literally A Bird: nice!
    Wiwaxia (GM): this means that leon saves 75% of the time on ref saves, btw
    (Not) Literally A Bird: this is a good thing
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, do you two want your current grist tallies, too?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: sounds good
    whimsy: yes please
    Wiwaxia (GM): Ilmatar: 84 Build, 9 bismuth, 11 phosphorous, 10 rust
    whimsy: no canvas?
    Wiwaxia (GM): Leon: 56 build, 23 amber, 5 copper
    (Not) Literally A Bird: thaank you!
    Wiwaxia (GM): @whimsy, whoop forgot to add
    one sec
    5 linen
    whimsy: do we get unidentified grist identified when anyone in the session picked it up, or only if we pick it up ourselves / get it torrented to accomodate for surplus?
    Wiwaxia (GM): and 96 build total
    whenever anyone picks it up
    which means you now know what you need for the flower crown && tablet, frinstance
    whimsy: that was what i was about to ask
    (i'll shoot you a few more alchemizations this week, btw)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (Same here :P i'm excited. Alchemisations are my favourite.)
    (well lore is my favourite, followed closely by alchemisations.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, everything in the alchemy excursus should be updated w/ identified grists
    and by everything, I mean flower crown && tablet, really
    all the other unknown grists are still unknown

    (Not) Literally A Bird whistles
    (Not) Literally A Bird: you've been busy, whimsy!
    i am impressed @ the alchemisations
    whimsy: i could bust out about a million more
    my bases are tablet, weapon, flowercrown
    and then i just paste a rune or a tarot card over it to try and get an effect
    Wiwaxia (GM): got no armor yet, though
    whimsy: honestly?
    mages dont wear armor
    neither do fairies
    Wiwaxia (GM): point
    (Not) Literally A Bird: whimsy is the squishy mage of the party
    whimsy: glass cannon
    (Not) Literally A Bird: not whimsy. ilmatar. names are hard.
    whimsy: ::)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: one day i will stop conflating people with their characters! today is not that day.
    whimsy: ::DD
    ilmatar is a bit what i want to be like, tbh
    she just does things, and isnt paralyzed by doubt
    or fear
    (Not) Literally A Bird: she's pretty cool tbh.
    she and leon are like exact opposites which i find amusing
    whimsy: i'm happy you think so!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: they can balance each other out :P
    leon thinks way too hard about everything
    whimsy: ilmatar doesnt think things through usually
    although i fear i play her a little bit too sane and prepared
    (Not) Literally A Bird: with their powers combined, they are...a person with reasonable decision-making abilities!
    well, you know, it's early days! idk about you but i'm still feeling leon's charcter out
    whimsy: no one really understands how those two are friends ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: feeling a lot more confident w/ him today
    whimsy: ::D
    my own brain is too sensible for ilmatar, i fear

    Wiwaxia (GM) scribbles fraymotif notes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: that's exactly what's so great though! their friendship still works somehow
    whimsy: leon stops (or at least tries to) when ilmatar is going to be stupid
    and ilmatar acts when leon is stuck in a loop
    (Not) Literally A Bird: and ilmatar encourages leon to actually do things and not sit, paralyzed with-- yes
    whimsy: im ninja ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: hehehe
    haaaa this is fun! i can't wait for everyone to meet up
    Wiwaxia (GM): yessss
    I'm also excited for you all to start exploring the Lands in earnest
    a couple of them, especially
    whimsy: (i hope ilmatar doesnt come off as too callous, the reason she doesnt show concern is because she doesnt think there'll be a problem)
    eheh ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: me too! exploration! quests! sweet loot!
    whimsy: cool selfies, ancient ruins, and more plot than you can shake a stick at
    (Not) Literally A Bird: ahh, i think she's fine. i mean, leon's like 'ilmatar please take this seriously' but he also knows what she's like so he's not too bothered
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh thank you of reminding me of loot
    whimsy: (i want the moment ilmatar becomes serious to be a serious OH SHIT moment)
    Wiwaxia (GM): Leon, you also got a sweet 1000 boondollars for levelling
    whimsy: (for all present)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: hell yeah!
    whimsy: don'T blow it all on sweets ::3
    (Not) Literally A Bird: (that is going to be excellent)
    now i gotta go find somewhere to spend it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): so dyou wanna do a bit of strifeless exploring
    or call it a night?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: hmm
    whimsy: exploring sounds good, but ilmatar needs to nap before that
    (Not) Literally A Bird: as does leon; 2hp is not very much
    although technically he took a nap earlier, should i roll for htat?
    whimsy: im possibly awake because i actually slept before the session started
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Bird yep, 1d6 + hours slept
    (Not) Literally A Bird: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    i think he was asleep for less than an hour
    anyway, he can do some poking around hopefully without dying
    whimsy: ilmatar is out for 2 hours
    rolling 1d6 + 2
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): incidentally, I think we're about 6 hours into the session, now
    (Not) Literally A Bird: besides, he has his fancy new hat B^)
    whimsy: heh ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Leon: Waste exactly 4 hours agonising over whether to attack imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): pffff
    whimsy: xxD
    Wiwaxia (GM): I should start a timeline going, though
    (Not) Literally A Bird: yes, that sounds like a good idea
    whimsy: wi, can you see what everyone whispers, or are you not privy to that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): just whispers to me
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  19. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: windows locked (even the one in my room), backpack ready, sturdy boots ON, door locked, time to explore!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: NI: don't forget to take some water!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: BI: already packed :3
    BI: although i might try drinking from the stormclouds
    Leon Gaspar: NI: good job
    NI: ...
    Ilmatar Nordwind: wi, does pesterchum have an imageboard function?
    and how much of the old world is still alive / online?
    Leon Gaspar: NI: they're...probably not poisonous. hopefully.
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, you've gotta link with tinypic like in canon
    Leon Gaspar: NI: good luck! i'm going to try to explore too
    Wiwaxia (GM): and not much
    Leon Gaspar: NI: gotta take some sweet pics
    Wiwaxia (GM): internet's still up, but most of the major cities are on fire
    most social networking sites are just peoples final words
    Ilmatar Nordwind: tragic.
    Wiwaxia (GM): or apocalypse liveblogs that cut off abruptly
    Ilmatar Nordwind: any who talk of strange lands?
    Wiwaxia (GM): some dedicated wikipedians are keeping the page on 2015 metor strikes up to the hour, though
    Leon Gaspar: good ol' wikipedia
    Wiwaxia (GM): a couple on walkthrough sites, a few tumblrs
    Leon Gaspar: leon is very pointedly not checking any of his friend's blogs
    Wiwaxia (GM): hard to find in the wave of everybody dying, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: seems like establishing contact to others is not feasible at the moment
    oh well, my picture blog gets more photos from the bismuth cliffs
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    you step outside
    there's a chair from the living room on your roof
    Ilmatar Nordwind: gods
    BI: i knew it
    (brb laughing)
    Leon Gaspar: ((im laughing))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i wave at the chair
    Wiwaxia (GM): it sits there, being a chair
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh well
    i have four ways to go, right? along the cliffs, away from them, up the pyramid, and down the clouds
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    although if you wanna hike down to the clouds you'll need to walk along the cliffs a bit and then down the stairs
    Ilmatar Nordwind: should i flip three coins, throw a d4, or throw a d4 and say ilmatar flipped the coins
    Wiwaxia (GM): d4's fairer
    also, I'll draw you a map
    ((no google LOSAS for you just yet)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: idk how helpful my old environment map sketch is ::D
    losas? huh
    i woulda thought lobas or losab
    losab sounds nicer longer, lobas sounds nicer shorter
    in order of mention
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d4
    = 3
    up the pyramid it is ::3
    Wiwaxia (GM): roughly
    up the pyramid?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ayup
    Wiwaxia (GM): here, you can come see too Bird
    for reference, there's a steep drop from the cliff you're on down to the sea of storms
    and then those parallel lines are the slope continuing smoothly down to the sea
    Ilmatar Nordwind: not gonna take that before i can actually fly
    Leon Gaspar: :o
    Wiwaxia (GM): good idea
    you begin to climb
    the metal underneath your feet gradually shades from blue to green
    Ilmatar Nordwind: im taking progress pics every now and then, and panorama pics
    Wiwaxia (GM): as you ascend
    Ilmatar Nordwind: also of the sky
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have a better view of the pale blue planet (?) now that you don't have to look directly through the gates to see it
    you can also see big anvil shaped thunderheads, way out on the sea of storms
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ooooh
    -snaps pic-
    Wiwaxia (GM): lightning flashes between them and within them
    Ilmatar Nordwind: are the bismuth cliffs and the storm clouds like two halves of my planet, as far as i can see?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you cannot see nearly that far
    hell, you don't even know what's on the other side of this mountain!
    doesn't look like there's much but storms for a long way to the ?????
    you're gonna need to come up with some reference directions
    Ilmatar Nordwind: bi: i forgot to bring a compass
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's questionable to what extent "North" is even a thing anymore, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: details ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): keep ascending, walk around sideways or go back down?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: keep ascending
    Wiwaxia (GM): up ya go
    the green turns into gold
    you can see what look like pink terraces above you
    with some gold things moving around
    Ilmatar Nordwind: moving around, huh
    bi: and i forgot some binoculars. oh well
    keep ascending, but carefully
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are more than happy to ascend carefully
    given that you've walked like half a kilometer as the crow flies
    and up probably almost as much
    Ilmatar Nordwind: break/snacktime? ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've gotten to the terraces, though!
    they turn out to be rice fields of pink rice
    tended by yellow salamanders
    the're shallow water held by a short lip at the top of each stair
    i hope you're wearing shorts or like a knee-length skirt or something
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hahahaha, nope
    but im not going to step into the water
    more like, trying to balance on the lips that hold the water in
    Wiwaxia (GM): they're like 5 cm wide
    Ilmatar Nordwind: a balance beam is not much wider
    Wiwaxia (GM): point
    alright, make a dex check
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 9
    = 23
    Wiwaxia (GM): you succeed in walking along the lip with your arms out for balance, wobbling slightly
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::D
    do the salamanders notice me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    a couple come over and blow enormous spit (?) bubbles in happiness (?)
    salamander: hello hello hello
    Ilmatar Nordwind: greetings, yellow one!
    salamander: glub
    Ilmatar Nordwind: glub!
    salamander: hello not yellow one!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (the noise i just made)
    I am called Ilmatar. What is your name?
    salamander: I am a salamander!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and yes this is a high fantasy / occult read person GIVING OUT HER REAL NAME)
    other: salamander I am also a salamander!
    Wiwaxia (GM): other salamander that is
    Leon Gaspar: (i cannot handle this cuteness)
    other_salamander: glub
    salamander: where are you going not yellow one?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: Further up! I want to see a bit more of this strange place I have arrived at.
    Does this place have a name?
    whimsy: (afk for a bit)
    salamander: this is the Land of Steps and Storms, not yellow one!
    but everyone knows that
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, gonna switch to leon then, I thinl
    Leon Gaspar: yessss
    alright! i'm gonna head down the fire stairs and outside the building
    Wiwaxia (GM): the fire stairs are a bit rusty and algae-encrusted for your taste, but seem stable enough
    whimsy: (back)
    Leon Gaspar: Mmgh. Unpleasant. I go very carefully.
    whimsy: (watches leons explorations)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the sky hasn't changed from it's peachy sunrise colors
    Leon Gaspar: I duck my head back in and take a quick look around the lobby before heading out
    Wiwaxia (GM): although some puffy clouds are drifting in slowly
    the lobby is abandoned and watterlogged
    you're pretty sure that's seagull shit on the floor
    Leon Gaspar: eurgh. i decide to get the fuck outta dodge
    Wiwaxia (GM): got a kind of abandoned dignity to it, though
    Leon Gaspar: time to look around outside! what can i see?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you're on ground level now, yeah?
    Leon Gaspar: yep
    (by the way i feel like we should decide what floor leon's apartment is on? either 6 or 16 would be fitting)
    Wiwaxia (GM): directly outside the door of the apartment building is a highway
    lets say 16
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: wish i had a car. or a license.
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a couple exits that loop around under it and onto other highways in a cloverleaf
    all the highways are standing on barnacle-encrusted concrete pillars in a calm sea
    one of the exits loops back around to the parking garage of the apartment bulding
    the main road you're on continues over the (oddly close) horizon, but you recall seeing it end in an abrupt break from farther above
    Leon Gaspar: Hm. Gonna start walking along this highway, I think.
    See what's at the end.
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't quite get to the end, because there's deep rifts in the asphalt you don't want to trust your weight to
    you can see what look like more overpass-supporting pillars sticking out of the ocean beond
    you'd be willing to bet there's topple road under the ocean there
    on the horizon you can just barely make out what might be the other side of this broken gap
    Leon Gaspar: even so, im not about to go swimming. there were other paths, yes?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    back towards the apartment
    Leon Gaspar: alright, back towards the apartment!
    how many roads are there? (sorry, having trouble visualising)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the bottom of the building's below the horizon from the end of the road, but you can still see your room from here
    ok, drawing time!
    box in the middle's the apartments
    you're on that road there
    whimsy: (can i watch too)
    Leon Gaspar: i'm still on the apartment map nwn;
    oh wait
    haha scrolled over, never mind
    Wiwaxia (GM): one of the exits on that road goes to the parking garage, the other to some cloverleaf bullshit
    there's three other main roads
    Leon Gaspar: alright! gonna go
    that way
    or is that where i came from
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are here, btw
    Leon Gaspar: ahh gotcha
    back to the box, and then...
    this way!
    if where i just came from is 'south'
    Wiwaxia (GM): k!
    "west" it is
    this one breaks off even sooner, but there's a bunch of chunks of the road standing in the water like stepping-stones
    there's a bunch of gulls on them
    Leon Gaspar: close enough to jump?
    Wiwaxia (GM): maybe, but not easily
    Leon Gaspar: hm.right. try another direction. back to the apartment, then 'north'
    Wiwaxia (GM): getting to "north" requires a bunch of loopy-ass cloverleaf bullshit
    including one underpass that sweeps down to the water's surface
    Leon Gaspar: hm. well okay say im standing at my apartment building contemplating the last two directions. can i see what's going on to the east?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's tipped so you can walk along one dry edge, but there's waves lapping like halfway up onto it
    looks like there's a little bit of dry land with a building on it
    from your room
    you can't see it from ground level
    Leon Gaspar: yeah i go up to my room and check out which way is likely to be the most fruitful
    is there a road leading to the building, or is it waterlocked?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see some imps on your way up, but none seem to be particularly eager to tangle with a Garage Band Reject
    yep, there's a road right to it
    looks like it dead-ends there, though
    Leon Gaspar: and north? aside from cloverleaf bullshit
    Wiwaxia (GM): the "north" road splits and continues over the horizon, even from here
    Leon Gaspar: hm. well the building looks like it's gonna be my best bet!
    so, back down the stairs, trying to avoid imps
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imps seem perfectly content avoiding you and continuing their property damage in peace
    head to the building?
    Leon Gaspar: head to the building!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it looks to be a convenience store
    from here, you can see that the road used to continue past here, but now it's little more than stub
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: ...
    LEON: snacks!
    are there any imps or other lively-looking things around?
    Wiwaxia (GM): theres a coil of rope that suggests that the highway-stub may have recently been used as a makeshift dock
    the little island-knoll looks completley deserted
    Leon Gaspar: -notes existence of dock. remembers seeing boat before, hours ago-
    alright, try to enter the convenience store
    Wiwaxia (GM): the only signs of life are some loch ness monster imps a ways off and some seagulls circling distantly
    a bell rings automatically as you open the door
    there's a tv over the counter playing static
    the shelves look pretty empty, but there's still some bug snaks! in the vending machines
    there's a rack of mildewed newspapers by the counter
    Leon Gaspar: take a look at the newspapers, although i don't expect to be able to read them
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't, but judging but the size and number of headlines, there may have been some big news
    or maybe they're just tabloids
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: hmm.
    alright, check out the vending machines
    what's in there and how much for them?
    Wiwaxia (GM): lots of packaged candied fruit and salted bugs
    2-3 boonbucks apeice
    some sodas
    Leon Gaspar: alright, pick up 12 boonbucks worth of fruit and...bugs
    Wiwaxia (GM): you notice that most of what's left on the shelves are things like "carapace polish"
    Leon Gaspar: LEON: ...
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the food and toiletries are gone
    there's not even rotted remains of them
    Leon Gaspar: right. guess that's that for this place.
    at least i've got some food for the road.
    (whimsy, you still around? you wanna take back over?)
    whimsy: still awake, barely
    Wiwaxia (GM): wanna call it a day/night?
    whimsy: probs
    its after 2 am at your place too, isnt it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: yeah, calling it a night sonds good to me
    whimsy: i'll probably sleep through the hot day hours
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Leon Gaspar: you good to finish up too, wiwaxia?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: i feel like whatever comes next is gonna be waaaay to involved for right now, so
    are we on next week or the week after?
    Wiwaxia (GM): next week probably not? unless people can meet on sunday my time
    week after definitely\
    Leon Gaspar: it'd be fine for me but yeah, i guess we'll work that out in the thread.
    alright! thanks for today :D this game is awesome
    Wiwaxia (GM): thank you!
    Leon Gaspar: c: alright! see ya next time!
  20. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Karrin Blue: How much grist do I have?
    Kintsugi is down
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, saw
    right as I was getting land descriptions set up, too
    one sec
    k m.: kintsugi is down because someone's parents found it
    Karrin Blue: ?
    how's that work
    k m.: seebs got requested to drop it for a bit
    Karrin Blue: so someone's parents won't see what they use it for?
    k m.: we're trying to fix
    yeah, luckily ita is password protected
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Karrin
    70 build
    13 cobalt
    2 indigo
    whimsy: morning
    Wiwaxia (GM): 31 woad
    Arxon: hullo
    Karrin Blue: In that case, I guess I will alchemize the ring/hagalaz and ring/sowilo combos
    Wiwaxia (GM): You made a Sun ring!
    It's a plastic ring with a photo of the sun on it. Like something you'd find in a museum giftstore
    -2 build
    Karrin Blue: what would ring||sowilo cost?
    Wiwaxia (GM): didn't figure that out, sorry
    Karrin Blue: yeah soryr
    i was just wondering off the top of my head
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'll toss it in for next week
    Karrin Blue: thanks
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you're also making ring && haglaz?
    Karrin Blue: yes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: morning all!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you made a hailstone ring!
    whimsy: morning bird!
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's a ring with a huge hailstone set as a gem. It's already starting to melt.
    Arxon: morning!
    k m.: oh shit, i was going to try to grab you to find out what, specifically, those pointy & dangerous gardening tools were at some point
    whimsy: i'll be a bit inactive, i'm not quite awake yet and it's so hot xx_xx
    Wiwaxia (GM): @Karrin those should probably go on your misc items card, unless you just wanna ditch them
    @moss, oh thing I forgot!
    you don't need to throw books
    Karrin Blue: I'll put them in my misc item thing I guess
    in my sylladex
    Wiwaxia (GM): you have a combat sylladex so you can shoot them
    k m.: SWEET
    Wiwaxia (GM): also let's say one of those claws to break up dirt, a metal rake, a handsaw and some trowels?
    k m.: "is the pen mightier than the sword? i don't know, but the fired book is surely mightier than the imp"
    that works. i'll write it down
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you can use it and kick something on the same turn
    also, everyone should make a habit of checking over their character sheet and whatnot
    some of you have bonuses to damage or protection that you probably want to remember
    because I won't
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Leon's still wearing a collander on his head
    Wiwaxia (GM): also because at least one person now has protection ^^^, I'm gonna stop entering damage on you guys
    so you can remember to reduce it before you take it
    (Not) Literally A Bird: sounds good to me
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyone else making things?
    or any other questions?
    Karrin Blue: I don't have enough to buy anything else yet
    Wiwaxia (GM): Ilmatar's almost got enough grist for gristtorren
    but is not near her house
    oh yeah, lemme get my maps up
    whimsy: i just got an idea for a thing, but one of the reasons i haven't sent you anything yet is because i'm a bit away from my base
    and not at all because i kind of forgot while learning for an exam and packing my bags b/c visiting my parents, no sirree
    Wiwaxia (GM): indeed
    whimsy: since mom likes maps, we probably have a compass and a sextant of some sort in our house
    so i was thinking, minecraft style compass via:
    Compass && (chip of my house)
    Wiwaxia (GM): 6 out of 6 for compass
    and 4 out of 6 for sextant, I think?
    2+2 for guardian obsession
    Karrin Blue: I should update Myrtha's picture to reflect her new indigoness
    whimsy: rolling 2d6
    = 10
    Wiwaxia (GM): so yes on compass and no on sextant
    whimsy: dang
    oh well
    not like ilmatar could use it
    and even if, make use of it to navigate
    because lol what are stars
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you can see a blue dot
    and a brick red and grey-green dot
    and a blue and black dot
    whimsy: and i know the blue dot is perpendicular to my house
    Wiwaxia (GM): point
    that's a polestar right there
    whimsy: ayup
    and if i cant see the blue dot any more i know im on the wrong side of the planet
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    or deep in a valley
    whimsy: or somewhere where i cant see the sky
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh hey, did everyone see the timeline?
    Arxon: Yep! But I don't have it open :(
    Wiwaxia (GM): http://cdn.knightlab.com/libs/timel..._FJvljQGLeRPo&font=Default&lang=en&height=600
    if you want it
    whimsy: dont remember, my brain is coming up with "maybe, but file not findable"
    k m.: didn't get a chance to look, will do
    Wiwaxia (GM): times are not earth times, btw
    i just started at midnight so I could keep easy track of hours elapsed
    k m.: hey, that's p. cool
    Arxon: Lemi has been passed out for 8 hours
    thats good she's a growing girl she needs her sleep
    (Not) Literally A Bird: it's really cool. also i am unreasonably excited about leon's dreamself being AWOL and his sleeping colour therefore being grey
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    everyone ready to start?
    (Not) Literally A Bird: super ready!
    whimsy: as far as im awake
    Arxon: yes!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: ...well i might get some tea and let other people do their things first, since leon got pretty far before we stopped last time
    k m.: yeah! i might be a little sporadic at first, helping troubleshoot forum
    but i can take a break from that
    whimsy: i'd be totally ok with kicking back for a bit, since i did a lot of stuff last session
    Wiwaxia (GM): I think I'll start with lemi, because Arxon missed last week

    (Not) Literally A Bird high fives whimsy
    Wiwaxia (GM): you wake up in a dark room
    your candle has burned out and the only light is a dim lavender glow from your sprite
    which seems very agitated
    Lemi Malloy: Oh hey! That wasn't there when I passed out
    I stand up, looking around the room to make sure we're alone
    (also how much hp has Lemi recovered?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): Nessiesprite jitters anxiously over the burned out candle and spews cryptozoology wingding sounds
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6+8
    = 13
    I look at the candle to see if it's able to be lit again
    Wiwaxia (GM): there isn't anything the room that you can see, but there's an unexplainable feeling of being hunted running up and down your spine and the shadows do not look friendly
    it's burned all the way down to a puddle of way
    you've got 2 more candles and a box of matches that you grabbed earlier, though
    Lemi Malloy: Ok!
    Hopefully these candles will last until I can alchemize something more permanent+portable
    I try and light another candle?
    Wiwaxia (GM): can I get a grace check?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+13
    = 17
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've almost got the candle lit when it feels like the darkness pushes in on it and snuffs it out
    try again?
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+13
    = 24
    Wiwaxia (GM): the same thing almost happens, but you manage to will enough light into the flame to light the candle
    the shadows recoil like scared animals
    Lemi Malloy: HA! Take that, shadows!
    .....Please tell me my computer didn't break at any point during the fight
    Wiwaxia (GM): you didn't throw your axe straight into it, so it's alright
    it's even fully charged!
    looks like the electricity's working, even if the lights aren't
    Lemi Malloy: Wow! That's convenient!
    Well, I guess time to go out into the world again? I very cautiously open the door.
    Wiwaxia (GM): everything is dead silent
    you wanna move yourself so I can reveal stuff appropriately?
    Lemi Malloy: Right!
    oh wait
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallway looks empty enough
    nessiesprite bobs along behind you
    Lemi Malloy: At least I'm not alone...
    I creep into the hall
    Wiwaxia (GM): still no sign of imps
    or your Sis, for that matter
    Lemi Malloy: Maybe she's in the basement?
    No way I'm going down there, though.
    I go towards the living room
    Wiwaxia (GM): you misremember the way down and smack facefirst into a wall
    Lemi Malloy: Stupid dark house with it's stupid dark halls
    ok, take two?
    Is there any imps near the ladder?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's one under the ladder, looks like
    (To GM) rolling 3d3
    = 6
    Lemi Malloy: How tough does it look?
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec
    same kind as you fought earlier, but without the creepy-ass hair
    it's wearing weaboo clothes and has a racoon skull for a head
    Lemi Malloy: that looks tough!
    Maybe I can sneak around it?
    Ok, so I creep down the stairs as quietly as possible
    Wiwaxia (GM): You'd be going right over it's head
    dex check to be quiet or reconsider?
    also note that you have a light
    Lemi Malloy: Right
    ok then, sneaking probably not the best idea. If I go down, though, it'll definitely have the upper hand
    I look around for something I could maybe drop on it through the ladder?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you find a heavy book
    Lemi Malloy: Then I'll just try and drop that on the imps head
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, can you roll 1d20 to hit?
    i'll go pull up the falling damage table
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits
    about how far a drop is it?
    1 story, so ~3m?
    Lemi Malloy: sounds right
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d2
    = 2
    it dies
    Lemi Malloy: hell yeah!
    Does Nessiesprite have arms?
    Wiwaxia (GM): fins
    Lemi Malloy: I high five the fin
    Wiwaxia (GM): nessiesprite gives you some fin
    Lemi Malloy: Yay!
    ok, I go down the ladder!
    Wiwaxia (GM): k gimme a sec
    hoo boy
    copy pasting isn't working for some reason
    please hold
    got that sorted
    Lemi Malloy: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): i've gotta work on streamlining imp set up
    something is... emitting shadows?
    that doesn't make sense
    but it seems to be happening
    that or your house suddenly has a wall that Leon didn't put there
    Lemi Malloy: Ok that seems. Bad.
    Maybe I should go out the back door
    Wiwaxia (GM): proceed?
    Lemi Malloy: Yes!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you find yourself in a dark, twisted forest
    your house is in a clearing of jagged, blood-red rock that casts jumping shadows in your candlelight
    Karrin Blue: well that's ominous
    Wiwaxia (GM): :3
    Lemi Malloy: ok, so
    I am going to creep back inside my house and go back up the ladder
    If I am journeying into a realm of terror and shadows I am gonna do it with my camera and my laptop
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, you're getting ambushed
    one sec
    Lemi Malloy: thought so
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20
    = 16
    something jabs at you from the shadows and catches you in the shin as you climb up
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Lemi Malloy: AH!
    Wiwaxia (GM): aaand roll a d6 for initiative
    rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): oof
    Wiwaxia (GM): the darkness withdraws, however
    Lemi Malloy: Well at least it isn't beating the shit outta me?
    I continue up the ladder very cautiously
    ok, back into my room
    Wiwaxia (GM): a shadowy shape jumps at you through the wall and bounces off the light of your candle like it was a wall
    Lemi Malloy: I take a step towards it, holding my candle out in front of me
    Wiwaxia (GM): it doesn't move
    it looks a lot more washed-out in the light
    Lemi Malloy: Is it an imp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    more like some sort of wraith
    it looks pretty insubstantial to be honest
    Lemi Malloy: I take a couple more stemps towards it
    Wiwaxia (GM): it lashes out and swipes at you
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    a clawlike shadow passes through your arm, leaving a deathly chill
    rolling 1d4-1
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): what are you doing?
    Lemi Malloy: mk
    I jump back!
    Wiwaxia (GM): where?
    Lemi Malloy: to about there
    Wiwaxia (GM): it jumps after you but cannot enter your circle of light
    it makes a low hissing sound of... frustration?
    and circles around the edge of your candlelight
    Lemi Malloy: alright
    I captchalogue my laptop, moving as little as possible
    and look around the room for my camera?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 's there
    Lemi Malloy: Alright, so I back up to here
    Wiwaxia (GM): the wraith goes through the wall and vanishes
    Lemi Malloy: ok
    I still creep along the wall to my camera
    and put it in my syllabus?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sylladex, but yes
    Lemi Malloy: right duh
    Wiwaxia (GM): you should have a misc items card you can write it on
    in the handouts tab
    brb, and then move to someone else, I think
    Lemi Malloy: edited 0u0
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