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    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    karrin, you could chat with flagcoonsprite, or try to survey the landscape from the top of your house, although the new floors have no windows
    or poke at the tablet you got outta your dad's wallet
    or hunt around your house for things to try to alchemize
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm lets see
    I shall go survey the land!
    Wiwaxia (GM): your house now has seven stories
    in the middle of the hall on story seven is a pulsing, shifting, deep blue spirograph hanging about a meter from the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: Lot of walking to do
    ... I will avoid poking it
    Wiwaxia (GM): as previously mentioned, the upper stories have no windows
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...hm, that is a problem
    Lemi is offline?
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi is online but idle
    she posted
    aG:...I just lied to an iguana.
    aG: I feel like the Worst.
    a couple minutes ago
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: You are not the Worst
    cO: Also please add some windows or just holes in the wall up here, when you get the chance
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's no reply
    Arxon: ((....well the tone of that changed with the new previous conversation))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((yyyyep))
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: You're bedresting somewhere safe, right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((:D huzzah for nonlinearity))
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, I hope you sleep ok then
    cO: My dreams have been WEIRD so hopefully they're not contagious
    ((Secretly myrtha is the witch of understatement)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could say she's aVOIDing stating things with their full wieght
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    ((Hmm, well, not much else to do here, so I think I'll go talk to my sprite)
    Flagcoonsprite: Greetings, my Witch!
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((Ive heard about the Witch stuff from him befkre right))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((yep. well, not in detail, but he keeps addressing you as such))
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hello.

    Myrtha Oscurr considers going about asking questions to the ghost raccoon
    Flagcoonsprite: Are you well?

    Myrtha Oscurr considers what happened after she woke io
    Myrtha Oscurr: Up
    ...Flagcoonsprite, do you know much about songs you hear in dreams? That have... very bad consequences if you sing them wrong?
    Flagcoonsprite cocks his head to the side
    Flagcoonsprite: There are things beyond the Veil, beyond the orbit of Derse
    Gods in the fathomless eons, untouched by Skaia's Light, but as powerful as it in their own way
    Not things of the waking world, but of the slumbering Void in its purest form
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...How coincidental.
    Flagcoonsprite: No.
    They are the opposite of coincidences.

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to figure that one out
    Myrtha Oscurr: So they... control probability? Or destiny or something?
    Or do you mean my seeing them was not a coincidence?
    Flagcoonsprite: no, none of those things! But if you will excuse my obstinance, my Witch, I do not want to bring talk of them here to darken the light of day.
    Flagcoonsprite bows apologetically
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((metagame bonus round: spot the literary allusion!))
    Myrtha Oscurr: IIt's daytime? There's no sun here.
    Flagcoonsprite: Skaia still shines above the dark sky!
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...Alright then.
    Hm. I'm the... Witch, right? What exactly does that mean? Is there some big magic whatever I have to do or else everything blows up or disappears or something?
    If so, Id prefer to hear about it at the start.
    Flagcoonsprite: After a fashion. But you always have a Choice
    But part of your task is itself to bend the secrets of this land to your will to find out what must be done!

    Myrtha Oscurr considers bend them to her will

    Myrtha Oscurr is trying to think of how getting blackmail frok a planet would work
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...I hguess I need to find some secrets first, huh?
    * from
    (Augh i gotta go afk for a bit, will try to be back quickly)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (k, no worries!)
    bird, you up to going for a bit to try to catch up more?
    if not, i guess it's over to whimsy
    whimsy: (i am mostly here)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you up for going?
    (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d5
    = 4
    whimsy: sure
    might take a bit with responding in between tho, multitasking shit rn
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, noted
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm,the basilisk looks to be the closest foe, but also the foe i want to fight last if at all possible
    Wiwaxia (GM): you very much do not have to clear the map, btw
    i mean, i'm assuming that's an ilmatar Bad Decision, but just to be clear
    Ilmatar Nordwind: but but but! mean evil monster things that bully my consorts!
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, where to now?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: here-ish, then plop ass on ground and grab another sandwish from the sylladex because im not gonna fight a monster that does 1d12 damage on 10 hp
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay
    the big green blop under your icon is a kind of island out in the middle of some rice fields
    these ones look like they're abandoned or lying fallow, though
    nobody's around
    how many sandwiches do you have left?
    also, that's gonna be a couple exploration/timekeeping die rolls while you eat
    Wiwaxia (GM): sound alright?
    Karrin Blue: I return!
    Wiwaxia (GM): huzzah!
    i think i can run you and ilmatar in parallel, cause whimsy's in and out
    if you wanna pick back up
    Karrin Blue: Sure
    Myrtha Oscurr: Now with proper spelling:
    I guess that means I have to find some secrets first, huh?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i think i said "some sandwiches" when i made some, also knowing it'd be a bit of a trek, but i don't think much more than 3 or 4?
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d2
    = 2
    four, then
    Ilmatar Nordwind: well, ilma is a growing girl
    so after eating one in the village, and one in the middle of the rice fields, there's two in the dex i should note that
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    1 Encounter
    = 1
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    four is irrelevant because eating resets endurance
    rolling 1t[okay-but-what-KIND-of-encounter]
    2-3 Underling
    = 2
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh ffs
    Wiwaxia (GM): these bozos have spotted you and are coming over to ruin your picnic
    are you back on computer/can see map, or still on phone?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i am ages away and higher up than them, how the hell did they spot me
    Myrtha Oscurr: I am on a computer!
    Wiwaxia (GM): wandering aimlessly and stumbled into range where they could spot you, i think
    Ilmatar Nordwind: do i get to recover some hp from the sandwich before they attack me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure
    roll 2d6
    get half now and half after
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2d6
    = 6
    well at least i wont be a onehit now
    Wiwaxia (GM): also note that they're quite a ways off when you spot them being all aggressive-like
    you've got some time to prepare for impact, as it were
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i guess the ogre is faster than the imp? but yeah, draw fan, prep attack the second one of them gets in range, and then the kiting game again
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, same speed
    but imp's lagging back because imps are scaredy pissbabies
    Ilmatar Nordwind: eheheh
    Myrtha Oscurr: I think I will return to the armory to see if I missed any good weapons
    Wiwaxia (GM): also lemme roll stuff for these guys real quick
    one moment, for myrtha, there's a thing i'm uploading
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh yeah, how high are the ledges they're coming up? maybe i can play the game i played with the other ogre again
    (afk for a sec procuring something foodlike)
    Wiwaxia (GM): theeeere we go
    also, karrin, how's that look for dad oscurr's color?
    i tried to make it dark blue like you said, but still distinct from myrtha's color
    Myrtha Oscurr: where?
    are you pinging the spot near Myrtha and Flagcoonspirte?
    Wiwaxia (GM): flagcoonsprite's color
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh, the outline changed!
    one sec
    i was zoomed out so it looked like a black outline
    Wiwaxia (GM): cool!
    for the record, that is #474376
    Flagcoonsprite: But you already have found some secrets!
    Even if you do not know it yet!
    That's part of why they're secrets!
    Myrtha Oscurr: I see.
    Do you know anything about Nyx?

    Myrtha Oscurr remembers mentions of that from the sirens
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, it's your web browser of choice, in what is almost certainly just a coincidence
    Myrtha Oscurr: Probably!
    Wiwaxia (GM): almost certainly
    Flagcoonsprite: I'm sorry, my Witch but that is a morsel of food you need to wash for yourself.
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((...considering how that cotton candy ended up...))
    Wiwaxia (GM): gone?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((yes))
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna keep trying to pry info out of flagcoonsprite, or check out the armory?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Gonna go to the armory
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's see
    there's at the very least the halberd and swords that imp used as traps way back when
    and then i guess you start naming things that might be in there and rolling for em
    Myrtha Oscurr: ummm

    Myrtha Oscurr goes looking for Cool Polearm Names
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...war scythe?
    ((which is a spectacular name for anything))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (and death put the scythe into a corner and jumped onto the combine harvester, for it was war)
    Wiwaxia (GM): let's say 2-in-6 chance, because there's no way anyone without an interest in sca stuff or the like would have one in their house
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): no war scythe, alas
    Myrtha Oscurr: :b
    a glaive?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3 in 6 sound fair?
    Myrtha Oscurr: sure!
    rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    Myrtha Oscurr: yay!
    Arxon: (glaives are best polearms)
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    ((this one will not end the world, though. probably.))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((?))
    ((when i think of world-ending polearms, i'm mostly familiar with double-helical bidents))
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((sailor moon!))
    ((Sailor Saturn was the soldier of destruction/silence and had the Silence Glaive, and it was her Special Moon Duty to wake up, destroy a planet when it became necessary, and then die/reincarnate later on))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((...ah))
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((sailor moon goes SCREW THAT I AM NOT LETTING YOU FREAKING DIE and brings back baby saturn/hotaru, who is adorable))
    ((it's great))
    anyways, hm, perhaps I will look for armor with which to supplement my current gear?
    Wiwaxia (GM): like what?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): just gonna assume there's a couple bucklers around

    Myrtha Oscurr does not actually know very many armor parts
    Myrtha Oscurr: though i do have that dadly plate armor
    to alchemize with
    Wiwaxia (GM): because they are like Basic Armor No. 1
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    and... mail coif? it seems like those could be combined ok with desert gear
    + pixane

    Myrtha Oscurr is looking at the mail parts of the wikipedia list of medieval armor components
    Wiwaxia (GM): hauberk's gonna be 1-in-6, i think
    and mail coif 3-in-6
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 6
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): so yes on the coif, no on the hauberk
    gotta look up pixane, one sec
    let's call that one 3-in-6, too
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    there's a doublet for your dad in here, too
    one for you would be 2-in-6
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    mail coif is probably gonna be
    let's see
    2 protection, -1 def
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...why -1 def?
    Wiwaxia (GM): tradeoffs, mostly
    although that may not be the best one
    Myrtha Oscurr: What's the difference between protection and defense?
    Wiwaxia (GM): defence is dont-get-hit, protection reduces damage from things that do hit you
    so that would be two less damage from every non-elemental attack
    but also get hit about 5% more of the time
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK
    well, I still think I'll alchemize stuff together to see what I can get
    though not right now
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    whimsy, you still around?
    karrin, are you calling that good, or gonna search fro more stuff in the armory?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I think I'll call that good
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, bucklers are gonna be +1 def, +1 protection, but take a hand
    Myrtha Oscurr: and polearms are two-handed
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the collar thing is probably just +1 def if it's leather, +1 protection if it's mail, no drawbacks
    let's say there's one of each, so you can take your pick
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright, let me add those to my sylladex
    Wiwaxia (GM): actually, i'll give you whole new cards for em
    because they're equipable
    one sec
    oh, and might as well give you the stats for the dad plate armor
    +4 protection, -1 def, -1 attack, won't stack with any armor except stuff on your head
    but you can't wear it
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah, it's made for dad!
    but I can alchemize it with my clothes
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    note that it will render you totally immune to normal imp damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh!
    even alchemized?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, if the alchemization also winds up with four protection
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (fff its 6am and im falling asleep, im gonna go to bed now)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((sleep well!))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (gnight)
    Arxon: ((night!))
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm probably gonna wanna wrap up within the next hour
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((ok))
    Wiwaxia (GM): so if anyone has anything they wanna do, mention it now!
    if not, i could try to do some at-the-table alchemizations for myrtha's shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah I think I'll go aquesting next session
    Wiwaxia (GM): sounds good
    bird, you wanna go at all?
    myrtha, first thing you're doing is jacket+boots+trousers (on one card) && dad plate mail, yeah?
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): right then
    this thing costs 50 dust grist, 50 rust grist, and 50 of a grist type you haven't seen
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hm, guess I'll save that for later then
    Wiwaxia (GM): any other recipes you wanna try?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm, let's see
    Oh, I think I'll try rune+weapons
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, one at a time, please

    Myrtha Oscurr is looking for a rune list
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elder_Futhark#Rune_names
    Myrtha Oscurr: thanks!
    how abooout
    isaz and my glaive?
    also, maybe glaive and the Thor one? wanna try and make a lightning polearm
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also, question
    && or ||
    Myrtha Oscurr: ummm
    i forget what the difference in effects is?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't actually know that
    i have a model that i'm working off of based on the canonical examples
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the general formal-logic meanings
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm
    what are the costs of either way?
    Wiwaxia (GM): more work for me :V
    but yeah, you can do it both ways, but one at a time, please
    Myrtha Oscurr: ||?
    on the basis of that's how rose got her needlewands
    though apparently &&got the thorns so who knows
    Wiwaxia (GM): for combinations involving alchemized things or more than two ingredients you generally want to use both
    so you don't wind up with all holes or no holes
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    Wiwaxia (GM): isaz || glaive costs 12 build, 9 mahogany and 3 glass
    for the record, there is 76 mahogany and 54 glass to spare
    Myrtha Oscurr: in that case I think I will build one
    Wiwaxia (GM): You made the Pop Sickle!
    the handle is literally a giant popsicle stick, which is kinda uncomfortable to hold in your hands
    the I shaped blade of pink ice looks quite deadly, though
    Myrtha Oscurr: why is it pink
    ...I guess it could serve as food, in the worst case scenario
    and isaz && glaive?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 2 glass
    Myrtha Oscurr: well that's probably not going to be useful
    let's try the thor rune then?
    if you want to I mean
    there's really nor eason we hav to do this right now
    Wiwaxia (GM): eh, just as well now as later
    i'm gonna fuck off and go to bed eventually, i mean, but
    thor rune && glaive?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ye
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, i'll have to come back to that one
    i think i'm gonna go sleepish-ways, now
    send me any other combinations you want to try
    Myrtha Oscurr: ahkay!
    sleep well!
    Arxon: night!
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    TheSeer 37 Bright Visionary Crushes The Doubtful

    So, Leon met a carapacian, instantly got a crush on her, and then watched as she immediately flipped out for no reason and cut off her own hand by accident. I was going to say, 'how did you teach your random number generator to perfectly duplicate Andrew Hussie's writing style,' but then I realized that an RNG is the perfect way to duplicate Andrew Hussie's writing style.

    Also, when I read this:

    I actually stopped and tried to remember whose consorts were bears and when Lemi had met one.
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  3. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    I am actually very adamant about no mammal consorts in my headcanoning and thus in my game canon. "Herptiles" is a category without any sort of real phylogenetic validity but i will stick to established patterns god dammit! >:V
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  4. Arxon

    Arxon Well-Known Member

    Ya know that was just a throwaway line but now that I think about it Sis probably taught Lemi that Smokey the Bear was some kind of Orwellian Nightmare. "Big government trying to keep us from being able to survive on our own," she says, dropping a cigarette on the forest floor. Lemi nods seriously.
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  5. TheSeer

    TheSeer 37 Bright Visionary Crushes The Doubtful

    Oh, "herp" as in "herpetology." That makes sense. I thought you meant "herp" as in "herp derp," since "derptiles" is also a good description of consorts except when they are derphibians
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    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    whimsy: morning ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): hallo
    still poking round alchemizations
    Karrin Blue: Hey
    sooo i have to be at my shift at 7 and need to eat a food before then
    but until that poitn i can hang arund here
    Arxon: Hello
    whimsy: for pot lid:
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    sup arxon
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayep
    whimsy: looks like we have one of those old ones instead of glass only
    and ayup, raincape like the one ilma is already wearing
    for the harry potter books:
    rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, since this came up in leon's alchemizations
    yes, you all have one of your instruments
    whimsy: ::DD
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Sweeeet
    Karrin Blue: so i have an electric violin?
    if ever I find a segment of whispering wire
    i'mma use it on a violin
    i don't know what that'll make
    but I bet it will be supernatural as shit
    whimsy: oh man karrin do you know that pic of the electric violin with a body made out of black wood and carved like a skull
    Karrin Blue: (an already-torn-down segment i think. proably a bad idea to cut some off myself)
    it is familiar to me yes
    whimsy: bc i was just reminded of that
    badass violin
    Karrin Blue: http://theawesomer.com/photos/2014/04/stratton_skull_violins_6.jpg
    whimsy: yeah, that one
    Karrin Blue: but yeah i imagine that
    an electric violin combined with whispering wir
    would be made out of telephone-pole wood
    and any music would sound really weird and, well, whispery
    whimsy: i was thinking along the lines of fused from the beads
    Karrin Blue: oh that'd also be interesting
    yeah i want to get land themed stuff
    but i feel like it's bad luck to break anything off of the poles
    and the glass would just be
    'grab a fistful of the ground, just do it'
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's an avenue of alchemization we didn't see much in canon
    whimsy: i want to do so much shit with bismuth for ilma
    like, floating bismuth crystal crown thing
    Karrin Blue: yessss
    whimsy: for starters
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Trying to open the sylladex on my phone is suffering
    Karrin Blue: i bet myrtha would look cool with some sort of blue glass spiky thing
    also this is what i thought of for themed land alchemy
    for canon kids
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Leons goal: get everyone together for a sweet jam session
    whimsy: ilma merrily piping away on an ocarina
    Karrin Blue: yes
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Also is there a list of how much grist everyone has??
    Wiwaxia (GM): i've got one locally
    whimsy: (at some point ilma needs to try and make the ocarina from the second pokemon film)
    (Not) Literally A Bird: That was not meant to be two ??
    Wiwaxia (GM): could screenshot it real quick?
    or upload it to google, but fair warning: it would likely be updated infrequently
    (Not) Literally A Bird: That would be handy >.> really just wanna know if there's enough for the guitarflail
    Altho i never killed that basilisk did I. Sigh. Nevermind.
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, also i needa edit out the spoilergrists
    one moment
    Karrin Blue: someone who's in contact with the goblins
    give them our contact info maybe?
    so the rest of us can talk
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, that alone won't quite work, because separate time envelopes
    but i will say that being contacted by random aliens is now on the table for everyone
    Karrin Blue: well yeah
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Idek if Leon can contact them of his own volition or if they have to contacf him first, but rest assured it's a priority
    Karrin Blue: if there is a void person or witch person there i would like to ask them about Stuff
    assuming they're not dicks /looks at equius
    Wiwaxia (GM): leon is technically in non-stop contact with cL, as per her request
    but she seems to be away fro her communications device at the point in their currently synced timeline he's at
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Eh, i can leave her a message maybe? 'Hey Terhanu btw my friends want to be friends with your friends here are their chumhandles'
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh absolutely
    incidentally, got in contact with Kathy about Sera's chumhandle
    Karrin Blue: "why is this one just CO"
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's cuddleUniter
    whimsy: that
    is one awesome handle
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh aweet!!
    Arxon: Sera is the most adorbs omg
    Karrin Blue: "there are glitches when i try and see the full handle"
    (the reason for myrtha's handle being just an abbreviation was VOID SHIT the entire time! and not me not having ideas)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you know, it completely slipped my mind that there wasn't a full version
    so well done, meta-ways
    Karrin Blue: hehe
    (someday I will come up with a name for that, but until then just imagine the name as c(a lot of those symbol-not-loading boxes)O(similar)
    or maybe it just turns into that when she gets ESPECIALLY witch of voidy
    except the proper number of boxes, once i figure out what the name IS
    Wiwaxia (GM): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1f9wxkdpQLfknYaDBoqn6EwplSwoRIlo1nk-zoKJOr8k/edit?usp=sharing
    y'all should be able to see that, yeah?
    Karrin Blue: yep!
    Arxon: yeah!
    Wiwaxia (GM): also note that the number and location of blanks are not spoilers
    (Not) Literally A Bird: thumbs up
    Wiwaxia (GM): you do have that information in character
    Karrin Blue: (ok time to go to dinner/work, will be back as soon as i can!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (k! seeya in a bit)
    Arxon: (bye!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): as per http://www.mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=002053
    right, i think that's all the alchemizations i can get done for now
    even if you already checked the sheet, you should check it again, i added a few more
    also note:
    you can make things other people have already made without needing codes, and a lot of codes have been shared
    well, anything else, or are people ready to start?
    Arxon: Nothing else from me
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I'm good to go!
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna start with whimsy, 'cos i kinda left them hanging last session
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Sounds good
    Wiwaxia (GM): timeline check?
    whimsy: probs too busy to check the phone while wailing on monsters, heh
    t+26 or 27 it was, i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): 27 now, yep
    leon is at T=25, moss is at T=27:30 and myrtha and lemi are way out front at T=30:30 and 31:30, respectively
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Leons probably going to sleep until at least t=27, maybe later
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, data for ilmatar
    the ledges around you are around your waist-high, going up and over 13m total each
    between you and the big golden ledge the ogre's just climbing up onto
    the few steps just below you are flooded/rice fields, as is the one you're eating on, but with dry green bits sticking out of the water
    whimsy: naw, so i cant pull that stund
    oh well, hit & run tactic, attempt #2
    Wiwaxia (GM): wait, lemme tell you the prototypings first
    whimsy: so i can decide to hightail if i dont like em? ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    gotta have all the tactical information present
    one sec
    (To GM) rolling 1d3+1d2
    = 3
    whimsy: magnetite is a new one i think
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've gotten some magnetite grist from non-magnetite underlings, but yes
    as for prototypings, they both have four eyes
    the imp has a long neck
    and the ogre has skeletal raccoon paws and is wearing a white kimono
    with the sides crossed over the wrong way, you notice
    whimsy: -mental note to see if either of them have the fucking evil aura-
    Wiwaxia (GM): so, pink is water and rice plants, mostly
    you've got a while before they get up to you
    what's the plan?
    whimsy: is there a point in my immediate vicinity where the steps are a bit higher so the ogre has to actually climb?
    Wiwaxia (GM): the one step right above the flat ledge it's climbing onto
    whimsy: nice, can i get there fast enough to attack it before it's up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably not, no
    whimsy: naw
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, also the ledge above you is fairly respectable
    and the one above that even more so
    whimsy: the question would be, do i even have a diddly chance of getting up there without taking a huge detour
    Wiwaxia (GM): depends
    do you think you can run up a relatively smooth 45 degree slope 3 m high?
    whimsy: phew. difficult. probably not without falling flat on my ass
    Wiwaxia (GM): or there's a ramp up starting here
    whimsy: too much of a detour until the ogre hits, again
    nah, ima wait until its in range and do the classic hit & run
    Wiwaxia (GM): k
    the imp is too small to get up the steps
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i laugh at the imp
    and yell at the ogre "YO YOU'RE NOT VERY ATTRACTIVE"
    bc. yknow. magnetite.
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp shapeshifts to a harpy and starts flying towards you
    comically slowly, but
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the second it gets into range it gets a fan to the face
    Wiwaxia (GM): ogre manages to keep pace with the imp despite climbing and not flying
    then as soon as it hits the water, transforms into something small and/or flat and vanishes under the rice plants
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh dear
    fucking shapeshifters
    i shouldve pulled some limitations on that
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp hangs out of reach and bites at you with it's long neck
    rolling 1d20
    = 7
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nope
    Wiwaxia (GM): and then drops out of the air because really
    it needed all the forward momentum it had
    Ilmatar Nordwind: lets end its misery
    i approach and attack it
    rolling 1d20 + 1
    = 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's prone, so at disadvantage
    so you get to try again
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 1
    = 7
    thats not much better
    jegus i thought the bad rolls were last night, not tonight as well!
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp rolls away into the water and bites at you again
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yup that hits
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 2
    damage to you
    and not at you:
    rolling 1d12
    = 9
    the wall of the ledge holding the water in dents there
    Ilmatar Nordwind: .... is the ogre doing what i think its doing
    Wiwaxia (GM): depends on what you think it's doing!
    anyways, your turn
    Ilmatar Nordwind: its trying to damage the walls so the water will flow down and overlow and shit
    you said the imp is in the water atm?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: blrgh
    does the water make it difficult to see it? aka do i get a minus on the attack roll if i try to attack it now
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    it would, if you couldn't see it at all like the ogre
    but right now it's just splashing on its side in the shallows like a chump
    Ilmatar Nordwind: what the ogres probably doing is worrying me but i also cant go ogre hunting that well if theres an imp gnawing at my ankles and i cant oneshot an ogre anyways unless i crit like wowza
    so i try to stap at the imp again
    rolling 1d20 + 1
    = 17
    thats better
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup, that hits
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 2D4+1
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): you wade in after it and hack the damn thing's head right off
    (funfax, there was no way for you to not kill it with a successful attack)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: 1 hp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope!
    your minumum damage is 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ... point
    but yeah, not enough hp to survive a scratch from my bladefan
    then ima get my ass OUT of the water hopefully before the ogre manages to break the wall
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, you don't see or hear anything whacking at the wall
    or any sign of the ogre at all, actually
    your turn again
    Ilmatar Nordwind: and i want my ass out of the water before the damn thing actually starts gnawing at my ankles
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 3
    Ilmatar Nordwind: how far can i get to the dented wall without being in the water or on one of the walls next to a drop down?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, about there
    here i'll mark the dent
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sheesh
    Wiwaxia (GM): exaggerated for visibility
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    i try taunting the ogre again
    "See even Bismuth is repulsed by you, and Bismuth doesn't even do magnetism!"
    Wiwaxia (GM): (the funny thing there is that bismuth is actually weakly diamagnetic)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (sssshhhhh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (and is thus actually repelled by all magnetic fields)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, grace check for the taunt
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah well, not gonna get scientific accuracy get in the way of shittalking
    k m.: ((hi, locked out of cabin so on phone, hopefully can get into cabin soon))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((heya!))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (sup ::D)
    rolling 1d20+10
    = 19
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): ... nothing
    no banging on the wall, no attacking, no ripples
    your turn again
    Ilmatar Nordwind: next taunt!
    "Even if you changed your size, it doesn't change the fact that you're a BIG COWARD"
    next grace check i presume?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20+10
    = 25
    that looks marginally better
    Ilmatar Nordwind: do i get to hit it before it hits me? ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, used your "attack" taunting, but you can try to run out of it's reach
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh yeah thats probably a better idea oo00
    Wiwaxia (GM): can you move yourself?
    the ogre charges
    right at where you were
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    (not damage, that's something else)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: 5 damage to itself?
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn!
    Karrin Blue: I miss much?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (not really, i decapitated an imp and taunted an ogre)
    Karrin Blue: Neat
    Well all my techlike duties have been completed for now so
    Ilmatar Nordwind: how would i go initiate the hit-and-run sequence here? prep an attack for when it gets into range?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that would do
    Ilmatar Nordwind: then ima do that "_"
    Wiwaxia (GM): or you could charge, hit, and then move away
    like what lemi did to her ogre
    Ilmatar Nordwind: is charging a good idea while balancing on the walls between the rice paddies?
    Wiwaxia (GM): note that that's -2 def the following turn
    you're on a fairly broad island here
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah "_"
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the green is dry
    besides, the ogre just did it
    Ilmatar Nordwind: thing is, my def is already atrocious and im so not going to risk losing more health than strictly necessary
    Wiwaxia (GM): so how bad an idea can it be?
    fair enough!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: if that thing hits me good enough it can currently onehit me
    even though its on -2 atm for its own charge
    Wiwaxia (GM): it burns off its excess momentum, then turns and charges again
    you get a hit before it does
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d20 + 1
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits
    Ilmatar Nordwind: because of its charge minus, i gather?
    rolling 2D4+1
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayep
    you one-shot the ogre
    Ilmatar Nordwind: welp
    that was unexpected
    k m.: ((ok properly on now, i will hang out and watch))
    Ilmatar Nordwind: the other one had a fair amount of hitpoints more
    Wiwaxia (GM): twice as much, in fact
    this one rolled quite poorly for hp
    Karrin Blue: .nice job!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: at least my d4 like me
    Wiwaxia (GM): still was not expecting it to go down in one shot, though
    also, re: evil aura
    imp didn't have it, you didn't spend enough time next to the ogre to tell
    Ilmatar Nordwind: gathered as much
    Wiwaxia (GM): '3 bismuth grist', '12 build grist', '10 build grist', '1 bismuth grist'
    '6 magnetite grist', 'healing gel for 1d6', '26 magnetite grist', '10 build grist'
    Ilmatar Nordwind: sweet, sweet loot
    Karrin Blue: Spoils of victory!
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (can i add the other half of the food hp now?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    are you using the healing gel?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i thought that was a one-time use?
    bc it all disappeared when i touched it
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    oh, did you already use it?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i thought it was used up when i touched it=
    and i think i adjusted my hp after that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): to be clear: the ogre just dropped a cube
    for 1d6
    Ilmatar Nordwind: you couldve told me that
    like, in words
    i only saw the grist listup
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahhh, kay
    it was in the copy/pasted loot but noted for future reference
    Ilmatar Nordwind: -reads back-
    ok roll20 wtf
    roll20 ate the second line
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh weird
    Ilmatar Nordwind: aka the ogres loot
    i didnt see it before, sorry
    but yeah using the healing gel
    rolling 1d6
    = 5
    now lets take a look at that dent "_"
    Wiwaxia (GM): whups, flipped maps too soon
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ::DD
    prepare for critter lurking in the water attacking in 3... 2... 1...
    Wiwaxia (GM): ... .5 .... .25 .... .125
    yeah, nothing
    Ilmatar Nordwind: would the wall breaking put the village in danger?
    itd probs mess up at the very least the paddy broken open and some of the lower ones
    Wiwaxia (GM): probably not. there's plenty of downslope space for the water to spread out before the village
    very minor flooding, if anything
    Ilmatar Nordwind: good
    the salamanders should be able to deal
    Wiwaxia (GM): the amphib- part doesn't count for nothing!
    switch back to big map now?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yeah
    i really, really hope the basilisk doesnt spot me while im trying to beat up the other beasties
    going for that imp now
    oh now i cant ping
    yeah that one
    Wiwaxia (GM): that 'un?
    (To GM) rolling 3d3+2d2
    = 8
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (currently wondering whether basilisks are actually manageable for lowlvl charactres, or like the stalkers in etrian odyssey who you really need to evade)
    lets go cut some fabric
    cant just pin the canvas onto the frame from the roll
    i try sneaking up on it for shits n giggles
    (ilma. ilma stop. youre not a rogue)
    Karrin Blue: (Ilma mages are not sneaky)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (her roots in tyven are becoming apparent)
    (i wonder how tyven wouldve developed, given the chance)
    Karrin Blue: (Tyven?)
    (Ot right your other kid)
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (character from my old sburb rpg, tyven anteama, rogue of breath)
    (who i wouldve played had someone not dibsed rogue away from me)
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, that's everyone set up
    do you want prototypings on messr. canvas?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yes please
    Karrin Blue: (Canvas what)
    Wiwaxia (GM): got flippers, and is currently swimming around with them in that rice paddy
    and is wearing Arashi Matsuri's getup
    just two eyes, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hmm if its swimming around i probably cant really sneak up on it
    so ima go for the taunt route again ::D
    "Yo, your cosplay SUCKS"
    Wiwaxia (GM): it doesn't hear you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: when im closer to it, i mean
    detailwork is not that easy on this map
    Wiwaxia (GM): true
    are you staying on that broad, drier ledge, or going downslope to where it is?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: staying on dry land for now
    cant sneak in water that well
    Wiwaxia (GM): also please disregard the basilisk
    forgot to dye its basilisk ass
    it's not actually moving or bisecting or anything
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ima let that sleeping dragon lie for a bit
    Wiwaxia (GM): you are now directly upslope of the canvas imp
    still doesn't seem to have noticed you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i probably cant really attack it without goign into the water tho
    Wiwaxia (GM): could try throwing your bladefan
    but other than that, probably not
    Ilmatar Nordwind: i still only have the one
    i can do that when i have like, 20 of those
    or a backup weapon
    Wiwaxia (GM): fair
    so, taunting or approaching?
    or both?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: taunt
    ah, the ogre on the ledge used a movement action to prep an attack, i presume i can do that as well?
    Wiwaxia (GM): takes an attack action, rather than just a move, but it'll take the imp more than one round to get up to you
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah
    "yo, your cosplay SUCKS"
    rolling 1d20+10
    = 29
    Wiwaxia (GM): several rounds of belabored climbing later
    the imp stops on the ledge below the one you're on
    Ilmatar Nordwind: nawwww
    how adorable
    how high is the difference?
    Wiwaxia (GM): mmm, meter and change straight down, and then however deep the water is
    lotsa small steps, here
    Ilmatar Nordwind: so nothing an imp could climb that easily?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    like i said, belabored climging
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  7. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Ilmatar Nordwind: not sure i wanna just drop down more than a metre like that, though
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, it's been long enough in-game that i'm gonna roll another exploration die
    see if anyone starts coming over
    that sound fair?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: yah
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    Ilmatar Nordwind: dang, and i just rested, too oo00
    Wiwaxia (GM): you've still got 1 left before you have to care
    but yeah, the other underlings continue to mill around aimlessly
    Ilmatar Nordwind: there anything close by where i can descend more gracefully=
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ....
    i crouch down, hold the fan down, smile, and say "You've come so far, I'ma give you a hand."
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp approaches and
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    take damage or lose the fan, your choice
    Ilmatar Nordwind: damage
    Karrin Blue: Wow rude
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, that's what i thought
    rolling 1d4
    = 4
    Ilmatar Nordwind: owch
    and here i extend a hand in friendship! (except not, but eh)
    i suspect it claws at me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): jabs your fingers, trying to get you to drop the fan
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm
    how good would my chances be to hit it if i throw the fan now?
    bc its pretty close, and most of the distance is down?
    Wiwaxia (GM): normal chance to hit
    Karrin Blue: Cant you just hit it on the head
    Ilmatar Nordwind: normal chance to hit would be 1d20+1?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayep
    Ilmatar Nordwind: oh well
    for all my earlier insistence that its a stupid idea, i still have two plain fans in reserve to whack the imp if i miss
    ima throw the bladefan at it
    rolling 1d20 + 1
    = 11
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits!
    bladefan only does 1d6 thrown, though
    Ilmatar Nordwind: rolling 1d6
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): it dies
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hah!
    i gently let myself down and collect the grist and my fan
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you now now know everything there is to know about your bladefan
    also +2 linen grist
    Ilmatar Nordwind: ah, i was missing the throwing damage data?
    Wiwaxia (GM): and range
    you wanna do a bit more, or switch?
    Ilmatar Nordwind: hm, lets switch
    been going for 2 hours
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay!
    karrin, you wanna go?
    Karrin Blue: Now is not a good time
    I mean, ill be free in about 30 inutes
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, in a bit then
    moss or bird?
    k m.: i can!
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright!
    you were hanging out in the Veil waiting for a pickup back to prospit, yeah?
    k m.: yep!
    Moss Kaplan: I am chilling and hanging out and hoping vaguely that some ship from derse doesn't, like, shoot me
    Wiwaxia (GM): the pilot who chewed scolded you before returns to orbiting in his patrol position
    you're pretty sure he's keeping his cockpit turned so he can keep an eye on you, though
    there's a vast rumbling
    and then a ship's horn
    and below/above the big derse ship begins to move
    several smaller purple ships and planes launch from nearby asteroids and congregate from holding positions, buzzing around it like flies
    Moss Kaplan: huh.
    i weigh the chances of getting yelled at against my curiosity
    ...and stay in place
    Wiwaxia (GM): yo notice that the prospit planes around don't seem to take much notice
    one of them lands in the same bay that a dersite ship just flew out of
    Moss Kaplan: that's...uh.
    ok curiosity is winning
    i make my way over realllllly cautiously
    Wiwaxia (GM): no noises from your stern friend
    Moss Kaplan: ysssss
    i love not being scolded
    Wiwaxia (GM): the plane that's just landed is being serviced by a mixed white-and-black carapaced ground crew
    Karrin Blue: ...huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): you also note that they all wear plain grey work smocks, not the prototyping-inspired purple/gold dominated that is the fashion on prospit and you assume derse
    Moss Kaplan: ....huh
    well that seems legit
    i'm going to find one that doesn't look horrifically busy
    Wiwaxia (GM): that describes precisely none of them by
    (whups, disregard that by)
    Moss Kaplan: this quest may just take me through this enTIRE building
    you never know
    Wiwaxia (GM): fortunately for me, the GM, and my missing geomorphs
    you hear a propeller approaching
    Moss Kaplan: dammit
    i'll just ask this new pilot
    alright, kid, let's get you back to prospit
    Moss Kaplan: "so what
    fuck, disrgard
    "so what's even Happening here?"
    pilot: eh?
    Moss Kaplan: "well, i'm a historian, and one thing i know about wars is that usually opposing sides don't use the same ground crews...
    is this a war or what?"
    pilot: naaaaaah, we're all just gonna go shoot tin cans on the Battlefield and go out for a round a beers afterwards
    yes this is a war
    these guns aren't here to make me feel fancy
    Moss Kaplan: "...but you use the same ground crews and landing spaces"
    the pilot makes a noncommittal noise
    pilot: it's the veil
    now are you getting in or what?
    Moss Kaplan: "...if i stop asking you difficult questions will you take me to derse instead?"
    pilot: no
    don't particularly fancy ventilating my spleen today
    and why the hell do you want to go there anyways?
    Moss Kaplan: "i have A Lot of difficult questions. I haven't been on a long car ride in Years. Mom always said- uh. How about Halfway to Derse?"
    the pilot checks his dials
    pilot: ...
    you know what, sure
    hop on in
    Moss Kaplan: "Hell yes"
    -gets in-
    (is this the same kind of plane as the other one?)
    (does it have.... _dials?_ )
    (you just said it did actually, oh boy this si so exciting)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, it's not
    and if you're willing to wait a moment. i can go colorize some black and white photos gold
    Moss Kaplan: ysssssss
    Wiwaxia (GM): dear military aviation history buffs: why with the compressed jpegs???
    incidentally, this is probably a good time for people to take a snack break
    k m.: pffhaha
    i was also gonna have to duck out in fifteen for dinner, just so you know
    but we don't have meetings tonight, so i can come back
    Arxon: What, she said, coming back from snack break
    Wiwaxia (GM): pfahaha
    k m.: quick, take another! just in case
    Ilmatar Nordwind: (that's the secret) (i'm always on snack break)
    k m.: ok i'm on dinner break now, be back in a bit
    Wiwaxia (GM): k!
    will finish this up, switch over to someone, probably bird or whimsy
    and then back to you after you're back
    Karrin Blue: Hi
    I am back in my room with a proper computer!
    whimsy: whee ::D
    Karrin Blue: So what'd I miss?
    Wiwaxia (GM): not much
    moss spotting some oddities in the veil
    Karrin Blue: Huh
    well if you're going to derse pls say hello to dreammyrtha
    if she is not floating off in the void
    Wiwaxia (GM): dreamurrtha?
    wait shit, wrong radiation associated fandom
    Karrin Blue: she is not a goat
    Wiwaxia (GM): :V
    Karrin Blue: so who's playing now?
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'm prospitifying up something for moss real quick, but i'm just about done with that
    and then switch to you or bird, i think
    Karrin Blue: akay
    Wiwaxia (GM): urk
    internet crapped out on me
    who wants to go?
    Karrin Blue: I would
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    Karrin Blue: oh so
    how did that thor rune thing turn out
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry, haven't got that one up yet
    Karrin Blue: ah well
    in that case
    I guess I will go explore the underground?
    hopefully not running into any satanflowers
    Wiwaxia (GM): down, down to nogoblinshere town,
    down, down to nogoblinshere town...
    oh, also, i forgot to this last time, so +100xp for arriving on level 1 of the Undeground
    (which i just added)
    Karrin Blue: sweet
    Wiwaxia (GM): you enter the door in the side or the hill, as before
    same creepy blocked-off door, same intersection and lightwell
    which way?
    Karrin Blue: ...which way was the lich last time?
    Wiwaxia (GM): there, but you have no idea if it's moved
    Karrin Blue: in that case i will go the other direction
    Wiwaxia (GM): towards the river, then!
    (afk for a moment)
    Karrin Blue: hello
    so yes
    towards the river
    goals: find some secrets
    find out some more about the world
    find out about this nyx character
    Karrin Blue: and hopefully not get murdered by underlings or ghosts
    Wiwaxia (GM): right, there we go
    you walk until the skylight drops over the horizon behind you
    which is still weird
    this side is pretty much empty
    Myrtha Oscurr: better than running into tunnel monsters!
    Wiwaxia (GM): after a couple minutes of walking, you find a place where water drips slowly through the ceiling
    Myrtha Oscurr: ,,,
    Oh right, I knew there was a river here
    whimsy: (-intones phantom of the opera "sing, my angel of music" for some reason-)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 5d4+3d6+2d8
    = 32
    Myrtha Oscurr: isn't there an ocean as well
    once i can reliably fly i might go and look at the sea

    Myrtha Oscurr walks forward

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to ignore the silene
    Myrtha Oscurr: *silence
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d4+1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d4
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d4
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d4
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d4
    = 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 2d4
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): some ways ahead, you come upon a three-way intersection
    Myrtha Oscurr: any noticeable differencecs?
    changes in stone, symbols?
    Wiwaxia (GM): one turns, so you can't see very far down it
    the two others both have little rooms where they widen out slightly
    Karrin Blue: Sorry, internet got weird
    I'll go to the... left side room one
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's marks in the dust
    the far door here has been closed recently
    k m.: ((yay! I'm locked out again! do whatever things you want while I track down whoever has the keys This time))
    Karrin Blue: (oh dear!)
    k m.: ((par for the course at this rate))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also heads up, might have to reboot computer and then get back on, it's being laggy. gonna give it one more chance, though)
    Karrin Blue: ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): so, what are you doing?
    Myrtha Oscurr: >Search room
    or roomlike area
    elsewise, continue forwar
    Wiwaxia (GM): room's fairly barren, there's disturbed dust, but not enough to leave tracks
    wires running across the ceiling
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...how low is the ceiling here?
    Wiwaxia (GM): a couple crates of blue wood against the wall
    hmm, fairly high
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh, i was gonna poke 'em
    anything in the crates?
    like, are they heavy if i try and move them
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh yeah
    super heavy
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): they ain't budging

    Myrtha Oscurr could try and hit it with a halberd
    Myrtha Oscurr: depends on how video game protag i want to be

    Myrtha Oscurr is gonna do it
    Wiwaxia (GM): using the halberd as a prybar, or just up and whacking it?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...prybar first
    then whacking
    Wiwaxia (GM): you manage to pry off the lid of the top one
    it's fulla these
    Myrtha Oscurr: how big are they?
    Wiwaxia (GM): bout hand sized?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...elemental cobalt, according to google
    ok that can't be right,
    yeah ok cobalt glass insulator
    for radios apparently.
    ...i shall captchalogue some
    Myrtha Oscurr: for just in case
    i need to do radio things
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d2
    = 2
    Myrtha Oscurr: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strain_insulator
    ....well that looks familiar
    Myrtha wouldn't know that IC of course
    I shall take some and continue moving
    make a mark on my map about Weird Glass Things In Crates Here
    Wiwaxia (GM): you should be able to actually scribble that on the map
    if you wanna
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...so i can't see the text on the map
    anyways, continuing forward
    Wiwaxia (GM): the door swings open easily
    there we go
    there's a heaping pile of blue grist down one way
    and another room down the other
    Myrtha Oscurr: ok well
    a giant pile of blue grist
    is either bait or the result of something nasty meeting something else
    i will head to the other room
    k m.: ((i have cabin!))
    Wiwaxia (GM): (huzzah!)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (which side of the hall was it? i will mark the map_
    (also, yay!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): sorry, can't parse that
    what was which side of what hall?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (which corridor on the map had the giant grist heap)
    Wiwaxia (GM): there
    Myrtha Oscurr: ping it again?
    ok so
    heading down the other way
    Wiwaxia (GM): the other hallway terminates in a round room with big... stone? glass? bricks for walls, like a well
    it's half full of drifts of beads and open to the sky above, 4 or 5 m up
  8. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh
    any secret passages?
    or places that look likely
    Wiwaxia (GM): you could check under the bead drifts, or start poking the walls

    Myrtha Oscurr will check the drifts firt
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's something solid buried there

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to uncover it
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, shifting loads and loads of seed beads is a pain in the goddamn ass, but you manage to scrape away enough to uncover a curved wooden surface
    not even blue, shockingly enough
    Myrtha Oscurr: wow

    Myrtha Oscurr looks for a hand;e
    Wiwaxia (GM): if there are any, they're still buried
    keep digging?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ys
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    2 Environmental Hazard
    = 2
    a massive load of beads pours in on your head
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...from where?
    s there a vent or something
    Wiwaxia (GM): room's open to the surface
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    i guess there was a lot of sudden wind
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, reflex save for half damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 18
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d4
    = 3
    not too bad
    you're not sure if there's more coming or what
    Myrtha Oscurr: huh
    did any of the beads cover up the wooden door?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, you've got your hand on the wood still, but there's several centimeters of new beads burying both your hand and the thing
    Myrtha Oscurr: uuugh
    let's try to uncover it
    Wiwaxia (GM): surprise!
    there's more beads coming
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh that's never good
    well fine
    Wiwaxia (GM): reflex save for half
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm, I guess I can't get to the surface from this room?
    rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure you can, the just climb up the walls
    rolling 3d4
    = 7
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh
    then I will do that, to look around
    if there isn't bad wind
    Wiwaxia (GM): so that was 3 damage before protection (if any) from the beads
    you wanna take that off or should I?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I can
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, can I get a str check to climb?
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    d8 right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, d20+entire strength
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20 + 11
    = 22
    Wiwaxia (GM): narrow success
    you get up high enough to peek out, but you can't climb out or hold on up here for very long
    the wind is still
    this is probably because you are in the lee of a rather large dune of beads
    as you hold on, something dislodges another beadvalanche down its face and pouring into the room below

    Myrtha Oscurr tries to avoid the beadvalanche
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's coming in the other side of the opening and mostly below you, this time
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...huh
    Wiwaxia (GM): you lose your grip and fall onto the beads below
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    clearly this is going nowhere
    Wiwaxia (GM): which are now piled high enough that you take no falling damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: yaaay
    Wiwaxia (GM): the beads are starting to spill out down the hallway
    Myrtha Oscurr: well
    i am getting nowhere here, I think
    so I shall head back into the hallway
    Wiwaxia (GM): which way?
    Myrtha Oscurr: back down to where the crates were
    and then you said there were two passages that opened into rooms
    so i will check out the other one
    Wiwaxia (GM): so heading up thisaway?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yeo
    Wiwaxia (GM): the first room has two statues, facing eachother in alcoves to your sides as you enter
    or had, rather
    one has been quite rudely snapped in half and doused with the indigo dye you are intimately familiar with
    nothing remains but the pedestal and scattered rubble
    the other...
    looks exactly like you browser icon
    Myrtha Oscurr: o.o

    Myrtha Oscurr takes photos
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's untouched

    Myrtha Oscurr checks photos for ghosty writing
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, no ghostly writing
    kinda shitty photos, but then the lighting isn't great

    Myrtha Oscurr posts photos to groupchat, along with "So this qualifies as Weird Shit, right"
    Wiwaxia (GM): people who could potentially be online: anyone
    Arxon: approx. what time is it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you just trapped the crawling horrors, but haven't run into IP yet
    Myrtha Oscurr: you have crawling horrors
    Arxon: Alright yeah that's the most likely time for Lemi to respond
    Myrtha Oscurr: lemi you really need to get off your dang planet
    Lemi Malloy: aG: That is at least moderate amounts of Weird Shit
    aG: Maybe they're cursed!
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: That's what I thought
    cO: Well, I'm guessing that this broken one was NOT one of... Nyx, I suppose
    cO: Which raises the question of who it IS meant to be, and I'm having trouble coming up with a non worrying answer for that
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Nyx?
    aG: Also maybe it has something to do with mythology on your land? Maybe you can ask your little guys, next time you meet one
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Well, the snake people mentioned statues of Nyx in the underground, and Nyx is the name of my browser icon what looks exactly like the statue
    cO: So I think it's probably called Nyx
    Lemi Malloy: aG: Makes sense
    aG: So I guess ask the...snakes?...if Nyx has some sort of enemy.
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: ...hm
    cO: The Nyx statues were the only things that they could think of when I asked them if they knew what a Witch of Void was
    cO: Well, they mentioned travelling via the Underground, so maybe I'll run into a village of them and someone there will have a library
    Lemi Malloy: (Hey it's outside Lemi's area of interest but could I roll to recognize the name Nyx?
    Or try and tag in Moss
    or is this some SBURB thing where the denizens aren't actually mythological figures in their history)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, SBURB's doing the opposite, ensuring that the denizens are always in their mythological history
    and yes, you can. int roll, although you probably won't get all that much helpful without a crit success
    Lemi Malloy: rolling 1d20+15
    = 28
    so clooose
    Wiwaxia (GM): a success, but not a crit
    you recognize the name. means "night" you think. or is at least etymologically related to the greek word for night. you think she was some primordial being in greek legend?
    like, before Uranus or the titans or the gods
    that's all, though
    Moss Kaplan: sI: huh, Nyx?
    (a, what's the time for me here then, and...is this a thing i could nerd on more then?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the time is 31:00, so a good 3 hours ahead of your dreaming self on the plane
    and yep, int roll with same terms, but if it's related to an INTEREST you get to roll twice and take the better
    Lemi Malloy: aG: I am pretty sure she's Greek? Something to do with night, so maybe there is some Greek god or titan or whatever of day that's she's opposed to?
    aG: Oh wait yeah Moss you probably have this
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Hi Moss!

    Myrtha Oscurr is happy to hear from a whole two people at one time
    Wiwaxia (GM): (... i see what you did there, arxon)
    Lemi Malloy: (is it out of line?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oh no, just a nice bit of meta-level dramatic irony)
    Lemi Malloy: (:D)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (wait what)
    Moss Kaplan: sI: well, I mean, Nyx was pretty important to Greek history and culture...let me see what i can remember!
    ok so int is 11, and that's a d20, sooo
    rolling d20 +11
    = 20
    rolling d20 +11
    = 30
    Lemi Malloy: (Go Moss!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): and that is a crit!
    Myrtha Oscurr: (wooo!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you know in-character anything that you know or can google or look up about Nyx
    also, it may have taken us a day and a half in-game and half a year real-time, but someone finally used an INTEREST to get advantage on a roll!
    Moss Kaplan: (whooooo!)
    (aw this means i have to do actual work
    (good lord cosmetics companies)
    Lemi Malloy: (can I give a good resource or)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oh yeah, sure, any sort of out of game help is kosher for this)
    Moss Kaplan: (yes, i've just now found a myth wiki but would love help)
    Lemi Malloy: (theoi.com is what I use for all greek myth stuff)
    Moss Kaplan: (tragically, My Actual Interest is in Useless Trivia and Digital Electronics, so now i have to learn history things for this game :D )
    Lemi Malloy: (Nyx would be under greek gods and goddesses and then primeval gods)
    Moss Kaplan: (oooh)
    Lemi Malloy: (In Homestuck, she is Roxy's denizen, ad Hemera, her daughter and the primeval god of day, is Jane's, but I doubt Moss woud know that :p)
    Myrtha Oscurr: http://roachpatrol.tumblr.com/post/109062201407/the-denizens-hemera-and-nyx-for-puzzlestuckgame
    Moss Kaplan: sI: Ok, well Nyx was one of the first gods. like, hard-core elemental kind of goddess. think, like, chronos, gaea. she's usually, yeah, depicted as night
    sI: though either her opposing god is Hemera or Eos - the former being the elemental goddess of day, and the latter being the goddess of the dawn
    sI: i'd go with her opposite as being Hemera, personally, it seems more legit
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: Anything about Nyx in particular?
    Wiwaxia (GM): at this point two things happen
    one, a tree falls on lemi and she is rescued by pirates
    Myrtha Oscurr: ....what
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Myrtha Oscurr: do we get an indication of that
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: aG is unconsciou!
    Wiwaxia (GM): but that is what happens right there on the timeline
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    Moss Kaplan: sI: well, she was kind of a bad ass. even zeus was in awe of her. and, hey, points for being a single mother at some point: she made the three Fates, Sleep, Death, Strife and Pain all on her own self
    pff what srs
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    Arxon: Lemi leads an exciting life
    and this life now has 200% more pirate
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, the other thing that happens is that it's been long enough that myrtha gets another spin on the exploration die
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    5 Roll twice
    = 5
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    6 Nothing
    = 6
    rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    not mucha much, though
    Moss Kaplan: Lemi i found your pirate friends:
    ((whoops that's supposed to be OOC))
    Myrtha Oscurr: hehe
    cO: So that's something to consider
    Arxon: (omg
    Myrtha Oscurr: cO: How's your bullshit fantasy adventure been going?
    Arxon: (I am imagining PI singing that whole thing in different voices while TA linefaces over to the side)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (no offense Wiwaxia!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (no worries)
    also, are you good to switch, karrin?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (yep!)
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  9. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): because moss has three hours of adventuring that are unresolved before this convo
    Moss Kaplan: sI: you know. bullshit. fantasy. but adventurous!
    ((oh yeah i do))
    ((hopefully that answer is vague enough for that to work out all right :D ))
    Myrtha Oscurr: (as long as nothing traumatizing happens, but what're the odds of THAT?)
    Moss Kaplan: (pssh whattttt? nawh)
    Wiwaxia (GM): back to you for a minute at least, moss
    Moss Kaplan: plane? planeplaneplaneplane
    Wiwaxia (GM): plane.
    Myrtha Oscurr: plaaaaane
    Arxon: plane!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you get to sit in the back in the gunner's seat
    Moss Kaplan: pllllaaaaaaneeeeee
    about planes
    a million documentaries race through my head
    in planes
    Wiwaxia (GM): it is a hell of a lot faster by plane than it was by your own flight power
    you can hear the pilot chattering away on the radio with the pilot from before, confirming that he has picked you up and is flying you back to prospit
    Moss Kaplan: wheeeeee
    half under breath, i mutter "i have Got to get Me one of These"
    Wiwaxia (GM): he skims down into the clouds of darkness above the red planet
    you don't know if it's to hide or to sightsee
    either way, you get treated to a pretty impressive view of islands of red rock, lost between black fog and dark seas
    Karrin Blue: lemi's world?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Arxon: Land of Fun and Chuckles
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes
    Karrin Blue: And Nothing Evil In The Dark
    Wiwaxia (GM): yes that is exactly what those letters stand for
    Moss Kaplan: also half under breath: "...what the Hell, Lemi."
    Karrin Blue: (so everyone is on team Get Lemi Off That SatanPlanet right)
    Wiwaxia (GM): the whole planet arcs below you, dark
    you strain your eyes for any sign of light, but catch only flickers between trees and shadows that you aren't sure are really there
    Moss Kaplan: (yes, Team GLOTSP is a go)
    Wiwaxia (GM): then darkness envelops the plane, and you come out of the atmosphere of LOFAC, Skaia and the Gates ahead
    Arxon: (thank u guys ouo)
    (...Lemi would be like "I DONT WANNA CAUSE YOU ANY TROUBLE", though, the absolute teen)
    Karrin Blue: (lemi your sister and brother are worried about you, even if they don't know they're related)
    (as are moss and ilma)
    Moss Kaplan: (Moss would be like "don't worry about it. also don't hug me. do you want some donuts")
    Karrin Blue: (myrtha: i have heard nothing but weird ghost whispers, monster noises, and occasionally snake people for a while, peopling is weird)
    (also horrorterrors)
    Arxon: (Lemi is fine with the not hugging and double fine with the donuts)
    Moss Kaplan: (yeah moss is not a people person even when they haven't lived alone for a few years and only talked to people online. Donuts are great. i'm going to retcon moss knowing how to make donuts because -loud shrugging-)
    Arxon: (this sure is a group of socially proficient cool kids here :D)
    Karrin Blue: (oh yeah i guess myrtha lived in the middle of nowhere)
    (and was probably just a weird loner kid even then)
    (yeah these sure are some socially well adjusted traumatized teenagers)
    Moss Kaplan: (Moss had potential to be cool. but you know. Life happens)
    Karrin Blue: *untraumatized
    Arxon: (Yeah Lemi did not grow up with a whole bunch of touch in her life, she'd just be like how do, plus she is super picky about things touching her arms)
    (Cool. Kids.)
    Moss Kaplan: (plants are neat. ...history is cool. people are scary and unpredictable, and Keep Leaving.)
    Karrin Blue: (D:)
    (I think Myrtha's family situation was... she was in a smallish town, and lived out on the outskirts, and only had her dad, and was a Weird Kid to be around, so she did not have many (read: any) friends, and it was probably only the fact that she could be very hard to track down that kept her from being superbullied)
    (but her dad was nice and she had friends online so she didn't really need anyone else)
    (ahahah i made myself sad)
    Moss Kaplan: (these kids need donuts and maybe some therapy)
    Karrin Blue: (pancakes!)
    Moss Kaplan: (those too)
    Wiwaxia (GM): and the award for Socially Best Adjusted Kid in the Session goes to....
    Leon, probably
    Karrin Blue: (yeah, the time player and the seer, that'll last)
    Wiwaxia (GM): >:3
    Arxon: (Yeah for Lemi humans are kind of an unknown quantity- she's never had much interaction with people who aren't her Sis. Cryptids and creepypastas and stuff like that, even though they are ~mysterious~ they kind of work in predictable ways. They have patterns. Plus they don't exist, although you won't catch her admitting that. Lemi hasn't been able to find patterns in people yet, and they definitely exist, and so she's prone to do Anything She Can to get them to be not mad or not annoyed at her. It's kinda throwing everything at the wall to see how this friendship thing works)
    (congrats, Leon, you get a hearty clap on the back!)
    Moss Kaplan: (and somehow, now i'm already mentally writing high school aus. i'm so sorry)
    Arxon: (Join me in AU hell)
    Karrin Blue: (happily!)
    (but i think we can do weirder aus)
    Moss Kaplan: (the breakfast club, only with homestuckers)
    Karrin Blue: (xmen au. urban fantasy au. ilma is actually fairies)
    (like 50 in a trenchcoat)
    Moss Kaplan: (the weirdest crossover yet for me: girl genius crossover
    ...i can see that happening)
    Wiwaxia (GM): speciesswap!
    Karrin Blue: girl genius au def
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, once you find out more about goblins
    Karrin Blue: ...we don't know anything about golins yet
    Arxon: gobliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins
    Karrin Blue: GOBLIIIIINS
    Moss Kaplan: (meanwhile, moss either gibbers in insanity or just firmly refuses to believe they exist until they actually meet one)
    (and then strenuously avoids meeting one)
    Arxon: robot/cyborg scifi au! Harry Potter au! so many aus!
    (i have no idea how that would work)
    Wiwaxia (GM): drowtales au?
    Karrin Blue: :D
    Myr'tha Beldrobbaen
    Moss Kaplan: (man it's been a While since i've read those)
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh she would be, wouldn't she
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Arxon: (Same, like, middle school a while p sure)
    Karrin Blue: leon as an actual seer?
    for kyorls?
    except guy, so who knows
    Wiwaxia (GM): xuile lemi?
    Karrin Blue: ...the eyeless ones of dubious sentience?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, i dunno about dubious sentience, there's a couple in the vloz, yeah?
    Karrin Blue: yeah but Vloz
    Wiwaxia (GM): but best i can think of for growing out in the middle of nowhere
    well yeah, but they seem as smart as the rest of the vloz
    which is admittedly not saying all that much
    but sentient!
    Arxon: (sentience is one of Lemi's best qualities :V)
    Wiwaxia (GM): quite true, that
    Karrin Blue: (mimaneid tree person?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, i think i'm about ready to call it a night if you all are
    Karrin Blue: (yeah)
    Arxon: (...srry for au talk I feel responsible)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, no worries, we were wrapping up anyways
    and 's fun
    24 damage to and by ilmatar
    for 480 xp
    which puts her over 4000!
    welcome to level 4
    Karrin Blue: wooo
    Wiwaxia (GM): (which i need make a title for, but shh)
    Arxon: yay power!
    Moss Kaplan: whoo!
    Wiwaxia (GM): whimsy, if you're still around, you wanna roll 1d6 for hp?
    and +1 to a single save of your choice
    whimsy: im still here
    just distracted by my game project
    Wiwaxia (GM): and i'll get your two choices of power to you before next session
    whimsy: rolling 1d6
    = 6
    Karrin Blue: how close am i to levelling up?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3700 xp
    Karrin Blue: that is a lot!
    whimsy: (also, booyeah, lvl 4)
    Karrin Blue: but i will make it there eventually
    whimsy: thats like 300 hp
    Karrin Blue: oh
    whimsy: please dont mind the typos its half past 7 am
    Karrin Blue: i thought you meant i had to GET 3700 xp
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, you do
    Karrin Blue: ahhh
    whimsy: whu?
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's as much xp from level 4 to 5
    whimsy: aaaah
    Wiwaxia (GM): as it is from 0xp to level 4
    Arxon: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
    Wiwaxia (GM): lets people catch up
    whimsy: i thought karrins char was on lvl 3 like ilma had been
    (im not awake anymore)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, level 4!
    cos she has her Unsong
    which is her level 4 power
    Karrin Blue: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): didya add your +1 to one save, whimsy?
    whimsy: not yet!
    still pondering whihc one to take
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also, just to demonstrate how much SBURB classes are not quite their traditional rpg equivalents, the Mage has the most HP and the Knight the least)
    (i am amuse)
    whimsy: probably dex tho
    the mage is also a melee fighter
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    the only person with a ranged kind abstratus is MIA
    Karrin Blue: the Witch is being sneaky
    and also just straightup punches people
    whimsy: we hecked up somewhere during character creation
    but no one has died yet, so...
    Karrin Blue: ok gotta go
    whimsy: also, ilma now has a tiny bit more fortitude
    Karrin Blue: see you guys later!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    Arxon: night!
    whimsy: n8!
    all that trekking around did something good for her resilience
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah good
    someone finally puts some investment in fort
    whimsy: well, i like my characters balanced
    ... to the point where i always end up with jacks of all trades
    (and no gm who throws me bones) (i need to pick my gms better)
    k m.: i have the same issue
    Wiwaxia (GM): hey, balanced is good
    Arxon: I just never have any idea what I'm doing
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially if you start running into enemies who are smart enough to learn and attack a character's weaknesses
    whimsy: (psst, wi, what's ilmas lvl 3 title for a reference? bc it sorta passed me by)
    Wiwaxia (GM): NUMBER 83 FANGIRL
    k m.: re:: jack of all trades
    but hey, the saying runs "better a jack of all trades than a master of none" so rock on
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, did you edit your fort on the sheet, because it's not showing up for me
    whimsy: yes? from 8 to 9
    Wiwaxia (GM): weird, still says 8 over here
    whimsy: oo00
    Wiwaxia (GM): roll20, you are drukn
    call a cab and go home
    oop, better not forget myrtha's exp from getting a load of beads poured on her back
    120 xp
    she is now only like 3500xp away from level 5!
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think that's all
    Arxon: night!
    whimsy: n8
    k m.: night!
    Karrin Blue: Hey!
    k m.: hiya!
    Karrin Blue: I have tea and monster factory videos
    k m.: i....have to do laundry
    and pack at some point
    Karrin Blue: Are you going on vacation?
    or a trip, I mean
    k m.: kind of! we get presidents day off so some of my team is going to san fran sunday morning
    Karrin Blue: cool!
    k m.: yeah! i have a goal, and that goal is: sushi and botanical garden
    Karrin Blue: it's so cold here
    and windy
    but i have tea1
    and gaming!
    k m.: tea is A+
    it's so nice here
    i weeded and shovelled stuff for a horse barn today...at this rate only the back of my neck is tab
    Karrin Blue: horse shovelling is no fun at all
    k m.: i mostly like it
    because i miss being on a farm
    and i never really had to do it back home
    Karrin Blue: We have horses at my house and shovelling of horse residue is a thing that we had to do all the time
    did you have other chores?
    whimsy: morning
    Karrin Blue: Hello!
    I just noticed that Kiel might not be COMPLETELY alone
    she and some of the vloz wandered off on the golemturtle
    also bal and sera were on a rock outcropping nearby so they might stick with Kiel as well? at least for now
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Evening all
    Karrin Blue: hi!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: How is everyone?
    Karrin Blue: it's below 0 here!
    -1 Fahrenheit
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Oh wow phone typing is the worst. Wonder if i can scrounge up a tablet...
    whimsy: tired, but wrapped in my fluffy prospit shirt i made
    Karrin Blue: nice
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Aww cute
    Karrin Blue: i am wearing an oversized sweatshirt thing? which was taken from my brother
    the sleeves go down to my knuckles!
    and it has a chest pocket thing with a zipper
    it makes me happy
    (Not) Literally A Bird: :3
    whimsy: ::D
    (Not) Literally A Bird: I have...pyjamas
    whimsy: comfort clothing is the best clothing
    Karrin Blue: pajamas are also a+
    Arxon: (hello)
    Karrin Blue: (hi!)
    whimsy: hullo ::D
    Arxon: 0u0
    My room is Mostly Clean for the first time in
    Probably at least have a year
    Karrin Blue: so are we all ready for children being traumatized?
    Arxon: I feel accomplished
    Karrin Blue: i realized the day after the game that the suspicious grist pile might've also been left by myrtha's dad, as he was last seen/last left tracks heading towards the river
    Arxon: Yay traumatized children :D
    Karrin Blue: also if I Unsing i can proooobably get the grist without being noticed?
    fingers crossed
    whimsy: good luck ::D
    oh wait, wrong aspec
    Karrin Blue: yeah that's the opposite of my aspect.
    ...also i wondered what would happen if i died while my dreamself was in the furthest ring
    probably permadeath but i wondered if a corpsesmooch would lead to coming back weird
    probably best not to test it
    Arxon: Pfff what's a few doomed timelines between friends
    Karrin Blue: let's try not to die before you get the ability to come back and retcon it

    Wiwaxia (GM) arrives four minutes late with revamped encounter generator
    Karrin Blue: :D
    more chances to speak with goblins??

    Karrin Blue wants to see if there is a witch, a void person, or a light person to talk with!
    (Not) Literally A Bird: Karrin i am getting the slight sense that you want to talk to goblins
    Karrin Blue: ALIENS
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehehe
    whimsy: one of these days im gonna find out what makes my tower keep crashing and fix it
    Bird: Did you know that they make paracetamol+caffeine tablets
    Good shit
    In unrelated news I'm super pumped
    Arxon: Bird plz do not ascend to another plane of existence halfway through session
    Bird: No promises
    k m.: whoops ok old people talk literally so much hello again
    Bird: Yyyep
    Karrin Blue: oh hey Wiwaxia
    do dreamselves stay where they are when you wake up
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Karrin Blue: because i am wondering if, when myrtha next sleeps, even if she wakes up properly, whether she'll be in the RIng
    ah good
    Wiwaxia (GM): they return to their dream room
    which was why moss had to fly all the way across the medium again when ilmatar woke them up to "move their balls"
    Karrin Blue: ah right!
    Wiwaxia (GM): which is like half of the reason they missed derse
    Karrin Blue: i see!
    k m.: well, an important part of road trips is getting super lost
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially when there is literally no road!
    Karrin Blue: or landmarks, really!
    Bird: Does someone want roads bc i can hook you up
    Wiwaxia (GM): pfehehe
    Bird: Seagulls included free of charge
    Karrin Blue: so!
    Wiwaxia (GM): so!
    timeline check?
    Karrin Blue: please!
    Arxon: yes!
    Wiwaxia (GM): lemi is meeting Interesting People at T=31:30
    leon is heading home at T=25:00
    Karrin Blue: there's a seer of time - furthest behind in timeline joke to be made...
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss is getting a sweet plane ride at 28:00
    Bird: jthere definitely is but im drawing a total blank
    Karrin Blue: leon is seeing what we all do in the future???
    Wiwaxia (GM): ilmatar is attacking All the Underlings! at about 27:30
    and myrtha is down in the Underground at T=31:00
    so who wants to go first?
    whimsy: (nich alle auf einmal ::P)
    (im sorry i cant manage to translate this phrase for some reason atm)
    Karrin Blue: (Not all at once?)
    I will i guess
    Bird: Can i go second?
    whimsy: (not everyone at once is closer, i think)
    Karrin Blue: (well anyways)

    Myrtha Oscurr is exploring the Underground, has yet to run into parental goats
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehe
    Myrtha Oscurr: (or parents of any kind)
    (ahaha she's probably an orphan)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so you are in the room with the smashed statue and the Nyx statue facing each other
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yes
    Wiwaxia (GM): (also nah, nobody's guardians have died just yet)
    Myrtha Oscurr: Is there a door other than the one I came in through
    Wiwaxia (GM): (except moss)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...didn't we find a corpse
    Wiwaxia (GM): moss in the past, if that
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright then
    Wiwaxia (GM): 's what you're thinking of
    Myrtha Oscurr: okay
    is this a dead end?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, there's another room down the hall and it has a closed door at the far end

    Myrtha Oscurr pokes through the rubble to see if anything interesting is left
    Wiwaxia (GM): not really
    it's all generic blue stone
    Myrtha Oscurr: 's what I figured, but it's good to be sure
    Alright, into the next room!
    Wiwaxia (GM): this room is also round, although it isn't open to the surface like the other one
    the walls are covered in dense pictograms, but everything within about half a meter of the ground has been smeared over with blue stains and smashed at
    there's a lot of rubble around the edges of the walls
    there's a very narrow hole in the exact center of the room, surrounded by blue bricks
    looks like it goes down a looooooong ways
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...Hm

    Myrtha Oscurr first goes around the circumference of the room, taking pictures and looking for anything that she can understand
    Wiwaxia (GM): you see what looks like the spirograph on your server disk
    and some inscriptions that look like the sirens you saw
    Myrtha Oscurr: are they doing anything?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, very stereotyped, repeated carving
    looks like heiroglyphs more than anything depicting something
    Myrtha Oscurr: Iiinteresting
    Did the pictures come out OK?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, but there's no weird writing on them or anything
    Myrtha Oscurr: just bad light?
    Wiwaxia (GM): as far as you can tell, yeah
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK
    And the other door is locked and I don't have anything to make use of the groundhole
    Wiwaxia (GM): didn't say the door was locked, you haven't tried it yet
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    then I shall try to open it!
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20+1
    = 3
    an imp was hiding behind it
    said imp makes a valiant attempt to bite your leg, but fails tragically

    Myrtha Oscurr PUNCH
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 10
    (and a d8 to do damage?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 8
    well then
    Wiwaxia (GM): wow, i really don't have words for how dead that imp is
    whimsy: (one punch girl?)
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((i actually feel a little bad for it))
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's another one just down the hall a ways
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((one punch witch))

    Myrtha Oscurr will attack the other Imp!
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 20
    Wiwaxia (GM): holy shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: why a 20 on this
    rolling 1d8
    = 8
    Wiwaxia (GM): that explodes
    roll d8 again and add it
    also, +8
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 1
    Wiwaxia (GM): so 17 total damage
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...I think i just used up the whole game's worth of luck
    session i mean
    Wiwaxia (GM): hey, overflow damage counts for exp, so
    Myrtha Oscurr: yay!
    Wiwaxia (GM): '5 copper grist', '4 copper grist', '2 build grist'
    Arxon: (Fun fact: Yesterday in the game I'm running an imp critted itself and explored 5 goddamn times)
    Wiwaxia (GM): '12 build grist', '8 build grist', '6 build grist'
    Arxon: (*exploded)
    Wiwaxia (GM): wow
    Myrtha Oscurr: (imps are not smart.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that's astonishing
    Myrtha Oscurr: (afk, one sec)
    Wiwaxia (GM): your fumble table is hella exciting
    Arxon: I was just like "Welp that's the luckiest I am ever gonna roll in your favor, it's all downhill from here"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ((back now!))
    any further doors?
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  10. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Wiwaxia (GM): there's another room just down a short hallway
    looks like two tunnels branch off from it
    Myrtha Oscurr: anything distinguishing one from the other?
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, as you walk forward to investigate, you notice that one is a dead end, so
    Myrtha Oscurr: I'll check that one out first then
    Wiwaxia (GM): no room at the end, just a sheer wall
    there's a bas-relief of nyx, with water trickling out from between the bricks and splashing quietly on the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...

    Myrtha Oscurr thought the river was _behind_ her
    Myrtha Oscurr: there is an ocean I guess
    Wiwaxia (GM): the floor just against the dead end isn't the same blue stone as everywhere, it's very porous sintered glass, into which the water drains
    and yes, the river is behind you
    Myrtha Oscurr: it's the same water as the river, right?
    in appearance
    Wiwaxia (GM): it's clear, but there just might not be enough of it to be black like the river
    Myrtha Oscurr: I see
    Is Nyx doing anything, or just looking kind of majestic?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (whose waters were clear when you raised up a handful)
    just looking kinda majestic
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    Well, I guess I'll head back to the other passage?
    wait first

    Myrtha Oscurr admires artwork
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright then
    Wiwaxia (GM): down the other way?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ys
    Wiwaxia (GM): actually down, incidentally
    the hallway slopes smoothly downwards
    wires start to come out of holes in the ground and run along the walls
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I poke one of the wires
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep,sure

    Myrtha Oscurr will do that very thign
    Wiwaxia (GM): nothing immediately obvious happens
    the wires are held loosely to the walls with large metal staples
    the staples appear to be rusting blue
    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh
    the same sort of blue as everythign else, not coppery-green-blue right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): same kind of blue, and they look more silvery than copper
    Myrtha Oscurr: OK
    Can I hear anything from the wires?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, these one seem to be silent
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...Interesting

    Myrtha Oscurr continues walking down
    Wiwaxia (GM): the ambient movie-darkness light you hadn't really noticed fades
    it's starting to get legitimately dim
    more and more wires come out from underfoot, until you reach the room at the end, where they pile up in huge spools ankle-deep all across the floor
    Myrtha Oscurr: wait, like, they were severed?
    and just heaped up there?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't tell if they were cut or not
    no loose ends that you can see, but they may be buried
    or there may just be spools of wire here with the other ends vanishing into some hole and continuing somewhere else
    Myrtha Oscurr: Hmm
    How big is this room?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 3 m diameter, about
    Myrtha Oscurr: Huh
    anything on the walls, or other doors?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can't see well enough in the gloom
    poke around?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Yes
    wait firs

    Myrtha Oscurr does the Unsong of the Moth
    Myrtha Oscurr: just incase there are, idk, wire snakes
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, remind me how often that costs you song?
    Myrtha Oscurr: 1 song per minute!
    Wiwaxia (GM): right-o
    so you can poke around unsinging for basically as long as you want, as long as you stop to catch your breath for about a minute every eight minutes
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): or for a couple rounds every minutes
    your call
    Myrtha Oscurr: well first let's see if my poking somethign can uncover anything
    Wiwaxia (GM): your feet catch and sink in the tangles of wires
    would be quite easy to trip if you were trying to run through here
    you find a door on the far wall
    it's unlocked but, alas, opens inwards
    the walls feel pretty bare
    around the base of the walls you can feel wires entering holes in the wall, but you don't know if these are the other ends of the wires coming from the hallway, or just more wires spilling out
    Wiwaxia (GM): no cut or loose ends yet
    Myrtha Oscurr: and they're all silent?
    Wiwaxia (GM): can i get a grace check?
    Myrtha Oscurr: (what is that, d20 plus grace value?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    whimsy: ((take some wires for later alchemizer shenanigans)) ((be the diy witch))
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+8
    = 25
    Wiwaxia (GM): all but one are silent
    Myrtha Oscurr: (ok but I don't want to cut them, it seems like that would be bad)
    oh hm
    can I find the unsilent one?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, with some digging around
    it's not the same whispering as the ones from the surface
    just a sort of expectant static
    you can't shift the wire at all, it's quite taut
    Myrtha Oscurr: Can I follow it to one of the edges of the wall?
    Wiwaxia (GM): (btw it's been about 6 minutes, 2 minutes left before you have to pause and catch your breath)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (thanks)
    (actually, can I stop the unsinging now, I have a Thought)
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, it disappears under the other wires and it's too taut to run your hands along it to follow it
    yep, sure
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright

    Myrtha Oscurr is going to see if saying anything to the wire does anything
    Myrtha Oscurr: probably not but it can't hurt to test
    Wiwaxia (GM): question, are you holding onto it or tugging it at all?
    Myrtha Oscurr: Holding it
    probably putting a bit of pressure on it
    but not tugging it hard
    Wiwaxia (GM): as soon as you stop unsinging it comes loose and even not tugging it hard, you jerk up quite a bit of it before it catches again
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...HUh
    Wiwaxia (GM): (To GM) rolling 1d20+8
    = 26
    Myrtha Oscurr: can I follow it now?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya, but one thing first
    as the wire catches again, you feel a swift, massive, but subtle pulse of "notice me" go out in all directions
    Myrtha Oscurr: ...from me?
    Wiwaxia (GM): from the wire
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, to be clear, that's a gut feeling, not literally the words "notice me"
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    still going to say hello
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1t[THE-ADVENTURE-DIE-OF-ADVENTURE!!(and/or-misery)]
    4 You are starting to feel a bit worn down. Lose a pip of endurance.
    = 4
    no reply

    Myrtha Oscurr hums slightly
    Karrin Blue: Well the Internet crashed out of nowhere
    So i am on my phone while my computer restart
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a couple further moments of silence
    and the an ogre crashes through the door
    Myrtha Oscurr: WELLP
    (Also i imagined the ogre leaving a looney tunes style hole in the wall since i imagined a myrtha size door)
    Wiwaxia (GM): one sec, gonna set up a more detailed map of the room
    Myrtha Oscurr: (Got the computer internet working!)
    (that's better.)
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright, can you see that?
    Myrtha Oscurr: it appears to be completely black
    there we go!
    so who goes first?
    ...also is this one of the ogres that changes the color of what it touches
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope, that's indigo
    and roll d6 for initiative
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling d6
    = 2
    you go first then
    Myrtha Oscurr: Ok then
    Wiwaxia (GM): you want prototypings?
    Myrtha Oscurr: sure!
    Wiwaxia (GM): raccoon skull on a long neck and skeletal raccoon paws
    Myrtha Oscurr: So half my prototypings, huh

    Myrtha Oscurr will halberd it!
    Myrtha Oscurr: or glaive it
    idk if there is a significant difference in which does more damage
    Wiwaxia (GM): pop sickle? or your normal glaive?
    Myrtha Oscurr: normal glaive
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, that's just 1d8 as well
    Myrtha Oscurr: and what's the pop sickle's?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you don't know
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    roll to hit?
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Myrtha Oscurr: (actually if it's the same damage dice I might as well use fistkind, so I can get the extra attack in the next round)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ya
    there are very few reasons to use unalchemized weapons over fistkind
    they exist, but there are few
    Myrtha Oscurr: fighting acid monsters
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is indeed one of them
    Myrtha Oscurr: anyways
    fistkind away
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits, yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 5
    plus 8?
    Wiwaxia (GM): no, that's a crit thing
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): crit is max damage + roll normal damage + explode all dice that roll max value
    Myrtha Oscurr: ahh
    good thing we're not dealing with real dice, we'd run out quickly
    Wiwaxia (GM): are you gonna move at all, or stand your ground?
    Myrtha Oscurr: stand
    Don't want to trip up on all of the wires
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20-1
    = 10
    does that hit?
    Myrtha Oscurr: what do I check it against?
    Wiwaxia (GM): your def
    Myrtha Oscurr: my def is 10
    I don't know how ties end up
    Wiwaxia (GM): ties break in the favor of whoever is rolling the die
    Myrtha Oscurr: Alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d10+2d0
    = 11
    grappling time!
    Myrtha Oscurr: I press the grapple button, I guess
    I'm level 4 right
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep and yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 24
    Wiwaxia (GM): ahahahaha
    you are officially stronger than an ogre
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    this makes me so happy you don't even know
    Wiwaxia (GM): question is, are you stronger than two ogres?
    Myrtha Oscurr: .....
    we shall find out!
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4d10+4d0
    = 28
    Myrtha Oscurr: (it occurs to me that if I could keep track of where the live wire is, Unsinging at the right moment could trip up the ogre)
    or just cut into its foot, considering it apparently goes quite taut
    k m.: (gotta go do laundry, be back in a bit)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (k!)
    so, roll your grapple again
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 24
    what're the odds, same as last time
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, the ogres together juuuuust manage to beat you and pin you
    the only thing you can do on your turn is grapple to try to escape the pin
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I shall do that
    Wiwaxia (GM): in the meantime

    Wiwaxia (GM) The monster's bulk jostles you!
    You take 0 damage!
    Myrtha Oscurr: when that happens i mean

    Wiwaxia (GM) The monster's bulk jostles you!
    You take 1 damage!
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 2d20
    = 15
    12 hits, so
    Myrtha Oscurr: wow so i found a freaking nest of these things
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d4
    = 3
    are you subtracting your hp, by the way?
    Myrtha Oscurr: thanks for the reminder!
    so, 1 damage from the ogre
    and... 3 from that?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright, done
    Wiwaxia (GM): and subtracting your protection from both of those, if you have any
    your turn now
    Myrtha Oscurr: Not atm
    ok so
    I can only try and escape?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: what do I roll for that, another grapple?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 27
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, you can also do anything you don't need to move for
    rolling 4d10+4d0
    = 28
    Myrtha Oscurr: dangit
    so close
    Wiwaxia (GM): oof
    Myrtha Oscurr: is that all i can do, or could I try unsinging?
    I know that it won't make me disappear
    but I want to try and trigger the wire
    Wiwaxia (GM): not this round, used your "attack"/standard action
    Myrtha Oscurr: alright
    Wiwaxia (GM): (singing and unsinging is counts as an attack action to start, then is free til you run out of song)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (alright)
    (I need to get more songs to sing, if only I had gotten the Horrorterror one right)
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 4d10+4d0
    = 35
    hoo boy, good luck beating that
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 23
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can no longer grapple, or move
    rolling 1d4
    = 1
    the imp hits automatically

    Wiwaxia (GM) The monster's bulk jostles you!
    You take 0 damage!

    Wiwaxia (GM) The monster's bulk jostles you!
    You take 0 damage!
    Myrtha Oscurr: damage subtracted
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn
    Myrtha Oscurr: so what can I do?
    if I can't grapple or move
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can do anything, so long as it doesn't require moving a muscle
    Myrtha Oscurr: unsinging is the only thing I can think of
    Wiwaxia (GM): or using your sylladex
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh hm
    what would happen if I sylladexed something into my hand?
    like a sword?
    Wiwaxia (GM): which in your case just means equipping stuff from it, but moss could use their combat sylladex to attack in a similar situation
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh right those are in my specibus
    not my sylladex
    Wiwaxia (GM): you would have a sword in your hand that you couldn't do anything with
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah but
    the ogre is holding onto me
    Wiwaxia (GM): (you can equip stuff from there, too)
    Myrtha Oscurr: therefore putting something very suddenly in my hand would stab it
    Wiwaxia (GM): collision detection, alas
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    oh well, it was a thought
    Wiwaxia (GM): if you had a grenade or the like in your sylladex, that would be an option while pinned
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah
    can i equip multiple things?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep, as long as they aren't overlapping, naturally
    each equip is a minor action
    Myrtha Oscurr: equip Leather Pixane and Mail Coif
    +2 protection
    (the def bonuses cancel out and my computer is back in my sylladex)
    ok changed made
    and now I will do the Unsinging to see if I can get that one wire to be useful
    whimsy: wi appears to be offline "_"
    and back online again
    Wiwaxia (GM): well that was obnoxious
    computer would load anything but roll20
    Myrtha Oscurr: ugh
    Wiwaxia (GM): was just about to ping y'all on the forums
    in any case
    first off, i think this calls for some appropriate music
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    (which version is this?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): from john's rooftop battle with the two ogres
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): and you're unsinging?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ys
    Wiwaxia (GM): first off, that imp's gotta roll a will save to keep noticing you
    rolling 1d20
    = 14
    which it fails
    second, the tripwire resets
    right under mx. woad's foot
    Wiwaxia (GM): so that's a fort save for it to stay upright
    rolling 1d20
    = 11
    which it makes
    by taking a step over here to keep its balance
    and then now a reflex save from the indigo ogre to keep hold of you
    rolling 1d20
    = 7
    Wiwaxia (GM): which it fails
    i'm gonna rule that that leaves you grappled but no longer pinned
    indigo ogre is gonna step forward to grab you again
    and i should probably have been doing this before, but might as well start now
    @the imp

    Wiwaxia (GM) The monster's bulk jostles you!
    You take 1 damage!
    Wiwaxia (GM): the imp gets a little bit stepped on
    Myrtha Oscurr: eheh
    Wiwaxia (GM): not gonna bother rolling jostling for you, because it can't possibly beat your protection
    indigo ogre's gonna grab you again
    rolling 4d10+4d0
    = 10
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 22
    Wiwaxia (GM): noice
    Myrtha Oscurr: :3
    Wiwaxia (GM): your turn. you can automatically disengage, because they blew their grapple check, or you can keep grappling in the hopes of beating them

    Myrtha Oscurr disengage
    Wiwaxia (GM): (most relevantly, if your win a grapple, you can use any small weapon to deal damage without an attack roll)
    good call, though, i think
    k, move one m, and that's your "attack"
    and then you still have a move
    Myrtha Oscurr: so to there?
    and... hm, there's not much else moving I can do, this place is p small
    especially with 3 ogres in
    Wiwaxia (GM): can try to duck past one and get out
    Myrtha Oscurr: i mean i kind of want to see if I can take one of them down
    Wiwaxia (GM): alright
    you ending your turn there then?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I can't attack?
    then yeah nothing else
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, wait, yes you can, sorry
    Myrtha Oscurr: oh in that case
    Wiwaxia (GM): herp a derp, that was an automatic disengage, not wrestling free
    Myrtha Oscurr: hm
    i think I'm due for an extra attack and i don't want to waste that on the imp
    so I shall punch the ogre!
    rolling 1d20
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): and your other attack?
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20
    = 11
    oh that's better
    Wiwaxia (GM): on which one?
    Myrtha Oscurr: hmm
    rolling 1d8
    = 6
    Wiwaxia (GM): out of curiosity, can you see its healthbar?
    Myrtha Oscurr: some of it
    there we go
    Wiwaxia (GM): i like the idea of darkness obscuring it, but another ogre just being in the way, eh
    the imp has noticed you but isn't particularly eager to get stepped on more, so it's gonna bit you and then back off
    rolling 1d20
    = 11
    that hits, yeah?
    rolling 1d4
    = 3
    Myrtha Oscurr: yeah my def is at 10
    so 3 damage?
    damage subtracted
    Wiwaxia (GM): -whatever your protection is
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah
    1 damage then
    Wiwaxia (GM): yeah, i'm not gonna remember what all your protections are at any given moment, so subtracting that from the damage dealt is on you
    Myrtha Oscurr: yep
    Wiwaxia (GM): i'll let you know if anything bypasses protection for some bullshit reason
    well, one of three bullshit reasons really
    (targeted shots, elemental damage and [spoilers], if you're curious)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (neat!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, these ogres are gonna try to grab you again
    rolling 4d10+4d0
    = 24
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 4d6+11 (0)
    = 22
    oh well
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, they're not trying to pin you this time
    they're gonna settle for just bashing you into the wall
    rolling 1d12
    = 8
    Myrtha Oscurr: that's damage?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    oh wait, whoops, one thing first
    Myrtha Oscurr: thank goodness I have some armor, is all I can say
    Wiwaxia (GM): they need to hit you with an attack before they get to go to grapple
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    Wiwaxia (GM): rolling 1d20-1
    = 1
    rolling 1d20-1
    = 12
    okay, so indgo's got you grappled, but didn't win because woad whiffed and he's not strong enough to slam you on his own
    and some jostling that does jack shit and fuckall thanks to your armor and your turn
  11. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Myrtha Oscurr: do I need to roll to hit
    Wiwaxia (GM): you can roll to hit or grapple to hit, your call
    or grapple to pin, whatever
    Myrtha Oscurr: i do not think I can pin the giant ogre
    rolling 1d20
    = 10
    is that enough to hit it?
    Wiwaxia (GM): that hits
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d8
    = 3
    Wiwaxia (GM): which one is this?
    Myrtha Oscurr: woad
    Wiwaxia (GM): moving at all?
    Myrtha Oscurr: ..hm
    is the door out into the hall big enough for the ogre to easily follow
    Wiwaxia (GM): which door? the one that it crashed through or the other one?
    Myrtha Oscurr: the other one
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    Myrtha Oscurr: then I will go stand in that doorway so that if my health gets super low I can run and it might be slowed down a bit
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, i think i'm gonna rule that it's a dex check to move through the space of a larger enemy
    failure, nope, close failure it gets a free attack and stops you if it hits, narrow success it gets a free attack and if it hits you can choose to not move or move and take damage
    success, move no problem
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d20+12
    = 25
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is an unmitigated success, so no attacks
    its turn
    rolling 1d20-1
    = 4
    whiffs its grab
    indigo ogre can't get in close enough to do shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: my turn again?
    rolling 1d20
    = 18
    rolling 1d20
    = 17
    rolling 1d8
    = 5
    rolling 1d8
    = 5
    Wiwaxia (GM): your first attack took it out, so you can roll over onto indigo
    Myrtha Oscurr: alrighty
    Wiwaxia (GM): which actually takes it out, too
    Myrtha Oscurr: wait, the imp is dead?
    Wiwaxia (GM): imp is not in range
    Myrtha Oscurr: ah.
    Wiwaxia (GM): it scampered earlier to not get crushed underfoot
    anyways, grist haul

    Myrtha Oscurr collects spoils of victory
    Wiwaxia (GM): '50 woad grist', 'healing gel for 1d6', '52 build grist', '18 build grist', '76 build grist'
    Myrtha Oscurr: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    Wiwaxia (GM): '94 build grist', '7 woad grist', '6 indigo grist'
    Myrtha Oscurr: back to double-digit health
    Wiwaxia (GM): fun facts, the indigo ogre dropped no indigo grist but dropped more woad than the woad ogre
    Myrtha Oscurr: weird
    (so, now is probably a time to switch to someone else)
    Bird: (Myrtha is the STRONGest, confirmed. Doing her aspect proud)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Myrtha Oscurr: (:D)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotta love dem void players
    Myrtha Oscurr: yes
    yes you do

    Myrtha Oscurr apparently took bareknuckle boxing as an extracurricular
    Wiwaxia (GM): also you just went from like 16 build grist to 256 build grist
    Myrtha Oscurr: niiice
    how much exp?
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh yeah, probably a good idea to tally that now before switching
    Bird: (And soeaking of, whats the lvl 3>4 exp requirement?)
    (Wanna get dem time powers)
    Myrtha Oscurr: (time powers!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): 48 damage dealt and taken by myrtha this session
    960 xp
    jesus shit
    Myrtha Oscurr: :D
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is a quarter of the way from 4 to 5
    you wanna add that or should I?
    Myrtha Oscurr: I can
    4485+960 is 5445!
    a symmetrical number!
    Wiwaxia (GM): bird, to answer your question, level 4 is at 4000 xp (and level 5 is at 8000)

    Myrtha Oscurr should find more ogres to punch, then!
    Myrtha Oscurr: or more secrets I guess
    plot points to hit
    Bird: (Yeah leon needs to go do some srs punching/flailing)
    (Coincidentally the thing he feels least like doing but )
    k m.: (ok so on one hand i'm back but on the other hand i have to leave real soon for teambuilding things)
    (also, dude, nice job on that imp murder)
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially because i wasn't sure you'd make it out of there alive
    Karrin Blue: well done!
    Wiwaxia (GM): (if you hadn't unpinned yourself when you did, they'd be slamming you for 1d12 damage automatically every turn)
    Karrin Blue: (wait, me or leon?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you, with the ogres
    Karrin Blue: (ah. well that's pretty awesome then!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): so how long are you sleeping, leon?
    Leon Gaspar: Lets call it 3 hours?
    Wiwaxia (GM): you already got 1d6 hp back from your, ah, impromptu nap
    so 3+2d6
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 2d6+3
    = 11
    Is that right?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    Leon Gaspar: Hold on a second
    Wiwaxia (GM): that brings you up to about half health and T=28:00
    (To GM) rolling 1d6
    = 1
    Bird: ah yes, a proper screen
    Leon Gaspar: here we are then!
    anything noticably different since the last time i was here?
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the imps stay out of your way
    Leon Gaspar: is onryousprite anywhere to be seen?
    still need to double-prototype her
    Wiwaxia (GM): not at the moment
    looks like some rust imps have been tracking rust all over the place
    Leon Gaspar: :/
    Wiwaxia (GM): especially in the bathrooms for some reason
    Leon Gaspar: :////
    right well
    first things first
    i am going to go into my room and procure some spare clothes
    i would like 3 spare t-shirts and 4 pairs of underwear please
    also another pair of jeans
    Wiwaxia (GM): k, i'm gonna assume you've got all that
    Leon Gaspar: yes that seems fair
    also i would like to alchemise laptop + shades now that i'm home
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh, one other thing you notice -it's a bit drafty in here from the window the imps broke earlier
    Leon Gaspar: oh yeah
    also i'm gonna captchalogue my guitar
    hell yeah B)
    Karrin Blue: >Leon: rock out?
    Leon Gaspar: >hell YEAH
    >You indulge in a moment of wild flailing
    >Feels good
    oh, hey, while i'm here
    i'm gonna check out tia's room
    i didn't really look at it last time
    Leon Gaspar: maybe there's a clue to where she went
    or maybe there's just a bunch of creepy shit
    er, maybe 10/90
    Wiwaxia (GM): a cruxtruder and a lot of creepy shit
    looks like someone's festooned the cruxtruder with some of the creepy shit since you entered
    Leon Gaspar: i... hrn.
    part of me wants to get real detailed on the creepy shit so i can go nuts alchemising it
    but also, can i be bothered
    also: is tia's phone or computer here, or any suspicious looking notes
    Wiwaxia (GM): phone no, notes no, computer yes
    whimsy: ((if you have her number/handle you could try contacting her))
    Wiwaxia (GM): number, she doesn't have a pesterchum
    Leon Gaspar: (fair point)
    i realise in all the confusion i didn't actually try calling her! that was an obvious oversight
    whimsy: ((yo i just ree
    Leon Gaspar: i dial her number on my cell and leave it ringing while i sit at her computer
    whimsy: ((i just remembered thats a thing you cuold do)) ((ilma forgot it as well))
    Leon Gaspar: if it is not on, i turn it on
    otherwise i just sort of click at the mouse and see if it does anything
    Wiwaxia (GM): it brings up a password screen
    Karrin Blue: ((it keeps happening))
    Wiwaxia (GM): your phone goes to the answering machine
    Leon Gaspar: "hey, tia? uh, it's me. i'm at home. um, call me back when you get this ... i hope you're ok. te amo"
    (hey whats our session number again, i know it's 16 something)
    (would it be too much for me to try that ic)
    Karrin Blue: (well I tried it on my dad's)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (nope, not at all)
    Leon Gaspar: i try 616
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a loading sign
    it keeps loading, you don't know why tia has such a slow computer
    Leon Gaspar: >Leon: whistle
    >Leon: twiddle thumbs
    Karrin Blue: (pester chums?)
    (is anyone even online now)
    whimsy: ((brainfry theory: 616 isnt the pw for any of our guardians devices, but entering it into each device will unlock something else))
    Leon Gaspar: (oh yeah people are around now! i'm not three hours behind!)
    oh but there was something
    Wiwaxia (GM): there's a jarring chord from the surround sound speakers you forgot were in here and the sceen fills with a distorted pale, blood-spattered face
    Leon Gaspar: >Leon: FREAK THE FUCK OUT
    Karrin Blue: (wHAT THE FUCK TIA)
    Leon Gaspar: i fall off my chair
    whimsy: ((that sounds like a "wrong password" message)
    Arxon: (TIA NO)
    whimsy: ((TIA YES))
    Leon Gaspar: (no that sounds like a 'leon stop trying to hack into my computer' message)
    whimsy: ((or that. possibly the same thing))
    Leon Gaspar: (tia's prankster's gambit just shot through the roof)
    (spookster's gambit?)
    Wiwaxia (GM): spookster's gambit
    that is now canon
    whimsy: ((spoonkster gambit))
    Wiwaxia (GM): hmm, or not gambit, probably
    Leon Gaspar: i make undignified noises at the computer >:C
    also did i ever actually send terhanu that message while she's offline or did i just think i did
    Wiwaxia (GM): spooksters trousle, let's say
    Karrin Blue: the one with our handles?
    Leon Gaspar: (i'm laughing that's perfect)
    yes that one
    Wiwaxia (GM): gotta get that reference backwash flowing
    Leon Gaspar: also apologising for not responding properly to her sister since i was trying not to drown
    Wiwaxia (GM): (psssst bird go check leon's stats)
    Leon Gaspar: (...goddammit)
    (i can't even be mad)
    (this is amazing)
    Karrin Blue: ?
    Leon Gaspar: (spookster's trousle is at -16)
    (this is a thing now. we made this happen.)
    Karrin Blue: (we did it!)
    Wiwaxia (GM): in any case, no you did not send that message
    i assume you plugged your phone in while you slept so it didn't turn off and lose Terhanu's chat and timeline to the depths of the Void
    Karrin Blue: (that would be. horrible.)
    (leon get a computer with infinite power)
    Leon Gaspar: (yes exactly(
    (or at least one of those fancy power bank things0
    (...could i alchemise a battery and a phone charger into a portable battery)
    Karrin Blue: (otherwise one of us dersites would probably have to go to the furthest ring and do soemthing drastically eldritch)
    (probably me let's be real i am all about that)
    Leon Gaspar: (myrtha no)
    (myrtha: myrtha yes)
    Karrin Blue: (the game is young)
    (nah but Myrtha would definitely go into the Void and deal with unknowable powers if she thought it would help people)
    (even weird alien people she's never talked to)
    Leon Gaspar: @Wiwaxia can i roll to find myself some batteries
    and in the meantime...
    Wiwaxia (GM): 4 in 6 to find some with any charge
    and since you didn't let all that happen, you've still got the chat up
    there's some new messages
    Leon Gaspar: rolling 1d6
    = 4
    ooh! chat!
    Wiwaxia (GM): NI: gimme a minute sorry!
    cL: aaaaaalien?
    cL: Mr. or Ms aaaaaaaailien??
    cL: oh boy, i hope you didn't die
    Wiwaxia (GM): cL: terhanu would not take that well
    cL: if you died alien im gonna kick your ass, you hear?
    cL: aaaaaaaaalien?
    [cloudedLychnobite(cL) is now an idle bugger]
    cL: oh well
    Leon Gaspar: NI: aw jeez sorry
    NI: man i uh
    NI: that was
    NI: anyway
    NI: i'm alive
    NI: sorry about that
    Leon Gaspar: NI: i hope we can talk again later, terhanu's sister
    NI: and terhanu!
    NI: hey!
    NI: i forgot to give you my friends' chumhandles before
    NI: [insert everyone's chumhandles b/c bird cbf to type them all out]
    NI: oh and uh
    Leon Gaspar: NI: cuddleUniter is my friend sera
    NI: the one i haven't heard from
    NI: anyway my friends are all really excited to meet you
    NI: so yeah
    NI: hope everything's ok on your end
    NI: we're working on things over here
    Leon Gaspar: NI: hope to hear from you soon
    is 4 a success?
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep!
    Leon Gaspar: sweet! i grab a battery! and i will work out how to alchemise it at a more convenient time
    Wiwaxia (GM): (pssst does anyone remember moss's chumhandle?)
    Leon Gaspar: (i only remember mine and sera's bc it's short)
    Karrin Blue: (...we should have a reference doc somewhere for these details)
    Leon Gaspar: (and i'm not even sure i got hers right)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i coulda sworn i put them all in your character sheets on here
    but apparently not moss's
    Arxon: Also not Myrtha's
    Karrin Blue: Myrtha's is in the right place now
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, i just added that one
    Karrin Blue: since I only just came up with it
    Arxon: oh right sorry
    Karrin Blue: (is ok)
    (also random thought: i wonder if I can get my hands on one of those swords that Jack Noir gave to PM)
    (the Regisword)
    Leon Gaspar: (now i'm reading the entire first game rip)
    Karrin Blue: (...just have to get to Jack Noir's office, apparently he hands them out to anyone)

    Karrin Blue plays taps
    Leon Gaspar: right yes anyway!
    Wiwaxia (GM): haha
    Leon Gaspar: have battery will travel
    (i determined that moss is sI but that's about it)
    right now i'm thinking i'll return to the area beneath my apartment and see what else there is
    Wiwaxia (GM): gonna alchemize anything else before you go?
    Leon Gaspar: hrm
    how much woad do we have?
    Wiwaxia (GM): 94
    Karrin Blue: (remember to not count what I just got)
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, not quite that much just yer
    37 when you are
    Leon Gaspar: i'll try the two colander/flower crown options
    that one has a ?
    i'll do colander || flower crown
    whimsy: (i checked the thread and some of the chat archives, and i cant find moss
    handle either oo00)
    Wiwaxia (GM): you made the Holey Flower Crown
    Leon Gaspar: neat!
    Wiwaxia (GM): ... yeah, this is just a flower crown with holes punched in all the petals
    Leon Gaspar: honestly i wanna go smack some imps so i can get more grist
    want that guitar/flail
    worth a try :V
    Karrin Blue: why'd you want moss' handle?
    for Space shenanigans?
    so Terhanu could gie advice?
    Wiwaxia (GM): for chatlog archives, mostly
    Karrin Blue: well i meant ICwise
    thought there was something
    Wiwaxia (GM): all the actual chats get copy/pasted into the timeline
    ah, leon mentioned it to terhanu
    Leon Gaspar: (except i couldn't remember everyone's chumhandles so i just put [insert chumhandles here])
    (so presumably wiwaxia is doing all the hard work :V)
    Karrin Blue: (alright)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    Karrin Blue: (well we'll just ask in the thread)
    whimsy: ((speaking of flower crown btw http://www.drowtales.com/mainarchive.php?sid=8332))
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, afk for a moment, grabbing something to drink
    Karrin Blue: (WHY)
    whimsy: ((::3))
  12. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    Karrin Blue: ((btw I am currently looking at god tier redesigns and stuff and will try and make a Myrtha, so)
    Arxon: (I am scared of drawing Godtier Lemi because I feel like that's gonna jinx me or something)
    Leon Gaspar: (yeah i haven't drawn godtier leon yet either)
    whimsy: ((i drew an ascending ilma))
    Leon Gaspar: (i mean the seer outfit isn't that exciting, he's absolutely going to alchemise that shit)
    Karrin Blue: (ngl this is in part caused by this design of the witch http://homestuckresources.tumblr.com/post/44544386935/ondskefull-witch-design-wasnt-sure )
    Leon Gaspar: (or straight up alter it. can you alter god tier robes or do they magically resist it or something)
    Karrin Blue: (i wanna be a kickass punching magical girl)
    (with a hat.)
    Leon Gaspar: (that's a cool design!)
    Arxon: (U mean Leon is't gonna be like http://theplanetfuckingjupiter.tumblr.com/post/49546925872/zamii070-i-just-love-drawing-kankris-legs)
    (ahhh that witch design is adorable)
    Leon Gaspar: (...i mean)
    (when you put it that way(
    (real talk he's gonna nab himself one of those space player outfit changey thingies)
    (just cycle through different versions every time he gets bored)
    whimsy: ((ditto for ilma tho))
    ((so many different breath duds))
    Karrin Blue: (yep)
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay, back
    whimsy: ((also omg that witch design is super cute))
    Wiwaxia (GM): ((it is))
    Leon Gaspar: (now this is more like it http://36.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mamb3v4M3G1qcbaxho1_1280.png)
    Karrin Blue: niiice
    where'd you find that
    Leon Gaspar: http://homestuckresources.tumblr.com/post/33167270463/lots-of-fan-made-god-tier-designs-below
    Karrin Blue: ..actually i think that was made by the same guy
    Arxon: (ahhhh I love alt godtier duds)
    Karrin Blue: but the source tumblr is gone
    Arxon: (http://41.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_ma7oxxCXVZ1rrddnvo1_1280.png
    I...don't think I can see Lemi in this)
    Leon Gaspar: (unnecessarily annoyed by two-syllable fan classes)
    Arxon: (SAME)
    Leon Gaspar: (dw lemi, leon will make u the cutest rogue outfit)
    whimsy: (same tho) (but the first mage design with the huge coat moar like yes)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (oh, same as well)
    Leon Gaspar: (aurgh it totally messes up the ... phonetic...aesthetic...value)
    Karrin Blue: (leon designs modified god tier clothes for everyone?)
    (this can be a way everyone recovers from the trauma of dying)
    Leon Gaspar: (yesss)
    (pretty much)
    whimsy: (female princes be like bitch i can be a prince if i fucking want to be)
    Wiwaxia (GM): (i am also v. picky about fanaspects)
    (none of this "earth" "fire" bullshit!)
    Karrin Blue: (your aspects should be half incomprehensible and half bullshit)
    whimsy: ((sburb glitch faq at least put some effort into it))
    Leon Gaspar: (i liked rhyme/flow for ice/fire bc rhyme/rime)
    Karrin Blue: (there are FIVE LAYERS OF MEANING TO ANYTHING.)
    whimsy: (im such a fan of ggtg's rain, mist, and dream aspects)
    Karrin Blue: (oh yeah)
    (I still have the stage doc, hidden away in my google, even though RV is dead)
    Wiwaxia (GM): that is rime/rhyme kinda cute, but i also love having breath as the most tangible aspect, so
    Karrin Blue: i like how breath is the destroyer aspect
    which is not what anyone thought of but
    whimsy: (and i still hold his interpretation of the hope aspect in highest honours because it makes so much sense)
    Karrin Blue: it makes som sense
    Leon Gaspar: (also true!)
    Karrin Blue: yes
    Leon Gaspar: (that was @breath being the most tangible)
    whimsy: (which is kinda hilarious. you cant hold breath)
    Arxon: (I have a list of a fanon classes/aspects I came up with just in case but really I don't feel anything outside the orig 12)
    Leon Gaspar: (i have not read much of the glitch thing tbh)
    Arxon: (The common fanon ones are so REDUNDANT and waaaay too literal)
    Leon Gaspar: (ok but i half-made a dangan ronpa fanventure and there are 16 kids ... so i had to get fan aspects ... suffering)
    Wiwaxia (GM): i think i did skill for green for specialstuck
    green as in the dude, to be clear
    Leon Gaspar: (special ... green ... wait like pokespecial or am i way off base)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ayup
    (also, i actually haven't read any of the sburb glitch faq, although i do know it by reputation)
    Leon Gaspar: (hopy shit i used to love pokespe)
    whimsy: (pokespe is one of my drugs of choice)
    (great series)
    Leon Gaspar: (but like all the manga i get into, there was too much and i got overwhelmed and ran away)
    whimsy: (they never published anything beyond the third volume here in germany but i got my grubby little fingers on the scanlations)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ... i like the way this game group just happened to end up with probably most of the kintsugi drowtales fans and probably most of the kintsugi pokespe fans
    Leon Gaspar: (i happened upon it visiting family friends in singapore when i was like 10, the cover had kyogre ((my special special interest)) on it so i was like 'yes i'm buying it')
    (yeah i'm gonna have to get into this drowtales thing aren't i)
    Wiwaxia (GM): note to self: add glutton demons to lofac
    whimsy: (oh dear)
    Leon Gaspar: (welp)
    Arxon: (...I am in neither of those fandoms and am suddenly very afraid)
    whimsy: (::3))
    Leon Gaspar: ( http://l0udst.deviantart.com/art/Loudst-s-God-Tier-Redesigns-334515280 )
    Wiwaxia (GM): i mean there's also a buncha shit i ganked from sil running around on lofac that you haven't come across yet
    Leon Gaspar: (wow i amr eally distracted)
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways, yes, you should definitely read drowtales, bird
    joooooin ussss
    Leon Gaspar: (ok like how much archive binging is this going to involve)
    Wiwaxia (GM): bout 15 hundred pages, i'd guess?
    not too bad when compared to homestuck
    Leon Gaspar: (...eh, i've done worse)
    (between that and obsessively designing a bunch of GT outfits for everyone i guess i know what i'm doing this week(
    Wiwaxia (GM): anyways
    do people wanna keep going or call it a night?
    Leon Gaspar: (ehh. i could go either way but this seems like a decent enough stopping point. sorry i ended up taking so long >.>)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ah, no worries, no worries
    whimsy: im p much braindead
    Wiwaxia (GM): besides, i think everyone's about getting to parity in terms of time-to-play-recently and in terms of timeline, so
    Leon Gaspar: (oh whimsy :c go get some rest!)
    whimsy: ((also pls excuse me while i doodle vaguely japanese-inspired versions of the god tier outfits)
    Wiwaxia (GM): ehe
    Leon Gaspar: (that's good at least! man i hope we get like...slightly closer to actually meeting soon)
    Karrin Blue: yeah
    Leon Gaspar: (wanna do some teamwork)
    whimsy: ((ilma wants to hug everyone and skewer more monsters))
    ((no one should ever tell ilma about undertale))
    ((although she might refer to the monsters of undertale as "fairies, obviously")
    Wiwaxia (GM): well, undertale will never be released, unfortunately
    because earth society was unestablished about three months ahead of when it would have been
    Leon Gaspar: (and technically leon never had to go through the trauma of david bowie's death, except in the context of 'literally everyone but some of my friends and our respective guardians are dead')
    Wiwaxia (GM): hey, you never know, bowie might have gotten into sburb
    Leon Gaspar: ...we can only dream
    Wiwaxia (GM): and Ascended, presumably
    Leon Gaspar: keshastuck crossover gogogo
    Wiwaxia (GM): ... you know, there is actually a situation in which that could happen
    Leon Gaspar: amazing
    Bird: blergh. if it's alright w/ you guys i might call it a night
    Wiwaxia (GM): sure sure
    i think we'll just wrap up there, then
    Bird: okay! i'll see you guys later c: night!
    Wiwaxia (GM): night!
    oh also
    Karrin Blue: night!
    Arxon: Night!
    Wiwaxia (GM): you guys may be interested to know that you now have juuuuuuust enough grist for a jumper block extention
    whimsy: if we all pool together? ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): yep
    it's 1000 build, and together you have 1026
    whimsy: (wheeee)
    (i think im gonna head offline now as well)
    Wiwaxia (GM): kay
    Karrin Blue: gnight
    whimsy: (maybe read some more but i got the tablet for that, not tower business)
    Wiwaxia (GM): gnight!
    whimsy: (dont kill any main characters)
    i will try not to be too distracted but this is the part where i need 3 screens and i only have 2
    Wiwaxia (GM): hello, but you're a couple hours early
    whimsy: i know ::3
    but better early than late and going "shit i shouldve been on 2 hours ago"
    Wiwaxia (GM): fair nuff
    gonna post your power options in a moment
    whimsy: kk ::3
    i cooked nikujaga today
    Wiwaxia (GM): okay, there we go
    that echeladder rung was stupidly hard to name
    whimsy: ::D
    Wiwaxia (GM): also power options are up on the forums so you should go check those out
    i'm gonna go grab something to eat
    whimsy: have a good eat
    and in the meantime im laughing my ass off at the title, its gr8
    Wiwaxia (GM): thank you!
    and i will relay that to my friend who helped me come up with it!
    Karrin Blue: Hey whimsy!
    And anyone else here that my phone keeps me from seeing
    Im on phone so RPing a turn for Myrtha won't work for a few hours (should be done after 930 and back at home around 10ish though!)
    whimsy: hullo ::D
    Karrin Blue: And i can chat if timeline wise myrtha can chime in
    Which, i think as it's within the last 3 hours and she wasnt specifically in a fight, she shoul he able to
    Apologies for phone incoherence
    Arxon: (hullo!)
    whimsy: hullo arxon ::D
    Karrin Blue: Hi!
    Also whimsy your new power sounds cool
    whimsy: i think so as well ::3
    Karrin Blue: Hi bird!
    whimsy: with all the escapism ilma is swimming in, this power will be an incentive to, well, not go deeper
    hi bird ::D
    Karrin Blue: I think i need to sing to the wire,
    Or play it somehow
    The one i found
    Bird: hey y'all
    Arxon: hey :>
    Bird: how is everyone this evenin?
    whimsy: tired
    i might opt to doze a bit for half an hour-ish
    Arxon: Feeling better than I have all week b/c raining+hot chocolate
    whimsy: whee ::D
    Karrin Blue: I'm working an a capella show
    But at this point i just need to press buttons sooo
    So hey what do you think
    Tbe little swarming totem animals of the land will be
    Jade had hummingbirds and john had fireflies
    Im betting lemi has bats
    Bird: seagulls
    Karrin Blue: Ilmatar prolly has butterflies
    Seagulls are giant thoigh
    Bird: it's seagulls. i'm certain of it
    Karrin Blue: Well ok then
    Bird: :P
    Karrin Blue: Most small desert flying things are horrible so IDK about myrtha
    Moths maybe
    Timy owls
    Arxon: I like moths for her
    but also tiny owls is adorable
    Bird: seagulls is the comedy option but also idek what else there is, leon's land is pretty dead
    Karrin Blue: Yeah
    Arxon: Maybe dragonflies for Ilmatar or Moss
    Wiwaxia (GM): heyo!
    Bird: hey!
    Wiwaxia (GM): internet finally stopped crapping out on me
    Arxon: hello!
    Wiwaxia (GM): also, @karrin, seagulls vary a hell of a lot in size
    Bird: yeah australian seagulls are way tinier than european ones i've noticed
    Wiwaxia (GM): honestly, even different species in the same place
    Karrin Blue: Oh ok
    Wiwaxia (GM): here's a comparison with some gull skins, if you wanna see
    Karrin Blue: Wow that is small
    Bird: ah btw my internet keeps dropping in and out for some reason
    Wiwaxia (GM): yours and everyone's tonight, it seems
    Karrin Blue: C'est la vie
    Is Kathy here?
    Wiwaxia (GM): nope
    not sure if she'll be dropping in tonight or not
    haven't heard back from her
    and she may be asleep?
    timezones, idek
    Karrin Blue: Yeah
    Bird: she's australian isn't she? it's about midday on a sunday, so she might be afk doing stuff
    Karrin Blue: Hm
    Wiwaxia (GM): oh also, before we start, i'm gonna make episode seven and bump everyone over
    this chatlog is getting a bit unmanageably long
    Karrin Blue: Aaaalrighty
    Arxon: kk!
    Karrin Blue: Does the bumping happen automatically or
    Wiwaxia (GM): uh, you tell me
    i can see you all as online on episode seven, though
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  13. TheSeer

    TheSeer 37 Bright Visionary Crushes The Doubtful

    I did the colory thing again... Moss flying by LOFAC:
    Moss Flying By LOFAC.JPG
    Moss Flying By LOFAC.JPG
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  14. TheSeer

    TheSeer 37 Bright Visionary Crushes The Doubtful

    So, how close is this to current? Is there a daunting pile of logs to post, or am I up against the forces of time and causality themselves as I wait for accounts of sessions that haven't happened yet?
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  15. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    We are in episode 12 now, so we are about halfway through the logs!
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  16. Wiwaxia

    Wiwaxia problematic taxon

    the daunting pile, definitely.
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  17. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    follow your dreams, kids
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  18. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    Yeah now you just need to hang onto one without losing it in a looney-tunes-esque manner.
  19. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    ok, so far i have only been like, shot at or whatever. and then that bit where i crashed one.

    I have a Great record
    once i find that map, i'll be a hundred percent fine
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  20. KarrinBlue

    KarrinBlue Magical Girl Intern

    you bailed out of a plane and got captured...
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