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  1. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Name: Cody
    Age ????
    Species: Feline/human looking cyborg. Fur and some sensory organs are organic.
    Origin: Mad Science!tm. A fluffy anthropomorphic cat occured.
    Abilities: Purring? Sorting stuff. Making tea strong enough to summon a small elder god. Talking to AIs and the kintsugi library. Talking to cats.
    Purrsonality: Kinda standoffish at first, warms up in time. Generally cuddly.
    Gender: ???
    Purrnouns: They/etc.
    Sexuality: ???
    Physical description: 6' Tall, covered in black fur with a green streak dyed in, green eyes. Entirely feline head, humanish torso and arms, fingers are somewhere between cats paws and human hands. (no thumbs. this occaisionally causes issues) Bipedal, legs/hindpaws resemble a cats more than a humans. retractable claws, usually on display to show off manicure.
    Dresses in styles from various parts of the 19th century, with the addition of open toed heels. Clothing mostly black with bits of white. Often seen wearing a sort of headphone tiara. (Only way one can get headphones onto cat ears)

    By sicknastyspades:
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  2. Kaylotta

    Kaylotta Writer Trash

    that sounds incredible.
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  3. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    There was an incident. Since then, Cody sets alarms to remind them to get thier tea out in time.
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  4. AbsenteeLandlady123

    AbsenteeLandlady123 Chronically screaming

    Name: Kathy Gaele (Also goes by Kathrionic)
    Age: ???
    Species: Started out human, absolutely loathed her meatsack body, proceeded to apply all the implants she could find to herself. There's nothing organic left in her body, and if she didn't tell you otherwise it could be assumed she'd started life as an android.
    Origins: Originally from Earth, went on a hitchhiking trip through space until she wound up at Kintsugi.
    Abilities: Exceptional archer. Shoots arrows that aren't tipped with pointed heads, but rather capsules filled with specially formulated liquid that evaporates on impact. Each variety serves a different purpose: calming aggression, reducing anxiety, boosting mood, etc. Has a different kind of arrow for dealing with non-organics, which requires targeting the part of their chassis where circuitry runs close to the surface. Capable of diffusing tense situations and negotiating truce arrangements. Has an axe for when peace stops being an option. C:
    Personality: Tranquil until forced to be otherwise. When she's not okay, she is not okay. Takes out aggression on herself, ends up visiting the mechanic a lot.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Pansexual, will make eyes at androids and cyborgs a lot.
    Description: Nearly 6", two extra arms. Opalescent casing, wears a visor over her left eye to assist in targeting.
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  5. wes scripserat

    wes scripserat Hephaestus

    I wrote a story with spacesona seebs as the narrator (it's back story involving like- exploding spaceships and a panicking sentient fractle.)
    She ends up blowing out the side of a spaceship to save Jesse while desperately reminding herself that humans need air okay remember make air while speed traveling through space.
    I don't know where it is though :/
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  6. Lazarae

    Lazarae The tide pod of art

    Name: Lazarae
    Age: Unknown, relatively young but the average lifespan is ~200 years.
    Species: Refers to itself as a Succubus or Incubus depending on current form, when pressed it'll admit to being a 'Pleasurer'.
    Origin: Vague shrug. At least, that's its answer. Super Secret Origin: Came from a corporate-funded system of terraformed paradise worlds dedicated to different kinds of pleasure. Think Vegas meets Desert Bluffs. In Space. Pleasurers are bio-engineered employees intended to exist solely to serve their customers. A handful of them didn't like that idea and escaped, scattering to the stars. The Pleasure System has a really, really iffy reputation (though some of the planets/areas are dedicated to Family Friendly pleasure, inside the system Everything Is Legal if you know where to go...) so most rogue Pleasurers hide their natures. Most pretend to be human/acceptably humanoid but Laz has latched onto the idea of Lilitu and Incubi/Succubae. There's evidence it had a hard life between its escape and arriving on Kintsugi if you look hard enough but good luck getting it to talk about it.
    Abilities: Can shapeshift into humanoid forms (capable of adding things to the basic Human Shape, like horns, fur, scales, so forth but can't go quadruped, go much taller/shorter than a human), highly empathic and actually needs and feeds off being around people experiencing pleasure. It can actually be pretty low key- hanging out with someone enjoying a good book or having their favorite tea. Laz really likes hanging out with groups of people being happy, always comes to movie night and concerts, which like a HUGE meal to it. Since Pleasurers work in every part of Pleasure System and making different subspecies is difficult and cost-prohibitive all of them can also take the form of a target's "heart's desire" unbound by their usual shapeshifting limitations. (For technicalities: includes romantic and sexual desire, targets a person's current desire, so in the case of poly or separate romantic/sexual relationships they take the form of whoever they want to be with most at the moment.) Laz mostly uses this as a parlor trick by, for instance, targeting Seebs and shifting into Jesse-shaped and back for the amusement of others. NEVER uses it without permission and will be severely offended if someone accuses them of such. Can turn on/off a subtle aura of "feel good and pay attention to me" mostly used for defusing situations and assisting with treatment (people are a lot less distracted about, say, a broken leg when getting a dose of Warm Fuzzies straight to the brain). Also never used without permission: Laz has some serious hang ups about non-consensual psychic manipulation. It can turn off its natural empathy but only for short periods of time as it's emotionally painful- "like spending time in solitary confinement"
    Mundane Skills: Highly artistic: sings, dances, draws, paints, stage acts, writes, sculpts, weaves, sews, arranges flowers, practices calligraphy, familiar with a variety of instruments both terran and alien, cooks, speaks an absurd amount of languages. Has weapon knowledge only within the realm of performance art, mostly dancing. Knows a bit of programming; understands theory but can't code for shit. Acrobatically/gymnastically capable. Basic knowledge of first aid. Has a few 'shady' skills (palming, concealing small items on its person, impersonation, forgery, picking locks and pockets, some cryptography, pretty much any illicit activities its other skills could be used for.) Outside of those and some social engineering it has very few practical skills. (Tends to panic when faced with something it doesn't know how to do. Urban survival skills are high, rural/wilderness survival... yeah. No. Sticks to the population centers because green stuff that doesn't come from a store????)
    Possessions of interest: Various instruments and art supplies, costumes for various shapes/genders, an absurd amount of silky fabrics for burrowing in, a large collection of untouched but pretty notebooks, decorative/weighted for dancing weapons (mostly swords, a pair of short and highly ornate daggers it is incredibly fond of, and a bladed fan with matching solid-metal twin), a variety of statues that hurt to look at it 'borrowed' from the temple.
    Personality: Pleasant! Doesn't always smile because that would be creepy, but very friendly (occasionally a bit overbearing when starved), always happy to help when it can, loves getting people together and making them happy! When alone it goes opposite, often melancholy, skittish, and looks kind of like a lost kid. It claims this is its natural state when it doesn't have a nearby empathic connection. Gets incredibly upset when other people are (it feeds off pleasure but is strongly aware of other emotions) and will usually frantically do what it can to fix the problem and gets even more upset when there's nothing to be done. There's evidence of a lack of coherent personality beyond its 'purpose' and it prefers taking direction to acting on its own. Asking what it wants or likes will result in BSOD.
    Gender & Pronouns: All Pleasurers are naturally neutral but tend to 'prefer' a gender as they age. Laz doesn't. Likes 'it' pronouns, will accept 'they'. If it's in a male/female form then will accept the pronouns matching its shape.
    Sexuality: Biromantic (same and other), some flavor of ace/grey-ace/demisexual. Finds everything/one aesthetically pleasing, feminine types slightly more so. Sex drive is entirely receptive due to empathy, feels practically none on its own but becomes interested when in proximity to someone who's interested in it.
    Physical Description: Natural form is tall for a human with vague features, androgynous, looks like a cross between Greek marble and a naked Slenderman. Preferred form is 'demonic', pretty tall with black sweeping horns adding a few inches, unnaturally pale but not as much as its natural form, long wavy red hair, gold eyes with square goat pupils (highly photosensitive, hates bright lights), androgynous features and body but with two pairs of breasts- the upper ones are average-female size and the bottom are flat male-type. Usually has goat legs. When taking a purely human form it keeps the hair and eyes consistent and tends to be only slightly gendered unless someone's more comfortable with something more binary. Has a fleshy spade-tail that's a good indicator for mood (follows cat rules). Wardrobe varies hugely, likes borrowing bits from other styles and always trying new stuff (also depends on current shape). All shapes are vaguely attractive aesthetically; it likes arranging its features in a visually pleasing manner but doesn't go for ~sexy~ even if its wardrobe is often less than modest.

    (If someone could draw Laz I will send you a firstborn male child. Not mine, I don't plan on having any, but you will definitely get a firstborn in the mail.)
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  7. IvyLB

    IvyLB Hardcore Vigilante Gay Chicken Facilitator

    Name: Ivy
    Age: Will turn 121 this standard space year
    Species: Fae
    Origin: Part of a Former Pirate Crew that tried to attack Kintsugi. Decided, since Pirates disbanded chaotically when the attack failed, that new group would be Kintsugi.
    Abilities: Fabric engineering, Tailoring, Designing. Somewhat knitting, to an extend.
    Possessions Of Interest: Chaotic heaps of cloth of different make color and pattern, Equipment to make fabric and sew clothes. A small, clear orb, occassionally pointing a dot towards a fixed location.
    • Pre-Coffee: grumpy, moapy, slow and very easy to anger, prone to changing plans made the previous day out of a whim, extremely photosensitive. however easily appeased/distracted by sweets and caffeinated frankenstein concoctions. Doesn't leave their workshop pre-coffee, rarely even leaves the general vicinity of the sleeping!fabric-pile.
    • Post-Coffee: generally cheerful and cuddly as well as helpful, prone to freakouts of perfectionism, better at sticking to plans than pre-coffee but still sometimes needs to be talked out of toppling every plan ever in a moment of weakness, easily exciteable, slightly less photosensitive but still not very good with light. Gets tired easily and sometimes complains of pain. Still easily distracted and calmed down by sweets or caffeinated beverages, but also raw meat. Usually hangs out in their workshop or Bloom's tea shop/bar. Occasionally can be seen in the library, with Kite.
    Gender & Pronouns: No and They/Them
    Sexuality: what????? (translation: culturally normalized panromantic, definitly attracted to anyone cute and able to consent, zero sex-drive since not sexually mature)
    Physical Description: Orange hair that is sort of long in the front and very short in the back, Often worn in a high messy bun, pointy ears, pale skin, light green blood tinting the skin of their lips, cheeks and around their eyes green, 3'3" (1m) short, wears layered knitwear, esp. woolen knitwarmers and round glasses

    stealth-edit: forgot Ivy's Cluster-mate, how could I OnO
    edit + clarification: Fae are considered able to consent to clustering (read: romantic relationships and the trapping associated) from the age of 80 onwards. Since sexual maturity occurs SUPER LATE in life and involves literally getting entangled with your partners (if applicable) for the rest of your life, Fae have romantic and sexual relationships more seperated from eachother than humans.
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  8. kmoss

    kmoss whoops

    Name: (Intern) Moss!
    If Moss has other names, they have deleted them, and will only respond to "Moss". ...Also "Hey you", "Maintenance!!!", and the sound of malfunctioning machinery (which is, as everyone knows, "SSSSSKKKKRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKCHNKKCHNKKCHNK")

    Age: Moss definitely has an age! That is for darn sure. Unfortunately, a few decades ago, Moss suffered a loss of some personal data, and now only knows that they are a Gemini. Moss looks about mid-twenties though.

    Species/Origin: Moss is an android. Or a cyborg. Moss started out human, but their college's course curriculum for tech majors (the more specific area of Moss's major was mechanobiopsychology, but it's kind of a mouthful) required the implantation of certain additions that could help with memory storage, dexterity, and durability. Moss did the math at some point and realized that constantly upgrading their implants would be expensive & very stressful, so they built an android and downloaded their consciousness into it.
    After graduating, Moss puttered around the universe for a bit, got bored, picked a direction, and started walking. (imprecise phrasing: Moss walked to a shipyard, worked there for a bit, bought a ship, and then started flying as well. Moss could probably survive zero-gravity, but Moss finds the feeling of weightlessness mildly unsettling.) At some point Moss landed on Kintsugi, looked around, and said "huh. alright then."

    Interesting: Moss has eye lasers so they can play with cats and also accurately measure things. It's pretty cool.

    Moss also has every tool you've ever heard of, and could make a few more. (Moss is also a walking WiFi hotspot).

    Moss is fairly inquisitive. They are hard to hurt permanently, so their curiosity is usually rewarded at some point. They tend to be very blunt in regards to their approach to obstacles. ("Hm. there's a wall there. Let's see. If I can get my hands here and then push." *walks through the hole in the wall*)

    of course, since Moss is an android, this means they sometimes react weirdly to stressful and emotional situations because sometimes the mirror neuron imitation circuits malfunction when amped up.

    this also means that they can reroute emotions when they are being particularly irritating.

    Gender & Pronouns: They/them. There are enough genders in various alien races that the male/female thing isn't quite as oppressive to an agender android, so Moss isn't overly fussed if someone fucks up a little.

    Sexuality: 01101110 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101
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  9. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Name: Soul
    Age: Eternal
    Species: Creature from a Higher Plane, Actual Soul [Body Totally optional- Can't quite settle on one particular physical form for all the time, shapeshifter.]
    Origins: :mystery:
    Abilities: Bee Whisperer. Shapeshifter. Can design and construct clothing. Interacts fairly well with both technology and magic.
    Personality: Quiet, likes to observe people, but can be a little nervous about interacting with them. Has an odd sense of humour. Loves learning basically everything they can.
    Gender: Genderqueer (They/Them)
    Sexuality: Can feel attraction to basically all sexes/genders but sex is messy and confusing and sometimes gross so Soul opts out of the actual happenings of it and enjoys butts or whatever from a distance.
    Description: Soul likes to change forms for different moods and different tasks. Usually for interactions with other people they will be humanoid- A tall, fit, androgynous adult or a barefoot child of indeterminate age or gender. But sometimes they're bees. Or a tree. Or a Cat. Or a rock. Or maybe they don't exist on a physical plane at all. Whatever mood calls for whatever form.
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  10. Technicality

    Technicality All's fair in love and shitposting

    [NOTE: This character has disappeared into mysterious mist. Hmm...]

    She goes by many different names, but she prefers to be called Starling.
    Age: Starling claims that she only was born once she left her home planet. When asked again, she said that she is not sure of her age due to the differences in the rotations of her planet and that of Kintsugi.
    Species: A mix of pony and machinery ("self-upgrades," according to her).
    Origins: Starling originally came from the planet Equestria, but found that she wanted to explore more than the planet she resided on. So she began to perform self-upgrades to, instead of suiting space to her needs, to suit herself to space.
    Abilities: Starling is capable of surviving in practically any circumstance, due to her cybernetics. She is more comfortable navigating in a gravity-less environment; she spent decades navigating space to try to make it to the colony of Kintsugi. One eye is organic, while the other is a tactical HUD, allowing her to see almost anything on the visible or invisible spectrum, from any device. Because she is mostly computer, Starling can crack any device open in seconds, both the hardware and software, because she understands how it works completely. (She also can run any program. This was learned after she was found watching YouTube on her eyes. Apparently she built in Google Chrome. Go figure.) She is, if it wasn't already obvious, very good at engineering and computers, as well as OK at pretty much anything but sports.
    Personality: Starling may seem cold and calculating, but really, she's very smart and caring. Don't let her very upfront personality turn you away. She simply doesn't care for small talk because she likes to talk about big subjects. Starling also firmly believes that everyone should have an education and take it seriously. She is a self-identified geek and proud of it. Starling absolutely adores to build things, and was eager to fix the inefficiencies and problems with the technology on and orbiting Kintsugi. (It's quite easy for her to access the satellites. She has a built-in quantum-vacuum jetpack and spent decades learning to navigate space with it.)
    Gender/Pronouns: Starling doesn't believe that gender should exist, but when asked, said that if a pronoun has to apply, then she would choose "she."
    Sexuality: After spending hundreds of years in the void of space, Starling is happy to have company of any kind! She is pansexual to any species of any gender, as long as they're nice and aren't complete assholes.
    Physical Description: Starling maintains a mostly equestrian appearance, although she says that she "doesn't necessarily need to," as a testament to her heritage. She mostly consists of robotic parts. One eye is brown, while the other is a green, robotic metal plate that also functions as an HUD. (She looks a bit like Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony. Google it if you don't know what she looks like.) She decided to retain a bit of her red main and dark blue coloration after an internal debate about whether to go completely robotic or to remain partially organic. She chose organic. Finally, when upset, she will sometimes talk in JavaScript rather than English, it being the language that she had to learn to practically build herself.

    sneaky editing to add more description SHHH
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  11. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    heads up, if starling ends up in any scene with jesse or his stuff: she will find that he, his prosthetic arm, and his robots are shielded against her scans. if she messes with the robots' programming, he'll be alerted, and not happy about it. this could be a fun source of drama if we want to play that some time! just figured i'd let you know ahead of time since you seem to be having her be kinda op where computers are concerned. the Vague Yet Menacing Agency jesse will not admit to having once been employed by is better at security than you or me or anyone except possibly seebs.
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  12. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    *cough cough seebs was security probably cough cough*
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  13. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    among other things, yeah. so i reckon someone who hasn't spent time inside that agency collecting the relevant information wouldn't have much of a chance. the security on jesse's arm and bots is probs a bit outdated by that agency's standards, but i don't think someone from a different technical culture, let alone a different civilization, would really be able to poke holes in it.
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  14. emythos

    emythos Lipstick Hoarding Dragon

    Makes sense to me.
    Personally, Real!Em and Space!Em are both Not Good with technology, so they and the mice will just stand around and go "wtf"
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  15. Codeless

    Codeless Cheshire Cat

    Cody is a very odd blend of organics, technology, and organic technology. She isnĀ“t entirely impervious to outside interference but would notice it and inform the perpetrator just how much she does not apurreciate this. There would be a lot of hissing involved.
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  16. Soul

    Soul Covered in bees

    Yeah, I think Soul would also find scans to be a bit... impolite, and they're not even a technological being.
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  17. Technicality

    Technicality All's fair in love and shitposting

    I do agree that my character is a bit overpowered where computers are concerned. Having this be the case, the scans are not really effective where people have taken precaution against them (e.g, installed a firewall that doesn't stink or perhaps asked for me to put their device on a blacklist.
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  18. rorleuaisen

    rorleuaisen Frozen Dreamer

    ( xD this looked like fun! Though I doubt I will actually roleplay. )

    : Rorleuaisen, though it is a mouthful so some residents have started calling them Rorle.

    Age: Typically appears about 17, though actual age has been forgotten for some time.

    Species: Some sort of spirit or ghost, they think.

    Origin: They don't really recall when they started existing, or if what they have now would really counts as existing. Who knows. They were drifting through space and were attracted to the minds that seem to gather at Kintsugi. They stay there, sort of, since they find the radiating atmosphere comforting.

    Gender: They don't particularly have one. They tend not to pay it much attention. They are not offended by any terms that they may be referred as, though they may not even recognize they are being referred to.

    Sexuality: They very rarely have a physical form and thus see no point to sexual activities. They do find various forms pleasing to watch though.

    Abilities: Their physical manifestation tends to fade in and out based on their mood or focus. When they lack a physical state, they can walk through walls, though they are less perceptive in this state and will not often realize what is happening around them. When they have a physical state, they have about average speed and strength. They have a great amount of endurance though and can sustain laborious tasks for as long as they retain a physical manifestation. They have a few minor talents, but they are only accessible while they are at least partially physically manifested: drawing, organizing, cleaning, problem solving, and analysis.

    Personality: They tend to be very dazed and apathetic, with occasional bouts of either rage or anxiety. They are attracted to distress/negative emotions and desire to help, but they often lack either the physical presence or proper words to do any good. They are most comfortable either observing or doing tasks under someone else's direction. They tend to just float around, manifesting more completely when either something grabs their attention or they find a task to focus on.

    Appearance: When they are visible, they tend to look a bit like a satyr. They have mid length wavy brown hair and dappled skin that varies from a pale flesh tone to a burnt umber hue. Two small horns poke through their hair and they have a pair of goat ears. When they manifest more completely, they walk on cloven hooves.

    (Non-ghosty version in drawing thread: )

    Edit: finished pic!
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  19. Deresto

    Deresto Foolish Mortal

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  20. jacktrash

    jacktrash spherical sockbox

    that is so great!
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